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 Patron: Professor Gerard Sutton, Vice Chancellor, University of Wollongong

 Term 2 Newsletter: 30th April – 2nd July, 2009
 From the President
               On each Term 2 Calendar, a time has to be set aside for our Annual/General Meeting.
 This year, for a change, the AGM will be held on a Thursday – Session 2 on THURSDAY, 4TH
 JUNE. You should take the opportunity to attend the AGM to hear reports from the President and
 Treasurer on progress in the past year, to participate in the election of a new Executive and
 Management Committee, and to discuss any significant issues facing our organisation.
               As our Constitution states, all positions are declared vacant, and any member may
 nominate for any of the 4 Executive positions [President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary]
 or any of the 8 Management Committee positions. Our Secretary, Nancy Harman, has copies of the
 necessary nomination forms. The form is self-explanatory, but you must record the names and
 signatures of your two nominators, and return the form to Nancy. Nominations close on Thursday,
 28th May. This is essential in the event that we might need to prepare ballot papers for the
               We have been well served by past and present members of the Management
 Committee, but we can always find a place for a member with new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. If a
 management position is not for you, perhaps you might find your talents better suited to
 participation in our Educational Planning Group that I propose to form. But more of that at the
               I hope you enjoy the wide range of learning and social experiences on offer during
 Term 2. Please note that Term 2 commences on Thursday, 30th April.
 John Wright

Our Trivia Team once again won the Seniors Trivia Week challenge at Warilla .
The winning team of Mena Barrett, Nancy Harman, Jennifer Ramsay, Ian Rimmell,
Margaret Stratton and John Watson scored 103 points. Our second team of Pat Gleeson,
Pam Hennen, Bill Mowbray, Margaret O’Brien, Greg Scott and Marilyn Walters, were
close behind with a total of 98 points. Congratulations to all.

Our congratulations as well go to Nancie Melvin who was named as Wollongong City
Council’s United Nations Older Person of the Year.
                                       SENIORS WEEK STORY EVENT MARCH 16

                                The Seniors Week story event at U3A was a huge success!
                                Upstairs, Yuri the Storyteller wove his magical tales, whilst
                                downstairs the Living Library attracted readers to a wide range
                                of personal stories. The living ‘books’ were really happy with
                                the interest in their stories, and really enjoyed the personal
                                connections they made with U3A members.
John Wright       4268 4393     Do you have any feedback you would like to pass on to us
                                regarding the event? If so, please let us know. (See below for
VICE-PRESIDENT:                 contact details)
Norma Pickering 4284 2385
                                Hans Post mentioned that a couple of people were interested
                                in his book about growing up in Nazi Germany. If anyone would
SECRETARY:                      like a copy of One Man in His Time, I have copies for sale
Nancy Harman      4262 8429     ($20). Just get in touch.

TREASURER:                      And lastly, for those who want more, our next open community
Ivan Basserabie   4285 4247     living library event will be held at:

EDITOR:                         Corrimal Library
Doreen Teasdale   4261 6647     Thurs May 28
                                10 - 1pm
                                All welcome! Just turn up on the day, or ring the library a
Jim Chie                        week in advance to book in
Neil Harman                     ph. 42856970.
Pam Hennen
Beryl Huppatz
Norm Melvin                     Vimala Colless
Marilyn Walters                 Wollongong City Council
Reg Wilding                     4227 7492 vcolless@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

Georgia Rogers   4284 4968
Margaret O’Brien                GREVILLEA PARK, BULLI
June McEwan
                                The Grevillea Park is situated just off the highway at Bulli and this
                                diverse Native Garden is open several weekends a year to the public
EXCURSIONS & HOLIDAYS:          for a small fee.
Nancy Cartwright 4283 3570
Doreen Teasdale  4261 6647      A visit there is a delightful
                                way to spend a morning or
SOCIAL CONVENOR:                an afternoon and a
[Lunches & Theatre Parties]     pleasant surprise to show
Margaret Parr       4228 1353   off to visitors. There’s a
                                native plant nursery and a
LIBRARIANS:                     quaint old building and
                                elevated lawn for you to
Pam Hennen    Jill Kearns
                                have a picnic and enjoy
Melva Masters                   the view. A beautiful walk
                                meanders among the
WEBSITE:                        cultivated section and there’s even a bushwalk! I think my favourite
Marilyn Walters                 time is when the orchids and prostantheras (native mints) are out.

U3A Wollongong                  The open days are :
P.O. Box 532                    April 25 - 26 May 2 – 3    July 18- 19, 25 – 26
Wollongong, 2520                September 26 – 27      October 3 – 4            Pam Robinson
WOMAN AS VILLAIN                                             Co-ordinator: Aileen Harland
Apr 30        Eve/Mary Magdalene            The Bible                     Aileen Harland

May 7         Morgan Le Fay                 Arthurian Legends             Barbara Cattunar

May 14        The Stepmother                Snow White                    Nyla Collis

May 21        Lady Macbeth                  Macbeth                       Reg Whitton

May 28        Becky Sharp                   Vanity Fair                   May Garrety

June 4        Carmilla                      Sheridan Le Fanu              Aileen Harland

June 11       Margo Channing                Film – All About Eve          Jeanette Bond

June 18       Doris Kilman                  Virginia Woolf                Neville Permezel

June 25       The Robber Bride [Margaret Atwood]                          Dorothy Shackley

July 2        An Educational Planning Review [Plenary Session]

TAMING CAPITALISM – A View of 20th Century Economic History –
Presenter: John Wright
Apr 30        Industrial Capitalism – origins and growth. Classical economists – the ‘invisible
              hand’ and free markets

May 7         The Great Crash – 1929

May 14        The Great Depression, 1930-1939 and the New Deal

May 21        The Growth of the Welfare State and Australian experiences in ‘civilising’

May 28        Keynesian Economics and Bretton Woods

June 4        Annual/General Meeting

June 11       The Golden Age, 1950-1970

June 18       Stagflation, Monetarism, deregulation and globalisation

June 25       Facing the GFC – re-regulate? A new Bretton Woods? A new Keynes?

July 2         Have your say on the future of Capitalism

An aim is to have some time for comments/discussion at the conclusion of each talk. For those
prepared to do some preliminary reading, A History of Economics by J K Galbraith offers an
excellent understanding of the economics of the past.
                                                    COMPUTER COURSES HELD AT 155
                                                    JACARANDA AVE, FIGTREE.

                                                    The following courses are available for
SENIORS COMPUTING                                   members on Tuesday - 1.30 to 3.00pm.
Communication Section at Wollongong                     Friday & Saturday - 9.30 to 11.00am
                                                    Cost : $6 per session unless specified.
If you would like to join the courses listed        Manuals will be available for $4 a copy.
below at the TAFE, please phone Ellen or
leave a message on 4229 0572.                          1. COMPUTER BASICS
                                                       2. WORD PROCESSING 1
The first is a series of short courses going for       3. WORD PROCESSING 2
2 hours x 9 weeks for the year, where                  4. DIGITAL MEDIA
students can apply for one to four courses             5. USING EXCEL
depending on their needs. The second is an             6. USING THE INTERNET
advanced class .                                       7. SECURITY ON THE INTERNET
                                                       8. MANAGING DIGITAL PHOTOS
SHORT COURSES – 2 hours per week for 9                 9. MANAGING GRAPHICS IN WORD
weeks each Thursday 9.30 – 11.30am EGO 7               10. ANALOGUE TO DIGITAL
  1. Basic computing refresher – how a
computer works, operating a computer, basic         CREATE – CARD is a one session only course.
Word Processing.
   2. Internet – how to surf and email your         WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11, by Microsoft
friends; File Management – how to organize your     ‘COMPLETE MEDIA SOLUTION’ will again be
files, Powerpoint – how to make a Powerpoint        available. This course is one session only and will
                                                    last for 2 hours. The cost will be $10, which
show with photos and music, to give to friends,
                                                    includes a free disc and morning tea.
family or organize for business purposes.
  3. Digital Photography – how to take a digital    POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS will run on one
photo and put the file on a CD. How to use a        session a week for 3 weeks at a cost of $6 per
digital video camera and make a short movie.        week.
  4. Spreadsheets – how Excel can help
organise your budget, investments, tax records,     The new system WINDOWS VISTA will be
CD collection, family birthday lists and create     available as well as WINDOWS XP.
There are 5 seats available in this class.          NEW COURSE:
                                                    PHOTOSHOP for BEGINNERS.
ADVANCED CLASS - 2.5 hours per week
                                                    For further information and to book please ring
Wednesday 12 – 2.30pm                               MARGARET ROSS 4274 6620.
This class runs for a whole year. There are some
vacancies for people with good computer skills

The class will begin with a computing refresher
course – Word Processing, Internet, Powerpoint,
Spreadsheets, followed by further work in digital
photography, Photoshop, Picasa Photostory,
Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere.

There are 3 seats available in this class.
Bookings for all trips will be taken MONDAY, 18th MAY.
Please place money in an envelope marked with the trip title and your name.
                            Doreen Teasdale 4261 6647 Nancy Cartwright 4283 3570
                                       NOEL COWARD’S -‘EASY VIRTUE’
                       The beautifully restored 1935 art-deco Orpheum theatre is the perfect
                       setting for the screen adaptation of Noel Coward’s play, “Easy
                       Virtue”. This movie, starring Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott
                       Thomas and Kimberley Nixon tells the story of a young English man
                       marrying a glamorous American. When he brings her home to meet
                       the parents, she arrives like a blast from the future, blowing their
                       entrenched British stuffiness out the window.
                       The wonderful Wurlitzer Organ, which rises from the stage, will be
                       played by Neil Jensen and there is the chance to win great prizes.
                       A light lunch will be served along with tea and coffee.

DEPARTURE: North Beach 8.15am and Wollongong Entertainment Centre 8.30am
     LIMIT 57                                                        COST: $30

Our first stop will be at St Marys and District Historical Society where we will meet our guide
for the day, NORMA THORBURN. After morning tea and an inspection of the displays we
will set off to see the many places of interest in this area.
 St Mary Magdalene Church and graveyard associated with Gov. Phillip Gidley King
 The site of Gregory Blaxland’s farm from where the first crossing of the Blue Mountains
 Victoria Park, donated to St Marys by Lady Mary O’Connell, the daughter of Gov. Bligh
 The Bennett Wagon for which St Marys became famous
 Werrington House the home of Mary King, youngest daughter of Gov. King
 The historic buildings of the University of Western Sydney
Lunch will be at the historic Mamre Homestead, with its elegant Georgian architecture. This
was the country home of Rev. Samuel Marsdaen and has been fully restored.
Lunch is included in the price and will be hot soup, damper and cake with tea or coffee.

DEPARTURE: North Beach 7.45am Wollongong Entertainment Centre 8.00am COST: $35

Week 1 – 4th to 8th May  Week 2 - 11th to 15th May
We are all looking forward to our holiday on beautiful Lake Macquarie.
Remember you must get the fast train to Sydney which leaves Wollongong 7.30am and
Thirroul 7.42am.
For those folk travelling by car take the -
 F3 Newcastle Freeway and take the Exit route 111 (which is the second left exit north of the
   Caltex twin service stations) signed Budgewoi, Swansea, Charlestown.
 Proceed north on the Pacific Highway through Doyalson crossroads
 Proceed 10km to Gwandalan sign and a large brown sign to Point Wolstoncroft Sport and
   Recreation Centre, turn left onto Kanangra Drive
 Proceed along Kanangra Drive 6km to the end.
                                                              MAILING LABELS:
                                                              Would you please check the mailing label on your
                                                              envelope to see if there is an error in your name or
Session 1:      AMERICA’S CIVIL WAR                           address.
                                                               If there is a problem, please ring June McEwan on
Session 2:      POST MODERNISM and                            4229 7636 and she will rectify the error before the
                PHENOMENOLOGY                                 next Newsletter.
               from the Philosophy Group.

AMERICA’S CIVIL WAR:                                          PROGRAM CHANGES & WEB UPDATES:
                                                              Anyone wishing to receive an email of lecture
SUGGESTED READING LIST                                        changes to our Monday program or to be notified
                                                              each term when the website is updated can email
Wollongong City Library has books, journals and video         me at -
cassettes available and for the casual user the highlighted
web pages are worth a visit.

BOOKS:                                                        Marilyn Walters, web administrator

‘The Civil War - A History’ – Harry Hansen
‘Crucial Land Battles’ – David Phillips
‘The Civil War Journal – The Leaders’ -
                                                              WALKING WITH SUE – TERM 2
 W.C. Davis, B.C. Pohanka, D. Troiani
‘The Visual Dictionary of the American Civil War’
J. Stancheck                                                  WEDNESDAY, 13TH MAY:
‘Struggle for a Vast Future’ – A. Sheehan-Dean                UMINA – ETTALONG – PALM BEACH – 6k
The following 3 titles by Shelby Foote are superb, but a
very long read of 1000 pages.                                 Train to Woy Woy then bus to Umina and walk to
They are also available in VHS.                               Ettalong. Here we board the ferry to Palm Beach
‘The Civil War 1 – Sumpter to Perryville’                     at a cost of $5.
‘The Civil War 2 – Fredericksburg to Meridian’                After a picnic lunch we catch a bus back to Central
‘The Civil War 3 – Red River to Appomattox’                   hopefully in time for the 5.12pm train.
                                                               A long but very interesting day.
                                                              TRANSPORT: 7.32am train from Wollongong
‘American Civil War – The War That Scarred the Soul of a      LIMIT: 20                               LUNCH:
Nation’ - 55 minute VHS cassette                              Picnic
‘American Civil War’ – 9 cassette series by Ken Burns
which is the basis for our 2 term program
Shelby Foote’s 3 titles as above.                             WEDNESDAY, 24THJUNE:            KIAMA         8k

WEB PAGES:                                                    From the railway station we walk around beaches
                                                              and headlands via the Blowhole and Little
‘American Civil War’ – Wikipedia                              Blowhole to Loves Bay and return. There are steps
‘American Civil War History – Time Lines, Battle Maps,        and rough tracks on this walk.
Pictures’                                                     TRANSPORT: 8.56am train from Wollongong
‘The American Civil War Home Page’                            which arrives at Kiama at 9.40am.
                                Don Driscoll                  LIMIT: 20                       LUNCH: Picnic

27th September to 3rd October
Only a few seats available on this great trip.


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