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					February 2008
Message from the
 Head teacher                                      Return visit to
                                                 Qiujing High School
                                               During the October half term Mrs Davies-            After busy days in the school teaching
                                               Scott and Mrs Jones spent a very hectic but         lessons and observing classes (which
                                               enjoyable time in China. For Mrs Davies-            contained around sixty pupils!) there was
                                               Scott it was an opportunity to reinforce the        the opportunity to enjoy the City sights and
                                               excellent relationship she had built with staff     the varied dishes of the Szechwan area. The
                                               on her previous visit to Qiujing High School,       local delicacy of ‘Hot Pot’ lived up to its
                                               Chongqing. The school is situated in the            name and proved quite a challenge, with
                                               heart of a high rise city and municipality of       chopsticks being the only means of eating
                                               over 35 million people.                             anything in Chongqing. A trip down the
                                                                        In a small area of         Yangtze at night time was one highlight of
There are many ways to find out about                                      greenery a tree         the trip as was the chance to take part in a
some of the many events and activities                                       planted by Mrs        tea ceremony and visit a Buddhist Temple.
that take place at the school. I hope that                                    Davies Scott on      The last two days of the visit were spent in
you will enjoy reading the articles. We
                                                                              her last visit       Shanghai, a much more cosmopolitan city.
also have a prospectus which is updated
                                                                             symbolises the        Many bargains were on offer in the old city
regularly and includes a wide range of
photographs of our students. I am very                                    link between our         Bazaar where Mrs Davies-Scott proved an
proud of both the newsletter and                                      schools. She was             expert in haggling for the best prices!
prospectus and I hope that you will            pleased to see that it was still thriving and had   Both teachers came back to Wales with
show your copies to your friends and           a plaque on it to commemorate the event.            many ideas to continue our school’s link to
family members.                                There is a great sense of community at the          China and to provide Cathay High pupils
By the time you receive this newsletter        school and the welcome given to the                 with the oppor tunity to experience
we will be in the middle of the Spring         teachers by both staff and pupils could not         different aspects of the Chinese Culture.
Term during which there will be a school       have been warmer. The pupils, in particular,
Eisteddfod, a ‘Bring a Parent to School’       valued every opportunity to practise their
day, three parents’ evenings and two           English and to find out more about our
meetings of the School Council. Each
                                               Welsh culture. Letters taken from our year
term is busy and you can be sure that
                                               12 pupils were read avidly by the Chinese
there will be a host of interesting articles
in the summer term newsletter.                 pupils. A direct link has now been set up via
                                               email, so the pupils can keep in touch and
                                               foster friendships between the countries.
                                               Mrs Jones and her Chinese counterpart
                                               discussed ways of setting up links between
                                               the departments in the future.

“    ..a good school with
       many outstanding

2             Y S G O L U W C H R A D D C AT H AY S H I G H S C H O O L
Excellence is Celebrated
The September Prize Evening at Cathays High is always a special         They were Lloyd Balch, Thomas Brough,
event. More so this year as there were so many students that we         Harsha Sinha, Nabila Ahmed, Rhiannon
wished to congratulate on their successes in their examinations and     Stubbs, Alexander Smithson and
other achievements during the past academic year. Some of the           Farahnas Ragi.
main successes were:
                                                                        Prizes were also presented and
Joseph Harrison who receiveda the award donated by Education            donated for a range of other awards
Recruitment Network for exceptional results with 10 A* and 3 A          including:
grades at GCSE.
                                                                        Best performance in KS3 SATS (donated
Farahnas Ragi with top grades in Law, English Language and Literature   by ERN) - Rebecca Frew
and History at A level.
                                                                        Peer Support work (donated by
Omaima Aljuma was in the top ten of 1,192                               Education Staffing Solutions) -
candidates in the UK in GCSE Arabic, on                                 Jasmine Banfield
top of this she also achieved an A at AS
                                                                        Most Progress on the Alternative
level and A at A2 level in Arabic.
                                                                        Curriculum Course – Mark Nicholls
Mariam Al-Keyoumi also excelled in
                                                                         The Collegium Award (donated by
GCE Arabic achieving one of the
                                                                         Coleg Glan Hafren) – Jessica Pinto,
highest overall marks in the country.
                                                                         Aisha Shakoor
Jerry Jarvis, EDEXCEL’s managing
                                                                         Award for Exceptional Progress and
director      congratulated    both
                                                                        Achievement whilst overcoming
students in a press release from the
                                                                        adversity (donated by Education
examination board saying ‘this is a
                                                                        Staffing Solutions) - Stacey Jones
tremendous achievement and testament to
the hard work students put into preparing for their examinations.’      Progress by pupils who have
                                                                        experienced learning difficulties
The school’s ‘Opportunities for All’ mission statement reflects
                                                                        (donated by Mrs J Hughes, County
other achievements during the year including GCSE examination
                                                                        co-ordinator for SEN) – Jacob Meighan
successes prior to year 11.
                                                                        Caribbean Achievement Award (donated by Mrs C Lewis, Black
Seven Year 9 students achieved high GCSE grades (4 A*, 2 A and 1
                                                                        Caribbean Project) – Rushina Johnson and Cindi Smith
B grades) in History and nine students passed GCSE Dance before
reaching year 11. Three students in year 11 also achieved success in    Asylum Seekers Award (donated by Mrs D Topping, head of Ethnic
AS Dance.                                                               Minority Achievement Service) – Ahmed Agha
The Community Languages programme continues to prove                    School Eisteddfod Award for the winner of the chair (donated by
popular and successful: 5 Year 7, 4 Year 8, 7 Year 9 and 3 Year 10      Miss M Daves) – Thomas Brough
students passed GCSE Arabic. 20 students ranging from Year 8 to         Exceptional Performance during Work Experience (donated by
Year 11 passed A2 Arabic. There were also successes in Dutch,           Companies House) – Shane Broad
Persian, Bengali, Chinese, Czech, Hindi and Polish.
                                                                        Service to the School – Danielle Wheeler
                             Lianne Chapman’s GCSE Art work was
                                 chosen as the design used for the      Outstanding attendance (donated by New Directions Holding Ltd.)
                                   guests’ invitation to the Prize      – Elizabeth Evans, Bethan McCarthy.
                                    Evening and she was awarded         Nicky Johnson Memorial Award (awarded annually to pupils who
                                     the Martin Tinney Art Gallery      have demonstrated exceptional kindness and consideration to
                                     Prize for her work.                others and donated by friends and colleagues of the late Miss
                                    Prizes were awarded to              Johnson) – Lee Francis
                                   students who had worked              A new award, the Global Citizenship Award, was presented to
                                  exceptionally well in subject         Danielle Wheeler, by Mr Michael German AM who also donated the
                                areas with twin brothers Michael        prize. Danielle was one of the first pupils at the school to help raise
                             and Christopher Mahoney receiving          funds for our Lesotho project.
                         the Maskrey’s Award for exceptional
standard of A level work in Design and Technology.                      Mrs Julie Morgan MP and Mr German gave closing speeches
                                                                        praising students on their successes. Mr German congratulated the
The students nominated for the ‘Pupils of the Year’ award received      school on its continuing work with Molapo School in Lesotho. They
prizes donated again this year by Mr Shelim Hussein OBE, Managing       were joined on the stage by Mrs Jenny Randerson AM, school
Director of EuroFoods and an ex pupil of the school.                    governors, sponsors of awards and a number of long standing
                                                                        supporters of the school.

                              OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL                                                                                          3
                   Esther Visits Nasa
The International Space School Education       We were able to sit in the actual seats and
Trust (ISSET) was set up in 1999 to use        touch the computers that they used to put
the inspirational subject of space to          the first men on the Moon and also help
motivate students in their learning in         rescue the astronauts on Apollo XIII. We
science, maths and engineering. It             were also lucky enough to meet a
organises a competition called ‘Edge Into      number of astronauts, this was quite
Space’ to encourage students to use            unnerving but fantastic!       In the
problem solving, enterprise, creativity and    Museum of Natural Science we took
innovation. Winners of the competition         part in a Challenger Mission activity
get to visit NASA’s Kennedy and Johnson        where we used ‘state of the art
Space Centres. Annually for the past 4         ‘simulation equipment and carried out
years students from Cathays High have          a mission, with all of the problems that
been successful in the competition and         could occur. We had to have our wits
visited NASA. This is an account of Esther     about us!
Okhiria’s recent visit.
                                               We left Houston for Florida on the 25th
“At the beginning of October I was told I      October and spent a relaxing evening at
had won the Step into Space competition        the Brevard County Planetarium and
run by ISSET and Cardiff LEA. I was going      Observatory. Here, we were given a virtual     To calm things down a little, I then
to America – I couldn’t believe it!            tour of the Universe and then used a huge      experienced a type of zero gravity which
                                               telescope to look at the night sky.            was delightful!
We left the UK on October the 20th. We
stayed in the Hilton Homewood Suites in        The next day we visited the Kennedy Space      Finally we visited Sea World, this was
Houston Texas. The first place we visited      Centre where we saw the amazing Saturn         another amazing learning experience
was the San Jacinto Monument and               V rocket that carried man to the Moon. It      where we also got soaked!
Galveston Island.                              was huge! Whilst at Kennedy we took part       Having managed to fit in some shopping
                                               in a number of interesting workshops           before our departure, we left America for
The highlight of my visit to Houston was
                                               including building rockets and turning air     home on 31st October. After meeting so
visiting the Johnson Space Centre where
                                               into liquid. We later went to the Astronaut    many amazing people and doing so many
we were allowed access to areas that are
                                               Hall of Fame where we were put through         fantastic things we were all exhausted. I
not generally open to the public. We visited
                                               our paces on a number of strange               was lucky enough to take part in this once
the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (the largest
                                               machines! I experienced a 4G centrifuge        in a lifetime opportunity and it was an
swimming pool in the world) where
                                               which whizzed me around really fast and        experience that will be engraved in my
astronauts are trained in the closest to
                                               then I went on the multi-axis trainer, which   mind forever.”
microgravity that we can get on Earth. We
                                               spins you in every possible direction and
also went to Mission Control where we
                                               then back again!
could see the astronauts who were in space
at the time. That was really exciting.

4           Y S G O L U W C H R A D D C AT H AY S H I G H S C H O O L
                                                                                                           On to Phase 2
  The cows arrive in Molapoa                                                                               We are now in the process of applying for
                                                                                                           second phase funding from the British Council
                         There has been much                                                               in order to develop our link further. Year 12
                           activity with our                                                               students were invited to apply for four places
                             Cathays-Lesotho                                                               for a visit to Lesotho where they will work on
                             link in recent                                                                agricultural projects at the school and assist in
                              months. All funds                                                            the building of the bunk block. The names of
                             raised to date have                                                           the successful applicants were announced late
                             been released to                                                              in December. Congratulations to Joseph
                            Molapo          High                                                           Harrison, Jack Hadley, Almanita Yip-Walker and
                          School. The new Peace                                                            Cherianne George.
                      Corps worker at the                                                                  The students will undergo training with VSO
           school is in the process of searching                                                           and the Construction Department at Merthyr
Lesotho and the neighbouring country of                                                                    Tydfil College in order to prepare them for the
South Africa for the best dairy cows that                                                                  visit. It is anticipated that the visit will take place
money can buy. Some have already taken up            The school also has plans to build a bunk block       during the Autumn Term of 2008.
residence at the school. The cows are a breed        on their site in order to accommodate students        The students are really excited about the
called Brown Swiss that cost about £500 each.        who have been orphaned as a result of                 forthcoming trip and are looking forward to
They give about 35 litres of milk a day.             HIV/AIDS. The school has recently purchased a         what they regard as a wonderful opportunity
AM Michael German visited the school in              computer which will hopefully enable us to            and challenge.
October and was delighted to see the                 keep in close contact through the use of email.
                                                                                                           In February 2008, Greg Felsen, the US Peace
developments that had taken place. The fencing       The official report on the October visit to           Corps worker who has been overseeing the
was up, the field irrigated with a water pump and    Lesotho by the Commonwealth Parliamentary             agricultural work at the school will be paying a
a water tower on site.There is a greenhouse built    Association makes detailed reference to our           visit to Cathays High.We look forward to meeting
and by now the cowsheds and milking parlour          twinning programme and says:                          Greg and receiving a more detailed update of the
are ready.The vegetable field has been fenced to     ‘The CPA Wales Branch commends the staff              progress made at Molapo High from him.
stop the cows from eating all the produce. The       and pupils of Cathays High School for their
pigs in the pig sty are also doing well!             work with Molapo High School and
As you can see from the photo, it isn’t only         recommends that this project be highlighted as
The Echo that gets read around the world!            an exemplar initiative.’

                                                     Italy, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands,       One representative from each school will
  European Visits                                    England, Wales, Scotland and Greece) will be          then be elected to take their suggestions to
                                                     trained in intercultural understanding. Teachers      Brussels. There they will meet with students
                                                     in participating schools will also train as Project   from all the other EU countries. The final
                                                     Co-ordinators.                                        charter drawn up by the whole group will
                                                     Up to 5 schools, 40-50 Young Leaders and 5            then be presented to European Ministers.
                                                     Co-ordinators will participate in the project in
                                                                                                           ….and to Poland
                                                     each country.
                                                                                                           Gregory Stride and Andrew Rego, year 13,
                                                     Their brief is to develop best practice
                                                                                                           have been selected to take part in a ‘Lessons
                                                     guidelines and draft a Charter on Culturally
                                                                                                           From Auschwitz’ project. This is a national
                                                     Inclusive Schools. They will work on
                                                                                                           project which involves seminars in Cardiff and
                                                     implementing the final Charter throughout the
                                                                                                           will culminate in a trip to Poland in May. It is
                                                     school, so all pupils, teachers and parents
                                                                                                           subsidized by the Holocaust Association. Mrs.
  At Cathays High there is a commitment to           engage in building a culturally inclusive school.
                                                                                                           Portlock-White has chosen two A Level
  giving a wide range of opportunities to our        Ten students from Year 9, who have been               History students for the project as they study
  students to support their studies and develop      selected by each of the four participating            the Holocaust as part of their coursework. She
  their key skills.                                  schools as Young Leaders, will undertake 3            said ‘This is the ultimate learning experience for
  To the European Parliament...                      days of training in ‘leadership in culturally         A level students and
                                                     diverse schools’ held in the City Hall. This will     serves       as     an
  One of our year 9 pupils will be chosen to be
                                                     involve the development of confidence                 example of the
  part of a delegation of Welsh students who will
                                                     building, communication skills, negotiation skills,   wide range of
  be visiting the European Parliament in Brussels
                                                     organization and planning, conflict resolution,       opportunities
  later on in the spring term. Cathays High is one
                                                     team-working and leadership skills.                   offered       to
  of four schools in Cardiff that has been chosen
  to have students working on a project called       The pupils representing Cathays High are              our 6th form
  Inclusion & Diversity in Education (INDIE).        Amreen Asseradhy, Saba Abdelkadir, Shazia             students to
                                                     Marquis, Lucy Glanville-Ellis, Wasim Miah,            support their
  The project aims are to promote culturally
                                                     Tomas Brough, Joseph Setchfield, Nazik Duski,         studies. ‘
  inclusive schools in Europe. Young Leaders
                                                     Owen Virgin and Jamal Muhith.
  from each of 10 European countries (Spain,

                                  OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL                                                                                                     5
                                 Get With It!
                                                  also be swimming sessions, BMX track and            Rubicon Dance sessions took place in
                                                  cycling activities and an Indian dance club.        Gladstone and St Monica’s Primary schools and
                                                                   Some of our 6th form               Slapskins Company ran very popular African
                                                                       students will also be          Drumming sessions in Allensbank, St Joseph’s
                                                                          trained by Dragon           RC, Mynydd Bychan and Albany Primary
                                                                            Sports so that they       Schools. “Meet the Mouse” is running again this
                                                                             can help out in our      year with year 12 students working along side
                                                                              local    primary        a tutor to teach basic computing skills to adults
                                                                              schools.                on a Monday evening in CALCELLA.
                                                                            Mr Davies works
                                                                           closely with Mr
                                                                         Dave        Jackson,
                                                                       manager of Maindy
                                                                    and his team and also Mr
This isn’t a mathematical exercise but it does                 Ali Chishti who has been
refer to another form of exercising. It is the    appointed as our Community Learning
title given to the Welsh Assembly                 Coordinator.
Government initiative that encourages pupils      Pupils will have an updated time table of out
to become more physically active i.e. having      of school activities that they can join this term
60 minutes of exercise five times a week.         and our aim is to have every pupil taking part
Secondary Schools Sports Officers have been       in at least one activity before, during or after
appointed to promote and develop a wide           school. Parents can see what is available as the
range of activities in schools. Mr Ieuan Davies   time table should be in pupils’ planners. Mr
started as an SSSO in Cathays High in             Chishti and Mr Davies have an office at the
September. Mr Davies was not a new face to        school and are always interested in hearing
many of our pupils as he had been running         pupils’ opinions and ideas about clubs.
some of our clubs at Maindy last year. He has     Mr Chishti is also involved in making sure that
a budget that can be spent                        funding received through CALCELLA is also
on     buying        in                           used for community and primary school
specialist                                        activities. Last term there was a very
coaches and                                         successful First Steps to becoming a
equipment.                                           Teaching Assistant course run in Gladstone
Currently a                                           Primary School. As you can see the
wide range                                             course had the ‘green card’ from the
of activities                                          participants.
have been
some that will
appeal        to
those who
do not like
spor ts.
There are
table tennis,
street dance,
boxercise,       girls’
basketball, street dance
and well as breakfast basketball and football
clubs and a gym programme. Soon, there will

6             Y S G O L U W C H R A D D C AT H AY S H I G H S C H O O L
                          The School Council       by Salem Deta and Faisal Akhtar
What We Do
We hold a meeting every half term to discuss
pupils’ views and concerns. On the council we
have two pupils from every year group as year
representatives.They represent the opinions of
the year group and feedback to form
representatives who, in turn, tell their form
members about any developments and
decisions we have made. This year, our
Chairman is a year 12 student called Leighton
Piper. He controls all the meetings and
addresses everyone around the table with
assistance from Mrs. Silk, Head of 6th Form.
We also have a secretary and a treasurer as
well as a publicity officer. We regularly have
representatives attending meetings of the
school’s governing body and the Cardiff Youth
Council. This council helps us to get ideas on
how our school can integrate even more with
the community.

A Generous Donation                                School Council Officers                        The School Council’s Members:
This year the School Council has received          Chairperson – Leighton Piper 12DS
£10,000 from a generous donor and it is up to                                                     Meg Lewis 7EIT,       Yanik Marquis 7CS,
                                                   Deputy Chairperson - Shahed Sharrif 11JE
us how we think this money should be spent.        Secretary - James Thomas 10 AJD                Craig Bowman 8AG, Nimo Abdi-Adan 8AG,
This is quite a daunting but exciting task and a   Treasurer - Nabila Ahmed 11BC                  Nasser Muthana 9LYJ, Owen Virgin 9KJ,
big responsibility.We have held meetings about     Publicity Officer - Salem Deta 12EPJ
how best to spend the money and have asked                                                        Harsha Sinha10HE,     James Thomas 10AJD,
                                                   Sub-committee - Harsha Sinha10HE,
every pupil for their suggestions. Eventually we   Faisal Akhtar 13SG,Yanik Marquis 7CS           Alex Morris 11LH,     Shahed Sharrif 11JE,
will consider the suggestions given and will       and Nasser Muthana 9LYJ                        Nabila Ahmed 11BC, Leighton Piper 12DS,
have to prioritise our spending. We will           Cardiff Youth Council representatives -
feedback to all pupils on what we feel are the                                                    Salem Deta 12EPJ,     Faisal Akhtar 13SG
                                                   James Thomas10AJD, Nimo Abdi-Adan8AG
most deserving suggestions that need to be         Governors’ Meetings representatives -          Heulwen Llewellyn-Walters 13SG,
funded. We will be able to tell you how we         Salem Deta 12EPJ, Nabila Ahmed 11BC            and our support Mrs. Silk.
have spent the money in the next edition of        Charities Committee representative -
the newsletter.                                    Harsha Sinha10HE

                         Read a Million Words
                                                                        Iness Issad, Arran Clark, Georgina Virgin, Idil Anmed, Ryan Webber and
                                                                        Robert Escott from year 7 were the winning team in a recent quiz –
                                                                        here is their account:
                                                                        On Thursday 6th December lots of schools gathered at the Howardian
                                                                        Centre to take part in a ‘Read a Million Words’ quiz.
                                                                        We were asked many questions about books. There was also a section
                                                                        on Christmas and we wrote the answers on a sheet.The answers were
                                                                        then marked while we had some refreshments. On our return, to our
                                                                        surprise and delight, we found out that we had won first prize of £250.
                                                                        We were also given a book each and a little light. We had great fun and
                                                                        enjoyed meeting pupils from other schools
                                                                         Well done team. Will the little light come in handy to read in bed late
                                                                        at night when you are supposed to be asleep?!

                               OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL                                                                                           7
What is school like these days?
Parents of year 7 pupils and pupils in
year 6 of our feeder primary schools
were given an opportunity during
an Open Evening in October to
find out what it’s like to be a
pupil at Cathays. It was a busy
evening with lots to see and do.
Departments put on wide range
of activities and displays of pupils’
Year 7 pupils took part in a number of
activities including netball, basketball,
model making in History, French and
Geography work using IT and making
scones in the Technology room.They
also helped their parents to try
their hands at using
computers,            sewing
machines,           science
experiments and maths
games.There was also an
opportunity for parents
to talk informally to year
7 Form Tutors.
The finale of the evening was
pupils’ performances on stage.
7GW had produced their own
short play called ‘Keiron passed a note
today’ which was expertly performed. A team
of very agile dancers showed their artistic
talents with a colourful performance.
There were amusing performances
of the Welsh legends ‘Branwen’ and
‘Pwyll Pendefig Dyfed’ (in Welsh of
course) and a sketch produced
by the Drama Department of
‘Life at Cathays’. Flags of the
World was the topic of the
performance produced by the
Geography Department a group of
pupils sang a French song and the Year
7 choir finished the evening with a rousing
rendering of ‘I just can’t wait to be king’.
Mrs McRobbie, Head of Key
Stage 3, said that she was
‘delighted to see so many
parents enjoying the
evening. This has been a
really successful event
that has given our Year 7
pupils a chance to show
both their talents and
some of the exciting things
they are doing in school’.

8            Y S G O L U W C H R A D D C AT H AY S H I G H S C H O O L
                 Transition Week
In the first week of the summer                                                                           The pupils did competitions, a group ‘mini-
holidays, Cathays High played host                                                                          project’ and activities like “see through
to a group of pupils who were                                                                                 your hand”, “turn water into wine”,
moving from the local primary                                                                                  “launch an air powered rocket” and
schools to Cathays High in                                                                                              “fly a do-it-yourself kite’. The
September.                                                                                                                      physical side was not
The “Ready, Steady,                                                                                                                ignored       either,
Go!” event followed                                                                                                                  most afternoons
on from the                                                                                                                            being spent on
“Space Camp”                                                                                                                           team games in
which had been                                                                                                                         the     school’s
held in previous                                                                                                                      sports hall.
years to prepare                                                                                                                     23 pupils attended
the primary pupils                                                                                                                 the event and all
for their move. Its                                                                                                            said they’d had a great
purpose was to familiarise                                                                                        time, having made new friends and
the children with the school                                                                                      eased anxieties over their change of
surroundings and facilities, and to meet                                                                        school. The weather also helped, as it
others who would be starting with them                                                                         was sunny for most of the week,
in September. A number of fun activities                                                                     allowing for a range of outdoor
were held throughout the week to increase                                                                  activities. The week was run by Dr. Adrian
the participants’ knowledge of science,                                                                  Schmit, a former Cathays teacher who now
technology and ICT and to develop problem-                                                               runs pupil workshops and activities, assisted
solving and learning skills that would equip                                                             by Miss Webb from the PE department of
them for the next stage in their education.                                                              the school.

                     The Welsh Baccalaureate
  Now in its third year at Cathays High            Wales, Europe and the World and Work
School, the Welsh Baccalaureate continues in       Related Education and have to carry out an
its development of providing extended              individual Investigation. They also have to reach
opportunities for student learning and             specific standards of attainment in the key skills.
personal development in the 6th form (years
                                                   Students regard the opportunity of studying
12 and 13).
                                                   the Welsh Baccalaureate as an important part
With high levels of success in 2007, students      of their advanced studies in the 6th form. The
achieved the Diploma at Advanced,                  following are some quotes from some of our
Intermediate and Foundation levels.                year 13 students:
Increasingly the award, at Advanced level, is
                                                   ‘Employers have been very impressed
being included in offers for university places.
                                                   with my achievements in Key Skills during
Areas of study within the core of the Welsh        job interviews’.
Baccalaureate include Personal and Social
                                                   ‘The Welsh Baccalaureate had helped us
Education; Wales Europe and the World;
                                                   to develop skills relevant to life, work and
Work-related Education and six Key Skills
                                                   future studies in university’.
Communication, Application of Number and
IT are known as the 'first three key skills'.      ‘I can now see how important it is to
Improving Own Learning and Performance,            organize yourself and manage time
Working with Others and Problem Solving            effectively’ .
are known as the 'wider key skills’.
                                                   ‘The Welsh Baccalaureate has helped
To achieve the award, students have to keep        me to become more confident and
diary records for Personal and Social Education,   committed’.

                               OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL                                                                                                 9
                                      What next?
This is the question many Year 11 students
ask themselves as the time to think about
what they are going to do after GCSE comes
closer. During the Autumn term two events
took place that aimed to help students make
their decisions.
During the Year 11 Open and Parents’ Evening
there was an opportunity to discuss A and AS
level courses with staff and representatives of
our local universities, Coleg Glan Hafren and
Careers Wales were on hand to give further
information and advice.
For many years, Cathays High has arranged an          They also had a wide variety of activities
‘A’ Level Taster Day to encourage students to         during the day so that they gained a better
continue their education at the school.               understanding of what A level study is all
Members of the teaching staff generously give         about. Some of the Year 12 students also gave
up part of their Saturday to deliver sessions that    a presentation about the Welsh Baccalaureate
will give students an insight into A level courses.   course.

Around 50 students took up the invitation to          At the end of the day, students were asked for
take part in the programme on 1st December.           their opinions of their experiences and here is
This year it was held in the University College       what some of them said:
Cardiff. The facilities and lunch were provided       ‘I enjoyed experiencing the different
free of charge by the university and Mrs Vicki        subjects that I haven’t chosen for GCSE’.
Drew, Senior Widening Access Officer at the
University, made sure that we had all that we
                                                      ‘I liked being in a different
needed for a very successful day.
Lecture rooms in the Glamorgan building of
                                                      ‘All the activities were interesting’.
the university were made available and                ‘I enjoyed team work and working with
university students were on hand to give a            my friends’.
tour of some of the college. Unfortunately,
                                                      ‘The lessons were short, useful and
heavy rain made the tour rather a ‘wash out’
but the lunch was lovely and our students
enjoyed seeing some of the university.                ‘I enjoyed finding out about the Welsh
                                                      ‘Getting the chance to experience A
                                                      level lessons was good and doing
                                                      practical work like problem solving’.
                                                      ‘The lessons gave us a ‘real’ taste of
                                                      As/A level’.

10            Y S G O L U W C H R A D D C AT H AY S H I G H S C H O O L
         A partner school with
     the same ‘mission statement’
Cathays High has many visitors passing            would be very envious of the amount of
through its doors. An unexpected request in       space there is in the work room for teachers
the summer of 2006 saw a headteacher              to prepare their lessons and do their marking.
from Henderson Secondary School in                Although I saw lots of computers around the
Singapore visiting our school.                    school for staff and pupils to use, we
                                                  certainly have better IT facilities with far
Mrs. Yeo Chin Nam was very interested in
                                                  more interactive white-boards.
learning more about our teaching methods
and was very complimentary about what she         There are fewer nationalities represented
saw at Cathays. A holiday in Indonesia during     at the school than in Cathays but Singapore
the summer of 2007 gave Mrs. Davies-Scott         is also an international city and there are
an opportunity to take up the invitation to       now more pupils from other countries being
see what it was like to be a student at a         admitted to the school, especially from China.
school in Singapore. This is an account of her
                                                  Although the school is near the centre of the
day at Henderson High School.
                                                  city it has lots of well tended grounds; they
“On my arrival at the school on a very hot        didn’t seem to make as much use of them for
August morning I was delighted to see that        sport as we do but did offer some ‘healthy
the school also had ‘Opportunities For All’ as    living’ activities on a 10 week rotation. Pupils
its mission statement.                            had a choice of one sporting activity –
                                                  swimming, inline skating, Hip Hop, Kick Boxing,
The climate is very different to Wales and
                                                  Floorball or Tae Kwan Do and had to pay $10
there are far more open spaces incorporated
                                                  (about £3.50) for the activity chosen.
into the architecture of the buildings making
the whole place looked light and airy. Many of    I did like their ‘environmental garden’ that the
                                                                                                     One thing that made me very envious was
the classrooms in Henderson High School are       students took care of – perhaps our Eco
                                                                                                     that in Singapore, if a school begins to look a
similar in style to our own and students were     Schools project will come up with something
                                                                                                     bit ‘shabby’ it doesn’t just get a fresh coat of
similar in their nature. They too were very       similar in the future!
                                                                                                     paint, it gets knocked down and a new one is
welcoming to guests at the school. Our staff
                                                                                                     built in its place!”

Celebrating Christmas at St Mark’s
                                                 The traditional annual concert took place in St
                                                 Mark’s Church before Christmas.
                                                 The Rev. Capper welcomed pupils, parents, staff
                                                 and friends to the church and congratulated
                                                 those who took part on the high standard of
                                                 their performances.
                                                 The programme was varied with instrumental
                                                 performances on flutes and violins, festive
                                                 songs from the choir, vocal groups and
                                                 individuals and a dance performance of a very
                                                 appropriately named piece called ‘Icicle’. There
                                                 were readings and poetry as well as accounts
                                                 given by some of our pupils of how Christmas
                                                 is celebrated in the countries where they lived
                                                 when they were younger.

                              OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL                                                                                               11
   Duke of Edinburgh Award                                                                                               Child
Students and staff from Cathays High were                                                                             Development
among the guests at the Duke of Edinburgh’s
Award ceremony held in the City Hall in                                                                                  Group
December. Congratulations to all our
students who achieved awards either
through activities organized at the school or
with their local youth centers.
The programme for the evening included
presentations by young people to
demonstrate what they had experienced
through their involvement in the scheme.              Sam and Adam putting the final touches to their presentation
The first presentation of the evening was
given by three students from Cathays High;            In Cardiff 434 young people successfully
Sam Handley, Adam Poole and Daniel                    achieved awards in 2007. 312 Bronze, 103
                   Chapman. They had                  Silver and 19 Gold; this is the highest number
                   produced some excellent            of completions to date.
                   slides of their Caving
                                                      Any student in Key Stage 4 or 5 can join the
                   Project     and    spoke                                                                          On Thursday 8th November Cathays
                                                      Duke of Edinburgh Award club run at the
                   confidently in front of a                                                                         High school’s Year 11 Child Development
                                                      school by Mr. J. Evans.
                   large audience.                                                                                   Group held a nursery session. Every
                                                                                                                     student in Year 11 taking GCSE Child
                                                                                                                     Development was invited to bring in our
                                                                                                                     ‘study’ child for the afternoon.This gave us
“To Winter Wonderland we go…”                                                                                        the opportunity to analyse our child’s
                                                                                                                     development in greater detail and also to
                                                                                                                     observe how they interact with other
                                                                                                                     The afternoon was a real success and
                                                                                                                     many children came. The session took
                                                                                                                     place in our lower hall which was re-
                                                                                                                     arranged as play areas. Mrs Jenkins was
                                                                                                                     the teacher and supervisor. She supplied
                                                                                                                     toys for the children to play with and
                                                                                                                     refreshments for them to eat. There were
                                                                                                                     also nursery rhymes and jingles for them
                                                                                                                     to dance and sing along to. The hall was
                                                                                                                     organised in an extremely successful way.
                                                                                                                     Toys for children aged 0-1 were in one
                                                                                                                     corner of the room, the toys for children
                                                                                                                     aged 2-3 were in another and finally
                                                                                                                     children aged 4-5 were in another. Many
                                                                                                                     of the children mixed well and went to
                                                                                                                     more than one of the mats to see other
The children from the ASD Resource base               some unsure, some nervous but we all got on                    children. It gave us a great opportunity to
recently went on a Christmas trip and Joshua          the ice eventually without needing to be                       further improve our understanding of
Baurley has written the following report              dragged. After hours of having fun trying not to               children’s development as well as helping
about their day out.                                  fall over or cannon into anyone, we went on the                us with our coursework for GCSE.
                                                      big wheel. Not all were as eager as others to be
‘We all walked into town from the school after                                                                                                     Zoe Deabreu
                                                      so high up (I won’t mention any names….Joe).
discovering reading a bus timetable is as difficult
as it looks. We went straight to Winter               After all the excitement we were hungry and
Wonderland….and then found that we were an            most of us headed over to Pizza Express. We
hour early. To pass the time we went into the         were later joined by those who didn’t like pizza
museum and looked at the exhibit (the one that        and had bought a takeaway McDonalds to eat
is always there!).                                    instead. After our meal we went Christmas
                                                      shopping for friends and family in small groups
After we left the museum we went to get our
                                                      before heading back to school.There we had time
skates before lining up to get on the ice. There
                                                      to wrap our presents before we went home.’
were mixed feelings; some of us were excited,

12            Y S G O L U W C H R A D D C AT H AY S H I G H S C H O O L
                A word from the Peer
               Support Service Mentors
                                  Written by mentors Lucy Glanville Ellis and Thomas Brough

                       Three years ago our        We also provide a chill out zone in the Mentor          Near to Christmas
                           Peer        Support    Room. This includes music and games to help             we      held   a
                              Service was set     involve and include pupils who feel unsafe,             Christmas
                               up and it has      uncomfortable or lonely in the playground.              par ty with
                                become       a                                                            m u s i c ,
                                 great success.   How successful is the Mentor System?                    games,
                                 The school       The mentoring system is very successful and             sweets and
                                now has a         we get many children wishing to use the                 soft drinks.
                               designated area    mentoring facilities. Bullying still occurs, which is   We plan to
                             for the Peer         why we are needed. We have noticed that less            donate the
                          Support Service to      bullying takes place and if it does it is resolved      money raised
                    work from.                    a lot easier as mentors work with the teachers          to the NSPCC to
You may have seen an article about the service    to deal with situations as quickly as possible.         thank them for
in the Western Mail last September. A reporter                                                            the time they
from the paper had been impressed by a            How are we trained?                                     spent     on
presentation given by some of the mentors in      Mentors are trained in school for a whole day           training us.
                  National Children in Wales      at the end of year 8 by a member of the
                      Conference and came         NSPCC. They go through many exercises and               Finally     a
                         to the school to         activities to help them learn the skills a Mentor       word from
                          interview them.         needs. Mentors are taught many rules to help            the Teacher...
                           The mentors had        us keep confidentiality between mentor and              ‘My name is
                           been invited to        pupil. Mentors also learn good listening skills,        Mrs          Clare
                           give a presentation    how to be the ‘Perfect mentor’ and how to               McRobbie, as Head
                          in the conference       deal with the problems pupils have. They also           of Lower School
                         and had prepared         learn when to pass things on to teachers when           I co-ordinate
                       very        professional   problems get too big.                                   and manage
                   power-point slides to                                                                  the     Peer
             support their talk. They received    Our recent events                                       Mentors.
many compliments for their presentation. In       We try to hold charity events through the year.         They are a
an e-mail to the Headteacher, Mrs Sian            Last year we held a few events during the               fantastic
James the Educational Development Adviser         ‘Anti-bullying Week’, the most successful event         team         of
for Cardiff said:                                 during that week run by our mentors was a               young people
‘I want to let you know how fantastic the         Health Spa Day. Year 7 girls were invited to            who run the Peer
students from Cathays were…They really            come into the mentor room and get their hair,           Support Service giving
were a credit to the school and themselves.       make-up and nails done paying only 30p for              up their breaks and lunchtimes to give service to
The spoke very confidently and clearly with       this service!. There were fresh fruit smoothies         the other more vulnerable pupils. They also run
tremendous enthusiasm and humour and              on offer and some other healthy snacks. We              events and are so enthusiastic I am proud to
engaged all of the audience with the account      raised nearly £20.                                      work with them. Well done you lot!!’
of the project’

What do Peer Mentors do?
Peer Mentors run the
Mentor Room at
break and lunch
times. We help
years 7, 8 and
occasionally year
9 if they want
help         with
friendship        or
bullying issues they
may have.

                               OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL                                                                                                    13
                                                         A word from
           Cathays Pupils                               the Governors
          Make “The News”                                of the school
On the 16th of November a group of                    The annual Governors Report to Parents
pupils from Year 7 and 8 were invited to              was sent out to all homes in December.
attend a Children in Need Road Show at                This contains lots of interesting
the BBC Broadcasting House in Llandaff.               information about the school and the
                                                      work of the governors.
During the visit pupils were shown
around and given an insight into the                  Parents’ views and interests are
behind the scenes action that takes place.            represented on the governing body by
Tours were tailored so pupils could have              ‘Parent Governors’ and since September
a good look at the studios including the              there have been new members elected.
news studios and galleries. The visit                 This is a good opportunity for them to
concluded with pupils taking part in both             introduce themselves, they are:
filming and presenting the news                       Kristina Hedges, who is also the current
themselves. The experience was                        Chair of Governors
thoroughly enjoyed by all.                            Mrs Sian Walters
Matthew Taylor and Ahmed                              Ms Danielle Mackintosh
Malik had this to say:-                               Ms Sally Jenkins
                                                      Mr Michael Vaughan
“We went to the BBC studio with                       Mr Clive Morgan
some of our friends. We got to do
                                                      Kristina Hedges has also been elected
lots    of     things    including
                                                      Chair of the Governors and takes over
commentating on a football
                                                      from Kathryn Anne Slade who had
match. Some of us were lucky
                                                      served as Chair for ten years. She
enough to have the chance to be
                                                      continues to be a governor and will be
newscasters. There was a big camera
                                                      appreciated for her experience and
that my friend and I made a video with and
                                                      expertise to support the work of the
then edited it on the computer.The event was
                                                      current governing body.
very ’cool’, we were given lost of freebies too!
It was fun and also for charity.”                     The message from the Parent governors is
                                                      ‘Should you wish to raise any issues with any
Perhaps we have some budding
                                                      of us, or wish to talk to us informally we can
newsreaders and commentators – watch
                                                      be contacted through Mrs A Allsopp, Clerk to
out Jason Mohammed!
                                                      the Governors at the school.
                                                      If you should see any of us around and
                                                      about at parents’ evenings or other events,
                                                      please don’t hesitate to approach us, as we’d
                                                      be delighted to meet you.’

14             Y S G O L U W C H R A D D C AT H AY S H I G H S C H O O L
             Another achievement for Cathays
In October, representatives of the school were    Deputy Minister for Children,
invited to attend the Careers Wales Annual        Education, Lifelong Learning and
Award Ceremony to be formally presented           Skills,      Welsh       Assembly
with the Quality Award marking the excellence     Government.
in the provision of both Careers Education and    Careers Wales hold the awards to
Guidance and Work Related Education at            publicly       acknowledge      the
Cathays High.                                     achievement of schools in attaining
Mr Phillips, the Headteacher; Mr Stuart Davies,   the high standards demanded by
CEG/WRE co-ordinator; Miss Sara Richard the       the Quality Award and Cathays
school’s Careers Advisor together with Amal       High is very proud to have been
Guled and Sucad Deria attended the                only the third school in Wales to
ceremony. Amal and Sucad are in the 6th form      achieve it for both Careers
and both were involved in the initial             Education and Guidance and
assessment process for the award. The             Work Related Education.
ceremony was held in Llandrindod Wells and        You can see the trophy received in
the awards were presented by John Griffiths,      our Visitors’ Reception.

                      A very worthy way of
                    recycling Christmas cards
A report from our Amnesty
International Group:
“In our Amnesty International Club we used
old Christmas cards donated to us by staff
and pupils to make up our own cards ready
for our campaign at the end of the term.
During the last two weeks of term we set up
a stall in the lower corridor at break times
and asked pupils and staff to choose a card
and a receiver i.e. a prisoner of conscience.
We sold the cards for 20 pence each, this
helped to cover the cost of delivery. The
cards were signed and then we arranged for
them to be sent to the prisoners. We were
really pleased with the response we had.
About 150 cards were bought, far more than
in the past.

We hope that our campaign and messages of
hope have helped to keep up the spirits of        These are the prisoners of conscience that we
these people who have been wrongly                chose to support:
imprisoned and acted as a reminder to those       Russlan Bessonov, Maksim Genashilkin and
governments who allow this to happen that         Dimitri Pavlov in Azerbaijan, Shi Tao in China,
there are people like ourselves who are           Fatima Hussein Al-Badi in Yemen and the women
actively opposing their actions. We’d like to     of Zimbabwe.”
thank everyone who supported our
campaign.”                                        The group is led by Mrs Hitchings who would
                                                  be delighted to see new faces this term, they
                                                  meet on a Wednesday of week 2 in room 20.

                                OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL                                               15
         Gymnastics and                                                           Innovation Award
      Trampolining successes
Lauren Smith, Stacey Fuller, Elizabete Costa and Anisah Umar competed           Three pupils were fortunate enough to have
in the Cardiff and Vale Novice Tumble and Vault competition where they          their Design and Technology coursework
achieved second place. The first two placed teams went through to the           shortlisted for the Innovation Award
Welsh finals to compete against the best schools in Wales.                      organised by the Welsh Joint Education
The girls practised in as many lunchtimes as they could and gave a              Committee examination board this
brilliant performance on the day. Their hard                                    year.
work paid off; they came a close                                                Their work was exhibited at
second, achieving only 0.2 marks less                                           Glamorgan Cricket Club in Sophia
than the winners.The girls’ mature                                              Gardens along with other finalists to
and responsible conduct during                                                  demonstrate the high quality of work
the competitions was a credit                                                   being produced in schools across the
to the school.                                                                  country.
Phoebe Doran, Hannah Steer,                                                     Christopher Mahony’s oak and
Sarah Calway and Rajaa Gailani                                                  mahogany writing desk was selected as
entered an elite trampolining                                                   an excellent example of A level work.
competition this year. This is the                                              Christopher is now following a Product
first time the team have competed                                               Design course at Glamorgan University
at such a high level as the routine                                             Jewellery items made for GCSE Design
requires a somersault as a                                                      and Technology by Hannah Varaies and
compulsory movement. The pupils                                                 Josie Duffy demonstrated their artistic
performed well and achieved 3rd                                                 and creative abilities They chose to use
place. Well done to Hannah Steer, she                                           copper as the main material for their
achieved 4th place out of all the elite                                         jewellery pieces.
performers in her age group. Miss Webb
was delighted with their performances.

                            An interview with…
   We have a number of talented students who excel in sport. Here are two examples of some of our current successes:
Gregory Stride from year 13, member of Cardiff Swimming Club and               Ibrahim Farah from Year 11, has recently been signed up to train with
Welsh medal winner.                                                            ‘the Bluebirds’
                            How did you become interested in swimming?         How did you get to be signed up by Cardiff City?
                             I started going to Maindy with my brother         A Cardiff City scout saw me play for
                               when he was swimming for Cardiff. The           Grangetown Boys’ Club and the Park
                                coaches at the pool saw that I was a good      Estates team in October 2007. I went for
                                swimmer too and encouraged me to go            a trial game and, although I was nervous
                                for a trial with Cardiff Swimming Club         as I didn’t know what to expect, I felt
                                                                               really good about this. There were lots of
                                 How much time do you spend on training?       youngsters there for the trial playing in
                              I do eight 2 hour sessions every week. Friday    different positions.
                           11th January was quite a sad training session as
                  it was the last one to be held in the pool at the National   What position do you play?
Sports Centre in Sophia Gardens. But the new pool that has just opened         Centre midfield is my favourite.
in the Sports Village is amazing and that is where we now train.               What happened next?
What have you achieved?                                                        I got to know on the day of the trial that I had been accepted to play the
I have got lots of medals. Most of them are in boxes in my bedroom, but        following week. My family were very proud of me when they found out.
the ones I am most proud of are on display. I have medals for inter-county     A trial period of six weeks followed where I trained three times a week
championships, South East Wales and Wales championships. I also have           with coaches Jason Fowler and James McCarthy. In the second week of
medals for my achievements in swimming galas held in Stuttgart and             training I was offered a two year contract with the club and the
Geneva.                                                                        possibility of a scholarship plan.

What is your ambition?                                                         What of the future?
To carry on enjoying swimming. It’s been a good way to make new                If everything goes to plan this will lead on to a professional contract with
friends. Also, to qualify for the Commonwealth Games.                          Cardiff City.

Can you see yourself in the 2012 Olympics                                      What is your ambition?
Anything is possible!                                                          To carry on playing football and eventually play for Arsenal as this is the
                                                                               club I have always supported.

 16            Y S G O L U W C H R A D D C AT H AY S H I G H S C H O O L

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