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                                 Interim Burgundy En Primeur Offer 2009

               A particularly impressive ‘red vintage’ and a very good year for whites

                                                WHY AN INTERIM OFFER?
John Earle and I set out on our trip to taste and review the 2009 Burgundy vintage on Sunday, 28th November last year. These are critical
visits as it is through these extensive tastings at each of our principal domaines that we put together our thoughts and tasting notes for
such offers as this. By 7.00pm on that Sunday, whilst transferring to the TGV at Charles de Gaulle airport, our plans were completely
annihilated when my brief case, containing my passport, wallet, credit cards, phone etc. etc., was stolen from our baggage trolley. The
result was that we had to spend the next 48 hours in Paris, waiting for the British Embassy to organise a new passport and trying to
replace some of the other stolen possessions. We had no choice but to abandon our trip down to the Côte d’Or. Rather than delay our
offer of the undoubtedly very fine 2009 Burgundies, we have decided to make an ‘interim’ selection of all the key wines from our family of
growers. We will be publishing full tasting notes in March when we will hopefully have a less eventful trip to visit these domaines! In the
meantime, you can be assured that in all cases, these are wine-makers who we have been working with for many years and have every
confidence that their 2009’s will continue in the same vein as previous vintages.

                                    AN INITIAL VIEW OF THE 2009 VINTAGE
The growing season prior to the 2009 vintage was largely ideal with a clement winter and a successful floraison (flowering) followed by a
sunny, warm summer without any extreme heat or long periods of rain (except for a wet mid-July weekend). The communes of Morey St.
Denis and Gevrey-Chambertin (especially the southern sector) saw some significant hail damage during May, which reduced final harvest
levels here, but certainly not the quality. These perfect conditions continued through to the end of the harvest with the critical month of
August seeing endless days of warm sunshine followed by an almost as sunny September, with a prevalent northerly wind, which helped
to cool and dry the vines, allowing acidity levels to remain almost perfect. The harvest started around the 10th September in some of the
Côte de Beaune vineyards and by the middle of the month most growers were fully underway. The Pinsons started picking their Chablis
vineyards on 17th September, following a week of rain. There was considerably less malic acidity than in 2008 and the malolactic
(secondary) fermentations took place without a hitch at the end of May and beginning of June 2010.
2009 is not another 2005 vintage and is widely regarded to be more like the 1999’s The reds have huge, concentrated fruit and a
sensuality that the 2005’s, with their firm tannins and classical ‘taughtness’, did not show in their youth. The 2009’s have a succulent
ripeness and easily dealt with silky tannins, coupled with excellent balance, ensuring that the reds will start to drink earlier than their
2005 counterparts. There may also be a little less consistency than the 2005’s but we will hold judgement on that until we return from
Burgundy. The 2009 whites are very good but do not hit the same peaks as their red counterparts. They are definitely deliciously ripe and
full of expressive fruit and appear to have an attractive balance. Our great friend and now retired colleague, David Sommerfelt, made an
extensive visit to all our growers during May of last year and came back totally blown over by the sheer quality and ripeness of the wines
that he had tasted. He rated it as one of the “most exciting” vintages that he has tasted. David is amongst some of the most experienced
Burgundy tasters in the business, having been visiting and buying wines from the region since the 1950’s!
The 2009 harvest was large but has been followed by a small 2010 vintage. Prices in Burgundy have hardly moved since the 2005 vintage
and given the quality of the 2009’s and the shortfall in crop of the 2010’s, it is reasonable that our growers have increased their prices
somewhere between 5% and 10%.

                                          THE CPW ‘FAMILY OF GROWERS’
Having been involved in buying fine Burgundy for over thirty years, we have always followed the basic principle that applies to all other
regions which is that we deal with producers not because they have a famous name but because they produce outstanding wines. We
always look out for the young, up-and-coming growers who are striving to move up into the top division through the sheer quality of
their wines. As time has gone on, some of these men and women have achieved this although it is interesting to note that the majority of
growers who we work with have greater reputations in France and the USA than they have in the UK. Jean-Louis Chavy is becoming
well-known for his excellent range of Pulignys on both sides of the Channel whilst Didier Chevillon (Domaine Dupont-Tisserandot) and
Dominique le Guen (Domaine Hudelot-Baillet) have both been widely acclaimed as rising stars by the likes of Michel Bettane, la Revue du
Vin de France, Gault et Millau and Robert Parker. Our old friend, Jean-Marc Morey, is a law unto himself and has never courted the press
but to get an allocation of his much sought-after wines takes many years of acquaintance. The youngsters are there too, with the
meticulous Xavier Durand now taking over from father, René, and Pierrick Bouley having more and more influence at Domaine Réyane
et Pascal Bouley. New ‘kids on the block’, Chantal and Michel Martin, are causing a big stir in the Chorey appellation whilst Jo-jo and
Pascale Chicotot are now well supported in the UK. Paul Garaudet’s wonderful red and whites do not appear on this offer as he
stubbornly refuses to offer his 2009’s en primeur as he believes that his wines should only be sold when they are ready for drinking! In
Chablis, Laurent Pinson continues his remarkable progress and sits reassuringly amongst the top five producers in the commune.
                                                                                        per dozen unmixed           per dozen mixed
                                                                                             In Bond UK               In Bond UK

                                                                          The Wines
We first started dealing with Gilles Mathias’ father, Jean, back in the mid-1980’s and the first-class quality that we originally found has been further enhanced
by Gilles, with his father nowadays taking a back-seat, advisory role. This is a Pouilly-Fuissé that exhibits great clarity and classicism and comes from 55 year-
old vines. 20% of the wine is aged in a mix of new and 1-4 year old oak. The 2009 has a great purity of fruit with floral and white-fruit aromas and a silky, ripe
roundness and a fine lift of acidity. It will age well over the next three to four years.
BGYEP001      Pouilly-Fuissé « Tradition »                                                £102.00 (£8.50)                 £9.00

Laurent runs the wine-making side and the cellars whilst his brother, Christophe, is in charge of the 10 hectares of vineyards. Laurent and his wife, Corinne
are both fanatical supporters of Auxerre FC whilst Christophe is more introverted and spends his free time walking. Both brothers are immensely proud of
what they do and are passionate about their numerous different terroirs. This is a domaine that concentrates on very low yields, believes wholeheartedly in
authentic Chablis, is one of the few that still picks their entire vineyard area by hand and manages to achieve one of the purest, most highly defined style of
wines. These are wines that are a remarkable reflection of their terroirs.
BGYEP002      Chablis, 1er Cru Mont de Milieu                                             £133.20 (£11.10)                £11.60
BGYEP003      Chablis, 1er Cru la Fôret                                                   £133.20 (£11.10)                £11.60
BGYEP004      Chablis, 1er Cru Montmain                                                   £133.20 (£11.10)                £11.60
BGYEP005      Chablis, 1er Cru les Fourchaumes                                            £133.20 (£11.10)                £11.60
BGYEP006      Chablis, Grand Cru les Clos                                                 £236.40 (£19.70)                £20.20

Up until the 2003 vintage, Jean-Louis and his brother, Alain, had been running their father’s vineyards together and we had been dealing with them for nearly
fifteen years. From the 2003 harvest onwards, these are now two very separate estates and we decided to follow Jean-Louis because, we felt, his wines had
rather more definition and concentration than those of his brother’s. Recently, Jean-Louis’ 2008’s received rave reviews in Decanter magazine, winning a
Decanter 5 star award and no less than three 4 star awards. They offer outstanding value for money.
BGYEP007      Puligny-Montrachet                                                          £169.20 (£14.10)                £14.60
BGYEP008      Puligny-Montrachet, les Charmes                                             £183.60 (£15.30)                £15.80
BGYEP009      Puligny-Montrachet,         1er   Cru les Folatières                        £232.80 (£19.40)                £19.90
BGYEP010      Puligny-Montrachet, 1er Cru les Clavoillons                                 £232.80 (£19.40)                £19.90
BGYEP011      Puligny-Montrachet,         1er   Cru les Perrières                         £232.80 (£19.40)                £19.90
BGYEP012      Puligny-Montrachet, 1er Cru les Champs Gains                                £232.80 (£19.40)                £19.90

We have been buying Jean-Marc’s wines since the early 1980’s and our loyalty to this remarkable wine maker is second-to-none. A visit to his cellars is always
a lengthy affair, not only because he has such an array of wines to taste but really due to his infectious sense of humour and broad knowledge of the world of
wine-making. Jean-Marc eschews the press and believes firmly in his long-established customer base. He must be taking the right approach as it is impossible
to get an allocation of his wines unless you are ‘part of the club’! A rare wine maker who is brilliant at making white or red wines. Jean-Marc is very ably
assisted by his daughter Caroline who is married to Pierre-Yves Colin.

              WHITE WINES
BGYEP013      Santenay, les Cornières                                                     £159.60 (£13.30)                £13.80
BGYEP014      Beaune,    1er   Cru les Grèves                                             £207.60 (£17.30)                £17.80
BGYEP015      Chassagne-Montrachet                                                        £207.60 (£17.30)                £17.80
BGYEP016      Chassagne-Montrachet,             1er   Cru les Champs-Gains                £291.60 (£24.30)                £24.80
BGYEP017      Chassagne-Montrachet, 1er Cru les Chenevottes                               £291.60 (£24.30)                £24.80
BGYEP018      Chassagne-Montrachet,             1er   Cru les Caillerets                  £315.60 (£26.30)                £26.80
BGYEP019      Batard-Montrachet, Grand Cru                LIMITED                         £915.60 (£76.30)                £76.80

              RED WINES
BGYEP020      Chassagne-Montrachet « Vieilles Vignes »                                    £129.60 (£10.80)                £11.30
BGYEP021      Santenay, 1er Cru Grand Clos Rousseau                                       £183.60 (£15.30)                £15.80
BGYEP022      Chassagne-Montrachet,             1er   Cru Clos St. Jean                   £183.60 (£15.30)                £15.80
BGYEP023      Chassagne-Montrachet, 1er Cru les Champs-Gains                              £183.60 (£15.30)                £15.80
                                                                                      per dozen unmixed           per dozen mixed
                                                                                           In Bond UK               In Bond UK

Gérard Thomas took over the domaine from his father in 1982 and has built-up a core of top vineyard sites since then. He is ably assisted by his two
daughters, Anne-Sophie (now the winemaker) and Isabelle, producing top class St. Aubin and Meursault Blagny, the latter coming from a tiny parcel of 50 year
old vines with an ideal south-facing aspect. The 1er Cru la Chatenière is fruit-driven but with a zingy raciness and plenty of freshness. The Meursault 1er Cru
Blagny is rich and stylish with a good follow-though, showing just a touch of new oak.

             WHITE WINES
BGYEP024     St. Aubin, 1er Cru la Chatenière                                            £141.60 (£11.80)              £12.30
BGYEP025     Meursault, 1er Cru Blagny                                                   £213.60 (£17.80)              £18.30

             RED WINE
BGYEP026     St. Aubin, 1er Cru les Frionnes                                             £ 99.60 (£8.30)               £ 8.80

A husband and wife team that has turned this very small 4½ hectare family domaine in to one of the most highly regarded producers in the Beaune region.
Michel is in charge of the vineyards whilst his younger wife, Chantal (who crossed the Rubicon from being a nurse to a very accomplished wine-maker, as
well as full time mother and house wife!) is making some superbly pure and delineated Pinots. Their vines in Chorey are, on average, forty years’ old and the
reduced yields, with some highly intelligent wine making, make for some spectacular wines. The Beaune 1er Cru les Teurons has always been something of a
masterpiece and, in 2009, it is a wine that has been widely acclaimed by the French press.

             RED WINES
BGYEP027     Chorey-les-Beaune                                                           £120.60 (£10.05)              £10.55
BGYEP028     Beaune, 1er Cru les Teurons                                                 £183.60 (£15.30)              £15.80

The Bouleys’ house and cramped cellars are situated in the Place de l’Eglise in Volnay. Réyane is quite simply one of the most animated and talkative people
we know (we had been warned by Paul Garaudet, who is not too bad at it himself!) whilst her husband, Pascal, is more reserved. In 2005, they were joined
by their son, Pierrick, who represents the sixth generation of the family. The average age of the Bouleys’ vines is over 50 years and Pascal’s wine-making is
traditional in every sense, so if you are looking for a soft, lighter style of Volnay, then this is not the place for you. The 1er Cru Clos des Chênes is deep,
intense and concentrated - the soil here is light-coloured, stony limestone situated on a south-facing, steep slope and is probably the finest of Volnay’s
premier crus. The Bouley’s Clos des Chênes sees 30% new oak and due to really low yields (35hl./ha.), is extremely concentrated but also manages to
combine this with charm and an exquisite freshness.
BGYEP029     Volnay, 1er Cru Clos des Chênes                                             £242.40 (£20.20)              £20.70

Every region needs its eccentric and, in René Durand Burgundy has certainly got one! For those of our customers who remember André Vignal at Domaine
St. Georges, in the Côtes du Rhône, René is a brilliant understudy! He lives in a past era but still manages to make some of the most delectable wines that
you can imagine. Making an order chez Durand can be something of a minefield as he’s always out in the vineyards, hates technology and would prefer to
speak person to person. We live with this as we would really miss not having his wines on our list. René has now been joined by his son, Xavier, who is a
meticulous wine-maker and is propelling this 12 hectare estate to new levels.

             RED WINES
BGYEP030     Côte de Nuits Villages                                                      £114.72 (£9.56)               £10.05
BGYEP031     Côte de Beaune Ladoix                                                       £115.92 (£9.66)               £10.16
BGYEP032     Aloxe-Corton                                                                £166.08 (£13.84)              £14.34
BGYEP033     Corton, Grand Cru le Rognet                                                 £363.60 (£30.30)              £30.80

The late Jean Marechal’s son-in-law, Jean-Marc Bovagne has now been joined by his two sons, Quentin and Thomas, and the current quality of their wines
reveals a more modernistic approach without at all losing the all important backdrop of terroir. Their Bourgogne Rouge is sourced from 50 year-old vines on
the perimeter of the Mercurey appellation and is always round and soft with a hint of the classic Mercurey ‘structure’. The village Mercurey, from the lieu-dit
les Chazeaux, is concentrated and ripe with black cherry and cassis overtones whilst the two 1er Cru sites produce wines that are always intense and
powerful, clearly revealing their roots in a limestone terroir.

             RED WINES
BGYEP034     Bourgogne Rouge, Pinot Noir                                                 £ 69.60 (£5.80)               £ 6.30
BGYEP035     Mercurey, les Chazeaux                                                      £ 98.40 (£8.20)               £ 8.70
BGYEP036     Mercurey, 1er Cru Clos Barraults                                            £120.00 (£10.00)              £10.50
BGYEP037     Mercurey,     1er   Cru Clos l’Evêque                                       £120.00 (£10.00)              £10.50
                                                                                      per dozen unmixed            per dozen mixed
                                                                                           In Bond UK                In Bond UK

A visit to the cellars of Georges and Pascal Chicotot is never short. In fact, it’s best done at the back end of the day when you have more time! They are such
a lovely couple with an impish sense of humour and a passion for what they do. When it comes to wine making, they split the vineyards up between
themselves and run an annual competition as to who can make the best wine! Meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of their separate
terroirs make this one of the finest estates in Nuits.
BGYEP038      Nuits St. Georges, les Charmottes                                          £187.20 (£15.60)               £16.10
BGYEP039      Nuits St. Georges, les Plantes au Baron                                    £193.80 (£16.15)               £16.65
BGYEP040      Nuits St. Georges, 1er Cru Rues de Chaux                                   £294.00 (£24.50)               £25.00
BGYEP041      Nuits St. Georges, 1er Cru les Pruliers                                    £310.20 (£25.85)               £26.35
BGYEP042      Nuits St. Georges, 1er Cru les Vaucrains                                   £339.00 (£28.25)               £28.75
BGYEP043      Nuits St. Georges,      1er   Cru les St. Georges                          £339.00 (£28.25)               £28.75

Great finds these days, especially in the Côte de Nuits, are hard to come by but a chance recommendation from “Mimi” who, eleven years’ ago, was still
running the “Cultivateurs” in Nuits St. Georges, led us to Didier Chevillon at this 21 hectare estate. Having taken over from his father-in-law, about 15 years’
ago, Didier has transformed these prime-site vineyards and is now selling 75% of the production in bottle. Jadot, Latour and Laurent buy the rest. He is a very
fine red wine-maker and has the advantage of some decent old vine vineyards. The wines are exceptionally true to their terroir but also have a depth and
structure that make him one of the village’s rising stars.
BGYEP044      Marsanny, les Echezeaux                                                    £121.20 (£10.10)               £10.60
BGYEP045      Gevrey-Chambertin                                                          £200.40 (£16.70)               £17.20
BGYEP046      Gevrey-Chambertin, 1er Cru la Petite Chapelle                              £325.20 (£27.10)               £27.60
BGYEP047      Gevrey-Chambertin,            1er   Cru Lavaux St. Jacques                 £325.20 (£27.10)               £27.60
BGYEP048      Gevrey-Chambertin, 1er Cru les Cazetières                                  £325.20 (£27.10)               £27.60
BGYEP049      Charmes-Chambertin, Grand Cru                                              £484.80 (£40.40)               £40.90
BGYEP050      Mazis-Chambertin, Grand Cru                                                £516.00 (£43.00)               £43.50

We’re told by our female colleagues on the buying team that Dominique le Guen (wine maker and son-in-law of Joël Noëllat) is one of the best-looking
Burgundians that we deal with. We can’t possibly comment but what we do know is that he is one of the most talented wine makers in our portfolio, which
is saying something. Having retired early from the French air force (hence the in-house nickname, “Top Gun”), he took over the running of the domaine in
2004, having completed a degree in viticulture and oenology at Dijon. Dominique is some one who has come from the outside with a serious passion for
wine but has not been indoctrinated with modern or traditional bias, simply the desire to create his own “thing”. He is greatly helped by the fact that the
quality of the vineyard sites that he has to play with are exceptional - premiers crus les Cras and Charmes, grand cru Bonnes-Mares and crazily old 60 year-
old village Chambolle vines.
              WHITE WINE
BGYEP051      Bourgogne Blanc, Chardonnay                                                £ 75.48 (£ 6.29)               £ 6.79

              RED WINES
BGYEP052      Chambolle-Musigny « Vieilles Vignes »                                      £181.92 (£15.16)               £15.66
BGYEP053      Chambolle-Musigny, 1er Cru les Charmes                                     £260.04 (£21.67)               £22.17
BGYEP054      Chambolle-Musigny,         1er      Cru les Cras                           £260.04 (£21.67)               £22.17
BGYEP055      Bonnes-Mares, Grand Cru                                                    £543.60 (£45.30)               £45.80

                        Terms and Conditions of the Burgundy En Primeur 2009 Offer
ORDERS:               The minimum order is 12 mixed bottles. The Unmixed Case price is only available on orders of 12 bottles of the same
                      wine. All orders must be made using the enclosed order form (which may be faxed or posted) or by e-mail. We
                      cannot take orders over the telephone. All wines are offered subject to availability.
PRICES:               All prices are quoted In Bond UK in Sterling and are listed exclusive of excise duty (currently £20.25 per dozen 75cl
                      bottles plus VAT) and VAT at 20%. You will receive two invoices: one shortly after you have ordered which will be for
                      the value of the wine in bond and exclusive of VAT. A further invoice will be raised at the time of shipment to cover the
                      value of the VAT on the wine only as well as the excise duty plus the VAT on these charges. VAT and excise duty will
                      be levied at the current rates prevailing at the time of shipment.
DELIVERY:             ALL PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY to one UK mainland address. We reserve the right to raise a charge for
                      delivery to certain areas not served by our regular transporters. In such cases we will discuss this with you.
STORAGE:              Many customers elect to store their purchases in bond. Such reserves are held separately from the company’s trading
                      stocks and are clearly identified as the property of the customer. Storage charges are invoiced annually in arrears at a
                      rate of £8.20 plus VAT per case per annum. Insurance is charged at 1.25% of the original invoiced value of the goods.
PAYMENT:              Payment should be on receipt of invoice for all account customers and in the form of cheque with order or credit card
                      number and details for non-account customers. No delivery will be effected until payment of all charges has been made
                      in full.
                                         All other terms and conditions apply as per our current wine list.
                                                This offer is made on a first-come-first-served basis.

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