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									Lessons on global warming for kids, teaching your children the hazards of this

Global warming leads to various negative consequences to the human kind and the
The repercussions of global warming will cause major impact such as destruction,
death and extinction of plants and animals.
Global warming is mainly caused by uncontrolled logging and serious emission of
greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere from human activities. Although it is impossible
to stop global warming fully, we can combat it by slowing down its effects and
explaining the facts of global warming for kids.

To develop a deep understanding of global warming for kids, you can demonstrate
and inform them about its consequences. Inform your children what causes it and its
effects by showing pictures and diagrams.
Make them realize global warming effects are crucial to survivability of the people.
For instance, tell your children that global warming causes serious consequences to
the world's weather conditions.
Inform your children that adverse weather conditions such as droughts is one way to
educate global warming for kids. This situation causes starvation and misery to the
affected people.

Another way of educating global warming for kids is by mentioning to them that they
are the major causes of various calamity in the world. Let them know when the
Earth's heat rises due to global warming, polar caps will melt that increases the sea
level that creates floods.
Besides that, warmer oceans will increase the occurrence of tornadoes, hurricanes and
typhoons around the world.
This key information on global warming for kids will create awareness to them.

Global warming for kids should be nurtured by parents at young age. Be a mentor for
your kids by supporting and push them to save energy and planting. Conserving
energy is very simple and easy, all you need to do build the habit to switch off any
electrical appliances when they are not in used.
Not to mention, you and your children can also practice recycling, reusing and
reducing resources.

Find out more about global warming for kids at GlobalWarmingForKids.org. Don't
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