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					Traditional textiles have always enhanced the beauty of India’s rich culture and
heritage. The beauty that Indian textile brings in a person makes it very different from
rest of the world. It has been available from the time early cultures existed in India.
Some textiles which were used in oldest civilization like Indus Valley are still seen in
Indian Market. Some traces of material like cotton which were unearthed in ancient
tomb of Egypt were displayed at markets of Gujarat. Details of ancient Indian textiles
can also be found in written form. Some Indian writing gives elaborate description of
Indian Textile. Indian export and import with other countries has always been greatly
dependent on textiles. However, when we look back to period of Vijaynagar Empire,
textile played significant role in import and export with neighbouring countries. The
business directory of India can give a more exact and comprehensive picture of textile
trade with foreign countries.

 The business directory India gives information about all the revenue generating
business area in India. Details like geographical location, tradition, customs, climatic
conditions and raw material which have added to the production are also mention in
the records. The B2B directory also gives detailed reference of the export and import
exercised in the textile industries. These sources help us to study Indian textile market.
The Indian textile market was renowned all over the world. It occupied a very
remarkable position in the export directory and overall business directory of India.
The Indian textiles were available in different range and varieties. It was popular
among folks because of its style and quality. It was also available at a very reasonable
cost. The Indian textile not only reflected old traditions and customs but also
showcased rising trends in the world of fashion. The above factors yielded greater
recognition to the textile industries in whole world.

  Apart from making garments and dresses, textiles were useful in many other ways.
Different article like bags, purses and other accessories were made out of textiles.
These products were very popular all over the world because of their style and
durability. There was variety of fabrics which comprised the entire collection of
textiles in India. These fabrics were embroidered and knitted. The finished textiles
were used to make dress and fashion accessories. The fabrics were also used to make
cushion and sofa covers. The furniture industries used it as raw material. The fabrics
can also be used in other creative works. However, textile industries still plays a very
crucial role in overall business of India. The textile industry has gathered momentum
with advanced technique used in the sector. New techniques like tapestry, spinning,
patchwork, crochet and batik printing have become very popular these days. is the best Indian business directory of manufacturer &
suppliers and B2B directory.