Enjoy High Definition Programming With DISH Network HD Platinum Packages by hkksew3563rd


									DISH Network is one of the most prominent names when it comes to Satellite TV
programming in the United States. Over the years, DISH Network has branded itself
to such an extent that now they have become a common name in almost every
household. With a wide array of packages and channels, DISH Network brings you
the joy of watching superior quality of digital programming with its satellite channels.
  Now you can be a privileged customer of DISH Network and get the ultimate
experience of HD Platinum package. So, re-define the rules of entertainment with the
digital satellite channels. What’s more? Bring home DISH HD free for life (with
agreement, and AutoPay with Paperless Billing). Price: $10/mo (available with
qualifying HD Package). You can upgrade now or call (888)208-4726.
  Given below are the 16 DISH HD channels that are available in HD Platinum
Package of DISH TV Programming:-
  1. Indieplex HD: This channel features movies based on themes that are against the
conventional norms.
  2. Epix HD & Epix2 HD: These channels mainly deal with Premier Hollywood
Blockbusters, comedies, concerts and a lot more.
  3. Retroplex HD: Retroplex HD is your one-stop destination for Classic movies id
you are a complete movie freak.
  4. Centric HD: This channel gives valuable insights of the African culture. Get to
know about their ancient customs and traditions and the native people’s modern way
of living.
  5. Shorts HD: It is a unique channel because it shows short movies with the likes of
comedy and animations.
  6. Fashion TV: Find everything related to fashion here right from A to Z. It is in fact
the Bible of modern fashion trends. Catch the latest haute-coutre on FTV.
  7. LOGO: This channel is meant for open-minded people like gays, lesbians and
bi-sexuals. It expresses the views and lifestyle of these people looking partners within
their circles.
  8. Palladia: This channel is solely dedicated to music.
  9. MAV TV: It is specially meant for guys and their common desires. This is a
complete men’s channel and deals with man’s common fantasies and wishes.
  10.     HD Theatre: It deals with real-world entertainment programs like adventure,
wildlife, global culture and turbo.
  11. HDNet Movies: Experience the uncut and unedited versions of all the movies
shown here.
  12.     Universal HD: Enjoy sporting events in addition to some of the excellent
movies that are shown here regularly.
  13.     Crime & Investigation: Watch a series of non-fiction programs that would
transport you in the world of mystery and suspense.
  14.     WFN HD: Find everything related to fishing in World Fishing Network. Get
interesting tips on fishing.
  15.     MGM HD: Watch the finest movies from MGM’s exclusive movie library
which boasts of a huge collection of titles.
  What can get better than this? Nowhere can you get so many features that are so
plentifully offered by DISH Network. Guess what? You can get all these by just
paying $10/mo. So don’t waste your time in bringing DISH Network to your home.
 Get the best of DISH Network Packages and ensure highest quality of TV
entertainment. Go for DISH Network, the leader in satellite TV entertainment in the
United States.

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