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        12-15 February, 2010
        Exhibition Ground,
        Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, India

                                                 e   s
                                         le T
                                  m  obi
                               uto                   Car & SUVs
                                                 Two Wheeler
                                      Commercial Vehicle
                              Auto Electrical & Interior
                       Garage Tool and Equipment
             Auto Component, Tyre & Lubrication
      Banking, Insurance, Finance & Allied Services
Dear Prospective participant,                                                                             WHY ASIA AUTO FAIR, CHANDIGARH?

I feel honored in extending a hearty invitation to you & your esteemed organization/company        Asia Auto Fair, Chandigarh, India is comprehensively planned to provide
                                                                                                   the best possible chance for automobile manufacturers, auto
to participate in Asia Auto Fair, Chandigarh from 12-15 February, 2010. The objective of Asia
                                                                                                   components & business houses from around the globe to do more
Auto Fair, 2010 is to provide single platform for interaction within the manufacturers
                                                                                                   profitable business keeping in view the spectacularly growing Indian
/distributors of automobile, auto component and equipment industry under one roof, with an         Automobile and auto-components industry:
overall mission to accelerate the growth of the automobile industry worldwide especially in        E Indian automotive industry is estimated between US$
                                                                                                   The size of the
Asia. In addition, the manufacturing companies would get a chance to showcase products,            120.09 billion and US$ 155.12 billion by 2016.
which they plan to launch in the immediate future or are in the development stage.                 E largest two-wheeler market & 4th largest commercial
                                                                                                   India is the 2nd
                                                                                                   vehicle market in the world.
The event is expected to attract over 15,000+ visitors from the automobile and related
industrial segment. More than 100 automobile manufacturer, suppliers, importers, exporters,        E passenger car market in the world and 5th largest bus
                                                                                                   11th largest
                                                                                                   and truck market in the world (by volume).
traders, dealers, consultants and manufacturers of auto parts from different countries trying to
                                                                                                   Eto be the 7th largest automobile market by 2016, and
penetrate the Indian and south-east Asian countries are expected to exhibit in the four day
                                                                                                   world's 3rd largest by 2030 (behind only China and the US).
longAsiaAuto Fair.
                                                                                                   E is expected to touch the 10 million mark, to which the
                                                                                                   The industry
We would like to extend an invitation to your company to sponsor/ exhibit/advertise/address        Commercial Vehicle Segment will be a major contributor. Industry
at Asia Auto Fair. The details are available on the event website          experts peg the Indian Automobile sales growth at a compounded
We take this opportunity to seek your cooperation and support to make Asia Auto Fair,              annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5% - 13008 million vehicles - by
Chandigarh, India a grand success.
                                                                                                   E components industry has an estimated production of
                                                                                                   The Indian auto
With the sincere hope of making an all-out effort to undertake tasks towards the growth of         US$ 10 billion and is expected to be US$ 40-45 billion by 2015.
automobile segment, we look forward to meeting you in the event.                                   Egrowing popularity of India in the automotive component
                                                                                                   Seeing the
Yours Sincerely                                                                                    sector (a whopping US$ 530 million in terms of foreign direct
                                                                                                   investment), the Investment Commission has set a target of
                                                                                                   attracting foreign investment worth US$ 5 billion for the next five
                                                                                                   years to increase India's share in the global auto components market
                                                                                                   from the existing 0.4%.
Dr. HarishArora
CEO, Paramount Exhibitors
                                                                                                    BENEFITS OF EXHIBITING IN ASIA AUTO FAIR?
                                          In association with                                      E
                                                                                                   The most complete show ofAsia auto and related industries.
                                International Trade Promotion Council                              E
                                                                                                   Finest congregation of automobile and auto component
    ITPC                                                                                           industry/professionals under one roof.
        PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN OF ASIA AUTO FAIR                                                       E the latest technologies, new products and new level of
                                                                                                   To showcase
To offer our exhibitors & sponsors maximum leverage and encourage a large attendance at            Indian and international automobile industry.
the event, organisers have planned an aggressive multi-media campaign, which includes:             E interaction among manufacturers, service providers and
                                                                                                   Platform for
                                                                                                   service users thereby building relationships with clients.
E in leading national dailies and automobile magazines
                                                                                                   Promote company message / launching of new products, technology
Website promotion
                                                                                                   & services.
Direct mail promotion to over 1.50 lacs automobile professionals /industrialists
                                                                                                   E campaign/offer for the new entries.
                                                                                                   Test marketing
E /personal Invitation cards to over 2.0 lacs automobile professionals/
                                                                                                   Reinforce market position / Regaining lapsed customers.
    industrialists in India and abroad.
                                                                                                   Reach thousands of key corporate, buyers who are ready to invest
E be circulated to automobile associations, trade associations and in related
Posters will                                                                                       their in new products and solutions.
    automobile events all over the world.                                                          E
                                                                                                   Take advantage of an impressive and aggressive marketing
E metropolitans and important Indian cities
Hoarding in                                                                                        campaign delivering the key decision-makers that you need to see.
Advertisements through local cable network of Indian cities                                        E and build contact at manufacturer dealer meet.
                                                                                                   Appoint dealers
                WHO SHOULD ATTEND ASIA AUTO FAIR?                                                            EXHIBITION PARTICIPATION COST
Auto manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, traders, dealers, and consultants                    Exhibition Participation         Cost (Per Square Metre)
   and manufacturers of auto parts from all over the world.                                                   Shell Scheme                  6000 INR / 150 US $
Decision-makers from the automobile industries                                                         Raw Space inside pavilion            5500 INR / 140 US $
E and decision makers of large and medium automobile manufacturing and
Top executives
                                                                                                      Raw Space outside pavilion            5000 INR / 125 US $
   engineering enterprises.
                                                                                                    >+ Service Tax (as applicable).
Policy makers, consultants, contractors, technology developers, buyers & sourcing
                                                                                                    >Payments in INR to be made through Bank Draft / Pay Order
   personnel, trade delegations and R&D professionals.
Technical advisors / specifiers for foreign and Indian project.                                          only     in favour of Paramount Exhibitors payable at
Eplant designers/ system integrators.
Automobile                                                                                               Chandigarh, India
                                                                EXHIBITOR’S PROFILE
The exhibitors profile given below under respective heads have been cited for giving an overview of what could be showcased although
all relevant products of Automobile industry are welcome to be showcased:
CAR & SUVs                                                    Vehicles,Auto rickshaws & others.                       TWO WHEELER
Car & SUV Manufacturers:                                   Construction Vehicle manufacturer:                         Two wheeler manufacturer:
4 Sedans / Passenger cars / Sports cars                    4  Excavator, crawler crane, cement agitation              4 Scooters, ATV's, Scooterettes,
4 All-terrain cars / Cars for disabled persons                vehicle, bulldozers, combat engineering vehicle,          Mopeds, Electric Scooters, Gas Scooters, Electric
4 / Jeep /Gypsies / Cabs
  Minivan / van                                               construction & mining tractor / trucks, crane , cure      Ttwo wheelers, utility vehicles & super bikes etc.
4 / Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s)
  Pick-up cars                                                rig, dragline excavator, dredging, front shovel,        Two wheeler spares / components:
4 and alternative powered cars
  Electric cars                                               landscape tiller, reclaimer & soil stabilizer, roller   4braking system, motorcycle chains,
                                                                                                                        Two wheeler
4 Fuel vehicle / Environment Friendly
  Alternative                                                 (road roller,roller compactor), tipper & water            motorcycle chassis, two wheeler electrical parts,
  Vehicles / CNG Vehicles / Solar electrical vehicles         wagon etc.                                                two wheeler engine parts, two wheeler fuel supply
                                                           Emergency Vehicles:                                          system, two wheeler suspension and steering, two
AUTO ELECTRICAL & INTERIOR                                 4 organ transplant & blood supply
                                                              Ambulances,                                               wheeler tools & accessories and two wheeler
Engine Equipments:                                            vehicles, rescues & specialty emergency vehicles,         wheels & tyres etc.
4  Connection: Looms, Cables, Wires & Sleeving /              bomb disposal vehicles, vehicle lifters, lifeguard      Two wheeler accessories :
   Small Electrical Equipment (fuses, connectors etc)                                                                 4 Helmets, plastic accessories, metallic
                                                              vehicles & fire tenders etc.
4  Thermal Switches & Thermostats                          Coach Designers / Builders:
                                                                                                                        accessories, rubber accessories, fibrous-fabric
4Components/ semiconductors/
   Electronic                                              4 fabricators, interior bus designers,
                                                              Bus /truck body
                                                                                                                        accessories, back rack, chromed bodywork, foot
   Onboard Computers, Processors/ Printed Circuits                                                                      rest kit, front bumper set, grip cover, headlight /
                                                              bus safety glass, bus chairs, air conditioning
   & Boards                                                                                                             indicator protectors, leg shield, luggage holder,
                                                              system, passenger message service system,
4  Electric Motors & Pumps/ Windscreen                                                                                  luggage carrier, mud flaps, rear fold down rack,
                                                              refrigerator car /trucks/vans, tankers /oil delivery      rear view mirror, side stand & others.
   Wipers/Windscreen Washer Systems                           truck, axle & chassis conversions, couplings &
4 Lifts / Battery & Fuel Isolators /
   Electric Window                                            trailer equipment, golf vehicles, freight vehicles,
   Central Locking                                                                                                    GARAGE TOOLS & EQUIPMENTS
                                                              long vehicles & special purpose vehicle etc.            4 Air tools & air compressors
4 / Cruise Control / Suspension
   Power Steering
                                                           Municipal Vehicles:                                        4refinishing
                                                                                                                        Body repair &
   Control / Ride Control / Tyre Pressure Monitoring /     4 / bulb changing vehicles, trash
                                                              Street lights
   Power Assisted Braking (ABS)/ Speed Limiter /                                                                      4 brake testers
                                                                                                                        Brake lathes &
                                                              grapples, miscellaneous refuse equipment,               4 Cleaning equipment & dust extraction
   Radars & Cameras / Automatic Driving / Airbags &           garbage collection vehicles, rubbish cart, auto         4 Car-wash systems
   Seatbelts / Alarms / Anti-Theft Devices & Sensors /        road /street sweepers & others                          4 equipment
                                                                                                                        Compressed air
   Audio Systems & Components/ Radio                       Alternative Fuel vehicles:                                 4test equipment
                                                                                                                        Diesel engine
   Communication / Mobile Telephones & Hands-              4 friendly vehicles, CNG vehicles &
                                                              Environment                                             4 Dynamometers
   Free Kits / Navigation (GPS) /Entertainment                solar electrical vehicles etc.                          4 Exhaust gas analysers & emission equipment
   Systems / On-Board Instrumentation                      Commercial Vehicle repair & spares:                        4 oil change & lubrication
                                                                                                                        Equipment for
Sound and acoustics:                                       4  Body components, axles & suspensions, braking           4equipment & fuel retrievers
                                                                                                                        Fuel Injection
4 Compact Disc
   AM/FM Stereo                                               systems, break down & recovery,                         4 Gauges & measuring equipment
4  Steering WheelAudio and HVAC Controls                   4trailer equipment, engine, steering,
                                                              couplings &                                             4 Headlamp aligners
4  Roof MountedAntenna / Video and car acoustics              fuel management devices /                               4 / Nitrogen inflation equipment
                                                                                                                        Leak detectors
4 3 players / Car amplification
   CD/ DVD / MP                                            4  software, electrical fittings & commercial              4test equipment
                                                                                                                        Petrol engine
4  Navigation system and GPS                                                                                          4 equipment
                                                                                                                        Portable lifting
4  Sounds & Surface Related                                AUTO COMPONENT, TYRE & LUBRICANT                           4 tools / Smoke meters
                                                                                                                        Scan & service
4  Acoustic Systems                                        Engine Equipments:                                         4& ovens
                                                                                                                        Spray booths
4  Dampers / Fabrics / Hood Liners                         4 Bearings / Pistons & piston rings / Valves, springs &    4 power/ brake/ headlight
                                                                                                                        Testers for engine
4 Shielding Materials
   Insulating/Heat                                           tappets                                                  4 and bench test equipment
                                                                                                                        Testing devices
4  Rear Entertainment Systems                              4 / Oil pressure sensor / Radiators &
                                                             Belts & chains                                           4 Vehicle diagnostics/ Welding equipment /
Lighting and Signaling Equipment:                                                                                       Workshop equipment & tools
                                                             cooling systems / Coolants & others
4 & Caps
   Lamps, Sockets                                                                                                     4 Workshop management / Towing service
                                                           Exhaust & Fuel System :
4  Headlights / Indicator Lights                                                                                      4 Devices and installations for service stations
                                                           4 Fuel tanks / Tubes, pipes & hoses / Fuel / water /
4  Reflectors / Horns                                                                                                 4 reconditioning body & body paint
                                                                                                                        Equipments for
                                                             air pumps / Filters / Exhausts & silencers & others
4  Controls, Indicators & Warning Lights                                                                              4 (spray booth)
                                                                                                                        Paint applications
                                                           Equipment for Alternative Fuels:
Interior Equipment and Accessories:                                                                                   4 and jacks
                                                                                                                        Automotive lifts
                                                           4 CNG kit manufacturers/LPG conversion kit
4  Dashboards                                                                                                         4 Auto Care Products
4 Carbon Filters
   Cabin Filters &                                           manufacturers / Solar electrical kit manufacturers
                                                             etc.                                                     4cleaning agent, shampoos, washing
                                                                                                                        Vehicle wax,
4  Steering Wheels, Gear Lever Knobs & Pedal                                                                            vehicle liquid, adhesive, fluid sealant, automobile
   Works, Steering Locks,Foot Rests,Carpeting              Automotive Oils & Lubricants:
                                                           4 Lubricants, greases, oils, fluids & others / ·             washer, vacuum cleaner etc.
4/ Seat Covers
   Seat Heaters                                                                                                       4 Waterproof coating agents (automobile lacquer,
4 / Sun-Visors & blinds / FirstAid Kits /
   Interior Mirrors                                          Lubrication & cleaning guns / Engine Oil & Gear Oil
                                                                                                                        lacquer face protection film etc)
                                                             / Coolants / Greases / Base oil / Additives & petro
   Tool Kits                                                                                                          4 frost agents
                                                                                                                        Anti-freezing /
4 wheels / Gauges temperature                                chemicals / Fuel Additives / White oil & paraffin oil
   Cover steering                                                                                                     4 Greases & petroleum products & others
4 & Perfumes
   Air Fresheners                                            / Waxes & jellies etc.                                   4 Garage installations
4  Glow Gauge Faces / Steering Wheel Covers / Car          Batteries:                                                 4 & layout
                                                                                                                        Garage planning
   Clock / Head Rest / Sun Shield Console /                4 Lead-acid batteries                                      4 Garage construction & management
   Humidifiers & De-Humidifiers / Dashboard Cover          4 Starting (cranking) or shallow cycle type                4 protection: waste water treatment,
                                                           4 motive) type
                                                             Deep cycle (or                                             ventilation & extraction units for toxic fumes etc.
COMMERCIAL VEHICLE                                         Accessories:                                               BANKING, INSURANCE, FINANCE & ALLIED
Commercial vehicle manufacturer:                           4 / Body side mouldings / Bull bars /
                                                             Alloy wheels                                             SERVICES
4 school bus, executive bus, tour bus.
  Bus- minibus,                                              Bumper protectors / Door sill protectors / Fog           4/Automobile Insurance
                                                                                                                        Auto Finance
  CNG & electric bus;                                        lights / Mud flaps / High security registration plates   4 Driving Institute / Car Leasing
                                                                                                                        Auto Rental / Car
4 MCVs, LCVs, front loaders, rear
  Trucks - HCVs,                                             / Body covers / Light covers / Luggage Carriers /        4 Service
                                                                                                                        Tow & Rescue
  loaders, roll-offs, side loaders; Recyclers, trailers,     Roof Racks & others                                      4 System
                                                                                                                        Toll Collection
  semi-trailers & tractor-truck;Rural Transport            4 Automobile Tyres                                         4 Automobile Industry Publications
  Vehicles (RTV's), Forklift, Pick-up & delivery           4 / Tubeless tyres
                                                             Tube type tyres                                          4 Automobile IndustryAssociations
                                                GLIMPSES OF PAST

                       Mr P Chobe, Plant Head, Tata Motors, Rudrapur inaugurating the event

                       Mr Alok Kumar Gupta, Head Ashok Leyland -UTK Plant, inaugurating the event

  Mr. Sidhartha Banerjee Regional Manager (LPG), Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd at the event

                                          About the Organisers
         M/s Paramount Exhibitors, Chandigarh till date has organised 77 exhibitions, 56 conferences
                          & 33 vendor development programmes all over India.

                                               Send Your Enquiries at :

                         C-84, Industrial Area Phase 7, Mohali (Chandigarh) - 160055 INDIA
                        Phone: +91-172-2274801-2, 4699301-2, Mobile: +91-98142-11848
                                          Fax: +91-172-2274803, 4699303
                        Website:, Email

                              Forthcoming International Industrial Expo & Conferences

      25th in Series                                  26th in Series                           27th in Series

B A D D I ( H . P. )                         CHANDIGARH                                  MANESAR
08-10 Jan,2010                                12-15 Feb,2010                            1 2 - 1 5 M a r, 2 0 1 0
                                                                                         PARTICIPATION FORM

                                                                                                              1 2 - 1 5 F e b r u a r y, 2 0 1 0

Exhibitor’s Profile:
Company’s Name

Contact Person                                                                                                                                                      Designation


City                                                                                                         Pin                                                                 Country

Country Code                                                       Area Code                                 Phone                                                                Fax

Mobile No.                                                         E-mail                                                                                     Website

  Name as you desire on stall Fascia Board

                     Please note that your Company fascia would not increase 26 letters including name of city, for minimum stall size of 4 Sq. Mtrs. Only name of company and city will be displayed.Ltd, Pvt Ltd.will not be displayed

Preferred Pavilion                                          Product/Services Offered                                                                                    UNIT                           Service Tax                          AMOUNT
Please tick your choice                                                                               Indian (Rs. 6000 per sqm)                               x ................. sqm                   + .................            = .................
                                                              Shell Scheme
          Car & SUVs                                                                                  Foreign ( US$ 150 per sqm)                              x ................. sqm                   + .................            = .................
          Two Wheeler                                                                                 Indian (Rs. 5500 per sqm)                               x ................. sqm
                                                              Raw Space                                                                                                                                 + .................            = .................
          Commercial Vehicle                                  (Inside Hangers)
                                                                                                      Foreign ( US$ 140 per sqm)                              x ................. sqm                   + .................            = .................
          Auto Component, Tyre &
                                                                                                      Indian (Rs. 5000 per sqm)                               x ................. sqm                   + .................            = .................
          Auto Electrical & Interior                          Open Display Area
                                                            (Outside Hangers R1 - R9)                 Foreign ( US$ 120 per sqm)                              x ................. sqm                   + .................            = .................
          Garage Tool and Equipment
          Banking, Insurance, Finance &                                                               Indian (Rs. 1200 per kW)                                x ................. kW                    + .................            = .................
          Allied Services                                     Extra Power Load
                                                                   (for 4 days)                       Foreign ( US$ 30 per kW)                                x ................. kW                    + .................            = .................
    Preferred Stall location                                                                          Indian (Rs. 6000 per conn)                              x ................. conn                  + .................            = .................
    Option i) .................                               Compressed Air
              ii)..................                               (for 4 days)                        Foreign ( US$ 150 per conn)                             x ................. conn                  + .................            = .................
                           Please add 10% on 2 sides, 20% on 3 sides and 30 % on 4 side open stall (Subject to the availability)                                                                              Amount

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Grand Total
 Product/Services Offered
 Product/Services Offered

Exhibit Details : Please mention the dimensions of vehicle / equipment                                                                                         Requirements (please tick):
Weight, L = ...................m, B = .......................m, H =.....................m                                                          Crane                    Forklift                          Labour

  Payment Details

  We wish to solicit our participation in Asia Auto Fair, 2010, Chandigarh, India. We acknowledge that we have read and accepted Rules & Regulations and by

  submitting this application, we undertake to comply with the same. We are enclosing Demand Draft No.____________________ dated______________

  drawn on______________Bank for Rs.________________in favour of Paramount Exhibitors payable at Chandigarh. Bank Transfers in US$

  should be made in favour of Paramount Exhibitors A/c no. 30011092102, Swift code SBININBB141 in the State Bank of India, SSI Branch Mohali.

              Name___________________________________________                                                                                 Signature with Seal:____________________________________

              Date: _______________ Place : ____________________                                                                              Designation: __________________________________________
                                                                            (To be accepted & Confirmed only by Company authorised signatory)

                                                                       PLEASE MAINTAIN A COPY OF THIS FORM FOR YOUR RECORDS
                                                                     Mailing Address :
    Paramount Exhibitors, C-84, Industrial Area, Phase 7, Mohali (Chandigarh)-160055, India Ph: +91-172-2274801-2, Fax: +91-172-4699303, 2274803
                                                                       RULES & REGULATIONS

Possession of Stall: Exhibitors can start moving in their materials and setting up stalls one day before exhibition at 4.00 pm. Please note that the possession of the stall will not be given till all the
dues are cleared by the exhibitor. The exhibitors should get the stall possession certificate from the organisers after clearing all dues before taking possession of stall
Vacation of Stalls:
Exhibitors are allowed to remove their exhibits only after official closure of the exhibition on LAST DAY of the exhibition. Goods can betaken out of the venue only after submitting exit pass in
duplicate duly signed by organisers. The work of removing the exhibits from the venue must be completed same day. After this period the organisers will be at the liberty to remove the exhibits
at the cost and risk of Exhibitors.
Change of Venue and Dates:
(1) The organizers reserve the right to change the venue, dates and/or duration of the exhibition. In such an event, the obligation of the exhibitor to participate shall remain in force, so long
    as he is informed about the changes by the organizers as early as possible, either by individual communication or press advertisements.
(2) The organizers also reserve the right to change the floor plans and/or location of space allotted or stall no to an exhibitor or exit/entry points, passages, etc anytime before the
    commencement of erection of the stalls, if in the opinion of the organizer, such changes are necessary.
(3) Any such changes shall not be sufficient ground for exhibitors to cancel their participation and in case of withdrawal from participation, no refund will be permissible.
Cancellation: The organizers reserve the right at all times to change the dates of the exhibition or cancel for reasons beyond their control.
(1)   Exhibitors are not allowed to use space/passage other than allotted to them. Similarly, exhibitors will not be allowed product demonstrations which will cause objectionable odors or
      play stereo equipment disturbing other stall holders. The organizers will decide as to what constitutes a nuisance and their decision will be binding on the exhibitors.
(2)   The organizers will do their best to ensure supply by contractors, but shall in no circumstances the organisers will be responsible, if such services cease to exist.
(3)   Participants will keep and maintain fire-fighting equipments within their stall as per safety regulations. Making arrangements for fire extinguishers is the responsibility of the individual
(4)   Organisers are not responsible for any Octroi exemption & formalities if the same is not sanctioned by the local authority even after the serious efforts are made.
(5)   Exhibitors are not allowed to put the banners outside their allocated stall.
(6)   Space allocated can not be subletted or shared.
(7)   The stall allotted is meant for display and demonstration of products. No actual sales can be made from the stalls.
(8)   Any verbal agreement concerning any particular clause/ rule of this contract or the Exhibition are not valid unless confirmed in writing.
(9    Exhibitors requiring extra electrical load, compressed air, extra furniture, logistic help etc. ,have to intimate organisers along with space booking form.
(10) Exhibitors or their agents shall not deface any part of the exhibit building, the booths, or booth contents or equipment and décor. Under those circumstances, the exhibitor is liable to
      the owner of the property so damaged.
(11) All demonstrations or other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibitor's booth space. Distribution of circulars may be made only within the space assigned To the exhibitor
(12) Organisers have no smoking policy inside the exhibition area. Exhibitors are therefore requested not to smoke inside the exhibition venue.
(13) Front of the stall should have appropriate exit (minimum 0.75 m ) for the exhibitors/visitors incase of emergency.
(14) All exhibitors are responsible for the cleaning of stall furnishings, exhibits and the general tidiness of the stall.
(15) Exhibitors are liable to pay Service Tax as per the prevailing rates.
(16) Packaging and other materials (LPG cylinder) presenting a fire risk must not be stored in the stands, or on the Expo floor.
(17) The height of stands is limited to 2.4 mtrs and passage is 3 mtrs wide, so the material brought in the exhibition should not exceed the stand height.
(18) Exhibitors are reminded that their insurance for goods and exhibits should take effect from the day that the goods are brought to the exhibition venue and should remain in force until
      their exhibits are removed. Exhibitors are required to take out adequate insurance cover against the kinds of risks they will incur in connection with the Exhibition, especially public
      liability, all risks on property, employer’s liability and personal accident to staff. In addition, exhibitors may also wish to take out insurance for losses and wasted expenditure in the
      event of the exhibition being abandoned or curtailed.
(19) Please do not send any stand material and/or literature in the name of organisers or in the name of any member of the organising committee at the venue.
(20) The height of fabrication on the raw space should not exceed 10 ft. including roof of the stall.
(21) The organizers will make general security arrangements. However, participants will be responsible for the security of the exhibits and the stall.
(22) Exhibitors are not allowed to use hazardous chemicals dangerous to building, persons etc.
 (23) The exhibitors bringing heavy machinery should bring plates/concrete slabs to place the machinery in the stall. The same should be informed to the organisers prior to
      commencement of the exhibition.
(24) The organisers will ensure the availability of Movers and Packers at the venue however, the exhibitors will have to bear the costs of loading and unloading.
(25) Any Verbal agreement concerning any particular rule of this contract is not valid unless is confirmed in writing
(26) The very fact that a Exhibitor/ Speaker partcipate in the event, it is presumed that he /she, his/ her company has read the rules and regulations formulated by the Organisers and
      confirmed to abide by them.
(27) Disputes, if any, shall be subjected to jurisdiction of the courts in Chandigarh only.

                                                                                                       Stall Size      Table Chairs         Spot Lights       Power Socket 5A          Waste Bin
                                                                                                         2X2              1       2                2                    1                    1
                                                                                                         3X2              1       2                3                    1                    1

                                                                                                         3X3              1       2                3                    1                    1
                                                                                                         Buildup stall package will also include: Fascia Board, with Company Name
                                                                                                         and Stall No, free listing in Exhibitor’s Directory, Stall assembly & dismantling
              Participation Form

                                                                                                       For more information please contact:
                                                                                                       Dr. Harish Arora
                                                                                                       Paramount Exhibitors
                                                                                                       C-84, Industrial Area, Phase 7, Mohali (Chandigarh)-160055, India
                                                                                                       Phone: +91-172- 2274801-2, 4699301-2
                                                                                                       Fax: +91-172-2274803, 4699303 Mob.: +91- 98142-11848, 97797-77000

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bus Stand
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sukhna Lake

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Location Map

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rock Garden and




                                                                                                                                                                                   N H 21











                                                                                                                                                                     Towards Punjab & Himachal Pradesh







                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ne w
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In Ph-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1 2 - 1 5 F e b r u a r y, 2 0 1 0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              d. 1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Bus Stand



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          In Ph-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            d. 2



                                                                                                                             Note: All Stall Sizes in Meters


                                                                                                  R1                   R2                                      R3                                          R4                                                                                                                             R5                   R6       R7                                   R8                 R9
                                                                                                 15x6                  6x6                                     6x6                                        12x6                                                                                                                           10x6                  6x6      6x6                                  6x6               10x6

                                                                                                               Open Display Area                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Open Display Area

                                                                                                 Pavilion A                                                                                                          Pavilion B                                                                                             Pavilion C                                                                         Pavilion D

                                                                                   A39                                 A1
                                                                                   5x2    A28                 A15                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           D22                                                       D1
                                                                                                                       5x2                                                                            B8                                                                                                         C9                                     C1                  6x3                                    D12                6x3
                                                                                          4x5                 4x5                                                                                                                              B1                                                               12x8                                                                                               9x7
                                                                                                                                                                                                     11x8                                      8x5                                                                                                      8x5
                                                                                   A38                                 A2

                                  Display Area for Industrial/Construction Shows
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            LAYOUT PLAN / ADVERTISEMENT FORM

                                                                                   3x2                                 3x2
                                                                                         A29 A27          A16 A14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            D21                                                      D2
                                                                                   A37   4x2 4x2          4x2 4x2      A3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    4x3                                                      4x3
                                                                                   3x2                                 3x2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   D13         D11
                                                                                                                                                                                                      B7                                       B2                                                                C8                                     C2                                                   6x4         6x5
                                                                                   A36    A26                 A13      A4                                                                            11x6                                      6x5                                                              12x6                                    6x5                 D20                                                       D3
                                                                                   3x2    4x4                 4x4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           4x3                                                       4x3

                                                                                           A25              A12
                                                                                           4x3              4x3        A5                                                                                                                      B3                                                                                                       C3                                                   D14         D10
                                                                                   A35                                                                                                                B6                                                                                    C6                                 C7                                           D19                              5x4         5x5          D4
                                                                                         A30 A24          A17 A11                                                                                    11x6                                      5x5                                                                                                      5x5                 6x3                                                       6x3
                                                                                   6x2                                 6x2                                                                                                                                                                  7x4                                7x5
                                                                                         2x2 2x2          2x2 2x2
                                                                                         A31 A23          A18 A10
                                                                                         2x2 2x2          2x2 2x2      A6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    D15         D9
                                                                                   A34                      A9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              D18                              4x4         5x4          D5
                                                                                   3x2     A22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3x3                                                       3x3
                                                                                           4x2              4x2        3x2
                                                                                   A33                                 A7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   D17                                                       D6
                                                                                   3x2                                 3x2                                                                                                                      B4                                                                                                                          3x3                                                       3x3
                                                                                                                                                                                                          B5                                   14x5                                                              C5                                      C4
                                                                                   A32     A21      A20       A19      A8                                                                                12x5                                                                                                   12x5                                    14x5                D16                                    D8                 D7
                                                                                   3x2     4x3      3x3       4x3      3x2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3x3                                    9x3                3x3

Note: All Stall Sizes in Meters
                                        ADVERTISEMENT BOOKING FORM

                                                                  1 2 - 1 5 F e b r u a r y, 2 0 1 0

 Advertiser’s Profile:
Advertising Company’s Name

Contact Person’s Name                                                                                             Designation


City                                                            Pin                                                        Country

Country Code                     Area Code                      Phone                                                      Fax

Mobile No.                                   E-mail                                                              Website

Particulars of Advertisement :                                                                              Dimensions of the Directory
       Position                                 Indian            Foreign US $
 Full Page
 =         (Black & white)                       8,500/-                      215
 Full Page
 =         (Coloured)                           12,500/-                      315
 =                                              20,000/-                      500                           Material Required
 Inside Back Cover (Color)
 =                                              25,000/-                      625
 Inside front Cover (Colour)
 =                                              30,000/-                      750                             Positive Films or in CD (Corel 11/ .jpg format)
                                                                                                              to the size of the Print Area
 Back Cover
 =                                              35,000/-                      875
                                            + Service Tax
 Please Allocate us:
                      Full page Coloured                                                         Full page Black & White

                      Book mark                                                                  Inside Back Cover

                      Inside Front Cover                                                         Back Cover                       TOTAL

Payment Details
We wish to advertise in Exhibitors Directory of Asia Auto Fair 2010, Chandigarh, India. We are enclosing Demand Draft No.____________________

dated_____________drawn on___________________ Bank for Rs.________________________ in                                 favour of   Paramount Exhibitiors payable at

Chandigarh. Bank Transfers in US$ should be made in favour of Paramount Exhibitors A/c no. 30011092102, Swift code SBININBB141 in the State Bank of

India, SSI Branch Mohali.

Name: ___________________________________________                                                      Signature with Seal:____________________________________

Date: _______________ Place : _____________________                                                Designation: _________________________________________

                                             (To be accepted & Confirmed only by Company authorised signatory)

                                         PLEASE MAINTAIN A COPY OF THIS FORM FOR YOUR RECORDS
                                                                 Mailing Address :
Paramount Exhibitors, C-84, Industrial Area, Phase 7, Mohali (Chandigarh)-160055, India Ph: +91-172-2274801-2, Fax: +91-172-4699303, 2274803