Factors to Be Considered While Buying GPS Units

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					The popularity of GPS units, especially handheld GPS has ensured competition in
companies manufacturing the devices. Also, GPS units are now available over the
counter in many cities. All in all, choosing the most appropriate GPS unit requires a
little knowledge molded with some common sense.
  Some aspects which need to be considered while opting for the right GPS unit are
discussed below
  A GPS unit is a display unit hence the most important component is its display.
Choosing the right display synchronizes with choosing the most appropriate GPS unit.
Types of display include ones which are vertical and ones which are horizontal. This
is a personal choice, but make sure you check the purpose before selecting. Screen
resolution needs to be checked before you pay the amount. The degree of resolution
may vary with different models.
  Antennae Voltage
  This point would appear too technical for some but it is simple if you know the
reason. High antennae voltage equals to better reception. Now you know why cheap
models cost less.
  Battery life
  It is but obvious to select a GPS unit with good battery life. If you are someone who
would use your GPS device for longer trips, make sure you select a model which has
a longer battery.
  Size Factors
  This depends on the purpose. Handheld GPS units come in smaller sizes which
correspond to less weight automatically. But good brands are slightly heavier than
their cheap counterparts.
  Extra Features
  MP3 players, FM radio, traffic routing, extra audible functions, bluetooth capacity
and many such features add to the credibility of a GPS unit. Still, make sure you buy a
GPS unit for its basic function and not for these secondary purposes.
  Brand value actually affects the price; hence brands cost more than cheap duplicates.
Still, there are many brands which provide excellent quality GPS units at competitive
  Lastly, make sure you test the features and understand the installation (wherever
applicable) before you pay. As GPS units are emergency devices, it is recommended
to buy these devices from quality manufacturers only.
  If you are looking for GPS units like handheld GPS , checking reviews, feedback
and testimonials of other users is recommended.