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					Brighton is one of the famous seaside resorts in UK. It is situated in the south coast in
the country of east Sussex nearly of the capital city London. A major tourist attraction
in Brighton is the pebble beach, which has bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
  With noticeably rock but they are not uncomfortable on bare feet like other beaches.
Also Brighton's is known as nude area, because hedonism is biggest in the summer
months. There are many streets and areas in Brighton where you can enjoy your
shopping time, from the Lanes to high-street stores, big shopping malls or small
specialist shops producing many interesting hand made items, souvenirs, jewelry,
funny gifts and much more.
  Brighton to Paris by Eurostar
  Eurostar has become lifeline of the people traveling from London to Paris, Brussels,
Avignon, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Limoges, Amsterdam, Lille and many other
European destinations. Eurostar change the way the people used to commute over
there within Europe.
  Eurostar trains are will equipped with all kind of facilities ranging from well
maintained seats, cooperative staff and great food to excellent on-board facilities,more
than 94 % punctuality rate and thrilling speed of 186mph.
  Now you can travel from Brighton to Paris and Brussels with one price as Eurostar
teamed up with several UK train-operating companies. You can easily travel from
Brighton stations to London spectacular St Pancras International with connecting
trains. And onward journey with Eurostar trains. It will take 4hr 13min from Brighton
to Paris and 3hr 59min from Brighton to Brussels. Eurostar fare for Brighton Paris
Train starts from £81.
  If you want to explore Europe then read out important information regarding
Brighton Paris Train and Cheap Eurostar Tickets.

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