“GREEN LIGHT” by hjkuiw354


									ISSUE 5

                                    CANOPY’S EDGE—SMITHFIELD
                                     YO U R L O C A L N E W S L E T T E R

                                                     NOVEMBER 2009 ISSUE

                                        GETS THE
                                  “GREEN LIGHT”
                                  Cairns Regional Council have        5 NEW HOMES COMMENCED
                                  approved plans for a
                                  “Supported Living Community”         15 MORE SOON TO START
                                  to be constructed within Can-      Construction is well underway in Greenvale Close and
                                  opy’s Edge Estate. The pro-        Rossmann Road with 4 new homes commenced and
                                  ject will be constructed on land
                                  between Canopy’s Edge              another on the corner of Ashwood Circuit has the build-
                                  Boulevard and Avondale             ing pad cleared to start. It is exciting to see the activity
                                  Creek. For more information        and know that more new residents are poised to be-
                                  or to register your interest       come a part of this great community. Another 15 homes
                                  please contact our on site         are scheduled to commence in 2009 or early next year.
  NEIGHBOURHOOD                   sales office located at
”CHRISTMAS CHEER”                  2 Ashwood Circuit .               It’s great to see some new builders but also the estab-
      A neighbourhood pre                                            lished names continuing the association with the estate.
  Christmas afternoon get to-                                        Innovative new designs approved by the developer ,will
gether is planned for Saturday       4 BLOCKS SOLD                   bring more diversity and interest as the building fever
    5th December at 4.30pm
  As a suggestion we thought             THIS WEEK                   pitch heightens in coming months. Keep a look out!
   that the park in Greenvale
                                   With the release of 4 new lots BE PREPARED FOR                     HAVE YOUR SAY!
Close opposite the intersection
 of Rossmann Road may be a         on Canopy’s Edge Boulevard 2     STORM SEASON
                                   are already under contract. As                                    The Qld government
          great location.                                                                            has released a discus-
   Other ideas are welcome.        an extension of the new Dis-    The wet season is                 sion paper to seek the
                                   play Home Village in Lakeside    here so we would                 view of Qld Seniors for
 We look forward to seeing you                                                                       a new seniors strategy
                                   Drive, builders already com- like to again remind
                                                                                                     and action plan. They
    BYO FOOD AND DRINK             mited include Better Homes everyone to be pre-                    want to hear        their
                                   Qld, Cougar Homes, Marlin                                         views and ideas on
Please contact the sales office
                                                                    pared for storms.                issues such as health,
                                   Coast Builders, Fina Construc- Assistance with this               housing, urban design
         4038 3888
                                   tion & Design and Cairns Qual-    Information is                  and transport.
                                   ity Homes. Look forward to                                        The discussion Paper
                                                                     available at the                will be open for consul-
                                   seeing stunning contemporary council website                      tation until 4 December
                                   designs showcased by these www.cairnsregional                     For more information
                                   quality Cairns builders        council.com.au                     au for a copy of the
                                   Sales Office enquiries 07 4038                                    paper .
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Qld 4878                                                tomers or members served.

Phone: (07) 4038 3888
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Fax:(07) 4038 3777
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E-mail: sales@canopysedge.com.au
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