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					Health-related Stores that operate through the help of the world wide web are called
Online Pharmacies. While many of these outlets sell drugs only if presented with a
prescription, you will find several which overlook this factor. A Canadian Online
Pharmacy is a popular phenomena resulting from this technology, providing the
customers an exceptional experience of delivering the medicines they need to their
doorstep, for no extra charge.
  The option of online shopping for medicines is recommended for three reasons: One,
is for the convenience it provides of reducing travel. Second, it saves money since
medicines prescribed by certified medical practitioners, particularly in countries like
the USA, is often too expensive.
  Bearing in mind the cost factor, international customers prefer to shop online in their
own countries or others in their own locality. It is not uncommon to see a great
number of people from the US visiting Canada and other places just to procure their
medical requirements.
  The Canadian pharmacy enables one the luxury of availing quality service from
within the confines of one's home. Clients just have to call, e-mail, fax or mail their
orders through ordinary post. Most of these virtual shops have their own in-house
medical professional, who review the patients requirement and provide medicines
accordingly. Quite a few companies, however, issue drugs without any type of valid
medical prescription. It is this practice that is worrisome to the authorities. who are
raising a hue and cry on the safety factor. When medicines can be purchased without
validation, the chance of fraudulent and adulterated drugs being sold in the market
increses. And it also also exposes the individual to the danger of taking pills that may
not be suitable to his medical needs, thus causing undesirable results.
  A number of precautionary steps are adopted by a Pharmacy to safe guard the health
of their customers. Proper verification of the drug requirement of a person is done
before billing. Perfectly qualified professionals are available at hand to tackle
customer's inquiries and to inform and advice them on their medication. This helps the
patients to have a better comprehension of their medical condition.
  Customers coming from different countries save anywhere between fifty to eighty
per cent on the cost price by shopping at these stores. This is a big advantage for those
with little if any health insurance cover and especially when going through treatment
for chronic health conditions. These outlets also offer a wide range of non-
prescription drugs and health products that can be purchased over-the-counter at
reduced rates. Laxatives, antacids, antihistamines and pain relievers are usually the
wide range of products that are made available to clients in this manner.
  Added advantage lies in the fact that when a customer's original prescription is
recorded with the store, refills are generated automatically, after confirmation.
Standardized and quality products manufactured by respected pharmaceutical
companies are the only onessold. Client details are strictly confidential and this data
will not be misused. Appropriate security measures are in place to ensure that every
transaction is safe.
  A Canadian Online Pharmacy maintains a high ethical code. THis is due top tha fact
that accreditation with the Canadian International Pharmacy Association is required.
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