Eyelid Lift Only Or Simultaneous Procedures- by hkksew3563rd


									An eyelid lift is a plastic surgery procedure that is commonly combined with other
surgeries to be performed simultaneously for optimal results. However, many people
are concerned with undergoing multiple procedures at once. So how do you know if
you truly need just an eyelid lift or if you will benefit from simultaneous surgeries?
Here are some considerations to keep in mind when consulting with a board-certified
plastic surgeon.
  What are your goals? If you seek just to fix a drooping eyelid (particularly one that is
causing vision problems by obscuring your sight), then you probably can stop with the
eyelid lift. If you are, however, seeking a purely aesthetic improvement, you may be a
suitable candidate for a combination of procedures. If your eye area is your main
concern and feel it is ageing you the most, there are other cosmetic surgeries that can
help you achieve the best possible results.
  What are other problem areas you can identify? Besides a drooping eyelid, what
other issues do you have with your overall facial appearance? Do you find that deep
horizontal lines in your forehead make you look older or harsher? Or perhaps you
suffer from loose skin around the jaw or chin, giving you a jowly appearance. By
identifying the problems, you are closer to finding a plausible solution. Examine
yourself carefully and think about exactly what bothers you or what you’d like
  Is it financially feasible? If you do decide that you could benefit from this type of
surgery as well as additional plastic surgery procedures, you will have to take a look
at your finances. How much do you have saved, can you take out a loan and repay it
comfortably, and are there any ways you can make surgery more affordable? There
are many ways you can pay for a procedure, but you’ll want to ensure it’s the best
choice for you.
  Do you have realistic expectations? Having clear goals and expectations of surgical
results following an eyelid lift or a combination of procedures can help you decide
whether surgery is right for you. You won’t be a dramatically different person,
although the procedure can make a dramatic difference. Look at pictures of other
patients to get a better understanding of this type of surgery can change your
appearance, especially when performed in conjunction with complimentary
procedures such as a brow lift.
  Are you in good health? Not everyone is a good candidate for an eyelid lift. You
need to be in overall good health and be willing to quit vices such as smoking before
and following surgery to ensure a speedy recovery. Your plastic surgeon can help
evaluate your overall health and the safety of undergoing one or several operations at
  Many people worry that undergoing this type of surgery along with other surgeries is
more dangerous, whereas in fact it is usually safer to take on several at once than
space out surgeries. The less times you undergo anesthesia the fewer risks you are
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