Friday 9th July 2010 7.30pm School Hall

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Friday 9th July 2010
    School Hall
Big Band
Saxophones                           Trombone
Aidan Irwin-Singer                   George Creed
Rose Barry                           George Parris
Sam MacDonald-Smith                  JJ Koren
Felix Charnley
Trumpet                              Rob Hughes
Tom Bell
Sebastian Anastassiou                Guitar
Reuben Mynheer                       Carlos Posada
Hector Besant
Charlie Bowker                       Piano
Louisa Stephenson                    Ed Bell
Camilla English
Freddie Creed                        Bass
                                     Ben Street
French Horn
Freddie Crossley                     Drums
                                     Peter Shannon

Heads of Choir              Olivia Davies, Rosalie Warner, Aidan
                            Irwin- Singer
Organ Assistants            Max Narula, Christopher Burrows
Leader of Orchestra         Laura Mallows
Heads of Orchestra          George Creed, Aidan Irwin-Singer, George Parris,
                            Carlos Posada
Leaders of Concert Band     George Creed, Aidan Irwin-Singer, Carlos Posada
Technical Management        James Adkins

With thanks to
St Edward’s Music Department
The Senior Management Team
The Housemasters and Housemistresses
The Maintenance and Logistics Department
Horns                                 Second Violins
Freddie Crossley                      Ed Bell*                                                           Programme
Harriet Lunnon                        Rachel Boswell
Julian Faultless                      Kitty Camilleri
                                      Freddie Creed                              Concert Band
Trumpets                              Camilla English*                               The Gael                                 Dougie Maclean
Tom Bell                              Ella Johnson*
Reuben Mynheer                        Frazer Martin                                  Liberty Bell March                       Sousa
Hector Besant                         Louisa Stephenson
Charlie Bowker                                                                               Hamish Atkinson, Cameron MacRitchie (Bagpipes)
                                      Violas                                                          Rob Hughes (Conductor)
Trombones                             Judith Gairdner*
JJ Koren                              Marilyn Inglis*
George Parris                         David Lewis                                Vox
                                                                                       California Dreamin’                    The Mamas and Papas
Tuba                                  Cellos
Rob Hughes                            Charlotte Avern
                                                                                                                              (arr. Milt Rogers)
                                      Jamie Jay                                        Summertime                             Gershwin/Heyward
Percussion                            Randal Lindsell                                                                         (arr. William Stickles)
Alec Creed                            William Morgan*
Carlos Posada                         Freddie Simon                                                  Ed Bell (Piano), Ben Street (Bass)
Peter Shannon                         Ben Street*
                                      Alex Tuck
                                                                                              Carlos Posada (Guitar), Peter Shannon (Drums)
First Violins                                                                                          Alice Wishart (Director)
Olivier Bonnici                       Double Bass
Anna Brooke-Hollidge*                 Mary Martin*
George Creed (sub-leader)                                                        Rosalie Warner (Harp)
Neville Creed                                                                        Ain’t Misbehavin’                        Fats Waller
Maria Fleming                               * denotes member of the Chamber
Emily Higgins*                              Orchestra for the Vivaldi Concerto
                                                                                     It’s been a long long time               Jule Styne
Laura Mallows* (leader)                                                              Everybody loves Somebody                 Ken Lane
Richie Meredith*

                                                                                 Chamber Choir
                                                                                    Goodnight Sweetheart                      Carter/Hudson
The Modern Jazz Ensemble                                                                                                      (arr. Kirby Shaw)
                                                                                       The Bare Necessities                   Terry Gilkyson
    Sebastian Anastassiou — Trumpet            Gary Howarth — Piano
                                                                                                                              (arr. Nicholas Hare)
        Aidan Irwin-Singer — Sax         Felix Higginbottom (OSE) — Bass
      George Creed — Trombone                 Peter Shannon — Drums
                                                                                                     Gabriele Damiani (Accompanist)
         Carlos Posada —Guitar         Sam Robinson, Jamie Jay — Percussion
                                                                                                       Neville Creed (Director)
Chapel Choir                                                           Chamber Orchestra
    Over the Rainbow                          Allen/Harburg            Flutes                       First Violins
                                              (arr. Page)              Aidan Irwin-Singer           Olivier Bonnici
    Air on a G String                         J. S. Bach               Amy Hicks                    George Creed
                                                                                                    Neville Creed
                                              (arr. Swingle Singers)
                                                                       Oboe                         Judith Gairdner
    Close to You                              Bacharach                Henry Bickers                Laura Mallows (leader)
                                                                       Carolyn King (Cor Anglais)
                    Gabriele Damiani (Accompanist)                                                  Second Violins
                        Alex Tester (Director)                         Clarinets                    Ed Bell
                                                                       Patrick Burrows              Rachel Boswell
                                                                       Max Narula                   Anna Brooke-Hollidge
Chamber Orchestra                                                                                   Camilla English
                                                                       Bassoons                     Frazer Martin
   Concerto in C major                        Vivaldi                  Maxine Mackintosh            Richie Meredith
         for 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets and Orchestra, F XII no. 2           Andrew Mackintosh
               I: Larghetto-Allegro                                                                 Violas
               II: Largo                                               Horns                        Emily Higgins
                                                                       Freddie Crossley             Marilyn Inglis
               III: Allegro                                                                         David Lewis
                                                                       Julian Faultless

       Henry Bickers, Charlie Harnden (Oboes), Patrick Burrows,        Percussion                   Cellos
       Max Narula (Clarinets), Christopher Burrows (Continuo)          Alec Creed                   Charlotte Avern
                     Mark Sellen (Conductor)                           Carlos Posada                Jamie Jay
                                                                                                    Freddie Simon
                                                                       Harp                         Ben Street
    Capriol Suite                             Warlock                  Rosalie Warner
               I: Basse-Danse                                                                       Double Bass
               II: Pavane                                              Piano                        Mary Martin
                                                                       Gabriele Damiani
               VI: Mattachins (Sword Dance)

                 Gabriele Damiani (Conductor)                          Symphony Orchestra
                                                                       Flutes                       Clarinets
    Mother Goose Suite                        Ravel                    Aidan Irwin-Singer           Max Narula
               I: Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty                        Amy Hicks                    Patrick Burrows
               IV: The dialogue between Beauty and the Beast
               V: The Fairy Garden                                     Oboes                        Bassoons
                                                                       Henry Bickers                Maxine Mackintosh
                                                                       Carolyn King                 Andrew Mackintosh
                     Edward Bell (Conductor)
Chapel Choir                                 Symphony Orchestra
Sopranos               Tenors
                                                 Night on Bare Mountain                  Mussorgsky
Charlotte Avern        Greg Argov
Bubble Baddeley        Hamish Brewster                           Alex Tester (Conductor)
Olivia Brickman        Freddie Creed
Anna Brooke-Hollidge   Sebastian de Souza
Clio Chartres          Finn Joynson
Olivia Davies          Matthew Lewinton        Please join us in the Dining Hall after the main concert for
Victoria Edwards       Randal Lindsell
Emily Higgins          Sam Macdonald Smith                 refreshments and some more music.
Abigail Hughes         William Morgan
Isabelle Josephs       Max Narula
Grace Lee              Toby Pleming
Harriet Lunnon         Charles Preston       Modern Jazz Ensemble
Harriet Mainds         Freddie Simon
Celia Mallet           Ben Street               Crazy Little Thing Called Love           Freddie Mercury
Ella Phillips          Ben Tavener              Make me a memory                         Grover Washington Jr.
Molly Pigott           Ilya Uliyanov
                                                Move on up                               Curtis Mayfield
Katie Pleming
Hannah Reed            Basses                   All Blues                                Miles Davis
Allanagh Spratling     Ben Akponasa             Spooky                                   Dusty Springfield
Rosalie Warner         Tom Bell
Lara Way               Henry Bickers            Chameleon                                Herbie Hancock
Josie Williams         Chris Burrows            Soul Bossa Nova                          Quincy Jones
                       George Creed
Altos                  Freddie Crossley                    Yasmin Hass-Sinclair, Sebastian de Souza,
Will Arrowsmith        Andrew Davis
                                                                  Xaver Toushek (Vocals)
Freya Berkin           Chris Hatton
Camilla English        Aidan Irwin-Singer                       Gary Howarth (Director)
Maria Fleming          Jamie Jay
Amy Hicks              Jeffrey Koren
Maxine Mackintosh      Frazer Martin         Big Band
Cara Mills             David Moore                Ease on Down the Road                  Charlie Smalls
Alice Morgan           George Parris
                                                  Cry me a River                         Arthur Hamilton
Olivia Page            Carlos Posada   
Louisa Stephenson      Matthew Williams           Tequila                                Flores Trio

                                                                    Flossie Pugh (Vocals)
                                                                Gary Howarth (Director)
             The St Edward’s Ensembles
                                                 Helen Baddeley         Flossie Pugh
Concert Band                                     Megan Brittan          Elsie Roberts
                                                 Flora Cameron Watt     Annie Simpson
Flutes                   Trumpets
                                                 Katrina Eden           Bryony Spensley
Justin Firoozan          Sebastian Anastassiou
                                                 Laura Gallacher        Kat Troeller
Amy Hicks                Tom Bell
                                                 Yasmin Hass-Sinclair   Lorraine Turley
Aidan Irwin-Singer       Hector Besant
                                                 Tallulah Kyle          Honour Wainwright
Bruce Martin             Charlie Bowker
                                                 Emma Marriott          Becky Wilkes
Carlos Posada (leader)   Ronnie Bulford
                                                 Rebecca Mason          Mathilde Wood
George Sephton           Freddie Creed
                         Camilla English
Clarinets                Emma Marriott
Ben Akponasa             Reuben Mynheer
Freya Berkin             Louisa Stephenson       Chamber Choir
Patrick Burrows
Lily Davies              Horns                   Sopranos               Katie Pleming
Sam Hunter               Freddie Crossley        Charlotte Avern        Allanagh Spratling
Jasper Joyce             Harriet Lunnon          Olivia Davies          Louisa Stephenson
Max Narula                                       Victoria Edwards       Lara Way
Chris Pollitt            Baritone Horns          Emily Higgins
Juliet Snow              Ed Measey               Isabelle Josephs       Tenors
Josie Williams           Henry Narula            Grace Lee              Freddie Crossley
                                                 Harriet Lunnon         Max Narula
Oboe                     Euphonium               Alice Morgan           George Parris
Henry Bickers            George Parris           Rachael Morgan         Freddie Simon
                         Chris Stylianou         Ella Phillips          Ben Street
Saxophones                                       Molly Pigott
Rose Barry               Trombones               Hannah Reed            Basses
Megan Brittan            George Creed (leader)   Antonia Speir          Tom Bell
Matty Edwards            Alex Dickens            Rosalie Warner         Chris Burrows
Felix Charnley           Josh Hillier                                   George Creed
Sam Macdonald-Smith      Jeffrey Koren           Altos                  Chris Hatton
Cameron MacRitchie                               Maria Fleming          Aidan Irwin-Singer
Katie Mcgirr             Tuba                    Amy Hicks              Xaver Touschek
Ryan Savage              Rachel Adams            Maxine Mackintosh
                                                 Olivia Page
Bassoon                  Percussion
Maxine Mackintosh        Ed Bell
                         Alec Creed
                         Freddie Moore
                         Peter Shannon

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