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									                               What’s On In
                                 Kabul          Issue 13/2006       27 May 2006

                                 NEWS SECTION
                            WFP FACES FUNDING CRISIS
Food assistance to some 2.7 million vulnerable Afghans this winter, along with many other food
programs for the country, are now under threat, unless more than US $30 million in funds are
found soon, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) warned on Thursday. WFP aims to
pre-position 25,000 MT of food in remote areas of the country between August and October
before thousands of isolated and food-insecure communities are cut off by winter snows.

WFP is not just the agency's winter program that is under threat - WFP faces an overall shortfall
of 49,000 mt of food aid until the end of 2006 out of a total requirement of 106,000 mt for
Afghanistan. The UN food agency needs an additional $31 million to fund its activities for the rest
of the year, the agency claims.

From January to March 2006, WFP has assisted over 1.25 million Afghans with some 16,000 mt
of food aid. However, in the worst case scenario, the agency would have to suspend or severely
reduce rations for many of its other operations, such as feeding illiterate men and women while
they are being taught how to read and write, along with additional programs targeting widows,
war-affected children and tuberculosis patients.

"Major reductions in our operations will not only endanger the health of millions of Afghans, but
also the country's fragile recovery and many of the gains made over recent years," Banbury

Pakistan has reopened a once-popular bus service to Afghanistan after nearly 30 years. The route was
suspended because of the chaos and instability caused by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. A bus
carrying 22 passengers left the Peshawar in Pakistan on a 120km journey to Jalalabad in eastern

Pakistan's transport minister in the North West Frontier province said he hoped the bus service will
help to improve relations. Pakistan and Afghanistan have had tense relations since the overthrow of the
Taleban by US-led forces in 2001.

Kabul accuses Islamabad of doing little to prevent militants from crossing the border into Afghanistan
from Pakistan's frontier tribal region - a charge Pakistan denies. The bus service between Peshawar
and Jalalabad was suspended in 1979 after Russian forces invaded Afghanistan. The two countries
agreed to restart the service during a vist by President Hamid Karzai to Islamabad in March 2005.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                         1                               .
                     AND CABINET

The current Afghan counter-narcotics law, adopted in December 2005 by the President and Cabinet provides
for the implementation of a licensing system under which poppy could be cultivated for the production of opium-
based medicines such as morphine and codeine. (See Afghanistan’s Counter Narcotics Law, Chapter III)

                       UAE ETISALAT IN AFGHANISTAN
The UAE-based Etisalat has become the fourth cell-phone company to get license to start its services
in Afghanistan. This was announced by Minister for Communications Amirzai Sangin during a news
conference here on Thursday. Sangin was among members of the presidential entourage which
returned from a two-day visit to the UAE the other day.

The minister said the company would begin its operations in the country in the coming six months.
The company had paid $40.1 million to the government while it would invest $300 million in the
country in the next three years. He said the accord with Etisalat was inked during his recent visit to the
UAE with President Hamid Karzai. He said the license was issued to the company to create an
atmosphere of competition among cell-phone companies in the country. "It was a positive step that a
company, having a worldwide popularity, is investing in Afghanistan," he said.

Presently, two cell-phone companies are operative in Afghanistan in the names of Roshan and Afghan
Wireless Communication Company or AWCC. Another company Areeba had also got the license to
start function. The minister said Areeba Company would start functioning in Afghanistan within the
next two months. In the meantime, the government-owned Afghan Telecom is already providing
service to countrymen.

Russian metals giant Rusal said it has begun work on building a hydropower plant in Tajikistan
that will power a new aluminium plant and sell surplus energy on domestic and foreign markets,
the company said. Rusal said it in a statement that it has begun investment of 50 MLN USD at the
site of the power plant in Rogun, in the centre of this mountainous Central Asian country.

The hydropower plant is intended to power a massive aluminium plant that Rusal is to build in the
south of the country, close to the Afghan border. It is expected to produce energy not only for
Tajikistan, but also for sale to countries in the surrounding region, including Afghanistan and Iran.
Rusal is also restoring a second, Soviet-era plant near the western border with Uzbekistan.
The latter project has encountered objections from Uzbekistan on environmental grounds.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                             2                                 .
Gold’s Gym is one of the most popular spots for women in the western Afghan city of Herat. The
first female sports centre to open in this conservative city, it is spearheading a small revolution in
women’s leisure and fitness.

The facility, open for nearly two years, seems at odds with a country where, just five years ago
under the hard line Taliban regime, women were not allowed to work, study or even leave their
homes without an all-enveloping burqa gown and an accompanying male relative.

“First it was so difficult to convince my family to let me attend a bodybuilding club. But now they
are proud of me and understand that it’s my right,” Marzai grinned. The mushrooming of
women’s sports facilities in Herat is good news for the country’s fledgling Olympic movement.
“Now we have more than 700 women in eight bodybuilding clubs,” Ziaulhaq Zia, deputy head of
Herat’s Olympic sports department, said.

According to the department, two additional female clubs - for volleyball and basketball – opened
this year in the ancient city. There is also demand for hockey, football and baseball from Herat’s
women, according to Zia. “Sports facilities are a big step towards the improvement of women’s
rights in our country. Women should come out of their homes and take part in social activities,"
Sima Sher Mohammady, head of Herat province women’s affairs department, said.

                                    CULTURAL EVENTS
The French Cultural Center (CCFKA) and the Goethe-Institut Kabul in co-operation with the
Royan Artistic Center and Naqsh-Film are pleased to present a weekly series of short films from
Germany and Afghanistan. The Afghan film directors and film reviewers will also be present for a
post film discussion

This Week:
                                     1. Student by Edina Kontsek (German)
                            2. One Thursday Night in Tokyo by Jan Verbeek ( German )
                                 3. Moving by Zubair Farkhand( Afghanistan )

                             Thursday 25th of May 2006 at 4:00 p.m. in the CCFKA
              For more information please contact: 0799 304351 – 0799 125816 – 0799 313922 – 0799 321928

You are cordially invited to this event

Imamudeen Hamdard
Responsable Administratif et IT
Centre Culturel Francais de Kaboul
Telephone : +93.(0)79 304351

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                 3                                 .
                 Zardozi - Markets for Afghan Artisans
                                         is holding a sale at the

                               Grill Restaurant
          Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25th May, 11.00 am to 3.00 pm
                           Park Palace Guesthouse
                    Friday, 26th May, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
   Cool summer fashions and top quality, hand embroidered accessories, home
               furnishings and gift items for friends and family

Zardozi supports Afghan artisans to find markets for their handicrafts by
helping them to improve quality whilst preserving age old traditions. Zardozi
was formerly the DACAAR Sewing Centre which worked for more than 20
years with women in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan.

The Grill Restaurant is situated on the roundabout, Wazir Akbar Khan.
Park Palace Guesthouse is situated off Qalala Pushta Road, opposite the Dutch

For more information call: 075 202 3477 or e mail kjw@brain.net.pk

Visit our showrooms in Sector 2, Karte Parwan (opposite Moulavi Abdul
Mateen Mosque) to see our full range of products.

If you have left Afghanistan or do not wish to be informed of Zardozi events, then please e mail

                      NEW LOCATION AFGHAN GALARY
Dear friend/colleagues,

First of all thanks to all of you for you active participation during our one month spring discounted sale. It was a
success for Afghan Gallery with your support.

Now I want to inform you that very soon the Gallery will be shifted to a new location which will be circulated as
soon as we finalize the arrangements for the new location. The email (afghan_gallery@afghangallery.com.af
)and telephone numbers (+93 (0) 799712442 ) will stay the same. Those of you who have reserved handicrafts
or art works can collect their items from the present location till 20th May 06 otherwise collect them from the
new location after 20th May.

Once again thank you all for your visits and purchasing.

With best regards
Management of the Afghan Gallery
Mobile:       +93 (0) 799712442

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                                 KABUL UPDATE

                          Central Asian Job Agency has been newly established in Kabul. We already
have an office in Dushanbe Tajikistan for your convenience. CAJA quickly finds, recruits, and places
qualified personnel for your organization. We have a large and growing database of job seekers in
Kabul and Central Asia.CAJA is run by professional staff. For information please contact 070-066558,
EmWe can provide you a variety range of candidates like:

Administrators, Financial Officer, IT Officer, Secretaries, Project Manager, Sales Managers and many
other positions.
Floor Managers, Waiters, Receptions/Secretary, Bar Tender, Kitchen Help, Guest house Manager etc.

                            MTI GETS AFGHAN LICENCE
Dubai-based Modern Technology International has acquired a unified telecom licence to operate fixed,
data and mobile in the northern part of Afghanistan, according to Gulf News. Wasel Telecom, MTI's
local entity in Afghanistan, is expected to start commercial services by November 2006.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                        5                              .
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Don’t worry, we will do it! For most people, the transportation of their beloved pets can be a worrying
experience. Now you can have the assurance that you are dealing with experienced professionals who
have moved hundred of pets from Afghanistan, and provide the same care for your pet as you would
We move pets from Afghanistan to any part of world you desire and can also provide facilities for
temporary boarding and the provision of airline approved kennels. We are also available to assist in
the completion of documents; government quarantine and customs import/export documentation,
customs prior release formalities, and assistance with health/vaccination certificates.
Please feel free to contact:
POC: Fareed Qureshi, Ph: 0092-51-227 8836 & 0092-51-287 8836, Cell: 92-321-500 7414.
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Dear friends and valued customers,

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                               6                                  .
                                HEETAL HOTEL PLAZA
We are pleased to announce that Heetal Plaza Hotel is now United Nations Security approved and we
take this oppertunity to thank you for choosing us as your favorate Hotel and Restaurant. To appreciate
you and your business we would like to offer you a special discount of 20% on all Hotel transactions.
Kindly print this email or present the offer number 3456 to your server upon paying to benefit from
this special offer.

Hotel Heetal Plaza, End of str.14
Behind the Mosque, Wazir Akber Khan, Kabul
http://www.heetal.com, info@heetal.com, +93-799-159697

                  LOOKING FOR A FOUR-
ADOPT A FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND TODAY ---- We have healthy, vaccinated, friendly local
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males, and basic medical treatment for injuries or disease. We are also able to arrange spaying of
females. We can help arrange to ship your pet or rescued animal to the US or Europe. Visitors are
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                                       TRAVEL TIPS

Asia Express in Dushanbe are pleased to introduce to you - holiday packages to Central Asian states
(Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan). These Central Asian states are blessed with some of the most
beautiful, unaffected and pristine areas in the world. Central Asia has a lot to offer; vibrant plant life,
beautiful sunsets and sunrises, isolated mountains, glacial lakes and rivers, diverse cultures and
friendly people.

We are the only agency providing these travel arrangements to Central Asia in the shape of almost a
package to you. Here is short information over the details of our arrangements:
What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                            7                                .
     •    Provide diverse information about Central Asian states like country, people, culture, nature,
          tourist attraction, hotels, clubs, visa arrangements etc.
     •    Provide you with the invitation letter and assist in the process of obtaining visa to Central
          Asian States.
     •    Make reservation and flight booking between Kabul and Central Asian states.

     •    Provide you with a male/female personal assistant who will assist you also as a translator,
          tourist guide. Our translator/tourist guides speak foreign languages like English, French,
          German, Turkish, Chinese, and Spanish etc.
     •    Provide you the list of famous restaurants, clubs,bars, museums, monuments and other
          interesting attractions/places.
     •    Provide you with outdoor tours which include sking, hiking, mountain climbing, jeep trip to the
          mountains, trip to Pamir etc.
     •    Provide you with a 24 hour telephone stand-by services whereby you can make a call regarding
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     •    Finally, we can provide you with any service or comfort according to your wish.

Presently we can provide holiday packages to Tajikistan. And soon we will start with other countries
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possible to travel to Tajikistan over land from Kunduz. Please note that our holiday arrangements are
unique and interesting. We are the only agency offering this group of holiday packages. The main
office of Asia Express is in Dushanbe and we have representatives in Kabul who will facilitate
your plans. Please contact 070-066558 , 070-274858, Email: steven@ceretechs.com,

Your way around Afghanistan

Afghan Logistics & tours Pvt.Co.Ltd is proud of being the first government licensed
tour operator car rental & 24 hours mini cab services company in Afghanistan.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                             8                              .
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                                          Your way around Afghanistan

India’s premier national carrier completed one year of operations between Delhi and Kabul on Mar 31st 2006.
Indian Airlines had re-launched its Afghanistan operations after almost a decade.
Starting with two weekly flights on Mar 31 2005 Delhi – Kabul – Delhi which were extremely popular and
seeing the potential Indian Airlines decided to add one more weekly flight on Aug 23 2005 and subsequently a
fourth weekly frequency on Mar 27th 2006.

Indian Airlines offers connections to all major cities and towns within India and international connections to the
middle -east and far –east from India.

Indian Airlines is currently flying 4 times a week Delhi – Kabul – Delhi on every Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.

Aircraft Airbus 320

Flight Schedule

Delhi to Kabul         Departure : 0910 Arrival : 1010
Kabul to Delhi         Departure : 1140 Arrival : 1430

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Delhi to Kabul         Departure : 1110   Arrival : 1210
Kabul to Delhi         Departure : 1330   Arrival : 1620

For Enquiries and Reservations please

email us at : ial@anaartravels.com Or call 0799-308 303 / 0799 309 713 / 075 2023130

ANAAR TRAVELS www.anaartravels.com - ANNAR F.S. – GSA for Indian Airlines - Opp. Indian Embassy,
Interior Ministry Road, Kabul.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                  9                              .
                      RESTAURANTS & GUEST HOUSES

                            BAKU RESTAURANT IN KABUL
Please taste the real delicious AZARI food in Baku restaurant in Kabul. Azeri Restaurant Baku is
open every day from 11.00 to 22.00 o cloc. The Bar is open to midnight.
On fridays and saturdays,from 11.00 to 14.00.
Delivery and Take away services are also available.
You can enjoy, the meal in private rooms furnished in the best traditions of Azeri culture and under
beautiful Azeri music Mugham.

We offer to our guests the variety of starters, soup and Dolma, Kutab, Plov, Shashlik and many other
famous Azeri dishes. European and Asian dishes are also available in our restaurant.

Our address
Kabul,Wazir Akbarkhan,str 15 lane5.hous329
Phone0799083918,0799827313. Email: safarpu@yahoo.com

We are experienced restaurateurs and have two excellent facilities in UAE. Our facility here in Kabul
boasts a garden and bar, and a guesthouse with UN security guards. We have a variety of fresh food
and free delivery for every menu item. Our seafood is direct from Dubai daily. Our hours are from
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We are pleased to announce Heetal Heritage Hotel’s special spring discount. You are invited to come
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Extended stay package:
Enjoy 30% flat discount on rack rate and all the hotel services including Laundry, Room service,
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Flat 20% discount at Carlito’s and Wazir’s on your final bill. Offer is valid for limited time only. This
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Heetal Heritage Hotel; End of Str.14, Behind the old Mosque, Wazir Akber Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 0799-159-697, website: http://www.heetal.com

The hotel is located right under the slope of Wazir Akber Khan mountain. For more information and
directions kindly contact us at:
About the Hotel:We have three types of accommodation in house; Standard, Executive and Tower Suites.
Furnishings and amenities are all excellent. Our Tower Suites are our most spacious accommodations and
laid out in a duplex style. Each setting has a small private office as well as a living room and bedroom.
What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                          10                               .
Executive rooms also have a small studio and provide a comfortable and serene environment for those
discerning guests who like to work after their routine office work, or just simply relax. All of our rooms
boast ample accommodation for your plans whether they be relaxation, business or special events.

'Wazir's', is possibly one of the best fine dining restaurants in town and provides multi-culturalcuisine.
The restaurant is modern in seating but acquiescently traditional – a fusion of sorts between Afghan and
Mediterranean styles. 'Carlitos' serves the best of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines.

The hotel also houses a Gymnasium for those fitness conscious guests and is free of charge for their
use at any time of during their stay with us. We also have car rental services, a complementary wide
choice movie collection, courier partnered arrangements, personalized security arrangement on
request, helicopter charters and pick up and drop- off at the Airport.

                                 SHISHA RESTAURANT
Shisha Restaurant is newly opened in heart of Kabul city. We an international cuisine which is
included Italian, Mexican, Seafood, Afghani food, Steaks, Burger/Sandwiches etc. We have a free
home delivery system. Our opening hours are from 8:00 am to 11:30 p.m and we are located in madina
bazaar Qala-e-fateullah. Please contact us via phone: 070-691465, 0799-725793

Springfield restaurant and sports bar welcomes to enjoy our spring/summer menu. We have newly
added a sports bar which is separate from the Guest house. We have facility to cater for 100 person at
any time plus 50 person in our sports bar. We are open 7 days a week. Please don’t forget.
Saturday BBQ day and Monday quiz night prizes to be won!

Springfield guesthouse and restaurant is UN approved and has a secure environment for parking.
We are located Str.15, 3rd turn left house no.181, Phone: 0799-001520, 0799-150044

Our new Spring/Summer menu is now available! Kabul’s best burger and fries, grilled sandwiches,
Fresh juices, frappuccino & cappuccino coffees Take Away, Lunch Delivery & Catering available
Open daily 8am to 5pm. Our popular brunch is from 9am to 3pm on Fridays & Saturdays
“One of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted” – The Prime Minister of India,
Dr. Manmohan Singh. Kabul, August 29th, 2005

House #57, Street 7, Qala-e-Fatullah (between Taimani and Qala-e-Fatullah roads)
flowerstreetcatering@hotmail.com , Tel: 070-29-3124 and 0799-35-6319

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                  11                      .
                                 Street # 6 Qalle Fatullah
Sip exquisitely prepared espresso drinks, hot chocolate, and freshly baked pastries, or select from our
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Coming soon, wireless Internet, current magazines and newspapers, and music, music, music. Let us
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                            Enjoy a unique taste of Frenchness… and more
The French Restaurant is open every day, except Sunday, from 10:30am to 10pm (and the bar to
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L’Atmosphère, Tai Mani street 4 (between Tai Mani and Qalah-e Fatullah) Contacts : 0799 30 02 64
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booking, delivery service, menus and galleries of pictures)

                             BAKHTAR II GUEST HOUSE
Please taste the real Afghan hospitality with the in the Bakhtar guesthouse. We have comfortable
rooms with TV, DVD player, Satellite, internet connection, fridge and a nice garden. We also have
breakfast and lunch services in the guest house. Our staff speak foreign languages and are well trained
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What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                           14                              .
                                  JOB SECTION
                                    OFFERING A JOB


                          Central Asian Job Agency has been newly established in Kabul. We already
have an office in Dushanbe Tajikistan for your convenience. CAJA quickly finds, recruits, and places
qualified personnel for your organization. We have a large and growing database of job seekers in
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Administrators, Financial Officer, IT Officer, Secretaries, Project Manager, Sales Managers and many
other positions.
Floor Managers, Waiters, Receptions/Secretary, Bar Tender, Kitchen Help, Guest house Manager etc.

                                     SAMSUNG KABUL
                            Engineer/Technician for air conditioner

If you are willing to work for an International brand and have sufficient experience of Air conditioner
installation, Maintenance and repairs.
Thorough Knowledge of Afghanistan Market, Have leadership qualities, and ability to lead and work
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Please write with confidence to zia787@hotmail.com or contact Mr. Naseer Salman
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                        DEUTSCHE PRESSE-AGENTUR (DPA)
DPA is looking for a new Afghanistan correspondent. The person in charge has to be of afghan origin and will
have to cover news of international relevance from Afghanistan on his own. That implies long and sometimes
odd working hours, but also a salary matching international standards.

The Afghanistan correspondent needs to be fluent in written and spoken English. He should have several years
of experience in print journalism and ideally should have held a position of responsibility with a news agency.
He has to be based in Kabul and has to assist the south Asia correspondent based in Delhi during his stays in

DPA is one of the world’s leading international news agencies supplying news on a global basis and entirely
from its own sources. For more information on the company please visit

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                             15                                .
If you are interested in applying for the job, please do so by e-mail only. Please send your application including
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or merey@dpa.com

                                       HOME ESSENTIALS
Home Essentials is a global furniture company that is based out of Dallas and is head Quartered in
Hong Kong. We also have operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Muscat, Doha, Tripoli, Sudan,
Madrid, Barcelona and Iraq. Here in Afghanistan our clients are the Embassies, NGOs, UN,
Ministries, and Military Camps etc.

Home Essentials is looking for a Assistant Country Manager for Afghanistan office located in Kabul.
He/She would be responsible for looking after the entire operations starting from Managing &
Training staff, driving sales & Revenue, ensuring profitability of the location etc. The knowledge of
the local market is vital part of the job.

Preference will be given to an Afghan Expatriate or any foreign National who has excellent sales
skills. Knowledge of excellent English is very important. Local knowledge is vital.

The candidate will be offered a contract with a probation period of three months. Salary would be
anything from 2000-3000 USD $ + option on profit sharing.
For more information please contact:
Navdeep Vijan
MD - Home Essentials, Kabul, Afghanistan
+93 (0) 799 47 97 84 Mobile
+93 (0) 799 82 98 98 Office

                                    TFI INTERNATIONAL
TFI-International is looking for the specialists listed below for working on construction projects within
Afghanistan. TFI is in an international construction company operating in Central Asian countries, mainly in

     -    Health and Safety engineer
     -    Project managers
     -    Inventory manager
     -    Quality control engineer
     -    Accountant
     -    Security Manager (English is must Turkish, Tajik is preferable, 2 years experience min)
Business Development specialist in Afghanistan
    • English is must
    • Experience in writing proposals, market analysis, market research
Place of work – Afghanistan

Health and Safety engineer
    • Strong experience in H&S field and construction
Place of work – Afghanistan

   - Perfect English
   - Strong experience in a certain field
What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                               16                                 .
     -    Perfect computer skills
     -    Analytical thinking, solving problems skills
     -    Ability to live and work in Afghanistan no less than one year

Send CV at alina.vorobyova@tfi-intl.com or hrdirector@tfi-intl.com
Learn more about us at www.tfi-intl.com

                                         HEETAL PLAZA
"Heetal Plaza Hotel in Wazir Akber khan Kabul Afghanistan is looking to hire an expatriate living in
Kabul who wants to explore opportunities in the Hotel industry. The candidate must know the market
in Kabul and the expatriate community. Background as a manager is a must. He or she must be fluent
in English and computer literate with experience in the hotel and restaurant industry as a bonus.
Candidates who are interested are kindly asked to send their CV to info@heetal.com or Call at 0799-
32-13-89 after April 25th to fix an appointment.

Heetal Plaza Hotel in Wazir Akber Khan,Kabul Afghanistan requires a Personal assistant (Secretary).
Candidates who wish to apply for this position are requested to send their cv to info@heetal.com or
call 0799-32-1389 after April 25th to fix an appointment. Must be fluent in English and computer
literate must have a pleasant and professional personality to deal with a mostly expatriate clientele.

                            ISAF - CIVILIAN JOB VACANCIES
HQ ISAF Civilian Personnel Officer (CPO)
HQ ISAF Deputy Civilian Personnel Officer (DCPO)
Telephone Commercial Mobile
(Afghan Wireless Communication Center - AWCC)
Calls from out of country: +93 7995 12235
Calls from within Afghanistan: 07995 12235
Application Form
Applications must be made using official ISAF Application Form (available on the web site) and returned to the
e-mail: vacancies@isaf-hq.nato.int . Please do not attach any diplomas or certificates unless specifically
requested so. There is no need to send your application by post to JFC Brunssum.


The civilian personnel staff will NOT meet "walk-in" applicants any longer.

1. International Civilian Hires (ICC):

These positions are only for civilians who are citizens of any nation which can provide NATO recognized
security clearance with the exception of host nation citizens.
Assistant CPO                                  (Deadline 30 May 2006)

Senior Assistant (Recruitment)                 (Deadline 30 May 2006)

Recruitment Administrator                      (Deadline 30 May 2006)

Chief Supply OPS and Property Accounting
                                               (Deadline 20 May 2006)

Fire Chief                                     (Deadline 30 June 2006)

Deputy Fire Chief                              (Deadline 30 June 2006)

Shift Leader Fire Brigade
                                               (Deadline 30 June 2006)
(2 positions)

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                              17                               .
Deputy Leader Fire Brigade
                                              (Deadline 30 June 2006)
(2 positions)

Here is the ISAF International Civilian Consultant Pay Scale
Benefit package includes:
-    Installation allowance equal to one-month salary (50% to be reimbursed not completing three years of
-    Accommodation in the Camp, free of charge
-    Meals of good/reasonable quality at nominal prices
-    Laundry at nominal charge
-    Two days of annual leave per month worked
-    Start of Tour & End of Tour paid transportation
-    5 + 2 days "Leave from Theatre" plus reimbursement of ticket up to € 1000 for every 6 months spent in
     the Theatre
-    Medical Insurance from Breda International, small fee charged

                                LOOKING FOR A JOB:
                                            Molly Howitt
                               21 Harold Terrace, Newton, MA 02465
                              646 223 0766, mollyhowitt@hotmail.com

EDUCATION                       Center for Creative Teaching
                                Bennington College, Bennington, VT
                                Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T), 2001
                                Bennington College, Bennington, VT
                                Bachelor of Arts graduate, 2000

LANGUAGES                       American Sign Language: Fluency

AWARDS/GRANTS                   Bennington College New Teachers’ Fellowship
                                Partners In Education Grant


Teacher, The Learning Center for Deaf Children,                                           Framingham, MA
Fall 2005-Current
Developed and taught original curricula in all academic subjects accommodated for Deaf students using up to
date media technology, visual stimuli and hands on, experiential educational techniques; promoted English
literacy, critical reading and writing skills using original curriculum designed for English as a Second Language

Adjunct Faculty Member, La Guardia Community College,                                Long Island City, NY
Fall 2003- 2005
Devoloped and taught courses in Communication Skills department designed for international English as a
Second Language Learners which included: Personal Essay Writing, a course designed for international
students focusing on the development of critical writing skills in expressive, persuasive, and detailed essay
writing; Reading Comprehension Skills, a course designed to facilitate international students’s reading skills to
prepare them for critical reading of college level texts; CXS 200 and CXS 099, courses designed to help prepare
students for the reading and writing portions of the CUNY Proficiency Exams. Mentored and evaluated

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                              18                                 .
specific students, developed multi-media based curriculum materials designed to foster students’ proficiency in
utilizing up-to-date technology.

Program Director/Director of Fund Raising, Deaf+ Experiential Education Program, Windsor Mountain
Windsor, NH
2002-Current (Summers)
Designed, established, and directed a completely integrated non-profit experiential educational summer program
for children ages 9-14. Expanded, promoted, and facilitated the 2003, 2004 seasons; hired and trained qualified
staff; raised the full annual program cost of $40,000; interviewed and selected scholarship recipients.

Teacher, First Grade, Home Schooling                                                    New York, NY
2003-2004 School Year
Designed and implemented an Individualized Educational Plan for a six year old. Designed, developed and
taught full first grade curriculum in compliance with New York State requirements for reading/writing, math,
science, social studies, and art.

Tutor/Mentor for International Graduate School Students                                    New York, NY
2003 – 2005
Provided academic support, tutoring, and mentorship for international college and graduate schools students
studying in the US. Taught study skills and critical reading and writing skills, helped students develop their
work to meet the high standards of their university and graduate programs. Provided feedback and editing

Teacher, Fifth Grade, New Mexico School for the Deaf,                                  Santa Fe, NM
2002 – 2003 School Year
Developed and taught original curricula in all academic subjects accommodated for Deaf children using visual
stimuli and hands on, experiential techniques; promoted English and ASL literacy through in depth art
instruction, using color and texture to help students access their

                            PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATOR
Professional translator with year of experience can help you with all your oral and written translation
Jobs. Besides working with international organizations I have also long standing experience in
working with journalists and news agencies We can also facilitate your meetings with the government
authorities, local institutions, international organization etc. for more info please contact 070-066558

Handyman can install your digital satellite receiver, cable TV and some other small electric work at
your home. For more info please contact 070-218558

                             FAZEL AHMAD BEAUTY SALON
                                     (For men)
Fazel Ahmad beauty saloon for men with a long standing experience provide you all beauty services.
The opening time is from 8 to 18:00 6 days a week. Our address is Charahi Haji Yaqob and for further
information please contact 020-2202490.

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                            Selling - Buying – Renting
       Please note that “What’s on” team can change style of your text and remove big pictures if it will be necessary
    Dear subscribers please do not forget to ask us to remove your advertisement if succeeded.

                            EXPAT ACCOMODATION AVAILABLE
Modern house apartment located most central part of the city is available for an expatriate in Kabul.
The house apartment has five furnished rooms and is equipped with all modern facilities. It is in secure
part of the city and meets most of the security requirements of the international organizations. It is
most perfect for a person who wants to share the house as one expatriate is already living there. The
rent is reasonable and can be discussed upon showing interest. If like to have more information or
want to see the house apartment please write an email to steven@ceretechs.com

                                                IRIN RADIO
IRIN Radio is looking for a new office. We have an office down at the UN Jalalabad Rd compound,
but we're very keen to move into the city. We're small and so rather than renting a property by
ourselves, we're interested in any chance to co-locate with another NGO/agency that has more room
than it needs. We're looking for three rooms, one of which could be converted to a radio production

IRIN's principal role is to provide news and analysis for the humanitarian community and it operates
in Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. IRIN is part of the UN Office for the Coordination of
Humanitarian Affairs, but it has editorial independence and its reports do not necessarily reflect the
views of the United Nations or its various agencies. IRIN's Afghanistan Radio Project provides
humanitarian reporting training and produces humanitarian-themed radio programs. I’m wondering if
you know of organizations that we could approach. The catch is that we need to be MOSS compliant.
If a compound is nearly MOSS compliant we may be able to provide some funds to get it over the line
- if that's something the organisation is interested in. If you have any leads, we’d be very happy to
hear from you. Michael Dwyer, Phone: 0799026781, michael.dwyer@irinnews.org

                                               CAR FOR RENT
A SUV Toyota Surf in perfect condition is to rent to reasonable price. The vehicle can be rented with
or without a driver. The driver we provide with the car is realiable and familiar with the location of
most of the international organization in Kabul. For further information please contact 0799-553096

                                              ADOPT KITTENS
"Two sweet kittens available (born beginning of April)per end of May. Contact Maria Hager
070 255 602, m.hager@gmx.ch".
Does anybody know of a reliable veterinary clinig for vaccinating and neutering cats?" M. Hager
070 255 602, m.hager@gmx.ch

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                                   WHAT’S ON DIRECTORY

ASSA Guest House 0799-555666                                Park Residence Guest House
0799-666555. info@assa.com.af                               EURO Guest House 070-197220/0799342705
Chicken Street G.H 070-211911                               HEETAL G. House 0799-167824/0799159697
0799-354090, spsndat@mail.com                               Ajmal Wali G.House, 070-277657, 0799335934
Rose Garden Palace Hotel, 0799-013055                       Star Inn Guest House, 0799-558787, 0799003333
070-70271107, Email: carwan_sarai@yahoo.com                 OTTAWA Resorts, 0799-321401, 070203412
Mustafa Hotel 070-276021,Mustafa_hotel@yahoo.com            Le Monde Guest House 0799-614872/070-280751
B’Place Guest House 070-276416, 070276711

ATM Machines
AIB, Afghanistan International Bank
AIB House, 1608, Behind Amani High School, Wazir Akbar Khan, Openings time, Sun-Thu:9:00-17:00, Sat: 9:00-13:00
Intercontinental Hotel, 1 ATM, 24 hours open. Currency US dollars
Kabul International Airport, 1 ATM, 24 hours open, currency US dollars
Kabul City Center, 1 ATM, 24 hours open, currency US dollars
Bagram Military Base, 1 ATM, 24 hours open, currency US dollars
ISAF HQ military Base, 1 ATM, 24 hours, currency US dollars and EURO
KAIA Military Base, 1 ATM, 24 hours, currency US dollars and EURO

Standard & Chartered bank
Str.10 Wazir Akbar Khan near Pakistan Embassy
Opening time: Official days 9:00 to 18:00

Dancing & Instrumental Lessons

Disco Clubs



Get fit with the Tae kwondo world champion!                 Dutch basketball fanatic is looking for pick up
                                                            games. If anybody is looking for an extra
Tennis                                                      pointguard/forward please let me know where
                                                            and when to meet you to play some ball.
Volley ball                                                 Contact ard at aheijboer@hi.nl or 0799-654551
I am looking for opportunity to play volleyball in          Badminton
Kabul. Please contact Sandra at 0799-216-793.


    What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                          21                               .
                                                         Restaurants in Kabul
                                                          English Menu And/Or          Opening
   №        NAME                   Cuisine                                                             ADDRESS                   PHONE         Orders/Home
                                                          English Speaking Staff       Hours
            L’ATMOSPHERE                                                                                                         0799-300264
      1.                           French                 French & English menu        10:00 -22:00    Str.4, Qala-e- fatullah                 Phone orders
            Restaurant                                                                                                           070-224982
            DEHLI DARBAR                                  English menu                                 Moslim Str, near          0799-324899
      2.                           Indian                                              10.00 – 22.00                                           Phone orders
            Restaurant                                    English speaking staff                       Assa Guest House          0799-833238
            POPOLANO                                                                                   Charahi Ansari            070-288116
      3.                           French                 English menu                 09.00 – 22.00                                           Phone orders
            Restaurant                                                                                 Kabul
            LAI THAI Restaurant                           English menu                                 Str15 Wazir Ak Khan       070-297557
      4.                           Thai                                                11.00 –21.00                                            No
                                                          English speaking staff                       House No.124              070-278640
            B’S PLACE                                                                                  Str.2, Qala-e- fatullah   070-276416
      5.                            Italian, Mexican      English menu                 11.00 – 23.00                                           Phone order
            Restaurant(Guest.House)                                                                    House No.3                070-276711
            ELBOWROOM                                                                                                            0799-352538
      6.                            Continental/Europe    English menu                 10.30 – 22.00   MOFA street                             No
            Restaurant/Bar                                                                                                       070-254432
            VILA VELEBITA                                                                              Str 10 Wazir Ak
      7.    Restaurant/Bar          European              English menu                 10.00 – 22.00   khan                      0799-160368   No

          ISTANBUL                                                                                     Macroian2, Matba          070-200116
      8.                           Turkish                English menu                 08.00 – 21.00                                           Phone orders
          Restaurant                                                                                   block 104                 0799-356282
      9.                           European               English menu                 10.00 – 22.00   1st Qala-e-Fateullah      0799-473763   No
          GOLDEN KEY                                                                                 Str.13, Wazir Akbar         0799-002800
      10.                          Chinese                English menu                 10.00 – 21.00                                           No
          SEA FOOD RES                                                                               Khan Kabul                  0799-016591
          KULBA AFGHAN                                                                               Shar-e-now, Esmat           0799452151
      11.                          Afghan, Italian        English menu                 10:00 – 21.00                                           No
                                                                                                     Moslim Str. 3rd floor       070034979
            SHAR-E-NOW                                                                                Shar-e-now,                0799-300797
      12.                          Fast Food              English menu                 09.00 – 21.00                                           Phone order
            BURGER                                                                                   opoosite park               070-255788
                                                                                                     13 Str.Wazir Akbar          0799-317979   Phone orders/
      13. EVEREST PIZZA            Fast Food              English menu                 09.00 – 21.00
                                                                                                     Khan, Kabul                 070-263636    home delivery
          SAMARQAND                                                                                  Qala Musa, near             0799-234646
      14.                          International          English menu                 10:00 - 22:00                                           No
          Restaurant/Bar                                                                             Panalpina                   0799-118460
      15. CARLITOS                 Mexican                English Menu                               Str 15 Wazir Ak             0799-159697   No
What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                                   22     .
            Restaurant/Bar                                                            10:00 - 22:00   Khan                     0799-167824
            KABUL INN                                                                                 Qala-Fateullah, near     0799-359355
      16.                         International                                       10:00-22:00                                            No
            Guest H/Restaurant                            English Menu                                Zarghoona school         020-2201407
            RED HOT SIZZLIN                                                                           Old macrorian, ARC
      17.                         International           English Menu                11:00-21:00
            Restaurant                                                                                Yuksel Camp
            TAVERNE DU            Middle Eastern                                                      Str 10 Wazir Akbar
      18.                                                 English Menu                11:00-22:00                                            Yes
            LIBAN                                                                                     Khan
            FLOWER STREET                                                                             House No.57, Str#7       070293124 Yes, Phone
      19.                         California Cuisine      English Menu                8:00 -17:00
            CAFÉ, Restaurant                                                                          Qala-e-Fatullah          0799356319 order delivery
            SHANDIZ Restaurant                                                        10:00 – 21:00                            0799-342928
      20.                         International           English Menu                                Wazir Akbar Khan         070-284026
          Deutscher Hof Kabul                                                                         Kalai Fattulah, Street
      21.                         German                  German/ English Menu        11:00 – 23:30                            0799-322582   No
          Restaurant& G.House                                                                         3, House 60
          BAKU Azerbaijani                                                                            Street 15, Lane 5,       0799-083918
      22.                         Azerbaijani             English Menu                11:00- 22:00                             0799-827313
          Restaurant                                                                                  House, 329 WAK
                                  International (Buffet   English menu and                            Kabul Serena Hotel,      0799-654000
      23.                                                                             06.30 -22.00                             ext. 4553
            CAFÉ ZARNEGAR         and a la carte)         Speaking staff                              Froshgah Street
                                  South East Asian (set   English menu and                            Kabul Serena Hotel,      0799-654000
      24.                                                                             18.00 -22.00                                           Yes
          SILK ROUTE              menu available)         Speaking staff                              Froshgah Street          ext. 4554
          SERENA PASTRY           Freshly baked           English menu and                            Kabul Serena Hotel,      0799-654000
      25.                                                                             07.00 -20.00                                           Yes
          SHOP                    pastries and bread      Speaking staff                              Froshgah Street          ext. 4560
          ANAR Restaurant                                 English menu and
      26.                         Indian- Chinse                                      11:00-22:00     Str14, Lane 3 WAK        0799-567291   No
                                                          speaking staff
            TAVERNE DU                                    English menu and
      27.                         International                                       11:00-22:00     Str14, Lane 3 WAK        070-210651    No
            LIBAN                                         speaking staff
            KOREAN Restaurant                             English menu and                            Str.2, house No.120,     0799 199509
      28.                         Korean                                              11:00-21:00                              0799 007546
                                                          speaking staff                              Karte-She, Kabul
            SUFI Restaurant                               English menu and                            Aryoob Cinema, 2nd
      29.                         International                                       11:00-22:00                                            No
                                                          speaking staff                              part of Karte Parwan
            Shamiana Restaurant                           English menu and
      30.                         Multi Cuisine                                       7:00-23:00      Kabul City Center        020-2203131   No
                                                          speaking staff

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                                    23   .

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