Eyelid Surgery - Re-hanging the Windows to the Soul by hkksew3563rd


									When you look at your eyes you see the window of the soul. The eyelids shouldn’t get
in the way of that. If they are then eyelid surgery might be an option you want to
  If the eyes are the windows to the soul then you lids would be the curtains right?
Well for most of us the curtains are starting to droop a little. They may even be a little
stretched out and baggy from age. It’s one of those unfortunate things in life, it
happens to all of us. For some of us it can cause real problems. Heavy curtains can
make our eyes tired and worn out. It can also cause strain on the ball and socket. If
this has become a real problem for you then you should consider having eyelid
  Eyelid surgery can be easily performed on top, bottom or both. You don’t have to
worry about having bags under them taking away from the beauty and spirit. Let’s be
honest, having the excess weight removed is great but regaining some of that youthful
glow is definitely an added plus. Even if your original intention for this type of
procedure isn’t one of looks and beauty it doesn’t hurt to have that added benefit.
  This simple procedure begins as most of these procedures begin, with a trip to your
cosmetic surgeon. He will assess you and determine not only if this type of surgery is
right for you but the best course of action. He will take pictures and probably make
some marks on your face to indicate what he is going to do. He will go over every
detail of the procedure and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, he’s not going to be mad if you do.
  When you go in for your eyelid surgery you doctor will give you an anesthetic.
Because of the nature of the surgery a local anesthetic cannot be used. Your doctor
will need you to be completely still during the procedure as to not damage you actual
eyeball. He will then make an incision. If it’s on the top then the incision will be made
so that the scar will be hidden in the natural folds. If it is on the bottom then your
physician will ensure that it is along the lash line so again, the scar will be hidden
from view.
  Once the eyelid surgery is completed, around an hour to an hour and a half later,
your physician will give you a list of things to do. You need to follow them to ensure
that you will recover with as little complications as possible. If you are a lady, and yes
men have this procedure done too, you will not be allowed to wear mascara or eye
shadow for a while. Just be mindful of that so that you don’t complicate you recovery.
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