ESD protective device products explained in detail

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					The intersection of Raychem and circuit protection department of the Thai department
electron puts out PESD0402 and 0603 electrostatic discharge (ESD) Protective device
products. The input / output interface in PESD protective device is employed for high
speed data transmission specially is protected and designed, can make the sensitive
circuit in the electronic device avoid being influenced by electrostatic discharge.
PESD device of Raychem is superior to the traditional protective device such as zener
diode and multi-layer varistor (MLV) . Traditional protective device, can't apply to
high speed data transmission continuously on condition that cause the quality
reduction of signals or distorted. On the other hand, transient voltage restraint (TVS)
Diode and the miniature gas discharge tube, for compact information apparatuses that
the volume reduces day by day at present, seem too big or too expensive.
PESD protective device of Raychem offers the extremely low electric capacity, in the
transmission line pulse (TLP) Test and IEC 61000-4-2 while testing, especially
undergo numerous impacts (up to 1000 times the most) And then, the characteristic is
superior to the similar device. It offers the trigger lower than the typical polymer
electrostatic discharge device and clamps the voltage, thus the protective power to the
sensitive electronic unit of improvement by a wide margin.
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