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Wakame capsule coating technology



              Burchill Partners Pty Limited

                   Wakame capsule coating
                                Videotape Documentary

                                         Version 1
                                         Produced by
                                       Newton's Pty Ltd
3rd Draft Ð 30 June 2000 (AND FINAL)
        VISION Ð             ENGLISH                          JAPANESE   GERMAN
                   Despite the advances of medical
1                  science, there are still some aspects of
                   human health which have so far defied
                   traditional medicine.




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           VISION Ð              ENGLISH                             JAPANESE   GERMAN
                      In poorer countries, medical treatment
2                     is, if not primitive, costly to administer.




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        VISION Ð             ENGLISH                          JAPANESE   GERMAN
                   The sheer size of some problems,
3                  such as malaria, makes its eradication
                   by conventional means still a dream.




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        VISION Ð             ENGLISH                        JAPANESE   GERMAN
                   The world takes for granted that many
4                  drugs used in medicine, including
                   vaccines, must be given intravenously.




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      VISION Ð             ENGLISH                          JAPANESE   GERMAN
                 The effectiveness of taking drugs orally
5                is severely limited by the gauntlet they
                 must travel, through the stomach acids.



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       VISION Ð                  ENGLISH                         JAPANESE   GERMAN
                        If the gauntlet could somehow be
6                       overcome, it could be possible to
                        reduce dosages, cut pharmaceutical
                        costs and foster the development of
                        revolutionary drugs.

Captions overlay

        CUT COSTS

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    VISION Ð            ENGLISH                        JAPANESE   GERMAN
               At the Shimosoga Hospital in
7              Kanagawa, Japan, director general
               Shintaro Tashiro was trying to
               overcome the traumatic problems of
               the aged and bed-ridden.

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        VISION Ð             ENGLISH                           JAPANESE   GERMAN
                   He reasoned that toilet routine for the
8                  patients and the quality of life for
                   hospital staff would improve
                   considerably if quantities of beneficial
                   Bifidus bacteria could be introduced live
                   into the small intestine Ð the hard part
                   was getting it safely through the acidic
                   stomach environment.



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    VISION Ð             ENGLISH                            JAPANESE   GERMAN
               If delicate material could be delivered
9              with precision, in a completely dry state,
               to the small intestine, it could
               revolutionise the pharmaceutical
               industry and patient care.

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       VISION Ð            ENGLISH                        JAPANESE   GERMAN
                  The means to this end has come from
10                one of the humblest sources
                  imaginable - common fresh seaweed,
                  called wakame.



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       VISION Ð                             ENGLISH                             JAPANESE   GERMAN
                                 This seaweed changes its nature as the
11                               surrounding environment swings from
                                 acidic, through neutral or mild alkaline. It
                                 was the key researchers were seeking.



                                    This television story from Japan shows
12                                  the sheer simplicity of the process of
                                    converting wakame into a protective
some of davidÕs new vision of the coating which could change the way the
close ups of the capsules Ð showing world takes its medicine.
the coated and uncoated together.

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     VISION Ð                ENGLISH                        JAPANESE         GERMAN
                                                                       Frisch gekochtes Reis und Miso-
                   Freshly steamed rice and miso soup Ð
13                 a typically Japanese breakfast menu.
                                                                       Suppe, das ist ein typisch
TV NEWS STORY Ð    Here is wakame in the miso soup.
                                                                       Hier ist Wakame in der Miso-
VISION AND SOUND   This is especially prized.                          suppe. Das ist besonders
                                                                       geschaetzt bei Japanern.

                                                                       Es ist nat lich sehr bekannt,
                   Eating seaweed as a healthy food is of
14                 course well known, but recent research              Seetang wie Wakame als
                                                                       Reformlebesnmittel zu essen,
                   has shown wakame can be usefully                    aber eine Untersuchung in letzter
                   employed when taking medicines and                  Zeit zeigte, dass Wakame sehr
                   health foods.                                       effektiv sein kann, wenn man sie
                                                                       bei der Einnahme der
                                                                       Medikamente verwendet. Lass
                                                                       mich erklaeren.

                                                                       Fuer die beste Wirksamkeit
                   When taking medicines it would be
15                 ideal if the capsule carried on safely              einer Arznei,die oralerweise
                                                                       eingenommen wuerde,
                   through the acidic stomach environment              >waere es ideal, wenn die
                   to be absorbed at the top of the small              Kapsel unversehrt im Magensaft
                   intestine.                                          durchgefuehrt und
                                                                       erst im obersten Teil des
                                                                       Duenndarms absorbiert wird.
                                                                       Aber in Wirklichkeit
                                                                       loest sie sich meistens in der
                                                                       starken Saeure im Magen.

                                                  PAGE 14
     VISION Ð              ENGLISH                            JAPANESE         GERMAN
                                                                         Es gibt ebenfalls
                In reality, a great deal of medicine is
16              adversely affected by the strong acid of                 Kapselierungsmittel, die sich gar
                                                                         nicht loesen und mit
                the stomach, or in other cases, over-                    Exkrementen
                protected capsules fail to dissolve at all               ausgeschieden werden, wenn
                and are expelled with the faeces.                        die Kapsel zu dick ueberzogen

                                                                         Shintaro Tashiro, Leiter eines
                It is said that Shintaro Tashiro, head of a
17              Japanese hospital, one day during a                      japanischen Krankenhaus, ist
                                                                         eines Tages waerend des
                meal, came up with the idea of coating                   Fruestuecks auf die Idee
                capsules with wakame.                                    gekommen, Kapseln mit
                                                                         Wakame zuueberziehen. Sie
                                                                         fragen wohl, warum Wakame?

                                                                         Also, er hat bemerkt: waehrend
                He noticed that wakame used with
18              vinegar dressing in seaweed salad                        Wakame im Seetangsalat mit
                                                                         Essig voellig ihre Form und
                completely retains its strength over                     Staerke behaelt, beginnt sie in
                time, yet wakame in miso soup quickly                    einer Miso-suppe bald
                begins to break apart.                                   zuzerfallen.
                                                                         In anderen Woertern
                In other words, wakame resists
19              dissolution in the acid environment of                   gesagt,haelt Wakame in der
                                                                         Saeure gegen Aufloesung fest,
                the stomach, yet soon breaks down as                     aber zerfaellt sie bald, wenn die
                the environment changes to neutral or to                 Umgebung, wie im oberen
                weakly alkaline in the small intestine.                  Duenndarm,.sich zu neutral oder
                                                                         leicht alkalisch veraendert.

                It was a momentous observation.
                                                   PAGE 15
     VISION Ð              ENGLISH                            JAPANESE         GERMAN
                                                                         Sofort haben wir versucht,
                This was the start of efforts to design a
21              drug delivery system using wakame.                       Wakame Kapsel herzustellen.

                                                                         1. Einige frische Wakame
                Beginning with the fresh wakame Ð
22              easily and cheaply obtainable in many                    nehmen.
                countries Ð it goes into a blender for up                 2. sie in den Mixer tun und fuer
                to 30 seconds.                                              20 - 30 Sekunden arbeiten
                                                                         3. pressen und die Fluessigkeit
                The liquid is squeezed out, resulting in a
23              thick green fluid with jelly-like                        sieben. Man bekommt dicke
                                                                         gruene gallertargige Fluessigkeit.
                consistency.                                             Sehr zaeh, nicht wahr?

                                                                         4. dann Gelatine hinzufuegen
                When it sets, it looks like this.
24                                                                       und in einen Behaelter
                                                                         eingiessen, damit sie sich

                                                                         5. wenn das fest wird, sieht das
                                                                         wie ein Pudding aus.

                                                                         Im Wasserbad loest das sich
                It melts again, just like icecream. ItÕs
25              heated in hot water and medicine                         wie Eis. Dann tunken wir die
                                                                         Kapseln darein, schuetteln
                capsules can be dipped and then put                      Uebermass ab und auf die
                out on trays to solidify.                                Tablette einzeln hinlegen, um
                                                                         sie zu verfestigen. Wir kuehlen
                                                                         die Kapseln langsam im

                                                    PAGE 16
     VISION Ð              ENGLISH                          JAPANESE         GERMAN
                                                                       Am naechsten Tag sehen sie so
                Next day, they look like this,
26              completely dry and ready to go.                        aus: voellig trocken ohne
                                                                       miteinander zu kleben. So sind
                TheyÕre fragments of wakame sticking to                Wakame Kapseln fertig. Sie
                the surface.                                           sehen hier noch Wakamefrocken
                                                                       Auf der Oberflaeche.

                                                                       Am naechsten Tag haben wir
                Then came the test, to verify that
27              wakame capsules actually did carry on                  ein Experiment gemacht, um zu
                                                                       beweisen, dass die Wakame
                through to the small intestine without                 Kapseln wirklich bis zum
                dissolving in the stomach. The process                 Duenndarm getragen werden,
                was X-rayed.                                           ohne sich im Magen

                HereÕs the situation, one hour after                   Wir haben einige
28              taking the capsules.                                   Roentgenaufnahme von dem
                                                                       Prozess gemacht.

                The wakame capsule can be clearly                      Wollen wir die Roentgenbilder
29              seen undissolved in the stomach.                       nach einer Stunde ansehen. Die
                                                                       unaufgeloeste Wakame Kapsel
                                                                       ist ganz klar im Magen zu sehen.

                                                                       Als naechstes benutzen wir
                The effect is more clearly understood in
30              laboratory conditions, using artificial                synthetisch hergestellte
                stomach acid.

                                                  PAGE 17
     VISION Ð             ENGLISH                           JAPANESE         GERMAN
                                                                       Im linken Glas ist eine Wakame
                On the left is the wakame capsule. On
31              the right is an ordinary capsule.                      Kapsel, und im rechten Glas
                                                                       eine herkoemmliche Kapsel.

                                                                       Ob die Wakame Kapsel, wie
                                                                       vorrausgesagt, ueberleben?

                                                                       Nach einer Stunde ist die
                One hour later the ordinary capsule has
32              easily dissolved and the contents are                  herkoemmliche Kapsel einfach
                                                                       aufgeloest, und der Inhalt fliesst
                oozing out. This is the inherent problem               aus. Aber andererseits Seite ist
                with all conventional capsules.                        die Wakame Kapsel ganz heil

                The wakame capsule is unaffected.
                                                                       Jetzt nun das wichtigste
                Now for the most telling experiment.
34              The undissolved wakame capsule was                     Experiment: wir verlegen die im
                                                                       Magensaft unaufgeloeste
                transferred from the artificial stomach                Wakame Kapsel ins syntetische
                fluid to the artificial intestinal fluid.              hergestellten Darmsaft. Wird
                                                                       Sie sich aufloesen wie wir

                                                  PAGE 18
     VISION Ð             ENGLISH                          JAPANESE         GERMAN
                                                                      Nach einigen Minuten ist die
                After 40 minutes it has obviously
35              broken down, releasing its contents to                Kapsel offensichtlich zerfallen,
                                                                      und das Inhalt der Kapsel ist
                be absorbed in the small intestine.                   bereit, im Duenndarm absolbiert
                                                                      zu werden .

                                                                      Also hat sich unsere Wakame
                The capsule works precisely as
36              Shintaro Tashiro planned Ð a significant              Kapsel sich so verhalten wie
                                                                      Shintaro Tashiro beabsichtigt
                milestone in medical history.                         hat.

                                                                      Jetzt wollen wir die Meinung
                Some medical opinions -
37                                                                    vom Experten im medizinischen
                                                                      Gebiet zuhoeren.

                                                                      "Man versuchte bis jetzt ein
                ÒInstead of protective coatings based
38              on exceedingly long and complex                       Material chemisch
                                                                      zusammenzusetzen, das gegen
                formulas, or inert compounds                          der Sauere widersteht aber im
                compounds such as shellac, this                       Alkali sich aufloest. Aber das hat
                wakame coating employs a traditional                  noch ungepruefte Faktoren bei
                food element as the protective material.              sich. Wakame, auf der anderen
                In using a traditional food, this                     Seite, hat schon lange Tradition
                technology is most significant.Ó                      als Lebensmittel, und ihre
                                                                      Sicherheit ist bereits
                                                                      bewiesen.Es ist sehr
                                                                      aufschlussreich, Wakame als
                                                                      Ueberzugsmittel zu benutzen."
                                                                      Und hier ist unsere Wakame

                                                 PAGE 19
     VISION Ð                     ENGLISH                          JAPANESE         GERMAN
                                                                              Wird es moeglich, die Einnahme
                        ÒThe wakame capsule will be able to
39                      reduce our intake of medicines by a                   der Arznei einigerma en zu
                        significant amount, because it increases
                        the medicineÕs effectiveness.Ó

                                                                              Oder wird es dazu beitragen,
                        In the future, we may find wakame
40                      capsules employed as the ideal vehicle                die Wirkung von Arznei zu
                        for many medicines.
                                                                               In Zukunft werden wir vielleicht
                        This is really a breakthroughÉ.an
41                      invention born from the wisdom of                     viele Medikamenten sehen, die
                                                                              mit Wakame Kapseln
                        everyday life.                                        geschuetzt sind. Das waere eein
                                                                              Es ist tatsaechlich eine Erfindung
END VIDEOTAPE SEGMENT                                                         im Alltagsleben.

                                                         PAGE 20
       VISION Ð                     ENGLISH                          JAPANESE   GERMAN
                          The significance of this discovery has
42                        already triggered imaginative
                          responses from the makers of traditional
                          capsules, the pharmaceutical
                          companies and the medical profession.

Wakame capsule after
2 hours in stomach acid

                                                          PAGE 21
      VISION Ð                ENGLISH             JAPANESE   GERMAN

Wakame capsule after 2
hours in stomach acid and 1
hour in intestinal fluid

Wakame capsule after 2
hours in stomach acid and 2
hours in intestinal fluid

                                        PAGE 22
       VISION Ð                         ENGLISH                           JAPANESE   GERMAN

Wakame capsule after 2
hours in stomach acid and 3
hours in intestinal fluid

                              The wakame capsule is the very model
43                            of a sustainable invention, a low cost
                              natural seaweed, with no side effects
DavidÕs new footage           and capable of being adapted by the
                              poorest countries for life-giving medical

                                                               PAGE 23
       VISION Ð             ENGLISH                           JAPANESE   GERMAN
                  Its use in this hospital for carrying the
44                live bifidus bacteria safely to the very
                  top of the small intestine, has more than
                  adequately proven the theories. The
                  well being of the patients testifies to

                  It is a solution the world has been
45                waiting for.
DavidÕs footage

                                                    PAGE 24
     VISION Ð              ENGLISH                          JAPANESE   GERMAN
                It can bring medicine, like the malaria
46              vaccines, into the reach of all people.

                                                  PAGE 25
       VISION Ð                                ENGLISH                           JAPANESE   GERMAN
                                    It will throw new light on the use of
47                                  drugs now administered through
Run DavidÕs footage, with overlay
of needle.

                                                                       PAGE 26
     VISION Ð                  ENGLISH                         JAPANESE   GERMAN
                     It will cause a re-examination of the
48                   value of medicines used in cancer
                     treatment and heart cases. It even has
                     a role in veterinary science.

                     With wakame, the possibilities and the
49                   opportunities appear to be endless.


                                                     PAGE 27
      VISION Ð                            ENGLISH                           JAPANESE   GERMAN
                               The Wakame capsule technology is
50                             endorsed by the Zero Emissions
                               Research Initiative, known as the ZERI
                               Foundation, for its potential contribution
                               to world health.

         Gunter Pauli
 Head of the ZERI Foundation

                                                                 PAGE 28
     VISION Ð              ENGLISH                            JAPANESE   GERMAN
                ZERI heralds the start of the next
51              industrial revolution, in which industry
                mimics natureÕs sustainable cycles.

                                                    PAGE 29
      VISION Ð                   ENGLISH                         JAPANESE   GERMAN
                       Human kind, rather than expecting the
52                     earth to produce more, learns to do
                       more with what the earth produces.

                       The Wakame capsule could be at the
53                     forefront of this revolution.
From DavidÕs footage

                                                       PAGE 30
     VISION Ð         ENGLISH             JAPANESE   GERMAN


  ZERI Foundation

                                PAGE 31
    VISION Ð                  ENGLISH             JAPANESE   GERMAN
      Produced by

 Gold Coast Australia
    in association with

Television story
 Thanks to Nihon
Television Tokyo
       ã NTV 2000

                                        PAGE 32
     VISION Ð               ENGLISH             JAPANESE   GERMAN

 The Wakame technology is
  showcased at Expo 2000
  Hanover, Germany in the
      ZERI pavillion.

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