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Fastener Fair in Stuttgart from 22 to 24 February 2011


									It will be held in the spring of 2001, the most popular exhibition in Europe of the
assembly sector, and fasteners of all systems assembly and finishing of industrial
  It will take place February 22 to 24 in Stuttgart "Fastener Fair" which once again as
a meeting place between those working in the field and those who want to invest and
increase their knowledge on this particular branch of manufacturing, assembly and
closures fast, always evolving.
  There will be many vendors at the event as exhibitors from across Europe producers
of fastening technologies, machines and tools to produce, heat treatment, and locking
fasteners. Unique event in which both find opportunities to purchase and sales. Many
are products that, as in past years will be proposed at that time. In all types of
finishing will be shown the best products and new innovations result of the work of
the many exhibitors. By metal rivets, mechanical joints cannot be removed mainly
used for joining sheet metal, or bonding, to get to all the assembly and finishing
techniques and highly advanced technology. Spiced up with interesting lectures and
events with the participation of the most renowned representatives of the international
  Many exhibitors will also be able to offer supply fasteners or other assembly and
finishing, for those who missed opportunities during the year makes frequent use of
these products and within the Fastener Fair can find exclusive offers opportunities
only for the occasion. Until now many have been entries from exhibitors at the event,
well 516 from thirty different countries, a boom that has made the organizers decide
to expand the area in which the event will be held. A race to the entries that highlights
how the appointment of Stuttgart is considered the most prestigious exhibition for the
display and information on these industries constantly expanding and for which the
constant updating is essential.
  The reputation stems primarily from past editions of the event and in particular the
excellent success of the event last year. The past year there were 625 exhibitors from
33 countries of which 56% came from the European context (China, Germany, India,
Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom), most of whom
considered the audience very large and of high quality. To date, more than a dozen
exhibitors are registered for the next edition of Italian origin, evidence indicating that
this reality is in continuous growth and production in our country that traditionally has
very advanced and specialized industry. And 'it is well known in Italy many
companies are dynamic and can trigger innovations that are now able to provide, in
addition to compliance with all Italian and European regulations, the answer tailored
to every need of each customer. A growing field that uses the best resources in
engineering and who can guarantee the cutting edge and quality that have always been
required in the mechanical operations.
  This article was written by Martina Celegato, with support from industrial fasteners.
  For any information please visit fastener supplier, or visit threaded fasteners Prima
Posizione srl
Used with permission

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