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					The first thing to be aware of is exactly what the needs will be for each individual
child or student. You can't just throw anything on someones feet and expect it to get
the job done. Maybe in the good old days one type of shoe would have to do for
everyone and everything, but these days you can pick the right tool for each job, or
shoe for the person in this case.
  Environment should be taken into account when deciding on the perfect footwear.
The geographical area can have a major impact on what a person might need on their
feet. A good example would be someplace like Alaska or Hawaii. A cold and extreme
environment such as Alaska would imply that a warm and durable shoe will be needed.
On the other hand if school happens to be held in a warm sunny location like Hawaii,
then something as simple as flip flops might suffice. Even then a new pair of boots or
flip flops for a new year must be purchased.
  Aside from the sheer needs of the location, a person must also have comfort in mind.
This proceeds style in the eyes of the experienced, but to a child looks rule and
comfort is secondary. When picking out new shoes, that may have to last all day for
an entire school year, thinking of comfort before style really starts to make sense.
Asking lots of questions and trying on a variety of brands helps immensely. Making
sure to actually get the shoes walked in and laced up completely to insure a snug and
pleasant wear before leaving the store is also very important.
  Now that ease of wear has been covered, style of shoe should take the next top
billing. Styles can be found in an incredibly wide range of brands, colors, and
variations within the styles themselves. With so many choices available, personal taste
is huge in this matter. Each individual has their own idea of the perfect shoe for them.
At times some footwear choices may be too impractical for daily use, but that can be a
debatable subject. Variety makes this part of the process both fun and tedious at times.
Be patient and don't make a hasty decision, it could be something that is regretted all
year long if not taken seriously.
  Its a good idea to shop around and check prices on the various brands styles.
Durability is important to look into as well, since these shoes need to survive the
entire school session in many cases. Many shoes will not stand up to hard use. The
glue has even been known to come apart on many brands of shoes if they happen to
get wet. New or not, taking proper care and precautions can help save money and
having to repeat the whole shoe buying process.
  Also keep in mind that many young people will be growing throughout the school
year so a size larger than usual may be necessary. In some instances, especially in the
growth spurt ages, more than one size up may be desired. Don't push it too far though.
Shoes can become abrasive an cause blisters if they are too loose. This can also lead
to ankle sprains and ruined socks. One thing to keep in mind is that new shoes will
have to be broken in. This will take time and usually improve the fit. Just don't expect
a smaller size to stretch or fit better with repeated wear. That's a chance and its not
worth wasting money on.
  Getting all of this right is more important than many would think. Being caught with
the wrong attire in a school setting can lead to endless teasing and bullying. A
surprising amount of people judge a person based upon what they wear on their feet.
This is a strangely common occurrence. Even adults tend to evaluate people based on
their choice of shoe. It can be a factor of brand recognition, or style popularity, or just
a window to an individuals personality. No one wants to be looked down upon or
judged, so its good not to give anyone the chance by having the right gear on.
  Point of fact is that it matters what you have on your feet for the first day of the
school year. Everyone has a need to show their flare in individuality. The right pair of
new school shoes can be the ticket to giving the right impression. Not only will the
right shoes put a little extra kick in someones step, but it will also impress anyone
who cares to scrutinize a person by judging their sneakers. So put on the right
footwear and watch the school year ease right on by.
  Rory Hamilton is a footwear expert who is currently researching what's fashionable
in mens trainers

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