FDI funded projects in India by hkksew3563rd


									The Indian realty market is thriving with a tremendous property growth in most of the
Indian cities. The high property growth is luring the investors from many parts of the
country. The international buyers are also investing in Indian property market owing
to the remarkable property appreciation in recent years.
  The relaxation of foreign development investment (FDI) norms since the year 2005
has opened new gateways to property market for the international buyers/developers/
investors/ builders. Since then the Indian property is a great proposition for the
  The entry of international players in the market has contributed immensely to the
construction growth in India. Many foreign developers and builders have started
funding the property projects in Indian market. The projects launched by Indian
builders are financed by them to certain percentage. Currently a significant amount of
finance for the realty market is being earned by the foreign investors. Many NRI
investors have purchased properties in the Indian cities. There are many projects in
the major cities that are FDI funded. For example Gurgaon city is coming up with
many FDI funded projects such as Crescent Park in sector 92, Spire Edge on the
Gurgaon Manesar belt etc.
  Noida is also launching the FDI funded projects on the Noida-Greater Noida
expressway. The project Spire World is another FDI funded project in Greater Noida
tech Park. Amrapali projects in Noida are also FDI funded.
  India is in developing phase and therefore there is an immense scope of development
in the country. Any kind of development has the foremost requirement of the land.
Whether infrastructural facilities or residential and commercial spaces the property is
the ultimate requirement.
  The development of the leading Indian cities is very rapid and therefore the demand
of land is very high. High demand has raised the property costs. The big projects
launched in several acres of land have a very expensive purchase of land to begin with
the construction. The required monetary expenditure is funded by partners in the
project because it is not possible for a single investor to finance the whole project.
Owing to high expenses and to minimize the stake on one's part the Indian developers
are launching FDI funded projects in the metropolitans.

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