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Fashion guide trends to prom presses


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									If you are eagerly preparing for your prom, probably all you are thinking about is
what could be the fashion statement for prom dresses for 2010. Surely you would not
want to go to the trendiest night of the year wearing an out-of-fashion prom dress. Of
course everyone wants to polish, to get noticed, and to be competitive for the prom
queen award. And knowing what is fashionable this year will get you above it. Maybe
you have searched over the web, flipped lots of magazine pages, gone through
window shopping, asked for your best friend's advice, or even check with a fashion
designer on what is totally "in" this year. But now, let me summarize all that you've
got so far and provide you with a simpler fashion guide trends for 2010 prom dresses .
Here goes: Style The style of the prom dress is the first most important thing to
consider so as ensuring you are on the right trend. The classic popular styles for
dresses for prom this year are short fitted dresses, like those you have seen the stars
are wearing at Hollywood. Mostly they are strapless if the length is up to the knee or
they have sleeves if it is above the knee. Design The most fashionable designs for
prom dresses this year are those accentuated with beads, jewels, sequence and glitters.
All you need is to make your prom dress sparkle and shine and you are entirely in.
This will not only make your dress stand out but it will also add glow to your face.
You may search for more design ideas with dresses online stores. Color The most
favorable colors for 2010 prom dresses are those bright, loud and printed ones. Out
with the sexy black for white is the new stylish. You can also select dresses that are
colored red, magenta, green, violet, and royal blue. A variety of colors in a dress is
also trendy such as those accented with floral, waves, checkered or geometric prints.
Theme Themes are the overall subject of the style trend for the prom. This year, the
well accepted theme is futuristic. This makes prom dresses for 2010 capture the shine
and sparkle design. Go also with silver tones, gold embellishments, and other sleek
accessories. Just remember these 4 basic things to consider in selecting your prom
dress-the style, the color, the design, and the theme. Knowing what is fashionable in
each of these items will lead you to a attractively looking lady of the prom. The
author is expert for cocktail dresses. She has written articles like evening dresses. For
information visit our site evening gowns.

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