; Face-to-Face with your Facebook Customers
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Face-to-Face with your Facebook Customers


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									One of the major challenges for a marketer is communicating effectively to customers
and sending appropriate messages to possible clients. Various communication media
are evolving since the early days of marketing. And since then, newsmakers and
advertisers are utilizing media to reach their customers. However, most of the
communication media are one way. But, the inception of internet and the
developments within this type of media broke down the barriers of conventional
  The Internet and Quantum Change in Media
  The advent of internet brought a lot of changes in the science and practice of mass
communication and in the marketing process itself. However, when internet first set
waves of changes and everyone can share content in the World Wide Web, there was
the time when the content sharing is under the control of people who are
knowledgeable in various HTML codes and programming as well as web script
languages. However, social networking sites and blogging sites emerge that give the
power to common user to share content to the World Wide Web.
  Facebook: No.1 Social Media
  Facebook members and subscribers are rowing in numbers with over 500 million
users. Facebook is considered as one of the strongest social media with its users
engage to creating more and more content that they can share to the rest of the world.
Millions of messages can be exchanged everyday and is embedded with
customer-related information and messages.
  Feedback Mechanism
  During the time that TV and print ads, companies that are serious in developing their
products employ strategies and investing a lot of money and effort in gathering
information and soliciting feedback and opinions from their customers. This is to
know what they have accomplished and if they have achieved their goal. Companies
spend a lot of money in brand research and awareness level of brand competition.
  In social networking sites such as Facebook, this information is readily available. All
of the things that a company owner or marketer would like to know may be found in
wall comments, fan pages, discussions and other platforms provided by Facebook.
Moreover, most of the comments are immediate and honest responses.
  Face-to-Face with Customers
  Avid Facebook users create or form fan pages and groups based on their interests
and often the conversations on fan pages revolves around the brand or topics
pertaining to the product. Here are some useful tips for brand managers to keep a tab
and build a brand in Facebook: 鈥?Do a brand search in Facebook 鈥?You may need
to conduct a research on terms related to your brand or research on your competition.
Going through the discussions and wall comments will reveal some points of opinions
that will give your product an edge. 鈥?Create a fan page 鈥?If you know that your
brand can attract fans and positive responses from people then you may create a fan
page for your brand. A fan page can be a perfect platform that can engage you with
your loyal customers and can create a strong bond with them. 鈥?Make your own
branded application 鈥?Facebook applications can range from entertaining games
with your brand as useful tools in the application.
  Facebook provides you with limitless opportunities in reaching out to your
customers. The best thing is, this can be done at a very minimal cost and can deliver
maximum impact and results. However, it is important to remember that you and your
customer are at the same playing field with the same capability to express. Customers
can now easily say positive and negative experiences with a particular product, which
can easily influence other customers who may consider buying your product or
availing your service.
  Making sure that other customers will is very important in branding yourself and you
may need the aid of experts in social media marketing as the dynamics of this media
is quite different from the conventional forms of media. Hence, Facebook can help
you come face-to-face with your customers. Thus, it is very important that you should
know how this platform and conversations within can be managed.
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