Famous Players in American Football

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					Football is a famous sport with a long history full fame and success. And there are
many players and coaches of the past and present who have a special contribution to
the success of football. If you claim to be a big fan of American football, you should
know the legendary names in the sport 鈥檚 history, as these legendary athletes
continuing to be an inspiration not only to football fans but to aspiring players and
athletes in general. Now, let 鈥檚 talk about some respectful players in the history of
American football. Lance Alworth- He was one of the star players of the San Diego
Chargers, joining the team in 1961. He later played for the Dallas Cowboys for the
last two years of his career. Among his football career, Lance Alworth has worn nfl
jerseys wholesale in his daily physical training. By the time he retired, he had caught
542 passes and rushed for a whopping 10,266 yards. He was honored in the Pro
Football Hall of Fame where to honor the famous football players who make a
contribution to the American football. Walter Payton- He was born in 25th July, 1954.
Walter Payton began his football career in the team called 鈥淐 hicago Bears 鈥?and
had his first game in the year 1975. He is known to have held the running back
position most of the time in his career. Records for most number of touchdowns,
rushing yards, carries were held by him. He is caught the attention of important
figures in pro football during his college days in Jackson State University, where he is
said to have scored singlehandedly, 46 points in one game. In the year 1993, Walter
Payton's name was included in the 'Pro Football Hall of Fame'. Greatness of Walter
Payton lies in the fact that Mike Ditka called him a great football player and greater
human being. Mike Ditka- Michael Keller Ditka Jr. was also known by the name 'Iron
Mike'. He was born on 19th October, 1939 and started his playing career with the
Chicago Bears in 1961. Mike Ditka who had 56 receptions was named as 'Rookie of
the Year'. In the year 1967, Ditka was traded to Philadelphia Eagles. He played with
the Philadelphia Eagles for 2 seasons and then was once again traded to Dallas
Cowboys in 1969. In his daily physical training, he choosesnfl jerseys wholesale to
wear at first. Ditka's career record of 427 receptions, 43 touchdowns and 5812 yards
led to his inclusion in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1988). Besides the above three
famous players talked about, there has many more legendary players who contributed
to the football game through all their life. With their efforts, the football will have a
better future.