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									                             Farmhouse Breakfast Week
                           24th January – 28th January 2011

During Farmhouse Breakfast Week we are inviting a range of local
businesses in to talk to the children about what they do and the
importance of eating a healthy breakfast.

Following our successful community breakfast last year, we are holding another
one on Friday 28th January at 8.30 – 10.00, to which parents are invited. If you
would like to come along, please return the slip on the other side of the page
so we know how much food to buy!

We are providing a yummy healthy breakfast for the children each morning.
We would appreciate a donation of £1 per child to support the cost of this (and
the services of the Community Chef). Please send it in with your child. Many

                              MARY CASE HONEY

                                           Bee Keeper
  Mary keeps her hives mainly in the West Wight; producing honey from different locations
  gives each batch its own unique flavour. Mary has set and clear honey for sale and cut
    comb and beeswax - by-products of honey production, are made into candles and
 furniture polish. During the autumn there are apples for sale from Limerstone Farm orchard
   and customers are welcome to try the different varieties. A recent diversification is the
   growing of Globe Artichokes, which come with instructions on preparation and serving
            Mary is coming in to talk to the children about how honey is produced.

  Sainsbury’s are always keen to promote healthy eating and being active. Brighstone CE
Primary have been collecting the Active Kids vouchers and Lets Get Cooking vouchers for a
number of years, which has resulted in a huge range of new sports and cooking equipment
    being delivered to our school. Sainsbury’s also visited us during last year’s Farmhouse
                                      Breakfast Week.
  Maria Love is coming in to talk to the children about the importance of eating a healthy
          breakfast, and is bringing in some yummy fruit and yogurt for us to eat.

 Natural Enterprise draws on the charitable and business roots of its founding organizations:
the Isle of Wight Economic Partnership and the Island 2000 Trust to create new and dynamic
 links between the environment and economy. It recognises the importance of having an
improved understanding of the Isle of Wight food sector, from growers through to producers
   and retailers. Graham Biss (Managing Director) is coming in to talk to the children about
                                       local farming.

We have a long tradition of farming at Briddlesford. We love farming the land at Briddlesford
  Lodge Farm. We have a herd of Guernsey cows that are all descended from the fifteen
 cows that Charles Griffin brought across the downs to Briddlesford in 1923. The farm is now
                    managed by Charles Griffin's great grandson Paul Griffin.
 Fresh fruit and vegetables, pickles and preserves, Isle of Wight cheese, which is now made
 with Briddlesford milk, and other dairy products including our very own ‘Buttercup Milk’ are
                                just a few of the items we produce
Chris Griffin is coming in to talk about the family farm and how they produce milk to go with
                                        our breakfast cereal!

                                Community Chef Programme
Overall aim: To deliver cooking, food preparation, health and hygiene sessions that inspire a
 joy in cooking that increases through knowledge to encourage all users to eat a healthier
                                   diet within their means.
  Paul Rogers is coming in to cook some yummy healthy food for us. He is also leading a
                weekly club in school this term, for children and their parents.

I ................................. (parent of …………………………) would like to attend the
Community Breakfast during Farmhouse Breakfast Week on Friday 28th January.

I enclose £1 donation towards the cost of my child’s breakfast in school………


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