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Fantasy Golf For The Off-Season and More


									Unless you live in Southern California or elsewhere along America's Sunbelt, there's
going to be at least a few months out of the year during which the opportunity to
spend a day on the back nine will not be possible. One option while you practice
putting indoors as you patiently await the arrival of spring is fantasy golf.

Here at Golfzing however, fantasy golf is more than just an off-season pastime 鈥?it's
a great way to interact with your fellow golfers online and qualify for great prizes as
well! It's not hard to get started 鈥?just pick seven players from the PGA lineup and
you win money for every player that makes the cut 鈥?and the top ten finishers in
each event win a day on the green with three friends on us. Our online tools make it
easy for you to pick your own fantasy golf league and you won't have to wait until the
end of the season to find out of you've won anything.

How Golfzing's Fantasy Golf Works

In order to get started in fantasy golf at, you'll first have to sign up for
membership, if you haven't done so already. Membership at is free and
we do not share your personal information without your permission. After that
however, there is no need to sign up for a tournament since our PGA fantasy golf uses
your membership info.

Once you've joined our online community, simply use the tools posted on the right
side of the page to research players and find out when the tournaments take place (if
you've ever played the ponies, you know how this works). Players form their fantasy
golf leagues by choosing seven players for the week's tournament and come up with a
low score and a low total (in case of a tie).

Once you've picked your fantasy golf league, make sure you're entered by the
morning of the event (you can also sign up for a specific fantasy golf game up to 72
hours in advance). You won't have to wait long to find out if you've won since we post
results as soon as the scores are tallied.

Planning Ahead

You can plan your PGA fantasy golf schedule a year in advance starting in January
and pick your fantasy golf leagues for every event. Since there is at least one
tournament in every month (and most of the time there are multiple opportunities to
place fantasy golf), you'll have many chances to win 鈥?and it costs nothing to enter
a fantasy golf league.

So, whether you're doing it to pass the time until the greens dry out or you're looking
for a pleasant diversion and the chance to win some great golfing prizes, sign up for a
fantasy golf game here on Golfzing's fantasy golf page.
Susan Slobac is a consultant in the golf industry. Susan writes about trends in fantasy
golf & PGA fantasy golf.

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