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              Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

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2 Report by: Peter Yexley –
               Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners


Promoting and Marketing your website is the most important course of action that you
can do to keep your doors open and encourage your visitors to do business with you.

I‟ve heard so many business owners say “I rely on word of mouth to get new clients, so
don‟t really do any marketing” …. What they haven‟t realised is they are actually
engaged in marketing! – It‟s called social networking.

Their business survival depends on two crucial elements, the first is to seek and attract
new customers and the other is to make more money from existing the customers.

I am going to show you how Facebook can help you attract new customers and make
money from your existing client base.

I don‟t intend to teach my granny to suck eggs, I certainly don‟t need to tell you that
marketing is important for your business growth and in today's economic climate it is
especially true.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this
article if you needn’t want to learn more
about Facebook marketing would you?.
Whether you know this or not, more and more, of your potential customers are turning
to social networking websites like Facebook in search of local businesses, they even ask
their “Facebook Friends” for product and service recommendations. Let me ask you a
question, are you involved in „social marketing yet‟?

You could be questioning how such a massive worldwide giant like facebook could help
promote and market a small local business.

It is important that you understand that the worldwide popularity of Facebook has a
direct impact on how you should market your business. Don‟t dismiss it just because
you are a small local business because that could be the big mistake you are making

3 Report by: Peter Yexley –
               Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

The real benefits of reaching out to people all over the world has pushed so many small
local businesses to flow with the social networking tide and place their business on the
foremost social networking site in the world, that is Facebook.

I‟m not suggesting for one minute that you want to grow your local business to a
worldwide giant and that is NOT what this is about.

If you have not yet seen the film about Facebook, do it! You‟ll quickly learn that when
Facebook was originally created, the ethos wasn‟t for this social networking giant to
help small business owners, it was about linking its members through fanpages, photos,
links, etc.. Friends, families and acquaintances are looking each other up, sharing news
and photos, increasing their social circle overnight.....and making the world a much
smaller place.

How can your business benefit by having a Facebook fanpage?, (or what they are now
calling a “Business Page.” )

There is a fantastic marketing opportunity for your business and you should take full
advantage of the low costs involved to get a page created to promote your brand,
product or service. There are many advantages to using a Facebook, and this is
becoming a very hot marketing tactic.

The ability to get creative with your Facebook page by using a variety of applications is
a very popular trend. I can help you to take advantage of every opportunity to get
people talking about your business. There are many ways to do this by using tools
such as coupons, interactive videos, polls, etc.

Let‟s take a look at Facebook advertising, this is a low cost way to get immediate traffic
to your fanpage and when I say „immediate‟, I‟m taking about today!.

The most essential thing is to narrow down your advertising to the appropriate
demographics and tracking numbers so you know exactly where your marketing money
is going and not wasted in areas that you cannot possibly serve. So much money is
wasted on advertising to useless areas, but at least we can sharpen our pencils on
Facebook advertising.

We now need to cover how you can easily and quickly place your business in front of
millions of potential customers in no time at all.

I‟ll show you how easy it is to get a page created for you that will get people involved
and attracted to your business.

4 Report by: Peter Yexley –
               Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

You will be surprised what businesses are using Facebook and how you can learn from
the successful ones to get additional traffic to your page.

Facebook has constantly evolved during its comparatively short time of life and its
creators totally understand what people want and need in a social network
environment. They are continually updating and adjusting Facebook‟s many user
interfaces and adding tools, widgets and other great new ways to connect with others
and enhance the Facebook experience.

Believe it or not millions of Facebook users log on each day as part of their daily
routine, it is actually part of their life. They catch up with friends and business
colleagues in all parts of the world instantly.

Facebook has revolutionized how people network both socially and in business, how
they communicate and interact, and to them life on and offline will never be the same.

This graph (provided by illustrates that Facebook is getting more than
132 million unique visitors per month and their traffic has grown by more than 45% in
the last year alone.

According to Facebook's statistics, they have reached over 500 million active users.

      50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
      Average user has 130 friends

5 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

       People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

When it comes to activity, Facebook users:

       There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups,
        events and community pages)

       Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events

       Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month

       More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes,
        photo albums, etc.) shared each month.

With statistics like this, you should now understand why

                        “Facebook is a BIG Deal”
I am constantly asked if a local business can really benefit from Facebook ... a few
years ago I might have said "possibly not" today the answer is a resounding YES!

It's for that very reason that I chose to publish this article, not to justify my back
peddling … I have to keep up with the market too!) But, to give you a much clearer
understanding of what "Facebook pages" are used for and why it's something you
should care about if you are serious about online marketing..

Here are some reasons why you should consider Facebook for your business:

People on Facebook

   1)   More than 500 million active users
   2)   50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
   3)   Average user has 130 friends
   4)   People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

Activity on Facebook

       There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups,
        events and community pages)

6 Report by: Peter Yexley –
               Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

      Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
      Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
      More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes,
       photo albums, etc.) shared each month.

Global Reach

      More than 70 translations available on the site
      About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States
      Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translations application


  1) More than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180
  2) Every month, more than 70% of Facebook users engage with Platform
  3) More than 550,000 active applications currently on Facebook Platform
  4) More than one million websites have integrated with Facebook Platform
  5) More than 150 million people engage with Facebook on external websites every
  6) Two-thirds of comScore‟s U.S. Top 100 websites and half of comScore‟s Global
     Top 100 websites have integrated with Facebook

      There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook
       through their mobile devices.
      People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on
       Facebook than non-mobile users.
      There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and
       promote Facebook mobile products

7 Report by: Peter Yexley –
               Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

Should You Be Marketing Your Business on
If the facts and figures above are not enough to convince you then think about this;

With Facebook you can:

   1. Expose your business to new marketplaces that could easily lead to new clients
      or projects;

   2. Increase the credibility and promote the reputation of your business through
      Facebook users‟ recommendations;

   3. Connect with new contacts wishing to join your network;

   4. Re-connect with previous business contacts that you may have lost touch with.

I mentioned more than 500 million Facebook members, be mindful that the Facebook
member base is still growing at an extremely rapid speed. Facebook has to be good for
business. There is a big but though! The „but‟ is, if you have to do it right (we‟ll get
back to doing the job properly later).

I appreciate that the numbers above are very broad and your business might be unique
but what makes Facebook an excellent opportunity for promoting your business is that:

      It is popular with all age groups. Actually that‟s not quite true. There are no
       members below the age of 13 (who generally don‟t have any purchasing powers

      Here‟s a massive „plus‟: Facebook pages appear in search engine results and can
       be seen by everyone including non Facebook members;

      Facebook can provide a two-way communication channel so you can just have
       discussions between you and your customers and prospects – nobody else;

      It is very simply, quick and easy to share stuff on Facebook so news and
       information can spread rapidly.

      Facebook has an arsenal of widgets/features perfectly well suited for marketing.
8 Report by: Peter Yexley –
               Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

Ways Facebook Can Help Your Business
Let‟s start to peel away the layers of Facebook in order that we can understand the
different parts and see where your business slots in and how it can make money from


As an individual you can create a „group‟, now it might be all your family but not
friends, you could create a group just for your football pals and another group for your
business. None are linked to each other so Facebook group is where you create a
specific community around a specific topic/interest, cause or indeed your business.

This could be a virtual venue where people connect and communicate with other
Facebook users who share the same interest with them.

The good thing about tgese groups is that you can send email messages just to the
members of a specific group, in marketing terms we call it a targeted audience. A group
can become very powerful and a highly effective marketing tool simply because all
members share that same interest.

Below is an example of what a Facebook group looks like.

9 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 It is important to note that groups are built around a group of people rather than your
 business or your brand, because your brand isn‟t actually a group of people. So, instead
 of using a group to promote your business/brand, you would use a group to create
 awareness about topics related to your niche or marketplace.

 The only limitation of groups is that, unlike “Pages”, groups are not visible to people
 who are not signed in to Facebook. So, let‟s look at „Pages‟ – Click here


 Facebook “Pages” is a solution to enable business owners to create a Facebook profile
 for their business, very much like your personal profile but it has proper marketing and
 awareness capabilities.

 The pages facility gives your business brand a corporate identity on Facebook. In line
 with your personal profile, it has the facilities and space to store photos, videos,
 information about your company, and custom applications on your Page.

10 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 Remember we are dealing with „business accounts‟ and unlike personal Facebook
 accounts, which have a 5,000 person limit, Pages don‟t have a “liker” cap. What is a
 „liker‟?? formerly known as a “fan” it is a person who likes you! And has opted in to
 receiving updates from a particular your page
 Look for the „thumbs up logo.

 When a person “likes” your page, all of his or her friends will see it on their feed. This is
 where it fully exposes your page to more people and could lead to more “likers”.

 All the activities on your Page get posted back to your Page‟s feed so that all of your
 friends can see. On top of that, all posts made by the Page admins (you) also appear
 on all the Page‟s “likers” feed.


 So with Smartphones may well be familiar with "apps" short „applications‟. Facebook
 applications are clever mini programs designed to run within the Facebook environment
 and enhance the users' social networking experience. If you are a Wordpress user, you

11 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 will be familiar with plugins, they are often installed on web browsers to view a web
 page correctly (e.g., Flash, Quicktime, JavaScript), apps are just like that.

 Applications are developed top enable you to broadcast or promote anything you want
 about your business in a unique, fgun and highly engaging manner.

 Below is an example of a Facebook app.

 Don‟t let your alarm bells sound at the thought of creating full blown applications that
 require significant programming knowledge and skills, as well as a server on which to
 house and run your application. Facebook allows non-programmers to create simple
 applications using (quite ironically) other apps. These applications are excellent for
 novices because require no programming knowledge. With a little imagination, you'll be
 able create and launch an application in a matter of minutes.


 Let‟s be brutally honest, do you have the budget and resources, even the fullfillment
 capabilities to service the entire membership of Facebook? – Nice thought though!
 Facebook‟s advertising engine enables advertisers of all size budgets to specify a
 specific demographic target, you can see how many people that demographic will hit,
 and advertise specifically to that demographic.

12 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 Money is important and depending on your budget, Facebook offers a variety of
 advertising spots/spaces throughout the website. These are generally charged in cost-
 per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.

 Look at it as a pre-paid programme because you will be required to purchase credits in
 advance. Your advertisement will run for as long as you have bought sufficient credits.

 It is important to keep track of your advertising performance. Make full use of
 “Facebook Insights” tool which can help you improve your ads (if needed).

 Facebook has safeguards in place to protect its members so be very careful in choosing
 your categories as some do not work with Facebook ads.

 Among the things that are not allowed in social ads are:

    1) masked or redirect links
    2) misleading ads
    3) promotion of products such as ringtones, software downloads, alcohol, and
       tobacco. Read the Facebook advertising guidelines for more details.

 Another word of caution watch your budget!!... Facebook advertising, if not used
 properly, can easily burn through your wallet. It is advisable that you obtain enough
 knowledge and experience in PPC programs prior to running ads on Facebook.

13 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 Also, be mindful that Facebook doesn't like affiliate links. If you wish to circumnavigate
 this, you must create a sandwich page, squeeze page, website or blog which you can
 use as a landing page for your advertisements. The idea is that Facebook members are
 then buying directly from your own pages, not off Facebook.

 You can also use Facebook ads in marketing your group if you think that it will benefit
 you more.

 Facebook Connect

 You no doubt already have a website, Facebook Connect enables it to easily integrate
 with Facebook. Think of it as a web ID system similar to OpenID. But aside from
 simplifying the site registration process, Facebook Connect also allows website owners
 to extend some social networking features onto their site, thus making it easier to share
 content through Facebook.

 Tips on Using Facebook Pages
 It is crucially important that you name your page carefully

 Take time in creating your Facebook page name. You are only allowed to have 75
 characters for your Page‟s name and that includes spaces. You will not be allowed to
 change your Page‟s name once you‟ve already got 100 “likers”. With this in mind
 choose your name wisely.

 Make sure it‟s a name that you like and can live with because it will be a name that you
 will be stuck with forever.

 Only use an actual company name if:

    1) you own the company;
    2) your company allows you to; and
14 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

    3) you know that you will never leave that company.

 Only include your name if you‟re promoting it as a brand. This is crucially important, if
 you do use your real name include some descriptive words that will tell people who you
 are or what it is that you do.

 Lastly, remember that Facebook Pages are found by and through search engines like
 Google so include important keywords (words related to your business/industry) in your
 Page‟s name whenever possible, this is good SEO practice.

 Promote your page in as many places as ethically possible

 Promote it on your own website, bookmark it on as many social bookmarking sites as
 possible, and put your Page‟s link on your business cards and other printed matters. For
 more ideas about marketing and promoting your website click here.

 Make your Page unique

 Facebook will provide you with a default page template, you don‟t have to use if you
 don‟t want to. Make your Page stand out. Think creatively about how you can add value
 to Facebook users‟ experience when they visit your Page. Take time to think about how
 to design your page in such a way that it will not only catch people‟s attention but will
 also get people to “like” it and click that button!.

 Do not make your Facebook Wall the landing spot

 This is important - Never let new users land on your Wall. It will not help because it
 doesn‟t really tell anything about your brand, and it won‟t have much impact on new

 Tips on Facebook Promotion
 If you are promoting a business - do not set up a personal profile or a
 Facebook Group to promote it. Always use a Facebook Page. As covered
 previously, Groups are excellent for causes and topics that are directly related to your
 niche (e.g., Animal Testing, Green Issues). What about personal profiles? No, they are
 strictly for people, not businesses and brands.
15 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 Allow visitors to post or comment on your Facebook Page. Be mindful that is
 about “social networking” it is all about interaction, conversation and dialogue. So
 empower your “likers” with a voice and let them talk.

 Don‟t let your page go stale. Remember, the more you update your Facebook
 Page, the better the chances you have of tapping into the viral marketing aspect of
 Facebook. Be consistent and interesting with two to four posts weekly, not too little, not
 too much. If you can‟t do it on your own, hire a Ghostwriter to do it for you. A
 professional Ghost Writer can add a new dimension to your work.

 Add your business information and a link to your page. Remember, your
 Facebook page is not a website and more importantly it‟s not yours, it‟s owned by
 Facebook and they can take it down at anytime and for whatever reason they may
 decide. So, have your own website and make sure to include the link on your Facebook
 page. At least make sure you let people know where to find you and how to make

 Keep in mind that all types of social media pages are in the public domain.
 Remain consistently professional in all you do and say on your Facebook page because
 your name and brand is always exposed on the worldwide web and reflects you and
 your business.

 Drop the flagwaving and don‟t make your posts sound like a commercial.
 People generally don‟t like being sold to. So, instead of writing a sales pitch, write
 informative pieces to enlighten and educate. Always share valuable information.

 Respect other people and don‟t post promotional messages and commercial
 material on other people‟s wall. It is no different than if someone sticks a poster up
 on your front door. Keep your own promotions on your own wall. We all like extra
 exposure, so ask your ”likers” politely to help you by promote or reposting/sharing your
 promotion on their wall.

 Show gratitude and a point of thanking people for “liking” your Page and
 posts. This small gesture can do wonders in spreading goodwill about your page and

 Engage with your “likers”. When you receive a comment on your page, comment
 back, even if it is to merely an acknowledgement to thank them for commenting.
 Answer any questions. Respond promptly to complaints. Encourage your followers to
 interact. All this tells your followers/”likers” that you are a real person on the other end
 and that you really do care.

16 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                 Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 What Exactly are Facebook Pages?
 Facebook Pages were added to the functionality of setting up fanpages so that
 businesses, social group, bands, and even celebrities could maintain close relationships
 with their fans, clients, and customers.

 A Facebook fanpage will give you the capability to add video, graphics, discount
 coupons, gift cards and email auto responders to start building a list, plus a whole lot
 more. Just like you can with your website, you can be very creative and provide a
 professional image. Despite the fact that you might have all those things already on
 your website, you will be achieving more exposure on the worlds largest Social Network
 and Facebook should also be part of your marketing strategy.

 Here is a sample fanpage that is selling giftcards:

 Earlier I mentioned email auto responders to start building a list – I‟ll explain this
 strategy here.

17 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 The illustration below is a sample of a page that has an email autoresponder on it so
 that they can collect emails and start building a profitable list:

 These are also called „squeeze pages‟ and are designed to „squeeze‟ a name and email
 address from readers. „Squeeze‟ sounds a bit harsh and cold because well written
 squeezepages actually attract people and make then genuinely want to give you their
 details and are more than happy to subscribe.

 There is a creative skill in developing a squeeze page, plus the need for an Auto

 If you are interested in developing this aspect, drop me an email and I‟ll go through the
 various elements.

 Basically squeeze pages are mini web pages that contain opt in forms to catch the
 name and email addresses of prospects. They are used to build email subscriber lists.

 You can use video to personalize your message

 Add bonus products with (high perceived values) that will tempt the reader

 You can use video to personalize your message

 Add bonus products with (high perceived values) that will tempt the reader

 It is essential that you subscribe to an Auto responder system that firstly ensures your
 subscribers are „double optin‟ – this means that they twice verify the email address and

18 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 confirm that they are genuine and willing to subscribe – this negates you from
 spamming and allows the subscriber to opt out at any time.

 There are also ways to feature products that your business sells:

 Overall, there are a number of creative ways for you to use a Facebook page for your
 business, and that is why The-Ghostwriter, (Peter Yexley) wants to help you with
 your Facebook pages.

 So How Else Do I Promote my Fanpage?
 There are a many ways that you can promote your Facebook fanpage, using the
 Facebook advertising platform is an excellent way to promote it. I will cover in detail
 how the paid advertising platform can get you traffic,
 Let‟s take a look Facebook Pay Per Click….

19 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                 Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 If you are already familiar with Facebook pages you might have seen PPC yourself,
 these are the ads running down the right-hand side of Facebook pages, you‟ll also note
 that most of them about interests you particularly enjoy. How do they know that?

 The clever part is that you are not seeing the very same ads as everyone else accessing
 Facebook at that moment. Not at all, these advertisements are specifically targeted to
 information that Facebook has gleaned from your preferences and other resources.

 Facebook ads are very simple but extremely powerful. Each one consists of a title, text
 block and graphic or photo of your choice – all within a 110px X 80px “box”, to fit that
 vertical, right hand Facebook sidebar.

 If you think of them as a cross between a Twitter tweet and a banner ad, you‟ve just
 about got the picture!

 They   can advertise your:
        Product
        Services
        Contest
        Cause
        Links
        Photos
        Videos
        Business USP
        Business Event

20 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 Facebook operates through social networking and trending rather than pure SEO
 (search engine optimization) – the hottest website marketing trend of this brand new

 Mobile Marketing: It actually allows readers to see your ads on their mobile
 phones – What‟s more mobile devices now outnumber personal computers, 4
 to 1!

 Is Facebook advertising cheaper that Google? If you are using Facebook
 Advertising to promote your fanpage, you will find that the traffic you are buying
 is much cheaper than Google Adwords. Adwords can be financially dangerous if
 you do not know what you are doing but Facebook advertising can be a gentler
 on the pocket and a great first start if you are new to Pay Per Click marketing.

 But whether you use Adwords (SEO based) or Facebook ads (social networking based),
 Facebook ads nowadays are a “must” – particularly with the not-so-subtle switch over
 to mobile devices! It is significantly less expensive to advertise on Facebook than with

 Quality Graphics Capability – Another benefit is that you can introduce a graphic
 element or photo into what is basically just a small text advertisement Since Facebook
 is “tuned” to graphic elements, and interest has been shown to peak when graphics are
 displayed, it wins hands-down over AdWords banner ads.

 Text Capability – You have 75 words to say what you want to say in Google AdWords
 (that‟s less than half a tweet!) Facebook ads not only allows you a 25-character
 headline, but 135 words of body text, too. (That‟s over double Google AdWords‟
 capacity – but note; spaces count.)

 What Businesses are currently Using Fanpages?
 I constantly hear people say that Facebook Ads don‟t work for business purposes; I
 might have thought the same in 2009 and 2010 but things change. Let‟s look at what
 the big boys are doing, and don‟t get it wrong by thinking they are cash rich
 corporations with money to splash out, they pay website marketing experts to get the
 very best value for their advertising money.

 For example, according to Facebook‟s own Marketing Solutions page…

   Honda recently used Facebook Ads to keep consumers updated (and
 do serious damage control) after its recent spate of shocking recalls.

21 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

   Budweiser encouraged social interactivity with its customers when it
 invited them to select which commercials to show during televised
 sports games.

   Guitar Hero became the first online video game to reach 1,000,000
 fans on Facebook

 Even Coca-Cola jumped on the bandwagon, selling “virtual bottles of coke”
 and promising to donate $1.00 for every virtual bottle sent to their favorite

 These 4 examples alone show you the sort of creativity you can employ (and
 flexibility you can take advantage of) when you mix a Facebook Fanpage and a
 Facebook Advertising campaign!

 The graphic below shows you a portion of the custom "Fanpage" used by

 If you already have a Facebook page for your business, it will become very
 apparent that the Toyota page has a number of features not found in the
 default layout that you might use.

 Facebook allows businesses to customize their pages in a number of ways.

 You can add your own custom graphics to help build your brand, videos that
 entertain and excite your visitors whilst delivering your message in a fresh, new
 way. Don‟t forget the squeeze pages to add the ability to capture email leads
 direct from your page!

22 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 There has never been a better time to harness the power of Facebook!

 Let me introduce you to “Fansumers”
 A “fansumer” is yet another social phenomenon you can use to your advantage.

 According to Forrester Research, a “fansumer” is simply a consumer who has “become
 a fan” of a brand on Facebook.

 There is a proven maxim that if you get people to engage as a participant, rather than
 as a spectator, their stake in what they‟re engaging in becomes personal
 and more positive.

 So, if you use an app or a product and click the little “become a fan” text link on your
 Facebook page, you are not only contributing to its statistical popularity, but personally
 endorsing it!

 Why Facebook Profile Pages Can Be Your Best
 When you fill out your profile page, you are prompted to share personal information
 such as your:
     Hobbies and interests
     Career, professional qualifications and work details
     School, college, university and other education
     Tastes in music, books and movies
     Personal and contact information (date of birth, marital status, etc.)
     Where you live

 And as much extra information as you care to share. Among the things you do share,
 you can almost guarantee that people can find you by using long-tailed keywords!
 These are what you should use when creating your Facebook Ads – targeted specifically
 to your ideal customer, of course.

 Use your keyword in your headline at the very least – and again in the text (always
 providing it feels totally natural: Remember, Facebook puts “social” before “SEO”).Other
 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Fanpage

23 Report by: Peter Yexley –
                Internet Marketing Tips For Local Business Owners

 Even the most attractive and best designed Facebook fanpages are useless if they don‟t
 attract visitors and that's why it is important to deploy many different traffic generation

 I do my best to help you dominate the search engine results in an effort to bring you
 targeted traffic that is meaningful to your business.

 Just a few of these strategies include…

       Search Engine Optimization

       Article Marketing

       Press Releases

       Blogging/RSS Feed Syndication

       Social Bookmarking

       Utilizing "Web 2.0" properties (like, etc.)

       Video Marketing (like,, etc.)

       And a whole lot more!

 Whether you are looking to make direct sales from your fanpage, build leads or
 encourage your visitors to stop by your shop or office, I can help develop a traffic
 generation strategy to meet your needs.

 Where Do We Go From Here?
 If you're ready to build a solid online social networking presence and attract new fans
 to your page resulting in more business, we'd love to discuss your individual needs.

 We offer the setup of Facebook pages, Facebook advertising and many other services
 for your business. To get started, give Peter Yexley a call at: 01727 825 999

24 Report by: Peter Yexley –

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