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									Of concern Bringing home appliances Enhanced purchasing power in rural areas there
are projects on the substantive good. According to Ministry of Finance, Economic
Construction Department, General Affairs Department of the Ministry of Commerce
jointly issued the "national home appliances to the countryside Product Tender
Notice", the latest issue of tender appliances to the countryside

 TV The price ceiling be raised to 3,500 yuan, 2,000 yuan higher than previous limit
TV substantial increase 75%. Home

 Air conditioning Tendering ceiling prices were nearly doubled, up to 4,000 yuan,
deeply rural popular plasma TV

 Solar water heaters Subsidies for the first time included in the scope of the

Analysts say expansion will allow appliances to the countryside and then 32 inches

LCD TV There is no market price out of the situation, and even 37-inch flat-panel TV
will enter the purchase area farmers. Has been to wait and see the countryside of
foreign brands is likely to participate in activities to home appliances to the
countryside. In addition, expansion of home appliances to the countryside again and
again, it demonstrates the Government's strong policy to promote the commitment to
support and benefit agriculture, especially the substantial increase in air conditioning
color TV limit, so farmers get subsidies also increased significantly.

 Limit increase will help them win customers

"TV price ceiling raised to 3,500 yuan, to the manufacturers and farmers are a major
good news."

 TCL Vice President Lu Li's comment to the media said the same 13% of the subsidy,
the higher the price the greater the subsidy, farmers can get more obvious benefits,
other companies have sufficient margins.

  Of the earlier TV is strictly limited to a maximum price of 2,000 yuan or less,
leading to large-size farmers and practical flat-panel TVs difficult to short-listed, even
if manufacturers have come up with 1,999 yuan of 32-inch LCD TV won the bid, but
because of several non-profit space farmers can not find such basic products in the
market, the result is

 CRT TV still occupy the mainstream market to rural areas, 32-inch LCD TV has a
price-free city.

 During two sessions this year, Suning Zhang Jindong, chairman Electric, TCL
chairman Li Dongsheng and other proposals to improve an appropriate "home
appliances to the countryside" products of the price ceiling, so that more high-end
home appliances can also enjoy the subsidies into rural families. Liu Buchen, home
appliance industry observers to reporters yesterday, analysis, price ceiling was raised,
it will make 32-inch LCD TV has a price no city out of the situation, and even 37-inch
flat-panel TV products can be included in the scope of home appliances to the
countryside, manufacturers, distributors to promote the enthusiasm of home
appliances to the countryside will also be increased.

 Raise the threshold limit are air-conditioned. According to the latest tender notices,
air conditioning ceiling price and the maximum unity in the previous tender for the
2,500 limit is different, the adjusted limit by Split Wall air conditioning air
conditioners and split air conditioners to offer floor, which , Split Wall Air
Conditioner is not higher than 2,500, split floor type air conditioner (Guiji) not more
than 4,000 yuan.

 Ministry of Commerce will pay close attention to the process of home appliances to
the countryside

 Appliances to rural areas in February this year         across the country since its
implementation in less than two months, although         the price ceiling is the first
appliances to rural areas to improve, but the category   has repeatedly expansion, that
the Government actively promote home appliances          to the countryside, efforts to
improve rural consumption with great determination.

  In the National Grid Lvsheng Hua, told this reporter, first category is a nationwide
bringing home appliances color TV, refrigerator / freezer, cell phones, washing
machines and four categories, an increase in late February air conditioning, computers,
motorcycles, gas / electric water heater . And then in turn cooker, microwave ovens
and other popular popular small household electrical appliances in rural markets
coming up, the purchase of one product also to one of two. Expansion of home
appliances to the countryside latest tender notices addition to home appliances to the
countryside for all models of the product limit was increased from 15 to 30, for the
first time the rural market for large-screen plasma TV, solar water heaters into the
scope of subsidies to rural areas, including solar water heaters the price ceiling set at
4,000 yuan.

 In the household appliances to the countryside category expansion and substantially
increase the price ceiling, appliance manufacturers have welcomed. Vice President Lu
Li said TCL Multimedia, TV limit increase will help the further flat products popular
in rural areas, while Konka vice president of multimedia marketing, also told reporters
that Lin Hongfan, Konka will further research and development for the rural market
cost-effective medium and large size LCD TV promotion to the countryside.
 General Affairs Department of the Ministry of Commerce Director Zheng Shuwei

 interview with this reporter, said the Ministry of Commerce will continue to monitor
the implementation of the process of bringing home appliances manufacturers,
farmers reflects the issues and coordinate efforts. "I hope the real consumption of
household appliances for the rural market, benefiting farmers and home appliance
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