; Engagement Ring Guide- How to Buy That Special Ring
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Engagement Ring Guide- How to Buy That Special Ring


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									Purchasing a ring that will be the representation for your proposal of a future life
together can be a very difficult and heavy task. You of course want it to be the perfect
ring since you have finally found your perfect partner. Where to begin though?
  Step 1: Metal Selection
  The type of metal chosen for your ideal engagement ring should be the first decision
on your list. The classic choice for an engagement and matching wedding ring is of
course gold 鈥攚 hether it is 14k yellow gold or 18k gold. Yellow gold is classy and
the traditional precious metal of choice.
  If your intended is younger and more into modern trends and designs, white metals
that have the delicate sheen of silver are better choices. However, for a ring that is
supposed to represent a forever commitment and eternal love, you definitely want a
stronger and more elegant metal that simple, sterling silver. White gold 鈥攂 oth 14k
white gold and 18k white gold 鈥攁 re the most common choices for your younger
partner who prefers white metals. If you really want to stand out though, platinum
gives that beautiful clear shine while being amazingly sturdy and perpetual.
  Hip and Now:
  While precious metals are not exactly elements from the earth that easily disappear
and reappear on the fashion stage since they are the only types of jewelry metals we
have, modern science has helped developed new metals that are now breaking into the
fashion scene as the new and hip type of metal to have. Similar to white gold and
platinum, palladium has a bright silvery white based shine. Its crystal clear shimmer
looks great with any gemstone you choose for your engagement ring and is known for
its even lighter than platinum coloring.
  If your partner is very special in their own way and needs jewelry to represent that
off the wall factor they possess, a type of gold that recently slipped out of popularity
but is now coming back with a vengeance might be the best choice for you. The
precious 14k rose gold can vary from pinkish to reddish in coloring depending on how
much gold and copper are added to the metal 鈥檚 mixture. The special shades of this
precious metal really stand out as an engagement ring.
  Step 2: Diamond Selection
  Diamond Itself
  Diamonds are classified by the 鈥? c 鈥檚鈥?which are clarity, color, carat, and cut.
Buying a certified loose diamond to fit in a previously chosen ring setting will have
you look closely at each of those four categories since natural diamonds can range
from crystal clear to cloudy, be tinted in different shades or colors, obviously vary in
raw weight and size (which is the carat), and the shape of the cut.
  Diamond Cut
  The particular diamond cut of your can vary according to your taste, style, and which
setting you have in mind. The most common cuts are of course circular, marquis,
square, princess, teardrop, and pear. However, there are countless more options
depending on what your jeweler has available.
  You can learn more about Diamonds on my favorite online jewelry store. Visit this
link directly: http://www.allurez.com/education-guide/diamond_education.html
  Step 3: Ring Type Once you have chosen your engagement ring 鈥檚 precious metal
and particular diamond, the basic type of engagement ring is next on your list. A
solitaire engagement ring is a simple band that features a single gemstone 鈥攇
enerally of a circular cut but in truth it can be any cut. It is lovely and elegant without
being too intense. The three stone diamond engagement ring has become a very
fashionable selection lately as it represents your past couplehood, your present, and
your future together. If you like the idea of a beautiful center stone though but do not
want to give up additional diamonds you will want to check out a sidestone accented
engagement ring.
  If you want to purchase an engagement ring i strongly recommend visiting
Allurez.com . They have a great customer service, beautiful selection, and great
values. That 鈥檚 where i got mine!

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