Find A Zoom-Zoom With the Mazda CX 7_ by hkksew3563rd


									Early this year, the building and production of another new vehicle from the Mazda
Motor Corporation has already begun. And the stage has been set in Hiroshima, Japan,
which is also where the headquarters of this giant automobile company is based. And
this new vehicle that would soon be on sale this year is the Mazda CX 7.
  The Mazda CX 7 is a crossover sport utility vehicle that is midsize. And this vehicle
is actually the production version of the Mazda MX Crossport that was a concept car.
When this vehicle starts to strut its stuff on the market, it would actually be marketed
as a 2007 model. This vehicle will fill the niche that the Mazda Tribute has left behind.
However, it has been said that this vehicle would only stay for a short time which
would only be up until the company is able to take off two more new sport utility
vehicles come the year 2008. The Mazda CX 7 is considered to be quite similar to the
Honda Pilot, the Nissan Murano, Subaru B9 Tribeca, and the Toyota Highlander.
  Beneath the glamour and the beauty of the Mazda CX 7, one's interest would also be
held by the machine that keeps this vehicle running. The source of power of this
vehicle is a 2.3 liter straight four MZR engine. This very same engine is also used in
the Mazda Mazdaspeed 6. This power source could actually produce some 244 hp at
5000 rpm and also 258 pound feet of torque at a low 2500 rpm. Aside from that, this
vehicle also boasts of additional features to make the driving and riding the Mazda
CX 7 more pleasant and very enjoyable. The list of features include fully independent
suspension systems, four wheel ventilated disc brakes with anti lock brakes made
standard, and a stability control and traction control system. Interested parties may
also have a choice between a front wheel drive and the Mazda Active Torque Split all
wheel drive system. The latter actually has a computer controlled coupling that is able
to provide up to a maximum of fifty percent of the whole of the engine's torque to its
rear wheels.
  The Mazda CX 7 has been built on a new platform which has shown that the rumors
were untrue about this sport utility vehicle using the same Ford/Mazda CD3 platform
that is also used by the Ford Edge crossover, the Mazda6, and the Lincoln MKX
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