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									FatCow began its life in 1998 and provides cheap web hosting ever since. Currently,
the company is very popular among cheap hosting providers for both organizations
and personal use. Differentiating itself, they offer only one plan - a trademark:
Original FatCow Plan.
At the time of this review, FatCow has one plan for hosting, the Original FatCow Plan,
and one plan to park your domain, the MiniMoo plan.The web hosting plan that offers
you shared hosting solutions, gives you unlimited space, transfer, and extra domains -
all this in one account.

Editor's review
FatCows hosting services are not perfect, but there is no perfect hosting company.
Overall, as I see it, Fatcow is a great webhosting company. Additionally, it is very
important that the ease of use at homepage of Fatcow is unusually solid. The web host
offers compact info likewise easy and to the point hosting service. In my opinion this
thinking can be highly comfortable for the not-so-techie site owners and beginners.

I sum up below the good and the bad of their hosting solution.

What are the advantages of choosing Fatcow?

Low-cost! Hosting at FatCow costs no more than $4 for a month ($3.67/mo exactly) if
you use a coupon (check the links at the end of the article).

Superb cheap hosting service - among the better hosting services that offer hosting for
this kind of money.

Tested web servers with little donwtime.
Unlimited hosting capacity - host different websites and your blogs in only one

Supreme 24/7 customer support - the quality of the service supported by HeiferCratic
Oath, in wich the employees pledge to reply calls in 2 minutes and resolve problems
in only one contact.

User-friendly and plain hosting package - fast buying process wich cut confusedness
for beginners.

Clean trial run and repayment rules , customers can have as much as 30 days of tryout

What are the disadvantages with ?

Doesn't have various levels of hosting - those who would like to move to
semi-dedicated or dedicated servers might be inclined to change hosting provider.
My implications: Is FatCow a good webhosting company?
Using FatCow's services is good for customers who are need to find inexpensive and
yet tested hosting. FatCow built its brand slowly but surely (as long as 10 years!) ,
therefor I am sure that they offer one of the top low-cost hosting providers. Even So,
thanks to limitations of its capabilities (restricted MySQL and restricted choice of
plan), I believe FatCow may not be adequate for big business website.

Uptime Review

I host a ecommerce site with FatCow and analyzing the uptime always. As from what
I observed, FatCow hosting offers a uncommon server uptime track as FatCow's
cheap hosting service is averaging more than 99.8% uptime through a whole year. I
think this kind of efficiency is quite superb for this low cost , so I suggest to use their
services to anyone who is need to find a cheap web hosting provider.

You should always look atFatcow's site, because these infos may change with time.

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