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					Whenever I see a long banking team from the front window, or full room anxiously
waiting for arranging number of customers, you as bank employees must be "how
much joy the number of problems." In the fierce market competition, many Financial
Institutions to expand their business in mustering horsepower to attract customers, to
win public confidence and favor it is not easy; the other hand, along with the
escalating customer demand and personalized, financial institutions have to face the
challenges of increasing customer satisfaction. Among them, the "business" as the
banks main source of profits for many financial institutions play a decisive impact on
the survival and development, how efficient and accurate services to attract more
enterprise customers, has become the major financial institutions and development
most important, business services, the window is obviously the first hurdle.

  Internationally renowned Print Manufacturer Epson is the window with the financial
industry and the depth of insight into the characteristics of our business, launched a
"Print generalists" LQ-590K, this narrow line called high-end needle Printer Model of
the dot matrix printer for its speed, stability, multi-functional properties such as
leadership, the bank window, a perfect fit for our business printing industry, demand
for services.

 Efficient invincible hands Compared to individual business needs of our business is
more diverse and complex, single business, the amount is greater. The workload in
such strength, in order to improve efficiency and reduce customer waiting time,
high-speed printing to become a bank window, the first business needs.

  Epson LQ-590K with high-quality print head and accuracy of walking paper sector,
the real success of the industry-leading print speed, easy 220 characters / sec, 440
characters / s ultra-high print speed. Meanwhile, in addition to the traditional parallel
interface, also provides a USB standard interface, so data transfer is more efficient, to
further improve the efficiency of the bank counter. In addition, LQ-590K comes
standard with 5 million character ribbon large capacity, can greatly reduce the number
of ribbon replacement, and its reliable quality and also to maximize the protection of
the print head, to avoid the pain needle to help desk staff to reduce auxiliary operation
time, and comprehensively improve the efficiency and quality printing.

 Large body of small skills Statements on bills, statements, etc., the banks every day
to deal with a lot of printing business, printing business complex and diverse features
of the printer features a higher diversity of requirements. Epson LQ-590K, with its
unique human Design Make a variety of business needs solved by many bank staff
called the "Print generalists."

 Epson LQ-590K Printer drum body though small, but powerful, and created a
precedent for multi-function stylus printer. It not only equipped with front, rear and
bottom of the variety of flexible and convenient access into the paper, and features
both semi-level push to meet a continuous reporting, multi invoices, receipts and other
various print applications. Simply by having the lever switch, the counter staff can
also easily handle up to 3-4 business to users within a limited time to complete a
variety of fast and accurate service.

  Reliable worry-free music As enterprise users very strict requirements on banking
services, greater amount of money involved, can not tolerate the slightest error. If a
large number of continuous printing as overheating protection or product failure, or
the print is not clear, the work will result in counter stagnation, and the resulting loss
of customers can not be overlooked. Therefore, in addition to a higher quality of
service windows, the printer's print quality and stability requirements are also higher.

 Epson Stylus printer has been "stable and durable" known industry, LQ-590K Epson
products in adhering to a low failure rate, based on the reliability of machine and print
head is fully upgraded. The print head life of 400 million times / pin, the average time
to failure up to 20,000 hours, a new standard for the industry similar products,
effectively ensuring that the bank counter massive print runs without interruption.

  From the market since the Epson LQ-590K with high-speed printing, reliable, and
multi-functional design, outstanding features, the window effectively meet the
financial and other special needs of the industry, has won the acclaim and the
impressive record .
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