Fighting the Psychological Consequences of Baldness in Women by hkksew3563rd


									Fighting the Psychological Consequences of Baldness in Women
  Baldness could be one of the worst fears of women. Although baldness in women is
typically observed in middle age, women in their early twenties could be faced with
the threats of baldness. Total baldness, however, rarely occurs in women. But the fact
that affected women are losing more hair everyday, they may become distressed and
may suffer from the psychological consequences of the hair loss. Finding the right
treatment while hair loss is still at its early stages is most important to save women
from the side effects of baldness.
  Causes of Baldness in Women
  At some point in a woman’s life, she might be affected by baldness. The biggest
influencing factor for baldness in women is heredity. Women who have the genetic
predisposition for baldness would not be able to escape hair loss, which may progress
and reach the point of becoming bald. Mostly however, the heredity factors interact
with hormones and aging and thus baldness in women is more common in middle-age,
wherein women have lower female hormone levels. Estrogen plays a key role in hair
growth in women; hence baldness in women may occur following pregnancy or after
hormonal therapy was stopped due to sudden decrease in estrogen levels.
  Baldness in women may also result from hair damage caused by avoidable factors.
Mistreated hair and applying harsh hair dyes may cause temporary baldness. Also,
hair styles that cause hair to be pulled up or tugged can cause hair loss that is more
than what is normally shed everyday. Insufficiency of hair vitamins and protein
prevents growth of healthy hair. The hair follicles require constant supply of hair
growth vitamins and protein so that hair grows in it. Some health conditions cause
shedding of hair. Women may lose hair after they have recovered from an illness.
Whatever the reason for hair loss, the thoughts of getting bald can be really frustrating
for women. Proper hair loss treatment should be provided to ease their lives and avoid
the consequences of balding.
  Save Yourself From Baldness with an All-natural Female Hair Loss Product
  The undesirable consequences of baldness can be prevented by treating hair loss at
the earliest stage possible. There are so many treatment options that are marketed to
stop baldness in women. Most of these treatments, though effective, invite serious
side effects to health, which makes them unlikely treatment methods. The best way to
regain a full head of hair and the lost self-confidence, affected women must opt for
female hair loss products, most notably, Sephren. Sephren owes its ability to stop
baldness in women from its all-natural ingredients which include hair growth vitamins.
These ingredients allow both Sephren in supplement form and Sephren topical foam
to treat hair loss safely and effectively.

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