US senators seek to block Huawei selling kit to Sprint Nextel

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					US senators seek to block Huawei
    selling kit to Sprint Nextel                           Page 25

Abu Dhabi-backed mobile
operator Warid
is making a play for Pakistan’s
high-end customers
Interview with Muneer Farooqui, CEO
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Double squeeze of incumbents -
forced to partner?
 Europe is lagging behind in FTTB/H deployment   Page 11
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                                              In this issue
 Research & Analyses
 11       FTTH: Double squeeze of incumbents -
          forced to partner?
          Latest Research Report by Arthur D. Little
          Dr. Karim Taga, Christian Niegel, Andrea Faggiano

 21       Pakistan Telecommunications Industry -
          Growth and Challenges
          Aamir Malik

 39       China Mobile reading the future
          Yang Xin

 48       IT security employees likely to disclose
          sensitive information on social network

 52       Computers: Will They Ever Learn
          Lee Gomes

 53       South Korea
          National broadband is on the way -
          Chen Feng & Xu Hong

                                                                  Mobinil: from mobile in every hand
 58       Spy Phone
          Reality Mobile turns your handset
          into networked snoop gear
                                                                  to Internet in every hand
                                                                  Interview with Hassan Kabbani, CEO - Mobinil

             Teradata Pakistan issues                                    TRA Partners with Microsoft
     43      calls for entries in National IT Excellence Awards
                                                                  32     to boost UAE’s Cyber Security Initiative

04                                                                                                    15Aug - 14Sep 2010
                                 In this issue

  23     PTA contributes
         Rs. 200million for flood affectees

Reports & News                                                  49

19      CTO Forum seeks to promote
        national growth broadband deployment,
        adoption and usage
                                                                WARID RISING
                                                                Abu Dhabi-backed mobile operator Warid Pakistan
                                                                is making a play for Pakistan’s high-end customers.
25      Huawei loses wireless packet
        core market share to Ericsson and NSN
                                                                Interview with Muneer Farooqui, CEO

26      GITEX Technology Week
        Middle East ‘Twice as likely’
        to buy 3D TV as rest of the world

29      UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar lead
        the Arab World in the penetration of telecom services

31      Samatel launches mobile service in Oman
        ‘Asma Maqbool Ahmed

34      Etisalat partners with Mobiqa
        to offer mobile ticketing service in the UAE

35      USF becomes non-functional-no new
        projects, no salaries for employees for months!

37      Du and Injazat partnership promises a new
        era of innovation to Managed Networked IT services

46      Dell sponsors Pakistan’s
        first ever Blog awards

56      Synchronica launches messaging toolkit
        for MediaTek device manufacturers
        Lindsey Lee
                                                                          Future lies in
                                                                          “smart networks for smart devices”
                                                                          Rajeev Suri, CEO - NSN

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Latest Research Report by                                                                                                               Authors:
                                                                                                                                 Dr. Karim Taga
                                                                                                                                Christian Niegel
                                                                                                                               Andrea Faggiano
Double Squeeze of Incumbents
– Forced to Partner?
Europe is lagging behind in FTTB/H deployment
C    onsumers are continually
     exceeding expectations of
ultra high-speed broadband
                                    lead in rolling out FTTB/H
                                    networks in Europe, squeezing
                                    incumbents' broadband market
                                                                            an d v i deo, the g row ing
                                                                            popularity of peer-to-peer
                                                                            applications and an increase in
                                                                                                                ! The expected explosion of
                                                                                                                   mobile data traffic further
                                                                                                                   drives the demand for fixed
demand. New platforms push          shares in their footprint.              WiFi traffic to personal devices       broadband connectivity. We
ultra high-speed broadband          Alternative operators and               are factors contributing to an         expect that mobile data
services, and price them            utilities have split the value          increase in demand for ultra           traffic will increase by a
aggressively to ensure uptake.      chain, as well as the financial         high-speed broadband                   factor of 30 - 40 from 2009
Demand for High Definition TV       investments, by forming                 Whenever network improve-              to 2015 – and up to a third of
and vi de o, the growing            innovative partnerships. A              ments enable higher speeds,            this mobile data explosion
popularity of peer-to-peer          staggering 65 percent of all            market players ask whether             c a n b e of f l oa d e d v i a
applications and an increase in     households with access to               there will be demand for it.           Femtocells or WiFi hotspots.
WiFi traffic to personal devices    FTTB/H networks in Europe, are          Consumers are regularily               These are, in turn, linked to
are factors contributing to an      accessed by networks deployed           exceeding expectations, taking         broadband connections
increase in demand for ultra        by utilities (22 percent),              up high speeds faster than          ! Governments encouraging
high-speed broadband.               alternative network operators           expected. New platforms push           the uptake of eHealth
Cable operators are already         (40 percent) or housing                 ultra high-speed broadband             (remote, diagnostic),
addressing this demand and are      associations (3 percent).               services, and price them               eEducation (remote presence
able to offer 50 to 100 Mbps        Incumbent telecom operators             aggressively to ensure uptake.         - streaming) and
broadband services at very          have to react now to the double-        Apart from pricing, several            eGovernment services
competitive prices. They are        squeeze from cable operators            factors drive the demand for        Market players who offer ultra
thus acquiring a very high share    and from the FTTB/H deploy-             high speed broadband:               high-speed services will acquire
of broadband net additions,         ments by utilities and alterna-         ! Increasing demand for             the most attractive clients: early
many of which adopt 50 Mbps         tive operators. If they do not             servi ces such as High           adopters, typically relatively
broadband services. Arthur D.       act, they risk an erosion of their         Definition and 3D TV which       young and affluent, who live in
Little projects that around 25      core business.                             are watched in several rooms     mid-size to large cities. Once
percent of Western European         This paper should be a wake up             in the household in parallel.    these consumers adopt ultra
cable operators' broadband          call to EU governments and                 Super High Definition will       high-speed broadband services,
subscribers will use broadband      regulators. For ten years,                 eventually become a mass         they get hooked and tend to
services with speeds of 50 Mbps     discussions about how to                   market standard, requiring       stay with their broadband
or higher by 2012.                  regulate NGA (Next Generation              even 160 Mbps connectivity       provider.
In Asia, the United States and      Access) have been on-going.             ! Adoption of peer-to-peer          Europe is Lagging Behind in
also in the Middle East,            M ea n w h i l e , t h e c u r re n t      applications to exchange         FTTB/H Deployment
governments and regulators          regulatory policy is failing.              music and video files, to play   As long as European govern-
have actively supp orte d           Governments and regulators                 online games, which              ments and regulators do not
operators by co-financing fibre     need to support FTTB/H                     increasingly require not only    improve the FTTB/H framework
rollouts or protecting operators'   investments now. Otherwise,                high downlink speeds, but        by protecting investments or by
investments. Most EU countries      the fibre gap between Europe               also high uplink connectivity    providing direct funding,
are now lagging up to seven         and the United States, Asia and         ! The increasing variety of WiFi    incumbent operators will not
years behind, primarily because     now the Middle East will further           connected devi ces in            invest into any significant
governments did not fund            widen, and Europe's strategic              consumers' homes, such as        FTTB/H deployment. Providing
FTTB/H deployment, and EU           and economic competitiveness               iPads, notebook computers,       access to alternative operators
regulators did not actively         will be affected.                          televisions and BluRay           may actually slow down the
encourage incumbents to invest      Customers’ Demand for High-                players, gaming consoles and     FTTB/H deployment
into fibre.                         Speed Broadband Exceeds                    smart phones, will massively
Utiliti es and alternative                                                                                      In Asia, the United States and
                                    Expectations                               contribute to the demand for     also in the Middle East, govern-
operators have taken a strong       Demand for High Definition TV              bandwidth

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                 11
     ments and regulators have             Most EU countries are now              infrastructure                    provided low interest loans
     actively supported operators by       lagging up to seven years behind > establish a fund to
                                                                                   They can                         for private invest-ments in
     co-financing fibre rollouts or        Asia, the US and the Middle            provide financing to selected     next generation broadband
     protecting operators’ invest-         East in fibre deployment.              FTTB/H roll out efforts. For      deployment, and let the
     ments. The governments have           Primarily, this is because             example, France has set-up a      operators lead the way. In
     provided subsidies when the           governments did not fund               broadband fund called the         Japan, similar incentives (tax
     fibre operators adapt an Open         FTTB/H deployment, and EU              “DSP Program”, which runs a       incentives, 0% loans) were
     Access model, if fibre deploy-        regulators did not actively            set of tenders to finance         provided to local self-
     ment takes place in less-             encourage incumbents to invest         Public Private Partnership        governing bodies to establish
     economic regions or in regions in     into fibre. Regulators require         (PPP) models to support           the broadband networks
     which cable operators are so          incumbents to provide Open             ultra high-speed broadband        offering Open Access to
     strong that the regulators can        Access to third parties on any         network rollouts in rural         service providers
     exempt incumbents from the            deployed fibre infrastructure.         areas, including the region Contrary to common belief,
     obligation to provide Open            Incumbents can hence not offer         around Paris. The DSP r e g u l at o r s c a n a c t u a l l y
     Access to their F T T B/H             ultra high-speed broadband             program selects the company increased investments and
     networks.                             services on their fibre networks       that provides the most infrastructure competition by
     Singapore, Australia and New          exclusively. Logically, a business     compelling bid, including a p r o t e c t i n g t h e F T T B / H
     Zealand, for example, have            case in which the incumbent has        sound business case and high investments of incumbents
     provided subsidies in the range       to bear all the FTTB/H invest-         fibre coverage commitments, instead of forcing them to
     of US$150 to 200 per household        ments and hence the business           in a reverse auction process provide Open Access to third
     passed. In mid-2009, FTTB/H           risk on the one side while it has      and then provides funds to parties. Not having to provide
     networks were available in 44         to share the success in the end-       the winning concept. The UK third-party access has encour-
     percent of households in South        user market with Third Parties         Government's Digital Britain age d Portugal Tele com's
     Korea and in 32 percent of            at regulated prices on the other       report, published in June FTTB/H roll-out investments,
     households in Japan. In               side is not necessarily the most       2009, announced proposals which in turn motivates the
     Singapore, almost all house-          compelling investment                  to add 50p per month to the cable operator, Zon, to further
     holds have access to FTTB/H. In       proposition for the incumbent's        cost of fixed telephone line invest into its network and the
     the US, the leading FTTB/H            shareholders. Several of the           rental to create a fund for mobile operators, Vodafone and
     provider, Verizon, invested US$       major incumbents in Europe             super-fast broadband           Optimus, have now partnered to
     22.9 billion between 2004 and         announced plan to deploy fibre                                        jointly roll out FTTB/H (400k
     2010, achieving 15.9 million
                                           – but only to cover 5-10 percent > can finance each homes passed).
                                           of households within 2-3 years,        household passed, in some
     homes and businesses passed by                                               areas. Market players in Incumbents are in an Ultra High-
     the end of 2009; Verizon has not      which is very low compared to
                                           >50 percent of households              Portugal and Slovenia are not Speed Broadband Double
     been forced to wholesale its                                                 required to open up their Squeeze
     offers.                               passed with FTTB/H in leading
                                           countries.                             fibre network to third parties Incumbents' broadband market
     In the Middle East, FTTH                                                     in the mid-term. Conse- shares, especially among high-
     networks will be increasingly         Most EU countries, therefore,          quently, Portugal Telecom value customers in key cities, are
     deployed in the Gulf Coopera-         need to urgently catch-up with         and Telekom Slovenije have being squeezed from two sides:
     tion Council (GCC) nations over       fibre deployment and end the           both invested substantially by cable operators providing 50-
     the next five years. UAE is the       deadlock situation that has            into FTTB/H rollout. To 100 Mbps broadband services,
     main FTTB/H market with               been in place for more than 10         further stimulate deploy- and by utilities and alternative
     nation-wide fibre coverage            years. Fibre services were             ment, the governments have operators investing into FTTB/H
     expected by 2011. Etisalat's          deployed in Japan in 1997,             also provided subsidies for
     FTTH rollout in the UAE               which is an indication of how far      the roll out of FTTH of up to Cable operators have mostly
     positions Abu Dhabi to become         behind some European                   US$ 100 per home passed in updated their networks to
     the first capital city in the world   c o u n t r i e s a re . N at i o na l less economic areas.           DOCSIS 3.0, enabling them to
     with 100 percent fibre deploy-        governments and regulatory                                            offer 50 to 100 Mbps broad-
                                           bodies should begin to provide >       Numerous other measures band services at very competi-
     ment by end of 2010. Qatar has                                               exist such as providing tax tive prices. Consequently, they
     set an ambitious goal of having       similar incentives.
                                                                                  benefits, low cost loans or, are acquiring a very high share
     a ubi quitous broadband               Examples of how governments            simply, ensuring that the of broadband net additions. In
     network with minimum access           and regulators could support the       national regulator supports Germany, for example, cable
     speeds of 50 Mbps by 2015. In         rollout of FTTB/H include:             fibre roll-out by facilitating operators acquired over 50
     Oman, Nawras is building a next           They can
                                           > co-finance FTTB/H                    tasks such as moderating the percent of broadband net
     generation network with nearly           roll outs in the form of public-    inte rests of p otential additions in 2009 within their
     2,000 kilometres of fibre-optic          npr ivate partne rships.            partners, or by setting-up a footprint. Many of these new
     cables throughout the country,           Municipal governments can,          catalogue of duct infrastruc- subscribers adopt ultra high-
     in order to achieve the goal of          for example, join a consor-         tures of telecommunication speed broadband services, so
     providing broadband coverage             tium with incumbents,               operators, utilities, gas that already 5-10 percent of
     to 80 percent of households by           CityCarriers or utilities to        pipeline operators, etc. In broadband subscribers at
     mid-2011.                                jointly roll-out FTTB/H             Korea, the government German cable operators use

12                                                                                                                         15Sep - 14Oct 2010
services with 50 Mbps speeds or        FTTB/H. Their VDSL/VDSL2              countri es leapfrog VD S L            Leverage their ability to raise
a b o v e . A c r o s s We s t e r n   services have not enjoyed high        deployment and went directly to          long-term financing at fairly
European cable operators,              subscriber uptake rates, as           FTTB/H. Consequently,                    low interest rates
Arthur D. Little expects that          VDSL is typically priced at a 10-     countries such as Slovenia or         #  Leverage their existing duct,
around 25 percent of their             20 EUR premium to DSL while           Lithuania already enjoy FTTB/H           sewer and other infrastruc-
broadband subscribers will have        offering a lower technical            networks passing over 50                 ture, and
adopted broadband speeds with          performance compared to cable.        percent of their households. In
50 Mbps or more by 2012.                                                     Slovenia, the alternative             #  Create a new source of
                                       While cable operators had                                                      revenue in the face of
Due to their strong                    already put pressure on               operator T2 took the lead,
                                                                             deploying 2-3 times more than            ongoing liberalization of the
price/performance broadband            incumbents' broadband market                                                   energy sector, particularly in
value proposition, Western             shares, utilities and alternative     t h e i n c u m b e n t Te l e ko m
                                                                             Slovenije. The incumbent had to          smart grids solutions
European cable operators'              operators are squeezing them
broadband market shares                with their FTTB/H rollouts. Of        react and also deployed fibre;        Alternative fixed-line operators
remain stable even once fixed-         the 11 million European               now 54 percent of Slovenian           are responsible for 40 percent of
operators rollout FTTB/H               households passed by FTTB/H           households have access to             hous eholds pass e d with
networks. Japan, Korea, Sweden         so far, a staggering 65 percent       FTTB/H networks. In Lithuania,        FTTB/H in Europe. These
and Denmark are all examples           have been connected by                51 percent of households              investments enable them to:
of countries where FTTB/H has          utilities, alternative operators or   already have access to fibre, 36      ! Provide ultra high-speed
already been deployed to a fair        housing associations.                 percent in Slovakia and in               services in their footprints
extent for several years now. In                                             Estonia still 20 percent.             ! Save the ULL fee on the local
                                       As Figure 2 shows, leading
all of these countries, FTTB/H         Western Europ ean fibre               Across Europe, the alternative           loop of between EUR 6-
has gained broadband market            countries, such as Denmark,           operators and utilities have             10/month, depending on the
share, but solely to the               Sweden or Portugal have               taken the lead in deploying              market
detriment of xDSL. The share of        already rolled-out fibre to pass      FTTB/H infrastructure, while
                                                                                                                   ! To provide services com-
cable broadband subscriptions          over 20 percent of households.        incumbents lag behind,                   pletely independent from
remains remarkably stable and          On the other end of the               responsible for 35 percent of
can even increase within the                                                 hous eholds pass e d with                incumbents' infrastructures
                                       spectrum, the largest countries,                                               for the first time
cable footprint in spite of new        such as France, UK, Spain and         FTTB/H. What motivates other
FTTB/H network competition                                                   players to take the lead?             There are numerous examples of
                                       Germany, lag clearly behind; not                                            alternative operators having
(see Figure 1).                        even 3 percent of households          Utility firms and municipalities      rolled-out FTTB/H, including
While cable is resilient against       have access to fibre in these         are responsible for 22 percent of     Fastweb (Italy) and Free
fibre, incumbents do not have a        countries so far.                     hous eholds pass e d with             (France) as two of the larger
strong high-speed broadband            Some Easte rn Europ ean               FTTB/H in Europe. These               deployments across Europe.
platform until they invest into                                              investments enable them to:

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                   13
     There are even prominent            investments of up to EUR 3,000     every second household is            ducts into which operators can
     examples of mobile operators        per household. For this reason,    acquired as a FTTB/H customer,       roll-out fibre. In Singapore, this
     starting to rollout FTTB/H          initial fibre deployments focus    then the entire FTTB/H               3-tier structure has been
     infrastructure to remain in the     on FTTB/H rollouts in dense        network breaks even already          implemented successfully with
     bundling race; Optimus and          urban areas.                       after 6 years, which is fast for a   separate licenses awarded for
     Vodafone have, for example,         Typically, operators expect long   next-generation network.             provision of passive and active
     deployed a total of 400,000         payback periods of 10 years or     ndividual companies can often        infrastructure. We observe also
     F T T H lines in Portugal,          more for a FTTB/H roll out. In     not bear these high and long-        other simpler forms of partner-
     providing wholesale access to       dense urban areas, however,        term investments. Therefore,         ship merely based on commer-
     each other.                         alternative operators can          market players partner to form       cial terms (i.e. granting mutual
                                                                                                                 access to each other's network,
                                                                                                                 splitting regional deployments
                                                                                                                 with commonly pre-agreed
                                                                                                                 geographical areas, etc.).
                                                                                                                 Innovative partnership models
                                                                                                                 for fibre deployment have to
                                                                                                                 agree on the role which each
                                                                                                                 partner takes along the NetCo,
                                                                                                                 OpCo and ServCo layers. But this
                                                                                                                 is not all – they have to agree on
                                                                                                                 multiple further dimensions
                                                                                                                 such as:
                                                                                                                 =  Corporate structure – The
                                                                                                                    fibre business can b e
                                                                                                                    embedded into existing
                                                                                                                    operations or carved out as a
                                                                                                                    separate business. If a
                                                                                                                    separate business is set-up,
                                                                                                                    the parties need to agree who
                                                                                                                    shall own which share in the
                                                                                                                    business and who shall bear
     Housing associations are            already achieve break-even for     innovative business models.             which financing obligations
     responsible for the remaining 3     selected households after          Typically, these business models     =  Ownership – The fibre
     percent of households passed        approximately 3 years. For any     involve a Network Company               business can be fully owned
     with FTTB/H; they invest into       household they connect to fibre,   (NetCo), an Operating Company           by private investors or by
     the network in order to increase    alternative operators immedi-      (OpCo) and a Service Company            private and public sharehold-
     the appeal of their apartments.     ately save up to EUR 10 a month    (ServCo) as shown in Figure 3.          ers in a Public Private
     Innovative Partnerships Enable      on the last mile rental fee; a     Partially, the NetCo itself relies      Partnership (PPP) model.
     Players to Share FTTB/H             household connected for EUR        on the services of a company            Suppliers can also take a
     Investments                         360, thus already breaks even      owning the infrastructure. Such         share in a NetCo or provide
                                         after 36 months. If, over time,    a company (DuctCo) provides             preferential financing for the
     Business models often divide
     the value chain between a
     network company, an operating
     co mp a ny a n d a s e rv i ce
     c o mp a ny, p rov i d i ng t h e
     flexibility to set-up partnership
     models tailored to the specific
     Fibre access networks are very
     Capex intensive. Investments
     vary widely depending on
     population density or whether
     households are located in multi-
     dwelling units or in stand-alone
     houses. In dense urban areas,
     investments can be as low as
     EUR 300-400 for FTTB and
     E U R 400-500 for F T T H
     deployment, while in rural areas
     FTTB/H rollout can require

14                                                                                                                        15Sep - 14Oct 2010
FTTB/H infrastructure they           they are contracted to supply            plan is to coordinate roll-out realize network rollouts on their
provide                              the infrastructure in the first          fibre networks and to both own. However, their sharehold-
= er of fibres p er
Numb                                 place. Third parties act as              sell capacity on a wholesale ers and bank analysts often do
household and partner– The           ServCos. They buy fibre                  basis while also offering retail not support investment plans
partners need to decide              capacity, develop broadband,             services to end users            for fibre roll-out as the
whether the fibre network            telephony, TV and other D is a joint venture of underlying business cases
will deploy a single or a multi-     services and sell them to end-           BT and the Italian utility, suggest unsatisfactory return of
fibre model                          users.                                   Enia. They cooperate in investment (ROI) levels and
= Access – The partners
Open                                 Notable examples of NetCo,               deploying a fibre network in long payback times in the
need to decide whether they          OpCo, and ServCo business                Parma, Pia-cenza and in the current regulatory framework.
want to (or are obliged to)          concepts have emerged across             Emilia region to offer very FTTB/H deployments are long-
offer fibre capacity on a            Europe, including:                       high broadband services to term investments, and many
wholesale basis to any Third         Da utility in Norway, sold
                                        Lyse,                                 businesses                       incumbents, therefore, still
Party at non-discriminatory             its successful FTTH roll out D        Numerous German utilities        remain reluctant to invest
conditions (Open Access),               concept to other utilities                                             substantially
                                                                              and CityCarriers deploy own deployments, into planned
whether they want to offer              across Norway in a franchise          fibre networks or have
capacity only to a few Service          model, branded “Altibox”.             concrete plans to do so. This investments are often not fully
Providers or whether they               Approximately, 60 percent of          includes EWETel, M-Net, executed. Alternative operators
want to be the only ones                households have subscribed,                                            and utilities can
                                                                              NetCologne, the utility widen their lead inthus race for
having access to the fibre              a total of 145,000 subscrib-          covering Kiel, as well as high-speed broadband access.
                                                                                                               In order to start to catch-up,
                                                                                                               incumbents have begun to
                                                                                                               partner with their direct
                                                                                                               competitors in an effort to share
                                                                                                               the network Capex. Some
                                                                                                               examples include:
                                                                                                               ! D e u t s c h e Te l e k o m i s
                                                                                                                  conducting a pilot project
                                                                                                                  with EWE Tel, an alternative
                                                                                                                  network operator in Northern
                                                                                                                  Germany. Each partner is
                                                                                                                  rolling out FTTH in regions of
                                                                                                                  the federal state of Lower
                                                                                                                  Saxony and grants FTTH bit-
                                                                                                                  stream access to its partner.
                                                                                                                  They split the FTTH invest-
                                                                                                                  ments, but can still compete
                                                                                                                  in the end-user across the
                                                                                                                  entire joint FTTH footprint.
                                                                                                                  Deutsche Telekom has also
   network (proprietary fibre           ers at the end of 2009                numerous smaller players            partnered with the utility-
   network).                         D  Mälarenerg i, a utility               such as the utility in the city     owned CityCarrier, M-Net, to
Dividing the value chain into           company in Sweden, rolled-            of Schwerte or the telecoms         jointly rollout FTTB/H in
NetCo, OpCo and ServCo levels           out a city-wi de F T T H              unit in                 Munich, and with Vodafone's
provides the flexibility to set up      network and offers open-              Norderstedt, which is also          fixed unit, Arcor, to rollout
a business model in which a             access to many service                now entering Hamburg                FTTB/H in Heilbronn and
variety of partners can take a          companies who provide Incumbents are Beginning to                         Wuerzburg. In addition,
role. We illustrate an exemplary        broadband service to over 50 Partner With Utilities and Direct            D e u t s c h e Te l e k o m
business concept in Figure 4.           per-cent of the 60,000 Competitors                                        announced plans in April
The NetCo level can have several        households in the city of While many of the partnerships                  2010 to rollout FTTH to 4
shareholders that jointly bear          Västeros                           involving incumbents are pilots        million German households
the substantial investment           Dopenaxs alliance is a limited to specific cities or
                                        The                                                                       (10 percent of all German
requirements to rollout FTTB/H          partnership of 17 Swiss regions, we expect to see more                    house-holds) by end 2012
inf rastructure. Suppli ers             utilities, which cooperate in extensive partnerships formed ! KPN and the investment firm
sometimes seek to play a role in       tasks, such as coordinating as incumbents increasingly feel                Reggeborgh established a
operating and maintaining the          t h e t e c h n o l o g y u s e d , pressure both from cable               joint venture, Reggefiber,
fibre network on behalf of the         development and billing of operators and competing                         which has rolled-out an FTTH
NetCo, taking on the role of an        fibre wholesale services and FTTB/H networks                               n e t w o r k t o 3 0 0, 0 0 0
OpCo in order to secure that           network operation. Their Incumbents still usually aim to                   households in the Nether-
                                                                                                                  lands. KPN is the minority

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                 15
         shareholder, but has a call            networks that are taking         FTTB/H networks in Europe, are        The French government has
         option to buy further shares           away high-value ultra high-      accessed by networks deployed         understood the need to act and
         in 2012                                speed broadband subscribers.     by utilities (22 percent),            has launched a massive support
     !   Telecom Italia entered into a       Conclusion                          alternative network operators         program. The government
         Public Private Partnership                                              (40 percent) or housing               conducts public tender
                                             Customers are demanding ultra       associations (3 percent).             processes for FTTB/H coverage
         (PPP) project with the              high-speed broadband due to
         municipality of Trento in                                               Incumbent telecom operators           in rural areas as part of the DSP
                                             the increasing number of                                                  Program. Recently the program
         northeast Italy, co-investing       bandwidth-hungry next               have to react now to the double-
         EUR 100 million to roll-out                                             squeeze from cable operators          was extended to the Paris
                                             generation multimedia services.                                           region. Those submitting the
         FTTH networks                       Competitive high-speed              and from the FTTB/H deploy-
                                                                                 ments by utilities and alterna-       most compelling proposal (most
     !   Swisscom and Swiss utilities        broadband infrastructures are                                             cost-efficient roll-out, best
         have agreed to rollout FTTH         also a necessary factor in          tive operators. If they do not
                                                                                 act, they risk the erosion of their   coverage, etc.) are selected and
         networks in a multi-fibre           support of the European                                                   receive public funds. France now
         model, enabling third parties       knowledge economies and             core business. Large EU
                                                                                 countries, such as Poland,            has the largest potential
         to rent fibre capacity on a         should hence be supported                                                 number of FTTB/H homes
         wholesale basis. Swisscom           proactively by governments.         Germany, France, Spain, Italy
                                                                                 and the United Kingdom, are up        passed with an estimated 5
         and its partners plan to            Cable operators are already                                               million households prepared.
         rollout FTTH in numerous                                                to seven years behind. The
                                             addressing this demand and are      incumbents in these markets           Interestingly, the cable operator
         Swiss citi es, including            able to offer 50 to 100 Mbps                                              Numericable is winning fibre
         Fribourg, Luzern, St. Gallen,                                           can act by entering into
                                             broadband services at very          partnerships with utilities or        network deployment bids in key
         Zurich, Bern, Geneva and            competitive prices. They are                                              regions, demonstrating that
         Basel. In Basel, Swisscom has                                           even with alternative operators,
                                             thus acquiring a very high share    their direct competitors.             cable operators can also act
         begun to cooperate with the         of broadband net additions.                                               successfully in the FTTB/H
         local utility IWB; Swisscom                                             Incumbents now need to see
                                             Arthur D. Little projects that      FTTB/H investments as a means         deployment race.
         will bear 60 percent of the         over 25 percent of Western
         investments, and each party                                             to maintain broadband market          Municipal governments may
                                             European cable operators'           share – and hence need to factor      consider accelerating local fibre
         will provide approximately          broadband subscribers will use
         50 percent of the required                                              in the stabilization effect on the    deployment by direct co-
                                             broadband services with speeds      DSL/broadband subscriber base         investing with incumbents and
         ducts. The fibre network shall      of 50 Mbps or higher by 2012.
         cover 95 percent of all                                                 into their FTTB/H business            alternative operators, with the
                                             Cable operators could even resell   cases.                                objective of boosting local
         households in the city of           their high-speed broadband
         Basel with FTTH infrastruc-                                             This paper should be a wake up        productivity and, in general,
                                             services to mobile operators. In                                          creating positive externalities
         ture by 2017 and will use a         Singapore, M1 is currently          call to governments and
         multi-fibre model                                                       regulators; they need to support      for regional business and
                                             reselling Starhub's broadband                                             residential communities.
     !   France Telecom announced            services, and Bouygues Telecom      FTTB/H investments now. After
         plans to invest EUR 2 billion       in France has partnered with        10 years of intensive discussions     Finally, Private Equity firms
         i n to F T T B / H n e t w o r k    Numericable. Both mobile            on how to regulate NGA (Next          have an opportunity to (co-)
         rollouts by 2015, focusing on       operators offer ultra high-speed    Generation Access) and the            invest into fibre deployment
         urban areas, such as Paris and      broadband services of between       need for investments in the EU,       partnerships, which promise
         Marseille. In smaller cities        50 to 100 Mbps, acquired as a       governments and regulatory            long-term stable cash flows.
         and rural areas, France             wholesale service from the          bodies need to act urgently.          They can profit from the gap left
         Telecom has started to form         respective cable operators,         Lessons from around the world         by incumbents and co-finance
         partnerships. In two cities,        under their own brand name.         show that they need to either         fibre deployments – either in
         France Telecom has even                                                 provide funds to subsidise            attractive key cities or in rural
                                             Utiliti es and alternative          FTTB/H rollouts, allocating           areas supported by public
         started to partner with its         operators have taken a strong
         competitor, SFR, the second                                             these funds via tender processes      subsidies . These investments
                                             lead in rolling out FTTB/H          or reverse auctions, or to protect    provide the security of being
         largest mobile operator             networks in Europe, squeezing       investments, by exempting             asset-based and the potential
     !   Many of these partnership           incumbents' broadband market        players from the obligation to        for stable cash-flow returns over
         efforts by incumbents are           shares in their footprint. By       offer open-access on their fibre      a long-time period. Accelerating
         pilots limited to specific cities   splitting the value chain into      investments in areas with             demand for ultra high-speed
         or regions and others are still     NetCo, OpCo and ServCo layers,      competitive platforms (i.e.           broadband services makes these
         only in the planning phase.         alternative operators and           presence of cable networks or         investments yet more compel-
         We expect to see more               utilities address the need to       alternative FTTB/H invest-            ling. The Private Equity firms
         extensive partnerships              finance high investment costs       ments). Otherwise, the fibre gap      that have the expertise to form
         formed, as incumbents               for FTTB/H rollouts and they        between Europe and the United         advanced partnerships – with
         increasingly feel the pressure      have taken a strong lead in the     States, Asia and now the Middle       utilities, public institutions, etc.
         coming from the double              market by adopting smart            East will further widen,              – will be in a particularly good
         squeeze exerted on them             business models along these         threatening Europe's strategic        position to identify attractive
         from cable operators and            layers. A staggering 65 percent     and economic competitiveness.         investment opportunities.
         from competing FTTB/H               of all households with access to

16                                                                                                                              15Sep - 14Oct 2010
from mobile in every hand
to Internet in every hand
 Interview with
 Hassan Kabbani
 CEO - Mobinil
M       obinil is the mobile
        market leader in Egypt,
but they are not resting on their
                                    what is 3G' s role in
                                    your future
laurels and seek to realize the     H. Kabbani - We
untapped potential for mobile       made the decision
communications to better            to get into 3G in
enrich Egyptians' lives. 3G is      2007, after making
especially one field where          sure that 3G service
devices and local content have      and te chnology
big room for development. Mr.       were ready and
Hassan Kabbani, Mobinil Chief       showing a real
Executive Officer, shared his       value. The 3G
insights into the vibrant and       service created a
highly competitive Egyptian         new trend and we
mobile arena.                       are excited about
Q - Can you give us a brief         this. It helped us
introduction to the Egyptian        evolve in our
telecom market?                     position from
H. Kabbani - Egypt is the           "mobile in every
largest market in the Middle        hand" to "Internet
East region, with 80 million        in every hand".
people and is full of vitality.     We want to
Mobinil started operations in       democratize the use
1998 and has a vision of            of the Internet in
putting a "mobile in every          Egypt. This would
hand". When we began, it was        help develop the
regarded as a crazy vision, as      society; therefore
the majority of people thought      we are heavily
that mobile telephony would         investing in 3G. We
be limited to the rich and          embarked into this
business people. Now there are      n ew a d v e n t u r e              a lower price to all customer     and the one created to
57 million mobile users in the 3    after accomplishing a rollout of    segments. Since we are the        shareholders. Though there is
operators' Egyptian market,         2G services.                        market leader with the largest    very encouraging growth in the
out of which 25 million are from    Our aim is to make 3G available     customer base, we have a social   3G market, voice remains the
Mobinil. We are proud of this       everywhere in our network.          responsibility to do that.        major contributor to our
achievement.                        The more we make 3G services                                          revenue. We will have to
                                                                        We are keen to keep the
Q - How would you describe          available to a large subscriber     adequate balance between the      manage in a smart way the
Mobinil' s 3G operations? And       base, the more we can offer it at   value created for customers       network capacity, balancing

 15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                        17
     2G and 3G with quality voice       experience made us putting         and make them more afford-           further develop it in the future.
     and reliable data services.        the customers at the center of     able?                                As an operator, we may have
     As the fixed penetration is        our operations, which helped       H. Kabbani - Being more than         great ambitions, but can not do
     roughly above 10% in Egypt,        Mobinil provide always a real      100 USD each, smart devices          it without a complete ecosys-
     mobile with a penetration rate     value to customers from the        remain expensive to the              tem through partnership. An
     of around 70% will definitely      products and offers we put into    average Egyptian. 3G terminals       open environment is needed to
     contribute more to populariz-      the market.                        are more like an investment to       accommodate more partners.
     ing the Internet. Customers        The absence of local content       a customer, who would not            We need to have more
     want to be connected when-         and affordable devices are still   invest if he or she is not seeing    cooperation between vendors,
     ever and wherever they are.        the major challenges I see in      the real value or benefits.          operators, content providers,
     Mobility has a lot of value and    the Egyptian market. For           Winning the trust of 25 million      and companies acting in
     it' s now open for the Internet    example, an Egyptian using a       customers is not an easy task        different sectors. We can make
     and other seamless applica-        mobile would like to see a         and we need to live up to their      the M2M technology serve our
     tions. This is the importance of   digital map of Egypt and not       expectations. Mobinil is             society.
     3G and future technology.          one of Europe. Unfortunately,      always delivering the optimal        Mobinil is an active company in
     Q - Seeing decreasing voice        we are not seeing lots of          offer and product to satisfy our     Egypt, leading in corporate
     revenues, operators are vying      development in customized          customers.                           social responsibility. So M2M is
     for enterprise customers as a      content in our region and we       We leverage the economy of           not only about business, but
     reliable source of revenue. In     would like to see more of this.    scale by having the largest base     also about really creating the
     this field, does Mobinil have      Due to the fact that banking       of customers, thus we can            value and development for the
     any edge over its competitors?     service has still a lower          provide solutions that are           society in the field of health,
                                        penetration in Egypt than in       affordable to all market             education, green environment
     H. Kabbani - From day one, we                                                                              and public utility services.
     knew the importance and value      the Western world, mobile          s egments. Se eing that
     of the enterprise market           money and banking is more          netbooks are good products,          My 20 years of experience in
     segment, and gave it special       necessary in this important        we were the first to introduce       the mobile field has enabled
     attention with dedicated           emerging market. Customers         netbooks into the market, and        me to witness how mobile
     structure and resources. We        would like to have banking         use modes like long-term             communications has changed
     take good care of our profes-      services 24/7 through their        installment plans to make it         the life of people and societies.
                                        mobile phones. We are eyeing       affordable to customers like         Mobile is a wonder, yet M2M
     sional and business customers                                         students. Our market consists
     by tailoring solutions for them.   this service and hope to                                                would further help us improve
                                        introduce it soon. We used to      of over 90% prepaid users,           our knowledge, access to
     For example, we study the          always follow what was             while the smartphone is more         information, expand busi-
     needs of a company or              happening in the developed         related to the postpaid users,       nesses of different sectors and
     organization, and provide          markets, but now there are         professi onal people and             develop society.
     them with offers like the closed   new services by which we could     corporations. We were the first
     user group, in which they                                             to i n t ro d u ce a p re pa i d     Q - How do you envision
                                        bring the emerging market                                               Mobinil in the next 2-3 years
     communicate to each other at       experience to them.                smartphone, in which
     an exclusive preferential rate                                        customers can pay for the            and its cooperation with
     and enjoy certain services         We used to be only a telecom-      smartphone either by prepay-         Huawei?
     tailored specifically for them.    munications operator, but now      ment or monthly credit.              H. Kabbani - Regarded as a
     We always try to anticipate        we are at the center of                                                 modern operation in the
                                        different new activities.          We believe in a smart and open
     their needs, while listen to                                          environment for our opera-           Middle East region, Mobinil is a
     them and provi de them             Through partnerships, we are                                            leading company and a trend
                                        expanding our role in different    tions and introducing new
     telecommunications solutions                                          things to give more choices to       setter in Egypt. We will
     to help them make their            domains like media, banking,                                            continue playing this role and
                                        Internet, payments, entertain-     our customers. Now our
     business more efficient and                                           terminals boast data cards,          proudly contribute to the
     enjoyable.                         ment and information services,                                          development of the country.
                                        which brings new dynamic to        netbooks, the BlackBerry,
     Enabling Internet in every                                            iPhones and even laptops. We         We will continue developing
                                        our industry. For example, we                                           new services to satisfy the
     hand                               form a partnership with banks      also have the "fly box" that can
                                                                           provide data and broadband           evolving needs of our custom-
     Q - To develop 3G and enable       in Egypt to develop mobile                                              ers. The partnership between
     Internet in every hand, have       payment services. Mobile           access for multi-users at the
                                                                           same time.                           Mobinil and Huawei has
     you encountered any chal-          advertising is also in the                                              brought us lots of value. From
     lenges and if so, how do you       pipeline. More importantly, we     Q - Mobinil is showing its           day one, Huawei understood
     tackle them?                       will encourage and support the     interest in the M2M applica-         what an operator like Mobinil
     H. Kabbani - The 3G technology     development of local content.      tion, can you elaborate on           needs. Huawei was a great
     is good only if we know how to     Q - As devices remain a key        Mobinil' s strategy in this field?   support to our plans and
     make it serve the consumers,       challenge for 3G in the market,    H. Kabbani - We have some            operations, helping us to
     and not the contrary. Our          how will Mobinil further           M2M applications, but it is still    develop our position as the
     know-how and market                diversify its terminal line-up     like a niche; we would like to       leader in the market.

18                                                                                                                       15Sep - 14Oct 2010
                     “Towards Digital Commonwealth: Broadband connectivity for all”

CTO Forum seeks to promote
national growth through broadband deployment,
adoption and usage                                                                                                          Rumana Bakhat

C    ommonwealth nations,
     especially the developing
countries, could ensure faster
                                                                                                            the delegates said that Sri
                                                                                                            Lanka is a country committed to
                                                                                                            deploying state of the art tech-
growth for their economies if                                                                               nologies in telecommunica-
they take faster measures to                                                                                tions, and is honored to host
ensure more rapid deployment                                                                                this historic event. He added
of broadband and access to it by                                                                            that discussions at the Forum
a larger percentage of their citi-                                                                          and the subsequent 50th Coun-
zens. This was the general view                                                                             cil Meeting will lead to fruitful
of ICT Ministers, senior govern-                                                                            outcomes and support the rapid
ment officials, regulatory                                                                                  expansion of broadband in the
agency heads, and interna-                                                                                  South Asian region. Mr. Palpita
tional ICT experts, who spoke                                                                               further said that the expansion
at the Commonwealth Telecom-               Mahinda Rajapaksa                Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah          of communications facilities,
munications Organisation’s                President of Sri Lanka                      CEO -CTO
                                     Fund for broadband infrastruc-     global village. It is our duty to   especially through broadband,
(CTO) 8th Annual CTO Forum                                                                                  was growing at a prompt pace
2010. The Forum, held in             ture and services. It also exam-   work together to ensure that
                                     ined how the development of        those deprived of this basic        in Sri Lanka and TRCSL was
Colombo, Sri Lanka, explored                                                                                committed to extending these
concrete ways to raise aware-        broadband networks is contrib-     tool, especially in the unde-
                                     uting to both broader economic     served regions, are provided        facilities and the resulting bene-
ness of the full potential of the                                                                           fits to consumers, particularly
Internet, broadband and other        growth for nations, regional       this important link to communi-
                                     integration amongst nations,       cate with the outside world.”       those living in the semi – urban
information and communica-                                                                                  and rural areas of the country.
tion technologies in developing      profitability for ICT operating    Dr. Spio-Garbrah said that the
countries.                           companies, and overall global      Forum provides an excellent         He went on to add that as the
                                     prosperity.                        opportunity to address issues       host nation, the CTO Forum was
The three-day conference,                                                                                   a significant event for Sri
which was opened by The Presi-       Stressing on the need for col-     concerning the strategies, plans
                                     laborative partnerships to find    and programmes for extending        Lanka, which currently holds
dent of Sri Lanka, Mahinda                                                                                  the senior vice-chairman post
Rajapaksa, identified best-          creative solutions to broadband    regional and continental broad-
                                     availability, affordability and    band connectivity, as well as       of the CTO. The conference will
practice policies, regulation,                                                                              bring much benefit to Sri Lanka
investment opti ons and              accessibility, the CEO of the      the funding gaps especially for
                                     CTO, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah,       terrestrial broadband invest-       by providing exposure to inter-
deployment strategies that are                                                                              national experience and global
best likely to connect consum-       said, “In an era where access to   ments. The issue of locally-
                                     information and connectivity is    relevant content, once the          best practices for broadband
ers in semi-urban and rural
                                     of paramount importance to         infrastructure was deployed, is     strategies within other nations
areas in the shortest possible
time. The forum discussed and        help bridge the North-South        also of paramount importance,       that may have particular rele-
assessed the benefits of             divide and urban-rural eco-        he stressed.                        vance to the country’s national
increased broadband use by con-      nomic disparities, the global                                          objectives in expanding broad-
                                                                        Hosted by the Telecommunica-        band deployment, adoption
sumers, standardization needs        community must work in             tions Regulatory Commission of
and issues to bridge and mea-        greater concert to ensure that                                         and usage. It will strengthen
                                                                        Sri Lanka (TRCSL), and organ-       Sri Lanka’s capacity to review
sure the standardization gap in      every individual has access to     ised in conjunction with the
Asia Pacific, and regulatory         basic broadband connectivity                                           broadband strategies for Sri
                                                                        International Telecommunica-        Lanka.
incentives for making broad-         for purposes of improved liter-    tion Union (ITU), at the Hilton
band affordable to consumers.        acy, education, knowledge, com-                                        Following the conference, the
                                                                        Hotel in Colombo, the confer-
Discussions over the three days      mercial and business opportu-                                          50th council meeting of the
                                     nities, and self-empowerment.      ence was based on the theme
proceedings also covered the                                            “Towards Digital Common-            CTO, hosted by the Telecommu-
effective use of donor funds,        For many disadvantaged peo-                                            nications Regulatory Commis-
                                     ple and communities broad-         wealth: Broadband connectiv-
the availability of other funding                                       ity for all”.                       sion of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) was
mechanisms including the CTO’s       band connectivity is the surest                                        also held on 16-17 September,
initiative to create a Common-       and cheapest way to make           Mr. Anusha Palpita, Director-       at the Ceylon Continental
wealth Telecom Development           them integral citizens of the      General of TRCSL, in welcoming      Hotel.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                             19
Pakistan Telecommunications Industry -
Growth and Challenges
                                                                                  Amir Malik

T-   he ability to “communi-
     cate” has enabled humans
to make a paradigm shift from
                                    eralization in the subsequent
                                    years through an efficient and
                                    transparent process. The pro-
                                                                           following bar chart
                                                                           highlights the tele-
                                                                           density situation
tribal based communities to         cess provided a foundation             over last five years
information based societies.        stone towards an amazing incli-        with respect to dif-
With a volatile growth of ICT's     nation of telecommunication            ferent telecom seg-
(Information and Communica-         sector with award of 2 Mobile          ments.
tion Technologies) over the         Telephony(Cellular), 14 Long           If we analyze the
past few decades involving          D i s t a n c e a n d I n t e r n a-   t re n d o f t e l e -
broadcasting, satellite commu-      tional(LDI), 38 Fixed Local            density growth in
nication, public telephony and      Loop(FLL) and 17 Wireless              the country, wire-
IP networking the telecommu-        Local Loop(WLL) licenses.              less segments (Cel-
nications have observed evolu-      The consequence of market lib-         lular mobile, Wire-
tionary escalation. . While com-    eralization was manifold; it           less local loop)
paring the novel means of com-                                                                                          munication option to the peo-
                                    brought cheap and reliable com-        have shown a steady adoption                 ple of Pakistan; the mobile sub-
munications, telecommunica-         munication channels for the citi-      whereas the fixed local loop is
tions would probably stand as                                                                                           scribers would cross 100 million
                                    zens, contributed heavily in the       losing its charm with current                mark during 2010. Though
the 'pioneer technology', giving    economic development and               penetration rate of 2%. Few of
birth to variety of communica-                                                                                          fierce competition has lowered
                                    opened plenty of job opportu-          the primary reasons owing to                 the profit margins of the mobile
tion means like PSTN, Mobile        nities for Pakistan. The coun-         this situation are low invest-
Telephony, Broadband net-                                                                                               compani es; however the
                                    try's mobile market today is           ment trends for local loop infra-            telecom sector revenues have
works, the Internet and so on.      10th largest in the world having       structure since competitive
In a nutshell, this Telecommuni-                                                                                        registered a steady and positive
                                    the highest penetration in             rates are offered for similar ser-           growth during the last three
cations boom has brought a          South Asia. The telecommuni-           vices through wireless media,
new evolutionary era of oppor-                                                                                          years reaching USD 3826 Mil-
                                    cation sector is contributing          Technological shift because of               lion mark by end December
tunity for all global economies     approximately 2% to GDP and            difficult deployment patterns
and those able to grasp it at the                                                                                       2009. The following bar chart
                                    is viewed as a major growth            for FLL as compared to wireless,             shows the telecom revenues dur-
right time have not only reaped     engine for the country. Telecom        very minimal competition, and
the fruits of economic evolution                                                                                        ing last three years.
                                    sector is also a major contribu-       ease of mobility in wireless net-
in terms of revenue generation;     tor to national exchequer,             works. Nevertheless, the pros-               The telecommunication indus-
but also been listed as telecom-    depositing USD 1.3 billion dur-        pects of wireless segments have              try of the country is presently
munication market leaders in        ing fiscal year 2008-09 and            provided an exceptional com-                 facing a number of challenges
their respective geographies.       USD 0.5 billion                                                                     which are hampering its further
The assertion befits well for the   during first half of
16th largest economy of Asia        fiscal year 2009-                                              Teledensity Growth
and 2nd largest economy of          2010. According to
South Asia; Pakistan.               United Nations               70.00        Local Loop
The Pakistan telecommunica-         Conference on                             Cellular Mobile                       (58.8)
                                                                                                                               (61.99)       (63.60)
tion industry as a whole cou-       Trade and Devel-                          Wireless Local Loop                    2.70        2.17         2.0
pled with its public policies has   o p m e n t                  50.00                                  (45.0)

undergone numerous changes          (UNCTAD) latest                                                     3.04
in recent times. Recapitulating     report on Informa-            40.00
just the last decade, once a        ti on Economy,                30.00
sophisticated commodity, the        Pakistan is among                          (11.9)      3.37                     54.70       58.22       59.9
mobile phone, is now practically    the five dynamic              20.00                                40.90
with-in the reach of every seg-     economies of                                3.43       22.20
ment of the society, and is         developing Asia in                          8.30
believed to be a basic communi-     terms of increased              0.00                    0.66
cation requisite tool. The key                                                                                       1.40
                                    penetration of                         Jun - 05
stage of change was endorse-        mobile phones,                                     Jun - 06
                                                                                                    Jun - 07
ment of the Deregulation Policy     internet and                                                                 Jun - 08
                                                                                                                             Jun - 09
in 2003, followed by sector lib-    broadband. The                                                                                       Jun- 10

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                       21
     expansion and permanence.             Today applications require high      oping and emerging markets.           telecom usage, benefiting the
     The principal impediment since        speed networks and offer             Content generation is also an         Government to earn more taxes
     couple of years had been the          opportunities to telecom opera-      important segment which can           on these services. Telecom oper-
     global economical recession,          tors in a fierce competitive mar-    act as catalyst of broadband          ators may be given tax subsi-
     which has affected almost all         ket to improve revenue. High         growth in the country. Develop-       dies / waiver in rural areas to
     the businesses across the globe       Speed Internet has become a          ment of Data applications like        make investment in rural areas
     and Pakistan has been a major         necessity for business and per-      Group Collaboration, Enterprise       of the country which eventually
     victim too. Increase in cost of       sonal use. Mobile E-mail is no       Resource Planning, and Cus-           would help in bridging the digi-
     borrowing, high risk of invest-       longer used just for business,       tomer Relationship Manage-            tal divide. Additionally, the pres-
     ment and reduced return on            Location Base applications are       ment can necessitate use of           ent electricity crises necessi-
     Investment (ROI), Digital             becoming popular Mobile Social       broadband. The Next genera-           tates some Government tax sub-
     Divide and Pak Rupee deprecia-        Networking has become part of        tion Networking (NGN) will not        sidy on import of alternate
     tion are critical factors attached    mobile landscape Mobile multi-       only bring convergence of tech-       energy resource like solar
     with global financial crises. Elec-   media is providing cheaper           nologies and services but also        energy and wind turbines to
     tricity shortfall has also            mobile access and mobile             lower the operating cost for the      assist telecom operators in busi-
     emerged as a major challenge to       devices lead to more use of data     operators which will ultimately       ness continuity. Rural areas are
     the telecom operators, which          traffic. Therefore a variety of      benefit the end users to get con-     generally neglected areas by the
     has compelled them to use             M2M applications which will          verged services at a low cost.        investors, as return on invest-
     alternative power sources for         need high speed and excessive        Various telecommunication             ment is low as compared to
     provisioning of continuous and        bandwidth can be answered by         o p e rato r s h av e a l rea d y     urban areas. Though general pro-
     trouble free services. Increased      3G. With the growing demand          deployed IP-based NGN infra-          vision of mobile services is ade-
     investment on alternate power         for Mobile to Mobile (M2M)           structure at the core end with        quate in rural areas, neverthe-
     resources levies additional cost      communications in the country;       anticipation of experiencing          less efforts are required to fill in
     on the operators' business plans      the arrival of 3G mobile tech-       NGN services at the access side       the basic telephony and
     and the result is either the          nology is considered to be most      in next few years. Furthermore,       Internet gap in such geogra-
     investor suffers low profit mar-      promising telecommunication          deployment of GPON (Gigabit           phies. To achieve it, Universal
     gins and low Return on Invest-        expansion in forthcoming             Passive Optical Network) is           Service Fund utilization for pro-
     ment or else Quality of Service       future. It is
     (QoS) issues. The Law and             expected that                                        Telecom Revenues
     Order situation of the country        3G will not only
     which had been not very opti-         provide reve-
     mistic in terms of investments        nue benefits to                                                           333,882         352,010
     further prohibits the investors       telecom opera-         400,000
     to invest in the businesses and       tors but will          350,000                         278,509
     think twice about future              bring added val-                        235,613
     investment. Telecommunica-            ued addition to
                                                              Rs. Million

     tion taxation is another major        m o b i l e s u b-     250,000
     issue of concern to mobile oper-      scribers in the        200,000
     ators and the consumer; as it         country.               150,000
     has raised the entry barrier for a    The concept of         100,000
     new subscriber. Rise in unsolic-      anywhere any-
     ited calls / messages via tele-       time computing           50,000
     communication network is a            and easy and                 -
     matter of grave concern both          quick access to                     2006-2007     2007-2008      2008-2009          2009-2010
     for the operators as well as sub-     information has
     scribers; as this puts more ques-     also provided
     tions to their privacy. The           us with yet another prospect of      also considered to be on rise dur-    vision of access in un-served
     recent promulgation of spam           exploring the landscape of Wire-     ing the next few years.               areas may be expanded and
     regulations by the regulator is       less broadband services in the       The telecommunication indus-          made prompt. Furthermore,
     an important initiative to            country, whi ch have                 try of Pakistan has shown a           Public-private initiatives for
     address such fraudulent activi-       undisputedly taken up a hike         gigantic growth; now calls for        establishing Internet KIOSK,
     ties. At the same time as the         ever since its inception in the      the attention of decision mak-        ICT community centers, may
     industry is trying to take up the     country. The future of broad-        ers on affairs that may well lead     also assist to improve the situa-
     aforementioned challenges, a          band in the country is associ-       to further progress of the sec-       tion.
     massive window of opportunity         ated with Wireless technolo-         tor. An important factor relates      Research and Development
     is still awaiting attention for       gies expected to assist broad-       to present taxation on the            activities are measured as sig-
     instance wireless segments.           band access to un-served rural       telecom services and equip-           nificant support towards tele-
     Market researchers are estimat-       areas of the country. e-             ment, reducing them could help        communication development
     ing mobile subscribers in Paki-       Commerce and m-Commerce              the telecom operators in reduc-       in an economy. Conversely in
     stan to reach 132 million by          are a driving force behind           ing cost of the service ulti-         Pakistan such telecommunica-
     2014.                                 broadband growth in the devel-       mately encouraging more               tion activities are negligible.

22                                                                                                                              15Sep - 14Oct 2010
PTA contributes Rs. 200 million
for flood affectees
C    hairman Pakistan
     Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n
Authority (PTA),                  Dr.
                                                                                                        Rs.0.78 million collected
                                                                                                        through 1234 SMS service.
                                                                                                        Chairman PTA along with
Mohammed Yaseen presented                                                                               Secretary Cabinet, Mr. Abdul
cheque of Rs. 201.43 million (20                                                                        Rauf Chaudhary presented
Crore 14 Lakh 30 Thousand                                                                               cheques for donation during a
Rupees) to the Prime Minister,                                                                          meeting with the Prime
Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani for the                                                                         Minister.
“Prime Minister's Flood Relief                                                                          PTA is also engaged with the
Fund 2010 for the Assistance of                                                                         telecom operators for the
Flood Affected People”,                                                                                 prompt restoration of telecom
established for the relief and                                                                          networks in flood-stricken
rehabilitation of flood affected                                                                        areas. It has started 1234
people.                                                                                                 Service to collect donations
The amount included Rs. 200                                                                             through SMS. Subscribers can
million contribution by PTA, Rs.                                                                        send SMS by writing “Fund” to
0.65 million of one day salary           Chairman, PTA Dr. Mohammed Yaseen is presenting cheque of 1234 and each SMS would
donated by PTA employees and            Rs. 201.43million to the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani contribute Rs 10 to the fund.
                                                          for the flood affected people

Survey to check power level of mobile towers
P    akistan Telecommunica-
     tion Authority (PTA)
alongwith Frequency Alloca-
                                        companies. The survey was
                                        conducte d at Karachi,
                                        Hyderabad, Lahore, Faisalabad,
                                                                             and International Commission
                                                                             on Non-Ionizing Radiation
                                                                             Protection (ICNIRP) guide-
                                                                                                                 ing the issue.
                                                                                                                 This exercise was undertaken
                                                                                                                 on the directions of Chairman
tion Board (FAB) recently               Mirpur, Muzaffarabad,                lines. The impression, therefore,   PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen.
conducted an extensive survey           Peshawar, Quetta, Sibi,              regarding hazardous effects on      PTA is cognizant of this issue as
in Pakistan and AJ&K with the           Rawalpindi and Islamabad.            health of humans by radiation       it directly relates to the health
help of special equipment to            Results show that the power          from the towers is incorrect as     of general public. It would
check the emission of power             level of BTSs is below the           towers are installed and are        continuously monitor the
level from transmitters and             prescribed danger limits and in      working within the specified        emissions of radiations from
receivers of Base Transceiver           line with the policy directives of   parameters defined by the           towers to ensure that specific
Stat i o n s ( BT S s ) / Tow e r s     Ministry of IT & Telecom, World      regulator as well as the            standards are met and would
installed by cellular mobile            Health Organization (WHO)            international bodies monitor-       keep the public informed.

Contd. from page 22
There is a need for the develop-        resultantly outflow of the for-      communication Regulator and         tion sources on the move. To fur-
ment of the R&D culture for             eign currency from the country.      application providers may be        ther push the growth of broad-
better groundwork regarding             The R&D labs would bring a pos-      instigated for promotion of         band, there is a dire need to
upcoming telecommunication              itive sign for manufacturing of      mobile commerce throughout          develop local contents for the
convergence arena. National             the telecom handsets in the          the country. Future converged       better understanding and to
ICT R&D Fund is expected to             country to enhance employ-           services will require high speed    cater needs of the majority.
play an important role; fast            ment and restrict outflow of         connectivity at the end-user        The most important proposi-
approach may be adopted for             the foreign currency. In view of     locations. Broadband will play      tion to continue this telecom
establishment of a national             a global trend towards usage of      a pivotal role in upcoming ICT      escalation is a continuous coor-
telecommunication R&D labo-             mobile networks to offer vari-       access and usage. It is sug-        dination among stakeholders
ratories. Cellular mobile hand-         ous financial services and the       gested that broadband may be        from industry, government, aca-
set has rapidly changed all cul-        present mobile penetration in        kept as a top priority for future   demia and the end-users. In
tural barriers and has become a         the country, it is suggested that    telecommunication roadmap.          order to achieve the target for
rapidly selling commodity in            mutual efforts from related          Telecommuting will become           coming era necessary sugges-
the market. Currently mobile            stakeholders like State Bank of      more widespread, especially for     tions and recommendations
handsets are being imported             Pakistan, Mobile Operators,          knowledge workers who need          from industry experts be gath-
from all across the world               Financial Institutions, Tele-        to securely connect to informa-     ered.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                 23
  US senators seek to block
Huawei selling kit to Sprint Nextel
A      group of US Senators have
      written to the Treasury
Secretary, Timothy Geithner,
                                    contracts from both AT&T and
                                    Verizon Wireless, although it is
                                    thought that the risk factor of
                                                                       p ossibly undermine U.S.
                                                                       national security."
                                                                       The letter also cited a report by
                                                                                                           that old mischaracterizations
                                                                                                           about the company still linger
                                                                                                           and we want to reiterate some
the Director of National            the US government blocking the     the Iraq Survey Group which         of the facts." Responding to the
Intelligence, and others in the     deal was too high for the mobile   claimed that Huawei sold            claims that the Chinese
federal government warning          networks to tollerate. The         communications technology to        government or army are
that Sprint Nextel should not       company was also forced to         Saddam Hussein's regime in          investors in the firm, "The truth
proceed with a rumoured deal        abandon plans to take a            possible violation of U.N.          is Huawei is an employee-owned
with China's Huawei.                minority stake in USA based        sanctions, and it also supplied     private company. Government
Huawei has been reported to be      3Com after US politicians kicked   the Taliban before its fall.        or military organizations do not
making a determined push to         up a fuss about national                                               hold any shares, or control the
                                    security concerns.                 The letter also claimed that        company in any form."
enter the US wireless infrastruc-                                      British, French, Australian, and
ture market, with a bid to supply   In the letter, the Senators Jon    Indian intelligence agencies        In order to boost its credentials
kit to Sprint Nextel, although      Kyl (Ariz.), Kit Bond (Mo.),       have either investigated Huawei     with government officials,
nothing has been signed yet.        Richard Shelby (Ala.), Jeff        or expressed concern that its       earlier this year the company
Huawei has been attempting to       Sessions (Ala.), James Inhofe      products could facilitate remote    was reported to have recruited
tap into the lucrative US market    (Okla.), Jim Bunning (Ky.),        hacking and thereby compro-         John Bellinger, a senior official
for some years, but has been        Richard Burr (N.C.) and Susan      mise the integrity of the           from the former President Bush
held back by - often denied -       Collins (Maine) said that they     telecommunications networks         administration as an advisor to
claims of close links to the        "are concerned that Huawei's       in their countries.                 the company.
Chinese military. It is known to    position as a supplier of Sprint                                       { h t t p : // w w w . c e l l u l a r -
                                    Nextel could create substantial    In a response, the company said
have come close to winning                                             that it "is disappointed to learn
                                    risk for U.S. companies and

 Huawei Loses Wireless Packet
Core Market Share to Ericsson and NSN
                                    Dell’Oro Group’s Report
T   he Wireless Packet Core
    market grew 19 percent
sequentially during the second
                                    related investments in China
                                    that peaked in the second
                                    quarter of 2009.
                                                                       transition to LTE, the rapidly
                                                                       growing wireless packet core
                                                                       equipment market is becoming
                                                                                                           supplies Verizon Wireless'
                                                                                                           current wireless packet core
                                                                                                           equipment, but, as Verizon
quarter of 2010, in large part                                         more competitive and market         Wireless has begun to deploy
due to sustained growth in data     According to the report,           share shifts are looming," said     LTE, it has awarded the evolved
and signaling traffic from          Ericsson and Nokia Siemens         Greg Collins, Vice President at     packet core to both Cisco and
mobile broadband services and       both gained market share in        Dell'Oro Group. "Not only are       Alcatel-Lucent. MetroPCS, a
smartphones, concludes a            the second quarter of the year,    there new entrants like Juniper     long-time Alcatel-Lucent
report by Dell'Oro Group. On a      while Huawei's share declined      and Tellabs, but operators have     customer, has awarded its LTE
year-over-year basis, the           despite higher revenues than       begun to opt for different          network, both radio and
market was substantially lower      the first quarter this year.       vendors for their evolved           evolved packet core, to
due to exceptional 3G network-      "As network operators begin to     packet core. For example, Cisco     Ericsson," Collins added.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                  25
                                                                                                                                Teletimes Report

                                                                   Middle East
                                                               'Twice as likely'
                                                                                              to buy 3D TV
                                                                                       as rest of the world
     A     ccording to a recent Niel- terparts in the United States
           sen report, the Middle and Europe.
     East has more than double the Celebrating its 30th anniver-
                                                                          According to iSuppli, a leading
                                                                          technology market research
                                                                          company, global 3D TV ship-
                                                                                                             include Asus, Built, Cisco
                                                                                                             Linksys, G enius/Edimax,
                                                                                                             Hitachi, Ford, HP, Microsoft,
     interest and double the owner- s a r y t h i s y e a r , G I T E X   ments are expected to reach 4.2    Music Master, Monster/Spec,
     ship of 3D TVs than anywhere TECHNOLOGY WEEK will be                 million units by the end of this   Panasonic and Pocket Global.
     else in the world. In a specially running from 17 – 21 October       year. They will then triple to     They will be joined by other
     designed index, Saudi Arabia 2010 at the Dubai International         12.9 million units in 2011 and     national, regional and interna-
     recorded a higher score than Convention and Exhibition Cen-          then more than double to 27.4      tional organisations such as
     any other country, with the tre (DICEC), UAE. It is one of           million units in 2012. In 2015,    Abu Dhabi Police, Al Ghanim,
     UAE coming in at tenth place the driving forces behind               3D TV shipments will reach 78.1    Amazon, AMD, Avaya, Black-
     out of 52 nations.                encouraging technological          million units, rising at a com-    berry (RIM), Comguard, Datel,
     The results were divided into advancements and innovation.           pound annual growth rate           du, Dubai eGovernment, Dubai
     markets made up of: Middle Trixee Loh, SVP, Dubai World              (CAGR) of 80.2% from 2010.         Municipality, Dubai Silicon
     East, Africa, and Pakistan; Trade Centre, organiser of the           The starting price for a new 3D    O a s i s , E t i s a l at , F i C a l l ,
     Latin America; Asia Pacific; event, described the figures as         TV in the Middle East is cur-      Fujitsu/Netapp, IBM,
     North America; and Europe. another indication of how tech-           rently around US$2,500.            Kaspersky, Logicom, Ministry
     The online 'How We Watch' sur- savvy and tech-hungry the mar-        Seiji Koyanagi, Managing           of Education, Nokia, Oracle,
     vey took into account the ket is. “Once again we see that            Director, Panasonic Marketing      Promate, Roads and Transport
     responses from 27,665 partici- the Middle East has enormous          Middle East, added: “3D brings     Authority, Secureway, Sharp,
     pants aged 15 years and investment potential for the                 about a paradigm shift in home     Symantec, Tandberg, Telecoms
     upwards. The highest 3D own- consumer and entertainment              as well as industry solutions      Regulatory Authority, Thuraya,
     ership or definite interest in market. Young Arab profes-            and Panasonic is leading the       Touchmate and Yahsat.
     ownership was among 25-29 sionals in particular are                  way. As part of our continuing     GIEX Consumer Electronics will
     year olds.                        extremely keen to be a part of     pursuit of path-breaking tech-     open to the public on Tuesday
     With 3D movies at the cinema      the latest technology, the most    nology, providing high-quality     19, Wednesday 20 and Thurs-
     already gaining widespread sophisticated equipment and               and high-definition images,        day 21 October for unique pre-
     popularity in Middle East at the forefront of the technol-           Panasonic has been at the fore-    views of new technology inno-
     entertainment, 3D TV is poised ogy adoption landscape.               front of transforming the world    vations, gadgets and gaming.
     to lead the future of broadcast, “GITEX provides an opportu-         of 3D. GITEX TECHNOLOGY            GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK
     too. At this year's GITEX nity for an amazing sensory                WEEK gives us a platform to        runs from 17 – 21 October 2010,
     TECHNOLOGY WEEK, many of experience with some of the                 showcase a series of ground-       at Dubai International Conven-
     the most advanced 3D interna- industry's very latest offerings.      breaking 3D solutions to a wide    tion and Exhibition Centre.
     tional brands will be tapping Global experts come to share           audience around the region.”       Admission is for trade and
     into a market that is almost first hand insights into the revo-      Major consumer electronics         industry professionals only. To
     three times more interested in lutionary world of 3D,” she           brands which have confirmed        register or for more information
     owning a 3D TV than their coun- added.                               their presence at GITEX 2010       please visit

26                                                                                                                      15Sep - 14Oct 2010
                                                                                                                                       Teletimes Report

Brocade Delivers on Brocade One
promise with the
World’s Most Powerful                                                                                   Brocade MLXe Core Router
100 Gigabit Ethernet Router
B    rocade® has unveiled the
     new Brocade MLXe Core
Router as part of the Brocade
                                  experiencing worldwide.
                                  The new Brocade MLXe router
                                  and IEEE standards-based 100
MLX Series of high-density                                                  networ
                                  GbE blade deliver on the four
routers. These routers are        value propositions of the
designed to establish industry                                              k expansion.
                                  Brocade One™ unified network              Current Brocade
benchmarks for performance,       vision: non-stop networking,                                                                                         Deliv
scalability and investment                                                  MLX router                                                  ering four times
                                  investment protection,                    customers also gain the
protection for service provider   unmatched simplicity and                                                                          the 100 GbE wire-
and data center networks. In                                                power and benefits of 100                           speed density and nine
                                  application optimization. These           GbE performance and capacity
addition, Brocade is now          value propositions align to                                                         times the system capacity of
offering the industry’s most                                                since the 100 GbE blade                   competing routers, the Brocade
                                  today’s customer imperatives              integrates with and operates
competitively priced 100          and help them remain ahead of                                                       MLXe 15.36 Terabits per second
Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) solution                                             across all Brocade MLX, Brocade           (Tbps) fabric helps ensure
                                  the innovation curve by                   MLXe and NetIron XMR
to address the exponential        providing a clear growth path for                                                   g r e at e r s i m p l i c i t y w i t h
traffic surge that carriers are                                             routers.                                  significantly less infrastructure
                                  next-generation networks.
                                                                            “Th e new offe r ings are                 and operational overhead. In
                                    Extending the company’s                 technological breakthroughs               addition, it can also transport
                                    proven heritage with more               developed to help service                 dramatically more traffic on a
                                    than 9000 carrier and data              provider and data center                  single routing platform.
                                    center routers deployed                 customers collapse their
                                    globally, the new Brocade                                                         To help reduce operational
                                                                            infrastructure layers, allowing           expenditures and promote
                                    M L Xe ro u t e r s p rov i d e         for reduced overhead and
                                    superior 100 GbE                                                                  service provider expansion, the
                                                                            massive scalability without               new 100 GbE blades cost just a
                                    price/performance value to              compromising performance or
                                    help generate greater revenue                                                     f ra c t i o n of co m p e t i t i v e
                                                                            efficiency,” said Ken Cheng, vice         offerings. When installed in the
                                    streams with a future-ready             president, Service Provider
                                    infrastructure. The break-                                                        Brocade MLXe routers, the new
                                                                            Products, Brocade. “They fulfill          100 GbE blades enable service
                                    through performance levels              the promise of the Brocade One
                                    enable next-generati on                                                           provi ders to deploy the
                                                                            vision by helping customers               industry’s first Terabit-per-
                                    virtualized data centers to             transition seamlessly to a world
                                    support rising application                                                        second trunk, which utilizes
                                                                            w h e r e i n f o r m at i o n a n d      multiple ports in a single logical
                                    traffic demands and deliver             applications reside anywhere in
                                    cloud-based services using                                                        link for greater bandwidth and
                                                                            the cloud.”                               reduced management.
                                    less hardware—vastly
                                    i m p r o v i n g o p e rat i o n a l   Redefining Service Provider               This technology supports the
                                    efficiency and driving down             Scalability and Economics from            streaming of a half-million
                                    capital cost.                           Edge to Core                              high-definition video streams
                                    To protect existing network             Service providers today must              over a single managed connec-
                                    infrastructure investments,             continually evaluate their                tion – serving the equivalent of
                                    the new Brocade MLXe                    networking requirements to                all San Jose, Calif. households –
                                    routers are fully interoperable         manage a surge in Internet                and delivers more than twice
                                    with and support all existing           traffic due to expanding                  the operational efficiency of
                                    Brocade MLX and Brocade                 b r o a d b a n d p e n e t rat i o n ,   competitive offerings at a
                                    NetIron® XMR blades. This               bandwidth-intensive multime-              dramatically lower cost. The
                                    approach provides a clear               dia applications and mobile               result is greater profitability
                                    product evolution for future            application growth worldwide.             gains to help service providers
   Brocade MLXe Core Router

 15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                              27
                                                                                                                                              Jenny Taylor
     Zain Kuwait launches new mobile
     broadband services with Redknee
     R    edknee, a provider of
          business-critical billing and
     charging software and solutions
                                          Zain Kuwait launched its e-GO
                                          eeZee services to appeal to the
                                          different needs of the market
                                                                                   connections in favour of mobile
                                                                                   broadband connectivity so that
                                                                                   they can have Internet connec-
     for communications service           segments but with the conve-             tivity anywhere, anytime.
     providers, has announced that it     nience, cost control and peace of        According to Business Monitor
     is enabling Zain Kuwait's launch     mind of having a prepaid                 International, while the total
     of mobile broadband services as      account. Through Zain's 'e-GO            broadband penetration rate cur-
     the nation's largest mobile          eeZee Standard' and 'e-GO                rently remains low at 3.4%, in
     operator seeks to capture the        eeZee Super' offerings, Zain             the past year the number of
     growing broadband market in          Kuwait's mobile broadband cus-           broadband subscribers grew by
     Kuwait.                              tomers have the option to                20.5% and it expects to see
                                          decide on the quality of service         strong growth in the next few
     Leveraging Redknee's data rat-       they prefer, depending on their          years.
     ing, charging and policy plat-       surfing needs, and the flexibility       Khalid Al Omar, Zain Kuwait's
     form, NGRC, Zain Kuwait is           to adjust their spending needs           CEO, commented: “Since the           are able to bring the benefits of
     launching innovative mobile          so that they can contain their           launch of our first 3G connectiv-    mobile broadband in a manner
     broadband services whilst            expenses or simply recharge              ity cards in 2006 our data ser-      that is attractive to new mar-
     effectively managing its broad-      their tariff using Zain's eeZee          vices have gained in popularity      kets segments, such as the cost-
     band resources by tracking cus-      recharge cards. Most impor-              with our youth, Arab expatriate      conscious and light-usage cus-
     tomer usage in real-time and         tantly, the popular promotions           and inbound roaming market           tomers, as we continue to con-
     delivering tiered pricing pack-      are encouraging Kuwaitis to              segments. By launching new           centrate on driving data reve-
     ages.                                abandon their landline dial-up           flexible, tiered pricing plans, we   nue.”
      Contd, from page 27
     offer ultra-high-performance,        connectivity, increased data             requirement for next-                automatically discover, manage
     yet affordable, broadband            center network capacity has              generation data centers. The         and monitor the full Brocade
     connectivity and services for        become crucial for scaling               Brocade MLXe router and              networking portfolio including
     their subscribers.                   services. In addition, data              newly introduced Multi-Chassis       IP/MPLS routers, such as the
     “Performance, scalability and        ce n te r d e p l oy m e n t s a re      Trunk (M CT) innovati on             new Brocade MLXe, as well as
     investment protection are            requiring highly scalable                simplify data center networks        Ethernet switches, application
     important design attributes of       performance attributes and               and increase resiliency for          delivery controllers, wireless
     our global network platform,”        simplified design characteris-           customers moving to 10 GbE-          LAN, Fibre Channel SAN and
     said Denver Maddux, vice             tics.                                    enabled servers. This advance-       F C o E s w i tc h e s . B ro c a d e
     president, Network Engineer-         The Brocade MLXe router                  ment enables network-level           Network Advisor delivers on
     ing, Limelight Networks, Inc.        delivers on these requirements           virtualization and enhanced          the Brocade One vision as the
     “We see rapid traffic growth         with a comprehensive solution            network reliability while greatly    common management platform
     due to mobile video and online       that integrates high-                    reducing management                  that brings together all the
     media downloads, and so, it is       p e r fo r m a n ce w i re - s p e e d   complexity.                          Brocade networking solutions
     important that we can cost-          switching/routing with                   Unified Network Management           to maximize end-to-end
     efficiently upgrade our routing      enormous system capacity to              for Complete SAN and IP              infrastructure visibility from a
     platform to support our growth.      collapse network layers. Its 4.8         Control                              single application.
     Routers like the Brocade MLXe        billion packets per second               Brocade today also introduced        Pricing and Availability
     and 100 GbE blades provide us        performance provides five                Brocade Network Advisor, the         The Brocade MLXe router is
     with a path to add massive           times the IPv6 forwarding                industry’s first comprehensive       available today in 4-, 8-, 16- and
     capacity and scalability to our      capacity compared to compet-             unified network management           32-slot configurations and has a
     network as we look at our            ing offerings. This exceptional          solution for Brocade Fibre           starting list price of $22,245
     future needs.”                       performance helps data centers           Channel, Fibre Channel over          USD. The Brocade 100 GbE
     Powering Next-Generation             support more network traffic             Ethernet (FCoE), wireless,           blade is orderable today with
     Virtualized Data Centers             using far less infrastructure –          Ethernet switching, and              general availability planned for
                                          with the added benefit of long-          Multiprotocol Label Switching        the first half of 2011. The list
     With server virtualization and       term investment protection.
     rich-media content triggering                                                 (MPLS) networks — providing          price for the 100 GbE blade
     the need for more servers to         Non-stop networking with                 end-to-end network visibility in     starts at $194,995 USD for two
     connect through wire-speed           reduced architecture complex-            a single application. This           ports of 100 GbE in a single
                                          ity is also a fundamental                solution enables customers to        blade.

28                                                                                                                                15Sep - 14Oct 2010
UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar lead
the Arab World in the penetration of telecom services
T      he annual results of Arab
       Advisors Group's Total
Country Connectivity Measure
                                         in each country. The household
                                         mainlines penetration is
                                         measured by dividing the
                                                                              Group's Telecoms Strategic
                                                                              Research Service subscribers in
                                                                              August 2010. This report can be
                                                                                                                     (155%), Morocco (149%),
                                                                                                                     Jordan (148%), Tunis ia
                                                                                                                     (145%), Syria (142%), Egypt
(TCCM) reveal substantial                residential mainlines by the         purchased from the Arab                (140%), Palestine (109%), Iraq
–mostly cellular service driven-         number of households in each         Advisors Group for only US$            (100%), Yemen (66%) and in
improvements in overall scores.          country. The TCCM shows the          300. The report ranks the Arab         last place Sudan with a TCCM
The Arab broadband Internet              extent of connectivity of            World countries according to           value of 51.2%. “By looking at
markets also registered very             individuals in a certain country     their Total Country Connectivity       the TCCM scores, it is noticeable
positive growth.                         whether via fixed lines, cellular    Measure, based on a method-            that high scores are correlated
The United Arab Emirates is the          lines and/or the Internet. Of        olog i cal approach.Pleas e            with high-income levels. GCC
most connected country in the            course, there will be an overlap     contact the Arab Advisors              countries dominate the TCCM,
Arab World according to the              since many individuals will be       Group to get a copy of the             as income levels and GDP per
Arab Advisors Group's annually           using these three communica-         report's Table of Contents.            capita in these countries is
r e l e a s e d To t a l C o u n t r y   tions services at the same time.     The Total Country Connectivity         significantly higher than the
Connectivity Measure (TCCM);             However, the measure still           Measure results for 2009               rest of the Arab countries.
Saudi Arabia and Qatar                   yields an accurate and informa-      rev ea l e d t h e c o n t i n u e d   Moreover, countries with
followed in second and third             tive picture on the level of ICT     leadership of GCC countries.           competitive markets have seen
ranks respectively. The Arab             services adoption in each            UAE maintained the top spot            their scores improve rapidly as
Advisors Group calculates its            country.                             (with a score of 352%),                competition drove down rates
Total Country Connectivity               A new report, “Arab Advisors'        followed by Saudi Arabia               and enhanced awareness
Measure (TCCM) by adding the             Total Country Connectivity           (286%), Qatar (254%),                  amongst consumers” Mr. Samer
household mainlines penetra-             Measure (TCCM) for end of            Bahrain (250%), Libya (246%),          Abbas, Senior Research Analyst
tion, cellular penetration, and          2009 for the Arab World” was         Kuwait (201%), Oman (189%),            at the Arab Advisors Group
Internet users penetration rates         released to the Arab Advisors        Algeria (161%), Lebanon                wrote in the report.

Catering to the growing ranks of Internet users
in the Arab World, a small majority
of Arab Satellite TV channels have established online sites
D    uring July 2010, the Arab
     Advisors Group examined
448 FTA satellite TV channels
                                         that have corresponding
                                         portals. The portals portray the
                                         channels' services and the
                                                                              purchased from the Arab
                                                                              Advisors Group for only US$
                                                                              950. The 46-page report, which
                                                                                                                     the report. “The results show
                                                                                                                     that a majority of the 244
                                                                                                                     channels that have online
broadcasting on Arabsat,                 Integration between the              has 25 detailed exhibits,              presence lean more towards an
Nilesat, and Noorsat satellite           satellite channel and its online     provides a detailed analysis of        enhanced online presence.” Ms.
systems (i.e. targeting the Arab         presence is relatively strong.       the online presence of FTA             Hadeel Sakkijha, Arab Advisors
World) to research their online          Moreover, many satellite             Satellite Channels in the Arab         Senior Research Analyst wrote
presence. Of the analyzed                channels with basic online           World. The report includes             in the report.
stations, 66.7% (299 chan-               presence (where the integra-         analysis and categorization of         “Almost 39.7% of the satellite
nels) have an online presence.           tion between the satellite           the online presence of 448 FTA         channels have online presence
Spurred by the increasing                channel and its content and          satellite TV channels broad-           for promotional purposes only
uptake of the Internet service           service availability is relatively   casting on Arabsat, Nilesat and        and do not aim at generating
in the Arab World, many                  weak) demonstrate their              Noorsat satellite systems.             online revenues. Conversely, a
channels in the Arab TV                  intention of enhancing their         Please contact the Arab                total of 27% of satellite
industry have established an             online services.                     Advisors Group to get a copy of        channels use their supporting
online presence. The Arab                A new report, “Online Presence       the report's Table of Contents.        websites or portals for revenue
Advisors Group analysis                  of FTA Satellite Channels in the     Any investment in this report          generation. A majority of the
reveals that a majority of               Arab World” was released to          will count towards an annual           channels that have online
channels with an online                  the Arab Advisors Group's            Strategic Research Service             revenue generating features
presence have an enhanced                Media Strategic Research             subscription – Media should            have an enhanced online
presence. An enhanced online             Service subscribers in August,       the service be acquired within         presence.” Miss Sakkijha
presence includes channels               2010. This report can be             three months from purchasing           added.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                     29
                                                                                                                          aAsma Maqbool Ahmed

Samatel launches
mobile services in Oman
S    amatel, the Sultanate’s
     newest mobile operator,
has announced the launch of its
                                   “I would also like to extend a
                                   p ers onal thanks to the
                                   Telecommunication Regulatory
services for residential and       Authority as we deliver on their
business customers. The            visionary directive to deliver
company promises to provide        greater choice and value in the
Omanis with the highest quality    provision of mobile telecommu-
services and industry leading      n i c at i o n s s e r v i c e s , ” h e
customer service. Today’s          continued.
launch is a significant landmark   Samatel is making use of an
in the Sultanate’s rapidly         operating and technology
developing mobile industry.        platform provided by Effortel,
“Samatel is a brand new            the mobile virtual network
concept in the Sultanate, during   enabler (MVNE). Effortel
our planning phase we went to      operates a highly efficient,                         Dr. Wael Tahir                Sheikh Khalid Al Mataa’ni
                                                                                        CEO - Samatel               Founder & Chairman - Samatel
the drawing board and decided      centralised platform which has
that we don’t want to do           been deployed by mobile virtual            Additionally, Effortel provided      In all its offers to customers,
different things but rather we     network operators (MVNOs)                  expertise in business modelling      Samatel is adopting easy-to-
will do things differently. We     around the world.                          to help refine Samatel’s             understand and straightforward
wa n t e d t o a i m at t h e                                                 proposition to its target            communication with no hidden
                                   As the first Middle Eastern                residential and SME markets.         prices. ??
underserved market segments        MVNO using the Effortel
with our objectives being          services, Samatel is at a                  Samatel is primarily targeting       ?”To us, simplicity and transpar-
instant communications. We         significant advantage.                     untapped and under-served            ency are fundamental. Mobile
didn’t want our customers to                                                  segments of the market, with         s ervi ce plans are often
wait to reach their loved ones     T h e p l at fo r m i s h i g h l y        services tailored to suit their      complicated or subject to ‘fine
and hence we have incorporated     configurable and allows                    specific needs and highly            print’ which make unpleasant
every possible service in order    Effortel’s MVNO customers to               competitive pricing, but             surprises unavoidable. We want
to provide our customers that      act as more than simple resellers          Dr.Wael points out that mobile       to make it easy for our custom-
peace of mind to know they are     of mobile services.                        services are not sold on price       ers to understand the specific
just moments away from their       That flexibility provides                  alone.                               prices in the plans they have
friends & family,” commented       Samatel with the ability to                                                     selected, and to be comfortable
the Founder and Chairman                                                      “Naturally, price plays an
                                   design and operate bespoke                 important role and our unique        that they get what they pay
Sheikh Khalid Al Mataa’ni.         mobile packages to address                                                      for,” said Dr.Wael. ??
                                                                              model means that Samatel
“The hard work, dedication and     mainstream and niche                       customers will only be paying        Starting today, Samatel SIM
attention to detail we have        audiences.                                 for the services they want and       cards, with an entirely new
invested in Samatel means we       Commenting on the partnership              use, but that is not enough. It is   number series, are available at
can invite our customers to        Dr. Wael said, “Effortel’s                 for that reason that we have         Muscat Airport, Wajaja Border
experience ‘a life of happiness’   experience in launching and                invested heavily in ensuring we      and Muscat City Centre Seeb
– a mobile service unequalled      running its own M VNO                      can also deliver the highest         including dealers managed by
anywhere in the region,”           ventures is very important to              possible network performance,”       some of the best and most
announced an elated Dr. Wael       Samatel’s success. Effortel is             explained Dr.Wael.                   experienced distributors and
Tahir, Samatel CEO. “Samatel is    more than a technology partner                                                  retail brands in Oman. ??
delivering the mobile services                                                Prior to the definition and
                                   – they are also valuable                   launch of services Samatel           Customers can attain more
customers demand, coupled          business advisors.”
with high quality customer                                                    undertook comprehensive              information on dealers closest
experience and at prices           Prior to Samatel’s launch and              customer research.                   to them by contacting Samatel’s
virtually unheard of in the        deployment phases, Effortel                That research, looking at            Contact Center.
Sultanate until now. Our           also provided the company with             pricing, packaging, services and     Dr Wael concluded, “We
competitive rates are designed     assistance in its negotiations             distribution channels, resulted      promised that Samatel was
to deliver savings on both         with Nawras for the wholesale              in the development of Samatel’s      worth the wait and now invite
national and international         supply of network access                   segmented approach and               you to enjoy ‘A life of happiness’
calls.”                            services.                                  tailored packages and services.      with us.”

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                    31
     TRA Partners with Microsoft
     to boost UAE’s Cyber Security Initiative
     a     eCERT, a TRA (UAE)
           initiative to build a
     secure and safe cyber culture
     in the UAE; has signed an
                                                                                                                the region. We commend
                                                                                                                aeCERT initiatives and will
                                                                                                                continue to support their
                                                                                                                efforts through the SCP
     agreement with Microsoft Gulf                                                                              program.”
     to join its Security
     Cooperation Program (SCP).                                                                                 In addition, aeCERT and
     Under the agreement, aeCERT                                                                                Microsoft will work together
     and Microsoft aim to promote                                                                               to exchange information that
     the security of information                                                                                can be used to better antici-
     systems and networks in the                                                                                pate, help prevent and respond
     country and to exchange                                                                                    to information technology
     information to assist in that                                                                              security attacks. The kind of
     effort.                                                                                                    data that will be exchanged
                                                                                                                include, Information about
     The Security Cooperation                                                                                   publicly known and reported
     Program is a no-fee program                                                                                vulnerabilities , Information
     that helps further strengthen                                                                              about upcoming and released
     Microsoft’s comprehensive                                                                                  security updates to facilitate
     approach to providing the         tion technology (IT) infra-             security for individuals and
                                       structure, decreasing risk from         businesses in the emirate.”      resource planning and
     technology and services that                                                                               deployment, Security incident
     help enable secure computing      cyber attacks.                          “National security is impera-    metrics, Information on
     environments to governments       Mohammed Al Nasser Al                   tive and government bodies       Microsoft product security,
     and citizens. Through the SCP,    Ghanim, Director of Telecom-            must place security at the       the Microsoft approach to
     a framework will be provided      m u n i c at i o n R e g u l at u r y   forefront of their information   security and its incident
     for governments and               Authority (TRA), and aeCERT             technology requirements,”
                                       said, “The Security Coopera-            s ai d Charb el Fakhoury,        response process.
     Microsoft to engage in
     cooperative security activities   tion Program is aligned with            Regional General Manager of      SCP is part of the Microsoft
     in the areas of computer          our goal to build a secure and          Microsoft Gulf. “The Security    Security Response Alliance
     incident response, attack         safe cyber culture in the UAE.          Cooperation Program (SCP)        (MSRA), the latest evolution
     miti gati on, and citizen         We value such initiatives and           demonstrates the comprehen-      in Microsoft's efforts to build
     outreach. Using information       glad to partner with Microsoft,         sive Microsoft approach in       strong alliances with partners
     exchange and cooperative          which will help us build a              providing technology and         in the security response
     projects, SCP helps organiza-     sustainable secure environ-             services that help address       ecosystem. The MSRA builds
     tions like aeCERT better          ment for all ICT users in the           threats to national security,    on the fundamental underpin-
     respond to computer security      emirate. The SCP will allow us          economic strength and public     nings develop e d by its
     incidents and minimize the        to better address and raise             safety more efficiently and      constituents: five strong,
     impact of attacks on informa-     awareness ab out cyb e r                effectively for governments in   valuable alliances-including
                                                                                                                SCP that allows security
                                                                                                                response and research with
                                                                                                                multiple partners, vendors,
                                                                                                                governments and infrastruc-
                                                                                                                ture providers to collaborate in
                                                                                                                a secure and timely manner.
                                                                                                                These efforts are part of
                                                                                                                Mi cros oft’s Trustworthy
                                                                                                                Computing initiative and its
                                                                                                                vision for End-to-End Trust,
                                                                                                                which builds on technological
                                                                                                                innovations aligned with
                                                                                                                economic, political and social
                                                                                                                forces to create a safer and
                                                                                                                more trusted Internet.

32                                                                                                                      15Sep - 14Oct 2010
                                                                                                                                Azizullah Khan

Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications
grants patronage to the prestigious FTTH Middle East Conference 2010
T    he FTTH Council Europe
     Middle East Working
Group has announced that
                                    that extend from the core net-
                                    work, to the street cabinets,
                                    and to major customer pre-
Eng. Charbel Nahhas, Minister       mises, hoping that it will reach
of Telecommunications of the        every home. In parallel, the
Republic of Lebanon has             TRA has undertaken the task
granted his Patronage to the        to define the new building
second edition of the FTTH          requirements that account for
Middle East Conference, and is      b roa d ba n d co n n e c t i v i t y
likely to give the opening          including FTTH. The TRA is
speech of the event.                looking forward to the contri-
The conference is also sup-         bution of this conference
ported by keynote speaker Dr.       towards raising the awareness
Imad Y. Hoballah, Acting            of the importance of FTTH tech-              Dr. Imad Y. Hoballah                Eng. Charbel Nahhas
Chairman and CEO of the Leba-       nology and its adoption
nese Telecommunications Reg-        towards the economy in gen-             November and 1 December             of the Middle East FTTH mar-
ulatory Authority (TRA).            eral, the telecommuni-cations           with the theme “Taking your         ket panorama. Other sessions
“The TRA is pleased to fully        industry in particular, and to          life to new horizons”.              will focus on regulatory issues,
support the 2nd FTTH Middle         improving the standard of liv-          The programme includes much-        economic considerations and
East Conference held in Leba-       ing.” declared Dr. Hoballah.            awaited sessions such as pre-       business case. In the exposi-
non. This event coincides with      The 2-day event is to be held at        sentations of case studies from     tion area, industry leaders will
Lebanon's efforts for signifi-      the Mövenpick Hotel in Leba-            the Middle East and Europe, as      showcase the latest FTTH tech-
cant fibre expansion projects       non's capital city, Beirut on 30        well as the update and analysis     nologies and solutions.

                                                                                                                                    Al Mussafah

Avaya certifies EMW
as the First and Only Service Expert in the Middle East
E   MW, The Smart
    Convergence Experts and
leading supplier of services and
                                    being introduced by Avaya
                                    globally in acknowledgment of
                                    the commitment to services
                                                                            EMW has qualified to achieve
                                                                            this certification because of the
                                                                            company's outstanding
pro ducts in th e                   made by partners worldwide.             credentials which are in line
Tele communi cati on, I CT,         Speaking on the occasion, Mr.           with Avaya's high standards.
Eng ineering and Project            Serjios El-Hage, CEO of EMW             EMW's technical staff
Management sector announced         ME commented, “We are very              constitutes 80% of their work
has that it has become the first    proud to have achieved this             force and are dedicated to
and only Avaya partner in the       prestigious certification which         performing very challenging
Middle East to achieve the          recognizes and honours our              and complex projects that
prestigious Avaya Service           technical expertise, agility and        require various levels of
Exp ert certifi cati on. By         ability to deliver solutions that       expertise in a multi-vendor
conferring this honour, Avaya       meet and exceed our customers'          environment. EMW is con-
recognizes that EMW has             expectations in terms of                stantly introducing proof of        enablers specifically designed
invested in creating service        performance, reliability and            concept technologies that           and deployed at enterprise and
practices and confirms that the     cost of ownership. Most of the          differentiates the leaders from
company provides quality                                                    the followers. These are totally    service provider level customers
                                    projects completed by us are
service and technical expertise     very complex and challenging            configured and tested in-house      having a large footprint across
to meet the implementation          and we are happy to say that            before being deployed at the        the globe, to assist them in their
and support requirements of         our success rate has been 100%          customers' premises. Such           day to day operations in order to
customers. This specialization is   with no exception”.                     technologies are business           realize huge cost savings.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                 33
                                                                                                                                  Aasem Alali

     Etisalat partners with Mobiqa
     to offer mobile ticketing service in the UAE
     E    tisalat has announced a
          strategic partnership with
     Mobiqa, specialists in mobile
                                         ship, Abdulla Hashim, Senior
                                         Vice President, Business
                                         Solutions at Etisalat said:
                                                                                                              most popular for entertain-
                                                                                                              ment industry, cinemas, sports
                                                                                                              and live events organisers, and
     content optimisation, to bring      “Etis alat has always                                                travel and tourism industry,”
     mobile phone ticketing to the       endeavoured to bring world                                           added Mr. Hashim.
     region. As per the agreement,       class technologies in the UAE                                        Mobile bar coded ticket
     Etisalat will partner with          through strategic partner-                                           delivery offers the ultimate
     Mobiqa to create future             ships. Our association with                                          customer experience in terms
     Mobile Ticketing applications,      Mobiqa, to create and offer                                          of convenience and efficiency.
     through Mobiqa's industry           advance d M-ti cketing                                               By providing cinemas and live
     leading mobile bar coded            solutions to our customers,                                          events ticketing agents this
     ticket delivery technology. The     will offer convenience and                                           functionality, customers are
     solution will initially be          value to our customers, and                                          able to book tickets online via
     offered to the entertainment        also reinforce our constant                                          the web or the mobile web and
     industry in the UAE, and will       commitment to create newer          Abdulla Hashim
                                                                             Senior Vice President            opt for mobile delivery for
     enable Etisalat customers to        technology avenues.”                                                 their tickets. A barcoded ticket
     purchase tickets for live                                               Business Solutions, Etisalat
                                         Mobile ticket delivery offers      anywhere and anytime.             tailored specifically to the
     entertainment shows and             many benefits over traditional                                       customer's mobile device
     movies through their mobile         paper ticketing, with the most     “Mobile ticketing is now          model is then delivered using
     device. Mobiqa's mobile             prominent benefit being            becoming the most popular         either a SMS web link, an
     ticketing service is already        convenience: customers no          application propelling the        Email web link or MMS
     widely adopted across Europe        longer need to self print their    mobile commerce industry          delivery technologies. After
     and the US by a range of top        paper tickets; neither do they     worldwide. mTickets not only      receiving their ticket, custom-
     cinemas, venues, ticketing          need to spend time queuing at      offer convenience to the end      ers then present the barcoded
     software provi ders and             the box office to collect their    customer, but a far more cost-    ticket at the cinema or venue
     airlines.                           tickets. Now customers can         effective sales channel to        to be scanned and validated
     Commenting on the partner-          purchase tickets from              businesses. The solution is       before gaining entry.

       Hayyak Top-up offer receives
       high demand from customers
       T    he exciting extra free
            credit offer launched by
       Oman Mobile recently for
                                          locally and internationally,
                                          SMS, MMS or even browsing
                                          the internet. The company
                                                                            extra credit equal to RO 1.5.
                                                                            Electronic recharge would
                                                                            give customers 10% addi-
                                                                                                             Hayyak customers in addition
                                                                                                             to enjoying the advantages of
                                                                                                             this new offer will also be able
       Hayyak customers has been          made the offer available to all   tional credit when they          to benefit from the services of
       met with huge success and          recharge transactions that are    recharge from RO 3 to RO 10      Oman's widest mobile
       great demand from subscrib-        made via scratch cards,           and 15% free credit when
       ers in view of the unparalleled    electronically through Bank       they top up for RO 10 or more.   network. Moreover, they will
       advantages and great value.        ATMs or via Omantel website,                                       be able to benefit from the
                                                                            Striving to deliver a better     unique services provided by
       The offer which was unveiled                   customer experience and even
       last month gives customers of      Top up with physical vouchers     more value, Oman Mobile          Oman Mobile's state-of-the-
       Oman's first and most famous       of RO 3 and 5 would give          offers customers 20% extra       art 3.5G network that range
       prepaid service an extra credit    customers 10% free credit. RO     credit when they top up online   from video-calling, mobile TV,
       of up to 20% which can be          10 Hayyak recharge cards          by RO 10 or more through         online gaming and mobile
       used to call friends for free      would provide customers 15%       Omantel website.                 broadband.

34                                                                                                                    15Sep - 14Oct 2010
USF becomes non-functional
No new projects, no salaries to employees for months!
T      he Universal Service
       Fund, which has proved
to be the best operating USF
in the world and was being
used as a benchmark by other
countr i es, is op e rating
without any budget in this
fiscal year, resulting no
operations and non-payment
of salaries to its staff since
June 2010.
After recent clash between
Mr. Khosa and various IT and
Telecom organizations and                        Latif Khan Khosa                   Naguibullah Malik                        Parvez Iftikhar
                                                Advisor to PM on IT            Secretary - Ministry of IT                       CEO - USF
then his departure as Minister
in-charge of MoIT, USF is                 months now, while CEO and         company for on-going fiscal                2,700 villages where 2.5
waiting for its board meeting             GMs are paying running-           year.                                      Mil people live.
for budget approvals and                  expenses (or call it salaries)    It must be noted that all funds        !   In last three years, USF
decisions on various manage-              to lower staff from their own     are kept by Ministry of IT and             made broadband services
rial and operational tasks.               pockets so that at least they     are allotted to USF only after             available to 15.5 Million
                                          survive in these days of          a p p r o va l o f ( t e l e c o m )       People in urban/semi-
USF's last board meeting was              inflation.
held on March 31st, 2010,                                                   projects.                                  urban areas in over 200
since then organization has               This is the limit of destroying   Just to give our readers an                cities.
become non-functional at all              an organization that has been     idea, following are some of
                                          allocated a total of Rs. 15.1                                            !   Nearly 150,000 customers
levels.                                                                     key achievements of USF,                   attained broadband
                                          billion to spend for enabling     since its inception:
Just like ICT R&D Fund, USF is            telecom services in un-served                                                services in more than 200
waiting for Prime Minister's              areas of the country.             ! USF was allocated a total of             cities. Note that in these
nod to resolve administrative                                                  Rs. 15.1 to spend on telecom            200+ cities there was no
issues so that this key                   As mentioned above, last             projects in un-served areas.            broadband in the beginning
organization of telecom                   Board Meeting was held on            This could also be more if              of 2009.
industry kicks its operations             31st March in which all other        Board Meetings could be
                                          Board Members unanimously                                                !   Under the head of special
going.                                                                         held to approve signing of              projects, USF made various
                                          proposed to re-employ the            contracts where open
We have discussed in past on              current CEO. The Chairman                                                    s e rvi ces available to
USF's role for the develop-                                                    bidding has been com-                   200,000 people through
                                          (Minister in-charge) asked to        pleted or where bidding
ment of telecom and broad-                postpone the decision till                                                   pilot telecenters + many
                                                                               could be initiated – both               more benefitting through
band industry in the country,             next Board Meeting, which            waiting board approvals.                ICT facilities for disabled
however, this on-going                    was never held.
s i t u at i o n h a s l i t e ra l l y                                     ! A total fund of Rs. 6.3                  persons at Shifa Eye
                                          It merits mentioning here that       billion is allocated for                International Hospital and
paralyzed the organization                USF operates with the help of
with no new projects, audit of                                                 laying of fib er opti c                 Foundation for Fighting
                                          1.5 revenue share given by all       throughout the country,                 Blindness.
on-going projects, assess-                cellular companies annually.
ments, research work and                                                       connecting all Tehsils.                 Telecom companies, with
                                          Moreover, there are billions of                                          !
other organizational tasks.               Rupees (estimates suggest         ! Through USF, telecom                     the help of USF installed
Well placed source at USF                 25-30 billion rupees) sitting        services were available to              around 500 cell sites, out of
confirmed that company has                at ministry level under the          approximately 4.3 million               which more than half have
not spent a single rupee since            head of USF, however, they           people in 3,400 previously-             been installed and
1st July 2010. Employees are              can't be utilized as budget          unserved villages and work              technical audit of 235 has
not paid salaries for several             hasn't been approved for the         is in progress for another              been done.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                   35
     Intel sees $1bn sales shortfall
     I   ntel Corp warned that third-
         quarter revenue could fall
     short of its own estimates by
                                         Analysts said companies with
                                         exposure to a struggling PC
                                         industry fighting flagging
                                                                             s ai d res ili ent corp orate
                                                                             demand was helping prop up
                                                                             average prices even though
                                                                                                                 off a flurry of trading. Longer
                                                                                                                 term, analysts warned that
                                                                                                                 Intel continues to face pressure
     more than $1 billion, reinforcing   demand from slowing growth in       consumer demand in mature           as Apple's iPad and other
     doubts about the strength of a      Europe, China and the United        markets was weaker than             tablet computers continue to
     technology sector recovery.         States and rising inventory may     expected.                           chip away at demand for
     But shares in the industry          warn of revenue shortfalls in       “Even though the news is bad,       noteb o oks and desktop
     bellwether, which dominates         coming weeks.                       the bad news is already in the      computers. And while a still-
     the market for PC microproces-      Baird & Co analyst Tristan          valuation. Obviously, business      shaky economic recovery may
     sors, gained 1.05 per cent last     Gerra expects weakness to           isn't going great there, but the    make families think twice
     Friday because investors had        persist over several quarters       stock is so cheap this doesn't      ab out upgrading their
     braced for bad news and were        before demand bounces back in       matter,” sai d Stephen              computers, experts say future
     relieved the downward revision      the second half of 2011, but        Massocca, managing director         growth in the microchip
     had not been worse.                 warned of a longer-term threat      at Wedbush Morgan. Intel            industry lies in smart phones
     Global stocks also rose after US    from tablets like Apple Inc's       shares closed 19 cents higher at    and tablets, areas that Intel is
     economic growth data topped         iPad replacing Pcs.                 $18.37 on Nasdaq, after falling     far from dominating.
     estimates, as Federal Reserve       “That trend will continue in Q1     to $17.81, their lowest level       To bolster its stake in the
     Chairman Ben Bernanke said          until we fix the inventory          since July 2009. Shares in the      mobile microchip market, Intel
     the central bank was ready to       issues in the second,” he said.     world's largest chip maker have     is likely to announce a deal this
     counter a softening recovery. A     But “there's going to be more       slid 15 percent since mid-July.     weekend to buy part or all of
     n u m b e r o f fe l l ow t e c h   challenges for Intel next year,     The stock was halted earlier on     German chipmaker in fine on
     h eav y wei g hts, including        even if the market eventually       Friday as it appeared to trip a     Technologies AG's wireless
     Internati onal Business             picks up.” Other analysts           circuit breaker shortly after the   business, people familiar with
     Machines Corp, firmed.              pointed to a silver lining: Intel   company's revenue warning set       the matter.

                                                                                                                              Aartee Sundheep

     Major telcos will be a strong force
     in cloud computing, experts predict
     T     he major global
          tele communi cati ons
     companies will become strong
                                         compete with established
                                         players from the IT industry.
                                         According to the report, these
                                                                             needs of customers for cloud
                                                                             computing services.
                                                                             “All of the players reviewed in
                                                                                                                 as-a-Service (SaaS).
                                                                                                                 “But it’s still early days and
                                                                                                                 telcos that have not yet
     players in the cloud computing      c o m p a n i e s h av e l e d a    the report see cloud computing      developed a cloud computing
     market as interest from             ‘competitive march’ from            as leveraging their core            strategy should not feel that
     previously cautious end users       telecoms into cloud computing,      competencies and Orange has         they have missed the boat as
     increases rapidly over the next     and now have wi dely                coined the term ‘IT operator’ to    the market is still embryonic
     two to three years, Ovum has        acknowledged credibility in the     reflect its new role in IT          and many end users are still
     predicted.                          field.                              services by analogy with its        cautious about cloud
     A n ew re p o r t * by t h e        Peter Hall, report author and       traditional role as a network       computing. However, we
     independent telecoms analyst        Ovum principal analyst, said:       operator. We believe that the       expect to see interest pick up
     states that AT&T, BT, Orange        “The major telcos have a long       global and major regional telcos    quite rapidly over the next two
     Business Services and Verizon       heritage in providing managed       will become strong players          to three years, so the time is
     Business have made                  data center services and            across the full spectrum of         right for many telcos to be
     considerable progress in the        hosting and have combined this      cloud computing services            developing a strategy and
     arena in just over a year, and in   with their networking and           including Infrastructure-as-a-      roadmap for their entry to the
     terms of services, can now          security expertise to meet the      Service (IaaS) and Software-        market.”

36                                                                                                                       15Sep - 14Oct 2010
                                                                                                                              Teletimes Report
Du and Injazat partnership
promises a new era of innovation for Managed Networked IT services
T    he UA E's integrate d
     telecom service provider
Du and Injazat, the leading
                                                                                                               ens our existing partnership
                                                                                                               with du and combines du's
                                                                                                               superior telecom expertise
information communication &                                                                                    with our business solution
technology and business                                                                                        experience to provide the
process managed services                                                                                       UAE's businesses with highly
provider in the United Arab                                                                                    s ophisti cate d manage d
Emirates, have formally                                                                                        networked IT services. We
entered into a go-to-market                                                                                    look forward to exploring the
partnership agreement to                                                                                       opportunity of working with
provide business customers                                                                                     Du to provide advanced
with state-of-the-art net-                                                                                     networked services that will
worked IT services.                                                                                            considerably reduce costs and
It is envisaged the new                                                                                        boost efficiency for UAE
agreement once finalised, will                                                                                 bus iness es,” commente d
allow du and Injazat, who                                                                                      Ibrahim Mohamed Lari, CEO,
currently have a longstanding                                                                                  Injazat.
pa r t n e r s h i p , to q u i c k l y                                                                        In March 2009, Du and Injazat
integrate Injazat's latest left to right: Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, du, and                  had signed a 3-year deal under
world-class managed net- Ibrahim Mohamed Lari, CEO, Injazat after signing the agreement                        w h i c h I n j a z at p rov i d e s
worked IT services with du's networks through greater Chief Commercial Officer, Du.                            managed collocation services
and Injazat's combine d productivity and reduced Together, the two companies                                   for du's mission-critical
market-leading telecommuni- operating expenses. Not only are looking to launch managed                         systems through its Abu
cation services and business will this potential collabora- networked IT services, which                       Dhabi-based Tier IV data
solutions.                              tion be beneficial to the UAE's will allow businesses to               centre, the first commercially-
“ D u a n d I n j a z at s h a r e      business by making these dramatically reduce up-front                  available facility of its kind in
tremendous synergy in the services available to them, but investment costs, while also                         the region. The fault-tolerant
area of managed network it will serve as a benchmark for accelerating the adoption of                          centre supports reliable,
services. The benefits of a the increased adoption of m a na ge d n e t w o r ke d I T                         secure, and high-value 24-hour
potential joint proposition m a na ge d n e t w o r ke d I T services on a large scale.                        IT managed services incorpo-
could see customers gain s e rvi ces in th e reg i on,                                                         rating IT Infrastructure Library
significant return from their commented Farid Faraidooni, “This recent venture strength-                       (ITIL) standards.

Du to fund further infrastructure
build-out through $207m export credit facility
E     mirates Integrated
     Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
Company (Du) has announced
                                          by Euler Hermes, the Export
                                          Credit Agency (ECA) based in
                                          Germany, will see a $207m of
                                                                            Kevin Raistrick, Structured
                                                                            Finance, NSN Middle East and
                                                                            Africa, said, "We are extremely
                                                                                                               at KfW IPEX-Bank, added, "We
                                                                                                               are delighted to play an
                                                                                                               important role in the further
it has entered into a $207m               export credit facility provided   pleased to be able to arrange an   successful expansion of Du by
financing agreement with KfW              to Du by KfW IPEX-Bank            export credit facility to Du for   providing financing, as well as
IPEX-Bank GmbH, part of the               GmbH for the purchase of NSN      the second time this year,         supporting the German export
German KfW Bankengruppe.                  solutions and services. In line   reaching a total amount of         industry with this transaction.
The financing agreement was               with Du's ongoing efforts to      $475m in 2010. The close           Du has shown an impressive
facilitated by Nokia Siemens              meet the highest levels of user   relationship we have with Du       track record since it launched
Networks (NSN), one of the                satisfaction, NSN solutions       enables us to understand their     operations in 2007 with
largest telecommunications                financed through the credit       needs and provide the right        excellent credit."
hardware, software and services           facility will be used to expand   support at all levels."            Nokia Siemens Networks is the
companies in the world.                   and upgrade Du's 2G and 3G        Volker Wiederhold, Director of     majority vendor supplier to Du
The agreement, largely backed             network.                          Telecommunications and Media       for 2G and Core Works.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                  37
                                                                                                                                   Lindsey Lee

     Smart Communications goes live
     with Synchronica-based push email service
     S   mart Communications,
         Inc. (Smart); the largest
     mobile operator in the
                                            and Email-to-SMS for basic
                                            handsets. Competing
                                            operators in the Philippines            Based on Synchronica’s Mobile
     Philippines, has launched              use client-based solutions              Gateway, GoMail is the country’s first
     GoMail, a mass market push             which are suitable for a
     email service based on                 limited range of handsets,
                                                                                    flat-rated mobile push email service.
     Synchronica's award-winning            dramatically decreasing their
     Mobile Gateway middleware.
                                                                                campaign to support uptake       benefit. With the launch of
                                                                                of the service.                  GoMail, we’ve turned that
         Philippines carrier Smart                                              “Being able to provide push      prospect into a reality.
                                                                                                                 Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway
         Communications launches GoMail.                                        email to any of our 45.3-
                                                                                                                 was the ideal choice to power
                                                                                million customers was a
                                                                                compelling prospect for          GoMail, giving our subscribers
                                                                                Smart,” said Danilo Mojica,      a user-friendly way of sending
     Smart is the first and only            addressable market.                                                  and receiving email on any
     operator in the Philippines to                                             head of Smart’s Wireless
                                            Smart’s subscribers can             Consumer Division. “In the       kind of handset.”
     launch a flat-rated mobile             register for the service by
     push email service which is                                                same way that Smart’s            Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of
                                            sending the word ‘Mail’ and         innovative but affordable        Synchronica, adds: "We’re
     targeted specifically to the           their handset model, as a text
     consumer market and is                                                     offerings made the use of        really pleased that Smart
                                            to 7077. The service is billed at   voice and SMS ubiquitous in      chose our award-winning
     compatible with all handsets.          a low monthly rate of P199          the Philippines, we would like   Mobile Gateway to bring their
     GoMail is available to all             (USD 4.45), or a daily rate of      to turn email into another       innovative GoMail push email
     Smart subscribers and is               P20 (USD 0.45). Smart has           universally available service    service to market.
     based on Synchronica’s                 embarked on a major print           on a mobile phone from which     Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway
     aw a r d - w i n n i n g M o b i l e   and radi o advertis ing             the everyday Filipino may        has been designed for markets
     Gateway product. Mobile                                                                                     like the Philippines, where
     Gateway provides 100%                                                                                       operators are increasingly
     device compatibility by using             wo subscription options exist –                                   introducing addictive data
     the built-in email and
     synchronization clients found             Unlimited Monthly (USD 4.45) and                                  services to the mass-market
                                               Unlimited Daily (USD 0.45).                                       as a means of increasing
     in a wide range of handsets, in                                                                             ARPU levels, and combating
     addition to Email-to-MMS

38                                                                                                                      15Sep - 14Oct 2010
                                                                                                                              Lee Gomes

Storage hits
the Family Room
Disk-drive companies are betting
on a new breed of gadgets
C    ompared with Samsung,
     Sony and Apple, disk drive
makers are hardly glamorous
players in the consumer
electronics world. Yet as they
stood smiling at their display
booths and executive suites at
the g igantic Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas
in early January, executives of
storage providers like Seagate
and Western Digital could feel
right at home. Ordinarily
storage products attract little
of the excitement surrounding
the iPods they make possible.
N o w , t h o u g h , S e a g at e ,
Western Digital and the others
have their own entries in the
sweepstakes of cool. They are
selling living room products
called media players.
It's doubtful whether vendors
of these $150 items will ever
match Apple's success, since
th e world of consumer                                  Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater media player links your PC to the TV
electronics requires the sorts
of resources in design and             companies have roared out of        Western Digital, the third-     the size of a tissue box and
marketing that a magnetic              last year's slump. Disk drives--    largest disk drive maker, saw   attach to a TV much like a DVD
platter company is not likely to       which keep your data stored in      its shares quadruple since      player does. Inside the casing
have. But merely adding them           your computer when it's             November 2008.                  they are essentially Linux
to the lineup is a reminder of         turned off--remain a cyclical       These companies, along with     computers, with their geeky
how the biggest trends with            business. At the moment we're       storage box maker Iomega        innards hidden by a user-
consumers--notably, the                in the positive part of the         (which was bought by EMC in     f ri endly interface and
fascination with video, both           cycle. Shares of industry leader    2008), have all recently        operated with a remote
the Hollywood and cell phone           Seagate have quadrupled in          introduced media players        control.
variety--play to the strengths         the last year to $17.90; it         designed to pair with the big   While these media players can
of the storage industry.               posted a net loss of $3.1 billion   high-definition TV sets that    connect to Internet sites like
                                       on $9.8 billion in revenues in      are showing up in family        YouTube and Netflix to access
It's a big reason storage              the year through July 3.            rooms. The media players are    streaming video, their main

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                        41
     purpose is to give customers a      the products so far tend to be     Brean Murray, Carret & Co.             new players, they can bring out
     way to play on their living         gearheads, who race to online      One reason PC sales were               products to test a market or
     room TVs all the movies that        user forums with every             strong was all the cell phones         even to seed an idea. Seagate's
     they happen to have handy in        complaint and compliment as        and digital cameras in use.            Luczo, for example, says that
     digital form on their PCs.          they think them up. That's one     These consumer devices don't           while his company's FreeAgent
     Much of the demand for new          reason sales for the players are   typically use disk drives. But         Theater has been a modest
     devices comes from young            tiny--so small that analysts       they do take lots of video and         success with "very good" profit
     Web-savvy users who get their       don't have estimates yet.          still pictures--much of which          margins (he won't say how
     movies from illegal download        The media players are not          ends up getting stored on a            much), a runaway bestseller in
     sites like Pirate Bay instead of    likely to overtake storage         disk drive some place. (On two         the product category will likely
     Netflix or Redbox. (The same        companies' sales of traditional    disk drives, if you don't want         come from Apple "or whatever
     is true for Apple, since the iPod   disk drives. Combined annual                                              company owns the home."
     wouldn't have been nearly as        revenues of Seagate, Western
     big a hit if its users had          Digital and Hitachi (which
     purchased music only legally.)      owns the disk drive business
     The new media players haven't       that once belonged to IBM)
     yet fully caught on in the U.S.     are roughly $25 billion. The
     "But if you walk around big         three companies make half a
     stores like FNAC in Europe, you     billion drives a year. As much
     see stacks and stacks of them,"     as 90% of their business
     says Jonathan Huberman,             comes from a small number of
     chief executive of Iomega,          big customers--the PC
     which is marketing a $150           manufacturers; retail chains
     player. "It's a very interesting    like Wal-Mart and Costco; and
     business for us." (The products     lately Internet companies that
     are now being rolled out in         assemble their own computers

                                                                                        The goal behind media player from Iomega

                                                                            to take chances.) Which is why         They may not own the home,
                                                                            s t o ra g e c o m p a n i e s a r e   but disk drive companies will
                                                                            bothering with the media               always be in it, as the sheer
                                                                            player pro ducts--to get               technical capacities of storage
                                                                            consumers comfortable with             continue to astonish even the
                                                                            the idea of playing PC-based           most jaded tech observers.
                                                                            movies in their living rooms.          John Rydning, the disk drive
                                                                            "Any time that people are              analyst at research firm IDC,
                                                                            moving video around it's good          predicts that by the end of this
                                                                            for disk drives," says Seagate         year a $300 drive the size of a
               Western Digital: expend demand for storage                   Chief Executive Stephen J.             paperback book may be able to
     Asia; the Seagate entry, for for their data centers and that           Luczo.                                 hold four terabytes of data.
     instance, is arriving soon in buy their drives directly to save        The new media players, like cell       That's enough for 80 Blu-Ray
     China.)                          money.                                phones, don't always use disk          movies or 600 DVDs--or, for
                                                                            drives. The rationale for              that matter, 4.5 million
     The products show off Blu-Ray Stronger-than-expected sales                                                    paperback books.
     movies in all their high- from those channels helped                   Seagate and others to sell
     definition glory. But their the industry pull out of the               them is to motivate people to          Since their inception disk drive
     control software lacks much of sluggishness and occasional             put movies onto disk drives.           companies have yearned for a
     the eye candy that comes with red ink of the first half of             The manufacturing and much             time when their business
     Apple's similarly conceived but 2009. "As the year wore on, I'd        of th e eng ine e r ing are            would cease to be brutally
     less versatile Apple TV find mys elf rais ing my                       outsourced to original design          cyclical. Can living room media
     product. Simple tasks, like numbers for the companies 1%               manufacturers in China and             players even out demand
     getting the network connec- every month," says Ananda                  Taiwan.                                across the calendar? It's
     tion to the main PC running, Baruah, who follows the                   Since disk drive companies             doubtful, but at least the next
     can be a chore. Customers for industry at investment bank              don't have to bet the farm on          revolution of the business
                                                                                                                   cycle will be televised.

42                                                                                                                         15Sep - 14Oct 2010

Teradata Pakistan issues
calls for entries in National IT Excellence Awards

                                                                                                                                Pic - Umer Farooq

T     e ra d ata Pa k i s ta n , a
     business unit of Teradata
Corporation, the world's largest
                                     to recognizing the winners
                                     during this year's ceremony.”
                                     The nominating period opens
                                                                         ceremony in Islamabad where
                                                                         their achievements will be
                                                                         highlighted before a prestigious
                                                                                                                 ! L i fe t i m e A c h i ev e m e n t
                                                                                                                 ! Excellence in IT enabled
company solely focused on            September 1 and closes              gathering of dignitaries and               Service Offering (New
data warehousing and                 September 25, 2010.                 news media.
enterprise analytics, has                                                                                           category)
                                     Now in its ninth year, Teradata     The award categories this year
announce d th e call for                                                                                         ! CIO of the Year award (New
                                     National IT Excellence Awards       are:
nominations for its annual                                                                                          category)
Teradata National Information        celebrate accomplishments in        ! Excellence in IT Business
                                     the regional IT industry.              Intelligence                         Nominations are open to all
Technology Excellence Awards.                                                                                    companies. Organizations can
The 12 categories span the field     Nominees must have com-             ! E xc e l l e n c e i n P r oj e c t
                                     pleted their achievements                                                   nominate those employees who
from software development                                                   Management
and research to education and        during the period of January                                                they believe have made a
business application and             2008 to December 2008 and           ! Excellence in Software                remarkable and outstanding
include two new award                January 2009 to December               Export                               contribution in one of these
categories – Excellence in IT        2009 A Lifetime Achievement         ! Excellence as an IT Student           specific areas. Some categories
enabled Service Offering and         award will be given to the                                                  also allow self nomination.
                                     individual who has made             ! Excellence in Software                Nomination forms include
CIO of the Year. Suggested                                                  Development
draft quote: “Each year we           outstanding contributions to                                                instructions and specific
recognize those persons who          the state of IT in Pakistan while   ! Excellence in IT Research &           criteria for each category. The
are instrumental in introducing,     the Chief Information Officer          Development                          indep endent awards are
promoting and implementing           award will be given for                                                     monitored by the auditing firm
                                                                         ! E x c e l l e n c e i n
IT in Pakistan,” said Khuram         contributions made by the                                                   of Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder &
                                     executive leader of an IT              Internetworking
Rahat, managing director,                                                                                        Co., a business unit of Ernst &
Teradata Pakistan. “We're            organization.                       ! Excellence in IT Media &              Young. The auditors are
thrilled to open this year's         The winners will be announced          Publication                          handling all queries and review
nominations and look forward         and honored at a grand              ! Excellence in IT Education            of nomination materials.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                     43
                                                                                                                                  Colin Saldanha

     TMC Labs honors
     Interactive Intelligence
     with Unified Communications Innovation Award
     T   e chnology Marketing
         Corp. has honored
     Interactive Intelligence with
                                         route, escalate and track work
                                         through each step of a
                                         business process," said TMC
                                                                             complex suites, and the tool-
                                                                             kits that can trigger notifica-
                                                                             tions and communications but
     its Unified Communications          Labs chief technical officer        rely on other applications to
     TMC Labs Innovation Award.          and executive technology            perform automation," said
     Inte ractive Intelli gence          editor, Tom Keating. "As a          Inte ractive Intelli gence
     received the award for its          result, IPA gives customers the     founder and CEO, Dr. Donald
     communi cati ons-base d             ability to automate and track       Brown. "So we created IPA
     process automation product,         both existing and entirely new      using our existing communica-
     Interaction Process Automa-         business processes -- from          t i o n s p l at fo r m to g i v e
     tion(TM) (IPA). IPA was             start to finish -- thus providing   customers everything they
     designed to provide quantifi-       significant and measurable          need for a cost-effective and
     able return on investment for       ROI."                               truly complete solution - from                 Don Brown
     unified communications by           Inte ractive Intelli gence          a graphical authoring interface
     providing a streamlined             developed IPA as an alterna-        and service-oriented architec-       and reduce operational costs.
     method for automating core          tive to process management          ture, to monitoring and              To learn more about IPA, visit
     business processes.                 suites and to "tool-kits" that      reporting capabilities."   
     "Interactive Intelligence has       simply embed communica-             IPA targets mid-size to large        Now in its 11th year, the TMC
     taken a truly innovative            tions into applications.            organizati ons across all            Labs Innovation Awards honor
     approach to business process        "In researching existing BPA        industries seeking to auto-          ground-breaking products
     automation by using its             solutions we found customers        mate multi-step, people-
     unified IP communications                                                                                    that have helped advance
                                         lacked a good choice between        centric business processes to
     platform to capture, prioritize,    the traditionally costly and        increase process efficiency          unified communications.

                                                                                                                             Madeleine Doporto

     Batelco introduces new SimSim refill method
                                             “First of Its Kind in the Market”
     B     atelco, Bahrain's leading
           mobile services provider
     has launched a new refill
                                         service (SimSim), by sending
                                         an SMS with the amount they
                                         want to purchase to 4554.
                                                                             “We continuously seek to offer
                                                                             the most advance d and
                                                                             innovative services to deliver
                                                                                                                  The new service adds to the
                                                                                                                  existing list of refill methods
                                                                                                                  that Batelco prepaid customers
     method for its mobile postpaid      For example, postpaid               convenience and an excellent         can avail of to refill their
     customers. The launch of ESMS       customers may send “SimSim          experience for our customers,”       accounts including: plastic
     comes as part of the company's      BD10” to 4554 and they will         said Batelco General Manager         vouchers, electronic vouchers,
     continued efforts to provide        receive an automatic SMS with       Media Relations Ahmed Al             credit transfer from post-paid
     convenience for its customers       a BD10 refill voucher number.       Janahi.                              to prepaid, credit transfer from
     and also is in line with            The voucher value will be billed    “ESMS represents a qualitative       prepaid to prepaid and other e-
     Batelco's efforts to 'Go Green'.    directly on their next postpaid     leap in the mobile world, as it      banking services.
     The new service, which is the       mobile bill. This service can be    changes the trend from the           The service is now available to
     first of its kind in the market,    used with any of Batelco's          traditional refill vouchers to       customers and is expected to
     enables postpaid customers to       voucher nominations which           the electronic world with all        be very well received by mobile
     refill the SimSim credit of their   include BD1, BD2, BD3, BD4,         the convenience and environ-         customers, who will surely
     relatives and friends who use       BD5, BD10, BD20 and BD30.           ment protection it delivers,”        appreciate the time that the
     Batelco's mobile prepaid                                                added Mr. Al Janahi                  new service can save them.

44                                                                                                                        15Sep - 14Oct 2010
Future lies in
                                                                                                                                 Salman Kazmi

“smart networks for smart devices”
Nokia Siemens Networks' CEO outlines telecoms transformation, also confirms
unsolicited interest in company from private equity
R    ajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia
     Siemens Networks, has
outline d th e company's
                                                                                                               Experience Project with,
                                                                                                               optimizing Telefónica O2's
                                                                                                               network by minimizing the
commitment to transforming                                                                                     signalling load. It has now been
mobile networks to cope with                                                                                   independently verified** as the
the explosion in smart devices.                                                                                fastest mobile broadband
This commitment includes the                                                                                   network in London.
creation of a “Smartphone                                                                                      Suri also confirmed that Nokia
Experience Lab” based in                                                                                       Siemens Networks was working
Telefónica premises in Madrid.                                                                                 with Telefónica and Nokia on a
Speaking at the 24th annual                                                                                    joint initiative. The
Spanish telecoms summit in                                                                                     Smartphone Experience Lab
Santander, Suri also took the                                                                                  was recently started in
opportunity to confirm that                                                                                    Telefónica premises in Madrid
Nokia Siemens Networks had                                                                                     with its objective to find the
received unsolicited                                                                                           ideal configuration between
expressions of interest from                                                                                   mobile handsets, applications
private equity firms due to its                                                                                and networks to minimize any
recent business momentum.                                                                                      negative network impact from
“Smartphones are taking off                                                                                    smart devices, improve resource
everywhere, and Spain happens                                                                                  consumption as well as better
to be one of the fastest growing       Rajeev Suri                                                             handset and application
markets, outpacing Germany,                                                                                    performance, and to ultimately
Sweden, the UK and US,” Suri         technologies such as LTE,              networks around the world          provide people with the best
said. “Networks need to              improved financial                     and, unless addressed, could       possible user experience. The
transform - now - to cope with       performance, landmark new              become increasingly common.        outcomes from the Lab's
the huge amounts of signalling       deals and its recent move to           Expectations of smartphone         activities will include guidelines
and data traffic smart devices       acquire the wireless                   users are also rising as a         on the optimum network and
generate. Our approach is the        inf rastructure ass ets of             generation raised on always-on     handset configurations and
only one that can cope with this     Motorola.                              fixe d broadband reach             application development.
explosion, while preparing           Suri was addressing an                 independence and expect to be      The Smartphone Experience
op erators for th e fast-            audience of telecoms policy            connected wherever they are.       Lab comes under the scope of
approaching roll-out of Long         makers and business leaders in         As an example, of the current      Telefónica's overall smartphone
Te r m E v o l u t i o n ( L T E )   Santander, Spain on the unique         500 million active users on        activities, aimed at: improving
networks.”                           challenges that the sudden             Facebook, already more than        customer experience when
In reference to news that Nokia      proliferation of smart devices         150 million use a mobile device    using smartphone applications,
Siemens Networks has received        poses to mobile operators.             to access the service, and these   and anticipating, as far as
enquiries from private equity        Many always-on smartphone              mobile users are twice as active   possible, potential future
firms seeking to invest, Suri        apps generate eight times as           as non-mobile users.*              issues due to new behaviour
said, “I take this unsolicited       much signalling traffic as             “Finding ways to support the       patterns caused by
interest as a testament to the       laptops with mobile                    10,000 percent increase in         smartphones and related
progress we are making.”             connections. This can overload         smartphone generated data          applications. To achieve its
                                     network elements so that they          traffic by 2015 is vital for       aims, Telefónica is closely
Suri noted that the company's        no longer support additional
turnaround was well underway,                                               operators worldwide,” explains     working with third parties such
                                     data or voice calls, degrading         Suri.                              as network and device vendors,
with share gains in key              n e t w o r k q u a l i t y. T h i s
segments, established                                                                                          including Nokia Siemens
                                     phenomenon can be seen in              Nokia Siemens Networks has         Networks and Nokia, as well as
leadership in next generation        many smartphone-heavy                  recently completed the London      other operators.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                                45
                                                                                                                                    Teletimes Report

     Dell sponsors Pakistan's
     first ever Blog awards
     D     ell recently sponsored
           Pakistan's first ever blog
     awards ceremony held at a
                                        tion, humor, business,
                                        science, health care, Urdu
                                        blogs, celebrities,
                                                                                                                      technology experts and
                                                                                                                      industry specialists partici-
                                                                                                                      pated in the awards distribu-
     local hotel in Karachi. It was a   automobiles, literature,                                                      tion ceremony and enlight-
     pioneering event in which          sports, photo blogs,                                                          ened the evening.
     Pakistani blogs were awarded       music blogs, video blogs,                                                     Head of Marketing for CSMB
     for their brilliant content and    food blogs and many                                                           at Dell Pakistan, Nubla
     quality. Altogether 207 blogs      others.                                                                       Iftikhar stated, “Dell is happy
     participated in the competi-       The competition was                                                           to have pioneered the concept
     tion in the 41 defined catego-     hard-hitting among blogs                                                      of recognizing talent in
     ries.                              of different categories;                                                      Pakistani blogs; there's a lot of
     The participating blogs were       one blog in each field was                                                    enthusiasm, skill and the urge
     scrutinized and judged by 14       chosen among them and                                                         to create interesting content.”
     experts from different fields.     awarded as the best blog.                                                     Nubla Iftikhar was also one of
     The main categories were           More than 300 people, Head of Marketing CSMB at Dell Pakistan,                the judges from the panel of
     technology, politics, educa-                                           Nubla Iftikhar                 award at
                                        i n c l u d i n g b l o g g e r s , Pakistan's Firstpresenting an ceremony
                                                                                             Blog Awards              the blog awards.

     Jam-a-Jingle Dell expands
     for Dell     Wi-Fi reseller deal
     D     ell Pakistan has recently
           launched a jingle competition
                                                 with Aruba
     for its Face book fans named “Jam a
     Jingle for Dell”. Fans are invited to       Dell plans to actively market and support WLAN products
     ignite their creative talents and
     compose jingles for Dell. The winner
                                                 from Aruba Networks for the midsize and
     of the competition will be awarded          small enterprise market.
     with a cash prize of Rs.50, 000.            Previously Dell was a reseller only, leaving marketing and
     Head of Marketing for CSMB at Dell          support functions to Aruba.
     Pakistan, Nubla Iftikhar stated,
     “Dell as a stylish brand is happy to
     engage the youth by giving them the
     opportunity to express their musical
                                                  T    he equipment, including
                                                       controlle rs, access
                                                  points and network
                                                                                    tory models to the more
                                                                                    recent 3x3 MIMO models,
                                                                                    and the W-3000 series of
     talent with respect to the emotive           management products such          WLAN controllers. Dell has
     association they have with Dell”.            as Aruba's Airwave Wireless       been an Aruba reseller for
                                                  Management Suite, will be         the past two years, in
     This exciting competition will               offered under Dell's              selected markets. With the
     continue till July 10, 2010 during           PowerConnect label of             new agreement, Dell will be
     which fans will post their musical           enterprise networking gear.       marketing the WLAN
     compositions on Dell's fan page.             The PowerConnect W logo           solution much more widely,
     Later in the competition fans will be        will feature "powered by          according to Larry Hart,
     able to vote for the best jingle. The        Aruba Networks" on the            Dell's worldwide head of
     top voted compositions will be               WLAN products.                    marketing for networking.
     handed over to popular VJ Dino and           he lineup includes Aruba's        Aruba has been training
     VJ Anoushey who will be choosing             full line of 802.11n access       Dell sales and tech support         2,100 Dell employees will
     the winner of this competition for           points, from the introduc-        staff. By yearend, some             have gone through the Aruba
     the cash prize.                                                                                                    training.

46                                                                                                                            15Sep - 14Oct 2010
Mobily wins contract
for CITC's Comprehensive
Service Fund exploratory project
E    tihad Etisalat (Mobily)
     won a contract to execute
an exploratory project for the
                                                                                                             developmental gaps between
                                                                                                             CEO Kaf said that Mobily will
Communications and Informa-                                                                                  draw upon all of its resources
tion Technology Commission's                                                                                 and expertise to serve the resi-
Comprehensive Service Fund.                                                                                  dents of the areas the project
Mobily was the only contender                                                                                will cover.
to have passed all evaluation cri-
teria to win the contract. The                                                                               “Of course, the fact that we own
contract was signed in Riyadh                                                                                the region's biggest broadband
on Sunday by CITC Governor                                                                                   network will definitely help in
and fund chief executive Dr.                                                                                 providing quality services to
Abdulrahman Al-Jaafari, and                                                                                  remote areas, so as we can
Mobily's CEO Engineer Khalid                                                                                 enrich the lives of their dwellers
Al Kaf.                                                                                                      with services that exceed their
                                                                                                             expectations,” said Kaf.
The project aims to provide          the project at a cost of          development throughout the
voice and broadband internet                                                                                 Mobily enjoys a solid infra-
                                     SAR50m.                           Kingdom, with a long-term stra-       structure, part of which is
connectivity to the residents of                                       tegic outlook for the Kingdom's
the districts of Khulais and Al-     “We are working to implement                                            12,000 kilometers of fiber
                                     the directions of Custodian of    economy,” said Jaafari.               optics – all of which helps the
Kamel in the Makkah Region,
and the district of Mahd Al-         the Two Holy Mosques King         “We want to play our part in          company provide the best, most
Dhahab in the Madina Region.         Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz about     achieving balanced, sustainable       reliable services to individuals
                                     carrying out comprehensive        development and bridge the            and businesses.
Mobily is expected to carry out

Free Credi Net Cards
                                                                                                                         Madeleine Doporto

for new or upgrading Batelco broadband customers
B     atelco has partnered with
      one of Bahrain’s leading
credit card organisations,
                                     prepaid internet-usage
                                     accounts, which can be refilled
                                     by customers and used to
                                                                       Bahrain from suppliers located
                                                                       all over the globe,” said
                                                                       B at e l c o G r o u p G e n e ra l
                                                                                                             for internet connectivity.
                                                                                                             “Furthermore, the addition
                                                                                                             new offer of an online
CrediMax, to deliver a very          make online purchas es.           Manager Ahmed Al Janahi.              shopping credit card, in
special benefit for Batelco          CrediMax’s Credi Net Cards        Batelco responds to such              cooperation with CrediMax, is
customers and encourage the          have been designed especially     growing requirements by               a value added benefit for our
move towards online activi-          for online shopping and are       regularly revi ewing and              valued customers and is
ties. The great offer, which will    much in demand these days         upgrading the variety of              expected to be in high
be launched on the 19th              with so many people making        Broadband packages.                   demand,” added Mr. Al Janahi.
August 2010, offers a free           online purchases from world-      Currently, Batelco offers a
Credi Net Card to new Batelco        wide retailers.                                                         Full details about Batelco’s
                                                                       choi ce of 8 Broadband                Broadband packages are
Broadband subscribers and            “Shopping online is fast          packages for consumers
also to any existing customer                                                                                available at
                                     becoming a daily part of our      starting with the very popular,       or from any of Batelco’s 22
who upgrade their Broadband          lives as we book and pay for      value for money BD10 package
package during the promo-                                                                                    Retail Shops. To subscribe for
                                     our airline tickets, pay our      all the way up to the BD100           Batelco Broadband please visit
tional month.                        utility bills and order goods     package for professional users        one of Batelco’s conveniently
CrediMax’s Credi Net Cards are       that are not available in         who have a very high demand           located Retail Shops.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                              47
     IT security employees likely
     to disclose sensitive information on social networks
     B     itDefender®, an award-
           winning provider of inno-
     vative internet security solu-
                                          domly chosen in order to cover
                                          different aspects: sex (1,000
                                          females, 1,000 males), age (the
                                                                                   almost all security companies
                                                                                   lay stress on the risks associ-
                                                                                   ated with social networks. In
                                                                                                                        real-life situation is blatantly
                                                                                                                        happening under the shelter of
                                                                                                                        an alleged invisibility or ano-
     tions has warned social net-         sample ranged from 17 to 65              other words, it seems like poli-     nymity that social networking
     working enthusiasts, including       years with a mean age of 27.3            cies and regulations simply dis-     could induce. Concepts such as
     IT employees, to be very careful     years), professional affiliation,        appear in an environment             'non-disclosure', 'confidential-
     when accepting friend requests       interests etc. In a first step, the      where they are supposedly            ity' or 'privacy' suddenly get
     within the network and to            users were only requested to             stricter than elsewhere”, said       blurred in the minds of some
     watch what data they share           add the unknown lady as their            Sabina Datcu, BitDefender E-         users when they are chatting
     with these unknown persons.          friend, while in the second step         Threat Analysis and Communi-         on-line with a blonde interlocu-
     According to a new BitDefender       several conversations with ran-          cation Specialist, and author of     tor, although the same individu-
     experiment, the users of social      domly selected users aimed at            the experiment.                      als will probably never say a
     networking platforms do not          determining what kind of                 Moreover, the experiment also        word about the same topics if
     appear to be too preoccupied         details the social networking afi-       revealed that the most vulnera-      they met that blonde lady in per-
     either about the real identity of    cionados would disclose to that          ble users seem to be the same IT     son”, Datcu concluded.
     the persons they meet on-line        lady.                                    industry employees – after a         More details about the experi-
     or about the details they dis-       The experiment showed that               half an hour conversation, 10        m e n t a r e ava i l a b l e o n
     close while chatting with these      more than 86 percent of the              percent of them disclosed to         www.malware, a
     total strangers. Conducted over      credulous users who accepted             “the blonde face” personal sen-      BitDefender initiative for the
     two weeks, this experiment           to become the test-profile's             sitive information, such as:         computer security community
     revealed that 94 percent of          friends come from the IT indus-          address, phone numb er,              and a free resource for those
     those asked to add as their          try, with 31 percent of them             mother's and father's name, etc      interested in their online safety.
     friend, an unknown young             working in IT security. The most         – information usually requested      No private information from
     woman, accepted the friendship       frequent reason for accepting            as answer to password recovery       this study will be disclosed or
     request without having any clue      the unknown young blonde as a            questions. Two hours later, 73       used against the persons that
     about the requester. However,        friend was her “lovely face” (53         percent siphoned what appears        revealed it. No company confi-
     13 percent of this user pool did     percent).                                to be confidential information       dential information will be dis-
     ask whether they had met the         “The puzzling reaction of IT             from their work place, such as       closed or used for personal pur-
     blonde girl face-to-face or not.     security employees confronted            future strategies, plans as well     poses. The content of the infor-
     The experiment was conducted         with possible privacy threats,           as unreleased technologies/          mation has not been collected.
     on a cluster of 2,000 users from     such as those described in the           software.                            All trademarks or product
     all over the world registered on     experiment, contradicts, to              “What is most intriguing is the      names contained herewith are
     one of the most popular social       some extent, the general atti-           fact that what people will prob-     registered trademarks of their
     networks. These users were ran-      tude towards such issues, as             ably never do in a face-to-face      owner companies.

                                                                                                                                       Imran Rana
         Motorola Foundation
         pledges financial support for Pakistan flood relief
         I  n response to the recent
            floods in Pakistan, the
         Motorola Foundation has
                                            affected by these natural
                                            disasters” said Karen Tandy,
                                            senior vice president, public
                                                                                   employees in Pakistan have
                                                                                   also contributed meaning-
                                                                                   fully towards relief activities
                                                                                                                      Pakhtunkhwa provinces.
                                                                                                                      Earlier this year, the Motorola
                                                                                                                      Foundation provided a
         donated US$50,000 to CARE          affairs, Motorola. “This dona-         for flood survivors. Motorola      US$100,000 grant to CARE
         and pledged an additional          tion is an example of                  Pakistan has supplied food         to support the Community-
         U S $ 5 0, 0 0 0 t o m a t c h     Motorola's continued com-              and other staple items includ-     Based Education for Girls Pro-
         Motorola employee dona-            mitment to humanitarian                ing medicines worth                ject in Pakistan. The project
         tions to CARE.                     relief throughout the world.”          US$14,600 through rescue           will expand access to quality
         “Our sympathi es are               Other than the donation from           teams in different areas of        education for girls in rural
         extended to the people             M o t o r o l a F o u n d at i o n ,   Punjab and Khayb e r               northwest Pakistan.

48                                                                                                                               15Sep - 14Oct 2010
                                                                                                                                     Lindsey Lee

     Synchronica launches messaging toolkit
     for MediaTek device manufacturers
     S   ynchronica has launched
         the Mobile Gateway
     MediaTek Toolkit for device
                                        n e x t - ge n e rat i o n m o b i l e
                                        messaging. Based on industry-
                                        standards (IMAP, OMA DS,
                                                                                   other IM communities;
                                                                                 ? news updates from live
     manufacturers using MediaTek       IMPS), Mobile Gateway does
                                                                                   web feeds of popular sites             Synchronica
                                                                                   such as ESPN and CNN.
     chipsets. The toolkit provides a   not use a JAVA application on                                                 has a successful
     complete set of technical and      the device, but instead                  With Synchronica’s Mobile            track-record with
     commercial resources that          provides messaging services              Gateway MediaTek toolkit,
     enables device manufacturers       directly to the native clients of        device manufacturers can:            the MediaTek
     to add advanced messaging          the MediaTek platform. This              ! Access a library of technical      platform - has
     services to their mass-market      unique approach delivers the               documents that specify key         launched first
     handsets.                          best possible user experience              requirements, and how to
     MediaTek Inc. is a leading         with minimal memory                        best optimise Synchronica          devices and is
     fabless s emi conductor            footprint enabling                         Mobile Gateway, for the            already working
                                        Smartphone-like features even              MediaTek platform;                 with several
                                        on low-end, mass-market
                                        MediaTek chipsets.                       ! Use standard test plans and        manufacturers.
                                                                                   certification processes to
            Toolkit                     Synchronica has built up                   verify functionality and
        enables device                  substantial experience with                ensure full compatibility;
                                        the MediaTek platform: the                                                 ! Access Synchronica’s global
        manufacturers                   M e s s a g e P h o n e                  ! Receive sample source code,        operator customer base of
        using MediaTek                  (                    accelerating implementa-           more than 40 carriers with a
                                        uses MediaTek chipsets, and                tion and reducing develop-         total reach of more than 660
        chipsets to                     Synchronica is working closely             ment costs;                        million subscribers;
        differentiate                   with several device manufac-             ! Use Synchronica’s consulting    ! More informati on at:
        mass-market                     turers that are planning to                and support services during
                                        launch MediaTek-based mass-                the implementation phase;          m/products/syncml-
        handsets by                     market devices, bundled with                                                  gateway-for-devi ce-
                                                                                 ! Host Synchronica’s Mobile
        bundling next-                  Mobile Gateway.                            Gateway for open market            manufacturers.html.
        generation                      With Synchronica’s Mobile                  device sales;                   Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of
        mobile messaging                Gateway device manufacturers                                               Synchronica, comments: "To
                                        can:                                                                       stay ahead of the competition,
        services.                                                                                                  device manufacturers are now
                                        ?  Enable their devices to
                                           receive push Email,                          Synchronica                fo cusing on end-to-end
     company for wireless commu-
                                           synchronize calendar and                Mobile Gateway                  solutions for mass-market
                                           contacts;                                                               phones, rather than competing
     nications and digital multime-                                                provides server                 purely on hardware features
     dia solutions and one of the       ?  Address business users with             infrastructure for              and design. Increasingly, this
     biggest mobile chipset                Microsoft Exchange, Lotus                                               means bundling advanced
     suppliers to Chinese phone            Domino as well as consum-               native messaging                services connecting devices to
     manufacturers. MediaTek is a          e rs with G o ogleMail,                 clients of the                  social networks and messaging
     market leader and pioneer in          Windows Live and any                    MediaTek                        communities. The Mobile
     cutting-edge SOC (system-on-          POP3 or IMAP mailbox;                                                   Gateway MediaTek Toolkit
     chip) solutions for wireless       ?  Enable users to receive
                                                                                   platform,                       provides device manufacturers
     communications and was                s t at u s u p d at e s f r o m         delivering                      with the technical resources
     recently voted the twelfth top        Fa c e b o o k , Tw i t t e r ,         optimal user                    and infrastructure services
     Global 100 High-Tech company          LinkedIn, post comments                                                 required to provide users with
     by Bloomberg Business.                and reply to messages;                  experience with                 a consistent messaging user
     Synchronica’s award-winning        ?  Provide mobile Instant
                                                                                   minimal memory                  experience with minimal
     Mobile Gateway is a leading           Messaging with Facebook                 footprint.                      memory footprint and fast
     infrastructure platform for           chat, GoogleTalk, AIM and                                               execution, even on low-end,
                                                                                                                   mass-market devices".

56                                                                                                                         15Sep - 14Oct 2010
WLL subscribers                                                                           Samsung
to get CNIC verified                                                                      Opens MENA
before service                                                                            Product
activation                                                                                Training
                                                                                          S    amsung Electronics Co. has
                                                                                               announced that its award-winning
                                                                                          Samsung Gulf Customer Satisfaction unit
                                                                                          has opened a state-of-the-art Product
                                                                                          Training Centre in Dubai. The Samsung
                                                                                          management and employees of Samsung
                                                                                          Pakistan will be able to reap great benefits
                                                                                          from the inauguration of this elaborate
                                                                                          new training facility in the Middle East
                                                                                          and North Africa (MENA) region.
                                                                                          The Product Training Centre, which is
                                                                                          located at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, features
                                                                                          modern, purpose-built training facilities
 On the occasion of inaugural ceremony of 789-service of Wateen, Chairman                 that cover all products of Samsung
PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen views with senior management of Wateen Group.                    Electronics including TV, audio video,
DG Enforcement PTA Yawar Yasin, ZD Kamran Khan Gandapur and other senior                  mobile phones, home appliances, comput-
                     officials are also seen in the picture                               ers, digital cameras and peripherals.
                                                                                          Samsung Electronics Pakistan General
P    akistan Telecommu-
     nication Authority
has made efforts to curb
                             Dr. Yasin, Chairman PTA,
                             dur ing his vis it to
                             Wateen Telecom, said
                                                          65 percent of subscribers
                                                          with CNIC verification.
                                                          During his discussion
                                                                                          Manager Mr. Steve Han said, “The Product
                                                                                          Training Centre will go a long way in
                                                                                          ensuring that we continue to excel at
illegal issuance of SIMs     that facilitation of the     address, Chairman PTA           customer service in every region where we
and to ensure authentic      genuine subscribers must     emphasized the                  operate. The facility is being used to train
antecedents of mobile        be our top priority, but     importance of authentic         not only Samsung employees and service
subscribers by implemen-     not at the cost of           d o c u m e n tat i o n a n d   centre staff but will also enhance the
tation of 789 system in      national security. Fake      urged the WLL operators         product knowledge and skills of Sales staff
February 2009.               subscribers must be          to spare no stone               and others, thus creating a highly trained
                             discouraged at any cost      unturned while issuing          workforce that can deliver immaculate
After having successfully    and all-out technical and                                    services.”
implemented the system                                    the new connections
                             other efforts must be        strictly in accordance          While a fully equipped Theoretical Room
for mobile operators,        made in this regard.         with the laid down              will be used for interactive product theory
PTA has extended its         Operators are also bound     pro ce dures for new            sessions and soft skills training, the
efforts by bringing the      legally to make sure that    regime.                         facility's Practical Rooms contain
WLL operators under the      only genuine subscribers                                     advanced technical equipment and a range
same umbrella.                                            Under the new process all
                             avail the communication                                      of Samsung products allowing partici-
                                                          WLL service providers
In this regard, Chairman     facilities provided by the   are now linked with             pants to get hands-on experience. The
PTA visited head offices     operators.                                                   Product Training Centre also features
                                                          NADRA data base, and            Field-Test Rooms designed to test new
of Wateen and WorldCall      Wateen has cleared           all WLL connections shall
to inaugurate call centers                                                                products and an E-Studio equipped with
                             100% of its subscribers      be activated after its          Samsung's Electronic Instructional Audio
of both the companies for    with N ADRA; while           verification from               and Video training materials.
789 verifications.           WorldCall has cleared its    NADRA.

 15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                      57
     Spy Phone                                                                                                            Christopher Helman

     Reality Mobile turns your handset into networked snoop gear
     T    he port of Los Angeles has
          27 terminals spread along
     43 miles of coastline being
                                                                                                               carry secret data for the likes of
                                                                                                               the Secret Service and Treasury
                                                                                                               Department. In 1998 he
     watched by 400 security                                                                                   founded Riverbed Technolo-
     cameras. As part of a $4.2                                                                                gies, which devised software to
     million security upgrade to be                                                                            synch data between handheld
     completed in April, port police                                                                           devices and corporate data
     will be able to pull live video                                                                           networks. In 2000 Aether
     from any of those cameras onto                                                                            Systems acquired Riverbed for
     the screens of their smart                                                                                $1 billion.
     phones or car-mounted                                                                                     Rensin founded Reality Mobile
     computers, the better to eyeball                                                                          in 2003. The key to the
     miscreants. If an officer has his                                                                         software, he says, is in the
     eye on someone lurking in an                                                                              delivery. Where smart phones
     area not covered by the port's                                                                            today receive partial video
     stationary cameras, he can push                                                                           frames at a fixed rate, Reality
     the scene live from the video                                                                             Mobile sends whole frames (in
     camera on his smart phone to                                                                              the form of easily processed
     the screens of other officers                                                                             JPEG files) at a variable rate
     approaching the scene.                                                                                    tied to available bandwidth.
     Making this all possible is nifty                                                                         The result is far clearer images,
     software created by Reality                                                                               says Rensin.
     Mobile, a Herndon, Va. firm that        Virtual first responders: When disaster strikes, Reality Mobile's
                                             software can bring live video, voice and file-sharing to everyone Reality Mobile's founders have
     got $250,000 to hook 140 L.A.           on a network, anywhere                                           put $11 million into the business
     port officers into a network.                                                                            and raised a combined $6.5
     "It's a real force multiplier," says   crews that respond to downed works on Windows-powered
                                            power lines. Oil companies could PCs and phones and RIM's         million more from Chevron, rural
     Julia Kirwan, the port's police                                                                          cellular giant Dobson Communi-
     technology manager.                    use it to let a semiretired BlackBerry; Androi d and
                                            engineer, lounging poolside Symbian platforms are in the          cations and Norwegian venture
     In 2009 Reality Mobile pulled in                                                                         capital group Energy Ventures.
     less than $5 million of revenue,       with his laptop, help a rough- works; Apple hasn't yet cleared
                                            neck fix a broken valve on a it for the iPhone.)                  At roughly $1,000 per user, for
     80% from government                                                                                      now the software is priced for
     customers. During President            platform in the Gulf of Mexico.   Rensin, 38, started his career in
                                                                                                              secret agents and corporations
     Obama's inauguration and a             "If it's on your screen, then the 1990s developing systems to     with expensive stuff to protect.
     visit to the U.S. by Pope              people in your network can see
     Benedict last year, Washington,        it," says Patrick McVeigh,
     D.C. police used Reality Mobile's      chairman of Reality Mobile and
     software to distribute video           former chief executive at
     among officers. The military is        Palms ource. "This is
     testing it for use in unmanned         telepresence at the edge."
     drones. Though unconfirmed,            Reality Mobile is far from a
     it's likely that soldiers in           threat to the likes of Cisco
     Afghanistan use the software to        Systems, which bought
     push live video of captured            videoconferencing hardware
     jihadi suspects to the computer        maker Tandberg for $3.4 billion
     screens of intelligence agents         last year and sells pricey
     stateside and are quickly sent         TelePresence videoconference
     instructions to hold a guy for         setups. But cofounder and chief
     interrogation or let him go.           scientist David Rensin is giddy
     The business case for this             about his software's great
     technology: When something             potential: "There's no need to
     goes wrong, the person who             schedule a WebEx conference
     knows best how to fix it is            ahead of time; we can push live
     probably thousands of miles            video to dozens of people. And
                                            because we're software-based,          Ashar H. Zaidi country manager Intel Pakistan awarding
     away. New York utility ConEd                                                      certificate of achievement to a channel member
     has deployed software with             we don't get obsolete." (It

58     15Jul - 14Aug 2010                                                                                               15Sep - 14Oct 2010          61
                                                                                                                              Colin Saldanha

Blue Coat announces executive appointments
Michael Borman joins Company as President and CEO
Brian NeSmith Named Chief Product Officer
B     lue Coat Systems,
      announced its board of
directors has named Michael J.
                                     Blue Coat's increasing scale and
                                     complexity, and provides the
                                     leadership depth and strength
Borman as president and chief        we will need for the next phase
executive officer and Brian M.       of growth. Mike's executive
NeSmith as chief product             management skills will be a
officer, effective September 1,      great complement to Brian's
2010. The board also expects to      vision and passion for Blue
name Mr. Borman to the board         Coat's te chnology and
of directors.                        products.”
Mr. NeSmith, who has served as       “I am confident Mike has the
president and chief executive        right combination of
officer since 1999, will focus on    experience and business
product strategy, direction and      acumen to lead Blue Coat,” said
development in his new               Mr. NeSmith. “The new
executive role. He will report to    management structure will                 Michael Borman                         Brian NeSmith
Mr. Borman and will continue         allow me to work more closely
to serve on the company's            with our product teams as we       h a rd wa re a n d s o f t wa re     total of 30 years at IBM, where
board.                               create the next generation of      companies. Previously, he            he held numerous senior
“Mike is a proven executive          cutting edge solutions making      served as chief executive            executive positions, leading
with an impressive track record      networks faster and more           officer and director of Avocent      global product and sales
of leading technology                secure.”                           Corporation, a developer of          organizations. He also served
companies to their next level,”      Mr. Borman's background            switching systems that was           a s p re s i d e n t a n d c h i ef
said Dave Hanna, chairman of         includes executive                 acquired by Emerson Electric in      operating officer at Blue
the board of directors. “This is a   management positions at large,     December 2009. Prior to              Martini Software, a provider of
natural evolution that reflects      mid- and small publicly-traded     Avocent, Mr. Borman spent a          intelligent selling systems.

Nawras welcome pack offer gives
free credit and free SMS
E   very new Nawras Mousbak
    (prepaid) customer will get
more from their communication
                                     Loaded with free credit and
                                     added SMS, new prepaid
                                     customers will enjoy a pleas-
                                                                        part of being in the fastest
                                                                        growing family in Oman.
                                                                        Everyone joining before 4
                                                                                                             more new customers to join
                                                                                                             Nawras particularly at this time
                                                                                                             when people are looking to get
experience this autumn with a        ingly different way to get more    November 2010 will find that         closer during Eid and young
great value welcome pack offer.      from their mobile experience as    their welcome pack includes RO       people are preparing for
                                                                        1 of free, open credit plus 100      another school year.
                                                                        national SMS, at no additional       “Over 2 million customers in
                                                                        cost. Available at any Nawras        Oman are now enjoying great
                                                                        Store and from more than 100         value and award winning
                                                                        premium dealers all over the         customer service from Nawras,
                                                                        country, Nawras Mousbak              and that number is continuing
                                                                        welcome packs can be pur-            to grow as more and more
                                                                        chased from today for the            people enjoy the pleasingly
                                                                        incredibly low price of just RO 2.   different Nawras experience.
                                                                        Aziz Al-Harrasi, Nawras              This new welcome pack offer is
                                                                        marketing manager - prepaid,         another way for Nawras
                                                                        explained why this is such a         customers to get more,”
                                                                        great opportunity for many           commented Al-Harrasi.

  15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                                               59
     NETGEAR introduces new WLAN architecture
     with best-in-class wireless reliability, coverage, and performance
     N     ETGEAR, a worldwide
           provider of technologi-
     cally advanced, branded net-
                                          larger installations across the
                                          region, the WC7520 Controller
                                          delivers central wireless man-
                                                                            rity features, and rock-solid
                                                                            performance under heavy load-
                                                                            ing with a self healing infra-
                                                                                                               entering the network, while
                                                                                                               prohibiting them any access to
                                                                                                               the sensitive data on the cor-
     working and storage products,        agement and management            structure.                         porate network. For fastest
     has launched in the region the       tools, integrated wireless        “Our new product combines          processing, local traffic is auto-
     'ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Con-         mobility, seamless roaming,       the network management fea-        matically switched at the
     troller WC7520', a new Wire-         rich converged services, guest    tures of our enterprise prod-      access points level, while
     less Local Area Network              access captive portal and         ucts including mass firmware       enabling customers to select
     (WLAN) architecture that             Voice over Wi-Fi support.         upgrades, centralized configu-     the right access points for their
     offers best-in-class wireless        Regional businesses can also      ration options, and load-          needs, even mixing models to
     reliability, coverage, and per-                                        balancing to address the needs     provide the right coverage. Sup-
     formance. By simplifying wire-                                         of organisations with different    ported models include profes-
     less deployments and network                                           network needs and IT               sional-class ProSafe access
     management, the scalable                                               res ources,” sai d Ahmad           p oints WN AP210 and
     WC7520 controller meets the                                            Zeidan, Channel Sales Man-         WNDAP350, all with Power
     demands of medium-sized                                                ager, NETGEAR Middle East.         over Ethernet capabilities and
     businesses, schools, and hospi-                                        “As the GCC and Middle East        lifetime warranties.
     tals in the Middle East with up                                        market remains a receptive         “While developing new prod-
     to 1,500 users and more, and                                           market to new technologies,        ucts that address the need of
     enables businesses to grow                                             we are confident that our new      our customer remains our top
     their wireless network as                                              'ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Con-       priority, we also remain com-
     needed with a dramatic return                                          troller WC7520' will generate      mitted to enriching our rela-
     on investment.                                                         excellent response from            tions with strategic partners
     Through licensing upgrades,                  Ahmad Zeidan              regional institutions involved     who continue to drive our
     the ProSafe Wireless Control-                                          in business, education and         growth in the region. We are
     ler scales up to 50 access           benefit from a single point of                                       also strengthening our channel
                                          management for the entire         healthcare industries.”
     points (AP) and is stackable                                                                              by forging partnerships with
                                          wireless network with compre-     Backed by a lifetime warranty,     best retailers to ensure that
     up to three units to support up                                        the WC7520 Controller hosts a
     to 150-APs, including control-       hensive security through the                                         our products reach customers
                                          ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Con-       guest portal where guests can      from all over the Gulf region,”
     ler redundancy. Meeting the                                            register themselves before
     next generation needs of             troller's identity-based secu-                                       concluded Zeidan.

       Thuraya launches smallest IP Antenna
       for enhanced speed and portability
       T    o enhance streaming
            speeds of Thuraya's IP ter-
       minal, the Company has
                                           tions when streaming from
                                           the field and wish to fit this
                                           compact unit in their gear.
                                                                            Rashid Baba.
                                                                            “The broadcast sector will find
                                                                            it most convenient due to its
                                                                                                              broadband solution providing
                                                                                                              Standard speeds of 444 Kbps
                                                                                                              and was the first to reach
       launched a new compact              “The new SCAN Active             size and weight making it easy    streaming speeds of 384
       antenna manufactured by the         antenna provides connectiv-      to carry. With this antenna       Kbps. It is uniquely A-5 sized
       antenna specialist, SCAN            ity through Thuraya IP ensur-    they can connect and stream       making it very compact and
       Antenna.                            ing customers have high qual-    videos very quickly and effi-     portable. Based on a plug and
       SCAN Active antenna for             ity streaming performance in     ciently at high speeds provid-    play system, Thuraya IP is
       Thuraya IP is the smallest in       an extremely portable solu-      ing breaking news as it hap-      very user-friendly in addition
       the market and provides 384         tion. Users can access 384       pens,” elaborated Mr. Baba.       to being cost-effective. The
       Kbps uplink and downlink            Kbps streaming speeds in the     He also added that the new        solution has attracted several
       streaming speeds reliably.          uplink or downlink without       SCAN Active antenna is bat-       vertical market users from seg-
       This antenna is ideal for many      having to worry about using      tery powered and has a long       ments such as broadcast
       market segments including           any bulky antenna,” said         cable that runs up to 30          media, oil and gas, military,
       the broadcast and defense           Thuraya's Senior Manager         meters. Thuraya IP is the         g ov e r n m e n t a n d l a r g e
       which require portable solu-        Product Management, Mr.          world's smallest satellite        corporates.

62                                                                                                                      15Sep - 14Oct 2010
 I think that may have been one
software revision and unnecessary
    upgrade too many for him!

                                                           “But I don’t want to be a computer programmer!”

                                                           “Due to recent technological advances, everything I taught
                                                                    you about computers is no longer valid.”
                                                                          We wanted patients to experience
                                                                          the human face of IT

                                                                                         As the backup device of our
                                                                                         central server has crashed, I have
                                                                                         decided to have two hard-copies
                                                                                         of all the documents...

    “Our school computers are a month old. How can we
   become competitive in the job market. if we are being
             trained on obsolete equipment?”

15Sep - 14Oct 2010                                                                                                            63