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Fiesta Mats by hkksew3563rd


									Ford has been producing the Fiesta since 1976, the current 2010 model is the 6th
generation Fiesta. Throughout its model years the Fiesta has catered for a wide variety
of drivers, including panel vans for light commercial use.
 During the late nineties it was very popular as a learner driver car, they were fairly
easy to drive and a good representation of a modern day car. The fact that is was
available as a 3 door and 5 door meant that it was very popular for new drivers, most
of who had learnt to drive in one too.
 The fourth generation Fiesta had become very popular across Police forces in the
UK, it was used as a local Panda unit responding to non emergency call outs and
general Police transportation.
 The Mark 5 Fiesta like its Mark 2 predecessor was turning out to be very popular
with the young car enthusiasts who liked to customise their cars, fiesta mats, loud
exhausts, tinted windows and big alloy wheels were a must for all young Fiesta
 The current 6th generation Fiesta has taken off where the 5th generation left, it
continues to provide comfortable, reliable and stylish driving around town and on
motorways. The Mark 6 Fiesta also includes certain features which traditionally were
only available in larger Ford vehicles, this emphasise the importance the Fiesta holds
for Ford.

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