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         Mr Easter

    Easter Coverage

                               ESSEX EXPLOITS

Phew, it’s been a strange few weeks. Thanks first go to all who enquired after
my recent op. At time of writing this Easter is over and most folk are back at
work- not me though! Hopefully come the end of the summer I shall be back
competing and causing havoc around the place. Next milestone is to start
driving the road vehicle - so keep back because I haven’t been in it for 7
Having had appetites whetted at Easter, there will be some who were still
contemplating whether or not to experience their first National Rally. I hope
you get your entry form in and meet the regulars up there, it may prove a
great experience. There is a feeling, that when reading some of the monthly
magazines about our sport, (yes I’m one of them too), that things like the Na-
tional will become very important in years to come, as land in some areas is
becoming very scarce and our cause is not helped by the less responsible 4x4
owners who battle about creating problems. (Congratulations to Ralph Coul-
son here, who keeps a close eye on the way laning is developing in our club).
New legislation, which appears to give greater rights to those who feel it their
right to trample all around land surrounding our property, looks set to restrict
us even more. Will there come a time, when large rallies are the only way to
enjoy our sport? We hope not!
In order to help promote our club, we were involved with the Essex Young
Farmers Show on May 16th, this was an event where we collected new mem-
bers, showed off our vehicles and perhaps even interested some local land
owners, a large and varied turn out was hopefully positive for us.
The 21st Anniversary of the club is creeping up rapidly, we haven’t had many
people book in so far, it would be good to see a cross section of the club here
as there will be some of the original club members there to reminisce with.
Please book in with Richard or myself. If you can provide a plate of food,
then that too would be much appreciated.
                      Forthcoming Events
Please note the dates below for your diary. This is the plan for next year the
dates are set, but the venues for later in the year may be subject to change.
You will be advised in good time of any changes.
Unless otherwise noted all RTV & CCV trials will have signing on from
8.30am with the trial starting at 10.00, Tyro trials on Saturdays will have
signing on from 10.30 with a 12.00 start, and when run on a Sunday will the
same as for the RTV & CCV events. Please arrive in good time for scrutineer-

                                June/July 2004

ing and signing on. Trials are all £20. Pre-booked they will be £15 unless oth-
erwise noted.
May 28 th to 31st – Nationals in Derbyshire with Peak & Dukeries LRC
June 11th to 13 th – Trialling weekend At the time of writing details were still
being finalised. By the time Exploits is printed the details should be on the
website. If you haven’t got web access call Karl.
June 15th – Pub meet at the Hare in Roxwell. 8.00pm onwards.
June 20th – Greenlaning contact Ralph for details
June 19 to 20 – LRW show at Eastnor Deer Park. For more details see www.
landroverworld.co.uk. Club Stand planned contact Terry Metson for details.
June 25th to 27 th – AGM weekend. Camping weekend with a gymkhana on
Saturday at Homestead Caravan Centre, Weeley.The Gymkhana will start at
about 13:00, so get there a bit before hand to sign on etc. It will end shortly
before the start of the AGM – that normally starts at 18:00 (unless it says oth-
erwise in Terry’s article in the mag). If you intend to camp you MUST book
in well in advance with Derek so that we can let Homestead know what’s
planned. Sunday is a relaxed day with plenty of time to chew the fat.
July 9 to 11 – 21st Anniversary of the club. Back at the site of the very first
trial – Shalford Woods. A party, play day, a treasure hunt, a trial and some
green laning are being planned. Dave Bygrave is planning to put a piece ex-
plaining what’s happening in the mag – if there aren’t details here they’ll be
on the website before too long. Essentially, there will be a play day & treas-
ure hunt Saturday, and a usual trial on Sunday. On Saturday evening there
will be a social event with a bar-be-que on the camp site. Booking for the trial
preferred (as usual) and it would be best if you could book in for camping
well in advance. Volunteers to help with various jobs over the weekend wel-
July 23 o 28 - camping & greenlaning holiday week in Lincolnshire – contact
Ralph for details as this is a pre-booked event only.
August 13 th to 16 th – Camping & trialling weekend. Details to be confirmed.
September 3rd to 5 th – Camping & trialling weekend at Mentley Farm. To be
held at Mentley Farm (Grid Ref 166/375237). There are some greenlanes in
the area that should be driveable, depending on weather; maps will be avail-
able but contact us before setting out. There will be a gymkhana on the Satur-
day and a combined RTV & Tyro on the Sunday. Help in setting out and
managing this event is (as ever) required. Please book in well in advance!
September 11 th – 12 th – LRO show at Peterborough – Club Stand planned
contact Terry Metson or Derek Herbert for details.
October 9 th & 10 th – Trialling weekend – detail later
October 19 th – Pub meet at the Hare, Roxwell
                               ESSEX EXPLOITS

October 24th – Greenlaning
October 31th – Essex Interclub CCV. Details later.
November 13th & 14 th – Trialling weekend
November 23 rd – pub meet at the Hare, Roxwell
November 28th – Greenlaning day
December 11 th – Day into night trial
December 18 th – Xmas Dinner – contact Richard & Penny
December 27 – Christmas Pud Shakedown

All bookings for trials, unless otherwise noted, to Karl on Friday before Sat-
urday & Sunday trials or Thursday before camping weekend events by e-mail
to ksreilly@aol.com, or phone me on 07976 800416 - if I don’t answer just
leave your name and details, I’ll only call you back if you specifically request
me to. With our new internet discussion forum, you can now even book in
through this medium if it takes your fancy. If you e-mail or leave a message
can you let me know what you are intending to drive.
All Camping Bookings to Derek Herbert up to Thursday before the event on
01371 820919.
Green Lane bookings to Ralph Coulson. Exact locations of the starting point
will be advised when you book in. Contact details: 01245 283459 or 07968
796804, or by e-mail at Ralph.Coulson@btinternet.com
Show event bookings to Terry Metson.

Other clubs events that we have been invited to:
June 4 – 6 - The 7th East Anglian Off Road and Outdoor show at the Con-
struction Industry training board centre, Bircham Newton, North Norfolk. All
profits from the show are once again to be donated to the East Anglian Air
Ambulance. See article later in Exploits for details.
August – Eckington
October 23 – Old Sodbury Sortout at Newbury Showground, call the Old Sod
on 01454 323109 or see www.oldsodburysortout.co.uk.
                 Mentioned in Despatches!

I’m pleased to say that our lane clearance efforts have not gone unnoticed.
ELRC has been mentioned (with pictures) in Land Rover Owner, May edition
and Land Rover World, June edition.

                                 June/July 2004

           Competition Secretary’s Column
Easter! It all came off fairly well, I think. I know the competitors that I spoke
to at the event all seemed to be enjoying it. There were a lot of people who
helped out, and I would like to list you all here, but for fear of missing some-
body out, I won’t. Those that worked know who they are, and can be proud of
a good event. Thanks to everyone who helped to make the event a success.
Ralph organised the afternoon at the pub in May to view the photographs and
to get some feedback on what people thought of the event, and to get ideas on
what could be improved for next year. I think that most of issues raised I was
already aware of, and will working to get these incorporated into plans for
next years event.
I hope there are more reports about the event elsewhere in the mag, and if
plans fall into place there will be a photo supplement in the middle as well
from Ralph & Sue.
By contrast to the Easter event, Mentley Farm was a bit of a wash out. I came
very close to cancelling it because by Thursday I only had four entries for the
trial, and two of those were in one vehicle, but no entries for the tyro. Added
to which, nobody had booked in for camping with Derek. Dave Bygrave per-
suaded me to leave the event on, and in the end we had just eight drivers there
for the trial. So, was it the fact that it was a bank holiday weekend, it was so
soon after Easter, it was at Mentley Farm or that it clashed with another
club’s larger event that attendance was so poor? It’s not fair on landowners to
mess them about by having very poor turnout or to cancel at the last minute,
and puts sites at risk. Please let me have your views – to help I have started a
thread on the internet forum where you can share your views.
As I wrote last month: To get more people to help, we have discussed a po-
tential rule change. This can’t be implemented until the AGM, but we wanted
to suggest a couple of ideas to you, and get your feedback. We don’t want to
make the club all officious or pompous, because at the heart of it we are a
family club with the primary aim of having fun.
There are two suggestions. The first is that after a fixed number of trials (say
10) that you drive, you must then officiate at at-least one event. The second
option would be that if you set out or officiate two events in a year you get a
trial entry for free. There are pros and cons to both options in terms of ease of
management and club revenue. It doesn’t necessarily mean that RTV or tyro
drivers have to miss out on driving – all you need to do is come along to the
discipline that you don’t normally enter and help out. Let the committee know
what you think ahead of the AGM, and then come along to the AGM in June

                                ESSEX EXPLOITS

and be counted.
A view that I have heard is that newer members of the club aren’t sure what
marshalling of setting out actually involves. We usually run a summer train-
ing day to show people how simple it can be (although this is postponed this
year to make way for the anniversary event). I have written an article for Ex-
ploits about marshalling in the past, so will see if I can find it again and get it
put on the club website. There is also guidance in the ARC yearbook about
what’s involved, but the best way to find out is to come along to an event an
help out – there will be people around who will show the ropes, so you won’t
be out on a limb on your own.
The AGM is coming up soon, and as I think is noted elsewhere in the mag,
we are going to need a new secretary, membership secretary and scritinner.
Without these posts covered the club can’t really function so we need willing
volunteers to be a part it. All potential volunteers please make yourselves
known, otherwise the AGM could rather interesting for all the wrong reasons.
It’s not compulsory for the secretary to be in post for 8 years like Terry has
been; you can do a shorter term of office if you choose to! There’s lots more
that I need to say, but the old grey matter is becoming befuddled by overload
at the moment, so I’m going to stop now and head off to work. Before I do,
however, I want to wish all the ELRC members all the best for this years Na-
tional. We have a fair few going this year who will have quite a task bringing
back more silverware than we managed last year. Good luck and have fun!
                                                                         Karl Reilly

                      Secretary’s Scribble
HI all, just a short note to remind you that I am going to retire at the AGM
this year. I have yet to hear from any interested parties that wish to take over
the role of secretary but I am sure that some one out there in Land Rover la nd
will be willing to take over the role.
The job is not too demanding, you just have to keep the rest of the committee
under control. The club is mostly run by email now so a computer would be
very useful. I am looking forward to getting out the racer again and maybe
even doing a few events, that’s if no one wants to buy it!
The AGM is at Weeley again allowing us to camp on there site, any thing that
you the members want to bring forward or discuss should be sent to me in
writing at least a week in advance please.
Otherwise it will just be a normal AGM with the committee carrying on as
normal. Well that all folks see you around.                         Terry.

                                         June/July 2004

                      CARAVANS & OUTDOOR LEISURE
                          THORPE ROAD (B1033) WEELEY, ESSEX CO16 9JN
                           TEL: 01255 830671 or 830229 FAX: 01255 831406

                 ABBEY                             BESSACARR                         SWIFT

     •   Quality Used Tourers (see web site)             • Over 10,000 sq ft Leisure & Outdoor
     •   Part Exchanges Welcome                           Showroom Packed to The Rafters With
     •   Tourers Purchased                                1,000’s of Caravan, Camping and
                                                          Leisure Bargains, Gadgets & Spare Parts
     •   Competitive Finance
                                                         • Dorema and NR Caravan & Porch
     •   Best Deals, Best Service
                                                          Awnings, Motor Annexes
     •   Full Workshop Facilities, Factory Trained
                                                         • Over 20 Tents on Display
         Staff - Corgi Registered Reg no. 136603

                                     ALL PRICED SO YOU’LL
                                      BE GLAD YOU CAME

            MADE A
           PLEASURE                    2 ACRES
                                      DEVOTED      Visit Us & Relax At The
•   Dome Tents, Frame Tents               TO
•   Camping Equipment
•   Mummy Style Sleeping Bags
•   Standard Sleeping Bags                        COFFEE SHOP & SNACK BAR
•   Garden Furniture                    NEW &
•   Folding Furniture                   USED      Delicious Homemade
•   Gazebos                            TOURING    Hot Meals & Snacks
•   Coolboxes, Tableware,             CARAVANS    Hot & Cold Drinks
    Cooking, Heating &
    Lighting Equipment
•   Barbeques, Gas &

                                          Ideal for Clubs, Pubs,
  KNOWLEDGEABLE                         Parties, Trade/Craft Stalls,
AND FRIENDLY ADVICE                               etc, etc..
                                            4m x 6m             4m x 8m         4m x 10m

                                               • 50 Full service pitches
                                               • Toilet & Shower block
                                               • 2 acre Fishing Lake
                                               • Fishing day tickets

                               ESSEX EXPLOITS

            10/11th JULY CODHAM MILL
                    & SHALFORD WOOD

Camping from Friday. Geoff has arranged for a dozen or so caravans or tents
to stay at Shalford Hall. Charles Crossman has offered further places at
Finchingfield. Mike Timms has also offered a small paddock. Book now with
Derek Herbert. The Saturday evening gathering will be in Geoff’s marquee
beside the mill.
Come and join us!
Mosquitoes may also be on the lookout for a free meal so bring some repel-
lent if you are likely to be dish of the day. Food: bring and share. To re-cap
we really need to know how many are coming so why not book in with Ric h-
ard and Penny and discuss what to bring at the same time. Non-alcoholic bev-

 Old Corn Mill, nr Carmarthen West Wales
                  For Private Holiday Let
Converted Corn Mill, built 1850s, 2’ thick stone walls in half acre garden
with river at end.The mill is detached and situated down its own drive off a
no through road .
Accommodation comprises of 2 bedrooms (1 double 1 twin ), fully fitted
kitchen, bathroom, lounge and lobby.
Ideal base for touring West and Mid Wale s, forests, castles, Pembrokeshire
and Cardigan coast, National Botanical
Gardens of Wales Brechfa Forest less
than 4 miles.

   For further information /brochure
      telephone Peter Kenyon on
             01206 735757

                                June/July 2004

erages will be available, if you fancy a tipple organise amongst yourselves.
Terry Metson is considering organising transport between sites.
Photographs from the early days (not too many) and especially any of Shal-
ford Sand Quarry where it all began would add interest. A board or two for
pinning them up would be handy. Videos may be possible, contact Geoff for
further details.
We are having to lower our sights regarding something permanent to mark
the occasion. Costs for setting up a single run were prohibitive, fortunately
Ralph is using his skills to come up with an alternative which we hope will be
Karl is going to poke some canes in the ground on the Saturday morning for
people to drive through as and when they feel inclined.
After lunch, Dave and Wendy Soper are running a Treasure Hunt, nothing
brain or vehicle damaging- just a meander through the trees observing nature
and clues.
We will adjourn to Codham Mill (Brian and Monica’s residence) to eat
around half past five. A bit early for some perhaps, but it allows those with
young families to join in.
How to find it:
From Shalford Wood, turn right onto B1053 towards Braintree, at approx one
and a half miles, keep straight on toward Beajley End to large wooden build-
ing at bottom of hill, (clue- looks just like a typical Essex mill). GR
167/735282 (approx).
Frm Braintree (approx 3 miles) turn right at sharp bend for Beajley End.
Sunday: Easy going TYRO/RTV trials, contact Karl for details.

Finally: Do you know anyone no longer a member, who may like to come
along? It would be nice to see them again.
See you then
Dave Bygrave

Through Exploits, I would like to thank everyone who sent me a birthday
card and kind wishes, especially yourself for taking time with the mention in
the mag, when already very busy.
Thanks again
Audrey (Bygrave)


                                June/July 2004

                       Bosun on the BBC.

Some time ago the BBC program Inside Out had an item on green Laning
which gave the Ramblers and one of the National Parks a chance to moan
about how 4WD’s were tearing up the countryside making lots of noise and
mess and generally being a nuisance. After the program there was a chance to
air your views on the website, I think they were rather overwhelmed by the
                                    response! One of our club members
                                    (Talbot Dixon) mentioned our lane clear-
                                    ing efforts in his message. This was then
                                    picked up by BBC Look East who con-
                                    tacted Ralph to find out what was going
                                    on, after a short explanation they went
                                    away to think about it. They then phoned
                                    one Tuesday and asked if they could inter-
                                    view Ralph on a lane at 11.00 the next day!
                                    Ralph was unable to go at such short notice
due to work commitments so I stepped in as we were reluctant to lose what
we hoped would be some positive publicity for laning.
The venue for the ‘shoot’ was a lane near Coggeshall chosen by Ralph for its
nice surface and picturesque setting. While my
nerves built to the point where I wondered what had
possessed me to agree to it, we managed to rope in
Kevin Day to bring along his Disco and give me
moral support.
The nice lady from the BBC phoned in the morning
to confirm the venue and bring the time forward to
10.30. I duly set off in Bosun and hadn’t even got
out of Chelmsford when the cameraman phoned
(it’s OK I was hands free) to say could I make it
any earlie r because he was nearly there, he didn’t
seem to understand that any journey in a Series
needs planning and patience!
Luckily Kevin and I arrived together and met up with the cameraman who
had come from Ipswich, the presenter was coming from Norwich and would
be along later. We got on with filming some ‘arty’ shots of driving through
puddles and through the woods. When the presenter arrived we spent some
time driving up and down whilst I answered questions on the move! This
might all seem straight forward but when you answer a question and then they

                               ESSEX EXPLOITS

say ‘mm not quite long enough, can we do that again?’ and then ‘too long’
you start to forget what you are supposed to be saying and start to wonder
why you started!
By one o’clock we were just about finished when they announced ‘we need a
short piece for the lunch time news’ until this point I had no idea that it was
going out the same day, or that there was any sort of time constraint and what
had been a somewhat leisurely process turned into a bit of a panic. Bosun was
parked into the sun, so I sat with my eyes screwed up and tried to answer this
new question as quickly as I could, at which point the cameraman asked
                                     ‘who’s got the mike?’ …Take two ‘I don’t
                                     think that’s the right question’ …Take
                                     three ‘that will have to do, where’s the
                                     Outside Broadcast Van?’
                                     The Outside Broadcast Van turned out to
                                     be some where out on the road waiting for
                                     us, so the presenter grabbed the tape from
                                     the cameraman, jumped into the passenger
                                     seat of Bosun and was ready for a speed
                                     dash (in Bosun, I don’t think so!) to the
main road, we got to the road and turned right for the lay by a little way up
the road… ‘Oh no it’s not here!’ we went on a bit further whilst the presenter
phoned the OB van ‘back the other way!’ We turned round and shot off in the
opposite direction where I’m glad to say we found the Van handed over the
tape and it was instantly transmitted. My fame (or fate, was sealed) all that
remained to do was to return the presenter to his car.
I drove to Braintree where the welcome sight of Tesco’s provided a sandwich
for lunch and then back to Chelmsford just in time to collect the children
from school it had taken all day to produce less than ten minutes of film, I’m
glad I did it but I definitely won’t be volunteering again!

                        June/July 2004

              BRUNEL GARAGE
                  Tollesbury, Essex
                   01621 869425

Come down and see Jon a familiar face to many of you with
years of Landrover experience on and offroad we can offer
                 the following services:-

       Fixed price servicing with free courtesy car.

           An hourly rate of only £26.00 + VAT.

LPG conversions using LPGA approved equipment and fitted
               by Tartarini trained staff.

We can design and supply upgraded performance parts for
your vehicle from intercoolers to offroad suspension parts.

    MOT’s arranged, all repairs and welding undertaken.

Above all else we offer village garage care and commitment
to our customers and that makes the world of difference to

              E Mail:- brunelgarage@aol.com


                                June/July 2004

                            Easter 2004
The early uncertainty over a venue for this event was soon forgotten once the
green light for Birch came. With so much to do to get everything organised
many people gave valuable time to ensure that by Thursday lunchtime when
the pit closed for Easter a group of hardy characters were ready to get going.
That is, however, until the weather decided that it would be awkward and be-
gan to make the run into the camping field very soft and sticky.
Having got settled, it wasn’t long before equipment arrived that could make
things easier. This was the now rather famous green Unimog that Richard
uses for work. (A very serious piece of kit- but boys and toys has to spring to
mind!) Towing in all sorts of vehicles, including the odd caravan the field be-
gan to fill up. Continuing to shower all day things were looking rather soggy
underfoot and wellies were an essential part of kit. As the road got more dirty,
Richard then went and got the road sweeper! As I say boys and toys!
Progressing through the weekend the weather improved and as people signed
on ready for the variety of competitions the feeling was that this weekend was
going to be a success. Being forced to spend much of the weekend not over-
doing it, I had quite a bit of time to help with signing on and other paper
work. I always love competing at events but actually meeting most of the
other competitors was very enjoyable . As we are members of another club
that are to be involved with a National Rally next year, I am looking forward
spending the weekend putting something back into a sport that has given us
so much enjoyment in the last seven years. The atmosphere was light and
friendly and those coming in were looking forward to their relevant disci-
Although I found not competing hard and being good very hard, I feel that the
prior organisation for this event made it a fun weekend.
Being involved out on site with only the team recovery and the comp, I can
only comment on how successful these appeared to be from where I was sit-
ting. And for all those who made of fun of my pretty pink blanket, especially
Barry and Basil, (you could tell them apart, the dog had more hair!), then it
won’t be long before I will be able to fight back! I would also like to com-
ment on the fact that the same Barry, when viewing the first section set out
for the team recovery, remarked that, “If this is the RTV, the CCV boys must
be really tough.” Enough said I think!
Congratulations have to go to all of those who worked so hard to achieve an
event that Essex Land Rover Club can be proud of, but in particular Karl
Reilly, an instigator of this madness and mayhem.
Also a big well done to all those that attended, remarks from pit owners and

                                ESSEX EXPLOITS

management have been very positive, particularly regarding the way we left
the site. That’s Brownie points all round then.
       Team Tonka go on the pull in Essex.

For the second year running team Tonka (Fred James, Terry Gant & Chris
Goldsmith) dragged themselves out of bed bright and early on Easter Sunday
morning for the Inter Club Winch Trial, hosted by Essex Land Rover Club.
The trial was one of six separate events being run by the club at Birch in Es-
sex over the Easter bank holiday weekend, the others being a Tyro trial, RTV
Trial, CCVT Trial, Team Recovery and Competition Safari.

The Winch trial was set up by last years winner, Cliff Pountney and consisted
of three 1.5 hour sections and then a shorter (20 minute) ‘dice’ game to finish
This year only three teams took part, which was a real shame bearing in mind
the amount of time and effort that had gone in to setting the event up, but
from a competitors point of view meant you could move from one section to
another without delay.

The first section was a relatively simple task of moving a girder around a
course passing through, over and under a series of gates and return to the start
point. The task in itself was simple enough, but the challenge came in work-
ing out how to raise and in some cases counterbalance the girder to clear the
gates. This was one section where thinking played as much of a part as

The second section was far more physical, maneuver a barrel full of concrete,
from one bay to another via a couple of gats set on the side of a hill, this was
challenging enough, but then when you added in the task of swapping the
relative position of the two vehicles as well, a lot of thinking and running
around was required to complete the task in 1.5 hours permitted. This section
held a few hidden challenges, firstly trying to winch the barrel up the hill us-
ing the 90 with a snatch block on it, proved impossible without the aid of a
ground anchor and then the task of lowering the barrel back down the hill
once you had passed through the gates, proved challenging, as you had to
keep it under control all the way down, but pull it off the crest of the hill. De-
spite this we were please to complete the task with three minutes to spare.

                                 June/July 2004

The final full section looked simple, but proved to be a real killer, in terms of
physical effort. The task was simple enough, move three objects, a large cable
reel, a girder and a motor around a triangular course, with the winch vehicle
behind the load being winched. The requirement to be behind meant you had
to constantly use a snatch block and extension cable and the time seemed to
absolutely run away with you. By the end of the time we had managed to get
two items all the way round and one item part way round, which wasn’t bad,
but seemed a little disappointing bearing in mind we spent 1.5 hours running
around like mad things!

The short Dice game, by contrast seemed a nice easy finish. A number of
squares were fixed to the ground and all you had to do was tow a large ‘dice’
up to the square and then roll it under control onto the square and then roll it
off and tow it to the next square and repeat the exercise. The simple objective
was to roll it over as many squares as you could in 20 minutes and then return
the dice and the vehicles back to the start box. Once again time was the en-
emy with this challenge and as we returned the dice and vehicles to the start
box having covered only three squares we ran out of time, thus wiping out our
score of 120 points (40 for each square covered).

After the last team had completed the dice game, we stood around chatting to
the other teams, while we waited for the scores to be added up and the results
to be announced. When they were announced we were absolutely stunned, but
delighted to find we had won, what was a fairly close competition.

Whilst I won’t pretend it wasn’t nice to have won, we all felt that we had
really enjoyed ourselves, which is the real reason for taking part. Thanks very
much to Cliff for setting it up and the marshals who did an excellent job all
day. Finally I’d like to thank Terry Gant, who provided both vehicles for team
Tonka, without whom, we simply wouldn’t have been able to go after Freds
90 went missing a few weeks before the event.

Chris Goldsmith
Easter Sunday found us trundling from Herts to Essex, nothing unusual in that
as hubby’s family live in Leigh-on-Sea. However we were looking for some
quarry over towards Tiptree. (Where the jam comes from!) Actually it was
Birch, and a huge sandpit, the venue for the club’s Easter bash! (No not an
Easter egg hunt! Only saw one Easter egg and that was being consumed by

                                ESSEX EXPLOITS

Sue Coulson).
Well having never been to anything like that before it was all new, kind of
scary and exciting. We were there to watch, learn and enjoy. As I say the site
was huge, and folks and their vehicles were just like coloured bug like shapes
in the distance. Derek came to our rescue and gave us a lift to where the ac-
tion was. We met up with familiar faces from our green laning trips and the
pub meets.
The sandy terrain had dried out nicely making the going interesting for com-
petitors. I came to understand that conditions on the previous day had been
completely different, being very wet and cold. I won’t pretend to understand
the scheme of things, but there were several groups doing each specific sec-
tion. Driving a prescribed route between canes, ideally not stopping or touch-
ing the canes. (Bit like a dressage test or jumping course for a horse rider).
Rather them than me! It was very watch-able and credit to those taking part
fro doing so well.
Further up the site the winching was under way, a 101 and a 90, an oil drum
of concrete and a steep incline. Interesting! My only experience of winching
is being pulled out of a muddy hole. The oil drum put up a good fight, refus-
ing to be winched up the bank, and inviting the 90 to come down.
It was a good day, mooching about, watching other people’s vehicles. I was
impressed by all the effort put into organising the event. I know these things
can be a nightmare. Out thanks to all involved! Well done! Hopefully our
video footage of the afternoon will do you all justice.

Heather Pycraft


Hi Folks,
Just a few words relating to the EASTER Extravaganza, I arrived on Friday
morning to view a sea of mud and not much choice in the location of the mar-
quee because there was only one patch of green bit left so that saved one deci-
sion making process. A quick word with Karl and we had an army of volun-
teers to assist with the erection of said marquee and within a short space of
time it was up and ready for use.
 Saturday morning and the site had dried out considerably and although the
trials site was quite wet it was all (well almost) driveable and the entire group
we had all thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the varied and demanding sec-

                                 June/July 2004

tions. Sunday we had the day off.
Monday and we arrived on site with plenty of time to sign on and get our-
selves set up for a safety radio location for the comp safari (thanks to Charlie/
Zoe Webber who escorted us in our two wheel drive Seat Inca to a good van-
tage point) – no we didn’t get stuck but could well have. The comp safari was
excellent with lots of excitement I.E. wheels falling off and Colin Digby dis-
playing an excellent rollover.
At the end of an extremely active weekend for most we even had an equal
amount of assistance in dismantling and packing away the marquee (Thank
In every respect I think that this particular site proved to be excellent and
hope we are fortunate enough to secure it for future events. As is usual we
must praise and thank those responsible for organising such a brilliant event
and even more so this year as the venue was secured only a matter of days
before the event took place.
I could not begin to list everyone individually but you know who did what
and that’s what counts. Congratulations to everyone concerned – EXCEL-

                                  Chairman B.

                           Is Celebrating its

     All Welcome for a week end of activities see
        elsewhere in Exploits for more details
   Or contact Richard /Penny to book in and arrange
            food details on 01621 778307

                               ESSEX EXPLOITS

   7th East Anglian Off Road and Outdoor
The 7th East Anglian Off Road and Outdoor show will take place from the
evening of Friday 4th June to 4pm Sunday 6th June at the Construction Indus-
try training board centre, Bircham Newton, North Norfolk. All profits from
the show are once again to be donated to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.
Last years event raised over £3,000 for the Air Ambulance so lets see if to-
gether we can do even better in 2004.
     Overnight camping/caravanning from 4pm Fri 4th. (with water and toilet
     facilities but no hook ups) and Catering facilities throughout, and a Li-
     censed beer tent each day.
     Off road driving course from 10am Sat & Sun. (Pressure wash available)
     MOD, car and military vehicle club displays.
     Trade stands & craft marquee.
     Disco Friday evening & live band Saturday evening.
     Auction of goods and promises 5pm Sat.
     Children's entertainment.
     Helicopter flights.
     Radio control Land Rovers.
     ATC "Bomb Run".
     Clay pigeon shoot.
     Off road driving tuition and more
Trade stand space starts at £50. Over 200 caravan/camping pitches are avail-
able at £7.50 weekend, Club stand size will be allocated according to your
needs and are free. Entry to the site is £5 per vehicle and includes all enter-
tainment, off road course £25 all weekend, £15 one day, £4 one lap.
To pre-book space for your club, or trade stand please contact me direct, pref-
erably by email. Donations for the charity auction can also be sent to the ad-
dress below, or collection may be possible. Brambles Welborne Road, Mattis-
hall, Dereham, Norfolk. Nr20 3LJ 01362 850137 evenings/weekends 07976
590365 working day Email EAOR@Mattishall.org.uk anytime.
                                             Mike Rogers (Show co-ordinator )

                   June/July 2004

                 6pm 26th June
It is your chance to have some input in how the
       club is run and what we do for you
There are some much coveted positions on the
                committee available
 After all the business a BBQ will be available
           for us to cook our dinner on.
         Camping available all weekend
                 (Prebooked Only)

                             ESSEX EXPLOITS

 Before you do anything to your
  Land Rover - come and see

The ONLY Off-road Supplier who Designs, Tests
and Manufactures their own Products.                       þ
Vast Experience of Land Rover Parts.                       þ
Generous Discounts for Club Members.                       þ
Fully Equipped Workshops with the latest
Land Rover T4 Diagnostics.                                 þ
Free Vehicle Inspections on Saturday Mornings.             þ
Free Advice any time. Club Atmosphere, tea
and coffee always in stock.                                þ
Off-Road and Expedition Preparation.                       þ
Unique Parts Search Website.                               þ
Owned and Run by Club Members.                             þ
0% Finance deals on orders over £300*
* subject to status
     Brantham Mill, Bergholt Road, Manningtree, Essex, CO11 1QT.
      Tel; 01206 391350                  Fax; 01206 391135

                                 June/July 2004

I thought it would be interesting to see what other momentous events hap-
pened in 1983, the year the Essex Land Rover Club was founded. To some of
us, it hardly seems any time at all since then; but some of our young mem-
bers weren't even born so their whole life has happened!
I have not tried to prioritize this list, although some items did seem to go to-
gether naturally, so here they are, in no particular order, the events that caught
my eye in a trawl through various documents.
The Internet arrived - it grew out of the ARPANET in America and the EPSS
in this country.
Crack cocaine was developed.
Breakfast TV started, and was soon hosted by Roland Rat - remember him?
The racehorse Shergar was kidnapped a 32million ransom was demanded,
but he was not seen again.
Lech Walesa won the Nobel Peace prize for his efforts to bring democracy to
Compact Discs became available - serious record collectors said they were
just a passing fad, like 8-track tapes!
President Ronald Reagan announced his satellite-mounted missile intercep-
tion system - dubbed 'Star Wars'
The British-made film 'Gandhi' won a record 8 Oscars.
'My Little Pony' was introduced, and Barbie was arrested! (Klaus Barbie, the
Nazi war-criminal, was arrested in Bolivia)
'Thriller' by Michael Jackson was a big hit - the video was renowned as the
first pop horror-video.
It became compulsory to wear seat-belts in the front seats of a car which had
them fitted.
The TV series 'Blackadder' started.
Bjorn Borg retired from tennis, having won 5 Wimbledon titles in a row
(John McEnroe won his first in 1983)
Robbers stole 6800 gold bars from the Brinks Mat warehouse at Heathrow -
they were worth £326 million and almost none were recovered.
The one pound coin was brought into circulation.
Died - Tennessee Wiiliams (playwright), Gloria Swanson (actress), Jack
Dempsey (boxer), David Niven (actor), Sir Ralph Richardson (actor).
The last episode of famous TV series M*A*S*H was shown in America.
Nelson Piquet won the Formula 1 Championship.
Hannu Mikkola won the World Rally Championship.

                                ESSEX EXPLOITS

Stephen King's horror novel 'Christine', about a car possessed by an evil
spirit, was published.
In the pop world, the Police broke up, and Bonnie Tyler had a hit with 'Total
Eclipse of the Heart' - (great record - whatever happened to her?)
Luxembourg won the Eurovision Song Contest - UK was 6th, Spain and Tur-
key both got 'nil points'!
So there you are, I trust you found a few nuggets that made you think "Good
grief, was it twenty-one years ago?
As for you young ones, eventually you'll be saying "I remember the Mille-
nium as if it was only yesterday!", or something similar!
                                                                 John Beadle

                  Rights of Way – Update

I thought that some of you would be interested to know the latest state of play
with regards to the Essex Lane Closures etc. Back in January the various ar-
eas decided to close 46 Byways across Essex. These were mainly in the Ut-
tlesford, Braintree and Epping Forest Districts. The idea of the closures was
to let some really badly rutted lanes recover and to prevent damage to other
vulnerable lanes.
After speaking to the Parish Paths Partnership (P3) contacts at County Hall
and liaising with the Rights of Way Department at Uttlesford District Council
we decided to see if we could help. We were given details of the top five
problem lanes and as many of you are aware, we helped to clear overgrowth
on two of these 5 lanes. The idea was that we would clear the width of the
lane so that contractors could move in and sort the surface without having to
keep stopping to clear trees etc. This was duly carried out with the help of the
Trail Riders Federation (TRF). The first lane didn’t really require any surface
work after we had cleared it so it was agreed to just leave that to recover natu-
After the work was carried out on these two lanes I tried to contact the RoW
rep to see what they thought of our efforts. I also wanted to know progress
with the contractors and talk about the planned timescales for re-opening. No
answer was forthcoming. After repeated calls and left messages which were
never replied to, I gave up and asked Sue to try one last time. She got through
to the right person straight away. Typical!

                                 June/July 2004

No plan was available except to say that the contractors would not be on site
until well after the lanes were due to re-open in May. No work had so far
started on any of the affected lanes. As it turns out, no work has been noticed
on any of the lanes but they have all been re-opened! I would ask though, that
you keep off Debden 37 if at all possible until the surfacing work is com-
pleted. This will mean that our efforts can be utilised to the full and all our
hard work have not been in vain!
As far as all other lanes are concerned, everything is open. This obviously
does not include those permanently closed by Traffic Regulation Orders,
(TROs) such as Shalford and Foulness etc. There are also a number of lanes
which have seasonal restrictions, several around Great Leighs and some over
near Epping. These are also now open.
May’s laning trip has been postponed by a week so that ELRC members can
attend the Young Farmers Show if they wish. We are exhibiting there. Laning
will now be on Sunday 23rd May in the Braintree area.
Some of you may have been hearing lots in the press about the proposed lane
closures by DEFRA. (Karl also wrote something about this in the last Ex-
ploits). To explain what this means to Essex Byways let me enlighten you.
The proposals are suggesting that any Right of Way which has not already
been classified as a Byway and which may have vehicular rights, will become
a Restricted Byway if not proven within a year and lose these rights for mo-
torised vehicles. Essex has none (or possibly only 1) of these as the County
Council did their job well when they were supposed to and classified their
Rights of Way accordingly. This means that all of our Byways will retain
their status and still have vehicular rights.
Other Counties have been much less efficient and confusion still arises else-
where with Roads Used as Public Paths (RUPPs) still (legally), being used by
motorised users. It is this type of lane which is under threat.
I hope this helps alleviate fears of losing all of our Rights of Way in Essex. It
is still a concern Nationally and indeed letters have been written to our MP
and the Minister responsible. We have had a reply stating that our views will
be taken into account during the consultation but it should also be remem-
bered that it is just that at the moment, a consultation on proposed changes.
Nothing has become Law yet. We will continue to give weight to support the
move to throw this issue out. In the meantime we will continue to try to main-
tain our very good relations with ECC RoW Department and offer our help
with clearances and Voluntary Restrictions when requested. Please contact
me for specific lane information or see the database on the Members Only
area of BosunCAM.

                                 ESSEX EXPLOITS

                            Mister Meanor!
  This is a letter sent to the Auckland police by a driver, stopped and reported
  for speeding.

  Good morning,

  Yesterday, I was presented with the above infringement notice while return-
  ing home from the Parachute music festival at Mystery Creek near Hamilton
  over the long Auckland Anniversary weekend. I had a most excellent week-
  end, but that is not why I’m writing to you at this time. Unfortunately, there
  are a couple of irregularities with the infringement notice that are causing me
  some consternation and hopefully you can clear them up, or preferably, forget
  about the whole thing entirely.
  Firstly, the date of the ‘offence’ is listed as the 23rd of June 1974, with the
  time being at or around half past six in the evening. This is of grave concern

Series I/II/III           90/110                Discovery          Range Rover
Brake shoes SWB to   Brake pads front 90       Brake pads front    Brake pads front
   1980 £10.52         to 1986 £8.52             from £8.47          from £8.47

 Brake shoes LWB     Brake pads front 110      Brake pads rear     Brake pads rear
   from £14.28              £15.22               from £6.91          from £6.91

                                June/July 2004

because I was not issued with a driver’s license until some time in 1990 and I
have no desire to be charged with driving while not legally licensed. I do not
have a clear recollection of very much at all before I was three and a half
years old, so I rang my mum to see if she remembered what I was doing be-
fore that day. She said that- coincidentally- I was born on that day!
Mum mentioned that I was born at around five o’clock in the evening on that
day in Porirua, which is not far from Wellington. She also said Porirua was a
bustling suburb of young, low income earning people who were trying to get
ahead. Back in the 70’s, people were coming to terms with oil shocks, high
inflation and wage freezes, but that’s not important right now.
For me to have travelled from Porirua to the foot of the Bombay Hills just out
of Auckland by six thirty, I would have had to have crawled into the first car
in the hospital car parking lot and headed for Auckland at around 1000 km/h.
For this reason, it is entirely possible that the constable who clocked me back
in 1974 was holding his laser equipment upside down and instead of doing
116 km/h as per the infringement notice, it is more likely that I was doing 911
This is where it starts getting really strange. The car that I must have crawled
into had the same license plate as the one I have now – AEH924 (according to
the infringement notice). However, my car is a dark grey Nissan Bluebird
SSS, with dual cap holders, 1800cc’s of grunt, air conditioning and electric
windows. You will notice that a time-travel option is not included on this
model, so that rules out any ‘Back to the Future’ issues and the car I was driv-
ing back then could not have been the one I drive today.
This is clarified by the infringement notice, which states that the vehicle was
a Honda saloon. How this relates to my Nissan Bluebird, I cannot fathom. I
can only hypothesise that, back in 1974, the first range of proto-type Hondas
had an automated number plate changing mechanism (like on the A-team)
which were used to avoid parking tickets and facilitate safer getaways from
burglaries, armed hold-ups and the like.
So to recap, it appears that on my birthday on June 23rd 1974, I crawled out of
the maternity ward, hijacked a seriously high-powered Honda saloon with an
automated number plate changing mechanism, drove to Auckland at close to
Mach 1, was pulled over approaching Bombay Hills and unwittingly changed
the automated number plate changing mechanism to show the same number
as a car I would come to own almost thirty years later!! (The chance of select-
ing the same number plate is a mere 1 in 308,915,776 – so quite conceivable).
I am currently residing at the address listed at the top of the letter. I expect
you will want to apprehend me fairly shortly that we have now established
that I have committed the following offences:

                               ESSEX EXPLOITS

    -   Grand theft auto (I probably stole the Honda as my parents drove a
        white Ford Cortina at this stage)
    - Driving without a license
    - Driving at ludicrous speed using a motor vehicle
    - Evading the law using an automated number plate changing mecha-
If you could provide a clearer indication as to why the ‘date of the offence’ is
the same as my birthday, and why the vehicle make and type bears no resem-
bance to the number plate listed on the infringement notice, it would be ap-
preciated. Mind you, I wouldn’t be too disappointed if we let this one go. I
could really use the $120 as I’m lowering my Nissan, installing an exces-
sively noisy waste-gate and boring out for better performance in the street
drags down Te Irirangi drive and around Weymouth.
Thank you for considering my submission. I look forward to hearing from
Justin Lee.

Reply to above letter:
Dear Sir,
I refer to your correspondence regarding the above infringement notice.
After careful consideration of your comments and circumstances surrounding
the issue of this notice, it has been decided on this occasion to waive the of-
fence. Accordingly, you are no longer required to pay the infringement fee.
Yours faithfully……..
                     Mently Farm Results

    Name                    Section                       Total   Class   Place
    Tim Wyman               0 0 0      1     0    0   1    2      RTV      1st
    Martin Hinch            0 0 0      0     1    1   4    6      RTV       2
    Richard Stockbridge     1 0 0      1     2    9   8    21     RTV       3
    Richard Wright          9 11 5     0     0   10   8    43     RTV       4
    David Wyman             1 0 0      1     4    3   4    13     Tyro     1st
    Andy Wells              0 0 5      1     2   11   R    R      Tyro      R
    P Cambell               9 R                            R      Tyro      R
    Christine Vinton        6 11 10    9 R                 R      Tyro      R

                                June/July 2004

          "Longest Land Rover Procession"
                  World Record Attempt
When we were at the LRO Show at Peterborough way back in September my
sister-in-law Jackie picked up a leaflet about this new event and said that it
would be quite nice to meet up and join in the procession, so we duly booked
in. The organiser Tom McGuigan was very helpful when I spoke to him on
the phone and in fact came to our Easter Event to give out flyers about his
event and ended up being a sort of gateman letting everyone out on Monday!
The event was held at Towcester racecourse the weekend after Easter. Ralph
had only had three days at work (as we stayed at Birch until Tuesday) so the
original plan was to leave home early Saturday, but at about six on Friday he
phoned to say that he had heard from Rhoda and they were already there, it
was a lovely day and what did I want to do? Well, I wasn’t packed, I had all
sorts of stuff spread around the garden, Richard’s radio controlled Land
Rover was in bits and I had no tea prepared! But what the heck I managed to
get it together and we left home at seven, Ralph driving the Disco towing the
caravan and me in Bosun. Somewhere along the way we stopped at services
and had McDonalds for tea. As we approached the racecourse (sometime
                                            around ten) we saw a Defender
                                            and caravan set up in a lay by for
                                            the night and hoped we would be
                                            able to get in when we got there.
                                            Unfortunately we passed the only
                                            entrance before we had realised
                                            and with the caravan drove all the
                                            way through Towcester to a round-
                                            about and back again, a quick call
                                            to Rhoda sent Derek down to open
                                            the gates and let us in.
                                            In the morning we met the
                                            Prestons (ELRC members) they
                                            were the ones we had seen in the
lay by, they hadn’t realised they could get in the night before. Steve and
Jackie arrived at lunchtime and we looked around the trade stands. I have to
say that the camel racing wasn’t really my idea of entertainment for a Land
Rover event, but Richard and Martin thoroughly enjoyed the many sorts of
radio controlled vehicles there were on display and drove their own vehicles
over the obstacles and through the mini trial.

                                ESSEX EXPLOITS

Sunday was a wet day unfortunately, the world record attempt was planned
for 3.00pm and all vehicles were marshalled to a central point by 2.00. ELRC
was well represented with Alison and Chris Wrigley-Brooks joining us for the
day too. Everyone had been encouraged to decorate their vehicles with flags
etc. in fact the Prestons had an enormous Pooh bear on the roof rack which
makes them very easy to spot in the event photos.
All the vehicles lined up behind the lead and we set off through the adjoining
country estate for the main road. We had been instructed beforehand that
there should be no more than two vehicle lengths between us and the next ve-
hicle at the adjudication point (a bridge over the dual carriageway) unfortu-
nately the driver in front didn’t seem to realise that the further back in the
queue you are the faster you have to go. We were only about 12 from the
front and had difficulty keeping up. Once we were out on the main road we
discovered that there was no police presence at all and we were mixed up
with the general Sunday traffic on the A43. We then had to get into the out-
side lane to go all the way round the roundabout to go back up the other side
of the dual carriageway. Chaos ruled! It was raining hard, the brakes and
windscreen wipers on a Series motor are somewhat limiting, trying to keep
close to the vehicle in front was almost impossible, we could see vehicles on
the other side trying to catch up, trailing flags and trying to cope with the
other traffic! Once we had passed the counting point there was a man in a lay-
by with a megaphone (we had to almost stop to find out that he was saying
‘that’s it keep going’!) We carried on to the next roundabout and circumnavi-
gated it for the return journey. We had a BosunCAM flag on our aerial and
were worried about loosing it so we called Derek on the CB to say that we
would pull in at the next lay-by to save it. Derek, Steve, Ralph and Chris
pulled in (so we could stay together) interestingly everyone else tried to too!
The lay-by wasn’t that big so Chris managed to wave them on!
The flag was rescued so we pulled out again. Derek was now leading a 250
Land Rover convoy (now going at a sensible speed). There weren’t any signs
marking the return route so with a bit of careful checking we managed to se-
lect the correct exit back to the private estate. Unfortunately things weren’t so
clear once we were on these single -track roads and a slight error meant that
the whole convoy went the wrong way but we were back on track again to
have our photos taken coming through the finish gate.
We collected our certificates and rally plaques and managed to get off quite
quickly, the caravan site was rather wet and it looked as if it could get tricky
later. Derek, Rhoda and Martin went first, as we had Bosun and would be
slower we followed on, imagine our surprise when sometime later we could
hear them on the CB again as they came up behind us! They said they were

                                      June/July 2004

map-less and had taken a wrong turn in Milton Keynes! There are rumours
that they detoured through Woburn safari park!
It will take about six months for the confirmation of a world record to come
through. I wonder if we made it into the records books. Sue

                            Essex Classifieds
FOR SALE. 1984 2-door manual RangeRover, 5-speed, brown, LPG conver-
sion, 150K miles (110K in last 14 years with me), new cam + followers +
timing chain 5 yrs ago, Electric fans. Stainless steel main box. LT77 gearbox
reconditioned 6 yrs ago. Polybushed. Nearly-new BFG 225/75 ATs on RR
alloys. Not shiny but sound and solid. Tax Sep 04, new MoT when I get
round to it! OIRO £1400 (Sounds too good. I think I'll keep it!) Don't really
want to sell it, but I seem to have too many vehicles! John Beadle 01206
WANTED Wheelclamp for 13" caravan wheel, not a bent tube type but a
sensible deterrent that won't just pull off. John Beadle 01206 272829
Breaking one range rover good roof lining good engine and gear box
all parts available. I also have other land rover parts to get rid of please
contact me 07929086623

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