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Google Chrome Keyboard ninja

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Keyboard shortcuts for google chrome..have a look

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									Become a Google Chrome Keyboard Ninja
This is easier than one might think. If you are a Firefox Keyboard Ninja, then that’s bonus points – you are almost there. That’s because Google Chrome shares a large number of keyboard shortcuts with Firefox: Open a new tab: Ctrl + t Close a tab: Ctrl +w Undo closing a tab: Ctrl + Shift + t Downloads window: Ctrl + j View source: Ctrl + u New window: Ctrl + n History page: Ctrl + h Open link in a new tab: Ctrl + click Open link in a new window: Shift + click Focus to the smart bar: Ctrl + l Start a Google search: Ctrl + k Search text within a page: Ctrl + f Print page: Ctrl + p Make text larger: Ctrl ++ Make text smaller: Ctrl -Return to normal text size: Ctrl + 0 These are all shortcuts that Chrome shares with Firefox. Apart from these, there are some shortcuts that are unique to Chrome: View the Task manager: Shift + Esc Toggle bookmarks bar on and off: Ctrl + b

Open an incognito window: Ctrl + Shift + n See this page to get listing of all Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

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