Enjoying K2 Smoke Grows in Popularity

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					You may already be familiar with K2 smoke products or you may be hearing about
them for the first time. For those of you who are not familiar, here 鈥檚 a brief
explanation of what exactly K2 smoke is. Then, we 鈥檒 l discuss why it is growing in
  K2 incense starts out as a blend of herbs and botanicals. Botanicals are simply parts
of a plant (sometimes a whole plant) that are crushed, cut, chopped or otherwise
processed in such a way that the components of the plant part can be extracted. For
example, if a plant bears fruit, such as a berry, the berry may be crushed or boiled to
obtain the juice. The majority of the herbs used in K2 smoke products are the same as
those that are used in homeopathic (natural) treatments or in food preparation.
  What makes K2 smoke products different, however, is what is added to the herbs and
botanicals. Two synthetic chemicals (synthetic means man-made; in other words, it
was cooked up in a laboratory somewhere) commonly known as JWH-018 and
JWH-073, are added to the herbs and botanicals. The result is an incense product
whose intended (and should be the only) use is to enhance a meditation session or
  These two synthetic chemicals work exactly like the active ingredient found in
marijuana and hashish, which is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). In case you 鈥檙 e
interested, the scientific name for JWH-018 is 1-Pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl) indole; the
scientific name for JWH-073 is 1-Butyl-3-(1-naphthoyl) indole.
  This means that when you use K2 smoke products, the effects of JWH-018 and/or
JWH-073 (both chemicals may be added, or only one chemical may be added-it 鈥檚
up to the manufacturer) your brain is going to respond almost the same as if it is
getting THC. That 鈥檚 why K2 smoke is sometimes known as 鈥渟 ynthetic 鈥?or
鈥渓 egal 鈥?marijuana.
  Now that you know what K2 smoke is, we can talk about why it is growing in
popularity. The most likely reason is because K2 smoke products are legal. Neither
JWH-018 nor JWH-073 is considered controlled substances by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) like THC is. That means that it is not against the law to buy,
sell, possess, or use K2 smoke.
  However, you should know that some states have already passed legislation making
K2 herb illegal. If your state is one of these, and you are caught with K2 smoke
products, it 鈥檚 just like being caught with marijuana. Other states are considering
similar legislation, so you 鈥檇 be wise to find out where your state stands on the
legality of K2. Another reason K2 herb is growing in popularity is because even
though the chemicals in K2 smoke products can make your brain think it 鈥檚 getting
the real thing, they do not show up in your blood or urine like THC does. If you work
at a place that requires you to take a drug test, K2 smoke will not show up.
  This does not mean that you can use K2 herb products and drive or perform your
duties if you 鈥檝 e been influenced by them (some people aren 鈥檛, others are only
a little bit, still others have strong reactions). Rather, just as you would not work while
under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs such as marijuana, neither should you do
so if you 鈥檙 e still feeling the effects of K2 smoke products.
  You should also be considerate of others around you and use K2 smoke in the
privacy of your own home or in appropriate situations. Remember, you are still
responsible for your actions while using K2 smoke products, and you should keep this
in mind.
  So, the fact that it 鈥檚 not against the law (in some areas 鈥攕 ee the preceding
paragraphs) as well as the fact that it doesn 鈥檛 show up on a drug test are two
reasons for its popularity. Another reason may be that the effects of K2 smoke
products seem to wear off quicker than those of marijuana or other illicit drugs.
  Now for a few words of caution. First and most importantly, K2 smoke products are
intended to be used only as incense. You want to put it in a potpourri or incense
burner or another container that can withstand high temperatures, in a safe place
where it won 鈥檛 be knocked off by children or pets or will not start a fire, and heat
it until the smoke fills the room.
  You do not want to use K2 smoke products like you would regular tobacco products.
You do not want to make K2 smoke 鈥渢 ea 鈥? nor do you want to sprinkle K2
smoke products on food items and take it in that way. It is intended to be used only as
an incense product, and that 鈥檚 the only way you should use it. Also, using K2
smoke products should be your own decision.