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Juniors                                        However, Hale was only half a point behind,      Knowledge but redeemed ourselves in House
                                               so we had to have a strong Spring Term           Chef coming out on top, showing that
This year, Gresham has certainly had its
                                               which meant Swimming, with Gresham not           Gresham has some budding cooks, even if
ups and downs, highs and lows, however
                                               being renowned for their prowess in the          they do lack in general knowledge. Despite all
as usual the Gresham members have
                                               water. Out of eight competitions Gresham         of our very best efforts the term ended with
remained enthusiastic and supportive,
                                               came first in one – well done Lower 2 boys.      Gresham still in third place but are we
right down from the new starters in Form
                                               They also romped to victory in the Rugby         disheartened – no! It just means the only way
1 to the dedicated Greshamites of Lower 4,
                                               and the Form 1 and Lower 3 boys came first       for Gresham is up and with such fabulous and
who week in, week out have been working
                                               in their rugby matches too. Form 1 girls         enthusiastic team members the Kemp House
tirelessly to gain those elusive merits and
                                               showed their dedication by winning the           shield will surely be ours again very soon.
                                               Gymnastics competition with Funmi Morgan         Miss Catherine Page

Gresham began the year under the               coming first in the individual event, closely
determined leadership of Jack Roberts and      followed by Deyna Grimshaw. The Lower 2
Philippa Nicholls, who made a concerted        girls managed second place, as did the Lower
effort with the Sports Captains to organise                                                     We would like to thank all the Gresham
                                               3 girls in Hockey. With Alastair Cockrem and
the Upper Junior Hockey and Rugby teams.                                                        students and staff who have made our
                                               Hannah Lingard leading the way for
Unfortunately things did not go according to                                                    year as Heads of House completely
                                               Gresham in House Music it was not
plan and Miss Page’s ‘big wins’ fell                                                            special and great fun. The fantastic
                                               surprising that we came first in submitting
spectacularly short with Gresham coming                                                         support and enthusiasm of all the
                                               the most audition cards and eventually
third in all the Upper Junior events except                                                     members of this House ensures that
                                               coming second overall. However the efforts
the Boys B Rugby where a rather unexpected                                                      Gresham’s competitive and community
                                               in Music were not enough to keep us in
win was pulled out of the bag. This new-                                                        spirit continues to thrive, and it has been
                                               second place so down we dropped at the end
found success amongst the Upper Junior                                                          an honour and joy to lead this House.
                                               of the second term.
boys did not however last for long when                                                         The year started with the biggest sporting
                                               Once again the Lower 2 boys showed that it
another third position was achieved in the                                                      event of the calendar – the winter House
                                               really was their year by coming first in House
Cross Country. Not wishing to remain                                                            Sports Day. Gresham put out over 13 teams
                                               Cricket and House Athletics. The Middle
downhearted, the troops were rallied                                                            in a range of sports from table tennis to
                                               Junior boys also showed their fighting spirit
downstairs with the Middle and Lower                                                            football. We had a varied array of results but
                                               by winning their Cricket and Athletics too.
Junior boys certainly proving their worth in                                                    gained first place in the boys’ badminton,
                                               Well Done to Ollie Orchard and James
their Cross Country runs with the Middle                                                        girls’ squash and table tennis competitions.
                                               Boardman for organising such strong and
Junior, Lower 2 and Form 1 boys all bringing                                                    The Upper 4’s did particularly well,
                                               fiercely competitive teams and for keeping
Gresham to victory in their events and                                                          achieving the highly sought after first place
                                               the House spirit flowing. Again a great team
giving Gresham a much needed points boost                                                       in both the hockey and rugby. The senior
                                               effort was to be seen in Rounders with Form
towards regaining the Kemp House shield.                                                        hockey team was less fortunate and after a
                                               1 girls bringing home another win and
Tired with either winning or losing, second                                                     gruelling match against Whittington was
                                               likewise in the Tennis with the Middle
place was given in House Art; special
                                               Juniors coming joint first with Hale.
mention here must be given to Celine
                                               Unfortunately we only managed a
O’Donovan and Evelyn Frewin for being
                                               third place in the General
placed first and second overall winners
amongst all three Houses. Celine came first
in the Upper 3/Lower 4 Textile category and
Evelyn was first in the Form 1/Lower 2
Illustrated Poem category – the theme being
‘Under the Sea’. Gresham again came
second in the Autumn Term Merits and
Distinctions total meaning the term ended
with Gresham House in second place.

placed third. However the boys’ rugby team       the audience with ‘Lean on Me’, Gresham’s       achieved second place in the hurdles and
attained an amazing second place with only       first a cappella choir conducted by Christina   third in the long jump. Hannah Davies gave
eight players on the field due to injuries.      Jerrum. We also won numerous awards with        a spectacular performance, yet again,
The next event was the dreaded cross             Jason Porter winning the Elgar Cup for the      winning the 100m, 200m and high jump
country running which is always difficult to     most promising woodwind player, Ellen           making her the Victrix Ludorum for the
organise; for some reason the boys don’t         Timothy won the award for the best string       senior girls. The senior boys were slightly
seem to enjoy sprinting and jogging around       player and our infamous jazz band repeated      less fortunate but still gained second place
the school in the cold. However, Gresham         their previous successes by winning the         with Michael Rees winning the 100m and
produced two teams of keen runners. The          Goddard Cup for the best instrumental           200m and coming second in the triple jump.
inters achieved first place with Dominic         ensemble. Sadly, at the end of the Spring       Gresham also won every relay across all the
Orchard winning the race and Stephen             Term we were third.                             age ranges and sexes; an incredible feat.
Pilley coming a close second. The seniors        The senior tennis was the first event of the    The senior boys convincingly won senior
also ran well gaining second place with three    summer. Gresham is not renowned for its         cricket; a result that has often been promised
runners in the fastest ten.                      skill in tennis and in previous years we have   but not always achieved.
With Patrick Kennedy leading the way             always landed a dismal third. This year,        In conclusion to the year the inter girls
Gresham did very well in the new House           however, we surprised ourselves, with           competed in their House Tennis competition
debating competition. Gresham came first in      Georgina Catlow and Jo Laverock rallying        on Prize Day. Although the A team was
the seniors and second in the intermediates.     the teams, the girls played impressively. The   placed third they played some brilliant tennis
Gresham was second in the Cock House             A team led by Kathryn McLagan and Perdi         on what was surely the hottest day of the
Shield at the end of the Autumn Term.            Palmer came second while the B team             year. The B team played excellently and came
                                                 outplayed the others resulting in a brilliant   a stunning first.
The Spring Term started with the swimming        first place.
gala; an event which Gresham has                                                                 These strong summer results lead to
traditionally won, almost with ease.             Gresham continued this success in the           Gresham coming second in the Cock House
However, this year having lost the great Ann     House Athletics. The inter girls showed true    Shield. A result that we did not always think
Hyams to Oxford and Charlotte Harman to          athleticism with Holly Bicknell winning the     was achievable. Thank you to everyone who
injury, the competition was going to be          100m sprint, and Ellie Hamilton giving a        took part in the events this year and
tough. Although the seniors came third the       brilliant all-round performance winning the     especially to Mrs Mitchell for her constant
girls won the backstroke relay and Masayukii     200m and coming third in the 300m and           enthusiasm; no one cheers louder. Good luck
Taki won the Tyrell Cup. The inters did better   high jump. Overall the inter girls came first   to the future House captains, Jo Laverock
with both the boys and girls coming second.      and this victory was repeated in the inter      and Patrick Kennedy, we hope you enjoy
                                                 boys and senior girls. In the inter boys        leading this House as much as we have.
Christina Jerrum and Jason Porter then           Dominic Orchard won the 800m and the
began the huge feat of organising House                                                          Lara Durgan and Will Randall
                                                 long jump while Joe Dipre won the 100m,
Music. Their relentless handing out of
audition cards gained us second place in the
auditions which was not matched in the
concert. The concert was a splendid event,
however, with the House Choir serenading

                                                                  CITY OF LONDON FREEMEN’S SCHOOL HOUSE REPORTS | 113

Autumn Term                                     Spring Term                                      Summer Term
Hale came joint second with Gresham in the      Hale did extremely well in the music             Summer term is always dominated by the
art competition. As always the standard was     competition as we obliterated the                House Athletics. The sport captains worked
very high reflecting the high standards this    opposition. Whittington had the most             hard to make sure the teams were the
subject has in school. The pupils worked very   entries with Hale lying second, but on the       strongest combination to maximise our wins
hard over the half term to prepare their        day Hale had the musical prowess and won         against the other two houses. In the Form 1
pieces for competition. A particular mention    most of the cups on offer. Particular            and Upper Junior Girls competitions we
to Rebecca Baker (Lower 4) who gained first     congratulations to Rebecca Baker who won         won. The rest of our placings were second.
place in the Illustrated poem section and to    Holst, Delius Purcell and Thorne Cups and        There was also Lower Junior House
Toby Collett (Lower 2), and Liberty Gamble      worked hard with Imogen Smethers in              Rounders which many parents saw as it
(Lower 3) who gained first place in             collecting and organising the auditions. Our     commenced on Prize Day. It was a very hot
2D/collage, Tatiana Dudnikova (Lower 3)         other cup wins included the Holst cup by         day but the teams kept their cool when
who received first place in the 3D category     Imogen Smethers, the Mathias Cup by              batting but unfortunately both Form 1 and
and Maisie Sareen in the Textiles category.     Stephen Gordon, and the Walton Cup by            Lower 2 girls came second.
The Upper Junior girls made a strong            Nathalie Burt. Hale won overall winning the
                                                Way House Cup.                                   Middle and Upper Junior girls came first in the
Hockey team this year who worked                                                                 tennis competition and our boys came second
successfully together. The matches were         Swimming competitions were definitely            with Upper Junior boys gaining first place.
extremely close with a mixture of wins and      dominated by Whittington this year who
losses. Overall the team came second. The       collared the majority of the first places,       Hale do not seem to be budding chefs as we
Upper Junior rugby was also a strong            which led to tight competition between Hale      came third in this competition, so best leave
standard across the houses but it was           and Gresham. Hale received the majority of       the cooking to Aramark.
congratulations to Hale who won overall in      second places which meant we kept                Hale have had a mixture of results and an
the A team competition and second in the B      Gresham firmly in third place. Form 1 boys       abundance of second places this year (better
team competition.                               did well gaining first place and the rest of     than third though). Overall in the Kemp
Autumn Term saw the cross country               the year group sections gained second            House Shield Hale kept our second place
competition too. It soon became clear that      placing across the board.                        and we look forward to hopefully gaining
cross country runs were not Hale house’s        In Middle Junior Rugby we gained second          first place next year. The captains worked
forte but the runners ran with grit and         place and the Form 1/Lower 2 boys came           hard this year as did all members of the
determination on what were cold days.           third. The Upper 2 girls did very well to gain   house to get the strong combination of
Gresham had the key runners of the day and      first place in the Hockey tournament and the     teams for the various competitions.
showed a strong lead through out which          Lower 3 girls unfortunately came third.          Miss Nicola Chambers
unfortunately Hale could not match.             The Lower Junior girls took part in a
However, the Upper Junior boys managed to       gymnastics competition where we gained
gain first place with the other year groups     second place for Form 1 and third place for
gaining a mixture of second and third places.   Lower 2. The competition was hard with
                                                        several pupils in the other houses
                                                        who attend gymnastics clubs
                                                       outside of school.

Autumn Term
The whole house was optimistic about the
forthcoming year, and Hale’s chances of
being victorious.
The first and arguably most important day in
the running for the shield was the House          This brought us to House Music.
                                                  The whole of Hale understood the
Sports Day. It was a great day for Hale fans
                                                  importance of doing well in House Music. A
with Miss Chong going around with red face                                                          place. Hale fans once again came out in their
                                                  great rallying cry was sent out to get as many
paint for all participants and spectators.                                                          droves. This turned out to be a very enjoyable
                                                  pupils to audition, even if they weren’t
It was not quite as good a day in terms of the    proficient at an instrument. This tactic paid     day, albeit an unsuccessful one, with only the
results. We only managed one win, in the          off as Hale registered the greatest number of     senior boys holding up Hale pride.
girls’ minor sports. The girls won the            auditions, and performed the best in them.        Despite the disappointing team
badminton, and came second in the                 This was important, but it was also               performances, there were some notable
remaining four sports.                            imperative that Hale did well in the concert.     performances from Lottie Sudell winning
The Senior Boys’ Rugby and Senior Girls’          The choir performed an electrifying version       the Shot Putt, Zoe Harrington winning the
Hockey were held at the end of the Autumn         of ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse, fabulously         80m hurdles, Jen Baldock winning both the
Term. This allowed a greater turn out from        orchestrated and choreographed by Millie          800m and the 300m, and Ed Walton
both pupils and parents, and the Hale fans        Chapman and Sam Matthey. Mark Nathan              producing three second place finishes in the
turned out in their masses. Hale were             sang ‘The Nightmare Song’ from ‘Iolanthe’         100m, 200m, and triple jump.
resounding favourites in the rugby and as         by Gilbert and Sullivan in a breathtaking
                                                                                                    The senior boys’ competition though was
expected, we won the competition,                 performance and Dan Sperrin and James
                                                                                                    just what Hale needed. With an outstanding
overcoming the controversial tactics of the       Mady improvised their way to the cup for
                                                                                                    team performance, and scintillating
other two houses making the teams more            best duo with sensational playing from Dan
                                                                                                    individual performances, Hale blew the
even than we had expected.                        on the saxophone and clarinet, and James on
                                                                                                    opposition out of the water. There were two
                                                  the piano. Most impressively, the Hale band
The Senior Girls’ Hockey was not quite as                                                           wins for Ollie Garrod, James Godfrey, and
                                                  won the McElwaine Cup for the best rock
spectacular, but the girls played well to                                                           Ollie Mays and one for Ben Gliniecki, Patrick
                                                  performance, with their earth shattering
secure second place.                                                                                Williams, Alex Wright and Ed Hodgson. As a
                                                  performance of ‘Feeling Good’ by Muse.
                                                                                                    result of his two wins, James Godfrey won
In the remaining two events of the Term was       These impressive performances, along with
                                                                                                    the Victor Ludorum in a resounding finish to
necessary – Debating and Cross Country, the       the help of the many other noteworthy Hale
                                                                                                    his year as house captain.
best we managed was second in senior              musicians meant that we came second in the
debating, aided by the terrific speaking skills   concerts, but due to the auditions we             Unfortunately, it was too little too late from
of Benedict Gliniecki. Although the Senior        secured joint first overall.                      the senior boys, and Hale finished in third
Boys only managed third in the cross country,                                                       place. The effort put in by all the pupils, and
                                                  At the end of the Spring Term, Hale had
congratulations go to Oliver Garrod who                                                             all the staff was clear to see, and there is no
                                                  significantly improved its position, moving up
blew away the field to win in near record                                                           doubt that if Hale keeps the same
                                                  to second from a long way behind in third.
time. Unfortunately, his success was not                                                            enthusiasm for 2010, they have a good
backed up by the rest of the Hale competitors.    Summer Term                                       chance of winning the Shield.
Hale ended the term in last place.                There were three events to be fought for:         Although only some performers have been
Spring Term                                       cricket for the boys, tennis for the girls, and   mentioned in this article, my praise goes out
                                                  athletics. Hale went into the term with a real    to all those who were eager to compete for
Hale could feel a fight back brewing. The
                                                  feeling of optimism. We knew good                 Hale. This just shows the profound
anticipation for the swimming gala was
                                                  performances could give us the points             connection there is between the pupils and
intense, and everyone seemed to want to
                                                  necessary to win the CHS 2009.                    the house, and it is very good to see. I wish
swim, and do their bit for the house. Despite
                                                  Regrettably, the tennis and cricket were not      next year’s house captains Sam Matthey and
the impressive reaction to the call for
                                                  that successful, with Hale only managing to       Millie Chapman all the best.
swimmers, Hale was unable to produce the
required performances in Upper 4 and Lower        win the intermediate boys B cricket               My final thanks go to Mr Knowles who led
5. This was despite impressive performances       tournament, and coming third in all the           Hale house throughout the year, never losing
by Jack Barnard, Lucy Archer-Lock and Sarah       other age groups in cricket and tennis. This      hope, even when the odds were against us.
Moore. It was completely different though for     was despite excellent performances from           His positive attitude is
the senior swimming competition. The team         the doubles team of Clare Jenner and Cleo         the epitome of Hale,
was spectacularly led by Charlotte Robertson,     Halliday, and the batting prowess of              and I am sure that he
and her exploits were backed up by a good         James Godfrey.                                    will lead the house to
core of swimmers throughout the Sixth             This did not deter of Hale from focussing their   the CHS for many years
Form, and the Upper 5. This meant Hale won        abilities on House Athletics, even though we      to come.
five out of the ten relays.                       were now realistically fighting for second        James Godfrey

                                                                   CITY OF LONDON FREEMEN’S SCHOOL HOUSE REPORTS | 115

In has been a pleasure for Mrs David and I to      girls entered House Gymnastics, gaining a third
work with all Whittington Junior School            and first respectively. Our biggest success of
pupils in this, our first year as Head of House.   the year came in Swimming, where we took
The children have been a credit to their           first place in six of the eight events. Well
house: hardworking, enthusiastic and always        done Whittington swimmers.
ready to give their best. My thanks goes to all    Finally, in the Summer term, we kept up our
of the House, Sports, Arts and Music               impressive track record taking first in Upper
Captains who have organised teams, cajoled         Junior Girls Tennis, Lower 2 Girls, Middle
children to put in their Art and Music entries     Junior Girls and Upper Junior Boys Athletics.
and coached and cheered on their teams.            At Prize Day the Lower 2 girls also won the
As a result of Whittington’s teamwork, we          rounders competition. We rounded off the
were delighted to receive the Kemp House           term, by winning the General Knowledge
Shield in Final Assembly last term. Here is a      quiz, proving that we also have brains.
brief summary of some of our achievements:         Whittington’s success rate has been
The Autumn Term saw us take to the                 phenomenal, but the true secret of winning
sporting field for Hockey, Rugby and Cross         has been in the volume of entries that we
Country, most notably taking first place in        received for Art, the number of willing
Upper Junior Girls and second place for the        musicians who bravely took to the stage, the
Upper Junior Boys. Thanks go to the Senior         hard work and dedication in the classroom,
School members who helped coach and                culminating in merits and distinctions a
prepare the teams. We also achieved first          plenty and the willingness for Whittington
place in House Art and the Merit and               members to give that little bit extra for their
Distinction tally for the term.                    team on the playing field. The cynics
The Spring term saw the turn of the Middle         amongst us might say there is only one way
Junior Hockey and Rugby teams. In these            to go from the top. But Whittington
events the Lower 3 girls and Upper 2 boys          members are true optimists….. Keep up the
took first place. We also saw record numbers of    hard work, Whittington.
entries in House Music taking third place in a     Mrs Janet Wilby
very competitive field. The Form 1 and Lower 2

As Mr Williams selected the two of us as his    with the Upper Juniors to be particularly       looked comfortable, but needed victories in
House Captains after 30 years of being Head     commended on taking first, second and third     the cricket, tennis and athletics to cement
of Whittington, a lovely farewell present to    places with Ashley Marshall leading the         their engraving on the Cock House and
him would be to go on a winning note…           pack. Thus the calendar year concluded with     Kemp House Shield. In the Senior Tennis,
which the House subsequently did.               Whittington leading narrowly, a mere 2.5        under Ellie Marsh’s organisation, the ‘A’s came
Whittington took the Cock House Shield by       points in front of the ever threatening Hale.   first with the ‘B’s a worthy second considering
a definitive margin, and the Juniors secured                                                    most of the girls had not played for a year.
                                                A more balanced range of competitions took
the Kemp House Shield. The year, as always,                                                     The athletics saw some particularly
                                                place in the Spring Term with not only
was filled with house competitions ranging                                                      outstanding individual performances, which
                                                Whittington’s sport talent being on show
from the House Debating to House Music,                                                         were acknowledged with Will Straughan and
                                                but also their debating and musical abilities
all of which were dispersed amongst the                                                         Katelyn Aitchison being bestowed with the
                                                being allowed to flourish. The Swimming
many sport competitions.                                                                        Victor and Victrix Ludorum respectively. The
                                                was a great success, despite the majority of
The Autumn term is a particularly busy time     the girls reluctance to so much as enter the    boys’ Intermediates have to be particularly
as the major winter sports of rugby and         swimming pool building, with Whittington        mentioned as the whole squad contributed to
hockey hold their prestigious competitions.     coming an overall first. The intermediates      a magnificent effort resulting in their coming
Looking to the boys first, particular           raced their way to victory with particular      joint first. The penultimate sporting event of
congratulations must go to the Lower 5          mention to both boy and girl freestyle relay    the academic year was the Cricket in which
Rugby team for coming first, and to the         teams. The Juniors were not to be outshone      Whittington Seniors came a very respectable
Upper Junior Rugby ‘A’ squad for also taking    in the pool with both the Upper and Lower       second considering Gresham had the
first place. The girls, however, managed to     Juniors coming first, so completing a great     majority of the first XI, while the Intermediate
exceed these results by coming overall first    aquatic success. Moving into a more             ‘A’ team won magnificently under the
with the Senior Hockey, Lower 5 Hockey,                                                         captaincy of Fred Davis. In the Junior House
                                                intellectual realm, House Debating was a
Upper Junior Hockey ‘A’ and ‘B’ all                                                             Chef competition, Whittington are
                                                new competition that Whittington’s
annihilating their opponents to secure                                                          unbeatable in bread rolls, where our Lower 4
                                                intermediates also succeeded in with
victory. The boys competing in the Minor                                                        came first, second and third, though we need
                                                Margaret Young and Zoe Rawson fronting
Sports saw an opportunity to outshine the                                                       to work on our decorated cakes for next year.
                                                the team. The House Music competition
girls as the boys participating in Badminton,                                                   The last competition, started on Prize Day,
                                                takes much planning, organising and
Squash and Basketball truly rose to the                                                         was the Intermediate Girls’ Tennis, and again
                                                coordination, and this year’s Senior
challenge by coming an overall first. The                                                       victory was ours: but we were already steeped
                                                competition was managed by the able
Minor Sport girls came a commendable                                                            in glory. We are the Champions.
                                                Jessica French, under whose guidance we
second, with particular mention to the
                                                came first, with individual prizes being        Thus as the year draws to a close all that
netball team which stormed to victory under
                                                awarded to a great multitude of musicians       remains for Giles and I to say is the best of
Mikaela Eldridge’s guidance. The very sporty
                                                including Jeremy Cole, Kate Aitchison and       luck to Clare and Stuart in their new roles,
Autumn term closed in traditional style with
                                                David Pearce. The Juniors gained a second       and also to Mr Bramhall who we expect to
the cross country run on a gruelling lap
around Ashtead Park. Cheered on by              place which was particularly admirable          be still there in 2039 given the longevity of
spectators in front of Main House               considering the tough opposition they faced.    the past Heads of Whittington.
Whittington came a very respectable second      Moving into the final term, Whittington         Laura Stevens and Giles Jordan

                                                                CITY OF LONDON FREEMEN’S SCHOOL HOUSE REPORTS | 117