; Facebook smoke and mirrors announcement
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Facebook smoke and mirrors announcement


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									When it became known that Mark Zuckerberg will be to provide announcement into
the world with his Facebook HQ in Palo Alto, immediately directed all of the
Westward(or east, for some). The President of one of the largest online community to
make a statement and the media anxiously awaits his words. The alleged blocking for
weeks for workers and gossip flowing through the site redesign Intertubes,
speculation thrown back and forth at times release from Apple. Its sad, nothing of any
real value declared, contrary to what Zuckerberg has you believe. The announcement
had little in common with the significant features and much more to do with image.
I mean, lets be honest here. . Downloading the entire history of Facebook in the zip
archive is a nice little feature, but does not actually remove the legal clutches
Facebook to will write the function. The new dashboard apps, as a product manager,
said to himself, it is primarily a simple reorganization and optimization tools, which
were for the most part are already available. Last and definitely least, the group was
probably the most disappointing announcement of them all. Touting it as a response to
Social Networking biggest problem today, Zuckerberg told the function, as was the
digital messiah came to bring salvation from the troubles of the poor souls lost other
groups such as the list of solutions and algorithms. After 10 minutes, or lead, the
function, announced that it is simply an update has already implemented a system of
groups. As people are still scratching their heads trying to figure how it will
fundamentally change the way they interact online, Q A session began, the
announcement ended. What happened here? While they briefly mentioned in passing
at the beginning of the presentation, major updates that people were waiting, as
updates to the chat, photos and layout, were taboo, as if there were only minor
footnotes to the issue epic about alleged to be announced. Many left that
announcement feeling a little unfulfilled, and wonder why Zuckerberg did not hire a
good teacher of public speaking to his multi-billion dollars.
You see, this announcement had nothing to do with the products released. Even the
product managers representing their development sounded a little unexcited, and there
is really no cause for celebration. This means that the updates are great, do not get me
wrong. I think that with better access to information and streamlining access control
applications are good things. But at a press conference? Perhaps not.
Facebook has a lot of flak recently over privacy issues and annoying level
applications Farmville. Not hard to see that society is slowly losing respect for the
social juggernaut. Quickly went to fun service that I use and trust to corporate
behemoth and services just because there is nothing better at the moment, but I would
drop like a rock, if youre something better, and thats it. Of Farmville Therefore, a
media event this week was the second phase, which Ill call Operation: Saving
Face(book). Zuckerberg to convince the user base that even on their site, and how he
did it.
blocking employees it convinces people that work hard and seriously doing anything
to improve the site and the user experience. It is implicit apology to users. Were sorry
that you do not like our site. Well work overtime to get it together. Advert Start with a
direct reference to block a measure exhausted, but happy with the effort. Be Cool
Wear a T-shirt with the global press conference, where he is one of the largest seen to
date as the founder and president of the cafés and the presentations so starts looking
hip. In general, act and speak as young as he really is. Um, Use of remorse and
swallow nervously, when you have a chance. Do all of Facebook seems to be larger
than life and integral to the development of global communication. Feature 1: Get
Your Info much current paranoia surrounding Facebook has to do with control of their
personal data. Although we do not allow you to control everything, per se, it makes
Facebook look like you give back to you. For most users, its enough. Really, though,
that this is only an illusion of control. Facebook still has everything you post.
Function 2: The Application panel The other side of the coin the privacy of Facebook
and use of data. The new dashboard application gives users more control over how
and when their data are accessible via the API. Once again, not a huge improvement,
its all about their image. This gives the user more control, so it will be keynoted.
Feature 3: Group There must be a thrilling finish to enhance the image of Facebook as
a user-centric and non-corporate. Thus, frames the problem in language that is very
idealistic and melodramatic and convince users that Facebook is completely changing
the game site and what is more, the relationship of digital human and relevant. Note
that this solution will result in transcendence of interaction online and social networks
to bring a new level of simplicity and realism. When framed as a face saving event,
highlighting these three products make a lot of sense. They all to some extent control
for the user, and make Facebook look a lot more innocent than they really are. In fact,
improvements to the system, chat, and photo updates and the rest of the work, while
in lock down traits are true we need to know more o. These are the things that you can
make it difficult to sit. Functionality that access to people and most are dependent on
the features you would expect to be given to the press conference, and not minor
changes. Unless, of course, trying to save face(book), in which case you should try
and give confidence that the user base seems to be lost, and in a very public way.
Thats it, that statement was smoke and mirrors.
Image Credit: Metro.co.uk

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