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					A group of Chinese construction machinery industry will be very competitive once
again brings together well-known enterprises in China? ASEAN Expo construction
machinery exhibition, from 10 ASEAN countries to buyers demonstration of quality
and cheap construction machinery. Will be held October 22, 2008 to 25 in Nanning,
Guangxi, China held the fifth? ASEAN Expo, the China Construction Machinery
Association of Southeast Asian Nations to scale new business opportunities for the

 Recent years, with rapid economic development in ASEAN countries, China's
construction machinery exports to ASEAN countries increased rapidly. ASEAN
exports to China forklift, excavators, cranes, loaders and other construction machinery
and machine parts subject ASEAN enterprises welcome. According to customs
statistics, in 2007, only the total civil engineering machinery products exports reached
1.18 billion U.S. dollars, up 55.96 percent. On the other hand, in recent years to
accelerate the ASEAN Governments focus on upgrading its infrastructure. Some
economists expect the next 5 years, Southeast Asia, the construction of infrastructure
will be further accelerated investment in the resource industry will keep rising,
countries on the construction machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery
demand will be more vigorous.

 With China? Accelerate ASEAN Free Trade Area, China and ASEAN trade tariffs
are gradually reduced and eventually zero tariff. Since July 20, 2005, China and the
Association of Southeast Asian Nations official in accordance with the "goods trade
agreement" provides the timetable, originating in China and the Association of
Southeast Asian Nations about 7,000 tariff lines of products to give each other
preferential tariff treatment. The benefits of this initiative is that free trade between
countries of the region's economic and trade will be lower cost, higher profits. Most
of the engineering machinery products are "goods trade agreement" as a tariff
reduction products and the tariff reduction process has started.

 China? ASEAN Expo held in the Chinese construction machinery exports to ASEAN
a more smooth. Before the fourth exhibition since the scale of construction machinery
exhibition area increased by 35%, Number of exhibitors increased by 56%, the
number of buyers increased by 34%, trade turnover by the second session of the Expo
8.2781 million U.S. dollars to the fourth Expo 81,900,500 U.S. dollars, in the event of
total turnover in machinery and equipment ranks second. A group of well-known
brands in the industry have registration and participation, including Hunan Sany,
Sunward, Zoomlion, Lingong, mountain push Group, Xuzhou Construction
Machinery Group, Dalian forklifts, heavy truck in China, Guangxi Liugong, Guangxi
Yuchai And so on. Exhibits a number of engineering machinery, including excavators,
loaders, graders, road rollers, concrete mixers, concrete batching machine and other
equipment, large volume, exhibitors effect is obvious.

 Fifth China? ASEAN Expo continues to set the special engineering machinery and
other machinery exhibition area, providing 6,000 square meters outdoor booth, the
main display of excavators, loaders, road machinery, compaction machinery, lifting
machinery, engineering machinery products, and the other 350 indoor booth set up
focus shows Machine tool Small agricultural machinery, equipment, machine parts
and other mechanical products.

 To enable more timely and effective understanding of customers in Southeast Asia
Expo, more convenient to find Cooperation Partners, not only to strengthen the
Secretariat Expo famous B2B website with the cooperation of the 10 ASEAN
countries with the mainstream media, the IT Expo joint release, the expansion in
Southeast Asia Expo propaganda. Indonesian Trade Ministry, Malaysian International
Trade and Industry, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, Vietnam and other ASEAN
Trade and Industry's trade department of the 10 countries, Indonesia and China
General Chamber of Commerce, bilateral friendly associations, Federation of
Malaysian Manufacturers, Chinese Association of the Philippines, Singapore and
China Chamber of Commerce, the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and other
business associations and support fair trade associations have expressed full support
and assistance to the Secretariat in making national buyers invited. Expo Secretariat
currently has one million buyers to send invite participants, the number of participants
this year, buyers will be more than in previous years. Meanwhile, China? ASEAN
businessmen to carry out pre-match database, will host exhibitors of forums, seminars
and Session small matching activities to promote interaction between supply and

 China? ASEAN Expo will be held, undoubtedly for the Chinese engineering
machinery products to enter the ASEAN market set up a convenient platform. We
believe that with the Fifth China? ASEAN Expo held in Chinese construction
machinery industry will usher in a new round of business opportunities.
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