Fantastic Places For A Weekend Getaway From Delhi by hkksew3563rd


									Delhi which is the capital of the country India is one among the 4 metropolitan cities
in the country. It is said to be the city of high attention as the top heads of the country
live over here. The sensitivity of the city is pretty high and be it any incident over here
can affect the whole country. Apart from this, Delhi also holds the destination for
some of the best weekend gateways which can be enjoyed by all. Apart from the
nearby weekend destinations from Delhi, there are several places of historical
importance which are present over here. They can also serve as a weekend getaways
which can give both knowledge and joy.
  When it comes to the local sightseeing it has a lot to offer for the kids. Be it the
majestic monuments and buildings, the museums and the city squares and the busy
and buzzing shopping malls, the city hosts a large number of tourist destinations. The
Jantar Mantar which is present in the prime areas is a monumental art which was
constructed by the king of Jaipur. The name of the king is Maharaja Jai Singh who
himself was involved in a lot of astral and galaxial observations before he went ahead
and constructed this miracle. The building has a whole lot of small scientifically
astonishing monuments which help in calculating the time of the day and several
other interesting features.
  Next weekend gateways from Delhi is the Rashtrapathi Bhavan which is present in
New Delhi. Although this place cannot be visited inside as a destination, the majestic
looks make us have a look from the outside. It is the home of the President of India
and has a rigid security arrangement. The Mughal Garden which is present near this
place is another area of prime importance. Tourists throng this place for the beautiful
plants and flowers which are present over here. It was constructed during the early
part of the 18th?century during the Mughal rule.
  The Qutub Minar is another masterpiece of the Mughals and is a single long
monument which needs to be viewed with bewilderment. Reinforcement works are in
progress now to save this majestic tomb and tourists visit and take photographs over
here. It is also believed to be one of the finest monuments in our country. The Lotus
Temple which is situated in the heart of the city explains the excellence in engineering.
The shape of the building is in the shape of a lotus flower with blooming petals.
  Thus Delhi itself has several weekend gateways which can viewed with pride and
happiness by all.
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