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					Think Evolv's a scam? Think again. Some folks I know may think Evolv Health is a
scam. Just not true. Do you think that both Donald Trump and Warren Buffet would
have network marketing companines if the industry was a scam? No way.
  Network Marketing/MLM is in the direct sales industry and has been a PROVEN
legitamate business model for decades.
  Most people confuse the concept of a scam with having to actually do WORK.
  Evolv and any other legitimate mlm company requires that you do WORK otherwise
it would be a scam. It's called net"work" marketing, not net"hope" marketing.
  Many networkers misunderstand the amount of effort it takes to be successful
PERIOD let alone be successful in network marketing.
  You must find new prospects.
  You have to show your business to prospects CONSISTENTLY.
  You must understand that its a numbers game - you simply have to move through A
LOT of people to discover those who see the evolv opportunity for the great one that
it truly is.
  Evolv Scam?
  Evolv Health is a legitimate network marketing company in the direct sales industry
and one of the first to combine with “Web 2.0? technology and by giving distributors
with cutting edge tools and training to leverage their businesses.
  Evolv provides a unique health solution based around archaea active and uses bottled
water for its delivery. This is a $10 Billion/year bottled water industry with 5-10%
annual growth. Nice move. And as opposed to selling this evolv via retail, through
network marketing, you now get the chance to create a long term, sustainable home
based business.
  But don't do this by yourself. Find a successful team who can guide you to success.
  My team personaly reviewed over 100 separate companies before choosing Evolv.
Evolv scam? Nope. I've met Trey White, the multi-millionaire founder personally and
have been invited to his house.
  Find out more about Evolv and how you can be a part of a team and community who
will help you grow and succeed in your Evolv business. Why Six Figure Earners Are
Choosing Evolv
  Find out more about Evolv Scam info below: Evolv Scam Info.
  Wishing you Evolving network marketing success,
  Carlos Alston