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Filing Cabinets


									The need for file and paperwork organization is crucial to the orderliness of any home
office or computer area. Whether someone's living space includes an actual office, or
just a simple desk area within a bedroom, filing cabinets are the best solution for
paperwork, as well as other odds and ends. Filing cabinets come in two main types.
These include both vertical and lateral filing cabinets. Vertical filing cabinets are the
more traditional cabinets that are designed to store a single letter sized file with
specific measurements. These cabinets usually have two to ten drawers.
  Lateral design filing cabinets tend to have drawers that are much wider than that of
traditional vertical filing cabinets. These cabinets come up to 42 inches wide,
accommodating more for storage. Another unique characteristic of lateral filing
cabinets is the fact that they can be stored two ways. This includes either side to side,
or back to back, depending on storage space and room measurements and
accommodations. Lateral filing cabinets allow for both legal and letter size document
storage, which is more versatile than vertical filing cabinets. Another benefit of lateral
filing cabinets is the fact that since the storage capacity is about a third more than
vertical cabinets, more space allows you to better view and inventory paperwork more
easily. Lateral cabinets are good for larger offices in which wall space is not an issue.
  Aside from vertical and lateral filing cabinets, there are open shelf units, as well as
rolling cabinets for offices. Open shelf units are either placed backed to back or side
by side, which can help for management of space. The open design is relatively
simple and more visible. For rolling filing cabinets, wheels and castors are used for
convenient access to move large amounts of files from one office or desk to another.
This is helpful if sharing or moving files is routine, or if you are in the process of
relocating or changes office spaces.
  There are important things to think about when buying filing cabinets. With different
styles and varieties to choose from, it is important to note the specifications of each.
When shopping for office cabinets, it is important to measure the depth and width to
see what will accommodate your paperwork-whether or not you need simple letter
size file storage, or legal size as well. It is also crucial to know the size of the office,
and whether or not you have excessive wall space for filing cabinets or not. Drawer
weight is also a significant thing to consider, as the amount of files to be stored is not
only based upon width and depth, but the maximum weight that can be taken by any
individual drawer. Also, look for a good quality filing cabinet that has a sturdy
suspension. This will help to carry the weight best, as well as ensure that the cabinet
can open and close easily. Filing cabinets are a great way to store documents and
paperwork in any office or workspace.
  Cabinets Plus specializes in custom cabinets and closets. We provide custom
organization solutions for your den, kitchen, bedroom, garage, home office or laundry
room. We can also create custom office furniture and entertainment centers.

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