Effects of Significant Planetary Horoscope Periods in Your Life by hkksew3563rd


									The terms Dasha or Mahadasha are often mentioned in Indian astrology. Oftentimes,
these terms result to fear that there must be something wrong that is about to happen
in one’s life. However, astrological experts say that dasha or mahadasha may not
always be bad. It’s effects will largely depend on the effects of the other planets and
other factors as well.
  What is dasha? Basically, it shows of a particular planet that is ruling in a particular
time. Ketu ki Mahadasha is the ruling period of South Node of the Moon. This period
lasts for seven years and during these times, a person is only bestowed with the things
that s/he needs. It is suggested that a person lives in restraint during this period. It is
also possible that some of the things that are not crucial may be taken away from you.
These only suggest that dashas are not only accompanied with sorrow. However, one
has to be prepared for the possible lost of success that one has already achieved
towards the end of this period.
  It is also suggested that a person who possesses a strong Ketu will feel energetic,
spiritual, liberated, and compassionate. These are the usual positive effects that are
usually related to a person of strong Ketu. However, a weak Ketu is in jeopardy of
suffering some health complications relating to the nervous system. These people
might want to be extra cautious regarding situations that might expose them to some
nervous system hazard. It was also mentioned that people with weak Ketu may be
prone to some injuries and minor accidents. There is also the possibility of becoming
mentally unruly.
  Shukra Ki Mahadasha is said to be the ruling period of the planet Venus. This period
takes a longer time than the Ketu ki Mahadasha for it stretches for as long as 20 years.
The planet which is positioned well in one’s horoscope suggests children, luxury,
wealth, and marriage within its period of rule. Opposite results are expected when the
planet is not positioned well in one’s horoscope. This might mean that the person
might experience the opposite of the mentioned things. When the foreseen situations
arise, it might help if the person is friendly and courteous towards others. Regarding
health, an unfavorably placed Venus may cause health problems that have to do with
the kidney, blood, sexual organs, and others. Thus, these people should be more
watchful of their health and put it into top priority during this period.
  With these understanding in mind, one does not need to always fear these words
when they hear them every time they ask for astrological consultations. The effects,
be it positive or negative, are largely dependent on the favorable or unfavorable
positions of the main planets involve.
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