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					                                                        THE TRUST                                   www.hcct.org.uk
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                                  January 2011

by Hossein Mohammed Hassan
HCCT have been involved with a film project at Bales College.
Hossein talks about his experience below.
The students interviewed me about my country, about coming to
London, and if I was happy. They ask me many questions about
Iraq and if I would like to stay there again. I explained that I would
only go to visit now and I loved everything about London.

When I arrived in London on 28th June 1995, I felt that I was
happy. When I arrived at immigration they made me feel welcome
and gave me tea. They helped me a lot. When I finished talking to
them they sent me to the hotel and I spoke to them the next day.
I feel relaxed and happy and won’t forget that they helped me.

The student’s film was very good, I am happy with the students and their teacher, Owen. I am ready to make another
film if they want me too. If anyone has any other questions please speak to me.
Thanks to the Queen, British people and government. Thanks all of them. I like all of them. I will never forget any of
them. Thanks for the Holy Cross Centre also, they have helped me from David until Linden. Everyone at the centre has
helped me.
The film was shown at the Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise, last month and HCCT will have a copy of the film soon. Bales
College very kindly donated the money that was raised from the tickets to HCCT.

                                                                CAKES, MASSAGE AND MAKEUP
                                                                by Bahiya Olka
                                                                We had a Women’s Morning at the centre last week,
                                                                there was makeup, massage and cakes.
                                                                Everything was good, especially the makeup. Pascalle
                                                                gave us advice on what makeup we should use and it
                                                                was very good that they put the sensitive cream on your
                                                                face. It made me very happy and we all enjoyed finding
                                                                out what colours of eye shadow and lipstick suited us. I
                                                                should wear gold.
                                                                We also had a massage with Charmaine. It was very
                                                                good for head and shoulders.
                                                                I hope that we have another event like this soon.
Pascalle, Bahiya, Senait and Jennifer at the coffee morning

71 Tonbridge Street, London, WC1H 9DZ Tel: 020 7278 4437 E-mail: contactus@hcct.org.uk
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                                   January 2011

             CONSORTIUM NEWS
 On 17th December HCCT held a Christmas
 Open Mic Night.

 Everyone had an opportunity to come for
 drink, food, live music and having a good
 time in a quiet, relaxed and fun

 It started at 6pm, as usual, until 9pm. Staff
 and volunteers arrived much earlier to set
 up the room and prepare food. We made
 the environment very welcoming. We put
 up different coloured, patterned materials
 on the walls; we set up the tables with food
 and drink. Laura and everyone else in the
 kitchen did a great job with the food.

 It was not very crowded, which made it more relaxed and easy going. The performances were great. Jabber
 sung in Arabic and we all clapped along. It was a very merry evening.

                                                     It was a local annual traditional theatrical production that a
                                                     small group of us attended on this night; David kindly paid
                                                     the service users timebank vouchers.

                                                   The animation and overall general performance was most
                                                   spectacular and highly enjoyable, even though most of the
children attending with their parents were shouting for joy and constantly waving to the snowman and the
young boy during the scenes when they were walking in the air aided by an invisible wire which made the effect
                                                           all the more realistic.
MY EXPERIENCE OF DAY It was a bit hilarious when we arrived at the theatre
   CENTRES By Robert Shea as there was only two minutes till performance
                          starting time, & no sooner did I start to sort out the
                                                              confectionery when a security guard whipped the
It is important for service users to
                                                              bag off me & chucked it in the cloakroom leaving us
feel safe, trust members of staff
                                                              all mouth-wateringly hungry till the interval when we
and feel good with other service
                                                              were able to do it properly.
users, so they can become friends.
                                                              All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and
For a few hours in the day, you                               everyone had a great time.
feel like a person and you are
treated with a bit of respect and dignity. That makes a big   It is also good news that the Peacock Theatre &
difference to people’s lives. It takes people away from       Sadler’s Wells are now accepting Timebanking notes
their isolation and loneliness they often experience          at some of their other selected performances
because of their mental health problems. I can’t praise       throughout the year, so hopefully there will be many
day centres enough because they can play such an              great shows to enjoy there throughout the months
important part in people’s recoveries.                        to come.
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                          January 2011
And the winners of the HCCT CHRISTMAS SHORT STORY COMPETITION 2010 are…

                         THE WOMEN’S GROUP!
                                   It was a cold, snowy December, not long ago in the North Pole. Father
                                   Christmas was preparing toys for good children all over the world, while
                                   Mrs. Christmas was putting up decorations, preparing the Turkey for
                                   Christmas dinner and knitting Father Christmas a pair of warm striped socks
                                   so he can wear them when he’s delivering the presents.

                                   However, as Father Christmas was busy preparing the gifts, he hadn’t
                                   noticed the little house near his own castle where a poor, gentle woman
                                   and her son lived. On the other hand, Mrs. Christmas did notice them and as
                                   she was very kind, she invited them over for Christmas dinner. Father
                                   Christmas was delighted to see them and warmly greeted them by saying
                                   ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’!

After Christmas dinner, the little boy slipped out to go and explore Father Christmas’ castle. He soon
discovered little elves creating new toys for the coming Christmas. He decided to help them and made
friends. As the night wore on, the young boy soon fell asleep. The next day, he woke up to find his stocking
filled with presents, but with his young warm heart, he decided to give his presents away to poor children.

                                     WOMEN’S GROUP
 The Women’s Group meets every Tuesday at the Holy Cross Centre from 2.30-4.30pm.

                                    WHAT’S ON IN JANUARY
 11th January — Arts and Crafts session—come and be       COME AND JOIN IN — AND CHECK OUT OUR
 creative with Valentina!                                                BAKING BELOW!
 18th January — Computer session—learn all the
 essentials of the internet with Clarisa

 25th January — Short story and poem workshop— if
 you like the story above come and write your own!

 If you have any ideas of things that you would like to
 see at the Women’s Group come along and get
 involved with planning February’s timetable of events

 Every session at the centre will include a 15 minute
 exercise and 30 minute Italian session.

71 Tonbridge Street, London, WC1H 9DZ Tel: 0207 278 4437 E-mail: contactus@hcct.org.uk
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                               January 2011
                                 DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
EVENT                           WHEN                              WHERE                        TIME CREDITS
Crossfields Community
Meeting                         Every Tuesday 11.30am-12.15pm Crossfields
                                                                                               You earn 1 time
HCCT Forum Meeting              Wednesday 5th January             The Crypt                    credit
Barnes House Members
Meeting                         Every Thursday 11.30am-12pm       Barnes House

The Snowman                     Saturday 8th January, 7.30pm      Peacock Theatre              2 time credits
Ice skating at Somerset                                           meet at HCCT at
House                           Friday 14th January               11.45am                      2 credits
                                                                  17th— at HCCT
Wallace Collection—Art                                            24th—meet at HCCT
classes and visit to the        Monday 17th and                   and go to Wallace
museum                          Monday 24th January at 3pm        Collection
                                Wednesday 19th, Friday 21st and
Wallace Collection—             Friday 28th January 12noon –
Treasures art class and visit   2pm

Belly Dancing Classes           Friday 21st January               OneKX                        1 credit
                                                                                                Earn time credits
Flexicare Coffee Morning        Wednesday 26th January            The Crypt, HCCT              for attending

Discussion Group                Every Tuesday 6.15pm              The Crypt, The Crypt
                                                                  Meet at the Crypt and
HCCT Football Team              Meets every Friday at 2.30pm      go to Calthorpe Project

         POETRY CORNER                                    IAN’S QUIZ QUESTION:
                                                          TheQ. What year was the Magna Carta signed?
  The Old Lady

  By Christopher

  it was a old lady from
  who use to like add to
  the quiet landscape something more
  and usually as before in the morning at
  she met some people by her door
  complaining of her every night noisy snore.             The first person to give Ian the correct answer wins a box of
                                                          chocolates! Ian’s Quiz night is on every Tuesday at 7.30pm.

 71 Tonbridge Street, London, WC1H 9DZ Tel: 0207 278 4437 E-mail: contactus@hcct.org.uk
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                                  January 2011

                                       FLEXICARE NEWS
Do you need a personal assistant?
Flexicare is in the process of exciting changes. Since
November 2010, Flexicare has been working with the
personalisation agenda, known as Better Care
Choices in the London Borough of Camden. It is part
of a national transformation in adult social care.
Personalisation is a scheme that enables customers
to purchase their individualised support through an
allocated personal budget. This enables customers to
have greater choice and control of their support.

                                                          Paul, Laura, Mick, Richard and Robert at the Flexicare Coffee
Personalisation is about starting with the needs of
the individual, rather than the needs of the service.
If you think you would benefit from a trained and dedicated STR Worker working with you to assist you meeting
your goals or helping you with tasks you find difficult, Flexicare might be the service for you. If you think you might
qualify for a personal budget and are interested in having Flexicare's support or you would like to know more about
personalisation and Flexicare, please speak to Greg Kalabza.

We would also like to welcome our new STR Workers, who will be starting this month and will be known to users of
the centre: Nick Warwick, Charmaine Russell and Will Wolton.

Contact info: Greg.Kalabza@hcct.org.uk / 020 7278 4223

      MY EXPERIENCE OF HCCT                                       TRICYCLE CINEMA FILM OF
                                     By Michael Rogers
                                                                                   THE MONTH
                                                                Flexicare Coffee Morning
I come to HCCT to make company
and to be with the friends I have                               Already tipped for Oscars,
made. I have been on several                                    The King‘s Speech tells the
outings which I have enjoyed. I                                 story of the relationship
                                                                between Britain‘s reluctant
have good memories of the trip to
                                                                King George VI, plagued by a
Kew Gardens.                                                    nervous stammer, and the
                                                                unorthodox Australian
I have contributed by doing odd                                 speech therapist who helps
jobs, such as going shopping.                                   him.

                                                                Tickets cost 2 time credits
Sometimes the atmosphere at HCCT is good – it is                each. To book, speak to a
down to the people there. The staff are friendly and            member of staff or call 0207
helpful. Without HCCT, my life would be horrible.               278 8687

71 Tonbridge Street, London, WC1H 9DZ Tel: 0207 278 4437 E-mail: contactus@hcct.org.uk
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                                       January 2011

                   TRAINING WALL                                                      YOUR SPACE!
                                                                                  Timebankers come to the centre every
 Refugee Befriending Project                 Diversity and Equal
                                                                                  Wednesday from 5—6pm for Your
          Training                          Opportunities Training                Space.
        Thursday 12th January                   Tuesday 18th January
             10am-2pm                               12.30 – 4pm                 This is a positive creative space where
              TV Room                                TV Room                    people can share ideas and plan
                                                                                different activities or events that they
Would you like to be a Refugee           A half day training which is essential would like to see at the centre as well
Befriender?                              for all STR workers and for anyone as trips to different places around
Can you make a 6 month                   else who has an interest in            London.
commitment?                              promoting equal opportunities.
This is essential training for anyone                                           There are a group of STR volunteers
who is doing the STR training and             Food Hygiene Level 2              who can offer support in the planning
would like to develop a trusting and              Tuesday 25th January          and implementing of the project and
mutually beneficial befriending                     9.30am—4.30pm               it’s a great way to earn time credits!
relationship.                            A full day’s training for those han-     Timebankers are working on a range
For more information please speak to     dling, preparing and serving food or     of activities just now including:
Linden.                                  supporting others to do these tasks.     •     a discussion group,
                                         Passing a short test at the end of the
 Level 2, Mental Health Work             course ensures a recognised level 2      •     a pool tournament,
            VRQ                          certificate in Food Hygiene.             •     an art project
   Begins Tuesday 11th January—
   6 sessions every other Tuesday           Level 3, Mental Health                •     as well as writing articles for
            Barnes House                          Work VRQ                              the HCCT Newsletter.
                                           Begins Monday 10th January—            •     The film club
The first of six training sessions for    8 sessions monthly on a Monday
mental health volunteers across HCCT                                              This is also where we plan the
and the Day Services Consortium to                                                quarterly Open Mic night!
gain a vocational Level 2 qualifica-     The VRQ training is
                                                                                  If you would like to get involved with
tion in MH Work accredited by City       especially suitable for those working
                                                                                  any of the above activities or if you
and Guilds. Candidates are assigned a    in the area of mental health with        have any ideas that you would like to
work-based assessor who will support     adults. You might find this training     see at the centre speak to a member
them to achieve 5 units. The course
                                         useful also if you are a volunteer,      of staff or a volunteer about it.
costs 140 time credits.
For more information please speak to     service user or carer working to         See you at Your Space!
Natalie Treacher.                        improve mental health services.

                                 Staff are aware of users chewing Khat before or while attending the Centre. Khat is a
 KHAT / QAT                      stimulant which can affect the mood and behaviour of those who use it. Users of khat
may become irritable and experience episodes of mania or hallucinations, followed by feelings of depression. The
drug can also cause the following physical health problems: kidney damage, weight loss, constipation, nightmares,
ulcers and dizziness.
In order to promote the health and safety of all our users, Holy Cross has zero tolerance policy concerning drugs and
alcohol, this includes Khat. If staff believe that users of the centre are under the influence of this drug they may
refuse them access to centre sessions.
If you would like more information or advice on the affects of Khat on your health you can call New Roots, a specialist
alcohol and drug service, on 0800 0190 563 or ask a worker or volunteer in the session to make a referral.

71 Tonbridge Street, London, WC1H 9DZ Tel: 0207 278 4437 E-mail: contactus@hcct.org.uk