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THIRTY                         TWENTY
YEARS OF                      YEARS OF
STAR TREK                  STAR WARS
    Star Trek 30                               Reports                                      Articles
   Celebrating thirty years of                 Commanding Officer ........ 4               Star Wars ....................... 20
   boldly going where no one                     General ramblings                            A review of the Special
   has gone before.                            Security .............................. 6      Edition release
   Introduction.................. 30             All is quiet and awards                   Spotlight: Don Daniel... 25
   Review by Don Daniel.. 30                   Medical ............................... 6      Your DC Science
      Don lets us know what                      Don’t over do it                             revealed
      happened                                 Operations .......................... 7     Star Trek: First
   Volunteers ..................... 33           A little of everything                       Contact ...................... 26
      How we fit into all of this              Communications .............. 10               A review of the movie
   Review by Richard                             How to write a review                     In Memory Of ............... 29
      Trulson...................... 34         Sciences ............................ 12       Honoring those who have
      The CO’s story                             Comets and trash                             passed on
                                                                                           Spotlight: Jim Dykes .... 53
      Humor                                     Ship Business                                 Get to know him better
     With all the serious stuff,               Official Explanation .......... 3           Summer Movies ............ 58
     try this to lighten up.                      Where I try to explain the                  A look at what’s coming
     Janeway ......................... 14         lateness of the SS                       Sci-Fi News .................... 62
        The best Captain yet?                  1996 Financial Audit ......... 9               The latest rumors
     Star Wars: Better? ........ 17               Where our money went                     TV News ........................ 66
        Something is better than               Meeting Minutes .............. 13              Episode guides
        Star Trek?                                June-December 1996
     Redneck ......................... 19      Membership
        Your Captain might be                     Expirations .................. 52
        a redneck if...                           Now you know when to
     New Scenes? .................. 22            renew with us or Fleet
        Potential scenes that                  Promotions ....................... 54
        didn’t quite make it in                   Proposed policy to review
     Toys ............................... 24
        The ones that just                       “Same great newsletter! Now with twice the fiber and half the
        weren’t good enough                             fat of other leading newsletters. Try it today!”

 Editor: Richard L. Trulson                                                                            Subspace Static
 Assistant Editor: Jim Dykes                                                               Special Anniversary Edition
                                                                                                    Volume 5, Issue 1
 “It’s finally here,” issue or “My God, it’s huge!”
 Bonus reaction: “Ooooooo, ahhhhh, pretty.”

         Subspace Static (SS) is the quarterly newsletter of the U.S.S. Wernher von Braun (WVB). All opinions expressed
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trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owner. We’re just having fun here for crying out loud. Consider it
free publicity.
 2                                               SUBSPACE                STATIC
  And if you believe that...        issue. Probably 75% of it I            of the stuff that’s old, but still
         OK, here’s where I try     wrote. If you think you have           somewhat useful, was kept like
to explain why this newsletter      problems coming up with a DC           the Trek 30 and First Contact
was so late. The information in     report or a review, then try           reviews. Those articles are still
here was so top secret and          writing the amount I do. Sure, I       relevant, though the urgency is
important, that I had to wait for   have a vaster amount of mate-          somewhat less. Some of the
the contents to be declassified     rial to draw from, but there’s         departmental reports are equally
by the Warren Commission.           still the initial urge and desire to   out of date, but I kept those to
Um, don’t buy that? How about       actually write, which sometimes        show that at least the Chiefs
every time I went to write, I’d     just doesn’t occur. And when           were reporting in. (Thanks for
wake up 6 hours later with a        that happens, nothing I can do         small miracles!) However, tons
strange feeling that I had been     will put me in the mood to             of up to date, useful, new
abducted from my home by            write.                                 information has been ioncluded
aliens? Not that either? I must              And as a result, the          as well. There are movie and
be slipping. Let me try to          newsletter got postponed when I        TV episode guides compiled
explain.                            became super busy with Star            just this past week. There are
         I am first and foremost    Trek 30: One Weekend on                additions and corrections to
your Commanding Officer.            Earth, among other things.             existing articles as information
Anything relating to that is my     What was to be the Summer              in them changed.
highest priority. Whether it be     issue in August highlighting the                Unfortunately, I can
making sure our monthly             celebration, became the Fall           hear some of you complaining
reports are filed, or helping a     issue. However, then I became          about not getting what you paid
member with a problem, being a      busy with Star Trek: First             for. Technically speaking,
CO is my main focus. Granted,       Contact activities, among other        you’re getting MORE than what
Article III, Section 2, Part A5     things. What was to be the Fall        you paid for. Here’s why: I have
states that one of the duties of    issue in December highlighting         an unspoken, unwritten promise
the CO is to take care of the       the upcoming STARFLEET                 to the ship that each issue of my
responsibilities of other Com-      election, became the Spring            newsletter will be at least 12
mand Officers in their absence.     issue in March. This time I got        digest size pages, which equates
Of course, I can appoint some-      busy handling the XO selection,        to three 8.5”x11” sheets of
one to do that, but very few        Region 2 activities, and making        paper folded in half. However, I
people have the technical skills    sure Fleet doesn’t decommis-           usually manage at least 16
and resources to produce a          sion us because all our members        digest pages, or four sheets.
newsletter. Therefore, I am the     got scattered about due to the         Therefore, since you are miss-
prime candidate to do that since    Fleet database getting                 ing the Summer and Fall issue
I was once Communications           scrambled in multiple transfers.       of 1996, and the Spring issue of
Chief. However, I will not let      ::sigh:: So here we are ap-            1997, you would have gotten at
the responsibilities of doing the   proaching May.                         least 36 digest pages, or maybe
Comm. Chief duties detract                   Articles that were            even as many as 48 pages,
from those as CO. That’s why        announcing upcoming events             which equals 12 sheets. This
you haven’t gotten a newsletter     got rewrote into reviews of            newsletter is 68 pages, which is
in so long.                         those events. Some of the old          29 full size 8.5”x11” sheets of
         Of course, there’s also    news, like candidate informa-
the fact that I procrastinate       tion that is completely useless,        Continued: See
horribly. Take a look at this       was scrapped completely. Some           Explanation on page 8...
                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                           3
  The best laid plans...                     Again this year my           through fund-
         One of the advantages of    focus will be on membership.         raisers. Try
doing the newsletter while also      Theoretically, from Star Trek        getting involved
being the CO is that I can           30 and First Contact, our            with new members and be-
change my report easily and at       numbers should have shot             friending them, as that will help
the last minute. In fact, this       through the roof. They haven’t.      retain them and encourage
report has changed several           I know our table at Trek 30          others to join in as well.
times since it was first written.    never materialized thanks to the              And another problem
Originally, it focused on our        Phaeton Guinn cutting off            has recently been brought to my
participation in Star Trek 30        support to us at the last minute.    attention: Our Fleet numbers
and the International Confer-        That upset me greatly. And I         have fallen below the ten
ence. But as you know, the           know we did not get to set up at     required for us to remain an
newsletter got delayed because I     the more popular theater for         active chapter in STARFLEET.
was so busy with those things.       First Contact, but still, we got     After investigating this further,
So I did a rewrite and focused       two pages of people who indi-        I’ve discovered that about 80%
on STARFLEET’s election,             cated they were interested in        of our members are listed with
encouraging everyone to vote         joining. Where are they? I’m at      Fleet as being Associate mem-
on the Commander,                    a loss as to why our numbers         bers unassigned to any chapter,
STARFLEET candidate they             haven’t increased dramatically       or as having expired. Therefore,
felt would best serve this orga-     and I’d appreciate your input. Is    when you renew or join, make
nization. Again, somewhere in        there enough interest in us? Is it   sure you mark the active mem-
the hustle and bustle of my          the problems with                    ber box on the application and
daily life, the newsletter got       STARFLEET at the national            write down our ship name and
shelved. So again, I had to do a     level? Is it internal disagree-      NCC # (Wernher von Braun,
rewrite because half of what I       ments? Are we not doing              NCC 72609) in the box.
said would have wasted paper if      enough? Are we not doing the                  Again, membership
I had kept it. And I felt you        right things? What?                  participation is still a problem.
deserved to hear the latest                  I’m asking each of you       Why? Is it the activities we
information. See the introduc-       to go out and recruit at least one   choose? Is it the cost or the
tion on page 3 for more details.     new member. At the very least,       timing? Is it personal dislikes?
         Now, on with my report.     bring them to our meetings or        I’ve been informed that some
1996 was my rookie year as a         social activities. We’ve had         think that there is a clique on
CO. I’ll admit I and the ship fell   several show up at meetings          this ship. I hate this has oc-
short of some goals and ideas        once or twice, but they haven’t      curred. While I’m sure people
that I thought we could accom-       been sticking around or joining.     will naturally group together
plish. On the other hand, I feel     I realize finances are a problem     around those they enjoy being
we stopped the downward spiral       for some, but certainly not this     around, a clique is not a good
we were in. While membership         widespread. If money prevents        thing. We are one group of Star
isn’t climbing as fast it should,    them from joining both the ship      Trek fans; we should all be
it has at least remained steady.     and STARFLEET, convince              equal friends. I admit I get busy
Our finances have been steady        them to join STARFLEET first.        during a meeting and can’t
as well. In fact, I’ve included      (New addresses and contact           always chat with everyone on a
the 1996 financial audit pre-        information are available            one-to-one basis, but my door
pared by Dallas elsewhere in         elsewhere in this issue.) We can     and phone are always open and
this issue.                          make up the loss in ship funds       available. If you can’t make it

 4                                      SUBSPACE          STATIC
to one of our events, then please   cover as it was to set the tone
suggest a time and activity that    for this year’s objectives and
is more appropriate to you. And     activities. Some of this report
if we can’t schedule something,     came out of that planning
I’d be more than happy to meet      meeting. I encourage all of you
with you individually.              to participate in future planning
         Another goal for this      meetings so your ideas and
year will be finalizing of our      opinions can be heard. Those
handbook and miscellaneous          meetings allow us to have more
membership extras. Last year        fun at the general meetings and     service than just con security.
brought about a vote on our By-     not dwell on all the boring         Of course, monetary donations
Laws. This year I want to           details.                            are great, but we have to do a
establish firm promotion poli-               One of the things that     lot more fund raisers for that.
cies as well. (See elsewhere in     came out of the meeting is that     We could perhaps do some
this issue for discussion on        I will be keeping a tighter reign   educational projects with local
promotions.) Once these two         on ship’s finances. No one is to    schools, or start a recycling
are finished, we can create a       ever incur a debt on our behalf     program. (That could possibly
handbook to be issued to mem-       without getting approval vote of    bring us money too.)
bers so they can know how the       the Command Staff first. Sec-               In some personal news, I
chapter operates and what goes      ondly, my signature must be on      was promoted to Fleet Captain
on. I’d also like to get us some    every check we write. All           on November 16, 1996 by Jim
name tags and T-shirts made. Is     financial transactions must be      Herring in the EC-396 vote. I,
there any other way that I can      logged so we can have double        along with several other people
make joining our ship worth-        checks on all money that goes       throughout Fleet including
while to you?                       through the ship. Furthermore, I    Carol Burhans of the Dark
         I’ve think I’ve already    will keep you informed on our       Silence in Decatur and Isaac
made some strides in that           financial status at every meeting   Turner of the Yamato in Bir-
respect though. People receive      and in the newsletter. I’m          mingham, were promoted.
Commendations of Excellence         instigating stricter financial      Normally, this would a very
for their performance of duties.    management because I hope           exciting event. However, I feel
Also, the Mission Briefings         that our income and fundraising     this was done in an attempt to
have been arriving on time,         efforts will be much larger this    soothe relations with Fleet due
except for one small snag near      year. I fully expect use to deal    to the actions of the McGinnis
the end of last year. The Sub-      with over $300 this year. And I     administration and not because
space Static has faltered at        am ultimately responsible for       we had earned it. While refus-
times in punctuality, but I think   that money regardless of who        ing a rank is possible, the
the information contained           handles it. You deserve to have     process is unknown and prob-
within though has been of great     financial accountability on the     ably more trouble than it’s
value and a general joy to read.    local level just as much as the     worth. Therefore, I will be
Plus, it won Region 2’s News-       national level.                     doing everything I can to earn
letter of the Year award. So, as             Another goal for this      the rank I’ve been given. Then
you can see, my track record        year is more community ser-         here recently, I was awarded a
has been good in some areas,        vice. We’ve established our-        Regional Commendation at the
and needs improvement in            selves quite well at Panoply and    Region 2 Summit in March. Me
others.                             conventions for doing security.     and Pete Mohney of the
         The first planning         I’d like to try and branch out      Hephaestus in Birmingham
meeting this year was a whop-       into other areas as well since
                                                                         Continued: See Command
per. We had lots of ground to       there’s more to community
                                                                         on bottom of page 67...
                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                      5
                                                                      tables to land at the podium
            SECURITY                                                  where they stood. I’m not quite
                                                                      sure how he did this, though I
  All is well.                        Accolades, he’s                 think accelerated transporters
        Nothing to report except      got accolades!                  were used. Fortunately, no one
possible trek-convention in                  Everyone                 in between was injured.
December and internal security      needs to congratulate Dustin on            Then round two of my
at Con*Stellation. A small task     a very successful year in 1996.   master plan to humiliate Dustin
force will be used at               I’ve been trying since April to   went into affect. When the
Con*stellation consiting of me,     get the paperwork through to      nominees for Officer of the
John Colley, and new comer          HQ for Dustin’s promotion.        Year were read, I watched in
Sean Fitzgerald. Have a happy       Well, after Dan left office and   amusement as they called out
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and        then waiting for the a new        Dustin’s name. The look of
Christmas! That is all!             Commander, STARFLEER to           puzzlement on his face was
  - CAPT Dustin Williams            get elected, I resubmitted the    priceless. The look of sheer
                                    paperwork. This time, I suc-      shock and astonishment when
                                    ceeded in convincing Regional     they read his name as winner of
                                    and STARFLEET brass that          Officer of the Year was even
                                    Dustin deserved a promotion to    more priceless though. For his
                                    Captain. The stage was set for    continued hard work at Pano-
                                    him to be presented the promo-    ply, for the holding down of the
                                    tion at the Region 2 Summit.      national Departmental Resource
                                    Imagine my horror when I          Chief of Security position
  MEDICAL                           learned he may not be going
                                    due to lack of funds. Well, we
                                                                      through administration transi-
                                                                      tions, for his rebuilding of the
  Moderation in all things.                                           Marines in Region 2, and for his
                                    couldn’t have that, so alterna-
         This is just a short and                                     tireless work he does with the
                                    tive means were made to get
moderately sweet note about the                                       ship, I had nominated Dustin for
                                    him to the Summit.
holiday season and the assorted
                                             At the awards banquet    the award. It was with great
problems that can ‘crop’ up due                                       pride that one of my
                                    Saturday night, Commander
to immoderate                                                         crewmembers actually won
                                    Dustin Williams was promoted
overstuffing of the                                                   because he was up against some
                                    to Captain by Commander,
digestive tract and                                                   very tough competition equally
                                    STARFLEET Mike Smith, who
then also excessive
                                    was in attendance. Region 2       deserving of the award. For
indulgence in the                                                     winning this, he is eligible for
                                    Coordinator Kelly Hilliard and
fruit of the vine.                                                    the International Officer of the
                                    the rest of the Regional staff
         In closing-                                                  Year Award that will be given
                                    were also in attendance. When
Happy holidays, Merry Christ-                                         out at the International Confer-
                                    Dustin’s name was called, he
mas, and a SAFE and enjoyable
                                    made a calm approach to the       ence in Cherry Hill, NJ in
happy new year!                                                       August.
                                    stage. However, when Mike
  - CMDR Ralph Brigham                                                         Congratulations Captain
                                    barked, “Get up here NOW,
                                    Marine!”, I think Dustin leapt    Dustin on your accomplish-
                                    the reaming 20 feet over the      ments!
                                                                        - FCAPT Richard L.

 6                                    SUBSPACE         STATIC
                                                                        pointing party, especially after
       OPERATIONS                                                       all the work that went into
                                                                        preparing for it.
  Staying, helping, watching, partying, and surfing.                             The following weekend
         Well here it goes. It      He has recently                     John Collie, Dustin Williams,
looks like I may be staying on      transferred over                    Richard Trulson and myself
with the ship. Although I’m still   from the Shuttle Alabama, and       made a trek to Birmingham to
                                                                        spend the evening with the USS
working on getting a KLAW           was promptly appoint ADC of
chapter started in Athens, I will   Ops. (So I shanghaied one of        Hephaestus and her crew for
continue on as the Operations       CMDR Flannagans crew, I             their Halloween party. We had a
Officer for the Wernher von         needed him more than she did).      real fun time getting together
Braun. There was a suggestion                November saw the           with Fleet Captain Mohney and
                                                                        his crew, and look forward to
made at the September meeting       release of the 8th Star Trek
that the Athen’s KLAW chapter       movie: “  First Contact”. As has    many more joint activities with
come aboard the von Braun. We       been our tradition, we went         them.
are giving this some serious        down and worked the premier                  As for what we will be
thought. It does open up whole      of the movie. This year we were     doing in December, your guess
                                                                        is as good as mine. It is to late
new avenues for ideas.              at Madison Square 12 with our
         To the best of my          recruiting table. Comic Corner      to get into the Athens Christmas
knowledge we are still sitting at   was also gracious enough to         Parade, and we have yet to hear
a balance of $90 in the checking    donate several boxes of comics      anything from WAAY about
account. I know I haven’t           for us to give away as well a       theirs. As for a ship’s holiday
                                                                        party goes .... We’ll just have to
signed any checks recently, and     display case for us to display
I have the check book. So we        Trek memorabilia. We got            see. We will discuss the possi-
should still be sitting fairly well plenty of signatures and handed     bilities of one at the monthly
on our checking account, not        out many fliers. I think the high   meeting.
that I’ll be able to say the same   point of our display was CMO                 In this day and age of
                                                                        political correctness I can’t wish
thing after the Trek 30 celebra-    Ralph Brigham’s working tri-
tion.                               corder that we had on display       everyone a Merry Christmas
         We are starting to get in  Friday night. I would like to
some new members finally, and       thank Dustin Williams, John
hopefully after the Trek 30         Collie, Ralph Brigham, and
event we will get a lot more        Richard Trulson for coming out
new members. I have already         and helping us make a good
contacted one interested person     showing for this premier.
that lives over here in Athens.              As for the movie itself,
She is going to try her best to     I, for one, enjoyed it, and in my
make it to the next meeting.        humble opinion, was the best
         I would like to say thank  movie to-date. Even though the
you to Rebecca Self, Dustin         in-jokes and YATI’s were
Williams, and Kevin Carney for      abundant, it was still the best
helping out at the 1996 Jerry       films to-date.
Lewis Labor Day Telethon.                    In October we had our       Where’s the boy wonder when
Your help was greatly appreci-      annual Halloween party, al-          you need him? I just like this
ated.                               though the only people to show       image and needed something
         Speaking of Kevin          up were Richard Trulson,             to balance the page, so enjoy
Carney, I would like to take this   Dustin Williams, and John            this image from the new
time to welcome him aboard.         Collie. This was a very disap-       movie, Batman and Robin.
                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                       7
without upsetting the Jews. I                  Anyways... That’s right,            Unfortunately, this year
can’t say Happy Hanukkah              it’s the holiday season again,      also marked the passing of
without upsetting the Chris-          where has the year gone? 1996       another one of the Living
tians, and I can’t say either         seemed to go by at warp speed.      Legends: Mark Lenard passed
without upsetting the Pagans,         All-in-all though, I think it was   away from cancer. He will be
Agnostics or others. Let’s face       a pretty good year. We had          sorrowfully missed by all. So
it, it seems like no matter what      many new members join us, and       we now bid goodbye to Sarek of
you say you’re going to offend        had the release of the 8th Star     Vulcan.
someone. So in hopes of not           Trek movie. This December                    Well, now that I have a
offending anyone and staying          also marks our 3rd anniversary.     new job, I should be able to get
politically correct: Happy            That’s right folks, it was De-      all my paperwork and reports
Holidays and Seasons Greetings        cember 1993 the we were             done now as I have plenty of
from Operations. There, I don’t       launched. Believe me, it feels      time sitting behind a desk on
think you can get much more           like a LOT longer than three        weekends and I have to do
generic then that. :)                 years.                              SOMETHING to keep me
                                                                          awake. :)
 ...Explanation continued from page 3.                                             Just thought you all
paper. You’re getting over            shocked to hear Subspace Static     might like to know that our web
TWICE as much information             announced as the winner of          site is now a member of the
than you normally would.              Region 2’s Newsletter of the        United Federation of Trek Sites.
         Combine that with a full     Year Competition. I knew we         What this basically means is
color cover, and you have a           had a chance at a finalist plac-    that there is now a control panel
very nice newsletter that would       ing, but I had no idea we would     on our main page that will allow
be a magazine equal to almost         actually WIN the most highly        you to jump directly from our
two Communiqués or other              contested award given. We were      web site to other Trek related
regular magazine such as Time.        up against eight other very         sites that are part of this Web
I decided to play with the            deserving newsletters. This win     Ring. No more using a search
format a little with this issue       also allows us to participate in    engine to try and find other Trek
and make it a commemorative           the 1996 international competi-     related sites and coming up with
anniversary edition celebrating       tion.                               a lot of useless sites. We are site
the thirtieth anniversary of Star              Anyway, I hope you’re      number 171, so there are plenty
Trek in 1996 and the twentieth        as pleased with the outcome as I    of sites for you to visit that are
anniversary of Star Wars in           am. I wanted this to be some-       Trek related where you can get
1997. That way, hopefully all         thing special that you would be     images, sounds and even video
the extra information, the color      proud to have. I know I am.         footage. I hope that you all will
cover, and the anniversary            Hopefully, future issues will be    take advantage of this new
information would make up for         more on schedule. I have an         feature. As always, the site
the missed timeliness of the          Assistant Department Chief          continues to grow and improve.
normal three issues. If that          now, so hopefully Jim can help      Be sure to check the site often
doesn’t please you, what will?        me get things back on track.        for information at http://
         After all, this newsletter   And maybe, just maybe, I can
is an award winning newsletter.       convince him to take over once      web_solu/USS_von_Braun/
We received an Honorable              he sees what a regular issue is       - CMDR Dallas Vinson
Mention in the 1995 Interna-          like. Till then, welcome him
tional Newsletter of the Year         aboard.
Competition. And then at the            - FCAPT Richard L.
Region 2 Summit, I was                  Trulson.

 8                                       SUBSPACE         STATIC
               1996 FINANCIAL AUDIT
Note: Entries marked with a * are missing receipts.
                    January:                                             July:
Start Balance:                       $64.78       Starting Balance:                    $42.39
Deposits:                              $0         Deposits:                            $48.00
Checks:                                           Checks:                               $0
#1109: Postmaster                    $32.00       Ending Balance:                      $90.39
    (Survey Postage) *                                                 August:
Ending Balance:                      $32.78       Starting Balance:                    $90.39
                   February:                      Deposits:                             $0
Starting Balance:                    $32.78       Checks:                               $0
Deposits:                              $0         Ending Balance:                      $90.39
Checks:                                                              September:
#1110: Postmaster                      $6.00      Starting Balance:                    $90.39
    (MB Postage) *                                Deposits:                             $0
Ending Balance:                      $26.78       Checks:                               $0
                     March:                       Ending Balance:                      $90.39
Starting Balance:                    $26.78                            October:
Deposits: *                          $49.00       Starting Balance:                    $90.39
Checks:                                           Deposits:                            $30.00
#1108: STARFLEET                     $12.00       Checks:
    (Chapter Charter Fee)                         #1113: Jim Dykes                     $10.00
#1111: Postmaster                    $20.80           (Change for Membership Dues) *
    (MB Postage)                                  #1116: Dominos                       $16.99
Ending Balance:                      $42.98           (Operations Dept. Meeting) *
                      April:                      #1117: Wal-Mart                      $16.48
Starting Balance:                    $42.98           (Halloween Party Snacks)
Deposits:                            $20.00       Ending Balance:                      $76.92
Checks:                                                               November:
#1112: Kinko’s                       $40.59       Starting Balance:                    $76.92
    (Brochure Copying)                            Deposits:                             $0
Ending Balance:                      $22.39       Checks:
                      May:                        #1114: Postmaster                    $16.00
Starting Balance:                    $22.39           (MB Postage) *
Deposits:                            $20.00       #1115: Kinko’s                       $32.70
Checks:                                $0             (Brochures for First Contact)
Ending Balance:                      $42.39       Ending Balance:                      $28.22
                      June:                                           December:
Starting Balance:                    $42.39       Starting Balance:                    $28.22
Deposits:                              $0         Deposits:                             $0
Checks:                                $0         Checks:                               $0
Ending Balance:                      $42.39       Ending Balance:                      $28.22

                                Special Anniversary Edition                                 9
         How to write reviews.                 You can take two                     Various
In a previous issue, my report        approaches to a review. You          methods of rating
detailed how to write a report.       can simply deliver the facts as      reviews exist. You
This was done in hopes that it        they happened or you can give a      can use something as simple as
would help other departments          personal critique of the event.      you either liked or didn’t like,
chiefs write their reports for the    Let me illustrate the difference     or something as complicated as
newsletter. However, if volun-        between the two. A factual           a scale from one to ten. Just
tary submissions are any indica-      account would say that Star          make sure you label which is
tion, it did not. I STILL have to     Trek: First Contact premiered        the good end of the scale. If you
be beat department chiefs over        last November earning millions       don’t rate on the overall effect,
the head to submit something.         of dollars in ticket sales. A        you can rate particular aspects.
Even with the newsletter being        critique would say that First        For example, a convention can
this late, submissions aren’t         Contact had a thrilling plot and     have an overall good or bad
what I’d like for them to be.         is the best Trek movie to date.      rating, but maybe a bad con
Anyway, in this issue, I’m            The first is objective and impar-    excelled in a particular area,
going to tell you how to write a      tial while the second is subjec-     such as variety. Therefore, you
review. Since this applies to         tive and personal. Neither of the    can give a greater understanding
everyone, hopefully, I will get       two are any better or any worse      of something by rating the parts,
more submissions from the             than the other. However, per-        the whole, or both. Again, no
general membership.                   sonal critiques are open for         one method is better than the
         First of all, what exactly   debate. I usually combine both       other, just use the method you
is a review? It can be any            methods in my reviews, provid-       like the best.
number of things, but it is           ing the facts and then giving my              Don’t forget to tell your
simply a retelling or summari-        opinions on them.                    readers if you liked it and
zation of your experience with                 All reviews should share    enjoyed yourself. Would you go
something. You can write a            common traits. This is where         back again? Why or why not?
review on any number of things        the factual aspect usually           Was there one deciding factor
or events. You can review a           resides. You should always tell      or was it lots of little things that
movie you went to and be critic       the who, what, when, where,          added up? Would you recom-
for your peers, you can tell what     why, and how of your event.          mend your friends go to this
you did at a convention, you          Or, if it’s a review of a book or    event or activity? Would your
can report on a significant           movie, given details on the          opinion change if you were to
achievement, or you can even          characters, actors, and plot.        add some minor qualifiers, such
review a book that you have           Providing this basic information     as “Not if they are appearing,”
read. The possibilities of what       will orient your readers on          or “If they do this…”?
can be reviewed are endless.          what’s going on. Not only that,               Also try comparing the
                                      but it will give your review         event or item with others like it.
                                      credibility that you know what       For example, everyone loves to
                                      you’re talking about as opposed      compare the various Trek
                                      to just rambling on. (Sorta like I   incarnations with each other:
                                      am now. ::grin::) Don’t be           Who’s the better Captain or
                                      afraid to be elaborate on the        which is the best designed ship?
                                      details, as those are what give      Is it a sequel? Have you at-
                                      your review depth.                   tended others like it before?
                                                                           Did it improve or go down in

 10                                      SUBSPACE         STATIC
quality? What changes were             However, occasionally you may         opposite extreme, did it use
made from the previous one?            be indecisive on a particular         every cliché available with
Did it stand on it’s own or does       movie. Reading a review may           stereotypical, one-dimensional
it need the know the previous          help persuade you. Writing one        characters? If it was a “can’t put
incarnations to know what’s            isn’t that difficult. Perhaps the     the book down until I read the
going on? Making these com-            best thing to do with movies is       entire thing straight through”,
parisons will also help foster         to give a brief plot summary.         tell us so we will be sure to read
familiarity with your readers          However, be careful not to give       it as well. However, if you got
and give them a measuring stick        away the cliff hanger ending or       bored with just the first chapter,
for reference.                         other crucial points as that may      explain that so we can avoid it.
        Age considerations are         cause people to be
also important. Let your readers       upset with you.
know who the target audience           Therefore, your
is. Will children be allowed or        plot summary
should only adults with a risqué       should tease at
taste go? Were the expectations        what’s happening
of the target audience met, or         but not give it way
did they fall far short of their       entirely. Also,
goals. Was it entertainment            consider providing
appropriate to who they in-            actor and character
tended to attend?                      relations as in who
        Finally, do your review        portrayed who and
as soon after the event as             what the relation-
possible, so you will have all         ship between the
your information fresh in your         characters are. You
memory. Once you get that              can go even further
down, then go back and review          behind the scenes
your own writing a few days or         by mentioning the
weeks later. Did your opinion          production crew
change after a period of reflec-       and so forth. Was
tion and cool down? Are the            it an action-packed
issues that seemed important           thrill ride or was it
                                                                         See the review on page 26.
then as important later? This          a three hanky, tear-
will also allow you to gather          jerker? Individual
additional follow-up informa-          episodes and TV specials would                 Believe it or not, you
tion that you may not have had         also have the same reviewing          can also review games. Explain
during the event, such as atten-       methodology.                          what genre it falls under, such
dance figures and so forth.                      Books are very similar      as action/arcade, role-playing,
                                       to movies. Provide the same           problem solving, etc. Did you
         It’s fine to talk in gener-   information with them as you          enjoy playing it, or did you get
alities on everything; however,        would the movie. You might            your money back? Is it some-
having a concrete example to go        also include information on if it     thing you can jump right in and
by will help even more. There-         was easy to read. Was it techni-      enjoy easily, or do you have to
fore, the next few paragraphs          cal in nature with many hard to       spend hours setting it up and
will cover specific reviews.           understand and custom words
         Let’s start off our review    and phrases, or was it written in       Continued: See
of reviews with movies. Every-         such a way that everyone could          Communications on page
one goes to and enjoys them.           follow along easily? On the             61...

                                       Special Anniversary Edition                                        11
           SCIENCES                                                              WOW! What a sight!!!
                                                                        That’s the best description I can
  Meteror showers and adopting      a highway.                          give for the Geminid meteor
         Greetings fellow                     Here is the               shower. I went outside and
crewmembers and stargazers:          info on the Adopt-                 looked forward, not expecting
         Is there ice on the         a-Mile Program. The DOT will       much due to my disappoint-
                                                                        ments with the last few Perseid
moon? Some NASA scientists           furnish two Adopt-A-Mile
seem to think that they have         recognition signs at each end of   meteor showings. However, I
located ice deposits near the        the adopted section with the       got the surprise of my life when
south polar region of the moon       name of the adopting organiza-     I was treated to the best display
that is never exposed to any         tion displayed. Requirements:      of a meteor shower ever. While
                                                                        I didn’t keep an official record,
kind of light. Others disagree       * Supervision for members of
saying that the current informa-     our group under the age of 15      I probably saw at least one
tion is inconclusive.                by adults.                         meteor per minute. This abso-
         For anyone interested in    * Attendance of a safety meet-     lutely floored me given the
some stargazing during the           ing and execution of release       rarity of Perseids in August. I’d
                                                                        occasionally be treated to three
month of November, the Leonid        forms before participation.
Meteor Showers will be an            * Adoption of a section of         our four per minute. And the
event to watch. The peak for         roadway one or more miles          colors were be spectacular as
number of meteors will be 30-        long.                              well. The best one I saw fell in
36 per hour on Sunday, Novem-        * Cleanup of adopted section at    the east-northeast sky low on
                                                                        the horizon. It streaked straight
ber 17. Unfortunately, the time      intervals necessary to keep said
will be just after sunset, so the    section litter-free.               down with a brilliant yellow at
view from the Northern Hemi-         * Pickup of supplies and traffic   the tail to an burnt orange at the
sphere may not be too good this      signs (to be installed during      front. Not only was it colorful,
year. Next year’s showers will       cleanup) during business hours     but it was huge as well. This
                                                                        one meteor shower made up for
not have as good a peak at 12        (this includes trash bags and
per hour with some interference      safety vests). Bags will be left   all the other crappy Perseid
from the moon(also to occur on       at adopted site for DOT pickup.    showings that were suppose to
Nov. 17).                            * Return of unused supplies and    be nice but weren’t.
          The Geminid meteors        signs to DOT upon termination               On that note, I need to
                                                                        apologize for this information
tend to be bright and yellow. I      of program.
have no frequency but, the peak      * Adoption will be for a period    from Don for being to late to be
will be on the evenings of           of two years.                      of use to you. Of all the things
December 12th into the 13th            - SCPO Don Daniel                that got hurt by my newsletter
and December 13th into the                                              tardiness, this one is it. Not only
                                                                        was this information not given
14th with productive viewing
around 10 p.m. local time.                                              in the newsletter, but I lost it in
There will be several nights of                                         the hundreds of messages in my
showers around these nights                                             e-mailbox, and therefore was
with clear viewing unobstructed                                         unable to send it out. I apolo-
                                                                        gize to Don, and to everyone for
by the moon, but the 2 nights
above will offer the best show.                                         that; I’m sorry. I’ll do my best
Happy viewing to those stargaz-                                         not to let this happen again. The
ers who brave the chill winter                                          same also happened to comet
air to enjoy the night sky.                                             Hale-Bopp. I asked Don to do

 12                                     SUBSPACE         STATIC
an article for it as well, but did
not get it finished in time for
April. Therefore, I told him to
                                          MEETING MINUTES
save himself the trouble.             June 2, 1996 Minutes:              Huntsville. Additionally, if you
          I only saw comet Hale-                                         have any problems about Rich,
Bopp once, during early April,            Departmental Reports:          or simply don’t feel comfortable
but that once will live with me      Commanding Officer, CAPT            coming to him, Henry will be
forever. I had just finished         Richard L. Trulson                  your contact point, and will
mowing the runway, and was           • Creating new Citation             keep your identity confidential.
taking a short break outside.        Awards. Please sign your name       Operations, CMDR Dallas
Since it was dusk, I decided to      to the citation list, along with    Vinson:
wait to see the comet. My            the event and date of what you      • Several memberships are past
parents eventually joined me         did to earn a citation. They will   due. Please pay.
out there and talked. Then it        be awarded at the • Next Meet-      Security:
appeared suddenly as a bright        ing.                                • Did not go to the opening of
star in the north-northwest sky      • Submit an application to Rich     Space Shot at US Space and
just after sunset. You could see     by July 1 if you want to be the     Rocket Center due to sunburn
it’s tail appear as a pale white     Department Chief in one of the      sickness.
streak/smear going up and to         following departments: Com-         Communications, CAPT
the right. This was just with        munications does the newslet-       Richard L. Trulson:
naked eye viewing. I’ve also         ter, Operations plans and coor-     • Why isn’t anyone submitting
heard those with better eyesight     dinates events, Sciences, Engi-     anything for the newsletter? The
claim to see a smaller, fainter,     neering builds props, Marines,      current issue will be mailed out
bluish tail. This turned out to be   Medical needs medical training,     next week.
a very enjoyable moment with         and Counselor. DC’s need to be      Shuttle Alabama, CMDR
my family, peering into the sky      a STARFLEET member and              Bonnie Flanagan:
at the mysterios splendor of         preferably have OTS. Responsi-      • Arts and crafts are the second
space. You can get more Hale-        bilities will include writing a     Thursday of the month at 2 PM.
Bopp information at http://          report for each newsletter, and     They will makes things to sell.            organizing activities and           • Monthly meeting is the third
comet/ on the web, including         projects for your department.       Sunday at 2 PM at the Decatur
some beautiful telescope pic-        • Planning meeting was dis-         Regional Library.
tures.                               cussed and set for June 2 at 2      • Mother’s Day picnic went
  - FCAPT Richard L.                 PM at Henry Vaughn’s house at       well.
  Trulson                            159 Dexter Circle in Madison.
                                     This will plan activities for the               Business:
                                     next few months and establish       • Movie after the meeting at
                                     some bylaws among other             Madison Square 12 will be
                                     things.                             Arrival at 4:40 PM.
                                     Executive Officer, CMDR             • People decided not to have a
                                     Henry Vaughn:                       potluck dinner this month.
                                     • Henry Vaughn is the new XO,       • Fund raising was discussed.
                                     his address is 159 Dexter Circle,   We will have a Rummage sale
                                     Madison , AL 35758. You can         on July 20, at Dallas’s house.
                                     contact him by E-Mail at            PLEASE donate something.
                            or by phone at        • Details on the STARFLEET
                                     (205) 722-4778. He will serve       International Conference were
                                     as Richard’s eyes and ears in       given. Everyone is encouraged
                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                    13
to attend. Richard will be           from school or work on August         July 7, 1996 Minutes:
driving out with a van that can      30. We’ll leave late Thursday
hold several easily and comfort-     and return Monday evening.                Departmental Reports:
ably. August 30-September 1 at       You need to mail your OWN            Commanding Officer, CAPT
the Oklahoma City Marriot. We        registration.                        Richard L. Trulson
will share rooms so we can split     • We’ll go see Independence          • Paper for the Commendations
the $79 room rate. Guests            Day after next month’s meeting.      has been received. They will be
include Keith Birdsong and           • Shining Star vote was won by       awarded at the next meeting.
Jaimie Murray. Package A             Tom Perry for his building of a      • Debra Story from the Hunts-
registration is $55 for admis-       transporter pad. Other nominees      ville Times is here to interview
sion, banquet, and T-shirt.          included Anya Funderburk and         us concerning the Star Trek 30
Package B is $45 for Registra-       Bonnie Flanagan for her hard         Celebration. Please take a
tion and T-shirt. Package C is       work with the Alabama launch-        moment after the meeting so
$35 for registration only. Prices    ing. (6-2-4, respectively)           she can interview you.
go up on July 15. Due to travel      • Next meeting is July 7.            • John Dodd, candidate for
time, you will need to take off                                           Huntsville Mayor, will give a
                                                                          speech after the meeting.

 JANEWAY                             • Janeway has a First Officer with
                                     a tattoo.
                                                                          • Janeway heard the words
                                                                          “boldly go where no man (er,
 Reasons why Captain                 • She doesn’t have any pesky Fed-    woman) has gone before” and
 Janeway is better than the          eration Admirals to get in her       took them to the extreme.
 other Captains:                     way.                                 • Picard tells alien cultures, “I
                                     • Janeway’s holo programs cre-       hope our two cultures will one
• More hair than all previous Star   ate useful things like doctors and   day come to a greater understand-
Trek Captains combined.              lungs. Picard’s holodecks create     ing.” Janeway threatens them
• Drinks coffee, not that sissy      maniacal evil geniuses who yet       with “the deadliest of force”.
“Earl Grey” stuff.                   again take over the ship.            • Her ship has neat-looking fold-
• Beams down to the planet like      • She doesn’t need to straighten     ing warp nacelles.
real Captains should.                her uniform every time she           • Her Conn. officer can use con-
• Mutes the doctor when the doc-     stands.                              tractions.
tor gets out of line.                • Janeway has never worn green       • Her first officer has a halluci-
• Voyager needs a female Cap-        tights and frolicked about in        nogenic device.
tain, because its Captain must be    Sherwood Forest. However, if she     • Janeway’s Security Chief would
willing to admit they’re lost and    did, she would look absolutely       never grow a ponytail.
pull over for directions.            fabulous!                            • Maintains an elaborate hairdo
• Picard likes to talk his way       • Kirk looked good in ripped         that would baffle even Princess
through. Janeway likes to punch      shirts; Picard looked good with-     Leia.
her way through.                     out a shirt; Janeway would look...
• Looks better in sleepwear.         no, they can’t do that on network    [ These were received in their
• Gives guilt trips that would       television.                          original form
make a Jewish mother proud.          • Her engineer does not wear a
• Isn’t French with an English       banana clip over her eyes.           via the STARFLEET mailing
accent.                              • Slouches in her chair even in      list. I cut out some of the less
• Janeway says “I don’t like you!”   critical life-threatening moments.   funnier ones for space sake. -
to enemies instead of trying to      • Doesn’t have a Counselor on        Rich ]
convince them to behave better.      board (thank God!).

 14                                     SUBSPACE         STATIC
Executive Officer, CMDR
Henry Vaughn:
• Searching for diplomas.
Operations, CMDR Dallas
• Phone list was given to the
department heads. Several
memberships are past due.
$42.39 is in the account.
Engineering, Acting LTjg
Michael Theodoreau:
• Michael Theodoreau is the
new DC.
Communications, CAPT                            Bridge scene from First Contact. MSN.
Richard L. Trulson:
• Newsletter was held for last     • Details given again for          • Calendar of events for the next
minute info. The next deadline     STARFLEET International            few months was given. [Cut due
for submission is August 1.        Conference. (See last month’s      to space- Rich]
Medical, LT Ralph Brigham:         minutes.) Need to have your        • Next meeting is August 4.
• Ralph Brigham is the new DC.     share of the costs given to        John Dodd then gave his pre-
Be careful of heat problems this   Richard BEFORE we leave.           sentation on his plans as mayor
summer.                            • By-laws published in the         if elected. He had a platform
Sciences, Acting LTjg Donald       newsletter were discussed. They    based upon bringing high-tech
Daniel:                            will be voted upon at the Sep-     businesses, sites, and attractions
• Don Daniel is the new DC.        tember meeting.                    into Huntsville, including a
Please join the department.        • Discussion of the upcoming       high-tech theme park. He wants
Shuttle Alabama, CMDR              Star Trek: One Weekend on          to win by a landslide so that he
Bonnie Flanagan:                   Earth celebration on September     can be Mayor in time for Star
• Arts and crafts are the second   7 and 8. One interesting note is   Trek 30 because he’s a fan.
Thursday of the month at 2 PM.     that Anya Funderburk sug-
They will makes things to sell.    gested the 1-888-2-BEAM-UP
• Monthly meeting is the third     number. They’re going to try to     August 4, 1996 Minutes:
Sunday at 2 PM at the Decatur      have all of the original series
Regional Library.                  cast members there, along with         Departmental Reports:
• Several new people. Collec-      many from the other series         Commanding Officer, CAPT
tions for CCC are going good.      including all four Captains.       Richard L. Trulson
                                   Events will occur at both the      • All the old Commendations of
            Business:              Von Braun Civic Center and the     Excellence (formally known as
• Movie after the meeting at       U.S. Space and Rocket Center.      Citations) were presented. If
Madison Square 12 will be          They will be needing volunteer     there are any omissions, let
Independence Day.                  work and we will do out best to    Rich know so he can get you an
• Rummage sale moved to July       participate in some fashion.       award. They included:
27 at Dallas’s house. Money        • Shining Star vote was won by     • Panoply work for 1994: Henry
will go into ship funds for        Henry Vaughn for hosting the       Vaughn, Ralph Brigham, Dustin
Mission Briefing and Subspace      planning meeting. Anya             Williams, Kit Ramsey, Bonnie
Static mailings, membership        Funderburk was also nominated      Flanagan, Dianne Adams, and
materials, awards, and other       for her work with Star Trek 30.    Johnnie Peterson
ship expenses.                     (Vote was 6 to 4.)

                                   Special Anniversary Edition                                     15
• Panoply work for 1995: Henry    Bonnie Flanagan, Dianne            • Banner has been ordered and
Vaughn, Dallas Vinson, Ralph      Adams, Larry Adams, and            will be ready by IC. Got new
Brigham, Dustin Williams, Kit     Laura Peterson                     names tags and are working on
Ramsey, Bonnie Flanagan,          Executive Officer, CMDR            by-laws.
Dianne Adams, Larry Adams,        Henry Vaughn:                                   Business:
and Johnnie Peterson              • New phone number is 895-         • Runway Run at the Huntsville
• Panoply work for 1996: Henry    9650 and address is 691 Gouch      International Airport is Satur-
Vaughn, Dallas Vinson, Ralph      LN, Madison, AL, 35758.            day, August 10. They need
Brigham, John Colley, Dustin      Operations, CMDR Dallas            volunteer helpers at the finish
Williams, Richard Trulson, Kit    Vinson:                            line at 6:30 PM, traffic control
Ramsey, and Johnnie Peterson      • Director of the Federation       at 3 PM, and aid stations at 3
• Runway Run work for 1995:       Studies in STARFLEET Acad-         and 6 PM. Please sign up. You
Dustin Williams, Bonnie           emy has resigned. KLAW has         get a free T-shirt and refresh-
Flanagan, Dianne Adams, Larry     finally responded.                 ments from them, along with
Adams                             Communications, CAPT               promotion points from us.
• Convention Security for 1994:   Richard L. Trulson:                • Madison Square Mall Cos-
Henry Vaughn, Dallas Vinson,      • Submissions are due now.         tume contest is August 17
Ralph Brigham, Dustin Will-       Memory problems with               starting at 11 AM at the Center
iams, Kit Ramsey, Bonnie          Richard’s printer have delayed     Court. We will try to have a
Flanagan, Dianne Adams, Larry     Subspace Static until next         recruiting table there and will
Adams, and Johnnie Peterson       month.                             need your help too.
• Convention Security for 1995:   Sciences, Acting LTjg Donald       • We discussed having a special
Henry Vaughn, Dallas Vinson,      Daniel:                            planning meeting on August 25,
Ralph Brigham, John Colley,       • Donated a table top book         but that was canceled since it
Dustin Williams, Kit Ramsey,      display to ship stores. It con-    seems most everyone but
Bonnie Flanagan, Dianne           tains a blinking light display.    Richard will be here for the
Adams, Larry Adams, and           Shuttle Alabama, CMDR              September meeting. Henry will
Johnnie Peterson                  Bonnie Flanagan:                   be in charge of that one.
• STARFLEET International         • Arts and crafts are the second   • UAH organizational fair is
Conference for 1993 and 1994:     Thursday of the month at 2 PM.     tentatively scheduled for Au-
Kit Ramsey                        They will makes things to sell.    gust 28.
• STARFLEET International         • Monthly meeting is the third
Conference for 1995: Henry        Sunday at 2 PM at the Decatur
Vaughn, Dallas Vinson, Dustin     Regional Library.
Williams, Bonnie Flanagan,
Richard Trulson, Dianne           One of three celebration scenes added to the end of Return of the
Adams, and Larry Adams            Jedi. This is over Mos Eisley spaceport. Image courtesy of the
• Books-A-Million Star Trek       official Star Wars web site.
Day work: Dustin Williams,
Anya Funderburk, John Colley,
Richard Trulson, Michael
Theodoreau, and Laura Peterson
• Madison Square Mall Com-
munity Days work: Henry
Vaughn, Dustin Williams, Kit
Ramsey, Richard Trulson,

 16                                 SUBSPACE          STATIC
• Final list and plans made for
STARFLEET International
Conference, which is turning
                                                   STAR WARS:
out to be more of leadership
conference than a regular con                       BETTER?
with stars.                             Top ten reasons why the            7) Jabba the Hutt would eat Harry
• By-laws published in the              Star Wars characters               Mudd for trying to cut in on his
newsletter were discussed. They         would kick butt in the Star        action.
will be voted upon at the Sep-          Trek universe:                     6) Luke Skywalker is not ob-
tember meeting.                                                            sessed with sleeping with every
• Please distribute the flyers and    10) In the Star Wars universe,       alien he encounters.
posters for Star Trek: One            weapons rarely, if ever, are set     5) One word: lightsabers.
Weekend on Earth celebration.         on “stun”.                           4) The Federation would have to
Make sure you ask business            9) The Enterprise needs a huge       attempt to liberate any ship
owners first for permission! A        engine room with an anti-mat-        named Slave I.
sign-up sheet was passed              ter unit and a crew of twenty just   3) The Death Star doesn’t care if
around for people to indicate         to go into warp— the Millen-         a world is class “M” or not.
what times they could work.           nium Falcon does the same            2) Darth Vader could choke the
Volunteers will get a T-shirt,        thing with R2-D2 and a               entire Borg empire with one
name badge, possible day pass         Wookie.                              glance.
to the U.S. Space and Rocket          8) After resisting the Imperial      1) Picard pilots the Enterprise
Center, and possibly a small          torture droid and Darth Vader,       through an asteroid belt at one-
pass to the Trek 30 event itself.     Princess Leia still looked fresh     quarter impulse power. Han Solo
It was pointed out the volunteer      and desirable—after some             floors it.
workers to this event are not         Cardassian starvation and tor-
being welcomed and encour-            ture, Picard looked like hell.       [ The previous was received in its
aged as nicely as they would                                               original                    form
like. Therefore, participation is                                          sashi@feith1.FEITH.COM via
completely voluntary.                                                      the STARFLEET mailing list. ]
• STARFLEET will be at Space
Camp on September 20-22. We
will try to have our third anni-     • Calendar of events for the next     Communications, CAPT
versary party with them on           few months was given. [Cut due        Richard L. Trulson:
Saturday, September 21 some-         to space. - Rich]                     • Next issue will be given at
time in late evening. Anya                                                 the October meeting.
Funderburk offered to let us                                               Sciences, Acting LTjg
host it at her house. More            September 1, 1996 Minutes            Donald Daniel:
details in the next Mission                                                • Don has several copies of
Briefing.                                 Departmental Reports:            the Huntsville Times article in
• Shining Star went to Anya          Commanding Officer, CAPT              which they interviewed us for
Funderburk by acclamation for        Richard L. Trulson                    Star Trek 30.
her work with Star Trek 30.          • Apologies for Richard not
• Next meeting is September 1.       being here were made. He left                    Business:
• Bonnie announced that River        word to thank those who helped        • More discussion on the Star
Oaks mall in Decatur is having       at the Runway Run.                    Trek: One Weekend on Earth
a sale on Star Trek items.                                                 celebration. Sign-up sheets

                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                        17
were passed around for people       • Planning Meeting has been set     • It was also suggested that the
to volunteer work. They have        for 2 PM on Saturday, Septem-       WVB take on a contingent of
quite a few restrictions on what    ber 28, at Dallas’s house in        Klingons so as to merge it and
people can do and must wear.        Athens on Hwy. 72 and 31.           the Athens KLAW chapter.
Vote was passed to spend            • Alan Davis has a huge Star        They will take this under con-
money for flyers/brochures at       Trek toy collection for sale. His   sideration.
Trek 30 and for our third anni-     list has been attached separately   • Next meeting is October 6.
versary party if needed.            [Cut due to space. - Rich]. He      • Calendar of events and By-
• If arrangements can be made,      can be contacted at 103             Law changes. [Cut due to
our third anniversary party will    Lanthorn Circle, Madison AL         space. - Rich]
be held Saturday night, Septem-     35758 or call (205)464-0763 or
ber 21, in conjunction with the     through E-mail at                    October 6, 1996 Minutes:
STARFLEET people coming in
for Space Camp Sep. 20-22.          • Discussion was made regard-           Departmental Reports:
• Vote to participate in Madison    ing the annual awards and it        Commanding Officer, CAPT
Square Mall Community Days          was decided that the nomina-        Richard L. Trulson
was for us to not do it because     tions and secret vote be held at    • Thanks for everyone’s help at
of the timing and restrictions      the October meeting and the         Star Trek 30. We had a great
the mall is wanting to put on us.   awards be presented at the          time and they couldn’t have
• UAH Organizational Fair is        annual Halloween party.             done it without us.
Friday, September 27 from 11        • Shining Star went to Anya         • Commendations of Excellence
AM to 1 PM. Sign up sheet to        Funderburk by acclamation for       were given for volunteer work
work the recruiting table was       her work with Star Trek 30.         at the following:
passed around.                      • By-laws changes and addi-         - Runway Run: Donald Daniel,
                                    tions were discussed. They          Rebecca Self, Bonnie Flanagan,
                                    would be voted on section by        Richard Trulson, and Dianne
                                    section at the October meeting.     Adams
                                                                        - Star Trek 30: Ralph Brigham,
                                                                        Dustin Williams, Don Daniel,
         Bane and Posion Ivy, from Batman and Robin.
                                                                        Richard Trulson, and Jim Dykes
                                                                        Jerry Lewis Telethon: Dallas
                                                                        Vinson, Dustin Williams,
                                                                        Rebecca Self, and Kevan
                                                                        - STARFLEET International
                                                                        Conference Help: Bonnie
                                                                        • Various letters thanking us for
                                                                        our help were passed around for
                                                                        people to see. One was a letter
                                                                        from Janet Morgan, the volun-
                                                                        teer coordinator at Star Trek 30,
                                                                        and the other was from the
                                                                        Runway Run people.
                                                                        • April/May Communiqués were
                                                                        picked up at STARFLEET’s
                                                                        International Conference and

 18                                    SUBSPACE         STATIC
distributed at the meeting. Some   • Unless he gets appointed full
of the other interesting events
were discussed.
                                   time as Head of FDC Security
                                   and allowed to work fully in
• Richard apologized for not       this regard, he is going to resign     Your Captain just might
being able to get arrangements     the interim head position.             be a redneck if...
made with the people who came      • Feeling much better health         • Your shuttlecraft has been up
in for Space Camp. He could        wise.                                on blocks for over a month.
never get anyone to return his     Communications, CAPT                 • He paints flames and a NRA
inquiries.                         Richard L. Trulson:                  sticker on the warp nacelles.
Executive Officer, CMDR            • The Subspace Static received       • You have a shuttle called
Henry Vaughn:                      an honorable mention in the          “Billy Joe Bob.”
• Working on getting T-shirts      STARFLEET Newsletter of the          • He refers to Klingons as “crit-
and possibly name tags.            Year competition.                    ters.”
• Address has changed back to      • Summer issue is being held to      • He has the sensor array re-
the original one at 159 Dexter     include information on Star          paired with a bent coathanger
Circle, Madison , AL 35758.        Trek 30 and STARFLEET                and aluminum foil.
You can still E-Mail him at        elections. It will be a double       • He installs a set of bullhorns                     sized issue again. It’s not too      on the front of the saucer sec-
Operations, CMDR Dallas            late for last minute submissions.    tion.
Vinson:                            Medical, LT Ralph Brigham:           • He says “got your ears on,
• Current balance is $90.39.       • Please fill out the medical        good buddy” instead of “open
• Please update your address       release forms if you have not        hailing frequencies.”
and other contact information      done so.                             • He hangs fuzzy dice over the
by filling out a new member-       Sciences, Acting LTjg Donald         viewscreen.
ship form if you haven’t al-       Daniel:                              • He programs the food
ready.                             • Adopt-A-highway program is         replicator for beer, ribs, and tur-
• Ship’s Halloween party at 8      for a 2 year period. A vote to       nip greens.
PM on Saturday, October 26 at      participate in this program was      • His idea of dress uniform is
Dallas’s house in Athens on        passed. Some discussion oc-          clean bib overalls.
Hwy. 72 and 31.                    curred on where we want to be        • He paints the starship John
• Also, the USS Hephaestus has     located.                             Deere green.
invited us to their Halloween      Shuttle Alabama, CMDR                • His moonshine is stronger than
party as well. It’s on Saturday    Bonnie Flanagan:                     Romulan ale.
night, November 2.                 • Arts and crafts are the second     • He rewires his communicator
Operations, CMDR Dustin            Thursday of the month at 2 PM.       into his belt buckle.
Williams:                          They will makes things to sell.      • He keeps a six-pack under his
• Worked for VBCC security at      • Monthly meeting is the third       command chair and a gun rack
Star Trek 30.                      Sunday at 2 PM at the Decatur        above it.
• Plans to do security at Big      Regional Library.                    • He says “yee-ha!” instead of
Spring Jam have fallen through.                                         “engage.”
We have a bid in for next year                Business:
though.                            • We had a discussion on which       [This was received from
• There may be a Trek-O-Rama       logo to use: our original one
in mid-December.                   with the oval shape behind the       off the STARFLEET listserve.
                                   Trek chevron, or the new one         Should I ever start exhibiting
                                   with the hollow rectangle            any of these symptoms, shoot
                                                                        me out of the nearest photon
                                    Continued: See Minutes on
                                                                        tube. - Rich ]
                                    page 64...
                                   Special Anniversary Edition                                       19
  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… revisited.                           Most of the information
         The greatest science-fiction story to ever be produced got a      and pictures were taken from
major face lift this year. In order to commemorate the twentieth 
anniversary of Star Wars in 1997, George Lucas released special            home.html, which is the official
editions of the Star Wars trilogy. They have all been digitally re-        web site. I also got some infor-
mastered using the latest THX and DTS technologies to give the             mation from http://
ultimate viewing and listening experience. Furthermore, thanks to
the wonders of Computer Graphics Imaging (CGI), such at that used          meissnem/SW/index.html,
to produce the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, new scenes were added           which is a fan run site. NO-
or enhancements were made to existing ones. Star Wars was re-              TICE: If you don’t want hear
leased on January 31, followed by The Empire Strikes Back on               about these enhancements for
February 21, and Return of the Jedi on March 7.                            fear of ruining the movie expe-
         Lucas wanted people to “see them like the Saturday matinee        rience, do not read any further.
serials they were originally meant to be,” so he released them within      The official web site goes into
a few weeks of each other. “I thought that would be a very appropri-       much greater detail.
ate way of celebrating the twentieth anniversary. At the same time, I
had an ulterior motive that I had been thinking about for a long
time—actually ever since the films were finished. There were
various things, especially in the original film, that I wasn’t satisfied
with—special effects shots that never were really finished, scenes
                                                                           Star Wars: A New Hope (SW) is
that I’d wanted to include that couldn’t be included for some reason,
                                                                           the oldest and showing the most
mostly money and time. I really wanted to fix the films and have
                                                                           age. In fact, compared to
them be complete.”
                                                                           today’s special effects, it really
         In the final total, about four minutes of additional footage
                                                                           is starting too stale. In fact,
has been added to Star Wars, one and a half minutes to Empire, and
                                                                           Lucas himself has stated that he
three and a half minutes to Jedi. All three films had to be cleaned
                                                                           was unable to create a world as
meticulously to get the dirt and grime off them. In order to redo
                                                                           realistic as he originally in-
some of the effects, they had
                                    Here's a perfect example of CGI        tended. As a result, SW seems
to be re-filmed from the
                                    effects used to work magic. The top    to be getting the most improve-
original composites, which
                                    is the original shot, and the bottom   ments from the very beginning.
can number over a dozen
                                    is from the Special Edition.           The attack on the rebel blockade
elements in each scene.
                                                                           runner has been cleaned up
Furthermore, color enhanc-
                                                                           considerably to show greater
ing was done and the matte
                                                                           detail in both ships and in
lines were moved. Even
                                                                           Tatooine below. The search for
new matte paintings were
                                                                           the droids by the Stormtroopers
and new models built as
                                                                           had major CGI help. Entire
well as new live action
                                                                           animated Dewback creatures
sequences filmed. The folks
                                                                           with Stormtrooper riders have
at Industrial Light and
                                                                           been added.
Magic have again performed
                                                                                    The Mos Eisley space
magic to achieve breathtak-
                                                                           port received a major makeover.
ing effects.
                                                                           The original spaceport was
                                                                           suppose to be a great tradeing
                                                                           and space center. However, due
 20                                      SUBSPACE          STATIC
to budget and time constraints,     a Ronto, which throws its Jawa              Perhaps the most antici-
the city turned out to be less      riders off. Another minor          pated addition to the Special
than what Lucas wanted. With        amusing addition is the pres-      Edition of Star Wars is that of
the Special Edition, several new    ence of floating droid. And as     Jabba the Hut. We knew from
scenes were added as were           always several CGI Rontos and      being mentioned earlier by
enhancements to existing ones.      Dewbacks are scattered             Greedo and by Jedi that Jabba is
The overall tone was to make        throughout the enitre Mos          located on Tatooine. In fact,
this a busy, bustling center        Eisley spaceport.                  when SW was originally filmed,
packed with life from across the             The Cantina scene,        Han encountered Jabba at the
galaxy. As the landspeeder          which I thought would be a         spaceport. Since Lucas wasn’t
enters the city, dozens of small    prime candidate for CGI crea-      certain yet on what Jabba would
creatures, possibly the infamous    tures, was left mostly un-         look like, the scene was shot
Womprats, scurry out of the         touched. The only change           with a huge, overweight, Nean-
speeder’s path. Several scenes      involves removing the wolf-        derthal type in Jabba’s place.
show ships being loaded by          man and putting an elephant/ant    This scene was returned to the
humans and droids, and the very     eater combination in it’s place    movie, and spiced up. In fact,
streets are packed with people      to sip a drink. Why more wasn’t    even Boba Fett is spotted as one
going about their life. Ship and    done with this, I’ll never know.   of Jabba’s henchmen. One of
building wreckage can be seen,      However, one change that has       the problems though involved
as well as Ronto creatures,         stirred a lot of controversy is    Han walking around Jabba, who
which are CGI creations similar     when Han shoots Greedo.            as you know is a giant slug like
to the Dewbacks.                    Originally, it looked like Han     creature. The human actor
         One of the more amus-      shot Greedo after being threat-    didn’t have this large mass. This
ing and noticeable additions is     ened. The new scene makes it       was overcame amusingly by
that of a Ronto being ridden by     appear that Han was quicker in     having Han step on Jabba’s tail.
Jawas. The Ronto creature is        drawing his balster than           Furthermore, they had to tone
sort of homage to the previously    Greedo, who then misses firing     down the bulk of Jabba for this
mentioned dinosaurs from            at Han first. The entire effect    movie, and make him more
Jurassic Park, particularly the     seems a bit stretched and con-     agile than in Jedi.
brontosaurus. In this scene, a      trived, changing Han’s charac-              The final Tatooine scene
speederbike-like vehicle startles   ter and personality as well.       has the Millennium Falcon
                                                                       blasting it’s way out of Mos

   Before                                         After

                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                     21
Eisley spaceport. This was                   The scene where the         Biggs talks with Luke at the
enhanced by giving an outside       Falcon approaches Yavin has          Rebel base prior to the attack on
overhead view of the Falcon         been touched up and enhanced.        the Death Star. There were
rising, turning, and leaving the    In fact, in the original, a tower    several more shot, apparently
hanger bay. Personally, I           guard can be seen motioning at       on Tatooine before everything
thought this was a very breath-     nothing in the sky. In the           began, but Lucas would only
taking addition and was one of      Special addition release, the        authorize this one to be in-
the best CGI shots of the movie.    Falcon has been inserted and         cluded because they mention
(There was also a similar nice      does a slight turn before landing    Luke’s father being a great
addition of the Jawa                at the base. Shortly thereafter is   pilot. Personally, I didn’t think
sandcrawler cresting over a         the second major addition to the     this extra footage was that great
sand dune.) The entire skyscape     Special Edition of Star Wars:        and could have been left out.
was also touched up to make it
look like ships were constantly
arriving and leaving Mos                        NEW SCENES?
         Ironically enough, not       Top 15 Surprises in the Star       10: Newly-colorized Darth Vader
much was done to the film from        Wars Special Edition:              is mauve.
                                                                         9: C3PO has a conspicuous “Intel
this point, until they escape the
Death Star. None of the web          [ The following was received in     Inside” sticker on his shiny brass
sites discus any changes. How-       it’s       original       form      butt.
ever, the one I remember best is     oprksh@panther.Gsu.EDU via          8: Han, Luke, and Obi-Wan now
the scene where Han chases           the STARFLEET mailing list.         sportin’ hip goatees.
                                     While I’ve tried to tone down       7: New scene where Luke shakes
four Stormtroopers down a
hallway, and is then chased by       the worst parts, some of these      JFK’s hand and tells him he has
them after they stop in a room.      may not be suitable for young       to pee.
In the Special Edition, the          children. -Rich ]                   6: Jabba the Butt-head saying,
reason they stop running is that                                         “Hehe...hehe...she said, ‘Lay
                                     15: New scene in which              ya.’”
they join a room full of dozens
of Stormtroopers. Even though        Chewbacca teaches Han Solo          5: Revealing scene in the bath-
the odds were four to one, they      how to lick himself.                room shows how “Han Solo” got
have changed, so Han and             14: He might not look as fear-      his name.
Chewbacca decide discretion is       some as before, but that            4: During one lonely night, Prin-
                                     Primatene Mist of Darth             cess Lea finds R2D2’s special at-
the better part of valor and
retreat. Actually, the overall       Vader’s seems to have helped        tachment.
effect is quite humorous. An-        his breathing immensely.            3: Anti-fur activists from planet
other Death Star scene that was      13: Added scene in which Tonya      PETA spray Chewbacca with red
rumored for rework was the           Harding whacks Princess Lea on      paint.
                                     the knee with a lightsaber.         2: The X-Wing pilot who blows
creature in the trash compactor.
However, as far as I could tell,     12: Luke accused of killing ex-     up the Death Star? Richard
it was not. This is strange          wife and advised by Obi Wan         Jewell.
considering that Lucas himself       to “Use the Fifth, Luke.”           And the Number 1 Surprise in the
has stated that he did not like      11: The commercial tie-in ap-       Re-Mastered Star Wars...
                                     pearance of Jabba’s big brother,    1: Dismembered victim of Obi-
what was suppose to be scary
creature being turned into           Pizza the Hut.                      Wan Kenobi’s light saber in bar
nothing more than a brown                                                scene none other than John
tentacle.                                                                Wayne Bobbitt.

 22                                    SUBSPACE          STATIC
         Almost all the scenes
                                          Most of the new Empire scenes were spent in Cloud City.
involving the attack on the
Death Star are CGI enhanced.
Or, more often than not, com-
pletely redone using CGI. In
fact, the locking of the S-foils in
attack position of the X-Wings
was done with a delay between
each X-Wing to create more
realism. And in the final explo-
sion, as with the planet Organa
explosion, a shockwave was
added for the “wow” effect.
         Overall, the additions
are very nice and add a deeper        Stormtroopers can discover it.      nice, they weren’t absolutely
texture to an already fabulous        This would explain a medical        necessary. However, they did
movie. The changes they made          droid seen examining a dead         do a spectacular job on Bespin
to Star Wars were definitely          Taun-Taun in the background a       effects. I just wish they had
worth the trouble and are very        little later.                       added the C3PO/Wampa scene.
welcome indeed.                                Perhaps the most spec-     Otherwise, the best of the three
                                      tacular additions are scenes        remains the best of the three,
                                      involving the cloud city of         but not really improving that
                                      Bespin. An entire opening           much compared to Star Wars.
                                      sequence of the
         The Empire Strikes Back      Falcon first arriv-                                         Before
is usually considered the best of     ing was added
the trilogy. Sure, Star Wars was      with CGI. All the
the first and broke the most          matte paintings
ground, but Empire took us            have been redone
even further away into an             with CGI. Also
unknown galaxy. The special           throughout the
effects were magnitudes better,       Bespin scenes,
and as a result needed fewer          windows were
enhancements.                         added to the walls
         Luke’s battle with the       so people can see
Wampa creature at the begin-          out into the city.           Many indoor Bespin shots had CGI
ning has been extended and            Additionally, at the              window scenery added.
greatly enhanced to make the          end a CGI scene                                              After
Wampa even more threatening.          involving Vader
Personally, I think it just added     leaving Bespin in
a gore gross out factor instead       an imperial shuttle
of actually helping it. However,      from Jedi was
I am disappointed that they           added.
didn’t add an originally filmed                As far as I
scene. Apparently, the Rebels         could tell, those
had captured a Wampa and held         were the only
it in a pen. C3PO removes the         major additions to
warning sign off the pen so that      the movie. While

                                      Special Anniversary Edition                                     23
                                     Williams into a blues style duet.
                                     Sny Snootles, the original lead
                                     singer with lips to rival Mick
                                     Jagger’s, was completely             Top 15 Rejected Star Wars
                                     redone with CGI. And this time,      Marketing Tie-ins
         With Return of the Jedi     the effect is remarkable. She is
being the most recent film, they     incredibly animated and fluid       [ This was sent to me from our
didn’t have to make as many          compared to the puppet moves        very own Jim Dykes. However,
corrections. However, they did       of the original.                    some of these may not be suit-
make some changes                                                        able for young children due to
though. Lucas has                                                        adult humor. - Rich ]
expressed major
dislike with the way                                                     15: The “Princess LeiaMe”
Jedi came out                                                            blow-up doll
despite the fact he                                                      14: Chewbacca Chew’n
had most of the                                                          T’bacca, from Skoal
technology behind                                                        13: Princess Chia
him. The major                                                           12: Lando Calrissian Cognac—
stumbling block of                                                       40 Parsecs of smoooooth
the film, the script,       Backup dancer/singers, seen here, along      11: R2D2, C3PO & KY4U
cannot be easily             with several new band members and a         “Adult Action Figures”
changed like cos-             new song spice up the Palace scene.        10: Han Solo Cups
metic problems can.                                                      9: “Do you know me? Probably
It borrowed heavily from the                  However, again I was       not, if I’m out of my
original Star Wars in many            disappointed with what they        Stormtrooper uniform. That’s
ways.                                 didn’t change. I had hoped they    why I carry American Express.”
         Like the Cantina scene       would embellish Han’s thawing      8: McDonald’s Ewok Burger
in Star Wars, Jabba’s palace          from carbonite, as that seemed     Happy Meal
scene in Jedi was given a major       rather rushed and poorly done      7: Metamucil - “May the Force
facelift. The entire alien band       originally. I figured if the       run through you!”
was redone with nine new CGI          morphing in Terminator 2:          6: Darth Vader Ginsberg doll —
musicians. In addition to the         Judgement Day was done so          Black robe and goofy glasses
original bellydancer, three more      nicely then, they should be able   sold separately
dancing slave girls were added.         Continued: See Star Wars         5: Tampex Tampons, now with
The music was redone by John            on page 56...                    starfighter X-wings and
                                                                         lightsabre applicator
 Coruscant, two of three celebration scenes added to end of Jedi.        4: Volkswagon’s “Return of the
                                                                         3: “Ewok On A Stick” toilet
                                                                         2: Darth Vibrader
                                                                         and the Number 1 Rejected Star
                                                                         Wars Trilogy Marketing Tie-
                                                                         1: Barbie Wan Kenobie’s
                                                                         Malibu Deathstar

 24                                     SUBSPACE         STATIC
  Getting to know the                is Leeta the Dabo girl (He’s in      Star Wars and Alien trilogies
  Science Department Chief.          Chase Masterson’s fan club           (the second Aliens is the best).
         Donald Daniel was born      even.). In fact, he had the          Wrath of Khan is his favorite
at a military base in Japan on       chance to meet and talk with her     Star Trek movie followed by
December 15. He grew up as a         at Star Trek 30. His favorite        First Contact at a close second.
“service brat” and all the mov-      episodes are “Trials and                     When Star Trek 30 came
ing around that entails, though      Tribble-ations” and those that       to town, Don was there helping
that didn’t bother him. One of       deal with the alternate mirror       as well. He was a big help in
the more memorable places was        universe.                            bagging the 1300 plus bag of
Maine, where he remembers                     In fact, “Mirror, Mirror”   goodies that attendees received,
snow banks higher than him.          is Don’s favorite original series    for which he received Region
Then in 1977, he moved into          episode. Kirk is
this area and finally into Hunts-    Don’s favorite
ville itself in 1985. He has one     character though he
brother and one sister, both         doesn’t comment on
younger than him. Don has a          the actor since he’s
BS-BA from the University of         never met William
Alabama: Huntsville, with a          Shatner personally.
specialty in accounting.             When it comes to
         The Wernher von Braun       the most recent
held a recruiting drive at Books-    series, The Doctor
A-Million in March of 1996,          and Tuvok are his
which was when Don became            favorite Voyager
affiliated with the ship. He still   characters because
works there along with a job in      they are amusing
circulation at the Huntsville        without trying. He
Times. He was hoping to find         likes the exchanges
other Trek fans and people that      with Neelix. In fact,
shared his interests. Shortly        “Tuvix” is his favorite episode.     2’s Distinguished Service
after joining, he was appointed      He feels that it was such a hard     Award. He also attended as a
as the Department Chief of           ethical dilemma to decide to         fan as well. He felt it was one of
Sciences and currently has a         “kill” the Tuvix character in        the best conventions he’s
rank of Senior Chief Petty           order to bring back Tuvok and        attended, and was definitely
Officer.                             Neelix, and compared it to           worth the expense.
         The original Star Trek is   abortion. Don says “the scene in             Some of Don’s other
Don’s favorite of the Trek           which Tuvix pleads, ‘Doesn’t         favorites include the color blue,
series. Of the recent series,        anyone see that this is wrong?’      pizza, and most music (except
Deep Space Nine is his favorite.     really got to me”.                   elevator style). Some of his
He feels the additions of the                 Don likes a lot of other    favorite artists include Sting,
Defiant and Worf to DS9 has          science-fiction shows and            Phil Collins, and Blackhawk.
made it much better. He wasn’t       movies as well. Garibaldi is his     He also loves to play volleyball.
too fond of Next Generation          favorite character on Babylon 5      Most people seem to be fooled
when it first came out. Worf is      and Quinn is on Sliders. His         by his size, so he says “I love to
his favorite character on DS9 as     favorite movies included the         block!” with a particularly
                                                                          mischievous gleam to his eyes.
                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                       25
  The Next Generation goes it        better way than to stand alone       chilling plot: The Borg, after a
  alone… against the Borg.           and fight with the Borg, perhaps     failed attack on the Federation,
        Many people feared that      the Federation’s greatest enemy.     go back in time to prevent
a Star Trek movie could not                   Star Trek: First Contact    humans from making first
survive without the original         was a valiant effort to create       contact with the Vulcans.
casts. Even with three success-      perhaps the best Trek movie                    Enterprise NCC 1701-E
ful sequel TV series running,        ever. Based on a story by Rick       is introduced in the film. Where
two currently and one in con-        Berman, Brannon Braga, and           as the D appeared very con-
tinual rerun somewhere, execu-       Ronald D. Moore, the film was        toured and flowing, the E
tives feared it just could not       directed by Johnathan Frakes,        appears to be more angular and
survive without the original         who directed several episodes        low. It seems to follow the lines
cast. So in Star Trek: Genera-       of the series and plays Com-         of the B, with more angular
tions, they included three of the    mander Riker. Industrial Light       curves. Personally, I didn’t like
original cast members, and           & Magic did the visual effects       it that much, though it is better
relied heavily upon Shatner’s        while Jerry Goldsmith handled        looking than most of the other
James T. Kirk. They hoped to         the music. The entire seven          incarnations and most everyone
ease the next generation in to       member main cast reprised their      else seemed to love it. As far as
replace the old one, and to tie      roles and were joined by James       its technology, it seems more
them together in some way.           Cromwell as Zefram Cochrane          equipped for war than for
Unfortunately, it was less than      and Alfre Woodard as his             exploration. (An interesting bit
successful. Opinions varied          assistant.                           of trivia: The deflector dish is
greatly on how well it compared               Frakes says he viewed       labeled AE35, which is the
to the others, but it was cer-       various films—including Alien,       name of a component of a
tainly not the best, which was       Aliens, Close Encounters of the      satellite dish in 2001: A Space
the Wrath of Kahn.                   Third Kind, Blade Runner and         Odyssey.) The one major tech-
        Now comes the time for       Jaws—to get inspiration for          nological leap involved the use
a new movie. They can no             directing. He wanted to give it a    of quantum torpedoes instead of
longer rely on the original cast     darker, scarier, more action         photons. And apparently, they
since trying to get them to          oriented feel than the previous      appear to be able to do much
appear realistically is a writer’s   film. He succeeded with chill-       greater damage, even through
worst nightmare, not to mention      ing effect, with great help from     Borg shields.
the actors are aging rapidly.        Michael Westmore, who
Time for the Next Generation to      handled the make-up. For
stand on it’s on. And what           inspiration, Westmore turned to
                                     H. R. Giger, who created one of       Worf returns to his first ship:
                                     the scariest “aliens” of all with        the Enterprise. MSN
 Woodard and Cromwell. MSN           the terrifying and deadly bugs
                                     in the Alien series. He says, “the
                                     Borg look more evolved and
                                     detailed than they did in the
                                     television show.” Braga then
                                     combined the Borg idea with
                                     the second most popular ele-
                                     ment in the series history, time
                                     travel, to come up with the

 26                                     SUBSPACE         STATIC
                                                                       appear to give Geordi more

                                                                       visual abilities, such as tele-

                                                                       scopic viewing.
                                                                               Most of the movie is

                                                                       spent trying to reclaim the

                                                                       Enterprise from the Borg, who

                                                                       managed to beam aboard
                                                                       undetected before their own
                                                                       ship is destroyed. This made for

                                                                       several hilarious cameo appear-
                                                                       ances. First, Robert Picardo
                                                                       makes an appearance as the
                                                                       holographic doctor. He delivers
                                                                       a line in homage to Dr. McCoy
        Since Worf transferred      NOT the idealistic hero history    from the original series when
to Deep Space Nine, I was very      makes him out to be. Of course,    asked to delay the Borg’s
pleased with how they brought       this makes for some amusing        entrance into sickbay: “I’m a
Worf back. The “tough, little”      interaction with the crew,         doctor, not a doorstop.” Shortly
Defiant, which Worf com-            particularly Troi, who gets        thereafter, Ethan Phillips ap-
mands, performed just as well       sloshed drunk to the amusement     pears on the holodeck as a
against the Borg as it was          of Riker (and most of our male     waiter, who gets his image
designed to fight the Jem           crewmembers). Our heroes           scrambled by the Borg eye
Haddar. It was interesting to       manage to whip into shape to       scanners. Speaking of those eye
note that the Starfleet ships       make his flight.                   pieces, if you’re really bored
were able to destroy the Borg                Another interesting       when the video tape comes out,
vessel this time around. Since      technological advancement is       watch the flickering of the
they got toasted at Wolf 359, I     Geordi’s cybernetic eye im-        lights as they reportedly spell
guess the technology advance-       plants. Of course, LeVar Burton    out in Morse code the names of
ments that Shelby had been          refused to appear in the film if   the production people.
working on had finally been         he had to wear the VISOR. So               Of course, cameos were
produced. Combine that with         instead, they give him some        done throughout the film. At the
Picard’s knowledge of Borg          white eyes with cross hairs in     very beginning when Picard
vessels, and I guess they were      them which reminded me of the      sends the attack coordinates on
able to do more damage.             AI’s from the failed Space:        the Borg cube to the fleet, the
        OK, time jump back to       Above and Beyond TV show.          voice which responds for the
21st century Earth after World      Unfortunately, they forgot to      USS Bozeman is that of Kelsey
War III’s nuclear weapons fire      explain why, when, or how the      Grammer, who played the
has caused wide spread damage       change occurs. However, they       Captain of that ship on an
to the environment. We visit                                           episode of the Next Generation.
Cochrane on the eve of his                                             Later in the film, Dwight
launch of the Phoenix, Earth’s            A very drunk Troi            Schultz also makes an appear-
first warp capable space vehicle.       and an amused Riker.           ance as Broccoli, I mean
It was a good touch to show that                                       Barclay, to hero worship
history often times remembers                                          Cochrane. These cameos and
people differently than they                                           use of existing characters was a
really are. Cochrane is nothing                                        nice touch. Of course, we just
more than a washed up drunk                                            knew Ensign Hawke, who was
trying to make a profit, and is                                        introduced in this film as a new

                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                    27
bridge officer, was going to die.
After all, he’s an ensign in
yellow, the same as security.
These cameos also give hope
that in future films others
characters will be used, such as
Guinan or Q.
         Some have pointed out
that this film has quite a few
YATIs in it, Yet Another Trek
Inconsistency. Oh well, the
movie was enjoyable even if a
few plot holes were left often.
For example, in the original
series, Cochrane was suppos-
edly from Alpha Centauri and                 Secondly, at the end                My one minor complaint
not Earth. Furthermore, there       when the deadly gas is pumped       about the Borg Queen aside,
are several technical errors,       out, we see what’s left of the      Star Trek: First Contact was a
such as inconsistent listing of     Borg Queen: almost an entire        very enjoyable movie. I’d
the number of decks. I’m not        mechanical being. As far as I       certainly give it an 8 out of 10,
diligent enough to spot these,      can tell, only her skin, brain,     though I don’t think it was as
though I have read about them       and eyes were flesh. That too       good as Wrath of Kahn. It had
online and in discussions with      seems to take the Borg in areas     plenty of thrills and chills as
friends.                            inappropriate for it. They          well as doing a bit of character
         However, the main          always seem to be taking            development. Overall, an
problem I had with the movie        humanoids and adding me-            excellent movie. Of course, the
was the Borg Queen. Even Data       chanical parts to them. How-        odd number curse didn’t affect
points out that such a central      ever, they are almost always        it since it is the eighth Trek
figure is not consistent with       more flesh than mechanical.         movie, and the second Next
established Borg operations.        Not the case with the Queen.        Generation film. Let’s hope the
They are a collective conscious     Oh well, perhaps that’s what        next movie doesn’t succumb to
operating on what I assume is a     made her their Queen, cause she     the curse.
single thought formed from          was more mechanical. If that          - FCAPT Richard L.
interlinking several thoughts       was the case though, then why         Trulson
together. We see in a later         did they consider Data earlier to
episode of Voyager, and it’s        be nothing more than an out-
hinted at somewhat here, that       dated piece of scrap metal?
such a interlinking has tremen-
dous benefits though loses the
spark of individuality and
originality. It can, for example
in conjunction with the cyber-
netics, increase the body’s
ability to heal itself. A queen
figure completely destroys that
collective thought organization,
and I don’t buy her explanation
of how this is correct.

 28                                    SUBSPACE         STATIC
                                                                           Other Memorials:
           IN MEMORY OF                                                          Dr. Who Dalek
                                                                         creator Terry Nation died at
  Mark Lenard                                                            66 on March 9, 1997 at his
         Mark Lenard had the                                             home in Pacific Palisades,
distinguished role of having                                             California after suffering for
played three different aliens in                                         several years from a lung
two different Star Trek series. He                                       condition. He also worked on
first played a Romulan com-                                              other TV shows such as The
mander in “Balance of Terror,”                                           Saint and The Avenger. He
long considered to be one of                                             also created The Survivors, a
fandom’s favorite original series                                        story about civilization
episodes. His next role was to be                                        holding together after a lethal
his most popular: that of Sarek,                                         plague outbreak. Nation was
Spock’s Vulcan father, in “Jour-                                         also known for his work with
ney to Babel.” This role was later                                       Blakes 7. He is survived by
reprised in the several of the                                           his wife and by a son and a
motion pictures involving the                                            daughter.
                                              Lenard As Sarek
original series. He also appeared                                                The nation was
twice as an older Sarek in Star Trek: The Next Generation. How-          shocked when 39 members of
ever, it was in the two-part episode “Unification” that Sarek died a     the Heaven’s Gate cult who
death most distressing to Vulcans: loosing control of their emotions     committed suicide in Rancho
due to an incurable illness. He also played a Klingon officer in Star    Sante Fe, California. They
Trek: The Motion Picture. Lenard has numerous non-Trek related           believed that there death
movies, TV series, and stage roles.                                      would allow them to board a
                                        In poor health from multiple     spaceship following in the
                                      myeloma, Lenard apparently         wake of the Hale-Bopp
                                      needed surgery. In order to feed   comet. Among those mem-
                                      him, they had to place tubes in    bers was Thomas Nichols,
                                      his stomach. Infection devel-      the brother of Star Trek’s
                                      oped and was followed quickly      Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura).
                                      by Pneumonia He died peace-        Nichols said that her family
                                      fully in Manhattan on Novem-       respected the choices Thomas
                                      ber 22, 1996. Born in 1924,        had made. He was 59.
                                      Lenard was 72. He is survived
                                      by his wife, Ann, and two
            Lenard as                 daughters, Roberta, of Boston,
      Romulan Commander               and Catherine, of Oklahoma              Sagan: 1934 - 1996

  Carl Sagan
        Carl Sagan—noted astronomer, author, host of Cosmos,
founder of The Planetary Society, advocate of SETI—died of
pneumonia in Seattle on December 20, 1996. Born in New York
City in 1934, Sagan had a lifelong passion for searching for intelli-
gent life in the universe. He was 62 when he finally succumbed to a
two year battle with bone marrow disease.
                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                      29
                                         STAR TREK 30
                            Celebrating thirty years of a cultural phenomena.
                                   One of the biggest events in the history of Star Trek occurred on September 7 and 8, 1996,
                          which marks the thirtieth anniversary of Star Trek. To celebrate, Paramount agreed to hold the
                          largest gathering of Star Trek fans and stars ever assembled under one roof. And to top it all off,
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          they held it right in our back yard in Huntsville, Alabama. Thousands of people converged on the
                          Von Braun Civic Center and the U. S. Space and Rocket Center to celebrate the Star Trek legend.
                          Once in a lifetime opportunities don’t come along very often, and Star Trek 30: One Weekend on
                          Earth was certainly one of those.
                                   In the following pages, you will be taken on a guided tour of all the
                          events surrounding this momentous occasion. Not only is the event itself
                          covered, but so are the surrounding stories. The Wernher von Braun
                          played an integral part with this, supplying not only
                          volunteer workers, but also attending the event. These
                          articles will hopefully give you some idea of what hap-
                          pened and why. There are moments that will forever be
                          with those who participated.
                                   The news first hit on June 14, 1996 with stories in
                          the Huntsville Times and the local TV stations. Apparently, the
                          idea to host an anniversary gathering started with Thad Mauldin,
                          the director of the U. S. Space and Rocket Center (S&RC). He
                          had pitched the idea to Paramount that Huntsville would be the
                          perfect place to host an anniversary celebration. After all, the
                          roots of the space program are buried deep in Huntsville. From
                                                        Star Trek: 1966-1996 and beyond.
                                                    else(one of the privileges accorded to those
                            Making the most out of the biggest
                            weekend ever.           who opted for Galaxy Class passes). Spent
                                                    most of the day walking the Promenade which
                                  Stardate 960906. Picked up my tickets
                                                    consisted of several vendor and informational
                          (I spent the big bucks and as it turns out, that
                                                    booths. I also chose to acquire many of the
                          was the only way to get most of the auto-
                                                    autographs available today. I managed to get
                          graphs). In my ticket packet I received a neat
Huntsville, Alabama

                                                    autographs from Rene Auberjonois, Kate
                          badge with a hologram sticker on it, a souvenir
                                                    Mulgrew, John DeLancie, Robert Duncan
                          program for the weekend’s events, an auto-
                                                    McNeill, Robert Picardo, and Armin
                          graph schedule, and a really cool limited
                                                    Shimerman. Actually, McNeill, Picardo, and
                          edition medallion with a calendar on the back
                          (ooh, aah, pretty!).      Ethan Phillips walked right past me on their
                                                    way to the autograph session and I didn’t even
                                  Note - Huntsville was renamed for the
                                                    realize who they were(duh!). However, I did
                          weekend by mayoral proclamation: “     Star
                          Trek”.                    not get Ethan’s autograph because he only
                                                    signed for about 20 minutes due to a schedul-
        Stardate 960907:                            ing conflict.
              Arrived 0830 hrs with some friends at          While milling around the Promenade, I
      the site of the convention, Von Braun Civic   spotted Rene and Armin walking around with
      Center(VBCC) and entered Spencer Gifts Warp their bodyguard, Mr. Muscle. I also spotted
      10 store half an hour earlier than everyone   Patricia Tallman from Babylon 5 but was not
   30                                     SUBSPACE STATIC
             One Weekend On Earth
the very beginnings of the space program with the German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, to
the current day Space Shuttle engine testing, Huntsville has played and continues to play a vital
role in the space program. Therefore, it was logical—to borrow from Mr. Spock—that the anniver-
sary celebration of perhaps the largest sci-fi phenomenon of all time should occur here.
        In personal talks with Phaeton Quinn, the Marketing Director at the Space and Rocket
Center and the initial volunteer coordinator, he said that Huntsville came dangerously close to
loosing the entire event. Paramount officials were hearing the rumors circulating about who was
coming and what would happen. They were not pleased to say the least. Attendance was estimated
to be in the twenty to twenty-five thousand, though the actual attendance figures were far lower in

the 7000 to 8000 range. Rumors also included that all four Captains and the entire original cast
were going to be there. Of course, the final turn out was quite different and can be read about in the
coverage of the event itself.
        Weekend package tickets for events went on sale by calling a toll free number 1-888-2-
BEAM-UP. (See the Volunteer Article on page 33 for a von Braun tie in to this number.) Ticket’s
for the weekend were either $150 for the Constitution package, or $350 for the Galaxy class
package. Both packages contained a souvenir bag, fancy name badge, a special gift, tours of the
S&RC and the Marshall Space Flight Center, and reserved seating in the
main auditorium for all events including the stars’ discussion panels and                    This is
the Saturday night tribute to Gene Roddenberry. Galaxy class packages                          the
also received a special forty-five minute mini-space camp experience,                        Galaxy
priority access to the stars’ autograph sessions, and access to a special                     Class
VIP gala diner late Saturday night with the stars and astronauts. Day                        badge.
and event tickets were also on sale for $30 or more. Apparently, they
                                    Boldly going for 30 years.
quick enough to get her autograph. Then I            paid money for a videotape of the show, but
spotted none other than Chase Masterson              none was to be had. I was also amused by the
walking down the hall. Wow! She signed               fact that Buzz Aldrin seemed to be bored.
autographs and posed for pictures- what a                     Shuttled over to the U.S. Space &
terrific lady.                                       Rocket Center for the private party with the
                                        I attended   stars. The food was pretty good but the turnout
  “I got to meet Chase the evening show              by the stars was just a tad disappointing. The
  Masterson (Leeta, featuring TOS                    stars that did show up to party with us in-
  the Dabo girl) and cast, several                   cluded: Robert Picardo, Nichelle Nichols,
  received         signed astronauts, a              Walter Koenig, Kate Mulgrew, Chase
                               tribute to Gene       Masterson, Patricia Tallman(B5), and Rick
  photos... This was Roddenberry,

  truly one of the major comedian Rick
  highlights for me Overton, and                       Stardate 960908:
  during the weekend.” Michael Dorn as                       I arrived once again at the VBCC at
                               host. The high-       0900 hrs. I watched some Star Trek highlight
light was when Shatner and Nimoy came out at         reels and a preview of First Contact. I also
the same time and poked fun at each other’s          sampled several new software releases includ-
careers both in and out of Star Trek. I would’ve     ing a cool game called Star Trek: Borg that

                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                         31
                                         STAR TREK 30
                          also had a special fan club price that was slightly better than the Constitution package, but it
                          wasn’t widely advertised. Hotel and plane reservations could be made as well. They also had tour
                          and golf packages of the surrounding areas such as Birmingham, Decatur, and Nashville. However,
                          even with the astronomical prices, I’m not sure if Paramount covered the cost of the reported one
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          million they spent to have this since the attendance was much lower than expected.
                                  The souvenir bag contained a welcome letter, a schedule of events, an advertisement from
                          Intergraph, a sample Star Trek check from a check service (They looked beautiful!), a gorgeous
                          Star Trek Continuum web site mouse pad, and a souvenir handbook. The Constitution name badge
                          had the original USS Enterprise and the Galaxy badge had Next Generation’s Enterprise, NCC
                          7201-D. Both badges had a hologram of the world on it, the Star Trek 30 logo, and seating assign-
                          ments and legal disclaimers on the back. The special gift for the Constitution package was a black
                          baseball hat with the words “  Star Trek 30” stitched in white on
                          the front in the original series type style and “One Weekend On
                          Earth” in white and “September 7 and 8, 1996” in blue on the
                          back. The Galaxy class gift was a pewter medallion about ¼
                          inch thick from the Franklin Mint. On the front is the first
                          movie era Enterprise set atop the Trek chevron among the stars.
                          The words “Star Trek 30: One Weekend on Earth” encircled               This is the medallion that
                          the medallion. On the back is a 1996 calendar with September           Galaxy Class ticket holders
                          7 and 8 raised above the other dates. At the top is the Trek 30        got. On the left is the front
                          logo and at the bottom is the Enterprise with stars encircling         of the coin, and on the right
                          the medallion.                                                         is the back.

                                                        Star Trek: 1966-1996 and beyond.
                          featured John DeLancie. Received a neat            baseball jersey available only for the weekend
                          mousepad and coaster from the Star Trek            (on sale!) and a neat trading card featuring
                          Continuum. I got to meet Chase Masterson and       George Takei and yours truly.
                          received signed photos and her fan club flyer
                          (she was soooo nice and I have                                      Synopsis:
                          since joined her fan club). (By the                                        In summary, I would say
Huntsville, Alabama

                          way, she was signing at the                                         that although there were some
                          Playmates booth in the Prom-                                        minor things that I did not like,
                          enade and Playmates will be                                         I would rate the overall experi-
                          producing a Leeta action figure                                     ence as a thoroughly enjoyable
                          later this year— probably June.)                                    one. I had a great time and if I
                          This was truly one of the major                                     had it to do over again know-
                          highlights for me during the                                        ing what I would get for my
                          weekend. I also managed to get                                      money, I would happily do so.
                          autographs from George Takei,        Wayne Cole, our own For the autographs I received
                          Grace Lee Whitney, Nichelle          Picard clone, posing for a and the enjoyable experience I
                          Nichols, Walter Koenig, and          picture at Star Trek 30, had, it was truly worth every
                          James Doohan. I also purchased       courtesy of Traveller penny. See you at ST60!
                          some new items including a cool      Information Services. HT       - SCPO Don Daniel

   32                                                        SUBSPACE STATIC
            One Weekend On Earth
         As the event drew closer, more and more articles and stories were done by the local papers
and TV stations. The Huntsville Times interviewed several of our crewmembers in the Sunday,
July 21, 1996 issue. You can view this article and many more on the web at “http://” (everything inside the quotes, but not including the
quotes). In fact, some of the pictures used in this newsletter are theirs and are marked with HT. A
local radio station even did a morning show interview of Commanding Officer, Richard Trulson.
         Madison Square Mall hosted a Star Trek costume contest on August 17, 1996 to help
generate interest and publicity for the celebration. Former von Braun member Mary K. Dyer won
first place with her costume of the late Kai Opaka from Deep Space 9. She received two Galaxy

Class passes as a prize. Wayne Cole, who has won previous costume contests for his uncanny
resemblance to Jean-Luc Picard of The Next Generation, won a book in third place. They had
about twenty entrants in the contest, including several Klingons and a Borg. Several articles ap-
peared in the Times, but the winner announcements occurred in the August 25, 1996 edition.
         Perhaps one of the most significant
events to occur was on August 29, 1996.              Is the model scary or
Then Mayor Steve Hettinger proclaimed                what? This the hat that
that Huntsville would be renamed to Star             Constitution Class
Trek, Alabama to commemorate such a                  ticket holders received.
monumental event.                                    The writing on the back
  - FCAPT Richard L. Trulson                         is in the upper left hand

                                  Boldly going for 30 years.
  Volunteering: Betrayal and triumph.              quiet about it until it was officially announced,
        When the news of Star Trek 30: One         so as not the ruin the possibility of them host-
Weekend On Earth first hit the airwaves, the       ing it here. When they were discussing what
crew of the Wernher von Braun was very             the toll free number for tickets were going to
excited. We didn’t quite know what was going       be, she suggested “BEAM-ME-UP”, but
to happen, but we knew we wanted to be a part      because it had to many letters they had to
of the biggest Star Trek event to ever occur.      shorten it to 1-888-2-BEAM-UP. Anya proved
Obviously we wanted to go as fans; but given       to be a valuable link to what was going on
we were also a STARFLEET chapter, we also          later.

wanted to volunteer help. However, what’s that              Phaeton Guinn, marketing director at
line about the “best laid plans of mice and        the Space and Rocket Center, was to be the
men?” This is the chronicle of the tribulations    initial volunteer coordinator. I, as Commanding
we had to go through as volunteers.                Officer, began talks with him on behalf of the
        Apparently, Anya Funderburk, the           ship to provide a STARFLEET presence at
ship’s counselor, was a secret agent amongst       Trek 30. When talking with him, Guinn said
us. She had been close friends with Thad           that Paramount had to have two stipulations
Mauldin, who is responsible for getting Para-      when they agreed to have this: One, it must be
mount to host Star Trek 30 here in the Rocket      a spectacular event unlike a typical convention.
City to begin with. However, she had to keep

                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                        33
                                          STAR TREK 30
                            Embracing a once in a lifetime                    attention on being a fan. I was going to go to
                            opportunity.                                      this event and have the time of my life. (See the
                                   Like everyone else, I was very excited     accompanying article on our volunteer efforts
                          when I heard the rumors surrounding Star Trek       and the problems we faced.)
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          30: One Weekend on Earth. I knew I wanted to                 Though events officially began Satur-
                          attend this event from the very beginning           day, September 7, my weekend began that
                          regardless of the cost. I considered it a once in   Thursday doing volunteer work. However, I’ve
                          a lifetime opportunity that I was not going to      combined the story of the Wernher von Braun
                          let pass me by. Of course, I talked my parents      volunteer workers into a separate article on
                          into buying me the Galaxy class ticket as my        page 33. Since I worked the registration table
                          birthday present since it was only three days       Friday, I picked up my membership bag then,
                          later on September 10. Suffice to say, it was       as did several others. (See the Trek 30 introduc-
                          one of the best birthday presents I ever re-        tory article for details on the bag contents.)
                          ceived. Anyway, here’s what happened.               This was a decision I am very thankful for. I
                                   In the beginning, I was focused            was somewhat disappointed though, that the
                          as a CO in hopes that this would be                                 Galaxy Class package didn’t also
                          a golden opportunity for the                                            include the Constitution gift
                          Wernher von Braun as well.                                                 as well since that is a very
                          However, everything fell                                                   nice hat. However, the
                          apart in mid-August as far as                                              medallion is so much
                          our ship participating. This                                               better.
                          was unfortunate but could not be
                          foreseen. I then decided to focus my
                                                        Star Trek: 1966-1996 and beyond.
                          And two, it must be profitable. While that’s        Memphis, Carol Burhans of the Dark Silence in
                          understandable, I should have realized this         Florence, and Bonnie Flanagan of our shuttle
                          would lead to problems later.                       Alabama in Decatur were the main ones. Pete
                                   Of course, have you ever known some-       turned out to be the biggest help though.
                          thing relating to Star Trek to NOT make             (Thanks Pete!!!)
                          money? I didn’t think so given that even The                One of the first things they had us do
Huntsville, Alabama

                          Final Frontier made money. However, they            was distribute thousands of brochures and
                          wanted to make sure a profit was made given         posters they made. These were gorgeous full
                          the large number of stars they were going to be     color glossy productions that listed the planned
                          bringing in. One method of saving on the one        events and stars. They were done in a deep red
                          million in expenses was to have plenty of           and blue motif, with white writing and yellow
                          volunteers so they wouldn’t have to pay people      highlights. We were to blanket our communi-
                          to work. This is where we come in.                  ties with them, as well has distribute them to
                                   Other STARFLEET chapters through-          our members, which we did. Of course, I’m
                          out the southeast were also interested in help-     sure a few of these were saved back and stock-
                          ing. Pete Mohney of the Hephaestus, Isaac           piled for our own collections. ::grin::
                          Turner of the Yamato (both in Birmingham),                  After the initial announcements in June
                          Kelly Hilliard from the Republic in Atlanta,        of 1996, there wasn’t much activity until the
                          Cindy Krell from our mothership Alacrity in         brochures came out the next month. It was

   34                                                         SUBSPACE STATIC
            One Weekend On Earth
  Friday night.                                      Saturday Events
         Late Friday night several of our crew             Unfortunately, I overslept Saturday
members met with several crewmembers from          morning because I was so exhausted from
the U.S.S. Hephaestus from Birmingham, AL.         volunteer work! You can imagine my surprise
About 20 of us got together for dinner at the      when I woke up at 11 AM, fearing I had missed
Kettle. A few, however, were from the U.S.S.       something vitally important. After a frantic
Guardian (Howdy to Russ McNutt who is              dressing and violation of warp speed laws, I
transfering here soon.) and the Hephaestus         arrived around noon to discover the thousands
shuttle Emerald Star. I know several other         of people waiting in line, which stretched about

ships from STARFLEET had checked in                halfway down the street. I went ahead to the
during the day though. As with any gathering       main entrance in hopes that I could get in since
of Fleet members at a restaurant, we took over     I had the foresight to get my package Friday. I
several tables and started to get quite rowdy.     heard later that people were waiting several
Our ship was represented by Don Daniel,            hours to get in. And what’s worse is that people
Ralph Brigham, Anya Funderburk, and Richard        with advanced registration and the two big
Trulson. I played show and tell with my Galaxy     packages could have made it in much quicker.
Class goodies. I know blackmail pictures were      However, the few signs that were out weren’t
taken, but I haven’t seen them floating around.    that informative.
It was great to see Pete Mohney, the                       Speaking of the signs, they had the
Hephaestus CO, and some of his crew. We’ll         front of the Von Braun Civic Center (VBCC)
have to do it again sometime. I crawled home       covered with a huge red banner with “Celebrat-
and went to bed for some much needed sleep         ing 30 Years of TV and Movie History ”
after pulling an all-nighter the previous night.   written in yellow. They also had a HUGE
                                  Boldly going for 30 years.
simply a sit and wait to see what happens.         that we finally started to here more news. Janet
Once we established phone contact with             Morgan became the official volunteer coordi-
Gwinn, we chatted on a weekly basis to see         nator and our attention focused on her.
what was happening. It wasn’t until August                 About this time volunteer interest began
                                                   to wane. We discovered that we wouldn’t be
Giant wood archs, in the shape of the Trek         doing anything relating to the stars. In fact,
chevron, were used as signs throughout the         most of the activities would probably take us
VBCC. Here's the main one at the entrance.         AWAY from Trek 30 activities entirely. They
                                                   wanted the volunteers to handle registration,

                                                   bus loading and unloading, and to serve as
                                                   greeters at the airport. Not exactly the nice
                                                   responsibilities we were hoping for. To make
                                                   matters even worse, they wouldn’t guarantee
                                                   the volunteers anything other than a T-Shirt.
                                                   They did say that volunteers might receive a
                                                   pass to the US Space and Rocket Center and to
                                                   the Saturday night tribute to Gene Roddenberry
                                                   though it was not guaranteed.

                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                       35
                                         STAR TREK 30
                          plywood cut out in the shape of the Trek           for the Promenade in the North Exhibit Hall, I
                          chevron triangle with the Star Trek 30 logo on     also saw a brief glimpse of the Holosuites in
                          the front and back. They had similar display       the East Exhibit Hall. More about both of these
                          stands scattered throughout the VBCC to            later. I fought my way through the crowds to
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          indicate the various things. I made my way to      make it up to the second floor of the Prom-
                          the main entrance in hopes that I didn’t have to   enade. This is where stars and astronauts were
                          wait in line. They saw my reddish Galaxy name      signing autographs. John de Lancie (Q) and
                          badge and ushered me right in.                     Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) were sched-
                                  Moving around was cramped due to all       uled to have started forty-five minutes earlier,
                          the people. As I walked past the West Exhibit      and I was afraid I would miss getting Kate’s
                          Hall entrance, I saw a large line waiting to get   autograph. I wasn’t that concerned about de
                          into Spencer Gifts Warp 10 Store. As I headed      Lancie’s since I had gotten his autograph at
                                                                             Delecon II in Kansas City during
                                                                             STARFLEET’s 1992 International Conference.
                                                                             I bought some pictures of both just in case and
                                                                             got in line.
                                                                                      In retrospect, I didn’t miss all that
                                                                             much. It would have been nice to have seen
                                                                             deLancie and Mulgrew’s presentation in the
                                                                             main arena entitled “Q’s Crush”, but that
                                                                             wasn’t anything major compared to getting an
                                                                             autograph. I also missed a few video presenta-
                           HT                                                tions in the Blockbuster Viewscreen, but
                                                        Star Trek: 1966-1996 and beyond.
               As a result, volunteers started dropping  form waiving Paramount and everyone of any
      out. And except for those from our crew, all of    legal liability. To make that waiver even worse,
      the other STARFLEET volunteers withdrew            it also allowed them to use you in any promo-
      their support. Of course, we live here so it’s not tions they may do. Several people who would
      as much of a burden on us. However, for those      have been willing to volunteer even with the
      traveling from hours away, they want some sort     accident waiver would not do so because of
Huntsville, Alabama

      of compensation for their work. While money        this publicity waiver. As a final result, we only
      is not required, (You cease to cease to be a       had five of our crewmembers volunteering to
      volunteer then.) either better treatment by        do anything.
      Paramount, a discount in price, or even some                Unfortunately, as the celebration drew
      free stuff would be nice. At the very least tell   closer, Guinn ceased all communications with
      us before hand what we can expect, and not         us entirely. We literally heard nothing from
      leave us hanging on maybes.                        him during August and September. This is
               Furthermore, they were not very orga-     unfortunate, as he was the ship’s contact person
      nized in their approach. They didn’t even tell     for obtaining a recruiting table for us and
      us what was happening and what we needed to        STARFLEET. Once I realized he was not
      do until late August. They had two volunteer       returning phone calls or E-Mails, I frantically
      orientation meetings two weeks before Trek 30.     tried contacting his assistant and others to get
      That was cutting it a bit close in my opinion.     answers to my questions. Unfortunately, it was
      Not only that, volunteers had to sign a release    too late. Phaeton Guinn is solely responsible
   36                                       SUBSPACE STATIC
            One Weekend On Earth
nothing I couldn’t do without. However, the
one thing I did miss that I wish I hadn’t was
my 10 AM Space Camp adventure. While I can
easily attend Space Camp, it will cost me more
now and I really don’t have that much enthusi-
asm for it. I guess chance was smiling upon me
in that respect.
        The autograph line is where I spent
most of my time during Trek 30. By the time I

got in line for Mulgrew, it had stretched out the
room and along the balcony walkway. I waited
patiently, using this time as opportunity to read
through all the materials in my bag of goodies.
By the time I got in the room, I could see the
physical duress appearing on Mulgrew’s face
of making one of her rare convention appear-
ances. It was about this time that DeLancie had      Mulgrew and deLancie signing autographs.
to leave to do a hosting gig in the main arena.
People moaned and groaned about loosing one         picture, which I am eternally thankful for. I
star, but were overall pleased that Mulgrew         thanked Mulgrew gratefully and smiled. You
was staying. This leaving for other obligations     could tell she was tired, but she smiled and
is an unfortunate recurring theme throughout        signed dutifully.
the weekend. I finally got my autograph and
                                   Boldly going for 30 years.
for us not having a greater presence at Trek 30.    them, sometimes several times. The accolades
Even if we were unable to do so, the least he       of thanks from the Paramount staff was quite
could have done was told us so. However, he         rewarding. However, it was even more reward-
simply stopped calling us entirely.                 ing when they gave me a Voyager T-shirt and
         I showed up Wednesday night prior to       Don a Borg T-shirt. It’s this type of impromptu
Trek 30 for an unofficial volunteer help ses-       thanks that makes volunteer work worthwhile.
sion. It’s a good thing too, as they needed help             Then at the Region 2 Summit, I re-
stuff the 1300+ Constitution and Galaxy Class       ceived a Regional Commendation along with
souvenir gift bags. After calling around, I was     Pete Mohney for our Trek 30 networking

able to get Donald Daniel and Ralph Brigham         efforts and Don received a Region 2 Distin-
to help. Thanks guys! Though Ralph had to           guished Service Award. (On a personal side
leave early for work the next day, me and Don       note, I went back out to my car Thursday night/
stayed there until 3 AM Friday morning. While       Friday morning to discover that I had left the
stuffing bags with goodies may not sound like       lights on. Oh joy. I was finally able to jump
hard work, it’s certainly monotonous, repeti-       start the car and go home. Unfortunately, by
tive, boring work which quickly tests your          the time I did that and showered, it was time
sanity. We would stuff in the package gift, then    for me to go back to work. Therefore I got no
the letters and souvenir book. Then we got to       sleep Thursday night. ::yawn::)
move them to a different location and count

                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                       37
                                         STAR TREK 30
                                   As soon as I got out of there around     down, I grabbed
                          1:30 PM, I went over to the other autograph       a bite to eat and
                          room to see Robert Duncan McNiell (Tom            then started
                          Paris), Robert Picardo (holographic doctor),      going through
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          and Ethan Phillips (Neelix). Again, the same      everything in
                          song and dance number occurred waiting in         the Promenade.
                          line. This time Phillips had to leave since he    Due to
                          had to be on stage in the main arena to do a      Paramount’s
                          presentation on “Star Trek Aliens” with Armin     licensing rights,
                                                                                                     Auberjonois and
                          Shimerman (Quark), Rene Auberjonois (Odo),        small indepen-
                                                                                                  Shimerman (on right)
                          and Michael Westmore (the make-up and             dent dealers
                          costume man for recent Treks). Again, I was       were unable to participate. Therefore, the entire
                          somewhat disappointed at not getting his          thing had a commercialized, mass produced
                          autograph or seeing that presentation. I waited   feel to it. You weren’t going to find the small,
                          forever again, but finally got both Roberts’      uniquely made items and such. While this may
                          autograph. If I had missed this one, they were    have allowed for a larger volume of merchan-
                          also signing for a short time on Sunday after-    dise and dealers to be there, I think it lowered
                          noon. They were equally good sports about         the variety of things available. Forget about
                          signing tons of autographs.                       buying anything that’s not currently in produc-
                                   With a major Voyager autograph           tion. On the other hand, you were usually
                          collection started, I was able to then peruse     buying directly from the maker. Such a large
                          everything else at the VBCC. On my way            audience allowed for bigger names to display

                                                       Star Trek: 1966-1996 and beyond.
              Friday, I got to work the registration      Here I am by the beautiful red and blue
      table. People were checking in early and            banner at the main entrance of the VBCC.
      getting their gift bags. This wasn’t too difficult
      a job, though we did get busier as the day
      progressed. We had to verify who they were,
      have them sign for their stuff, then give them
Huntsville, Alabama

      their name badge and their gift bag. However,
      it was quite disconcerting to inform someone
      that they weren’t in our records. We had people
      from all over the Southeast and even the world.
      I got to chat with several Fleet members from
      other chapters, though I can’t recall their
      names. One of the more interesting guests to
      appear was a tour group from Australia. Since I
      have internet friends from downunder, this was
      a very pleasant coincidence.
              Then there were the fans from hell. You    with about three of them. Of course, matters
      know the type: the ones that can’t be satisfied    were sometimes complicated by the fact that
      with anything you do. Oh well, thankfully          groups who were to be seated together, were
      these types were rare and I only had to deal       sometimes split apart. They had to be told to go
   38                                      SUBSPACE STATIC
            One Weekend On Earth
their wares that won’t even consider small time   Hamilton Collection (collectors’ plates), Pocket
fan conventions. (Skip the next four paragraphs   Books, Ertl (and other model companies), Q-
if you could care less about what the booths      Voice (voice computer control) and Hallmark
were doing.)                                      (Christmas ornaments) were also there.
         Some of the more interesting booths             The U.S. Space and Rocket Center
there: Leaf Inc. was carving giant chocolate      booth was tiny compared to NASA’s booth,
bars before your eyes. Graphix was selling        which took up about 1/5 of the exhibit hall.
jewelry with hologram and LED enhance-            NASA’s area had various dioramas of all their
ments, similar to what Worf wears on his          accomplishments and a few hands-on pro-

family sash. Vital Technologies had a function-   grams. Traveller Information Services also had
ing tri-corder that our own Chief Medical         almost as huge an area where people could surf
Officer Ralph Brigham bought. Ad-                                   the web. Playmates Toys was
vanced Graphics, who supplied a free      Watch out Deanna Troi! there with an interesting
display check in everyone’s member-                                 museum of past, current, and
ship bag, had beautiful displays of their                           future Trek product lines.
checks that could be purchased. Inter-                              They even had a display on
stellar Productions had some nifty gifts                            the toy making process.
available, such as mouse pads, movie                                Franklin Mint had all of their
soundtrack CDs, phaser laser pointers,                              pewter sculptures on display,
and more. Tevco Sportswear, which                                   including the three nacelle
came the closest to a smaller dealer in                             Enterprise from “All Good
appearance, had T-shirts for sale.                                  Things…”, which I wanted

                                  Boldly going for 30 years.
wait in the “problem” line which grew longer                 This reminds me of one of the things
as the day progressed. Suffice to say, that         that soured me a bit: people’s attitude toward
didn’t win over any fans.                           volunteering. When they first heard about this,
         Though I was scheduled to work regis-      people had hopes of working with the stars or
tration throughout the day, they took me off        getting discounts on tickets. However, once
around lunch time to run to Brunos to get some      they heard that they would not be working with
snack supplies. It was quite an honor that they     the stars, may not get free tickets, or may even
trusted me with petty cash to go and get them       be taken away from the VBCC itself, they
some drinks and snack supplies. They of             quickly changed their attitudes. They no longer

course, had heard about Sun Drop and wanted         wanted to help at all. This was especially
to taste the local fair. I’m not sure if they got   prevalent in Fleet members.
really local and tried grits or not. The rest of             Volunteerism is most often associated
the afternoon was spent relieving others for        with charitable works such as working a phone
breaks and general errand running. This was         bank at a telethon, rebuilding a family’s home
my official job that I registered for and re-       after a tornado, serving food at a homeless
ceived the T-shirt for. I also received a pass to   shelter, etc. However, volunteerism at it’s basic
the Space and Rocket Center and a pass to the       level is simply doing something for nothing.
Saturday night tribute to Gene. Therefore, they     That’s what Paramount was wanting here.
were able to live up to getting people a pass to    People, however, felt they were owed some-
these events.                                       thing for their supposedly “volunteer” work.
                                        Special Anniversary Edition                                   39
                                          STAR TREK 30
                          desperately to buy. A Las Vegas hotel adver-         by Nichelle Nichols (Uhura). However, I think
                          tised their “Star Trek: The Experience”. They        the live Ken and Barbie models were getting
                          had an original Enterprise bridge set where          more longing stares from the crowd. Lincoln
                          you could have souvenir pictures taken. They         Enterprises, which I think Majel Barrett
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          were to later have an adventure ride and special     Roddenberry (Luxwanna Troi) is involved with
                          sets designed so you could beam out live.            or owns, had various items for sale. The U.S.
                          Several of our crewmembers had blackmail             Postal Service had a booth available where you
                          pictures taken. Creation had a table selling their   could get a special cancellation stamp put on
                          usual star pictures, glasses, jackets, and other     your mail. It had the Star Trek 30 logo on the
                          stuff. Blockbuster also had a huge big screen        right, the original Enterprise on the left, with
                          TV and were selling videos.                          the “Star Trek Station / September 8, 1996”
                                                                   Mattel      above it and “1966 / 1996 / Huntsville, AL
                           The live Barbie and Ken was selling                 35813” below it. Fleer/Skybox had a trading
                           dolls, dressed in Starfleet their Ken and           card display, with an actor dressed as Wolver-
                           uniforms.       HT                Barbie dolls in   ine who’s costume had muscles and claws.
                                                             STARFLEET         They also had a photo session area where you
                                                             uniforms, as      could have your picture taken live with Walter
                                                             well as giving    Koenig (Chekov), James Doohan (Scotty),
                                                             away some         George Takei (Sulu), and Grace Lee Whitney
                                                             autographed       (Yeoman Rand).

                                                         Star Trek: 1966-1996 and beyond.
      When you’re paid for doing something,            the Saturday night tribute to Gene Roddenberry
      whether it be in money, in exchange for goods,   and a day pass to the US S&RC. Because they
      or whatever, you cease to be a volunteer and     dropped out, however, the former “volunteers”
      become an employee.                              never received these gifts in appreciative
              Don’t get me wrong: There is nothing     thanks.
      wrong with expecting a little something in                For me, the greatest thanks did not
Huntsville, Alabama

      return for your efforts, especially when it’s a  come in the form of a material possession.
      profitable money making company like Para-       When I worked the long hours stuffing the gift
      mount and not some fatally ill child. However,   bags, I felt the most reward in the looks of
      how much do you want? People were guaran-        relief and thanks on the faces of the Paramount
      teed unique volunteer T-shirts and free food.    staff that were being paid to work there. I lost
      They were also told they MIGHT get free          track of the            Here is the huge NASA
      passes as well, but they couldn’t guarantee that number of times         exhibit, complete with
      ahead of time. When “volunteers” heard this,     they verbally           moon and Space Shuttle
      they dropped out quickly deciding it wasn’t      thanked the
      worth their efforts. (I also realize that some   volunteers that
      ended up having scheduling conflicts and other   were there late
      legitimate problems; these few are NOT the       Thursday night
      ones I’m chastising.) Fortunately, Paramount     and early Friday
      was able to come through with a free pass to     morning for our
   40                                        SUBSPACE STATIC
            One Weekend On Earth
        When booths, like Fleer/Skybox or
anyone else, had a special autograph session, it
became almost impossible to get through.
Some of the stars signing in the Promenade
included Nichols, Keith Birdsong (painter on
several Hamilton Collection plates), Whitney,
Jeri Taylor (Voyager executive producer), Judy
and Gar Reeves-Stevens (book authors), Marc
Okrand (Klingon Language Institute), Majel

Barrett, and Chase Masterson, (Leeta, the DS9
Dabo girl). Other stars would occasionally
make impromptu visits to the promenade,
causing a major traffic jam.
        While wandering around the various
booths, I eventually ran into other shipmates.
Don, Anya, Bonnie Flanagan, Dianne Adams,
and Larry Adams (last three from our shuttle
Alabama), Kit Ramsey, Wayne Cole (our
resident Picard look alike), and Johnnie
Peterson. Those are the only ones I remember
running into. I’m sure out there, somewhere in
all those people, were dozens of other Fleet

                                  Boldly going for 30 years.
hard work. Sure, I ended up with a T-shirt as     waited in that line, when they didn’t have to.
well, but the greater sense of reward came from Directions and signs were not very helpful.
the their verbal thanks and the relief on their   This isn’t surprising given that I saw the large
faces that our jobs were accomplished on time.    plywood signs being cut, painted, and set-up
I have no doubts in my mind that our work that    Friday, literally the day before everything was
night saved them many headaches and other         to begin. While I’m sure they had a planned
problems the rest of the weekend. That’s what     schedule, and they were able to finish, waiting
being a volunteer is all about.                   so close to the deadline to finish these things
         Oops. I didn’t quite mean to get on my   seems rather foolish to me.

soapbox quite so much, but it did help me                 Signs weren’t the only thing to be
illustrate a point. Anyway, on with the review:   completed at the last minute. Even the schedule
         The line Friday was not bad at all. I    of events didn’t get back from the printer until
think even at the busiest, there was only a       late Friday afternoon. And the autograph
fifteen, possibly thirty minute wait. That was    schedule and welcome letter for the gift bags
NOT the case on Saturday and Sunday. As was       didn’t arrive until we were half way finished
mentioned elsewhere, the line to get general      stuffing them. We had to go back and stuff the
admission stretched out the door and down the     flimsy paper in the bags we had already com-
street. I would NOT have wanted to have           pleted, which was difficult with the gifts and
waited in that line. Furthermore, some of the     other stuff already in there. I have no idea why
Constitution and Galaxy class ticket holders      they waited to the last minute on these items
                                      Special Anniversary Edition                                  41
                                          STAR TREK 30
                          members. I did run into Russ and Pete again, as      Koenig and Majel Barrett with three of the
                          well as Carol Burhans from the Dark Silence          Apollo astronauts, not sure which ones. HT
                          Station in Decatur. In fact, on the STARFLEET
                          E-Mail list, I occasionally hear people mention
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          Trek 30 and the time they had here.
                                  I grabbed a bite to eat and headed for
                          the main Arena to watch “    Star Trek Salutes the
                          Space Program” by Picardo and McNeill
                          honoring the astronauts Alan Shepard, Alan
                          Bean, and Buzz Aldrin. They were introduced
                          by John de Lancie, who was the arena events
                          host for all day Saturday. After a brief discus-
                          sion among themselves, the Trek stars showed
                          a video clip as an introduction to the astro-
                          nauts. They then continued the discussion            who weren’t as fortunate in their seat loca-
                          among all five of them. Having a guaranteed          tion. The stage itself was done with a bridge
                          seat reserved for you is quite nice. Even though     layout, but with Deep Space Nine design and
                          there were seats closer to the stage, I had a        color motif.
                          great view from about midway back along the                  Once this was over, I wandered back
                          right side of the left-front section. They had a     into the East Exhibit Hall that had been
                          HUGE video screen above the stage for those          renamed the Interactive Holosuites. One

                                                         Star Trek: 1966-1996 and beyond.
                          which should have been finished at least a    would want to get all this stuff finished weeks
                          week before the celebration. This was incred- ahead of time so last minute problems and
                          ibly poor planning and could have caused some hang-ups won’t be as severe. But that wasn’t
                          major problems for them. You’d think they     the case.
                                                                                Of course, we had a few more volun-
                           Now isn't this a Kodak moment? This          teers participate as well. Security Chief Dustin
Huntsville, Alabama

                           original series bridge set was on display so Williams worked with the VBCC itself. And
                           you could have your picture taken. HT        Jim Dykes volunteered to work the busses.
                                                                        However, after helping a little while, he got
                                                                        pulled off that duty to work on a more hands-
                                                                        on approach. In fact, he got to tease Klingons,
                                                                        or more appropriately, Klingons’ hair. Brave
                                                                        man isn’t he? For the stunt spectacular show,
                                                                        Michael Westmore was doing the make-up for
                                                                        the Klingon warriors. He needed help prepar-
                                                                        ing the costumes, and Jim happened to be in
                                                                        the right place at the right time. So while most
                                                                        of us were enjoying the Saturday night tribute,
                                                                        Jim was hard at work back stage teasing the
                                                                        hair on the Klingon headpieces. And while he
   42                                                       SUBSPACE STATIC
             One Weekend On Earth
entire wall size display had been set up in a       about a third of the pictures used in this issue
shallow S-curve with computer terminals and         came from there.), it stifles the creativity that
video monitors set in it. They had various PC       Trek fandom has become. However, if you’d
game demos playing and product demonstra-           like to peruse it yourself, the WWW URL is
tions going on. If you had the patience to wait,    “”.
you could play them. Two of the most exciting                During the day of the event, MSN did a
were The Borg, with de Lancie reprising his         live simulcast on the web with some of the
role of Q, and Starfleet Academy, where you         events going on here. While the broadcast of
train to command different starships. The           the panels are no longer available, you can visit

graphics, sound, and cinematography were  
absolutely amazing.                                 master.html on the web to see additional
        At a circular column in the center of the   reports on some of the things that happened. In
room packed with more computer terminals,           fact, local internet provider Traveller Informa-
people could browse the Star Trek: Continuum,       tion Services helped with this set up. You can
which is a world wide web site ran by Para-         visit for their
mount via the Microsoft Network (MSN).              information, which contains many great pic-
Paramount (as well as parent company                tures. In fact, several of the pictures used
Viacom) wants to make sure all things Trek are      throughout this article were taken from the
stored at this site. And since it’s part of the     previous two web sites and I’ve tried to indi-
MSN, you have to subscribe to MSN in order          cate who they belong to with a MSN and TIS at
to access it. While a very good site (In fact,      the end of the picture caption.

                                   Boldly going for 30 years.
didn’t have the chance to talk with anyone, he      display, though they looked quite nice. In fact,
was able to see Westmore backstage, along           they looked so nice someone decided to take
with a few other stars like the most popular        the STARFLEET one home.
Klingon of all, Michael Dorn, who plays Worf                Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, no
on The Next Generation and Deep Space 9.            one has joined the ship as a result of Star Trek

         Even though we didn’t have an official     30, which is very disheartening. It should have
booth or table as we would have liked, we did       been the best recruiting opportunity anyone has
have a small presence there. Other fan organi-      ever had. I
zations took over a small table laying out in the   blame the lack      Even Wolverine was there
food area and hallway. They laid flyers as did I. of support            giving autographs.
Pete also had some Region 2 posters there as        from Guinn,
well. By Sunday afternoon when I left, almost       lack of plan-
an entire ream (about 450 sheets) of                ning on my
STARFLEET applications had been taken.              part, and the
While these were for STARFLEET in general,          ever watchful
they had an introductory letter on the back with    eye of Para-
all the local chapters listed. I also had two full  mount trying
color signs on display, one for the Wernher von     to control
Braun and one for STARFLEET. These were             everything for
full color signs placed in a cheap, cardboard       this not being
                                        Special Anniversary Edition                                  43
                                          STAR TREK 30
                                  Located in one corner of the holosuite        also had several silent auctions throughout the
                          was a Kodak moment. Or, more correctly,               day. The auction on Saturday raised $13,500
                          Kodak would take your picture beaming off the         for the Gene Roddenberry Scholarship Fund.
                          transporter pad. In another corner was the                    In the adjoining South Exhibit Hall was
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          Bajoran Immigration Station. Here you could           housed the Blockbuster Viewscreen. This room
                          be turned into a Bajoran with a ridged nose           was set up in a small theater style with a giant
                          piece. While the worker’s makeup looked fine          TV screen. I didn’t partake of many events in
                          (as it was probably done by Michael Westmore          here as I was too busy with other things.
                          or his staff since they were present) , I person-     However, had I had the time, I’m sure it was a
                          ally didn’t think their quickie process resulted      very informative and revealing experience. Not
                          in a very good effect.                                only did they have the usual episode viewing
                                  A third corner of this room held the live     and video clips, they also had presentations by
                          auction for both days. If you think Fleet auc-        the production staff and industry insiders. Terry
                          tions are something to behold, you haven’t seen       Erdmann, a motion picture publicist, hosted
                          anything like this. They had quite a few low          both days.
                          numbered toy and action figures to bid on.                    Saturday’s schedule included: favorite
                          When I say low, I mean LOW, like a few 1’s            scene montages from all four Trek series,
                          and 2’s, but all were certainly under 200. They       footage that has never been seen before (pre-
                          also had a few dioramas and nine inch dolls.          sented by the Reeves-Stevens couple and
                          Two of the more spectacular items included            Margaret Clark: book authors and editor,
                          original action figure proofs used to make            respectively), stunt creation (Dennis Madalone:
                          them, and a gold plated original series Enter-        stunt coordinator), 30 year tribute slide show
                          prise with stand that went for $2,200. They           (Erdmann), writing Star Trek shows (Jeri
                                                   Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Star Trek.
                          as successful as a convention or movie recruit-                Overall though, I’m very thankful to
                          ment drive. Paramount has always had a very           have had the opportunity to have participated
                          hateful relationship to fan organizations. Only       as a volunteer in the Star Trek 30 celebration.
                          it’s official fan club is tolerated, and it’s noth-   A person develops a very wonderful sense of
                          ing more really than a merchandise outlet to          self-worth knowing that your efforts helped
                          make money. I’m sure the response would have          make something so important happen. I’d
Huntsville, Alabama

                          been much better had this been a friendlier, fan      highly recommend that people do some type of
                          run convention.                                       volunteer work no matter how great or small,
                                                                                as the rewards will be immeasurable. What was
                                                                                nice about volunteering with this is that I was
                                     Crewmember                                 working with one my greatest hobbies and
                                    Johnny Peterson                             interests: Star Trek.
                                       poses in her                               - FCAPT Richard L. Trulson
                                   “monster maroon”
                                   uniform from Star
                                   Trek II with one of
                                      the friendlier
                                    Klingons. MSN

   44                                                          SUBSPACE STATIC
             One Weekend On Earth
Taylor and John Ordover: Voyager creator and                Correction, there was one thing that was
Pocket Books editor, respectively), creation of     supposedly only available at this store: a
the Trek universe (Dan Curry, Rick Sternbach,       limited edition of ten thousand action figures of
and Andre Bormanis: visual effects producer,        Scotty and Sulu from the very first Trek epi-
senior illustrator, and Trek science consultant),   sode, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. I, of
and the original series episode “The Trouble        course, bought me one of each for investment
With Tribbles.”                                     purposes and some for another Fleet member.
        Sunday’s schedule included: writing         However, by late Sunday night, hundreds if not
Star Trek books (Reeves-Stevens couple,             thousands, of these were still left on the
Clark, Ordover, and Paula Black: the latter is      shelves. Had I known they wouldn’t be selling
Publishing Director of Viacom), a “smorgas-         well, I would have waited, because most
Borg” buffet of Next Generation Borg epi-           everything else was being marked down drasti-
sodes, Klingon “Kulture” (Okrand and Curry),        cally in price. I actually managed to override
ten biggest Trek villain video, Star Trek: First    my desire to buy and made it out of the store
Contact slide preview (Erdman), and another         with only the actions figures and some metal
presentation of the never seen Trek footage         trading cards. Woe be unto the weak-willed
(Reeves-Stevens).                                   with high credit limits.
        I finally made my way into the Spencer              Around 3:30 I made my way back into
Gifts Warp 10 Store located in the West             the autograph line for Shimerman. Westmore

Exhibit Hall. This turned out to be a mixed         was signing as well, but I didn’t get his auto-
blessing. On one hand, everything was avail-        graph. I admit, I want the stars themselves, not
able from uniforms to actions figures, from         the background crew. Auberjonois was not
trading cards to toys, from models to               signing as the schedule said that he may not.
collectables, from hockey jerseys to baseball       By the time I got Shimerman’s autograph, I
caps, etc. I could go on forever, but I won’t.      started making my way toward the arena for
There was a staggering amount of merchandise        the night’s main event.
available as it was definitely a collector’s
dream come true. If it was licensed by Para-
mount, it was in here. However on the other
hand, there was nothing here that you couldn’t
get from any other well supplied Spencer Gifts.

                                                    These figures of Sulu and Scotty, from Star
                                                    Trek’s very first episode, were supposidly
                                                    available at Star Trek 30 only.

                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                        45
                                          STAR TREK 30
                            Tribute to Gene Roddenberry.                                 After they left, DeForest Kelly
                                   The main event Saturday night was the        (McCoy) was introduced. He chatted briefly
                          thirtieth anniversary tribute to Gene                 and then began to introduce a “friend, writer,
                          Roddenberry. While waiting for everything to          director, father…” From stage left walked
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          start at 7:30, the overhead screen displayed          William Shatner (Kirk) and from stage right
                          various video clip montages set to different          walked Leonard Nimoy (Spock). The crowd
                          types of music. This was also done throughout         roared with laughter as they both tried to
                          the day for the other presentations as well. I        determine who Kelly was talking about. At one
                          had a small bite to eat while waiting since I had     point, Shatner produced a small wallet sized
                          a sudden craveing for the arena food.                 picture of his grandkids; Nimoy countered by
                                   Finally, the tribute began by the host for   pulling out an 8x10 picture. It was quite a
                          the evening, Michael Dorn (Worf).Comedian             hilarious moment. They all three sat and
                          Rick Overton was the first to perform. He tried       chatted a while. They related various anecdotes
                          valiantly to do Star Trek humor, but I felt most      about their careers and time together.
                          of his jokes fell flat. Funnier stuff has been                 The astronauts were introduced next
                          heard over the net or at ship meetings. Then          and they chatted briefly as well. Buzz Aldrin,
                          came the great stunt spectacular choreographed        Alan Bean, Charles Duke, Fred Haise, Ed
                          by Dennis Madalone. It basically amounted to          Mitchell, and Alan Shepard were on hand to
                          a fight sequence between a single Federation          discuss the relationship between the fictional
                          officer and about a half-dozen Klingon war-           Star Trek and the reality of the space program.
                          riors. Frankly, it left much to be desired in         They touched upon how Trek inspires children
                          excitement and believability, though the              to look to the stars. Finally, Daniel Goldin, a
                          makeup and costumes were nice. (Check out             NASA administrator, brought Majel Barrett
                          the volunteer article for an interesting side         Roddenberry up on stage. They presented her
                          story involving one of our crewmembers                with a huge plaque in tribute to Gene
                          helping with this event.) Even the final explo-       Roddenberry. Of course it was a very emo-
                          sion fall wasn’t that spectacular, though I think     tional moment to listen to her thank NASA and
                          the stuntman nearly hit his head on the railing.      the legions of Star Trek fans for the past thirty
                          When I heard them claiming stunt spectacular,         years of memories. She even had their son Rod
                          I envisioned something along the rides at             come on stage. He announced that Gene’s
                          MGM studios or amusement parks that would             dream of going into space was realized when
Huntsville, Alabama

                          allow audience participation. Not this poor           the space shuttle Columbia carried his ashes
                          excuse at entertainment. Even Dorn joked              into space.
                          about wishing Worf could fight like that.
                                   Finally Dorn introduced James Doohan
                          (Scotty), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), Walter
                          Koenig (Chekov), and George Takei (Sulu).
                          Given the fact that TV Guide reported that
                          Doohan had declined to appear at Trek 30 due
                          to financial compensation disagreements and
                          personal dislikes, I was greatly relieved to see
                          him there. He reconsidered his decision after
                          the outpouring of fans convinced him other-           Koenig, Takei, Doohan, and
                                                                                Nichols. MSN

   46                                                          SUBSPACE STATIC
             One Weekend On Earth

              The tribute plaque to Gene Roddenberry is presented to his wife, Majel
              Barrett Roddenberry, by Daniel Goldin, NASA administrator. HT

        It was then followed by a musical                   The show was concluded with a song
celebration featuring the Oakwood College           by Garth Brooks entitled “We Shall Be Free.”
Choir and the Alabama A&M Gospel Choir.             And just make sure it ended with a literal bang,
They also had a laser light display. And of         they had some in-door fireworks, which was
course, various images and scenes from the          sort of scary and exhilarating at the same time.
celebration and from the TV show displaying         If you listen closely to the lyrics, you will hear
on the big screen in the background. They even      that Brooks envisions a world free of racial
had people in alien costumes among the per-         prejudice, a world free of famine and war, a
formers, from the previously seen Klingons, to      world free of the problems that face us today.
Romulans and Vulcans, even a few Ferengi.           That’s also the same utopian vision that Gene
        They also brought all the original series   Roddenberry envisioned in his Star Trek
cast members back on stage. For me, it was                                      universe. And that’s
very emotional and awe inspiring site to see the                                also the same won-
entire original cast on stage at one time. Of                                   derful world vision
course, due to personal disikes among them,                                     we’re working for in
you could see a few of them avoiding each                                       STARFLEET.
other. But all in all, they still worked well
together for this occasion. What added even
more emotion to the scene was to see the real
life space heroes, the Apollo astronauts, stand-
ing along side the cast members along with                          MSN
Majel Barrett, the queen mother of Star Trek.         Nimoy and Shatner.

                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                         47
                          STAR TREK 30
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          An awe inspiring sight: The entire original cast together on stage.
                            Doohan, Koenig, Kelly, Nimoy, Shatner, Takei, and Nichols.

        VIP banquet.                                   myself silly, regretting having succumbed to
               I managed to catch up with Johnnie      the stadium food earlier. Me and Johnnie were
      Peterson after the crowd started to leave. We    able to sit down with Don Daniel.
      made our way to the busses, which were taking            We sat and chatted a while, catching
      everyone over to the US Space and Rocket         glimpses of the various stars that were roaming
      Center (S&RC) for the VIP Gala dinner held       around. They even had a free picture session
Huntsville, Alabama

      exclusively for the Galaxy Glass package         area available for people to get their picture
      holders. We arrived safely after a speedy buss   taken. We eventually parted company, trying to
      ride over there. Unfortunately, we had to check  meet up with a particular star. Since I’m not
      our cameras at the entrance, though a few        one to hobnob very much, I didn’t try to meet
      people did sneak theirs in.                      any of the big ones. I did, however, have a nice
               We were herded through the twisting,    conversation with Rod, Majel Barrett and Gene
      winding corridors of the S&RC to their dining    Roddenberry’s son. I think Don had the chance
      area. Once there, we got to fight our way        to speak with the actress who plays Leeta the
      through the hundreds (a thousand perhaps?) of    Dabo girl. We were also speculating that the
      people to get in line for the food. They had     actress who plays Lyta Alexander, the station
      various buffet lines available with all kinds of telepath on Babylon 5, was there as well.
      food, from pasta to roast beef, from pork to             Finally, we were getting tired, having
      fish, from fruits to cheeses, from cookies to    perhaps one of the most exciting days of our
      cakes, and just about everything else. I gorged  life. On the way out of the S&RC, we stopped
   48                                      SUBSPACE STATIC
             One Weekend On Earth
to peruse the exhibits that weren’t cordoned         group. Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, James
off. It was fun to see science-fiction toys from     Doohan, and George Takei led a hilarious
my childhood on exhibit at a space museum            impromptu scene presentation of “Bridge to
hosting a gala dinner in honor of the thirtieth      Engineering.” You could hear the hostility they
anniversary of the cultural phenomena that           felt for Shatner and the other “big three” stars
Trek has become. There were a few Star Trek          (Kelly and Nimoy). In fact, they lampooned it
toys there, as were Star Wars and dozens of          with much gusto and audience approval. The
other science-fiction movies and TV shows.           scenario was that Kirk was being held hostage
         Just as we headed out, we ran into          and the others were “trying” to save him.
Cindy Krell, former STARFLEET Chief of               Koenig, who was looking a bit ill and as if he
Operations. She is also former Commanding            wasn’t feeling very well, kept saying as
Officer of the USS Alacrity out Memphis,             Chekov to let the Klingons have Kirk. Doohan
Tennessee, which is also the ship that launched      as Scotty kept having to repair the Enterprise,
the Wernher von Braun as a shuttle. We ex-           which was constantly falling apart. Only Takei
changed hugs and notes on the day, but were          as Sulu seemed to generally want Kirk back
getting tired. We boarded the busses back to         and was the calmest of the bunch. Come to
the VBCC and went home.                              think if it, he stood between the big three and
                                                     the lesser four during Saturday night’s tribute
                                                     celebration, acting as buffer between them.

                                                     And poor Nichols as Uhura, as she usually did
                                    Phillips,        in the TV show, simply stood in the back-
                                      and            ground trying to open hailing frequencies. It
                                    McNeil.          was a very biting satire, but very funny.
                                     MSN                      I then went to the autograph room to
                                                     wait several hours for the lesser four’s auto-
                                                     graphs. Since all four were signing, I figured it
  Sunday Events.                                     was a golden opportunity not to be missed.
         I managed to get up on time for             After all, they’re aging rapidly, especially
Sunday’s activities though. My day started off       Doohan, and will not be with us forever. It was
in the autograph line again for John de Lancie,      sort of funny though, the Paramount people
Rene Auberjonis, and Armin Shimerman.                were telling us NOT to talk to the stars, as that
However, the first two had to leave so they          slows them down.
could go have a “Menage a Troi” Majel Barrett        He warned us
Roddenberry. Or more acturately, host a panel        especially not to
entitled that with her. I decided to follow to the   talk to Takei, who
main arena to watch that since I already had         was known to
Shimerman’s autograph. That was followed by          ramble. He also
a presentation by William Shatner and Leonard        reminded us to
Nimoy hosting a “   Star Trek Salute to the          have the pictures
Apollo Astronauts” with Ed Mitchell, Fred            ready and that
Haise, and Charlie Duke.                             personalization of
         Robert Picardo, who was hosting the         autographs was              Nichols signing
arena today, then introduced the original cast       not allowed. All           autographs. MSN
members who have formed their own little             this was done in an

                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                         49
                                          STAR TREK 30
                          attempt to make sure as many people as pos-                   Anyway, due to time it took to get those
                          sible get their autograph. And I did walk out of      four autographs, I missed an arena presentation
                          there with Nichols’s, Koenig’s, Doohan’s, and         by DeForest Kelly and Robert Picardo, the two
                          Takei’s autograph. And the Paramount guy was          most popular doctors of Star Trek. Entitled
September 7 and 8, 1996

                          right, Takei did ramble a bit when spoken too         “Report to Sickbay,” I’m sure seeing these two
                          or asked questions. I simply limited my words         together would have been a remarkable experi-
                          with them to “Thank-you very much!”                   ence. It was followed by “Star Trek: The Latest
                                   I suppose                                    Generation, which was a panel with Armin
                          the handling of                                       Shimmerman, Ethan Phillips, and Robert
                          autographs was                                        Duncan McNeil. One of the things they talked
                          one of the major                                      about was inheriting the Trek mantle from the
                          faltering points of                                   original cast members. Phillips was also a very
                          this convention.                                      funny, and entertaining person.
                          Not only was the                                              At this point, the convention started
                          lines impossible to                                   winding down quickly. While there was an-
                          deal with, but they                                   other autograph session with McNeill and
                          often times sched-                                    Picardo, I decided to use the remaining time to
                          uled the autograph                                    browse the Promenade and the Spencer’s Warp
                          session before the                                    10 store again. They were quickly marking
                          stars were to                                         down the merchandise in hopes not to have any
                          appear on stage.         Kelly telling a funy story   surplus stock left over. In a way, it was a very
                          As a result, people on Shatner. HT                    anti-climactic end to something as significant
                          sometimes waited                                      as Star Trek’s thirtieth anniversary.
                          hours in line only to have the star leave for           In Summary
                          their presentation. They should have scheduled                The bottom line is that I had a very
                          much more time for autographs after the stars’        wonderful time and experience. It may have
                          presentations. Additionally, the Galaxy Class         been a bit expensive, but I think it was well
                          people were to have gotten priority in the lines.     worth it to see the entire original cast together,
                          As far as I could tell, there was no one making       along with so
                          sure this occurred.                                   many of the
                                   I’d also like to mention that the astro-     recent series
Huntsville, Alabama

                          nauts were signing autographs as well. How-           stars. Seeing
                          ever, some of them were only signing at the           them all on
                          S&RC. Even though busses were traveling too           stage together at
                          and from there every half hour, I didn’t want to      once on Satur-
                          waste my time to get them. And while I am             day night was a
                          eternally grateful to them for braving the space      very powerful
                          frontier, I am a Star Trek fan first and foremost.    and moving          Mulgrew signing a Barbie
                          Given the time and opportunity, I would gladly        experience.         doll packages. MSN
                          and proudly get their autographs too.

   50                                                          SUBSPACE STATIC
             One Weekend On Earth
                                 I could have         going continuously. The only other thing that
                             hoped for better         was going on was the events in the Promenade,
                             autograph schedul-       which were mostly autograph signings. The
                             ing, but I did man-      fourth track was the autograph signings in the
                             age to make it out       Galaxy Class Club. Therefore, I think there was
                             with nine auto-          fewer things available when compared to your
                             graphs. It would         usual conventions. However, the things that
                             have been even nicer     were going on were quite spectacular. As a
                             if the “big three”       result, you did have time to partake in most
                             were signing, but        everything. While more would have offered
 McNeil relaxing. MSN they rarely do so at            more variety, it would have been even more
                             conventions any          frustrating to miss out.
more. I would have liked more Next Genera-                     But then again, Paramount never
tion stars as well. And if they had managed to        wanted this to be an overgrown convention.
get all four Captains, it would have been             They repeatedly stated
perfect. The entire original cast was there, and      this was to be a cel-
that was the important thing. And most of the         ebration to honor Star
Deep Space Nine and Voyager cast were there           Trek’s thirtieth anni-
as well. The Promenade had everything you             versary. So I suppose

could probably want. However, as I mentioned,         in that regard, they
it had a mass market, commercial feel to it           succeeded very well.
since they did not allow the independent              With Saturday night’s
dealers there.                                        tribute celebration as
         Furthermore, they really only had four       the main event (and
tracks of programming going. Compared to say          the VIP gala after-
                                  Dragon*Con,         ward), everything else Majel Barrett signs
                                  that’s incredibly   was just fluff to make autographs. MSN
                                  few. They had       money and pad out the
                                  the main arena      weekend.
                                  events, which                Star Trek 30: One Weekend on Earth
                                  were geared to      was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever
                                  bring the big       had the opportunity to participate in. It was a
                                  audiences. They     once in a life event that I enjoyed thoroughly.
                                  Viewscreen          While this might have been “One Weekend On
                         MSN events were the          Earth,” the memories will last a lifetime.
 The two doctors past and filler material,              - FCAPT Richard L. Trulson
 present: Kelly and Picardo. as they were

                                      Special Anniversary Edition                                       51
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expiration dates of our ship and      the end of this issue, or in a       general questions about your
STARFLEET members since               Communiqué . Ship applica-           memberships, please ask me
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them. If there isn’t a date listed,   and can be mailed with checks        myself. Thank you!
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                                       Zawisza        Michael             07/10/1997

 52                                      SUBSPACE         STATIC
                SPOTLIGHT: JIM DYKES
  A really permanent Star            killing everyone. He also enjoys    mainly enjoys the movies
  Trek fan.                          old written science-fiction as      (except for five), the Next
         Jim Dykes is one of our     well as Babylon 5, with G’Kar       Generation, and Voyager.
newest members who started           being Jim’s favorite alien                  Jim moved to Decatur in
back in July. He got involved        character.                          1965 where he spent most of his
with the von Braun after signing              Born on March 16 in        life. He attended Athens State
up for more information at one       Winfield, Alabama, Jim is an        College and Calhoun, where he
of our recruiting tables. He         only child. However, he was an      got an Associates degree in
hasn’t yet decided upon a            excellent student in school and     Business Data processing. At
department to join.                  was a part of the honor society.    one time he worked at Marshall
         Jim’s interest in Star      His favorites include pizza and     Space Flight Center. However,
Trek began when the original         pepperoni, the color green, and     one of his more interesting jobs
series first aired on TV and he      the lucky number 7. Rock and        had Jim working on the second
became an instant fan. He was        roll is his favorite music genre,   floor of the Vehicle Assembly
pleased when it was syndicated       though he will listen to some       building at Cape Canaveral. For
into reruns. When Next Genera-       jazz or a bit of anything. He       those who don’t know, this is
tion came out, he was thrilled       considers “Stairway to Heaven”      the large building that houses
that they were going to do a         by Led Zeppelin to be the all       the space shuttles prior to
modern update and it eventually      time best rock and roll song        launch so everything can be
became his favorite of the four      ever. He also grew up listening     made ready for flight. Then in
series. However, he was some-        to a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd. For     1978, Jim was able to see the
what disappointed with Deep          a year and a half now, Joey is      original Space Shuttle
Space Nine because it was            Jim’s significant other, though
boring.                              he isn’t as much of a original       Continued: See Spotlight
         As far as the characters    series Star Trek fan as Jim. Joey    on page 63...
go, Data is Jim’s favorite. In
fact, when he played softball in
Atlanta, Jim’s teammates
nicknamed him Data. He enjoys
the banter between Spock and
McCoy in the original series.
He also feels Janeway’s charac-
ter is very strong and tough.
However, he enjoys the “sharp
witted tongue of the [holo-
graphic] Doctor” on Voyager.
         Outside of Star Trek,
Jim has enjoyed the 2001 and
2010 movies. One of his favor-
ites though is The Andromeda
Strain. He feels it was futuristic
for its time and thinks that the
soundtrack is very unique.
There’s just something about
the thought of a deadly microbe

                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                     53
                                                                         type of vote is needed, getting
             PROMOTIONS                                                  approval could be difficult if
                                                                         you’ve upset some of them.
  How do I reward thee, let                  The points based system             The time in service is
  me count the ways.                is a record keepers nightmare.       the most straight forward. There
        One of the most difficult   Usually the individual or a          can be no room for misunder-
decisions a Commanding              promotions officer must keep         standing on when you will be
Officer must decide with his        tract of each and every little       promoted and how. Further-
crew is how to approach promo-      activity a person does. Should       more, the problems of favorit-
tions. Even though a person’s       their be some discrepancy or         ism will not exist. However, it
rank does not grant them any        omission, major disputes can         does not recognize those who
power over another lower            result. Furthermore, an indi-        work especially hard for the
ranked member, people seem to       vidual can abuse the points          chapter. Someone who does
take promotions VERY seri-          system to get a higher rank. Is it   nothing will be promoted just as
ously. And the methods used to      fair they are doing it just to get   soon as someone who does
promote are as varied as their      a higher rank, or should they be     everything. The same applies
are number of chapters in Fleet.    doing it for the good of the         for holding a particular position,
        Each chapter is allowed     ship?                                which are relatively few.
to decide what ranks they will               Commanding Officer
have, and what the policies to      discretion is the easiest method,             In the past, a loose
obtain those ranks will be.         as it leaves it open for one         points system was used on this
Some chapters have a very rigid     person who should hopefully          ship. However, that quickly got
plan in place, where you must       know the crew the best. How-         difficult to track and was open
accomplish a certain number of      ever, that method could possi-       to abuse. Therefore, promotions
things in order to be promoted,     bly lead to major favoritism         slowly started to drift toward
while others are so relaxed, all    being shown on part of the CO        CO discretion. Once I took
you have to do is attend a          toward those the CO likes            over, it remained mostly CO
meeting. Most chapters fall         better, which is not good if you     discretion, though at the last
somewhere in between.               happen to end up on the CO’s         few planning meetings, I have
        They usually use one of     bad side. A review board,            been calling for nominations
the following methods or            consisting of various members        and applications, with approval
combination to decide when a        of the Command Officers, is          vote. That may not be enough,
promotion is to occur: 1) Accu-     less likely to succumb to such       or fair; therefore, an overhaul of
mulate a certain number of          favoritism, but the possibility is   the system is needed.
points that are earned for vari-    still there. Depending on what
ous activities, often called the
                                    A completely CGI rendered Sy Snootles, complete with duet singer
points system. 2) Face a review
                                    Joe Yowza (on Sy's left), is added to original footage and new actors.
board of sort that determines if
they are eligible for a promo-
tion. 3) Discretion is left up to
the CO alone. 4) Time in ser-
vice determines your rank. 5)
Holding a particular position on
a ship, regional, or national
level gives you a certain rank.
Each method has it’s good and
bad points as can be expected.

 54                                    SUBSPACE          STATIC
                                                                        make sure we have an estab-
   Another Empire Cloud City scene, from the official web site.
                                                                        lished awards system in place to
                                                                        cover duties. For example, I
                                                                        have the Commendation of
                                                                        Excellence I give out when
                                                                        people do work on behalf of the
                                                                        ship, or do something nice. I
                                                                        also have the Shining Star
                                                                        monthly award as well. Of
                                                                        course, we’ll need such awards
                                                                        in place even if we use any of
                                                                        the promotion systems.
                                                                                Anyway, please let me
                                                                        or your DC know what you
         I think it was the very    No points would be assigned.        think of this proposed promo-
first planning meeting I called     Then, once a quarter, or how-       tion system. At our next plan-
for, I had a proposed promotion     ever long the CO felt appropri-     ning meeting, we will hash out
points system. It was figured       ate, anyone wishing a promo-        the details of whichever method
that it was a typical system. The   tion, would submit their sheet in   you like best. Then, after an-
only areas of disagreement          for consideration, or someone       nouncing at which meeting we
occurred over how much points       could nominate them. The            plan to do so, we will vote on
were needed and minimum time        Command Officers would              approval at a general meeting.
served requirements. Some felt      approve their promotion with a      Once that’s done, work can
more points needed to be            vote, either majority or some       began on out official member-
accumulated for the various         other value.                        ship handbook which I’ve
ranks, and others felt a person             I particularly like this    always wanted to do.
should be promoted if they had      system with a few changes.            - FCAPT Richard L.
accumulated enough points, but      First, only STARFLEET mem-            Trulson
not served enough time. I’ve        bers may hold rank, as an
included the points based           incentive to join STARFLEET,              Promotion System
system here for your review.        which also may be interpreted
         However, after consider-   from STARFLEET’s Constitu-          Purpose:
ing that system, I do NOT want      tion. Second, for ranks below               The following rank and
to have to deal with the paper-     Ensign, a person must remain in     promotion system is designed
work nightmare that system          that rank at least 3 months         as a reward for service to the
would require. Therefore, at a      before being promoted again.        ship, STARFLEET, and the
recent planning meeting, we         For ranks Ensign and above,         community. Obviously, a higher
tossed the idea around of a         they must remain in that rank       rank indicates a higher level of
qualitative review board based      for 1 year. This is to prevent      participation, length of service,
on activities. Whenever a           people from accelerating too        and excellent performance of
person did something that was       fast and burning out. Finally,      duties.
noteworthy, whether it be           you must pass OTS in order to               Rank does NOT give
volunteer service or fan realted    become an Ensign. This is done      anyone the power to order
such as making a costume—           to insure knowledge of Fleet        someone else to do anything,
basically the activities listed     and what an officer should be.      nor does it mean someone is
that you would obtain points                If we decide to go with a   any better than the other. A
for—the person would write          time in service or position held    person is NOT required to
that down on a promotion sheet.     methods, then we’ll need to         address people by rank, nor

                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                     55
salute a higher ranking officer.     Therefore, it is suggested that      The Ranks And The Points
This is a volunteer organization     STARFLEET rank not be used           Needed:
and such formality is for show       when corresponding with                       Listed below is the
only. It is designed to recognize    members of the armed forces.         accepted ranks on the ship,
people for their hard work and       How A Person Is Promoted:            starting with the lowest and
dedication. Should a member                  For ranks below Ensign,      ending with the highest. Also
abuse the rank and position          a person simply needs to accu-       listed is the rank’s abbreviation
given them, appropriate puni-        mulate enough points for the         and the number of promotion
tive actions will be taken           desired rank. For ranks above        points needed to obtain that
against the offending member.        Ensign, the person must acquire      rank. New members start at
Furthermore, real armed forces       the points AND be subject to a       crewman with no rank. They
officers may get in trouble if a     performance review by the            MUST be a member of
they are addressed by a rank         Command Officers that deter-         STARFLEET in order to have a
that differs from their real rank.   mines if he or she is truly          rank and will be assigned the
                                     deserving of that rank. A person     rank of Petty Officer, Third
                                     may also apply or be nominated       Class, upon joining. Ranks
 ...Star Wars continued              for a promotion, which will then     above Commander are listed in
 from page 24.                       be approved by the Command           the STARFLEET handbook and
                                     Officers, as defined in the By-      can not be awarded by the CO
to do it even better now.            Laws.                                or chapter.
I also thought the
Rancor monster editing        Rank                     Abbreviation Addressed As          Points Needed
was particularly bad.         Crewman, no rank                (none) (name only)                   (none)
There were size and           Petty Officer, Third Class         PO3 Petty Officer join STARFLEET
perspective problems,         Petty Officer, Second Class        PO2 Petty Officer                      50
and black splicing areas.     Petty Officer, First class         PO1 Petty Officer                    100
Nether were improved          Chief Petty Officer               CPO Chief Petty Officer               175
and they should have          Senior Chief Petty Officer      SCPO Chief Petty Officer                250
been.                         Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO Chief Petty Officer                     350
        Jedi’s ending         Ensign                            ENS Ensign                      pass OTS
was greatly expanded to       Lieutenant, Junior Grade         LTJG Lieutenant                        500
show people celebrating       Lieutenant                          LT Lieutenant                      1000
the Empire’s defeat at        Lieutenant Commander            LCDR Commander                         2000
other places. Instead of      Commander                      CMDR Commander           pass OCC & 3000
cutting immediately to
the Ewok village from the X-          village celebration scored with     music in both places, but that
Wings shooting fireworks, the         new music by John Williams.         didn’t happen. And as far as I
scene shifted to Tatooine,            While nice, I thought the origi-    was concerned, the additional
Bespin, and Coruscant, which          nal music was vastly more           celebration scenes were beauti-
figures heavily in a series of        appropriate to the Ewoks. Some      ful, but not really needed. The
books, comics, and games              new dance scenes and Ewok           scenes that needed work the
sanctioned by LucasArts. It           horn playing were added to go       most, did not receive any
involves a story line called          with the new music.                 changes. Therefore, the third
“Shadows of the Empire” that                  I loved the effects at      installment falls flat again. The
follows the main characters           Jabba’s palace, which were          only shining point is the Jabba
immediately after Jedi ends.          excellent. I would have pre-        band.
They then return to the Ewok          ferred to have kept the original      - FCAPT Richard L.

 56                                     SUBSPACE          STATIC
How To Track Your Points:
        Every crewmember will         Earn Points For                                  Points Earned
be issued a promotion point           Meetings:
                                      Attending a General Meeting                                   10
sheet (See Appendix D) so they
can keep tract of the points he       Hosting                                                       15
or she has earned. The Execu-         Departments/Committees:
tive Officer (or an appointee)        Attending Departmental/Committee/Planning Meeting             15
will also keep tract of your          Becoming a Department Chief/Committee Chairperson            200
                                      Serving as Chief/Chairperson                      per month 10
points as well in case there are
discrepancies or one gets lost.       Social/Fun Activities:
Every time you earn points,           Attending                                                       5
write down the date, event or         Planning/Helping                                              10
action, and the number of points      Hosting                                                       15
                                      With Another Chapter                                          20
earned. Once you earn enough
points, you are eligible for          Regional Summit/Activity                                     100
promotion. You earn the highest       STARFLEET International Conference/Event                     300
possible points for a given           Conventions:
category. For example, if you         Attending                                            per day 10
                                      Attending one out of town                            per day 15
host a party, you earn the points
for hosting it, but not for attend-   Working                                              per day 20
ing as well.                          Working one out of town                              per day 25
Other Guidelines:                     Community Service/Work Event:
        For ranks below Ensign,       Planning                                                      40
                                      Helping                                                       30
you must remain at your current
rank for two months before you        Donate Blood                                                  15
are eligible for promotion. For       Donate can goods                                      per can 1
Ensign and above, the wait            Current CPR / first aid certification                         10
period is six months. Once a          Work done in another organization                               5
member is promoted, they start
over with zero points. Passing        WVB Associate Member                                            5
OTS and special promotions by         WVB Active Member                                             10
the CO are the only way to skip       STARFLEET Associate Member                                    10
a rank, even if you have accu-        STARFLEET Active Member                                       15
                                      STARFLEET Academy:
mulated enough total points for
multiple ranks. You can NOT           Pass any course (except OTS)                                  15
go any higher than PO3 unless         Pass any course with honors/recommendations                   20
you complete and pass                 Uniform:
STARFLEET Academy’s OTS,              Wearing                                            per event 5
                                      Owning                                           per uniform 10
which will automatically pro-
mote you to Ensign.                   Making                                           per uniform 15
                                      Article (excluding DC reports)                     minimum 20
                                      Other submission (cartoon, puzzle, etc)            minimum 15
                                      Publication Elsewhere                                         25
                                      Drive someone else to an event (non-family member) per event 5
                                      Department Chief Discretion                                varies
                                      Command Officers Discretion                                varies

                                      Special Anniversary Edition                                  57
  Coming to a theater near          humans and aliens to stop the
  you!                              pure evil. In a weird sense of
        Be warned that the          irony, evil is coming in the form
movie previews may contain          of a giant comet, which I
information about the plot that     thought was a bit to close to
may spoil some of the surprises     Hale-Bopp for my tastes. Any
in the movie. If you don’t wish     attempts to destroy it just makes    Apparently, the dinosaur park
to know this ahead of time,         it stronger, and only a mysteri-     on island Isla Nublar was just
DON’T READ THEM. Easy               ous substance, the fifth element,    the attraction to make money.
enough, no? Also, the validity      can stop it. Supposedly, the         The true research facility to
of the information is NOT           special effects for this film are    study dinosaurs in a natural
guaranteed. All movie informa-      very stylistic, similar in tone to   habitat was on a separate island
tion and pictures were taken off    Blade Runner. Some more              Isla Sorna eighty miles away.
the web. I’ve tried to include      information was obtained from        Ian Malcolm (played again by
where I’ve got them. Also, this            Jeff Goldblum) has to go rescue
summer appears to be another        Hollywood/Hills/7343/                his girlfriend, Sarah Harding
big run of science-fiction          5thmain.htm on the web. It’s to      (Julianne Moore), who is the
movies. So save up your pen-        be released May 2, 1997.             daughter of Dr. Harding in
nies and go with the ship to see                                         Jurassic Park. She was sent
them. If think this sampling is                                          there by John Hammond to do
good, wait till the next issue.                                          research. Rumors have it that
                                                                         big game hunter Roland Tembo
       The Fifth Element                                                 (Pete Postlewaite) will capture a                                             T-Rex and take it to San Diego
  It Mu5t be found, but                                                  where it goes on a rampage.
  we’re not sure where.                                                  Supposedly, there are over 75
        The Fifth Element is                                             CGI shots in Lost World com-
another science-fiction action                                           pared to 59 in Jurassic Park.
film for Bruce Willis. Twelve                                            Some information was taken
Monkeys was a surprisingly          The Lost World: Jurassic Park        from
good movie from an actor who           ~users/splat/lw/. The release
has both succeeded and bombed         “Something has survived”           date is set for Friday, May 23,
on the big screen. Willis plays a     and it’s a sequel.                 1997.
23rd century New York cab                   You just know that one
driver who joins a group of         of the highest grossing films of
                                    all time is going to have a
                                    sequel. Steven Spielberg, the
   Willis pleading the Fifth.       director of the first Jurassic
                                    Park, is directing again. How-
                                    ever, even though the first one
                                    was somewhat close to the
                                    original book by Michael
                                    Crichton, Spielberg has said
                                    that The Lost World has it’s
                                    own unique story that has a
                                    completely different last half.
 58                                     SUBSPACE STATIC
       Batman and Robin
  The bad bat boys are back.
         The fourth installment
of the Batman series is called
Batman and Robin. However, it
could more accurately be called
the Bat Family as they intro-
duce Alicia Silverstone as
Batgirl. Chris O’Donnell returns
as Robin, but Batman has
changed again, this time to
George Clooney or ER fame.
The villians this time around are
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr.
Freeze and Uma Thurman as
Poison Ivy. Be on the lookout        One big bat family, with matching costumes to boot. Silverstone,
also for Jeep Swenson as Bane.       Clooney, and O'Donnell as Batgirl, Batman, and Robin.
As every good fan of the DC
comic knows, Bane is the one        hard to get along with while       what kind of interpretation
who breaks Batman’s back.           filming Batman Forever. Two-       Clooney brings to the Batman
However, as always, the movies      Face Tommy Lee Jones was           and Bruce Wayne characters.
are not following the exact         also reported to be rude to                 Early indications of the
origins and characterizations of    riddling Jim Carrey as well. It    plot follow that of Batman
the comics, which has its good      will be interesting again to see   Forever due to the number of
and bad points. There was some                                         hero and villains introduced.
dissatisfaction with the choice
of Schwarzenegger to play the
                                           Mr. Muscles Schwarzenegger is back as Mr. Freeze
role of Freeze, since the comic
                                                     and Thurman is Poison Ivy.
version is an older, skinny man.
Rumors also abound about a
cameo by Michelle Pfeiffer as
Catwoman fighting with
Batgirl. There’s also a bit part
by Vivica Fox as Ms B. Haven.
Batman and Robin will be
released on June 20, 1997.
         Apparently, Clooney
was approached for the Batman
role after previous caped cru-
sader Val Kilmer had poor
relations with the Warner
Brothers executives. He wanted
more time to pursue The Saint
movie with Paramount. How-
ever, they didn’t want to budge
given Kilmer was reportedly

                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                      59
Freeze apparently has a spec-                                 Upcoming Movies:
tacular opening sequence. His                The movie release dates were taken from the following
demons come forth from a lab         source:
accident at Wayne Enterprises.       97index.htm Please note that there is some discrepancy in the
Ivy’s origins are due to a similar   release dates in the previews and in this listing. Watch for adver-
accident in the Amazon jungle        tisements or check with the papers or theaters for the correct dates.
involving chemicals and exotic
plants. Be on the lookout for her                                May Movies
most deadly weapon: her green        2      The Fifth Element
hosiery. Batgirl isn’t introduced    250 years into the future, a cab driver is pulled into a fight against
until late in the film when Bruce    pure evil.
Wayne’s loyal butler, Alfred,        9      Father’s Day
played by Michael Gough,             Billy Crystal and Robin Williams team-up in this comedy about a
becomes ill. He calls on his         woman and her runaway son.
niece, Barbara Wilson to help        16     Playing God
out. Barbara learns about the        A disgraced doctor becomes the physician of a mobster. David
Batcave after snooping around,       Duchovny of X-Files stars.
which is annoyingly similar to       21     The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Robin’s origins. In the comics,      Malcolm and others travel to the island where the dinosaurs were
Batgirl is Police Commissioner       made.
Gordon’s daughter.
         Anyway, after the grand                                 June Movies
opening sequence, Freeze is          6       Con Air
placed in Arkum Asylum only          When a cargo plane is hijacked by a band of homicidal prisoners,
to be rescued later by Ivy. The      a marshal must ask one for help.
two team up to take over the         6       Speed II: Cruise Control
world with Pinky and the Brain,      Jack and Annie are back on a cruise ship which is hijacked by a
or at least Gotham City. Batman      escaped prisoner.
and Robin end up fighting for        20      Batman and Robin
the affections of Ivy, only to       Batman and Robin must fight the villains Mr. Freeze and Poison
have Batgirl come to steal           Ivy to save Gotham City.
Robin away. And as always, be        27      Hercules
on the look out for incredible       Disney animated feature set to the Greek legend about a young
color coordinated batsuits and       man who undergoes various tasks for Zeus.
batvehicles. Rumor has it Robin
sports a new batcycle. Most of
this information comes from
mrmojo16/batman4.html” and
from “
j.galley/batman4.htm” (Every-
thing inside the “ ”, but not
including them or the spaces).

 Continued: See Movies on
 top of page 67...

 60                                    SUBSPACE          STATIC
 continued from page 11.
learning the rules. Does it
require you to have anything
special, such as dice or
charts. Are there supple-
ments you have to or can
buy to make it better?
Games come in all forms,
from board games to hand-
held arcade games to com-           Many ship fight scenes were revamped using CGI ships, as well as
puter games. If it’s a com-         generally cleaned up. Image courtesy of official Star Wars web site.
puter game, you should list
the minimum and recommended                     That’s about all the      to the multiple DC’s who
requirements for hardware. Was         general reviews I can think of.    submitted several departmental
it easy to install and play, or did    Hopefully, this will give people   reports, which I combined into
you have to call technical             some idea of how to write a        one. Now if only I could get
support or your local PC guru?         review. Therefore, not only do     more people submitting, I’d be
Was it worth the investment or         Department Chiefs not have an      happy. Artwork, cartoons, or
did you waste your money?              excuse for not writing reports,    even short stories would be
How long does it take to play          but now everyone has no excuse     especially nice.
and what options are available?        for not writing reviews. While I           Hopefully, future issues
         Conventions are inter-        prefer E-Mail submission at        won’t be delayed as long as this
esting little beasties that com-, I do accept     one has. I apologize for that.
bine several of the above ex-          handwritten, disk submission,      However, I honestly, truly
amples. Make sure you include          or even dictation. Contact me      believe the wait is worth it. I
the basics on when and where it        and we’ll see what we can work     think this issue looks spectacu-
was, as well as who the guests         out. Not having a means to         lar. And our past works have
were. List the programming             submit, or not knowing how to      received high praise at the
panel tracks? Was there a con          do so, is NOT a valid excuse for   regional level: The Subspace
suite and how good was it?             not submitting.                    Static won Newsletter of the
Were the guests signing auto-                   Of course, this article   Year at the Region 2 Summit,
graphs and were they handled           was initially written when there   which makes it eligible for the
well? Was their ample opportu-         were no other submissions other    national award competition. I’m
nity to do everything, or did you than my own. With time, a LOT           quite proud of this accomplish-
get bored with gaps in program-        of time, submissions began to      ment and hope to continue the
ming or frustrated at not being        trickle in. I received a majority  level of success for years to
able to attend everything? Was         of the DC reports and a few        come throughout the ship.
there enough room to hold              articles as well. I would espe-      - FCAPT Richard L.
everything and how accommo-            cially like to thank Don for his     Trulson
dating was the facilities they         convention reviews. And thanks
were held at? If they had some
special events such as a light
show, masquerade costume
contest, or a dance, make sure
you mention that as well.

                                    Special Anniversary Edition                                      61
                                                                          newly reissued soundtrack is
                SCI-FI NEWS                                               earning the highest opening
                                                                          weekend of any reissue. Talks
The following science-fiction           Spaaaaaaace Friiiiiiiiends:       are also underway about releas-
news was taken from the Sci-          Matt LeBlanc (Joey on Friends)      ing Close Encounters of the
ence Fiction Weekly web site at       joins the cast of Lost in Space,    Third Kind this fall and 2001: A            replacing Sean Patrick Flanery      Space Odyssey next year for its
                                      (Powder, Young Indiana Jones        thirtieth anniversary.
  New frontiers:                      Chronicles) as astronaut Don
Star Trek executive producer          West. New Line is said to be          Mad Max 4?
Rick Berman has been talking          contemplating a new Lost in         Kevin Costner (Dances With
with Imax about creating a 40         Space television series. Jennifer   Wolves) is directing a post-
minute Imax movie. While no           Aniston (Phoebe on Friends)         apocalyptic science-fiction film
deal has been set, it’s expected      will play the love object of a      called The Postman. Olivia
to cost about $10 million and         giant lizard in the upcoming        Williams will the female lead in
contain characters from the last      remake Godzilla by Indepen-         the film based on David Brin’s
three series. Paramount parent        dence Day creators Roland           popular book of the same name.
company Viacom is wanting to          Emmerich and Dean Devlin.
get into the retail store business.                                         Waterworld 2?
The Viacom Entertainment                Star Wars success:                Rapper and actor Queen Latifah
Store will open in Chicago,           The Special Edition release of      (Living Single) has signed to
Illinois in May and will have a       Star Wars has made over $438        appear as a Navy habitat spe-
Star Trek theme.                      million at the box office. It       cialist in the film version of
                                      replaces the E.T.: The Extra-       Michael Crichton’s underwater
  Muscling in on a piece of           Terrestrial at the number one       science-fiction thriller Sphere.
  the action:                         spot. Steven Spielberg bought a     Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone
For the first time in ten years a     full-page ad on the back cover
series other than a Star Trek         of the Valentine’s Day Variety        Magic 2?
spin off has resided at the top of    magazine depicting E.T. crown-      With the collectible trading card
the Nielsen ratings for a syndi-      ing R2D2, with the message:         game of BattleTech becoming
cated actions series. What did        “Dear George: Congratulations       the number two seller in the
it? Xena: Warrior Princess and        for renewing the most enduring      U.S. trading card industry, the
Hercules: The Legendary               motion picture in cinema            makers, Wizards of the Coast,
Journeys.                             history. Your pal, Steven.” The     will release an expansion to the
                                                                          game called Counterstrike.
 Third of three celebration scenes added to the end of Return of            Species 2:
 the Jedi. Image courtesy of the official Star Wars web page.             Natasha Henstridge is reprising
                                                                          her role as the alien from
                                                                          another planet trying desper-
                                                                          ately to have the perfect date,
                                                                          er… mate. The species that was
                                                                          created turned out to be a
                                                                          leather hunter designed by the
                                                                          king of “aliens”, H.R. Giger.
                                                                          Set to start shooing in late June,
                                                                          the Species sequel will be
                                                                          directed by Peter Medak.

 62                                      SUBSPACE         STATIC
  The Final Odyssey:                   ...Spotlight continued from       Westmore is the costume and
Due the effects on his health          page 53.                          make-up director for the Star
from Polio, Arthur C. Clarke,                                            Trek series and was responsible
has said that this will be his “his   Enterprise. While that shuttle     for the Klingon make-up at the
last hurrah.” Stanley Kubrick,        was only used in atmospheric       grand celebration’s stunt show
who collaborated with Clarke          test flights, he has worked on     on Saturday night. Jim got
on the 1968 2001: A Space             space critical hardware. From      drafted to help with this by
Odyssey, is rumored to direct         1984 to 1995, he lived in          teasing the Klingon hair head-
the film version.                     Atlanta where he was also          pieces. While backstage, he
                                      active in the Hotlanta Softball    walked past Robert Picardo who
  A whole new zone:                   League for the last five years.    plays Voyager’s holographic
A new time-travel series called       He then moved back to              doctor. He also got to see some
Stops Along the Way is being          Huntsville and is currently        of the Apollo astronauts. (He
produced. It’s a idea by the late     working at Luna Tech as a          has some hair pins as souvenirs,
Rod Serling, creator of the           computer systems                   but don’t tell anybody.)
Twilight Zone, about the time         administrator. However, he                 Perhaps the most in-
traveler visiting significant         enjoys his work because he is a    triguing thing about Jim is also
events in the past. They plan to      computer hobbyist at heart. Jim    what makes him a major Trek
use Forrest Gump technology to        has owned a 286 PC for eight       fan. Located on Jim’s left
appear in historical locations.       years though his current system    shoulder is a tattoo done in the
                                      is a 486. He has also considered   Next Generation style commu-
  Through the north sci-fi            getting involved with a softball   nicator pin. The gold and silver
  gate:                               league here as well.               is recreated as best as possible
The TV series based upon the                   When the Star Trek:       given the colors that can be
1994 hit, Stargate, is in produc-     One Weekend on Earth thirtieth     used on skin. The scary thing
tion as a syndicated TV series in     anniversary celebration came       though is the story behind him
Vancouver. Stargate SG-1 will         last September [ See the main      getting this tattoo. The tattoo
star MacGyver’s Richard Dean          article on page 30 in this issue   artist was strung out on drugs
Anderson and will air on the          with the accompanying volun-       while doing it, though Jim
Showtime cable network start-         teer side story. - Rich ], Jim     didn’t know this when he got it.
ing in July. Other science-           volunteered to help. Originally    Once he got the basic shape and
fictions shows shot in Canada         scheduled to help with busing      color down, the artist left for
include X-Files, Millennium,          people to and from the Von         what he said would be just a
and The Outer Limits.                 Braun Civic Center, his duties     moment. That moment turned
                                      were changed when Michael          out to be much longer as the
                                      Westmore needed some help.         guy went to the local bar and
                                                                         passed out. As a result, a nor-
       Recognize this bounty hunter? He's been brought into              mally over $50 tattoo was
       the Special Edition of Star Wars as Jabba’s guard.                obtained for free. Jim recently
                                                                         got the tattoo retouched to
                                                                         invigorate the colors and added
                                                                         stars to correct a minor mistake.
                                                                         He has also added the United
                                                                         Federation of Planets logo on
                                                                         the right shoulder. Don’t forget
                                                                         to say “hi” to Jim and ask to see
                                                                         them this summer when the
                                                                         weather warms up.

                                      Special Anniversary Edition                                    63
 ...Minutes continued from          • Shining Star went to Donald     Operations, CMDR Dustin
 page 19.                           Daniel by acclamation for his     Williams:
                                    hard work at Star Trek 30         • Next Con†Stellation will not
behind the Trek chevron. Vote
                                    helping stuff over 1000 volun-    be at the Tom Bevill Center.
was 6 to 1 in favor of the
                                    teer bags.                        • There may be a Trek-O-Rama
original design, mainly due to
                                    • Next meeting is November 10     in mid-December.
the fact that represents the
                                    at Con†Stellation held in the     Communications, CAPT
original series as well as the
                                    Tom Bevill Center on              Richard L. Trulson:
Next Generation.
                                    Sparkman Drive.                   • Summer and fall issue will be
• A vote on each section of the
                                    • Everyone who attended Star      combined into a huge single
by-laws was taken. All sections
                                    Trek 30 showed all the souve-     issue given at the next meeting.
and modifications were passed
                                    nirs and goodies they got         Submissions or changes need to
except Article II, Section 1, B.
                                    including, hats, medallions,      be in by November 15.
It was tabled for vote another
                                    drawings, prints, toys, auto-     Medical, LT Ralph Brigham:
time in order to allow us time to
                                    graphs, and more!                 • With winter approaching,
determine if we want to require
                                    • We moved into another room      please watch out for nasty
all Command Officers to be
                                    and watched the season premier    weather and road conditions.
members of STARFLEET and
                                    of Voyager.                       Your animals and pets will be
have completed OTS.
                                                                      especially stressed with the cold
• A trip to the Renaissance Fair
in Florence was discussed for
                                     November 10, ’96 Minutes:        • Ralph demonstrated his new
Friday, October 25. A sign-up
                                                                      toy: A functional Mark I
sheet was passed around.
                                        Departmental Reports:         tricorder that he got at Star Trek
• Con†Stellation is November
                                    Commanding Officer, CAPT          30.
8-10 at the Tom Bevill Center.
                                    Richard L. Trulson                Shuttle Alabama, CMDR
We will not be doing security as
                                    • Thanks to Con†Stellation for    Bonnie Flanagan:
a group though several of our
                                    allowing us to meet here.         • Arts and crafts are the second
members will be working. Our
                                    • Halloween parties were fun,     Thursday of the month at 2 PM.
next meeting will be held there
                                    especially with the Hephaestus.   They will makes things to sell.
on Sunday. They will have a
                                    • Richard will be attending a     • Monthly meeting is the third
common use table for all fan
                                    Captain’s Call meeting in         Sunday at 2 PM at the Decatur
organizations to recruit at.
                                    Birmingham on November 16 at      Regional Library.
• People were given a slip of
                                    10 AM.                            • Doing a mini-con at the
paper to vote on who they want
                                    • Donald Daniel was promoted      Carmike Theaters for Star Trek:
for the following annual
                                    to Petty Officer, Third Class.    First Contact. Raffles and
awards: Most Outstanding
                                    Operations, CMDR Dallas           donation proceeds will go to the
Crewmember, Most Outstand-
                                    Vinson:                           Sheriff’s Boys Ranch.
ing Command Officer, Most
                                    • Been very busy with
Outstanding New Member, and
                                    Con†Stellation, but things                   Business:
Most Outstanding Overall.
                                    should be returning to normal.    • November 22 is the Star Trek:
• Various tidbits concerning
                                    • Dallas then presented Dustin    First Contact premier. We will
STARFLEET and Region 2
                                    Williams with a fake “Rear”       be working a recruitment table
were discussed. [Cut due to
                                    Admiral promotion.                at Hollywood 16. We may also
space. - Rich]
                                                                      try to work the table other
• Please give your input on the
                                                                      nights as well. Details will be
calendar of events. [Cut due to
space. - Rich]

 64                                   SUBSPACE         STATIC
                                  • Various STARFLEET news           Shuttle Alabama, CMDR
                                  were discussed including           Bonnie Flanagan:
                                  Fleet’s elections and other        • Arts and crafts are the second
                                  problems. [Cut due to space. -     Thursday of the month at 2 PM.
                                  Rich]                              They will makes things to sell.
                                  • Shining Star went to Dallas      • Monthly meeting is the third
                                  Vinson by acclamation for          Sunday at 2 PM at the Decatur
                                  hosting the Halloween party.       Regional Library.
                                  • Next meeting is December 1.      • Star Trek: First Contact
                                  • Chyrstal Kimbro of the shuttle   activities were a success. Raised
                                  Alabama asked the WVB to           $60 for the Boys and Girls
                                  make a donation to Electrical      Ranch. Even some of the newer
                                  Eggs if it could. They provide     recruits and kids worked well.
                                  convention access to handi-
                                  capped individuals. Richard                    Business:
                                  indicated they would consider      • Quarterly planning meeting at
                                  it, but didn’t think finances      2 PM on December 29 at the
• Some other projects were        would permit it.                   Madison Municipal Complex
discussed, but no one wanted to                                      Room 160.
do them.                                                             • A quorum was not present so
• Ship election process was        December 1, 1996 Minutes:         voting for Commanding Officer
explained:                                                           did not occur. Voting will occur
- Nominations will begin              Departmental Reports:          at the next meeting.
immediately and go until the      Commanding Officer, CAPT           • Shining Star went to Rebecca
next meeting. People are en-      Richard L. Trulson                 Self by acclamation for serving
couraged to nominate anyone       • Thanks to everyone who           as our Election Coordinator.
they wish or themselves. Even     helped work Star Trek: First       • Next Meeting is January 5.
if they don’t currently meet      Contact. Thank-you cards for       • Don Strong is doing an Inde-
Fleet obligations, they will be   Comic Corner and Madison           pendence Day type home movie
given a 3 month grace period to   Square 12 Theater were passed      to display at IEEE and needs
meet them.                        around for the crew to sign.       help with alien make-up and
- Only STARFLEET members          • Commendations of Excellence      supplies. Call him at 351-7326.
may vote for Commanding           for helping at First Contact       Credit will be given in the
Officer at the next meeting.      were given to: Dallas Vinson,      movie to those who help. They
Votes may be cast by proxy or     Dustin Williams, Donald            will film people at IEEE and
absentia as defined in the By-    Daniel, John Colley, and Rich-     use computes to put them in the
Laws.                             ard Trulson.                       movie as the stars.
- Rebecca Self will act as the    Communications, CAPT               • STARFLEET’s election was
Election Coordinator and will     Richard L. Trulson:                discussed, the problems it was
accept and count the votes. Her   • Newsletter delayed again         having, and the candidates that
address is 4418 Willow Bend       waiting for reports.               were running. Richard encour-
Rd., Decatur, AL 35603.           Science, Acting LTjg Donald        aged everyone to vote.
- Ralph Brigham nominated         Daniel:
Richard Trulson.                  • Geminid meteor showers on
                                  the evenings of December 12
                                  and 13 around 10PM.

                                  Special Anniversary Edition                                    65
                                                                               Babylon 5
           TV NEWS                                         The last, best hope for good science-fiction.
                                                                 Not much has been said about the future of
  The latest gossip and episode guides of your           Babylon 5. While there are several loose ends left
  favorite science-fiction TV shows.                     to tie up, the major conflict with the Shadows is
         In the following episode guides, the date       long past. There is still no confirmation on the
listed is the week of airing date. E# means episode      possibility of a fifth season. There is, however,
number and P# means production number.                   confirmation on several TV movies and a spin-off
             Star Trek: Deep Space Nine                  series involving the Rangers. More on these in a
  In deep space, no one can hear you scream.             future issue. Most of this information comes from
E#       Airdate:       P#      Episode Title            the Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5 located at http://
120      5/03/97        520     Children of Time on the web.
121      5/10/97        521     Blaze of Glory
122      5/17/97        522     Empok Nor                Airdate     E# P# Title
         5/24/97        507R The Ascent                  05/05/97    78 412 Conflicts of Interests
         5/31/97        508R Rapture                     05/12/97    79 413 Rumors, Bargains and Lies
123      6/07/97        523     In The Cards             05/19/97    80 414 Moments of Transition
124      6/14/97        524     A Call To Arms           05/26/97    81 415 No Surrender, No Retreat
                                (Season Finale)          06/02/97    82 416 The Exercise of Vital Powers
                                                         06/09/97    83 417 The Face of the Enemy
  “Children of Time” Sisko                               06/16/97    84 418 Intersections in Real Time
and the Defiant crew must                                           No new episodes until the Fall.
choose between the lives they
have always known and the                                “Conflicts of Interest”
lives of their own descendants.                          Garibaldi starts a new job. The resistance’s
“Blaze of Glory”        Sisko attempts to force his      counter-propaganda broadcasts begin. Sheridan
traitorous former officer to stop a final Maquis         proposes a plan to protect the Non-Aligned
attack that could lead to the destruction of the         Worlds from raiders.
Federation.                                               “Moments of Transition”
                                                         Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip,
                Star Trek: Voyager                       has a cameo appearance in this episode as Mr.
  Toto, they’re not in Kansas any more.                  Adams. Walter Koenig, Chekov on Star Trek,
        While              returns as Psi-Cop Bester.
VoyagerIntro.html is the official Voyager site, I         “Exercise of Vital Powers”
got this episode guide off of Vidiot’s site at http://   The title is likely a reference to Aristotle’s defini- on the web. The finale            tion of happiness: “The exercise of vital powers
info came from Science-Fiction Weekly.                   along lines of excellence in a life affording them
E#   Airdate:   P#          Episode Title                 “Intersections in Real Time”
65   5/07/97    STV324      Displaced                    According to J. Michael Straczynski, Babylon 5
66   5/14/97    STV325      Worst Case Scenario          creator and writer, this episode “has the potential
67   5/21/97    STV326      Scorpion, Part I             to be a very cool and somewhat experimental
                            (season finale)              episode. I’d rather say nothing until later.”
                             John Rhys-Davies of
                             Sliders fame will play
                             a holodeck simulation
                             of Leonardo Da Vinci
                             in the Borg-laden
                             season finale.
 66                                       SUBSPACE         STATIC
 ...Movies continued from               U.S.S. Wernher von Braun Information
 page 60.                                       (The people in charge, at one point in time anyway. Really.)
          Men In Black
                                      Commanding Officer     FCAPT Richard L. Trulson         423-6638            Executive Officer      CMDR Henry Vaughn                (unlisted)
men.html                              Communications         CAPT Richard L. Trulson          423-6638
  If the aliens don’t abduct          Engineering            needed
  you, the men in black will.         Medical                CMDR Ralph Brigham               881-8400
        Urban legends say that        Security               CAPT Dustin Williams             (unlisted)
                                      Science                SCPO Donald Daniel               882-2024
whenever there an unexplain-          Operations             CMDR Dallas Vinson               883-4132
able close encounters with UFO        E-mail:       World Wide Web URL:
phenomenon, shortly thereafter
men in black are seen. Men In
Black updates that legend and                 The U.S.S. Wernher von Braun is a chapter of STARFLEET, the
makes them futuristic cops           International Star Trek Fan Association. STARFLEET’s general purpose is to create
                                     a social organization of Star Trek fans that work to fulfill Gene Roddenberry’s
chasing aliens on Earth. Will        dream: a future where mankind has learned to work through its differences and
Smith (Jay) of Independence          problems to live in harmony. The U.S.S. Wernher von Braun accomplishes this
Day and Tommy Lee Jones              through a variety of social and community service activities.
(Kay) of Batman Forever are                   For more information about the U.S.S. Wernher von Braun or
the stars with special effects       STARFLEET, contact:
                                                        Richard L. Trulson       Henry Vaughn
from Industrial Light and                               28825 Airport Lane       159 Dexter Circle
Magic. They are agents in                               Ardmore, AL 35739        Madison, AL 35758
organization that uncovers a                  
plot of an intergalactic terrorist                      (205) 423-6638
intent on assassinating two
ambassadors from opposing
                                                               Subspace Static
                                                Submissions for the next issue are due by the beginning of January, April,
galaxies residing in New York         July, and October for the newsletter that comes out the following month. Please
City. As near as I can tell, the      send them and all comments about SS to:
film takes a campy, humorous                             Richard L. Trulson           (205) 423-6638
approach to alien invasion films                         28825 Airport Lane 
similar to, but hopefully better                         Ardmore, AL 35739
                                                Preferred submission format is on PC disk or E-mail. Contact me before
than, Mars Attacks did. It will       you submit something to make sure I can import your file. Plain text files are
be released on July 3, 1997.          guaranteed to work. If you mail a disk, please include a printout just in case the
                                      disk gets damaged. Handwritten materials (typed is preferred) can be mailed as
                        Can you       well.
                        spot the                Any ship or science-fiction related submission is acceptable. This includes
                        tiny alien    reports, interviews, cartoons, artwork, reviews, poetry, short fiction, etc. We will
                        in the        also accept other genres. If you wish your submissions returned, include a self-
                        head?         addressed, stamped envelope. Donations are also accepted.

  ...Command continued from page 5.                                               joy and pride for people to
received the award for our work         Oh well, I’ve rambled                     participate in. Our ship’s pur-
with Star Trek 30. We and       on quite enough, and this                         pose is to provide a social outlet
several ships received this     newsletter is huge as it is. In                   for Star Trek fans to strive for a
award for the contributions and summary, all of us need to work                   hopeful and brighter future.
positive impact it made         harder to get new members and                     Together as friends we can
throughout the region.          make sure they feel welcomed. I                   accomplish that.
                                hope that the Wernher von                           - FCAPT Richard L.
                                Braun will be a great source of                     Trulson

                                     Special Anniversary Edition                                                      67