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Wordlist Compass Media (Excel)

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									Mastering TOEFL 2nd Word List - Listening

    Chapter               WORD            PARTS             DEFINITION

                                                  unsupported information
 Preview Test 1 pseudo-psychology   n             resembling psychology which is
                                                  passed off as scientific fact

                                               to state potentially confusing
                to put it simply    adv phrase information in a way that is
                                               very easy to understand
                                                  possessing the claimed or
                genuine             adj           attributed character, quality,
                                                  or origin
                                                  the study that attempts to
                                                  interpret and explain the
                astrology           n
                                                  influence of the heavenly
                                                  bodies on human lives
                                                  the art or practice of telling
                                                  fortunes and interpreting
                palmistry           n             character from the lines and
                                                  patterns on the palm of a
                                                  person's hand
                                                  to have a fortune-teller
                                                  interpret the lines on your
                get your palm read v phrase
                                                  hand and use that information
                                                  to predict your future

                gullible            adj           easily deceived

                                                  in a manner that has several
                ambiguously         adv           possible meanings or
                                                  a phrase used to introduce the
                Here's the thing                  main point that one is trying
                                                  to convey

                                                  marked by interest in and
                extroverted         adj
                                                  behavior directed toward others
                                                  marked by interest in or
                introverted         adj           preoccupation with oneself or
                                                  one's own thoughts
                                                  physically or emotionally
                aloof               adj
                                                  distant; reserved
                 Do you all see what              a question asked to ensure that
                 I'm getting at                   everyone understands what is
                 here?                            being implied or explained

                                                  allowing for future changes,
                 open-ended            adj
                                                  revisions, or additions
                                                  to repeat, duplicate, or
                 replicate             v          reproduce, especially for
                                                  experimental purposes

                 come up with          v phrase   to produce

                 time and time again adv phrase repeatedly

                 invalid               adj        falsley based or reasoned

                 legitimate            adj        real; exceptable; legal

                                                  one who instinctively doubts,
                 skeptic               n          questions, or disagrees with
                                                  generally accepted conclusions

                                                  a phrase used to tell what
                 spend some time
Preview Test 2                         v phrase   activities are going to be

                                                  pertaining to the philosophy of
                 aesthetic             adj
                                                  beauty or good taste

                                                  to cause someone to set out or
                 start off             v phrase
                                                  begin something
                                                  a phrase used to politely ask
                 if you don’t mind                if doing something would be

                 dodge one's                      to purposely avoid answering
                                       v phrase
                 question                         the question
catch my eye        v phrase    to get one's attention

                                widespread; in general use or
prevalent           adj
                                extreme suffering, especially
                                that which results in death due
martyrdom           n
                                to one's religious beliefs or
                                adherence of a cause

                                in a way that covers more
in a broader sense adv phrase
                                information or area

conceive            v phrase    to think of; to understand

hit it right on the
                    v phrase    to get something exactly right

                                a technique used to depict
perspective         n           volumes and spatial
                                relationships on a flat surface
                                the representation of the
                                different values of color or
shading             n
                                light and dark in a painting or
                                to have an appearance that
look so different
                    v phrase    differs greatly from something

                                a phrase used to suggest that
think of it this
                    v phrase    someone imagine something a
                                certain way

                                obtained through keen insight
intuitive           adj         rather than from reasoning or

                                to allow no leeway or room for
leave no room for   v phrase
                                anything else

rendition           n           an interpretation
                 get back to our                 to return to the question that
                                      v phrase
                 original question               was first asked

                 what can I do for
Preview Test 3                                   to ask how one can be helped

                                                 the time by which something
                 deadline             n
                                                 must be finished

                                                 an assignment or duty which is
                 daunting task        n

                                                 to be particulary engaged by
                 take interest in     v phrase

                 end up ~ing          v phrase   to do something at last

                                                 the science that deals with the
                                                 stars, planets, and other
                 astronomy            n          materials in the universe
                                                 outside of the earth's
                                                 health services provided to
                 public health        n          improve and protect community
                                                 the history of art that was
                 ancient art history n
                                                 created in ancient times
                                                 a disease of the mind
                                                 characterized by the impairment
                 mental illness       n          of a person's normal cognitive,
                                                 emotional, or behavioral
                                                 a phrase used to present a
                 if I were to ~
                                                 hypothetical situation

                 it looks as though              a phrase used to suggest that
                 you're on to                    one may be on the verge of
                 something                       figuring something out

                                                 to be deeply affected mentally
                 overwhelmed          adj
                                                 or emotionally
              feel intrigued by    v phrase   to have one's curiosity aroused

              on a long-term
                                   adv phrase for many years

              as for               prep       in regard to; in reference to

              go through           v phrase   to bear; to endure

                                              to be something that restores
              That's reassuring.
                                              confidence and relieves anxiety

                                              a phrase used to express one's
              Something about it
                                              feeling that a certain idea
              feels right.
                                              suits him or her

Chapter 1-1   in terms of          adv phrase with regard to

              perceivable          adj        easily seen

                                              an instrument that makes
                                              distant objects appear larger
              telescope            n
                                              and nearer when viewed through

              previously           adv        at an earlier time or formerly

                                              the movement of the molten,
              lava flow            n          fluid rock that comes out of a
                                              volcano or volcanic vent

              on the other hand    adv phrase from another side or aspect

                                              a piece of information that is
              side note            n
                                              not part of the main point
                                              a round area on the surface of
                                              the moon having a depressed
              crater               n
                                              floor and almost always
                                              containing a central mountain
              at first glance      adv phrase immediately
      have to do with     v phrase     relate to

      get into too much
                          v phrase     to go into great detail
      depth on ~

                                       a mass of stone or metal that
      meteorite           n            has fallen to the earth from
                                       outer space

                                       to hit another person or object
      collide with        v phrase

                                       to hit something with great
      slam into           v phrase

      cliff               n            a high steep wall of rock

      analogous           adj          similar

                                       free from doubt or reservation;
      for certain         adv phrase

      shrink              v phrase     to lessen in size

      let me just get                  to say one is going to talk
      right into                       about something without delay
                                       to demand money from people who
      charge a fee for
                          v            want to enter a building or

      beneficial          adj          advantageous

                                       for the good of someone or
      for the sake of     adv phrase
                                       the practice of keeping clean
      hygiene             n
                                       in order to preserve health

      advent              n            beginning

                                       to casually intertact with
      socialize           v
                                      to exercise by raising barbells
      lift weights         v phrase   of designated pounds or kilos
                                      in a prescribed manner

      contribute to        v phrase   to help to cause

                                      to have a body that is healthy
      physically fit       adj
                                      and in good shape
                                      a phrase used to indicate the
      last, and perhaps               final point, which people may
      most interestingly              find the most engaging of all
                                      the points mentioned

      serve an important              to have an important purpose in
                         v phrase
      political role                  politics

      frequented           adj        visited often

                                      to get people's approval and
      gain support         v phrase
      share one's ideas               to tell one's thoughts to
                           v phrase
      with                            others

      commoner             n          a person of a lower class

      candidate for an                a person running for office who
                           v phrase
      election                        is selected by citizens' votes

                                      to plan with others to do harm
      plot against         v phrase
                                      to a person or group

                                      to take a vacation or travel to
1-3   go on a trip         v phrase   another place for an extended
                                      the scientific study of
                                      prehistoric people and their
      archaeology          n
                                      cultures by observing their
                                      artifacts, remains, etc.

      help someone out     v phrase   to give assistance or aid

                                      an area of land that is being
                                      dug up by archaeologists who
      dig site             n          hope to find bones, artifacts,
                                      and other remains of
                                      prehistoric life
                                     an object made by a human being
      artifact            n          that has archaeological or
                                     cultural interest

      keep track of       v phrase   to remain aware of something

      plan out            v phrase   to arrange or make plans for

      fall behind in      v phrase   to slow in progress

      catch up            v phrase   to bring or get up to date

                                     to get credit for a class by
                                     studying and doing projects
      do an independent
                          v phrase   without the teaching of a
                                     professor or the aid of fellow

      be not familiar                to not be well-acquainted with
                          v phrase
      with                           something

      feasible            adj        able to be accomplished

                                     as regards, when the situation
      when it comes to

                                     the person in charge of an
      the department head n          academic division at a school
                                     or college

      first off           adv phrase at the outset

                                     to complete by writing in
      fill out            v phrase
                                     missing information

      RA (Resident                   a trained student in charge of
1-4                       n
      Advisor)                       supervising a dormitory
                                     a dormitory where students live
      the residence hall n
                                     during the school year
                                     to shut and secure a door after
      lock the door                  leaving a room so that no one
                          v phrase
      behind him                     else may enter without the use
                                     of a key

      have no way         v phrase   to be without an option
      must have p.p      v            need to

      run off            v phrase     to leave quickly

      by any chance      adv phrase with a possibility

      along with         adv phrase in company

      take a look at     v phrase     examine

      track down         v phrase     to find

      as long as         adv phrase provided that

                                      to be in a rush to go somewhere
      be in a hurry      v phrase
                                      or get something done

                                      the people who clean and
      custodial staff    n
                                      maintain a building

                                      advertisements that appear
1-5   outdoor advertising n           outside, like billboards and
                                      signs on buses

      account for        v phrase     to make up

                                      the money that companies allot
      advertising budget n
                                      to spend on advertisements

      go by              v phrase     to pass

      on one's way to                 while traveling to the work
                         adv phrase
      work                            place

                                      to be conditioned or contingent
      depend on          v phrase
                                      to succeed in accomplishing
                                      something despite difficulty or
      manage to          v phrase
                                      hardship associated with the
                                      the return or yield from any
      revenue            n
                                      kind of property or investment

      put up             v phrase     to display

                                      money wasted on advertisements
                                      directed at people who aren't
      waste coverage     n
                                      interested in buying the
                                      product or service
      in terms of        adv phrase with regard to
      pay more attention
                         v phrase     to show more interest
                                      to maintain one's attachment or
      stick to           v phrase
                                      remain loyal to
                                      a pamphlet for mass
      flyer              n

      an attention                    something that gets one's
      grabber                         interest and

      downside           n            a negative aspect

                                      graphic designs (symbols,
                                      emblems, words) used for
      signage            n
                                      identification or giving
                                      directions or warning

                                      scheduled to take place in a
1-6   coming up soon     adj phrase
                                      short time

      in terms of        adv phrase with regard to

      computer-based     adj phrase created or done with a computer

      hand-drawn         adj phrase created by hand

                                      to be uninhibited about doing
      feel free to       v phrase
                                      or saying something
                                    to create something with the
      by hand            adv phrase use of one's hand and a drawing
                                    to enliven or energize still
      bring these static            photographs by turning them
                         v phrase
      pictures to life              into motion pictures, as if
                                    bringing the people to life

      by any means       adv phrase in any way
      set the stage       v phrase   prepare the way

                                     to interrupt the speaker
      stop me at any time
                          v phrase   whenever necessary to ask a
      with questions

      correspond to       v phrase   to be in agreement with

      at a time           adv phrase simultaneously

      jerky               adj        lacking steadiness

      keep that in mind   v phrase   remember that

      instead of          adv phrase in place of

      shift back and
                          v phrase   moving from side to side

1-7   that's not why                 not the reason for something

      come in to talk                to make a visit to someone's
                          v phrase
      about                          office to discuss an issue

      be engaged          v phrase   to be interested

                                     a phrase used to introduce the
      what I mean is
                                     point that one is about to make

                                     supported with written
      referenced          adj
                                     references or citations

      at the same time    adv phrase occurring simultaneously

                                     accessible to or accepting of
      be open to          v phrase
                                     appeals, ideas, or offers

      allude              v          to refer to indirectly

      as for              prep       in regard to; in reference to
                                     connected with the matter in
      relevant to        adj
                                     to describe something in a
      do it justice with
                         v phrase    manner that is accurate and
                                     shows proper appreciation
      in a way that      adv phrase in a certain manner

      along with         adv phrase in company

      pull off           v phrase    to do something successfully

      come up with       v phrase    to produce

      before the due date adv phrase prior to the deadline

                                     a phrase used to state that one
                                     is having a feeling of
      I'm a little
1-8                                  overwhelming fear, with or
                                     without cause, that produces
                                     irrational behavior
                                     to allow one to calm down and
      let me slow down
                                     speak more slowly
      grab some food     v phrase    get something to eat

      along with         adv phrase in company

                                     to be explained more clearly so
      that makes a lot
                                     that one has a better
      more sense now

      I bet                          to guess or wager

                                     a thorough examination that is
                         n           done with extreme precision and
                                     objects that were accidentally
      lost items         n
                                     left behind by their owners

                                     a place for the storage of lost
      the Lost and Found n

                                     a person hired to keep watch
      security guard     n
                                     over a building
                                       in the process of returning to
      on the way back     adv phrase
                                       a location

      hang around         v phrase     to linger about

                                       to go around from place to
                                       place in a definite order at
      do nightly rounds   v phrase
                                       night, as in a security guard
                                       making routine inspections
      radio               v            to contact using a transmitter

      I'm positive                     to be absolutely sure

                                       at the earliest available or
      as soon as possible adv phrase
                                       possible time; without delay
      feel free to have a
                          v phrase     sit down if you so desire

                                       to change the subject; to
1-9   derail              v
                                       change from a course

      pertinent           adj          appropriate; relevant

                                       the hierarchical division of a
      stratification      n            society according to class,
                                       caste, or rank

                                       at the latest possible moment
      at the last minute adv phrase
                                       or opportunity

      as long as          adv phrase provided that

                                       the condition of being unequal
      inequality          n            in opportunity, treatment, or

      distribution of                  the division of money or riches
      wealth                           within a society

      prestige            n            distinction; reputation

                                       the people in a society
                                       considered as a system
      social structure    n
                                       organized by a characteristic
                                       pattern of relationships
      make your own
                          v phrase     to choose or decide for oneself
       viable              adj        practical

       serve as a good
                           v phrase   an additional model of clarity
       second example

       in essence          adv phrase essentially

                                      for the cause, account,
       for its own sake    adv phrase interest, or benefit of

       we're already
                                      at the midpoint of the time
1-10   halfway through
                                      allotted for a class
                                      in a state of enthusiastic or
       up for it
                                      confident readiness
                                      an infectious disease that may
       tuberculosis        n          affect almost any tissue of the
                                      body, especially the lungs
                                      an organism of microscopic
       microorganism       n
                                      size, such as a bacterium

                                      reasoning based on inconclusive
       speculation         n

                                      a required part or condition; a
       postulate           n
                                      basic principle

                                      an unhealthy state, pertaining
       infection           n
                                      to some types of illnesses

       end up ~ing         v phrase   to do something at last

                                      outside or beyond established
       revolutionary       adj        procedures or principles;
                                      radically new or innovative

                                      the bacterium which causes
       tubercle bacillus   n
                                      the process by which something
       staining            n          is colored in order to make it
                                              an organic compound that is
                                              greasy to the touch, insoluble
              lipid                n
                                              in water, and soluble in
                                              alcohol and ether

              go through           v          to search; to look over

                                              a short-eared, tailless rodent
                                              that is commonly kept as a
              guinea pig           n
                                              domesticated pet or used in
                                              scientific experiments
                                              an important or impressive
              a big deal           n
                                              person or thing
              it's not nearly as
                                              something that no longer occurs
              common as it used
                                              as frequently as before
              to be

Chapter 2-1   document             v          to support with evidence

                                              an economic crisis and period
                                              of low business activity that
              Great Depression     n          began with the stock market
                                              crash in 1929 and continued
                                              through most of the 1930s
              have a major effect             to have a significant influence
                                  v phrase
              on                              which causes changes or results

              a bunch of           adj phrase many

                                              a brief or vague idea about
              glimpse into         v phrase
              arduous              adj        very difficult and involving lots of work

              entitle              v          to give a name or title to

              lean on              v          rest on for support

                                              at a point that is outside the
              off-camera           adj        range or line of the camera

              ragged               adj        in a wild or neglected state

              anxiety              n          distress or uneasiness of mind
      despair            n          hopelessness

      harsh              adj        grim or unpleasantly severe

      identify with      v          relate to

      initiate           v          to begin

                                    a disagreement between members
2-2                      n          of an organization, workplace,
                                    or other group
                                    to cause disorder; to destroy
      disrupt            v
                                    the normal unity of

                                    the flow or amount of work
      workflow           n          accomplished by an employee,
                                    office, or department
                                    to meet or come upon a
      encounter a
                         v phrase   controversial situation or

                                    to hold back or stifle a
      suppress           v

                                    characterized by active
      oppose             vt
                                    the view held by one in support
                                    of the theory that the mind and
      interactionist view n
                                    the body may each affect the
      take a closer look
                         v phrase   examine more thoroughly

                                    the part played by a person in
      contribution       n
                                    bringing about a result
                                    the administration of a
      scientific                    business or industry based on
      management                    experimental studies of
      component          n          a part or feature of something
                                    to dismiss an employee
      lay off            v phrase   temporarily due to a slack in
      get rid of         v phrase   to eliminate or discard

                                    the total number of persons
      workforce          n
                                    to think of something (A) in a
      regard A as B      v phrase
                                    certain way (B)

                                    methods used to resolve
      conflict management n

      eliminate          v          to remove or get rid of
                                    to obstruct or delay the
      hinder             v
                                    process of something
                                    unable to keep clear of or
      unavoidable        adj
                                    prevent from happening

      differ from        v          disagree in opinion or beliefs

                                    nonfiction prose writing about
2-3   nature writing     n
                                    the natural environment

                                    to tell or depict in written or
      describe           v
                                    spoken words

                                    without the involvement of
      exclusively        adv

                                    writing that is based on the
      creative writing   n

                                    mental pictures or the products
      imagery            n
                                    of imagination
                                    one of two or more divisions of
      term               n
                                    a school year

      I'm flattered                 to feel complimented
                                    to make someone or something
      get A to B         v phrase   (A) perform an intended action

      appreciate         v          to value or regard highly

                                    a phrase used to acknowledge
      you have a point
                                    that someone has said something
                                    valid or important
                                    one of two terms in a school
      semester           n

      tons of            adj phrase many

      sign up            v          to register

                                    to agree to officially or
      approve            v
                                    a short message informing
      announcement       n          people of new or important

                                    a plan that states the number
2-4   meal plan          n          of meals a student can eat in
                                    the cafeteria

      end up ~ing        v phrase   to do something at last

                                    noted for how similar or
      compared to        adv phrase different one thing is from

      hectic             adj        very busy

      arrange            v          to make preparations for

                                    to be troubled or worried about
      be concerned about v phrase
                                    to fluctuate or change
      vary               v
      unexpectedly       adv phrase without notice or warning
                                    to succeed in accomplishing
                                    something despite difficulty or
      manage to          v phrase
                                    hardship associated with the

      flexible           adj        easy to modify or adapt

      dilemma            n          a problem

      go off             v phrase   stop the use of
      entirely            adv phrase completely

      purchase            v          to pay for something with money

      establishment       n          a business

      individual          adj        a single thing

                                     a building or place that
      facility            n
                                     provides a particular service

      practically         adv        almost; nearly

                                     a phrase used to show that
                                     someone is free from worry
      that's a relief
                                     after hearing certain

                                     the science that deals with the
                                     stars, planets, and other
2-5   astronomy           n          materials in the universe
                                     outside of the earth's
                                     the gaseous envelope
      atmosphere          n
                                     surrounding the earth
                                     pertaining to the study of the
      geologic            adj        origin, history, and structure
                                     of the earth
                                     allow someone to explain
      Let me clarify
                                     something so that it is clearer

      outgassing          n          the process of losing gas

                                     a phrase used to check to see
      you all get that?              if everyone heard or
                                     understands what was just said

      dense               adj        thick; closely packed together

      devoid              adj        not possessing

      condense            v          to reduce to a denser form
                                    falling products of
      precipitation      n          condensation in the atmosphere,
                                    such as rain, hail, or snow
                                    to mix or dissipate into a
      dissolve           v
                                    a thing or a person that causes
      catalyst           n
                                    something to happen
      unicellular        adj        made of a single cell

      notably            adv        in particular

                                    relating to the process by
                                    which carbohydrates are formed
      photosynthetic     adj        from carbon dioxide and water
                                    using light as a source of
                                    photosynthetic organisms that
                                    have a blue pigment in addition
      blue-green algae   n          to chlorophyll which occur
                                    individually or in colonies in
                                    diverse habitats

      evolve             v          to develop and change over time

                                    to move from one state to
      transition         n
                                    more important or powerful than
      dominant           adj

2-6   listen up                     pay attention

                                    any of various omnivorous
                                    mammals of the order Primates
                                    (including humans) that are
      primate            n          distinguished by the use of
                                    hands, varied locomotion, and
                                    complex behavior with a high
                                    level of social interaction
      evolutionally      adv        in regard to evolution

                                    a distinguishing feature or
      characteristic     n

      run into           v phrase   to experience

      differentiate      v          to tell apart
      solitary        adj        spending a lot of time alone

      rarely          adv        on rare occasions; infrequently

                                 to select a partner to breed
      mate with       v phrase
                                 with (animals)

      sibling         n          a brother or sister

      brute           adj        entirely physical

                                 to force a leader out of the
      overthrow       v
                                 position of power

      take over       v phrase   to seize control
                                 a system for organizing
      hierarchy       n          individuals in a vertical group
                                 or organization

      primatologist   n          a person who studies primates

                                 to accidentally discover or
      stumble         v
                                 a mixture of liquid
      kerosene        n          hydrocarbons widely used as a
                                 fuel or cleaning solvent
      demonstrate     v          to manifest or exhibit

      fascinating     adj        of great interest or attraction

2-7   barely          ad         scarcely or almost not

      provide         v          to make available

      concept         n          a general notion or idea

      reflect         v          to reproduce; show

      memorize        v          to commit to memory
                                    dealing in goods, especially
                                    brand names, at prices that are
      off-price          adj
                                    lower than those at regular
                                    retail or discount stores

                                    a merchant who sells goods at
      retailer           n

      be supposed to     v phrase   to be expected or required

      term               n          any word or group of words
                                    a phrase used to tell someone
      it's up to you                that it is his/her
                                    responsibility to do something

      explore            v          to look into closely

                                    using only a few words in a way
      conciseness        n
                                    that is easy to understand
                                    no possible means or way to do
      there's no way

      glance through     v          to look over something quickly

                                    extensive, thorough, or
      in-depth           adj

      awful              adj        to a high degree

2-8   embarrassing       adj        causing to feel shame

      have problems with v phrase   to have trouble with something

      There might be
                                    to suggest that something is
      something wrong
                                    not working properly
                                    to make someone or something
      cause A to B       v phrase   (A) do a certain thing or
                                    action (B)
                                    a force that slows a moving
      resistance         n

      snap               v          to break suddenly
                                      to suggest that one should
      I'd better + Verb
                                      probably do something

      assess               v          to determine the amount of

      I guess                         to suppose

      come up with         v phrase   to produce

                                      coverage by contract in which
                                      one party agrees to reimburse
      insurance            n
                                      another for loss that occurs
                                      under the terms of the contract
                                      a phrase used to show that
                                      someone is free from worry
      that's a relief!
                                      after hearing certain

                                      to complete by writing in
      fill out             v phrase
                                      missing information

                                      chance to do something without
      happen to            v phrase

      fixable              adj        able to be fixed or mended

      fall out             v phrase   to come out of accidentally

                                      to take up time with a useless
      waste time           v phrase

                                      a hypothesis which suggests
      facial feedback
2-9                        n          that facial expressions could
                                      influence emotions

      in other words       adv phrase otherwise stated

      trigger              v          to initiate

      let me go a little              allow one to give a more
      deeper                          detailed explanation

                                      coming or occurring before
      previous             adj
                                      something else
       distress          vt           causing worry or anxiety

                                      a tendency toward a certain
       inclination       n
                                      action or condition

                                      fitting for a particular
       appropriate       adj
                                      purpose or occasion

                                      as an answer or reaction to
       in response to    adv phrase
                                      to notice or understand
       register          v

       according to      adv phrase as stated or reported by

                                      a roundabout or indirect course
       detour            n
                                      or procedure

                                      in theory; according to the
       theoretically     adv
                                      assumed facts
                                      to have little or no power over
       lack control of   v phrase

       accuracy          n            freedom from error

       exaggerate        v            to overstate something

       intensity         n            a high or extreme degree

       alleviate         v            to make easier to endure

       in conclusion     adv phrase finally

                                      the condition of having too
2-10   overpopulation    n
                                      many people living in an area

       downright         adj          absolute

       use up            v phrase     to consume entirely
                               to exhaust a quantity or supply
run out of         v phrase
                               at a rate at which each number
                               in a series is multiplied by a
                               particular amount to get the
at a geometric rate adv phrase next number (for example: 2, 4,
                               8, 16, 32…2 is multiplied by 2
                               to get 4; 4 is multiplied by 2
                               to get 8; and so on.)
                               occurring in the continuous or
in the sequence     adv phrase
                               connected series
                               following another in a regular
successive         adj
                              at a rate at which the same
                              number is added to each
                              consecutive number in the
at an arithmetic
                   adv phrase sequence (for example: 1, 2,
                              3…1 is added to 1 to get 2; 1
                              is added to 2 to get 3; and so
                              a lack of food that continues
famine             n
                              for a long time
                              widespread disease that kills
plague             n
                              many people
gruesome           adj         horrible

inevitable         adj         impossible to prevent

impoverish         vt          having little or no money

                               of imminent disaster or
apocalyptic        adj
                               complete destruction
                               sickness or death from lack of
starvation         n

in the long run    adv phrase in the end

prosperous         adj         financially successful

take A into account v phrase   to consider something (A)

adequately         adv         in a sufficient manner

                               an event that causes a lot of
catastrophe        n
                               damage and suffering
                                                 the study of garbage and
Mini Test 1-1   garbology             n

                                                 a phrase used to check for
                are we pretty clear
                                                 understanding among those
                so far

                for one thing         adv phrase as a particular example

                                                 a phrase used to suggest that
                think of it this
                                                 someone imagine something a
                                                 certain way

                                                 related to the study of the
                archaeological        adj
                                                 human past

                legitimate            adj        real; accepted

                decipher              v          to interpret; to make sense of
                                                 the process of providing the
                nutrition             n          body with necessary vitamins
                                                 and energy
                discard               v          to throw away

                in addition to        adv phrase as well as

                                                 to search and examine
                investigate           v

                disposable            adj        able to be thrown away

                in search of          adv phrase looking for
                                                 to be able to pay for without
                can afford to         v phrase
                                                 financial hardship
                divulge               v          to tell; to bring to light

                                                 the breaking down of a compound
                biodegradation        n
                                                 through chemical changes

                decompose             v          to rot; to decay
                boggle                v          to bewilder or amaze
                predicament           n            a difficult situation

                                                   a person who believes in the
                                                   phenomenons that are invented
                social construction                by people within culture or
Mini Test 1-2                       n
                theorist                           society and continue to exist
                                                   because people have agreed to
                                                   acknowledge and adhere to them

                give a brief
                                      v phrase     present a short summary

                perceive              v            to see; to understand

                                                   a phrase used to ask if the
                Is that clear?                     information presented is easy
                                                   to understand

                interpretation        n            a logical understanding

                notion                n            an idea; a way of thinking

                expand a little                    to speak about something in
                                      v phrase
                more on                            more detail

                to be honest          adv phrase to tell the truth

                                                   to make completely clear; to
                just to clarify       adv phrase
                                                   a phrase used to ask if
                are we all clear on                everyone understands the
                everything so far?                 information presented up to
                                                   this point
                                                   to believe; to hold as an
                conceive              v

                particular            adj          specific

                                                   a person who is in charge and
                authority figure      n
                                                   demands obedience from others
                                                   to represent; to be a symbol or
                embody                v            expression of an idea or
                make a big deal out                to give extreme importance,
                                    v phrase
                of                                 sometimes outlandishly
                innate                adj          existing from birth
                run into some                    to encounter trouble or issues
Mini Test 1-3                       v phrase
                problems                         with something
                                                 with respect to; in reference
                as for              prep

                due to              adv phrase owing to

                try one's best      v phrase     to give one's best effort

                excel               v            to do extremely well

                recuperate          v            to recover

                be satisfied with   v phrase     be content with
                                                 to change the order of
                shift one's
                                    v phrase     importance of one's activities
                                                 or goals

                                                 to give additional time to
                give an extension   v phrase

                honor               v            to show regard for; respect

                                                 a phrase used to show
                                                 understanding that something
                it sounds rigid
                                                 appears more harsh than it

                stick steadfastly                to strictly adhere to the rules
                                    v phrase
                to rules                         put forth

                                                 for the good of someone or
                for the sake of     adv phrase

                for whatever reason adv phrase for any possible reason

                                                 to bring up to some past better
                redeem              v
                                                 level; to improve

                foremost            adv          most important
              account for           v phrase   to make up

                                               a phrase used to suggest the
              that's a huge chunk              amount of something is very

                                               ideas about how one should
Chapter 3-1   moral reasoning       n          behave in regard to correct and
                                               appropriate conduct

              theorize              v          to form or propose a theory

              go through            v phrase   to bear; to endure

                                               to separate a group of things
              split A into B        v phrase   or ideas (A) into two or more
                                               categories (B)
                                               pertaining to accepted
              conventional          adj

              to put it another
                                    adv phrase to state something differently

              be aware that         v phrase   have knowledge of

              get A in trouble      v phrase   to bring punishment to (A)

              make no mistake       v phrase   to understand correctly

              take into account     v phrase   to consider

              conform               v          to act according to something
                                               pertaining to large social
              societal              adj

                                               a standard that is regarded as
              norm                  n

              internalize           v          to acquire and incorporate

              subjective            adj        particular to a given person
3-2   philosophical      adj          of or pertaining to philosophy

                                      able to have a powerful effect
      influential        adj
                                      on people or events
                                      the part of philosophy that is
      metaphysical       adj          about understanding existence
                                      and knowledge
                                      the relation of cause and
      causality          n
                                      effect in an event
                                      a doctrine that states that
                                      there is a reality that is
      objectivism        n            separate from our minds and
                                      that reliable knowledge comes
                                      from observation
                                      the philosophical theory that
      solipsism          n
                                      only our minds exist as reality

      apart from         adv          in addition to

      be considered to   v phrase     be thought of as

      as far as A be
                         adv phrase in regards to (A)

      be at odds with    v phrase     not in harmony or agreement

                                      in regards to the similarities
      in comparison with adv phrase
                                      and differences of
                                      to promote; to be in favor of
      advocate           v

      manufacture        v            to make

      regardless of      adv phrase without regard for

      contend            v            to earnestly maintain or assert

      substantiate       v            to verify; to confirm

      sensory            adj          pertaining to the senses

      intuition          n            an insight; an instinct
      have a little                  have an issue involving
3-3                       v phrase
      problem                        difficulty

      come by             v phrase   to show up at a location

                                     involving personal
      hands-on            adj
                                     the possibility for future
      promise             n
                                     to anticipate the occurrence of
      be expected to      v phrase

      improve             v          to get better

                                     a course of study that is done
                                     independently, apart from a
      independent study              traditional classroom setting,
      course                         without the teaching of a
                                     professor or the aid of fellow
                                     preoccupied or fully absorbed
      be involved with    v phrase
                                     with something
                                     a group that performs
                          n          charitable work or services
                                     without pay
      take up             v phrase   to consume

                                     a university student who has
      undergraduate       n
                                     not yet received a degree

      invaluable          adj        priceless; very useful

                                     to discover, solve, or
      figure out          v phrase

      rearrange           v          put into a different order

      set it up           v phrase   to arrange something

                                     a group of former students of a
3-4   alumni association n
                                     specific school

                                     insurance that covers the
      health insurance    n          expenses or losses from medical
                             a document stating that one has
diploma           n          graduated from an educational
                             to issue an insurance policy
insure            v
                             a disorder characterized by an
                             inadequate production or use of
diabetes          n          insulin that results in too
                             much glucose in the blood and

other than that              otherwise; except

                             the benefits given through
coverage          n

                             a legal document describing a
policy            n
                             particular service or its rules
                             the amount that an insured
                             person is responsible for
deductible        adj        paying for an injury before the
                             insurance company will make

kick in           v phrase   go into effect

                             a specified dollar amount that
                             the insured must pay out-of-
co-pay            n
                             pocket at the time the health
                             care is provided
                             to settle a debt through the
pay for           v phrase
                             exchange of money
                             a complete physical examination
checkup           n          to check the overall health of
                             a patient
all-inclusive     adj        including everything

be limited to     v phrase   confined to a certain extent

vision            n          the act of seeing

                             a piece of promotional material
brochure          n
                             containing information
                                    the act of drawing attention to
3-5   advertise          v          one's product, service, need,

      medium             n          a channel of communication

      devise             v          to make; to plan; to scheme

      first off          adv phrase to begin with

      tons of            adj phrase a large quantity
                                    a group of people at a
      audience           n
                                    performance or event
                                    to gain attention by appealing
      attract            v
                                    to the senses or emotions
                                    to get a subscription to some
      subscribe          v          form of literature like a
                                    magazine or newspaper
                                    a company that has been around
      established                   for some time and developed a
      business                      strong foundation and customer

                                    a consumer who frequents the
      long-term customer n
                                    same business for many years

                                    an ingenious mechanical device
      gadget             n
                                    or tool
                                    directed from one side to the
      sideways           adj
      widespread         adj        found in many places

                                    to increase to outrageous
      skyrocket          v

      sporadically       adv        occasionally; infrequently
                                    to strive to outdo someone or
      compete with       v phrase

      signal the                    to indicate the start of
3-6                      v phrase
      beginning of                  something
                                    grant formal consent to do
      give permission to v phrase
                                    a system of railroad tracks
                         n          that extend from one side of
                                    the continent to the other
      spring up          v phrase   to form within a short time
                                      to prosper; to develop
      thrive               v

                                      to have a way or means to get
      have access to       v phrase

                                      a phrase used to ask if someone
      Got it?
                                      understands what was said

      needless to say      adv phrase obvious

      smile on             v phrase   to be happy about

      nuisance             n          an inconvenience; a hassle
                                      a group of animals of the same
      herd                 n
                                      species that remain together
      vie                  v          to compete

      implication          n          an implied meaning

      wander               v          to move about aimlessly

                                      to finally end (in some event
      culminate            v
                                      or result)
                                      the fertile, uppermost layer of
      topsoil              n

      vulnerable           adj        open to harm

                                      the wearing away of the earth's
      erosion              n          surface by wind, water,
                                      glaciers, etc.
                                      the region in   the United States
                                      that suffered   from a severe
      dust bowl            n
                                      drought which   allowed storms to
                                      stir up a lot   of dust

                                      to encounter trouble with
3-7   have problems with v phrase

                                      to admit that one feels a lot
      I feel overwhelmed
                                      of pressure or anxiety

      leave out            v phrase   to omit

                                      the design and workings of a
      political structure n
                                       to limit or restrict the scope
      narrow down         v phrase

      be supposed to      v phrase     to be expected or required

                                       to be greater than something in
      exceed              v
                                       quantity or scope

                                       an explanation or comment at
      footnote            n            the bottom of a page which
                                       refers to part of the main text

                                       to set aside or commit for a
      devote              n
                                       specific purpose

      have to do with     v phrase     to be responsible for

      power shift         n            a change in control

                                       a periodical issued every three
      quarterly           n
                                       months (four times a year)

      outlook             n            prospect of the future

                                       to move gradually; to change
      transition          v
                                       form one state to another

      extensive           adj          great in degree or length

      go through          v            to search; to look over

      keep on the right                to stay on the course that will
                          v phrase
      track                            lead to success

3-8   a stack of          n            a pile of items

                                       basic principles; the main or
      fundamentals        n
                                       most important rules or parts

                                       to treat something with care so
      take care of        v phrase     as to maintain the best
                                       condition; to watch over
                                       entirely of recent origin or
      brand new           adj phrase
      issue              v          to release or distribute

                                    to issue or exhibit; to allow
      release            v
                                    to be known
      frequently         adv        often; repeatedly

                                    to look into; to make an
      check into         v phrase
                                    inquiry about

      branch             n          a department or division

      get into contact
                         v phrase   to locate and communicate with
                                    to put up or insert on a
      post               v

      browse             v          to look through

      what if ~?                    suppose that

                                    a brief summary of important
      profile            n

                                    outside of normal limits;
      unreasonable       adj
                                    to place an offer to pay a
      bid                v          certain amount, as at an

3-9   consequence        n          an effect; an end result

      dispose of         v phrase   to get rid of

                                    beyond a normal amount; too
      excessive          adj
                                    to accumulate, usually by
      pile               v
                                    heaping into a large mound
                                    an isotope that has an unstable
                                    nucleus which spontaneously
      radioactive isotope n         breaks down through the
                                    emission of a nuclear electron
                                    or helium nucleus and radiation

      decay              v          to decline in quality; rot

      get rid of         v phrase   to dispose of
                                    the process of changing a
                                    substance into glass or a
       vitrification     n
                                    glassy substance, especially
                                    through heat fusion
                                    in a manner that is executed
       thoroughly        adv
                                    without negligence
                                    to gradually wear away,
       corrode           v          especially through a chemical
                                    to slowly ooze out of through a
       seep out          v phrase
                                    hole or crack
       one thing to do              one way to treat or deal with
       with                         something

                                    to infect or make dirty; to
       contaminate       v

       seclude           v          alone; distant
                                    all the plants or plant life of
       vegetation        n
                                    a place, taken as a whole
                                    the transformation of one
       transmutation     n          element into another through a
                                    series of nuclear reactions
                                    an device that maintains and
                                    controls nuclear reactions for
       nuclear reactor   n
                                    the production of energy or
                                    artificial elements
                                    unlikely or impossible;
       unfeasible        adj

                                    three dimensional art made of
3-10   sculpture         n
                                    stone, metal, or other material
                                    the process of making something
       carving           n          by cutting into a solid
                                    the process of forming
                                    something by pouring a liquid
       casting           n
                                    or molten material into a mold
                                    and letting it harden
                                    to identify; to be able to tell
       distinguish       v
                                    the difference
                                    characterized or produced
       additive          adj
                                    through addition
                                    characterized or produced
       subtractive       adj
                                    through subtraction
              one by one         adv phrase singly and successively

              framework          n          a skeletal structure

                                            a hard, fired clay that is
              terra cotta        n
                                            brownish-red in color

              you can tell                  you know or understand

                                            a hollow form that shapes the
              mold               n
                                            exterior of a sculpture
                                            to harden; to change from a
              solidify           v
                                            soft, liquid state to a solid
              versatile          adj        having many uses

              offer an example   v phrase   to volunteer an example

                                            an alloy consisting of copper
              bronze             n
                                            and tin
                                            an attempt that has little
              a long shot        n
                                            chance for success
                                            a type of limestone that
                                            consists of recrystalized
                                            calcite or dolomite and is
              marble             n          capable of being polished, used
                                            in a variety of ways such as
                                            countertops, sculptures,
                                            floors, tiles, etc.
                                            to cut away or remove pieces
              chip away at       v phrase   using a chisel and hammer or
                                            other utensils

                                            a persistent rise in prices
Chapter 4-1   inflation          n          which results in the lowering
                                            of the value of currency
                                            to force someone or something
              cause A to B       v phrase
                                            (A) to do something (B)
                                            a period of inflation
                                            accompanied by an increase in
                                            the number of people who are
              stagflation        n
                                            unemployed and a lack of growth
                                            in business activity and
                                            consumer demands
              stagnant           adj        unmoving; not growing
                                            to make clear through the use
              illustrate         v
                                            of examples or analogies
      distinctive      adj        special; unusual; recognizable

                                  a thick, oily liquid that is
      petroleum        n
                                  refined and used as fuel

      collectively     adv        cooperatively; as a group

      raw oil          n          oil in its natural state

                                  to have additional money after
      make a profit    v
                                  paying for expenses

      compensate for   v          to counterbalance

                                  to make more difficult or
      complicate       v

      scarce           adj        rare

      in turn          adv phrase as a result

      end up with      v phrase   to get at last, as a result

                                  a sale made directly to the
4-2   direct selling   n

      agent            n          a representative of a business

                                  the people that make up a
      public           n
                                  community, state, or nation

      annoying         adj        irritating

      phrase           v          to say; to express
                                  a meeting held for the purpose
      seminar          n
                                  of exchanging information
      curious          adj        eager to learn or know

                                  the method or steps taken to
      approach         n
                                  perform a task
                                    property consisting of houses
      real estate        n
                                    and land
                                    the market that deals with the
      stock market       n          buying, selling, and trading of
                                    stocks and bonds
                                    a presentation or statement
      sales pitch        n
                                    that is used to sell something

      in-depth           adj        in great detail
                                    coming at the end although it
      last but not least adv phrase does not have the least
                                    the act of showing how to
      demonstration      n          perform a task or how to use a
                                    particular device
                                    in an honest and blunt manner;
      frankly            adv

      formal             adj        official; proper

4-3   strain             n          a species; a variety

                                    influenza; a contagious viral
                                    infection that causes the
      flu                n
                                    inflicted to have a fever,
                                    chills, and muscular pain
      in a row           adv phrase consecutively

                                    to get up to date from (having
      catch up from      v phrase
                                    missed certain information)

      ordeal             n          a difficult event or problem

                                    to try to fit where there is
      squeeze in         v phrase
                                    little or no room

      crowded            adj        filled to excess

      accidentally       adv        without intention
                                    the joint in the human arm
      elbow              n          located between the shoulder
                                    and the wrist
                                    to perform a specific task
      redo               v
                                    again; reconstruct
                                    to receive official
      get credit         v phrase   acknowledgement for completing
                                    course hours
                                     to fill; to be present
      occupy              v
                                     someone who likes to wake up
      a morning person    n          early and get things done in
                                     the morning
                                     to give up something that is
      sacrifice           n
                                     highly valued

      forego              v          to relinquish

4-4   package             n          a parcel

                                     mail distributed at a faster
      express mail        n
                                     pace than ordinary mail
                                     an on-campus living space for
      dorm                n
                                     college students

      be supposed to      v phrase   to be expected or required

                                     to take to the intended
      deliver             v
      by mistake          adv phrase due to an error
                                     an official document stating
      birth certificate   n          important information regarding
                                     one's birth
      fairly              adv        moderately

      storeroom           n          space used for storage

                                     a flat paper container having a
      envelope            n          flap that adheres shut to
                                     enclose letters and documents
                                     mail that has been recorded at
                                     a post office so that it is
      registered mail     n          protected against loss, theft,
                                     or damage that may occur prior
                                     to delivery
      verify              v          to check or confirm

      in error            adv phrase by mistake

      bet                 v          to make a wager
                                       a list of important information
      directory             n
                                       useful for contacting others

      keep one's eye open v phrase     be on the lookout for

      just in case                     if there happens to be need

      show up               v phrase   to appear or arrive at a place

                                       the introduction of harmful
4-5   pollution             n          substances or products into the
      particle              n          a small piece

      pop quiz              n          a quiz given without warning

      bits and pieces       n          small amounts

      old-fashioned         adj        antiquated

                                       condensed or diffused liquid;
      moisture              n

      You're on the right              you're headed in the direction
      track                            of the correct answer

                                       the deposit or build up of
      sedimentation         n

      erupt                 v          to violently eject matter

      spew                  v          to spit out
                                       billowy clouds of smoke and
      plumes of ash         n          powdery residue moving
                                       black ash that is a buy product
      soot                  n
                                       of burning
      linger                v          to stay
                                       the process by which a chemical
      photodissociation     n          compound is broken down by
                                       radiant energy

      deplete               v          to decrease; to use up
                                    the process by which oxygen
                                    combines with other elements to
      oxidation          n
                                    form something completely
                                    precipitation containing high
      acid rain          n          amounts of acid-forming

                                    a measure of the efficiency of
4-6   productivity       n
                                    one's work

                                    opposite in direction, action,
      converse           n
                                    order, etc.

      bring in           v phrase   to welcome

      make own decisions v phrase   to decide for oneself

                                    first; occurring at the
      initial            adj

      This is puzzling              this is confusing

                                    a connection or relationship
      correlation        n
                                    between two things
                                    constantly adhering to the same
      consistently       adv        principles, form, action,
                                    course, etc.
                                    following after in time;
      subsequent         adj
                                    occurring later

      on top of that     adv phrase in addition, as an added bonus

                                    to prove that something is
      disprove           v
      have nothing to do            contains no relation to; is not
                         v phrase
      with                          responsible for
                                    to weaken by ruining the
      undermine          v          foundation; to spoil the
                                    efforts of

      reinforce          v          to make stronger
      accommodate          v          to conform to; to adapt

      contradict           v          to disagree with; to oppose

4-7   halfway              adv        at the midpoint
                                      to relax; to have less stress
      take it easy         v phrase
                                      or work
                                      a large factor; an important
      a big deal           n
                                      relating to techniques
      laboratory           n          performed in a research
                                      a student who is in the year
      junior               n          preceding their final year of
                                      study in high school or college

                                      a record of the grades a
      transcript           n          student received for classes

                                      it would not cause any harm; it
      That wouldn't hurt
                                      could be helpful

      accompany            v          to join; to go with
compromise         v     to negotiate; to give in

                         good at focusing on specific or
detail-oriented    adj
                         minute parts

                         an advantage or source of
privilege          n
                         pleasure granted to a person

                         relating to the use of science
                         and technology to establish
forensic           adj
                         facts or evidence in
                         pertaining to the year of high
sophomore          n     school or college following the
                         first year of attendance

                         a person eligible for a certain
candidate          n

hazardous substance n    a harmful or dangerous matter
                                     a portion of time during which
                                     a person's performance is
      probationary period n          analyzed to determine if that
                                     person will remain or be
                                     released from the position

      permanent           adj        intended to be for a long time

      by chance           adv phrase with a possibility

      substitution        n          in place of another

                                     evidence of authority, status,
      credentials         n
                                     rights, etc.

4-8   sign up             v phrase   to register

                                     a program that provides
      work study          n
                                     students with jobs

      eligible            adj        qualified

      submit an                      to hand over an application for
                          v phrase
      application                    consideration

                                     the office of an educational
      admissions office   n          institution that handles the
                                     entrance of new students

      would rather        v          prefer to do otherwise

                                     to submit a formal request in
      file a petition     v phrase

                                     an instance or case that does
      exception           n          not conform to the general
                                     rule; an allowance

                                     to complete by writing in
      fill out            v phrase
                                     missing information

      brief               adj        short

      grant               v          to agree to; to allow

      composite           n          a mixture; a combination
                                  a division of an organized
      department       n
      refuse           v          to deny
                                  a person who manages the
                                  affairs of an organization or a
      director         n
                                  division of a company or

                                  the general science of human
4-9   anthropology     n
                                  to increase rapidly or without
      explode          v

      come up with     v          to produce

      broad-spectrum   adj        covering a wide range
                                  any of a variety of aquatic
      shellfish        n
                                  animals that have shells
                                  any of a variety of marine and
      clam             n          freshwater bivalve mollusks of
                                  the class Pelecypoda
                                  any of several edible, marine,
                                  bivalve mollusks of the family
                                  Ostreidae which have an
      oyster           n
                                  irregularly shaped shell and
                                  are found attached to objects
                                  in shallow water
      edible           adj        able to be eaten

      game             n          wild animals that are hunted

      seek out         v phrase   to go in search of

      diverse          adj        different; varied

      acknowledge      v          to recognize; to admit

      controversial    adj        causing disagreement

      dispute          v          to argue or debate

      uninhabited      adj        not lived in or occupied

                                  to be responsible for to a
      have a part in   v phrase
                                  certain degree

      plausible        adj        possible
    4-10        in particular    adv phrase specifically

                                            to have a strong possibility or
                be likely that   v phrase
                                            an organism that lives in or on
                parasite         n          and feeds off of another
                                            organism of a different type

                inhabit          v          to live in or occupy
                                            a very long, tube-shaped organ
                intestine        n
                                            in the body
                                            the state or quality of having
                acidity          n
                                            a pH value below 7
                                            any of a variety of organisms
                fungus           n          that reproduce by spores
                                            (mushroom, mold, yeast, mildew)

                instinctual      adj        born with; not learned

                dismiss          v          to put away from consideration

                mere             adj        being nothing more than

                coincidence      n          by chance

                cyanide          n          an extremely deadly poison

                lethal           adj        deadly
                                            a portion or quantity taken at
                dose             n
                                            one time

                counteract       v          to act in opposition to

                                            to be introduced; to enter the
Mini test 2-1   come into play   v phrase

                before I go on              prior to proceeding
come in            v phrase    to appear; to enter

come across        v phrase    to stumble upon

                               a schedule; a plan listing
itinerary          n

by the way         conj        in the course of one's comments

go as follows      v phrase    to proceed in a certain way

                               for instance; hypothetically
let's say

pass on to the next
                    v phrase   transferred to the offspring

groundbreaking     adj         new and unique; revolutionary

dismiss            v           to put away from consideration

take A seriously   v phrase    to give genuine thought to (A)

think back to      v phrase    recall

botanist           n           a plant specialist
                               the process by which pollen is
                               transferred from a plant's male
pollination        n
                               reproductive organs to the
                               femal reproductive organs
                               the act of mixing plants or
                               animals of different species or
hybridization      n
                               varieties to produce offspring
                               of different stock
                               the rules that explain how
the laws of
                   n           traits are passed from parents
                               to offspring
                                               characterized by social and
Mini test 2-2   sociopsychological adj         psychological factors that are

                help the flow of               to aid in the smooth movement
                                    v phrase
                the discussion                 of the discussion

                narcissism          n          excessive self-admiration

                argumentative                  a person who looks for reasons
                person                         to argue or debate

                                               to have a good relationship
                get along with      v phrase

                                               to call to attention; to
                bring up            v phrase

                engage in           v phrase   to take part in

                controversial       adj        causing disagreement

                                               to speak against something; to
                refute              v
                                               prove incorrect or erroneous

                assertive           adj        bold and aggressively confident
                make the
                                               to state the difference between
                distinction between v phrase
                                               A and B
                A and B
                                               in opposition to what intuition
                counterintuitive    adj        would lead one to believe or
                                               to believe that A and B are the
                equate A with B     v phrase
                                               the use of words to attack
                verbal aggression   n

                pull off            v phrase   to do something successfully

                                               to meet in the middle on
                                               certain issues; to reach
                reach compromises   v phrase
                                               conclusions that both sides
                                               (people) agree to

Mini test 2-3   sign up for         v phrase   to register
                                             to complete by writing in
              fill out            v phrase
                                             missing information

                                             a personal mailbox located on
              campus mailbox      n

                                             a book containing a list of
              course book         n
                                             courses and classes

                                             a list of courses that are
              course offerings    n
                                             offered at a school

                                             a necessary but insignificant
              formality           n

                                             to apply of sign up before the
              pre-register        v
                                             official starting date

              match up A with B   v phrase   to coordinate A and B

                                             a phrase used to insist that
              that's not to say
                                             something is still important
              this isn't
                                             and valid even though it may
                                             not appear to be so

                                             a requirement that must be
              prerequisite        n          completed before something else
                                             is possible or available
                                             a time to look at or try
              shopping period     n          different things before making
                                             a decision
                                             an additional amount of
              extra fee           n
                                             required money

                                             the stages of a product's
Chapter 5-1   product life cycle n

              go through          v phrase   to bear; to endure

              make one's impact
                                  v phrase   to influence; to effect

              prototype           n          the first sample product
                                     to be released and made
      hit the market      v phrase
                                     available for purchase

      at this phase       adv phrase during this stage

      so to speak         adv phrase figuratively speaking

                                     to be independent; to hold up
      stand on its own
                          v phrase   without assistance from other

                                     at the onset of a person's
      when people hit
                                     years between twenty to twenty
      their twenties

      long-standing       adj        of an extended duration

                                     removed from stores so as to no
      taken off the
                          v phrase   longer be available for
                                     no longer popular or demanded
      outdated            adj
                                     by consumers
                                     to fail to be intrigued any
      lose interest       v phrase
                                     not worth the effort or
      be not worth ~ing
                          v phrase   important enough to continue
                                     doing (~ing)

      phase out           v phrase   to stop producing and selling

                                     a very fast dance performed to
                                     boogie-woogie and swing music
5-2   jitterbug           n          that incorporates twirls,
                                     splits, somersaults, etc., made
                                     popular in the 1940s
      draw crowds         v phrase   to attract large groups

      crop up             v phrase   to appear

      metropolitan        adj        pertaining to a large city

      fuel                v          to stimulate
      venue               n          a location; a place

      congregate          v          to gather; to meet

                                     characterized by boldness or
      reckless            adj        disregard for danger or
      people in their                people between the ages of
      twenties                       twenty and twenty-nine

      have an effect on   v phrase   influence

      not at all          adv phrase not in any way
                                     causing strong displeasure,
      offensive           adj
                                     resentment, or anger

      progressive         adj        characterized by change

                                     to stare at another with no
      look at me with a
5-3                       v phrase   sign of feeling or emotion on
      blank expression
                                     one's face

      be fascinated with v phrase    to be extremely intrigued by

      intricate           adj        involved; elaborate

                                     a state in which you feel
      arousal             n
                                     excited or alert

      cognitive           adj        relating to the conscious mind

                                     to state something again in
      rephrase            v
                                     another way

                                     something that causes or
      stimulus            n          quickens action, thought,
                                     feeling, etc.

      have a reliance on v phrase    to be dependent upon

                                     a phrase used to express that
      I'm shaky
                                     one is physically shaking

      take into account   v phrase   to consider
      turn out            v phrase   to end up as

      overstate           v          to exaggerate

5-4   predominant         adj        major; primary

                                     the general science of human
      anthropology        n

      underlying          adj        basic

      noteworthy          adv        worthy of notice
                                     to begin to experience feelings
      fall in love        v phrase
                                     of love for another
      can't stand each               have an extreme dislike for one
                          v phrase
      other                          another

      arrange for         v phrase   to plan for something to occur

      critical            adj        having a tendency to find fault

                                     a strong feeling of dislike or
      animosity           n
                                     hostility; hatred

      by the way          adv phrase in the course of one's comments

      have a name for
                          v phrase   have a title for

                                     a system that is reversed in
      inverse structure   n

                                     a person who studies stars,
                                     planets, and other materials in
5-5   astronomer          n
                                     the universe outside of the
                                     earth's atmosphere

      neither A nor B                not A or B

      come up with        v phrase   to produce

      sleuth              n          a person who solves mysteries
      I want you all to
                                     I want everyone to understand
      get this

      surmise             v          to infer

      that's it!                     correct

                                     a phrase used to state that
      Great job                      one's work or performance was
                                     well done; congratulations
                                     a game played by throwing balls
      snowball fight      n          made of packed snow at one
      collide             v          to crash into

      stray from          v phrase   to wander away

      adjacent            adj        nearby; adjoining

      Let's go back in               Let's imagine what it was like
      time                           in the past
                                     to be in the midst of a
                                     conflict fought with weapons,
      be at war           v phrase
                                     between two or more parties or
                                     an infectious disease
                                     transmitted through the bite of
      malaria             n
                                     a mosquito, characterized by
                                     chills, fever, and sweating
                                     a chemical used to kill
      pesticide           n
                                     unwanted insects
                                     something that can create a
      drawback            n
      come to light       v phrase   to be made known; to appear

      resistant to        adj        able to defend against disease

      downside            n          a negative aspect

      In terms of         adv phrase with regard to

      pose any real                  to present the possibility of
                          v phrase
      threat to                      jeopardy, danger, or harm to

                                     capable of being dissolved by
      water soluble       adj
                                    the process by which the amount
                                    of harmful substances (poisons)
                                    increases with each animal in
      biomagnification   n          the food chain--the higher the
                                    animal is on the food chain,
                                    the more poison it has in its
                                    a hierarchy of organisms in
                                    which the lower members are
      food chain         n
                                    preyed upon and eaten by those
                                    that are higher up

      ramification       n          an outcome; a consequence

      granted                       acknowledged

      drastically        adv        considerably

                                    an infectious disease that is
                                    often fatal, occurring in
      yellow fever       n
                                    warmer climates and caused by a
                                    virus spread by mosquitoes

      contained          adj        controlled

                                    a prolonged public dispute,
      controversy        n
                                    debate, or contention

                                    trick you into doing or
5-7   fool you into ~ing v phrase
                                    believing something

      in essence         adv phrase at the basic nature of a thing

      I don't get it                I don't understand

      tailor             v          to adapt something

      equilibrium        n          balance

      be applicable to   v phrase   to be able to be applied to
                                     for instance; hypothetically
      let's say

      in exchange for    adv phrase in return for

                                     have control or power in a
      have the upper hand v phrase

      opt to             v           choose to

      respond to         v phrase    act in answer to something

5-8   be around          v phrase    to exist

                                     a drawing done during a period
      doodle             n           of boredom; a design made by
                                     idle scribbling

      pay attention      v phrase    to be observant

                                     to have one's attention
      get distracted     v phrase

      long-standing      adj         of an extended duration

      deposit            v           to insert

                                     to be accountable for something
      be responsible for v phrase
                                     within one's power or control

      make a name for    v phrase    to build a reputation

      contest            v           to challenge

      combat             v           to fight

      relinquish         v           to give up; to surrender

      in favor of        adv phrase in preference of
      take it over        v phrase     to dominate

      make it apply to    v phrase     to make relevant to something

      hamper              v            to get in the way; to slow down

                                       to have control or authority
      be in charge        v phrase
                                       over a situation

                                       great variation in the genes of
5-9   genetic diversity   n
                                       a species
      build up            v phrase     to form; to strengthen

                                       a species that is in danger of
      endangered species n
                                       becoming extinct

      lineage             n            ancestry

      be susceptible to   v phrase     to be vulnerable to

      strain              n            a variety

      enable A to B       v phrase     to allow A to do something (B)

                                       the state of being
      immunity            n
                                       insusceptible to a disease
                                       a large number of different
      a wide variety of   adj phrase
                                       types of
      put in danger of                 to place in a position of
                          v phrase
      complete extinction              becoming extinct

      watered-down        adj          weak or less effective

                                       an abnormal or misshapen body
      deformity           n
                                       part, state, etc.
                                       to gradually wear away,
      corrode             v            especially through a chemical

      be in poor health   v phrase     to be unhealthy or sick

      prone to            v            having a tendency to

      battle              v            to fight; to struggle with
                                               to cause to reproduce under the
              be bred in
                                    v phrase   supervision and care of humans
                                               while in a confined space

                                               a plague that killed millions
   5-10       the Black Death       n          of people throughout Europe in
                                               the 14th century
              drop by               v phrase   to reduce by
                                               having a mind that is
              be obsessed with      v phrase   excessively preoccupied with

              hallmark              n          a trait; a trademark

                                               showing a strong interest in
              morbid                adj
                                               the subject of death
              start out with        v phrase   to begin with

              somber                adj        sad; dark; gloomy

              overriding            adj        having a dominant quality

              reminiscent           adj        suggestive of

              onward                adv        in a forward direction; ahead
                                               more important or powerful than
              dominant              adj
                                               the notion that the spirit of a
                                               person remains alive in another
              life after death      n
                                               realm after their earthly body
                                               passes away

                                               what do you think of or
Chapter 6-1   what comes to mind?
                                               a company consisting of many
              tall organization     n
                                               levels of management
                                               a company consisting of few
              flat structure        n
                                               levels of management
              back to the issue
                                    v phrase   returning to the main point
              at hand
                                               to say something that is
              make a joke           v phrase
                                               intended to make others laugh
                                               a system of organization made
              hierarchy             n
                                               up of levels
              distortion of                    the misinterpretation of
              commands                         directions
      get at                v phrase   to lead up to

      be supposed to        v phrase   to be expected or required

                                       the true purpose or intention
                                       of the information given has
      Meaning can be lost
                                       the potential to be
                                       misunderstood or missed

                                       everything one can think of to
      you name it
                                       list or mention

                                       to reduce the number of
      downsize              v
                                       employees to reduce costs
                                       to temporarily release
      lay off workers       v phrase   employees from their positions
                                       due to slack in business
      if you ask me                    in my opinion

                                       to save something from being
6-2   preserve              v

      go extinct            v phrase   to cease to exist

                                       to do something using a method
      go about doing it
                         v phrase      that is unlike other methods
      in a different way
                                       being employed

                                       a garden that contains plants
      botanical garden      n          which are exhibited and used
                                       for scientific study
                                       the act of managing plants and
                                       animals by taking them out of
                                       their natural environment and
      off-site management n
                                       placing them in captivity so
                                       that scientists and caretakers
                                       can watch over and protect them
                                       the act of managing plants and
      on-site management n             animals in their natural
                                       is the information presented up
      clear so far?                    to this point understood by
      let's start off by               allow us to begin with
      share A with B      v phrase   to use A jointly with B
      protect from                   to defend or guard a species
                          v phrase
      extinction                     from disappearing completely
      that's a whole                 that's a completely separate
      different game                 thing, subject, topic, etc.

      draw the lines      v phrase   to set a restriction or limit
                                     it is at this point that A
      that's where A
                                     becomes useful, important, or
      comes in
      in terms of         adv phrase with regard to

                                     a question used to ask if one
      do you have a
6-3                                  has time to spare to help with
                                     a matter

      waterway                       the cleanup of streams, rivers,
      restoration                    canals, etc.

      cutting-edge                   the most advanced or modern
      technology                     technology

      in the coming years adv phrase in the near future

      the other day       adv        a previous day

                                     to have the opportunity to
      get some hands-on
                          v phrase   learn through personal

      give it a try       v phrase   to make an attempt

      the thing is                   the issue at hand is

      be willing to       v phrase   eagerly ready or inclined to

                                     to perform or complete an
                                     assignment for a course of
                                     study that is done outside of a
      do an independent              traditional classroom setting,
                          v phrase
      study project                  where the student studies and
                                     learns without the teaching of
                                     a professor or the aid of
                                     fellow students
      take the place        v phrase     replace; be a substitute for

                                         to receive official
      get credit            v phrase     acknowledgement for completing
                                         course hours

      neat                  adj          great

                                         incurring difficulty doing
6-4   have trouble ~ing     v phrase
                                         a phrase used to state that
      it's really tiring
                                         something is consuming all of
      me out
                                         one's time and energy
      still have ten                     ten weeks remain before the
      weeks to go                        finish

      the thing is                       the issue at hand is

      run out               v phrase     to expire

                                         to provide money for education
      pay for tuition       v phrase

      with A on top of                   including A in addition to
                            adv phrase
      that                               something else

      that's what worries                the thing that was mentioned is
      me                                 of great concern

                                         to have one's class scores or
      grade be slipping
                                         grades to lower or worsen

      be in a tight                      to have little money to support
                          v phrase
      financial situation                one's self with

                                         a goal, activity, concern that
      a top priority        n            receives the majority of one's
                                         time and attention

                                         to stop by or visit someone
      drop in               v phrase
                                         without warning

6-5   tear apart            v phrase     to destroy
      see no point        v phrase   do not recognize a reason for

                                     the condition of causing
      destruction         n
                                     excessive damage
      that would be                  it would be very difficult or
      really tough                   challenging
      devastated          adj        damaged very badly

                                     to choose which side of an
      take sides          v phrase
                                     issue to support

      leave one's job as v phrase    to quit one's job

                                     a person's sense of value or
      human dignity       n

                                     in a manner that is painstaking
      rigorously          adv
                                     and persistent

      give in to          v phrase   to surrender to

                                     successful, usually financially
      prosperous          adj
                                     or economically

      in terms of         adv phrase with regard to

                                     actively and skillfully
                                     conceptualizing, analyzing,
      critical thinking   n          applying, and evaluating
                                     information in order to find an
                                     answer or reach a conclusion

                                     to concern; to relate to; to be
6-6   refer to            v phrase
                                     defined as

      remarkable          adj        extraordinary

      considerable        adj        large in size or amount

      differentiate       v          to make a distinction between

      dimension           n          an aspect

      mobility            n          the ability to move
                                     to obtain the amount one
      meet one's need     v phrase

                                     the condition of continuing to
      subsistence         n
                                     the distribution and
      division of labor   n          appointment of jobs within a
      in search of        adv phrase to look for

      run out             v phrase   to have no more of something

      when it comes to               in regard to

                                     a community    of people whose
                                     food supply    comes primarily
                          n          from plants    that are cultivated
                                     in gardens,    orchards, or

      egalitarian         n          of equal status

                                     a community of people whose
      agrarian society    n          food source comes from crops
                                     harvested in permanent fields

      sedentary           adj        staying in one place

6-7   tentatively         adv        not definite or certain

                                     to mention certain information
      say in ~ that …     v phrase
                                     within something
                                     a requirement that must be
      prerequisite        n          completed before something else
                                     is possible or available
                                     information about the history
      background                     of someone or something which
      knowledge                      is essential to understanding
                                     that person or thing

      start off ~ing      v phrase   to begin by doing something

                                     to enroll and participate in a
      take a class        v phrase
                                         children who are physically or
      disabled children     n
                                         mentally challenged

      highly recommend
                            v phrase     to strongly encourage
                                         a phrase used to praise someone
      good for her                       for achieving a goal or doing
                                         something outstanding
      tell her I said                    to mention to another that one
      hello                              sends his or her greetings

                                         in a period of temporary
      on a trial basis      adv phrase

                                         to take a class without getting
      audit                 n
                                         credit for it
                                         to receive official
      get credit            v phrase     acknowledgement for completing
                                         course hours
                                         to submit for consideration; to
      drop it off           v phrase
                                         turn in

      she's not available                one is currently unable to meet
      right now                          or speak to another

      the other day         adv          a previous day

                                         a command for someone to calm
      slow down             v phrase
                                         down and slow his or her speech

      the way it works is
                                         this is how the system operates
      like this

                                         for the aim of; for reasons
      for the purposes of adv phrase
                                         related to

      bummer                n            something that is disappointing
                                        a phrase used to warn someone
      don't get me wrong                not to misunderstand what one
                                        is saying

      big time             n            in a major way

      be capable of        v phrase     to be able to do

      give it a try        v phrase     to make an attempt

      be bound to          v phrase     to be certain or destined

      open up              v phrase     to become available

      it was tough                      it was difficult

                                        to come in for the purpose of
      stop by              v phrase
                                        speaking to someone

      don't forget to      v phrase     remember to

                                        modest; having low status or
6-9   humble               adj

      fabulous             adj          wonderful

                                        one receives that which is owed
      a man gets what he                to him, especially in regard to
      deserves                          one's behavior, performance, or
                                        work ethic

      conversely           adv          with the terms reversed

                                        in a particular condition or
      in the form of       adv phrase
      lay out              v phrase     to outline or explain

      be responsible to    v phrase     to be accountable for

                                        having a lack of something
      in need              adv phrase
       eradicate             v            to remove or destroy

       interference          n            an act of intervention

                                          the activity of giving to
       philanthropy          n
                                          persons in need

       follow one's path     v phrase     to copy the example of another

       alleviate             v            to make less painful

       preach                v            to give earnest advice

                                          to act in a way that is
       be at one's best      v phrase

       pose an interesting                to present a question that is
6-10                       v phrase
       question to                        thought-provoking

       grapple with          v phrase     to struggle with
                                          to change into vapor and
       evaporate             v
       contain               v            to have as a part of
                                          an accumulation of natural
       deposit               n            materials that has built up
                                          through a natural process
                                          to search and examine
       investigate           v
                                          in a manner that maintains or
       in support of         adv phrase

       it wasn't until ~                  prior to a certain date, it did
       when …                             not occur or exist

                                          concrete proof in support or
       solid evidence        n
                                          opposition of a theory

                                          a question used to ask someone
       what do you mean by                to clarify the meaning of a
       that?                              statement that was made by that
              detect                v          to find; to discover

              combine A with B      v phrase   to mix A and B
                                               the representation of a
              chemical formula      n          substance in the form of
                                               letters and numbers

                                               a phrase used to introduce the
              we left off talking
Chapter 7-1                                    topic that was spoken about
                                               during the last discussion
                                               a search or pursuit of
              quest                 n
                                               highly abstract; relating to
              metaphysical          adj        the nature of existence and

              aside from            adv phrase apart from; excluding

                                               a question used to make sure
              are you all clear                that everyone understands the
              with that?                       information that was just

              keep in mind          v phrase   to remember

                                               a statement that is accepted as
              axioms                n
              set out by            v phrase   presented or explained

              another way to put
                                               to phrase something differently
              it is that ~
                                               to be or do something that is
              is in direct
                                    v phrase   the exact opposite of another
              opposition to

              instead of            adv phrase in place of

                                               a fact or reality that is
              the self-evident
                                    n          apparent without proof or

              regardless of         adv phrase without regard for

                                               a phrase used to show that what
              that's not to say
                                               was said is not limited to one
              that ~
      definite              adj        without doubt

7-2   move away from        v phrase   to go in another direction

                                       the theory of how one's
      linguistic                       thoughts are influenced by the
      relativity                       languages they are able to
                                       express them in
                                       a theory; an idea about why
      hypothesis            n
                                       something happens

      formulate             v          to develop

                                       the idea that something is
      premise               n
                                       based on
                                       a question that asks if
      do you all get what
                                       everyone understands what the
      I mean?
                                       speaker is saying

      performing                       doing tests to discover
      experiments                      something unknown

                                       the examination and comparison
                            n          of the similarities and
      language study
                                       differences of two languages

      come up with          v phrase   to produce

                                       to decide something is not
      dismiss               v
                                       worth considering

                                       to allow one to make a
      let me say

                                       something that has the same
      equivalent            noun
                                       function or value of another
                                       a verb tense used to express an
      past tense            n          action that occurred at a
                                       previous time
                                       an unqualified, chance
      sheer coincidence     n

      it turns out that                to be found or known
      farther up in the              at a later time in the future,
                          v phrase
      line                           according to the timeline
                                     characterized by or occurring
      cyclical            n
                                     in cycles

                                     to have extra time to devote to
7-3   spare a moment      v phrase
                                     a person or task

      go over             v phrase   to review

                                     to set apart by grabbing one's
      stand out from      v phrase

      vague               adj        not definite; unclear

      get the sense that v phrase    to have a feeling

      synonymously        adv        having the same meaning

      do get it           v phrase   understand correctly

      provide sufficient             to give enough examples and
                          v phrase
      evidence to back up            proof as support of
                                     a past event that can be used
                                     at a later time as an example
      precedent           n
                                     for a similar decision or to
                                     justify a similar action
      take a second look             to examine again, for the
                         v phrase
      at this                        second time

      if given a second              hypothetically, if one receives
      chance                         another opportunity

      now that                       since

                                     a question that asks if a
      Does that sound
                                     previous statement sounds just
                                     or reasonable

      More than fair.                beyond reasonable or just
                                      a building located on a college
                                      or university campus that is
      student union                   used by students for
7-4                        n
      building                        administrative, governmental,
                                      recreational, and social
      go about             v phrase   to perform; to undertake

                                      a person who acts in the
      representative       n
                                      interest of another
                                      to turn in a written request to
      submit a
                           v phrase   set aside something for one's
      reservation form
                                      future use
                                      a phrase used to state that all
      everything else is
                                      other matters are the sole
      up to the group
                                      responsibility of the group
                                      providing food and services for
      catering             n
                                      specific functions or events

      gotcha               v          slang for 'I understand'

      come in your                    to arrive in a small bundle of
                          v phrase
      organization packet             information

                                      an office which organizes
      Student Activities
                         n            programs and events that
                                      students can participate in
                                      a phrase   used to state that one
      None of this is                 does not   recall hearing or
      ringing a bell                  learning   the information that
                                      is being   presented

                                      to obtain the right to make use
      get access to        v phrase

                                      a question used to ask if a
      are we still
                                      group is still qualified for

      come up with         v phrase   to produce

                                      a phrase used to indicate that
      that sounds easy
                                      a certain task sounds fairly
                                     a phrase meaning that the group
      the review board               of people that makes decisions
      meets every other              regarding certain applications
      Thursday                       assembles every two weeks on

      group A into four              to categorize four different
7-5                       v phrase
      types                          kinds of A

                                     to prevent misunderstanding
      avoid confusion     v phrase
                                     from happening

                                     the vocabulary or technical
      terminology         n          words used for a certain

                                     an opening in the earth's
      vent                n          surface that serves as an
                                     outlet for lava, steam, or gas
                                     a violent ejection of molten
      eruption            n

      for one thing                  as a particular example

                                     a cavity on the surface of the
      crater              n          earth which marks the orifice
                                     of a volcano
                                     the quality of having balance
      symmetrical         adj
                                     and proportion

                                     to be given a title for a
      get its name from   v phrase
                                     specific reason

      flank               n          the side of something

      ocean floor         n          the bottom of an ocean

                                     a volcano that continues to
      active volcano      n
                                     have activity

      pile up             v phrase   to form a mound or mass
7-6   inextricably         adv        unavoidably

      legitimize           v          to make legal or valid

                                      a phrase used to state that the
      we'll go into
                                      subject will be examined more
      further detail
      all at once          adv phrase at the same time

                           v phrase   to occur at the same time

      look down upon       v phrase   to view with scorn or disdain

      lowbrow              adj        unsophisticated; trivial

      a prominent figure n            an influential person

      so to speak                     figuratively speaking

      be enamored with     v phrase   to be captivated by

      take cues from       v phrase   to follow or copy

      mass-produced        adj        made in large quantities

      collaborate with     v phrase   to willingly work with another

                                      a question used to ask if
      do you all get the              everyone present understands
      distinction?                    the difference between two
                                      an arrangement of workers and
                                      machines that put together a
      assembly line        n
                                      product by performing specific
                                      tasks in a series of stages

                                      having a similar way of
      like-minded          adj
                                         a question used to ask what one
      what's on your
7-7                                      is thinking about or what is
                                         troubling that person's mind

                                         to have recorded certain
      get you down with     v phrase
                                         information next to one's name

                                         inclined to express oneself by
      vocal                 adj
                                         speaking out

      drag down             v phrase     to pull down so as to lessen

      from this                     only from the information being
                         adv phrase
      conversation alone            exchanged at this time
                                         to not understand completely
      be not really
                            v phrase     what one is suggesting or

      what I'm getting at                the point that one is trying to
      is that                            make is

      ultimately            adv          in the end

                                         related to the topic being
      relevant to           adj phrase

                                         pertaining to the matter at
      on-topic              adj

      in-class commentary n              comments given during class

                                         causing a loss of focus and
      distracting           adj

      be more attentive
                            v phrase     pay more attention to
                                         a phrase used to state that one
      don't get it          v phrase     doesn't understand the point
                                         that is being made
                                         a phrase used to state that one
      I can see that.                    has observed and believes what
                                         the other person is claiming
      nail                  v          to execute flawlessly

                                       to reserve a time to use
7-8   make a reservation v phrase

      be supposed to        v phrase   to be expected or required

                                       to allow one to search for
      let me look for it

                                       a phrase used to state that one
      I don't see it here              cannot find the information
                                       given or being requested

                                       a phrase used to state that one
      I'm positive
                                       is absolutely sure
                                       a phrase used to state that it
      we rarely have a                 is rare for a day to pass that
      day that                         (doesn't involve a certain
                                       activity or occurrence)
                                       to pay attention to over a
      keep track of         v phrase   period of time

                                       a field of study that deals
      cosmology             n          with the general structure and
                                       evolution of the universe

      get down here         v phrase   to arrive at a certain location

                                       a phrase used to state that one
      I hear you                       understands the point that is
                                       being made
                                       to find and retrieve for
      pull up               v phrase
                                       a phrase used to state that
      no way                           something is completely
                                       to be given a piece of paper
      receive a                        that confirms important
                         v phrase
      confirmation sheet               information regarding a
                                       reservation or order

                                       the manufacture of goods in
7-9   mass production       n
                                       large quantities
      just to set the                  a phrase used to clarify
      record straight                  something
                             an arrangement of workers and
                             machines that put together a
assembly line     n
                             product by performing specific
                             tasks in a series of stages

put them all
                  v phrase   to assemble

semblance         n          an outward appearance
                             protected by a governmental
patented          adj        grant which gives exclusive
                             rights to the inventor
                             a building where livestock is
slaughterhouse    n

                             to slay and prepare the meat of
butcher           n
                             arousal of the mind which
inspiration       n          produces a high level of

now that                     since

archives          n          an extensive collection of data

refit             v          to fit, place, or equip again

eliminate         v          to remove or get rid of

allude            v          to mention or refer to

                             to add more information or
elaborate         adj

hallmark          n          a trait; a trademark

                             a phrase used to warn someone
don't be fooled
                             not to be tricked

                             a detailed description of
specifications    n          requirements, dimensions, or
                                                publicly or generally known for
    7-10        notoriously          adv
                                                a particular trait

                come up with         v phrase   to produce

                aside from           adv phrase apart from; excluding

                                                someone who studies medicine
                pharmacologist       n
                                                and drugs
                                                a type of dream in which one
                lucid dream          n          feels as though they are
                                                actually awake

                bring up             v phrase   to mention

                how come ~?                     why is it that?
                                                frequently, as if part of a
                on a regular basis
                                                routine or schedule
                                                an action designed to solve a
                resolution           n
                                                a study of an individual unit
                case study           n          in order to compare it to a
                                                larger group
                                                to enclose and envelop
                swallow up           v phrase
                induce               v          to bring about or cause

                be supposed to       v phrase   to be expected or required

                                                the resemblance of one organism
                                                to another or to an object for
Mini test 3-1   mimicry              n
                                                concealment and protection from
                                                an animal that hunts and kills
                predator             n
                                                other animals
                                                a device that is developed as a
                evolutionary                    means to prolong an organism's
                defense mechanism               life by protecting it from
                                                a coloring that allows an
                camouflage           n          animal to blend in with its
                icky                 adj        not pleasant

                                                very harmful and able to cause
                poisonous            adj
                                                illness or death
                pass over             v phrase   to ignore; to disregard

                be interested in      v phrase   to have concern for

                                                 a phrase used to warn someone
                don't be fooled
                                                 not to be tricked

                                                 to discover, solve, or
                figure out            v phrase

                                                 a gift or trait acquired from a
                inheritance           n
                                                 close relative

                it makes no sense                a phrase used to state that
                at all                           something is incomprehensible
                                                 not appealing; not tempting to
                unappetizing          adj

                inedible              adj        impossible to eat

                                                 a question asked to find out if
                Does that make
                                                 the information presented is

                put it this way       v phrase   to state in a certain way

                by the way            adv phrase in the course of one's comments

                go through            v phrase   to bear; to endure

Mini test 3-2   go over               v phrase   to review

                                                 pertaining to the natural
                geographic            adj
                                                 features of a region

                                                 a phrase used to state that
                there were some                  there were some differences
                obvious differences              between two things that could
                                                 not be overlooked
                                                 land that is difficult to
                rough terrain         n
                                                 travel on
                come up with          v phrase     to produce

                channeled             adj          directed along a desired course

                                                   the system or process of moving
                irrigation            n            water from a source to a remote

                inhospitable          adj          harsh or difficult to live in

                fulfill one's needs v phrase       to provide the necessary amount

                                                   to construct a place to hold
                build reservoirs      v phrase
                                                   water for future use

                canal                 n            an artificial waterway

                take advantage of     v phrase     to make use of for one's gain

                                                   not relevant to the current
                off-topic             adj
                                                   to plow, plant seed, water, and
                cultivate             v
                                                   fertilize the land
                                                   an animal that is tamed and
                domesticated animal n              raised within a human
                                                   not capable of sustaining
                infertile             adj
                                                   livestock or crops
                                                   a pair; two or more, but not
                a couple of           adj phrase

                                                   a phrase used to state that
                it's just so nerve-                something is causing one to be
Mini test 3-3
                racking for me                     extremely nervous or stressed

                mandatory             adj          required

                account for           v phrase     to make up

                first off             adv phrase at the outset

                                                   a phrase used to state that one
                I assure you                       guarantees that what is said is
                perspective          n          point of view

                come up with         v phrase   to produce

                to be honest         adv phrase to tell the truth

                be dragged down      v phrase   to be pulled down or lowered

                                                a person who guides or leads a
                facilitator          n
                                                group discussion

                                                a phrase used to state that
                it's not that at
                                                what one is suggesting is

                hand out             v phrase   to distribute

                                                to speak quickly without much
                rattle off           v phrase
                                                plan or prior thought

                                                a phrase used to state that one
                I can see where
                                                understands the reason why
                you're coming from
                                                another is mentioning certain
                with that

                make more of an
                                     v phrase   to try harder to
                effort to

Practice test 1 due to               adv phrase because of

                                                a scientist who studies living
                marine biologist     n
                                                organisms in the ocean

                solitary             adj        unattended; without companions

                in the name of       adv phrase on behalf of

                                                clean and pure; uncorrupted by
                pristine             adj

                bait                 n          a thing used to attract or lure
                                               a phrase used to state that
                It might sound
                                               something may appear extremely
                                               crazy or dangerous
                put themselves in
                                               to voluntarily place oneself in
                extraordinary       v phrase
                                               an extremely dangerous position

                firsthand           adv        from the original source

                                               to feel discomfort in the ears
                have extremely
                                    v phrase   from sounds that are not
                sensitive hearing
                                               considered too loud by others

                be comprised of     v phrase   to be made up of

                                               to restrain oneself; to refrain
                hold back           v phrase   from participating in an

                                               to have the first rights or
                have first dibs on v phrase
                                               claims on something
                                               a mechanism used to keep track
                tracking devices    n          of the activities and location
                                               of a person or animal
                authentic           adj        factual

                in one instance                on one occasion

                carcass             n          the dead body of an animal

                take advantage of   v phrase   to make use of for one's gain

                                               to make another feel fear or
                intimidate          v
                                               a period of intense and
                feeding frenzy      n
                                               ruthless eating

Practice test 2 arena               n          a field of activity or endeavor

                                               a command for one to ponder
                think for a moment v phrase
                                               something for a short time
                give them easy                 to provide a simple way to
                                    v phrase
                access to                      reach something
maintain their
                      v phrase   to continue one's alliance with
partnerships with

imperative            adj        absolutely necessary

knock out             v phrase   to defeat, remove, or destroy

                                 to develop a group that has
build a monopoly      v phrase
                                 sole possession or control

antagonistic          adj        acting in opposition

to be fair                       to act justly; to be impartial

                                 successful, usually financially
prosperous            adj
                                 or economically

on-going conflict     n          a continuous disagreement

facet                 n          aspect
                                 not later than the date
by this time                     mentioned; on or before the
                                 specified time or date
                                 to change what one occupies his
shift their focus
                      v phrase   or her attention with, from A
from A to B
                                 to B

align ~ with          v phrase   to form an alliance with

                                 a question used to ask if those
Is everyone still                listening continue to
following?                       understand what is being
                                 discussed or explained
reach the apex        v phrase   to arrive at the highest point

the fighting took a              the combat caused damage to
toll on both sides               both parties

get tired of ~ing     v phrase   to become weary from ~ing

called a truce        v phrase   to agree to stop fighting
                                                   to obtain a more favorable part
                get a better deal
                                    v phrase       of an agreement to cease
                in the peace treaty

Practice test 3 make an appointment v phrase       to schedule a meeting

                                                   a person who advises students
                financial aid                      on how to obtain financial
                counselor                          assistance to pay for their

                                                   incurring difficulty doing
                have trouble ~ing     v phrase

                                                   a bundle of money that one
                my financial aid
                                      n            accepts in order to assist with
                                                   education costs

                as far as I can
                                                   from one's understanding

                crop up               v phrase     to appear

                                                   a phrase used to state that a
                it doesn't work
                                                   certain situation does not
                that way for
                                                   apply to someone or something

                                                   to exist to simplify work or
                for convenience       adv phrase
                                                   make things easier

                run off               v phrase     to operate from

                                                   unlikely or impossible;
                unfeasible            adj
                have a partnership                 to have an alliance or
                                   v phrase
                with                               relationship with another
                                                   a phrase used to state that
                that's awesome!
                                                   something is great or fantastic

                along with            adv phrase in addition to

                that sounds kind of                to seem to be a somewhat
                complicated                        difficult or complex
                                                   to provide or receive a
                  get a replacement   v phrase
                                                   substitute for

                                                   at the earliest available or
                  as soon as possible adv phrase
                                                   possible time; without delay

                  pose so many                     to present an abundant amount
Practice test 4                       v phrase
                  important questions              of meaningful questions

                  side by side        adv phrase right next to one another

                                                   to separate; to go in different
                  diverge             v
                  go ahead            v phrase     proceed

                                                   to make mention of; to talk
                  refer to            v phrase

                                                   to meet fearlessly; to
                  stand up to         v phrase
                                                   confront; to compete with

                  the emphasis ~
                                                   the importance one gives to
                  placed on

                                                   the state of having spiritual
                  enlightenment       n
                                                   or intellectual insight

                  in relation to      adv phrase with reference to

                                                   one's opinion or ideas
                  His take on         n
                                                   regarding a matter

                                                   regard for one's own advantage,
                  self-interest       n            often with disregard for the
                                                   advantage of others

                  deal with           v phrase     to handle

                                                   to possess something that is
                  have in common      v phrase
                                                   shared equally by both parties
                                                   now that certain information
                  with that said
                                                   has been put forth
                  carry on            v phrase     to continue
                                                    to give dimension or substance
                flesh out             v phrase

                                                    a phrase used to inform one
                you have to go a                    that he or she must look deeper
                little further than                 to find the answer that is
                that                                being sought or to find greater
                                                    understanding on the subject

Practice test 5 without knowing it prep phrase unaware of

                                                    being in a state of awareness
                with that in mind     prep phrase
                                                    about something

                give brief summary                  to make a concise statement
                                   v phrase
                of                                  about

                give it a try         v phrase      to attempt

                as a result of        adv phrase as an outcome or consequence of

                                                    the belief in independent
                individualism         n
                                                    thought or action
                                                    dependence on one's own powers,
                self-reliance         n             resources, skills, thoughts,
                                                    the ability to create new
                inventiveness         n
                                                    preoccupation with physical
                                                    objects and a disregard for
                materialism           n
                                                    spiritual, intellectual, or
                                                    cultural values

                                                    a prolonged public dispute,
                controversy           adj
                                                    debate, or contention

                turn ~ on their
                                      v phrase      to flip; to reverse
                rather than vice
                                                    instead of the other way around

                discontent with                     unhappiness about

                originality           n             freshness
                                                 to alter one's beliefs or
                change one's tune   v phrase

                so to speak         adv phrase figuratively speaking

                                                 to go to a faraway place to
                move out            v phrase
                                                 settle and live
                                                 to make a sudden, unexpected
                flip-flop           v            reversal of opinion, belief,
                                                 policy, etc.

                degradation         n            a decline to a lower condition

                                                 without discrimination; in a
                indiscriminately    adv phrase
                                                 random manner

                                                 here is the object you asked
Practice test 6 here you go
                                                 to complete a task successfully
                do a great job      v phrase
                                                 and in an outstanding manner
                                                 to complete a task without
                do poorly           v phrase     success and in a substandard
                                                 to skip from one idea to the
                jump from point to
                                   v phrase      next without fully developing
                                                 each idea

                solid idea          n            a firm or substantial concept

                back it up          v phrase     to support

                give it more depth v phrase      to provide more substance to

                constraint          n            a limitation or restriction
                                                 the regulations associated with
                                                 writing done by scholars that
                                                 is devoted to topics that are
                rules of academic
                                    n            of interest to the academic
                                                 community, and which present
                                                 the reader with an informed
relevant                       knowledge that is important and
information                    pertinent to the topic at hand

switch back and                to move or jump around, in
                    v phrase
forth                          regard to one's thoughts

stay put            v phrase   to remain

                               any of the various conditions
                               that are characterized by the
mental illness      n          impairment of one's normal
                               thoughts, emotions, and
                               a phrase used to state that
it's crammed                   there is too much of something
                               shoved into a small space
                               a phrase used to tell someone
you've done the
                               that he or she acted
right thing
                               appropriately or correctly

                               are not included as an
don't factor into   v phrase
                               essential element

                               a phrase used to show that
                               someone is free from worry
that's a relief
                               after hearing certain
         SAMPLE SENTENCE                     SYNONYM          ANTONYM

Self-help books are a good example
of pseudopsychology because they
suggest ways that people can
improve their lives, but the
information is rarely supported by
The doctor gave an extensive
diagnosis for my mother's
                                   basically           to elaborate
condition, but to put it simply,
she broke her wrist.
There are many genuine artifacts
from the Civil War on display in   real                fake
the museum.
For one of the assignments in our
astrology class, we were required
to write horoscopes for the school

Personally, I do not believe in
palmistry and other forms of

Although she was skeptical about
fortune-tellers, her friend
persuaded her to get her palm read
at the carnival.
My sister is probably the most
gullible person I know; she will     naïve             astute
believe anything I tell her.
Her accusation was ambiguously
worded, so no one knew who she was   vaguely           specificly
talking about.
Here's the thing. . . if you
cannot pay the rent on time,
you're going to have to find
another place to live.
James is very extroverted; he
loves social activities where he     outgoing          introverted
can meet new people.
Because Natalie was so
introverted, she had a hard time     shy               extroverted
speaking to strangers.
The aloof teenager seemed annoyed
with the counselor's questions and   uninterested      concerned
Clouds weighted down with moisture
cannot pass mountain ranges unless
they rise in elevation. Do you all Do you understand
see what I'm getting at here?      where this is
Precipitation is released to       going?
lighten the load so they can rise
over the mountains.
The politician gave an open-ended
answer rather than a specific        general           detailed
answer to the question.
The researches attempted to
replicate the results of a           reproduce         destroy
previous experiment.
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to      supply            hide
the history question.
She encountered the same homeless
person time and time again in
                                     over and over     never
various places throughout the
The witness gave an invalid
testimony during the court           faulty            valid
The mafia often hides its criminal
activity behind legitimate           authentic         fake
I have to admit that I am a
skeptic when it comes to psychics,
                                   doubter             believer
fortune tellers, and people who
claim they can speak to the dead.

Today, we are going to spend some
time cleaning the house and
weeding the garden.
Asian culture strongly promotes
the aesthetic way of living life,
                                     artistic          unpleasant
which is to see the beauty of duty
and life in all things.
When it was time for math, Steven
started the students off on their    lead off          finish up
multiplication tables.
If you don't mind, I'd like to
                                     would it be
make one last stop before
returning home for the evening.
The audience wanted to hear the
woman's answer, but she seemed to    avoid one's       answer one's
be dodging the reporter's            question          question
The beautiful gown showcased in
the window of the boutique caught
my eye, so I entered the store to
inquire about it.
Christianity is probably the most
prevalent religion in the world     common           uncommon

Martyrdom was commonly portrayed
in Western art.

In our region, malaria kills very
few people, but in a broader
sense, it is responsible for the    generally        specifically
deaths of millions of people,
primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa.
It was hard for him to conceive
the notion of moving to a remote    imagine          misunderstand
village in northern Canada.
He hit it right on the head when
he guessed that I didn't want to
                                    nail             miss
go home because I was afraid of
driving in the snow.
In the beginning drawing class,
students learn about linear and
atmospheric perspectives.

Shading helps create the illusion
of three-dimensional objects on a
flat surface.
The woman looks so different from
what she looked like twenty years
I know you don't want to leave
until tomorrow, but think of it
this way: if we leave tonight,     consider this
we'll have the entire day tomorrow
to spend on the ski slopes.
He had an intuitive feeling that
an ominous event was about to       instinctive      taught
It was down to the final seconds
of the game, and the score was
                                                     leave room for
tied, leaving no room for errors
by either team.
The artist's painting was an
accurate rendition of the entire    depiction        obscurity
I appreciate your detailed account
of the events which occurred, but
could you get back to our original

Thank you for calling the customer
                                   How can I help
support and services hotline. What
can I do for you?
Tomorrow is the deadline for all
scholarship applications.
Applications submitted after 5     due date
p.m. tomorrow will not be
The timid student felt that
calling her professor to explain
her absence in class was a
daunting task.
He immediately took interest in
medical research and hopes to be
the first to find a cure for
I was going to go to the gym to
exercise, but I ended up going to
the spa for a pedicure and
manicure instead.
When I was a child, I wanted to
study astronomy and become an
astronaut so I could travel into
outer space.
Public health in many remote and
impoverished regions is
practically nonexistent.
Ancient art history is much more
interesting to me than modern art
One of my former co-workers was
recently diagnosed with a mental
illness, and now she must live in mental disorder
a mental hospital under constant
If I were to quit my job and move
to a foreign country, I would
choose to live in Spain.
These are two very strong
indications of a probable cause of
the leak. It looks as though you
may be on to something.
The soldier was overwhelmed with
happiness upon returning home from
                                   overcome         underwhelmed
the war and seeing his baby for
the first time.
The woman felt extremely intrigued
by the exotic stranger sitting     interested in      uninterested in
next to her on the airplane.
I plan to stay with this company                      on a short-term
                                    for a long time
on a long-term basis.                                 basis
As for Benjamin, he remains
undecided about his future          concerning        regardless of
The elderly woman really doesn't
want to go through the hassle of    experience        avoid
moving to a new home.
Flights are finally arriving and
departing on schedule once again.
                                   That's comforting. That's disturbing.
That's reassuring. I thought I was
going to miss my sister's wedding.
I met my boyfriend three months
ago, but we have decided to get
married. My parents are worried,
but I'm not because something
about it just feels right.

She offered nothing in terms of a
workable solution.
The grizzly bear was perceivable
even through the thick morning      viewable          hidden
The young astronomer discovered a
new comet when observing the
universe through his telescope.
The tumor was previously thought
to be benign, but upon further
                                    before            later
testing it was diagnosed as
The lava flow created a fiery
river down the side of the
It was an exhausting vacation,
but, on the other hand, we saw
                                    conversely        similarly
some of the most beautiful and
interesting places in the world.
On a side note, there will not be
a guest speaker at next month's
We could see the moon's craters in
great detail through the powerful cavity              dome
telescope lense.
At first glance, one may assume
                                    at first sight
that they are identical twins.
His behavior problems have to do
with the fact that he was          involve
abandoned by his parents.
I'm not going to get into too much
depth on her personal problems,
but I can tell you that she is
making a quick recovery from the
While wandering through the field,
we discovered a meteorite that was
partially covered with soil.
Due to poor road conditions, the
school bus collided with a semi-     crash into     avoid
truck carrying a load of cattle.
The airplane skidded off the
runway and slammed into a storage    collide with   avoid
We peered over the cliff and saw
the lake far below us.
The function of automobiles is
analogous to horse-drawn             comparable     unrelated
The doctor doesn't know for
certain if he will be able to
perform the procedure tomorrow       for sure       doubtfully
since his schedule is completely
Washing clothes in hot water can
                                   reduce           expand
cause them to shrink dramatically.

I know you're anxious to hear
about my trip, so let me just get
right into it.
Are the event organizers going to
charge a fee for entrance into the
The workshop will be beneficial to
                                   helpful          harmful
all employees seeking a pay raise.
We must start trusting each other
for the sake of our marriage.
It is usually quite obvious when a
                                   cleanliness      filthiness
person does not have good hygiene.
Since the advent of fast food
restaurants, the number of obese
                                   onset            end
people in the world has increased
She rarely socializes with her co-
                                   mingle           exclude
workers on the weekend.
Collegiate athletes lift weights
as part of their conditioning.

Rising temperatures contributed to
                                     add to             take from
the winter flooding.
One of my goals is to become
physically fit so that I can         in shape           out of shape
participate in a triathlon.
Last, and perhaps most
interestingly, it is presumed that
Alexander the Great is undefeated
in battle.
County officials serve an
important political role although
state and national officials
receive more attention.
The Mongolian restaurant was
frequented by international          attended           abandoned
college students.
The candidates were competing to
gain support from the voters.
The employees met with the
supervisor to share their ideas
with him.
During the recent election,
commoners' opinions were heard and
                                     peasant            royalty
taken into consideration by both
presidential candidates.
It is common for the media to
investigate and report on the
personal lives of the candidates
for an election.
His father was thrown in prison
for plotting against the
                                     conspire against   help
government in an attempt to
overthrow the president.

The senior class is going to go on
a trip to Glacier National Park    travel               stay home
next semester.
I was going to persue a degree in
archaeology until I inherited my
grandfather's photography
I developed an organizational
                                                        plot against
system to help me out with my time assist someone
management issues.

The dig site was located at the
base of a canyon.
The newly discovered artifacts
were put on display in the museum.
The child is so active that it is
hard to keep track of him at all     watch             forget; lose
Although she's only seven years
old, she already has her entire      arrange
future planned out.
He was absent from school for
three months and fell behind in      get behind in     get ahead in
most of his studies.
It is going to take a lot of hard
work and perserverance for him to    be current        fall behind
catch up on all of assignments.

I was able to do an independent
study in biology during my senior
year of high school.

He's not really familiar with the
traffic laws in this country, so
                                     unfamiliar with   familiar with
he has to read a manual to learn
about them.
Buying a house is not feasible at
                                     possible          impossible
this moment in time.
When it comes to the mechanics of
automobiles, I am completely
In order to waive the
prerequisites for this course, you
must speak to the department head.
First off, I'd like to welcome our
special guests from Scandanavia to immediately         finally
the conference.
It is important that you fill out
the paperwork in its entirety
                                   fill in             erase
before submitting the application
for approval.

The RA organized a philanthropic
event in the residence hall.
When I went to college, I decided
to join a sorority instead of      dormitory           off-campus housing
living in the residence hall.
After the break-in, I stressed to
my brother the importance of                           leave the door
locking the door behind him every                      unlocked
day when he left for school.
Many parents have no way of paying
for their children's college       have no means       have a way
She must have had to make it to an
important appointment because she
took off without saying goodbye.
I apologize for running off like
that, but my mother's flight
                                     take off       stay put
arrived early, and I had to pick
her up at the airport.
Do you have Colleen's new mailing
address by any chance?
My laptop was stolen along with my
wallet, digital camera, cell         together       without
phone, and leather jacket.
Sit down so I can take a look at
                                     see            overlook
the extent of your injuries.
Without a cell phone, my father
would be nearly impossible to        find           lose
track down.
As long as we have each other,
nothing else matters.
He's in a hurry to get to the
airport before his flight for        be in a rush   take one's time
Denmark departs.
The custodial staff worked
overtime for an entire week to
clean up the mess caused by the
broken pipes.

There is a lot of outdoor
advertising in New York City.
African Americans account for
fifteen percent of the population to constitute
in this state.
Last year, the advertising budget
for our company was 1.5 million
I go by this building every day,
but today is the first time that I
have ever noticed the bronze       pass by          go around
sculpture next to the main
She enjoys sitting on the bench
and watching the hustle and bustle
of people on their way to work.
We may go to the beach tomorrow
depending on the weather and how
hot it gets.
She managed to get front row seats
to the concert even though tickets
                                   succeed in       fail to
had been sold out for three
We predict that our revenue next
year will surpass what we made       income               spendings
this year.
She put up a sign in her front
yard to warn trespassers of her      show                 take down
ferocious guard dog.
The waste coverage for the ad
campaign amounted to over one
million dollars.
She offered nothing in terms of a
workable solution.
He vowed to pay more attention to
                                     pay heed to          ignore
the needs of his wife.
This year, I am going to stick to
                                     uphold               diverge from
my diet and exercise plan.
The business passed out flyers to
promote their grand opening.
Raising the volume on commercials
is an attention grabber that often
has a negative effect on
The downside to living in the
country is that you have to spend    drawback             upside
a lot of money on gas.
The company spent a lot of money
to put their signage on the side
of the bus.

There is a unit exam coming up
                                                          in the distant
soon which will test us on the       in the near future
ancient civilizations.
She offered nothing in terms of a
workable solution.
For the next animation project,
our characters must be computer-     computerized         hand-drawn
I prefer hand-drawn cartoons over
                                     manually drawn       computer-based
those that are computer-based.
Feel free to use my computer to
check your email or use the          be my guest
Internet whenever you want to.
She does all of her animations by
                                     manually             electronically

It will be difficult, but I have
faith that you can bring these
static pictures to life.
I'm not an expert on nutrition by
any means, but I know a little bit at all
about eating healthy.
The narrator set the stage for the
second act.
I know I am moving through this
information quickly, so stop me at
any time with questions that you
may have.
The first three letters of your
driver's license number correspond
                                     match               differ
to the first three letters of your
The waiter carried five plates at
                                     at once             alternately
a time out to the customers.
The video recording was really
jerky because the person holding     shaky               steady
the camera was riding a bicycle.
She just came out of surgery, so
keep that in mind if she seems a
little disoriented to you.
He's going to have a sirloin steak
                                     in lieu of
instead of the lobster.
The weather was ten below zero, so
many people were shifting back and
                                     stay in one place
forth from one foot to the other
in an attempt to stay warm.

She was upset with her mother's
answer, but that's not why she was
I came in to talk about the grade
I received on my senior thesis.
The elderly woman was engaged by
the scientific journal her           engrossed           bored
granddaughter purchased for her.
I won't be able to attend class on
Friday, and I'm worried that I
will miss some important
information…what I mean is…could
you take notes for me?
The scientific experiment that was
performed on the patient was
                                     mentioned           omitted
carefully referenced in his
She was both elated and saddened
at the same time for inexplicable    concurrently        alternately
The director was open to
suggestions from the actors.
He alluded to the fact that it was
the woman's fault they were late     imply               state directly
for the rehearsal.
As for Benjamin, he remains
undecided about his future           concerning          regardless of
His comment was not relevant to
                                     pertinent   irrelevant to
the discussion, so we ignored it.
The review could not do the
performance justice with words
She sang the song in a way that I
had never heard before.
My laptop was stolen along with my
wallet, digital camera, cell         together    without
phone, and leather jacket.
Although they had a limited
budget, they were able to pull off
                                     achieve     fail
a beautiful reception for the
newlywed couple.
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to      supply      hide
the history question.
The professor stated that he would
remind the students about their
final papers three weeks before
the due date.

I'm a little panicked about what
I'm going to get my mother for her

Let me slow down and explain
myself more carefully.
Do you want to grab some food in
the cafeteria after class?
My laptop was stolen along with my
wallet, digital camera, cell       together      without
phone, and leather jacket.
That makes a lot more sense now
that you explain it that way.
I bet he's going to have a
headache from eating his ice cream
so fast.
The border patrol officer made a
meticulous inspection of the
suspicious man's car.
He brought the lost items to the
information desk when he couldn't
identify the owner.
The security guard directed her to
the Lost and Found when she
inquired about her missing keys.
The security guard allerted police
when the surveillance cameras
revealed a man breaking into the
She should be on her way back from
                                   returning         leaving
the dentist's office right now.
You're free to hang around the
office while you wait for the        loiter          leave
meeting to finish.

The security guard did his nightly
rounds every two hours.

The skiier radioed for help when
he became lost in the mountains.
I'm positive this is not the
correct dose of medicine that she I'm sure           I'm not sure
should be taking.
The sick student's mother said she
would come to the school and pick
him up as soon as possible.
Feel free to have a seat while you
                                   please sit down
wait to speak to the doctor.

The professor completely derailed
from the topic and began speaking
                                     depart          stay on course
about end of the Mayan calendar in
Why didn't you supply us with this
pertinent information during the     related         irrelevant
initial investigation?
We discussed the stratification of
the feudal society until we were
The car veered to the left at the
last minute to avoid striking the
                                     finally         with time to spare
pedestrian as she crossed the
As long as we have each other,
nothing else matters.
Although the world has made
strides to overcome inequality,
there are still many places where    disparity       equality
people struggle to receive fair
There was an uneven distribution
of wealth among the citizens.
Because of his prestige, the
police escorted him through the      prominence      humility

The success of our society relies
heavily on social structure.

It is wise to make your own
decisions regarding your future.
Is it viable to assume that you
will be promoted to vice president feasible          impossible
of the company?
That could serve as a good second
example, but there is another
example that is even more
In essence, what you are saying is
the recession is only going to
continue to get worse. Is that
He must choose to exercise and eat
right for his own sake, not
because his family is pressuring
him to do so.

We're already halfway through
class, so we may have to postpone
the review session until the next
time we meet.
It's a perfect day for skydiving.
Are you all up for it?
Tuberculosis is not as common as
it once was thanks to modern         consumption
Microorganisms cannot be seen
without the use of a microscope.
Everyone thought she would
transfer to a new school after her
parents got divorced, but that       supposition     fact
turned out to be speculation and
nothing more.
Koch stated four postulates that
were needed to prove that a
disease was caused by a specific
The infection quickly spread
                                     contamination   sterility
throughout her body.
I was going to go to the gym to
exercise, but I ended up going to
the spa for a pedicure and
manicure instead.
The doctor developed a
revolutionary procedure that is
                                     progressive     old
now responsible for saving
millions of lives.
The organism responsible for many
deaths in 1881 was found to be
tubercle bacillus.
Researchers use staining to
identify disease-causing
Staining didn't work because the
microorganism had large amounts of
lipid on its surface.
When her grandfather died, his
children had to go through his       examine        overlook
The kindergarten class adopted a
guinea pig to keep as a pet in the
I don’t understand why it is such
a big deal that I like to wear
shorts in the winter.
Children still contract chicken
pox, but it's not nearly as common
as it used to be.

They documented her claims with
written notes, photographs, and      record
tape recordings.
The Grapes of Wrath is a novel set
during the Great Depression, when
families struggled in harsh
economic times and were forced to
search for new beginnings.
Parents have a major effect on
their children's opinions and                       have little effect on
There are a bunch of reasons why
you shouldn't eat high fructose      several        a few
corn syrup.
The documentary gave us a glimpse
                                     look into
into the lives of child slaves.
Harvesting the crops proved to be
                                     burdensome     easy
a very arduous task.
The singer entitled her debut
album Remember When .
The crippled man leaned on his
cane outside the apartment           rest against
There was a space off-camera where
the actors could relax in between                   on-camera
People stared at the homeless man
whose ragged appearance seemed out
                                     unkempt        polished
of place in the upscale
She experienced a lot of anxiety
                                     worry          peace
when her husband lost his job.
After the hurricane, despair was
written all over the faces of
                                   misery         happiness
those who had lost their homes and
all of their belongings.
Many people are now facing the
harsh reality of the economic      cruel          nice
It is hard for me to identify with
someone who has an addiction to
She initiated contact with her
estranged father although her      originate      terminate
mother begged her not to.

The supervisor was put in charge
of resolving the organizational
conflicts in a timely manner.
The fire alarm went off and
disrupted the flow of work in the   agitate       organize
Workflow was greatly affected by
the announcement that there would productivity
be no Christmas bonuses this year.
Whenever she encounters a
conflict, she becomes very quiet
and withdrawn.
The man was forced to suppress his
feelings for the beautiful woman
                                   restrain       release
because she belonged to a
different social class than him.
Their opposing viewpoints caused a
                                   antagonistic   agreeing
lot of tension among the family.

The interactionist view of
conflict was proposed by Stephen
P. Robbins.
Could you take a closer look at
our phone bill to see why we owe
so much money this month?
He made a significant contribution
toward the construction of a new   addition       removal
The supervisor used scientific
management to determine which
employees would get paid more than
the others.
There are too many components to
                                   piece          whole
this model airplane.
The cabinet company was forced to
lay off ten employees because of
the economic downturn.
The school should get rid of the
pop machine and replace it with      remove              keep
one that dispenses bottled water.
The workforce is dwindling as the
baby boomers retire and young
workers move overseas.
She regarded his opinion as
nothing more than silly ideas.
The company held a seminar to
teach the employees proper
techniques for conflict
My resolution for next year is to
                                     eradicate           welcome
eliminate junk food from my diet.
Her injured knee hindered her
                                     slow down           encourage
performance in the marathon.
The collision was unavoidable
since neither vehicle could stop     inevitable          avoidable
on the icy road.
My political views differ from
                                     go against          agree with
those of my sister.

Nature writing employs the use of
our five senses to describe the
world around us.
The little girl described the
monster hidden in her closet in
                                     recount             confuse
great detail while her parents
pretended to search for it.
The blame from the accident rested
exclusively on him.
The creative writing class
listened to classical music while
they wrote in their notebooks
about the topic listed on the
The imagery from her dream
                                     mental images
remained vivid for several weeks.
She has one term left before she
graduates with a master's degree     semester; quarter
in art education.
I'm flattered that you noticed my
                                     praised             insulted
recent weight loss.
The instructor wished he could get
his students to practice their
routines at home.
They were deeply concerned about
teaching their children to           respect             disrespect
appreciate the environment.
I hadn't considered the
possibility of hypothermia, but
you have a point there.
Next semester, she is going to
have a rigorous course load.
There are tons of other people who
would appreciate the opportunity   a lot               few
that you've been given.
There is only one week left to
sign up for the advanced yoga        enlist            withdraw
Her advisor approved her request
to withdraw from the Fundamentals    authorize         refuse
of Architecture class.
The secretary made a brief
                                   statement           secret
announcement over the loudspeaker.

She debated about getting a meal
plan that includes breakfast, but
she decided against it because she
rarely ever eats breakfast.
I was going to go to the gym to
exercise, but I ended up going to
the spa for a pedicure and
manicure instead.
He is of average height in his
country, but compared to the
people in the Cambodian village,
he is a giant.
It is always hectic around our
                                   frenzied            calm
house on Christmas morning.
He arranged for the limosine to
pick his mother up from the        organize            disorganize
I'm concerned about my mother's                        be unconcerned
                                   be worried about
illness.                                               with
My mood varies throughout the day. alter               remain
The dog unexpectedly jumped up and
                                     out of the blue   expectedly
licked her face.
She managed to get front row seats
to the concert even though tickets
had been sold out for three
Because I own my own company and
work at home on the computer, my     adaptable         rigid
work schedule is very flexible.
He was faced with the dilemma of
whether or not to call and cancel
                                     predicament       solution
his prior arrangements so he could
attend the party.
After the successful back surgery,
the woman was able to go off all     cease             go on
of her pain medications.
The decision to stay another night
or return home is entirely up to   altogether           incompletely
He purchased a set of diamond
earrings for his wife on their     buy                  sell
tenth anniversary.
This establishment was founded in
1890 by my great grandfather.
Could you make an individual copy
of this report? It seems that I    one                  group
lost the previous one you gave me.

The exercise facility contained a
gym, aerobics room, swimming pool, building
and a very large weight room.
She practically ran out of gas on
the way home from the convenience   basically
That's a relief. I was beginning
to think you had missed your

When I was a child, I wanted to
study astronomy and become an
astronaut so I could travel into
outer space.
Every day, pollution is released
into the atmosphere from cars,      air
factories, and other sources.
Geologic activity has helped to
shape the surface of the earth.
Let me clarify the main point once
                                   Let me make this
again for those of you who were
not paying attention.
Outgassing occurs during volcanic
The test has been moved to next
Monday. Did you all get that? The
                                   Did you hear that?
exam will not be given tomorrow as
originally scheduled.
Sometimes it is hard to believe
                                   thick                thin
that water is more dense than oil.
Although it appeared that the cave
was devoid of all life, it was     without              full
inhabited by bats and worms.
The steam from the shower
                                   contract             expand
condensed on the bathroom mirror.
The weather forecast is calling
for an eighty percent chance of      moisture        dryness
precipitation tomorrow.
The tablet instantly dissolved in
                                   liquefy           solidify
the water.
She acted as the catalyst for the
                                   stimulant         preventer
Some organisms, like bacteria, are
He was known for many things, but
most notably for being a           especially        insignificantly

Usually the photosynthetic process
releases oxygen into the air.

According to some theories, blue-
green algae was one of the           cyanobacteria
earliest forms of life on earth.

It is widely debated whether or
not humans evolved from other        progress        stop
She transitioned from the head of
the marketing department to the      change          stagnation
president of the corporation.
His wife had the most dominant
                                     predominant     inferior
personality in the room.

The information I am about to give
you is extremely important for the
exam, so listen up.

When we took a fieldtrip to the
zoo, we spent most of our time at
the primate exhibit.

Evolutionally, humans and gorillas
are closely related.
One of the characteristics of a
gifted child is the ability to     trait
solve complex problems.
It is possible that we will run
into some obstacles during         encounter         avoid
preparation for our trip.
It is difficult to differentiate
between the twins because they     distinguish       equivocate
look almost completely identical.
He was a solitary man who lived
                                     unaccompanied     sociable
his entire life in the mountains.
My father rarely takes vacations
because he has too many
                                     seldom            always
responsibilities to take care of
on the farm.
The poodle mated with the pitbull,
much to the dismay of their          copulate          divorce; separate
He has twelve siblings; nine
                                     brother; sister
brothers and three sisters.
The man lifted the car with brute
The rebels were plotting to
overthrow the government, but
                                     unseat            surrender
their plan was discovered before
they could carry it out.
The soldiers managed to take over
                                     take control      surrender
the enemy camp.
There is definitely a system of
hierarchy within the Indian          pecking order
The primatologist spent many years
studying gorillas in the
He stumbled across his high school
yearbook while cleaning out the      happen upon       overlook
The lamp is out of kerosene, so we
will have to use torches to light
the way instead.
This chart demonstrates the growth
                                     show              hide
rate of an average child.
I found the documentary to be
                                     spellbinding      boring

I could barely contain my
excitement when I found out that     hardly            totally
my sister was engaged.
The professor will provide us with
a complete list of questions that supply               remove
could potentially be on the final.
She failed to understand the
concept, so she asked the          notion
professor to explain it again.
Her grade does not reflect the
amount of effort that she put into display
her research paper.
It is easy for me to memorize
certain facts and bits of          learn by heart      forget
My family loves to shop at off-
price retail stores because we can
buy name brand products for half
the price that they are sold for
in other stores.
The retailer was desperate to sell
his merchandise, so he offered us seller              buyer
a substantial discount.
Am I supposed to fill out a
release form to join this aerobics ought to
He listed the terms that would be
on the vocabulary test.
It's up to you to reserve your       it's your
tickets early.                       responsibility
I would like to explore the reason
why this school doesn't have a       examine
recycling program.
The teacher's conciseness was
                                     briefness        long-windedness
appreciated by the students.
There's no way that I'm going to
get this project done on time.
He glanced through the application
to make sure that there were no      skim             examine
blank spaces left.
The reporter did an in-depth
interview with the vice              extensive        brief
presidential candidate.
She received an awful lot of
criticism for her role in the        extremely        minimal

It was extremely embarrassing to
slip and fall on the ice in front shameful            comfortable
of the fraternity.
I'm having some problems with my
locker combination. Could you help
There might be something wrong
with your DVD player. I put a DVD
in it, but it won't play.
Her striking beauty caused the man
to trip over the curb.
The cable was taught with
resistance from the weight of the    friction         cooperation
lead plates.
The hurricane caused the tree to
                                     fracture         combine
snap in half.
I'd better take the garbage out
before it stinks up the whole
The inspector will assess the
damage and estimate the cost of     judge
I guess we're going to receive an
additional eight inches of snow     I assume            I know
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to     supply              hide
the history question.

There are several different kinds
of insurance you can buy: home,     safeguard
life, health, etc.

That's a relief. I was beginning
to think you had missed your
It is important that you fill out
the paperwork in its entirety
                                   fill in              erase
before submitting the application
for approval.
If you happen to run into Mary,
could you tell her to call me.
The problem is easily fixable. All
I need is a flat-head screwdriver repairable            ruined
and a pair of pliers.
The woman was afraid her child
would fall out of bed, so she
                                                        climb into
placed the mattress directly on
the floor.
I apologize for wasting your time
with my unimportant questions.

The student interrupted the
lecture to ask the professor to
explain the facial feedback
In other words, the weather may
                                    to put it another
not present the best driving
conditions for our trip.
Her laughter triggered the other
guests to burst into fits of        cause               stop
laughter as well.
Let me go a little deeper into
this topic to give you a better
idea of what I'm talking about.
The previous storm left the cabin
completely buried under a pile of   earlier             later
The disappearance of my mother's
dog was a very distressing           discomforting   comforting
It was our inclination to spread
out to cover more area, but our
safety depended on us staying
close together.
His attire was not appropriate for
the banquet, so his mother made      suitable        improper
him change his clothes.
She maneuvered her king in
response to the placement of his     due to
He registered the look of
disappointment on her face.
According to the immigration laws,
you are not allowed to work in
                                     pursuant to
this country if you are here on a
student visa.
Traffic was forced to take a
detour around the construction       deviation       direct path
Theoretically, it would have been
nice if her husband didn't have to
work on their anniversary.
The parents lacked control of the
                                                     have control of
curriculum at the school.
We need to test the machine
several times to check for           precision       inaccuracy
She has a tendency to exaggerate
the negative experiences in her      overstate       understate
The intensity of the situation
                                   magnitude         moderation
escaladed when the roof collapsed.
The doctor recommended that he
take four aspirin to alleviate the lessen            intensify
pain in his back.
In conclusion, the researcher has
discovered some important new
                                   to sum up         to begin with
information, but a cure has yet to
be found.

Overpopulation is a problem in
many areas of the world.
It is downright horrendous how the
prisoners-of-war were treated.
We used up the last of our money
                                     exhaust         save
on souvenirs for our families.
The vendors ran out of hotdogs
within a short time after the
onset of the second half.

On theory suggested that the
world's population was increasing
at a geometric rate.

Each number in the sequence was
multiplied by two.
Each successive number was twice
as much as the number that came      consecutive     random
before it.

Humans age at an arithmetic rate.

The drought caused a famine
                                     destitution     feast
throughout the land.
The plague killed millions of
people in a matter of weeks.
The crime scene revealed evidence
                                     terrible        pleasant
of the gruesome murders.
Although we try to live as long as
                                     unavoidable     avoidable
possible, death is inevitable.
The impoverished families received
food and gifts from a local          poor            rich
He predicted that an apocalyptic
event would occur at the turn of     ominous
the century.
Many children in Africa die of
She realized that living in a
rural community would be better      eventually      at first
for her children in the long run.
The prosperous family donated
their time and money to many         well-off        impoverished
different causes.
He didn't take his wife's feelings
into account when he accepted a
job on the other side of the
The blanket adequately covered his
                                     appropriately   inadequately
feet and legs.
The catastrophe was responsible
for the deaths of thirty high        calamity        blessing
school students.
Many people have never heard of
garbology because it is somewhat
of a new field of interest.
That concludes part one of the
lecture on symbiotic               Do you understand
relationships. Are we pretty clear up to this point?
so far?
For one thing, she is not coming
home for summer vacation because
                                   for instance
she is going to Alaska to work in
a fish cannery.
I know you don't want to leave
until tomorrow, but think of it
this way: if we leave tonight,     consider this
we'll have the entire day tomorrow
to spend on the ski slopes.
They were able to make several
archaeological discoveries on
their recent dig.
The artifact was determined to be
a legitimate piece from several      authentic           invalid
thousand years ago.
It was difficult to decipher his
                                     explain             encode
Nutrition is an important aspect
                                     nourishment         deprivation
of healthy living.
Please discard the memo that was
                                   abandon               keep
distributed yesterday.
In addition to a hernia, she has a
ruptured spleen.
The principle investigated why the
                                   inspect               ignore
student was absent from school.

Many parents prefer to use
disposable diapers on their babies
because they are more convenient.
The campers went out in search of
My sister can afford to send her
children to a private school.
He divulged the reason why his
                                     disclose            conceal
wife was absent from the recital.
Biodegradation is a relatively
slow process in most cases.
The carcass began to decompose in
                                     break down          grow
the hot summer sun.
The riddle boggled their minds.      astound
She got herself into quite the
predicament, but her brother was     dilemma              solution
able to rescue her.

The social construction theorist
received a lot of flack for his
ideas and opinions.

The police chief will give a brief
overview of the situation before
he takes any questions from the
Men tend to perceive things
                                     regard               overlook
differently than women.
If you do not apologize for
hitting your sister, you will not
                                     Do you understand?
be going with us to the amusement
park. Is that clear?
Her interpretation of the
professor's instructions turned      perception
out to be incorrect.
His notion about how the child
should be disciplined varied         belief
greatly from that of his wife.
Professor, could you expand a
                                     go into greater
little more on the trafficking of
blood diamonds?
To be honest, I have no experience
in the retail business.
Just to clarify, we will not be
holding our regular student
council meeting this week.
Are we all clear on everything so
far? Or do you need me to give a     Does everyone
further explanation and more         understand?
He could not conceive of stealing
                                     perceive             misunderstand
money from his parents.
I am looking for a novel by a
particular author, but I'm unsure    precise              general
of the spelling of his name.
The principal is the main
authority figure in our school.
She emoodied the spirit of the
                                     symbolize            exclude
Many parents make a big deal out
of their children's birthdays.
He had the innate ability to
                                     inborn               acquired
We ran into some problems on our
As for staying home for the
holidays, we wouldn't even
consider it.
Due to the nature of the disease,
the doctor advised her to stay in   because of
bed for three weeks.
Her mother encouraged her to try
her best during the chess
There were a handful of students
who genuinely cared about           shine          fail
excelling academically.
It took us two weeks to recuperate
                                   heal            deteriorate
from our trip to Thailand.
She was satisfied with her
                                   be happy with   be upset with
performance on the test.
He realized that he would have to
shift his priorities in order to
achieve true happiness.
The department head decided to
give an extension to all students
who were unable to complete their give more time
final papers due to the fire in
the residence hall.
He decided to honor the request of
his sister and attend the family   keep            betray
I know it sounds rigid, but
                                    it sounds
without these rules, I would have                  it sounds easy
no control over my classroom.
It is important to stick
steadfastly to the rules of this
institution or you may be
We must start trusting each other
for the sake of our marriage.
If, for whatever reason, you are
not satisified with the product,
just return it to the store with
the receipt within ninety days of
the purchase date for a full
She tried to redeem herself by
                                    recover        forfeit
bringing presents for everyone.
First and foremost, we need to
address the issue of our current    supreme        unimportant
financial situation.
African Americans account for
fifteen percent of the population
in this state.
That's a huge chunk of cash you
                                     that's a lot   that's not much
have hidden in your cookie jar.

She questioned her moral reasoning
after listening to the debate on     ethics
capital punishment.
The psychiatrist theorized that
the woman's disorder was triggered
                                     speculate      prove
by the traumatic death of her
The elderly woman really doesn't
want to go through the hassle of     experience     avoid
moving to a new home.
The physical education class was
spit into two groups: males and
He used conventional means to
obtain the information from the      normal         abnormal
To put it another way, if you
can't say anything nice, don't say
anything at all.
She was aware that the student was
not receiving adequate nourishment
at home.
She didn't want to get her brother
in trouble, but she didn't want to
take the blame for breaking their
mother's favorite vase.
Make no mistake--she is not a
You must take into account the
fact that her absence was
She conformed to the wishes of her
                                     abide by       diverge
fiance and agreed to elope.
Societal rituals vary from culture
to culture.
In the past, only a small
percentage of the population used
                                     average        exception
cell phones, but now, having a
cell phone is the norm.
She usually internalizes her anger
and frustrations rather than
telling her family why she is
Their scores were subjective to
                                     personal       objective
the judges opinions.
He was a very philosophical person
who was always lost in thought.
Her grandfather was a very
                                     instrumental   unimportant
influential person in her life.
Her line of work deals with the
metaphysical rather than the
They studied the causality of the

Ayn Rand is credited with the
formation of objectivism.

Solipsism is essentially the
opposite of objectivism.
She has no remaining relatives
apart from her sister.
He is considered to be the best
heart transplant specialist in the
As far as nutrition is concerned,
high fructose corn syrup is the
She was at odds with her brother
                                                    be in agreement
over the laws concerning hand guns   be against
and semi-automatic weapons.
In comparison with the old law,
the new law granted citizens more
The pediatrician advocated
                                     support        oppose
childhood vaccinations.
The toy company was accused of
manufacturing products that          create         destroy
contained lead.
Regardless of the weather, we
always go water-skiing on the        in spite of
fourth of July.
Although they knew he was
independently wealthy, he            argue          give up
contended that he was poor.
The detectives substantiated his
whereabouts during the time of the   validate       disprove
Her sensory perception was altered
due to the severe cold she           sensual
The mother's intuition told her
that something was internally        premonition    reasoning
wrong with her child.
I have a little problem. It seems
that I have two finals scheduled
at the same time.
I came by to see if you needed any
assistance with the maintenance of stop by               go away
your yard.
Many students learn the best
through hands-on activities.
The patient showed promise during
                                   potential             hopelessness
her physical therapy sessions.
They expected her to win the
beauty pagent.
His math skills are very weak, so
he is seeking the help of a tutor progress               worsen
to help him improve.

I will be taking an independent
study course during my last
semester of college.

He is involved with many
extracurricular sports and
The volunteer organization is
headed to Africa to build
Commuting to work takes up three
                                     use                 save
hours of my time each day.
Undergraduate students are
required to take certain courses
to achieve their degrees.
My sister gave me invaluable
                                     precious            worthless
information about raising twins.
The travellers were busy figuring
out a way to get home for the        calculate           lose
The camp director had to rearrange
the order of events to account for reorganize
the change in weather.

If you want to meet with my guitar
                                   prepare it
teacher, I can set it up for you.

The alumni association is holding
a banquet in honor of the
university president's retirement.

Many people cannot afford health
                                     medical insurance
insurance in the United States.
The principal handed the students
their diplomas.
Some insurance companies will not
insure a person if they have         cover           uninsure
certain health problems.

Diabetes runs in his family; his
grandmother, uncle, mother, and
sister all have it.

We need to set the table, but
other that that, we are completely besides that      including
ready to begin dinner.
Coverage for this policy includes
six visits to the physician each
year with a co-pay of twenty-five
Your insurance policy does not
include vision or dental.

There is a five hundred dollar
deductible on in-patient services
and hospital stays.

Because you have a pre-existing
condition, there is a twelve-month
waiting period before coverage of activate           deactivate
services performed for that
condition will kick in.

I believe the co-pay for this
doctor visit is twenty dollars.

How would you like to pay for your
prescription---cash, credit, or
I need to schedule an appointment
for a checkup with Dr. Sanchez.
Insurance through my workplace is
The company offers insurance, but
it is limited to full-time           restricted      have no limit
You can get a policy that covers
vision for an additional thirty      sight           blindness
dollars per month.
Look through this brochure to
learn more about our company and     pamphlet
They spent a lot of money on
advertising to promote the grand     broadcasting
opening of their store.
The company created advertisements
which used a variety of mediums.
The marketing team devised a new
plan to help the company attract     formulate        destroy
more consumers.
First off, we are going to stop by
city hall to register to vote in     foremost         lastly
the upcoming election.
She is wearing a ton of make-up.     a lot of         a little
The audience erupted in applause
when the performers finished the     spectators       performers
final act.
Sales are designed to attract more
                                     entice           repulse
My grandmother subscribes to
Science Daily magazine.

Since they own an established
business, they are not concerned
about losing customers.
Even the long-term customers are
questioning their loyalty to the
store due to the change in
Every Christmas, we buy my father
a new gadget.
The car slid sideways down the
                                     lateral          vertical
Obesity is a widespread problem in
                                     common           rare
the United States.
Oil prices skyrocketed this
summer, but in the winter they
                                     soar             plateau
plunged to the lowest they've been
in ten years.
She went to the gym sporadically.    intermittently   continuously
The children compete with each
other for the attention of their     battle           give up

The plummeting temperatures
                                   mark the start of mark the end of
signaled the beginning of winter.
He was given permission to go
skiing with his friends.
The small town began to flourish
when the transcontinental railroad
Sushi restaurants began to spring
                                   pop up            tear down
up all over the city.
Their business continued to thrive
                                   flourish               fail
while many others went bankrupt.
She had access to her mother's
credit card in the case of an
It is important to turn off your
cell phone during the                Do you understand?
presentation. Got it?
Needless to say, they will not be
attending the wedding.
Some cultures do not smile on
                                     approve of           frown on
burping and spitting in public.
It was such a nuisance when the
                                     bother               pleasantry
store sold out of tire chains.
A herd of elephants tromped across
                                     pack                 individual
the African plains.
The two men vied for the affection
                                     struggle             surrender
of the beautiful woman.
The failing economy had severe
implications for many families.
The man wandered, alone and
thirsty, for several days in the     saunter              stay
The battle culminated with the
                                     end up               commence
defeat of the intruders.
The farmer cultivated the topsoil
in preparation for the planting of
his crops.
Standing in the spotlight, the
actress was vulnerable to the        susceptible          protected
scrutiny of the audience.
Erosion was responsible for the
                                     deterioration        construction
formation of the deep canyon.

During the Great Depression, many
people left their homes in the
dust bowl to search for more
fertile land and new beginnings.

The completion of this project
will be delayed because I'm having
problems with my computer.
I feel overwhelmed by the amount
of work I have to finish within
the week.
The child's name was left out of
the article in order to protect    exclude                include
his identity.
The political structure of North
Korea is very different from that
of South Korea.
The teacher encouraged the pupil
                                   limit           broaden
to narrow down his research topic.
Am I supposed to fill out a
release form to join this aerobics ought
The grades on his report card far
                                   surpass         fall behind
exceeded his parents expectations.
If further explanation is required
for information presented in your
paper, please include it as a
Please devote at least two hours
                                   reserve         waste
to brainstorming for your project.
Her depression has nothing to do
with her children.
There was a power shift that
occurred during this year's
I'm going to cancel my
subscription to the quarterly
since we will be moving abroad,      periodical
and they do not ship
The outlook of her future appeared
                                     expectation   past
bright and boundless.
The transition from elementary
school to middle school can be       alteration    stagnation
very difficult for children.
The pastor's extensive sermon
caused the congregation to become    major         minor
When her grandfather died, his
children had to go through his       examine       overlook
If you keep on the right track,
you will be able to graduate
within three years.

There was a stack of newspapers on
their front porch.
In order to be a dominant player,
you must learn the fundamentals of basics          specifics
the game.
Those who take care of their
health have a significant chance
                                   tend to         ignore
of living longer than those who
It was the first time they had
                                   unused          used
purchased a brand new car.
The referee issued a warning to
the player for unsportsmanlike       publish          keep
The movie will be released on DVD
                                     dispense         hold
next month.
She frequently visited her ailing
                                     regularly        rarely
grandmother in the hospital.
If you don't like the way your
teeth look, why don't you check      find out about   ignore
into getting veneers?
This company consists of many
                                     section          company
different branches.
It is easy to get into contact
with her now that she has a cell
I posted some new family pictures
                                     advertise        remove
on my website.
He is going to browse the internet
to see if he can find a cheap        peruse
flight to Brazil.
What if the world were to end
A profile of each athlete was
given in the program so that fans
could learn more about the
basketball players.
The employees request for a three-
                                     unfair           reasonable
month vacation was unreasonable.
Several people wanted to bid on
the painting, but the starting       propose          ask
price was too high.

There are always consequences of
                                     repercussion     cause
our actions.
The tenants disposed of their
garbage in the dumpster located in   discard          keep
the parking lot.
He had a heart attack because he
ate an excessive amount of           extreme          insufficient
unhealthy foods.
She piled the dirty laundry in the
                                     amass            dissipate
middle of her bedroom floor.

Radioactive isotopes remain in the
world for thousands of years.

The tomato plants began to decay
                                     decompose        develop
with the onset of fall.
We got rid of all of our unwanted
or unused clothes and toys by        discard          keep
donating them to charity.
Vitrification is used to stabilize
nuclear waste.

The forensic team thoroughly
examined the evidence that was       completely        incompletely
collected from the crime scene.
The combination of salt and water
                                     rust              fortify
corroded parts of the machinery.
Toxic substances began to seep out
of the barrels, contaminating the    leak              pour
ground around them.
One thing to do with old socks is
to make puppets out of them.
Toxic substances contaminated the
ocean and caused the deaths of
                                     taint             purify
millions of fish and other aquatic
They spent their honeymoon in a
                                     isolated          public
secluded location.
The zoo in Singapore had an
abundance of vegetation.
The transmutation of nuclear waste
allows it to be used in some         transfiguration
industrial processes.

The nuclear reactor was kept under
                                   atomic reactor
tight security.

The couple decided that the
elaborate plans for their wedding    impossible        feasible
ceremony were unfeasible.

The sculpture was made of stone
and looked exactly like the king.

Carving is a subtractive method of

The bronze sculpture of the late
president is a product of casting.

It is hard to distinguish between
my sister and I just by listening    differentiate
to our voices.
Modeling is an additive method of
The subtractive method of carving
was by Michelangelo to create the                      additive
famous statue of David.
The prisoners marched down the
road one by one.
The framework for the sculpture
was made out of wire.
Many homes in the southwest have
roofs covered in terra cotta
Supposedly, doubling the height of
a two year old child will tell you
how tall the child will be as an
The artist poured concrete into
the mold.
Once the concrete solidifies, the
                                     set            liquefy
artist can remove the mold.
The scarf is a very versatile
                                     adaptable      limited
At the professor's inquiry, the
student offered an example of a
moral dilemma.
The sculpture was cast in bronze.
Winning the tournament was a long
shot, but the team had faith that    fluke
they could do it.

Marble was present throughout the

The sculptor chipped away at the

Inflation is partly to blame for
                                     rise           deflation
the financial crisis.
The flood caused residents to
evacuate the area.

Stagflation continues to be a
problem across the nation.

The stagnant water was murky and
                                     stationary     moving
She illustrated her idea for the
                                     explain        obscure
science experiment to the group.
There was a distinctive sound to
her voice which was both unique    different       common
and annoying.
Gasoline is derived from
The students collectively designed
the logo for the designer's        cumulatively    separately
clothing line.
The price of raw oil skyrocketed
when producers ceased to sell
their supply to the United States.

Small business owners are
struggling to make a profit in the make money      lose money
midst of the current recession.
She continued to work after her
shift ended to compensate for
                                   offset          deprive
arriving an hour late in the
Women tend to complicate
relationships by being too         confound        ease
Cheese is a scarce commodity in
                                   limited         abundant
He played tough defense, which in
turn caused his opponent to lose
control of the ball.
The music was so loud that several
spectators ended up with

Many consumers prefer the
convenience of direct selling.
He was required to do business
through an agent when shipping       salesperson
automobiles overseas.
The public expressed feelings of
outrage over the proposal to tear    people        individual
down the historical building.
She has some annoying eating
                                     bothersome    pleasant
The way that he phrased his ideas
left the group confused.
The teachers attended a seminar on
team building.
Young children are very curious
                                     interested    uninterested
about everything.
Her approach to conflict
resolution was to listen carefully
to both sides of the argument
before stating her opinion.
Now is not the best time to be in
the business of selling real
The stock market continues to do
poorly in the midst of the           stock exchange
The experienced employee gave
quite a sales pitch to the
newlywed couple.
The doctor gave an in-depth
                                     thoroughly        briefly
analysis of the man's ailments.
Last but not least, we need to
discuss the role of parents in       finally           to begin with
their children's education.
One of the requirements for speech
class is to give a demonstration.
Frankly, I enjoy animated movies
                                     openly            secretively
and musicals.
The former president of the
association gave a formal            rigid             informal
introduction of his replacement .

It is hard to predict if a flu
shot will be effective because
there are so many strains of the
flu that circulate each year.

I missed four days of work last
year when I was sick with the flu.

She was absent from class for
                                   successively        intermittently
three classes in a row.
He was able to catch up from
having missed an entire week of    get current         fall behind
Traveling during the holidays this
                                   trial               pleasure
year was quite an ordeal.
She tried to squeeze in a few more
minutes of sleep before class.
The green subway line is always
                                     congested         empty
crowded in Seoul.
The bus driver accidentally ran
                                     unintentionally   purposely
over the woman's foot.
A large, black bruise remained on
her elbow as a reminder of the       funny bone
The professor advised her to redo
                                     duplicate         leave
the design of the master suite.
You have to attend ninety percent
of the classes in order to get
credit for the course.
The men's basketball team occupies
the weight room for two hours      utilize            yield
every day.
I am a morning person; I am wide
awake and in a good mood at early                     a night person
A single parent makes many
sacrifices for his or her          surrender
The woman decided to forego
dessert in adherence of her new    forfeit            take
year's resolution.

The apartment manager called to
notify her of a package that had
                                     box              letter
arrived in the mail while she was
at work.
In order to for the package to
arrive on time, you must send it     priority mail
by express mail.
My dorm was located near the
                                     residence hall   off-campus housing
center of campus.
Am I supposed to fill out a
release form to join this aerobics   ought to
The mail carrier must deliver the
                                     hand over        retain
mail in all types of weather.
He opened his sister's mail by
                                     on accident      on purpose
In order to apply for a passport,
you must present a copy of your
birth certificate.
I'm fairly certain that I failed
                                     rather           extremely
the psychology test.
The freight team unloaded the
cargo and stacked it in the          warehouse
This manuscript requires a large
envelope in order to be sent         pouch
through the mail.

The registered mail was scheduled
                                                      unregistered mail
to depart the post office at noon.

He called to verify the shipment
                                     find out         invalidate
of his recent order.
She received her neighbor's
                                     accidentally     purposely
utility bill in error.
I bet either Bob or Michael get
                                     speculate        know
the promotion.
The directory has a complete
listing of the phone numbers for   index
each department.
Keep your eyes open for my wedding
ring; I lost it during my lunch
break yesterday.
Here is my home phone number, just
in case you need some help or
advice on your thesis.
Her boyfriend showed up
                                   turn up          disappear
unexpectedly at her parents house.

You can see visible signs of
                                   contamination    cleanliness
pollution hanging over the city.
Small particles of dirt were
                                    bit             whole
present in the water.
The biology class was given a pop
quiz on the major organs of the
She remembered bits and pieces
                                    odds and ends
from the night of the accident.
His style and beliefs are very old-
                                    ancient         modern
Although it was an extremely hot
summer day, there was a lot of      precipitation   dryness
moisture in the air.
You're on the right track, but
there is an important piece of
information you are overlooking.
The sedimentation consisted of
volcanic ash from Mount St.
The tourists lined the trail with
their cameras poised, waiting for spew              swallow
the volcano to erupt.
Water spewed from the whale's
                                    erupt           swallow
Plumes of ash from the erupting
volcano could be seen from miles
The chimney was lined with soot.   residue
The transcient lingered around the
                                   hang around      leave
train station.
Photodissociation takes radiation
from the sun and uses it to break
down chemicals in the air.
The scuba divers depleted their
supply of oxygen and had to return exhaust          increase
to the boat.
Acid rain is an example of

People who live in cities more
concerned about acid rain than
people who live in rural areas
with clean air.

The worker's productivity was so
impressive that he received a        output             idleness
She does not trust the police
officer. The converse is also
                                     reverse            same
true. The police officer does not
trust her.
The family brought in a financial
expert to help them manage their     hire               let go
Her parents allow her to make her
own decisions regarding her
The initial report stated that the
man was rescued by the fire
department, but as it turns out,     earliest           last
his neighbor pulled him out of the
burning building.
This is puzzling. I'm sure I left
my purse on the counter, but here    this is baffling   this is clear
it is, under my desk.
There is a strong correlation
                                   relationship         difference
between obesity and heart disease.
She consistently reminds her
children that she loves them         routinely          atypically
Her health dramatically declined
                                     successive         previous
in subsequent years.
She is such an elegant dancer, and
on top of that, she is extremely     to top it off
The prosecuter worked hard to
disprove the defendant's             discredit          prove
Her depression has nothing to do
with her children.
His rival attempted to undermine
                                     weaken             strengthen
his campaign.
Her recent outburst reinforced
their opinion that she was           bolster            weaken
mentally unstable.
The foreigners accommodated to the
                                   coordinate   disarrange
customs of the culture.
His behavior often contradicts his
                                   negate       support

We were halfway up the mountain
                                    midway      completely
when the storm hit.
I'm going to take it easy this
                                    rest        stress out
weekend and stay at home.
He doesn’t like to make a big
deal of his birthday.
The scientists remained in the
laboratory examining specimens.

It seemed strange that her nephew
was now a junior in college.

English teachers are required to
submit their college transcripts
in order to get a visa to work in
I guess you could bring your
resume with you. I mean…that
wouldn't hurt.
Her brother accompanied her to the
                                   go along     abandon
premiere of the movie.
                                                                 Please read this
                                                                 original text again,I
                                                                 think original mean is
                                                                 That wouldn’t hurt. I
                                                                 usually don’t require
                                                                 transcripts, but hey,
                                                                 since you’re offering
                                                                 . . . I
                                                                 really need to know
                                                                 what level of chemistry
                                                                 are at right now. Um,
                                                                 also, a lot of the job
The two parties finally reached a                                is just
compromise.                                                      observation. You’ll
                                                                 accompany me during
                                                                 studies, and you should
                                                                 really be able to pay
                                                                 close attention to the
                                                                 smallest details. I
                                                                 have my research
                                                                 assistant missing
                                                                 or it could compromise
                                                                 the whole experiment.
                                                                 Are you detail-
The company was looking to hire a
detail-oriented person to manage
their books.
The hard-working girl was given
the privilege of doing an
                                    opportunity   disadvantage
internship with one of the best
talk shows in the nation.
The forensic specialist sifted
through the remains in search of    legal
It was the first time that a
sophomore was selected to play for
the varsity volleyball team.
He is a very popular candidate for
the presidency, and it is assumed
that he is going to win the
The beach was closed to the public
to do the presence of a hazardous toxin
substance along the shoreline.
He must endure a probationary
period before the hospital will
                                     trial period
make a decision to hire him
He is not yet a citizen, but he is
a permanent resident of this       constant         temporary
Do you have the phone number for
the registrar's office, by chance?
The coach made a substitution to
relieve the injured player.
The detectives were required to
show their credentials in order to accreditation
enter the crime scene.

There is only one week left to
sign up for the advanced yoga        enlist         withdraw
The student's work study job
involved monitoring the university
weight room.
His ethnicity made him eligible
                                     worthy         ineligible
for a substantial scholarship.
If you want to be considered for
the position, you must submit an
application by 5 p.m. Friday
Please contact the admissions
office with questions regarding
your status as a student at this
I would rather be on a beach in
Hawaii than at work.
If you do not agree with the
policy, you can file a petition to
have it changed.
Occasionally, the department will
make exceptions to the rule and
                                     privilege      usualness
allow freshmen to take an advanced
It is important that you fill out
the paperwork in its entirety
                                     fill in        erase
before submitting the application
for approval.
Please give a brief description of
                                     concise        lengthy
your work experience.
She granted him permission to
                                     give           deny
audit the course.
The composite of pictures was hung
on the wall in the foyer.
His major was classified under the
Department of Education.
She refused to let the stranger
                                   decline         approve
enter her apartment.

The director organized an
orientation for incoming students.

Students were required to take
Anthropology in order to receive
their degrees.
The number of members at the gym
                                     take off      decline
exploded after the holidays.
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to      supply        hide
the history question.
Her problems were minute in the
                                     extensive     narrow
broad-spectrum of life.
He is severely allergic to
They went to the ocean to search
for clams.

It was assumed that she would not
like oysters, but she found them
to be quite tasty.

The casserole did not look
                                     eatable       inedible
delicious, but it was edible.
The men got up early to go hunting
for large game.
She sought out the chef to
compliment him on the food served    look for      find
at the party.
The United States is a very
                                     mixed         uniform
diverse country.
It is rare for him to acknowledge
                                     accept        refuse
his errors.
Abortion is still a very
                                     disputable    undisputed
controversial issue.
They settled their dispute by
seeking the opinion of a third       challenge     agree
Much of northern Canada is
                                     free          inhabited
Recycling has a large part in
reducing the amount of waste that
goes into landfills.
It is plausible that she forgot to
                                     probable      unlikely
mail the letter.
The doctor is going to evaluate
her health, and in particular,
                                    especially       generally
he's going to check her blood
It is likely that school will be
cancelled again tomorrow .
After inspecting the specimen, it
was confirmed that there was a
parasite living in the wolf's
The settlers inhabited areas
                                    reside           vacate
nearest to water.
It is surprising how long human
intestines are.
Some plants have an acidity which
works to kill parasites.
The tenants of the apartment
discovered a fungus growing on
their walls.
It is instinctual for mothers to
protect and provide for their       intuitive        acquired
The police dismissed his
accusation due to a lack of         reject           accept
It is a mere two blocks to the
grocery store from our house.
When the two women arrived at work
wearing the same outfits, their co-
workers thought it was planned,     fluke            calculated
but the women claimed it was just
a coincidence.
It is amazing that lemurs are able
to ingest cyanide in lethal doses
without dying.
Guns are lethal weapons.            fatal            harmless
The doctor prescribed a small dose
of painkillers to help alleviate    amount
the woman's back pain.
The man's poor diet counteracted
                                    offset           help
his physical activity.

She knew that her mechanical
skills would come into play        become relevant   be dismissed
Before I go on, let me explain the
major events that provoked such
deep-seated hostility between the
two families.
The soloist comes in after the
choir sings the chorus one time      enter          exit
She came across her high school
yearbook when she was cleaning out   find           lose
the attic.
The soldiers were forced to follow
a strict itinerary during boot       schedule
By the way, I'm going to the
store. Do you need me to pick up     incidentally
The ceremony will go as follows:
the flower girls will walk down
the aisle throwing rose petals on
the floor for the bride to walk
on. Then….
Let's say, we want to purchase a
house, but we don't have the
financial means for it at this
time. What advice would you give
us so that we can attain our goal
in the shortest time possible?
Physical traits such as hair and
eye color are often passed on to
the next generation
Doctors made a groundbreaking
discovery in the field of cancer     pioneering     unoriginal
The police dismissed his
accusation due to a lack of          reject         accept
It was hard to take the man
seriously when he was dressed like
a clown.
He asked his grandfather to think
back to the moment when he arrived
                                     remember       forget
in the United States as an Italian
The botanist took the students on
a tour of the botanical garden.

Bees aid in the pollination of

Hybridization is commonly used in

Studying the patterns of
hybridization gave Mendel
knowledge of the laws of heredity.
Sociopsychological tradition deals
with how people act in a situation
where they must communicate with
The professor helped the flow of
discussion by asking individual
students their opinion of the
Narcissism is not an attractive
                                   conceit            humility
character trait.
She was labeled as an
argumentative person by her peers.
When they were teenagers, the
three siblings did not get along
with each other.
His wife continually brought up
the fact that he forgot their        broach           conceal
wedding anniversary last year.
The students engaged in a
                                     participate in   withdraw from
discussion about welfare.
Abortion is still a very
                                     disputable       undisputed
controversial issue.
He effectively refuted the points
that his opponent made in the        discredit        support
They are trying to teach their
                                     forward          passive
children to be more assertive.
It is important to make the
distinction between discipline and
Argumentativeness is a
counterintuitive trait.
People often equate obesity with
Everyone stared as she displayed
verbal agression toward the
manager of the restaurant.
Although they had a limited
budget, they were able to pull off
                                   achieve            fail
a beautiful reception for the
newlywed couple.
The leaders of the two countries
reached compromises during their
peace talk.

There is only one week left to
sign up for the advanced yoga        enlist           withdraw
It is important that you fill out
the paperwork in its entirety
                                   fill in        erase
before submitting the application
for approval.
Your campus mailbox is located in
the basement of the residence
Look through the course book prior
to registration so that you have
an idea of what classes and times
are available to you.
The course offerings included
several new additions, such as
sign language and Japanese.
The paperwork was just a
formality, but the information     protocol       informality
provided wasn't that important.
Incoming freshmen at this
university are able to pre-
register before upperclassmen and
graduate students.
The coach matched up his
basketball players with the
players from the visiting team
prior to the tip-off.
I think we should concentrate on
preparing the food for the party
rather than decorating the living
room. That's not to say this
(decorating the living room) isn't
Spanish 101 is a prerequisite to
                                    requirement   elective
Spanish 201.
Students are given a shopping
period to help them determine
which courses they want to take.
Extra fees may apply to those who
pay tuition after the deadline.

The length of the product life
cycle varies depending on the
popularity of the product.
The elderly woman really doesn't
want to go through the hassle of    experience    avoid
moving to a new home.
The budding actress set out to
make her impact on the world.
The housewife developed a
prototype for hosery, which would
                                    original      copy
become a multimillion dollar
The new toy hit the market just in
time for the holidays.
At this phase in the construction,
the electricians and plumbers are at this point
installing the wires and pipes.
The way my daughter is attached to
my hip reminds me of a leach, so
to speak.
Although the production was backed
by one of the most influential
women in the world, the            stand alone
performance was so great that the
show stood on its own feet.
When people hit their twenties,
they become more independent and
My grandfather was a long-standing
                                   enduring            short-term
member of the small community.
The product was taken off the
                                     pulled from the
market when it was discovered to
contain harmful substances.
Her clothes and hairstyle are very
                                     old               modern
Young children tend to lose
interest in toys and activities
fairly quickly.
The overalls are so dirty and
tattered that they aren't worth
washing anymore.
The manufacturing company has
decided to phase out the outdated    discontinue       introduce
action figure.

The jitterbug is an exhausting,
yet exciting, social dance.

Street performers draw crowds on
the streets of Santa Monica.
During the last decade, karaoke
                                   spring up           disappear
bars cropped up all over the city.
He preferred living in
metropolitan areas rather than       urban             rural
rural areas.
The cost of fuel reached a record
high of $4.25 in our state last      feed              discourage
They selected the fairgrounds as
the venue for their class reunion.
Protesters congregated on the
steps of the capitol building in     assemble         disperse
hopes of influencing lawmakers.
The teenager was cited a ticket
                                     daring           cautious
for reckless driving.
Some people in their twenties
still live at home with their
His absence had an effect on his
children's behavior.
She was not at all responsible for
                                   not in the least   entirely
the accident.
The guest's behavior at the
                                   disrespectful      pleasing
function was entirely offensive.
The fashion designer's style was
considered very progressive for    advanced           conservative
his time.

Why did everyone stare at me with
a blank expression when I
announced that I was moving to
I am fascinated with Asian
He specializes in intricate wood
                                     complicated      simple
The purpose of his painting was
the arousal of emotions, primarily   excitement       boredom
The professor instructed them to
list the cognitive elements of       mental           physical
She rephrased her opinion after
discovering that her previous
words were misinterpreted and        reword
offensive to some of the members
in the group.
The economic stimulus package was
                                     catalyst         hindrance
meant to increase consumerism.
Since her thyroid was removed, she
now has a reliance on prescription
I'm shaky because I didn't eat a
healthy breakfast this morning.
He didn't take into account that
his wife would be upset when he
accepted a job on the other side
of the country.
As it turns out, he is not her
biological father.
She overstated the importance of
                                     embellish       understate
attending the reception.

Fatique is the predominant reason
                                     prominent       trivial
for her absence from class.
Students were required to take
Anthropology in order to receive
their degrees.
The underlying theme of the story
is about segregation and racial      fundamental     secondary
His literary accomplishments were
                                     remarkable      insignificant
noteworthy and admirable.
She was resigned not to fall in
love with her co-worker.
People outside of the family do
not understand why the two           hate            love
brothers can't stand each other.
They arranged for their daughter
to marry a man of the same social    schedule        disorganize
The boss is very critical of his
                                     judgemental     complimentary
employees' work.
He feels a lot of animosity toward
his teacher for allowing his         spitefullness   love
classmates to ostracize him.
By the way, I'm going to the
store. Do you need me to pick up     incidentally
Doctors actually have a name for
this rare phobia.
The author used an inverse
structure which included the basic
elements of love, animosity, and a
tragic ending.

The astronomer spent most nights
gazing at the stars and peering
through his telescope.
Neither the teacher nor the
principal knew how to handle the
aggressive child.
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to      supply          hide
the history question.
The little girl was the
neighbhorhood sleuth, solving        detective       criminal
minor crimes of various natures.
I want you all to get this, so
listen closely to what I am about
to say.
According to the information he
divulged, they surmised that he
                                   conclude         question
was being promoted and transferred
to another branch.
That's it! You were able to
determine the answer by applying   you got it
the correct equation.
Great job. You received the
highest score in the class on the well done
pop quiz.
The children were excited to go
outside and have a snowball fight.
The two toddlers collided with
                                     slam into      avoid
each other during a game of tag.
The calf strayed away from the
herd and became an instant target    diverge from   remain
for the famished wolves.
Their lake front property is
                                     beside         distant
adjacent to the city beach.

Let's go back in time to 1913.

The US is at war with Iraq.          in conflict    in harmony

Malaria is a common disease in
Africa which is responsible for
millions of deaths.
We wash our fruits and vegetables
to remove the harmful pesticides
applied to them by farmers.
One of the drawbacks of living in
                                     disadvantage   advantage
the city is pollution.
Her true character came to light
in the midst of the crisis.
Lemurs are resistant to the deadly
                                     immune         susceptible
effects of cyanide.
The downside of being a celebrity
                                     problem        advantage
is dealing with the paparazzi.
She offered nothing in terms of a
workable solution.
He is very talented, but he
doesn't pose any real threat to
the other contestants in the
The medicine is water soluble.
As a result of biomagnification,
predators at the top of the food
chain tend to suffer more from
harmful toxins than animals at the
bottom of the food chain.

Humans are at the top of the food

There were no negative
ramifications from her charitable    result          cause
I am sure that it was not us
making the noise. Granted, we do
have children who cause a lot of
ruckus at times.
He drastically reduced the amount
of fried foods and red meat that     radically       mildly
he consumes.
The tourists were concerned about
contracting yellow fever while on    yellow jack
safari in Africa.
The situation was contained in a
matter of minutes by the security    limited         uncontrolled
They decided to meet in court and
let a judge settle the controversy argument          agreement
over the property line.

Don't let him fool you into
thinking that he is going to pay
back the money he borrowed.
In essence, music theory is the
study of sound, pitch, rhythm,       essentially
melody, harmony, and notation.
I don't get it. I thought that you
wanted to participate in the         I'm confused.   I see.
school musical.
The private tutor tailored the
lesson to suit the pupil's           alter
learning style.
People who suffer from vertigo
have a problem with their            evenness        imbalance
The changes in the admittance
policy were not applicable to
                                     relevant        irrelevant
students who were already enrolled
at the university.
Let's say, we want to purchase a
house, but we don't have the
financial means for it at this
time. What advice would you give
us so that we can attain our goal
in the shortest time possible?
She gave me her necklace in
exchange for my watch.
The professional chess player has
the upper hand in this match
against the amateur.
He opted to stay home rather than
                                     elect to    forced to
join his friends for dinner.
The paramedics responded to the
emergency situation with utmost      react       ask

Telephones have been around for
awhile, but cell phones are a
fairly new invention.
Her doodles were admired by the
students around her.
It is difficult to pay attention
to lecturers that speak in           heed        daydream
It was easy for him to get
                                   preoccupied   attentive
distracted during economics class.

My grandfather was a long-standing
                                   enduring      short-term
member of the small community.
She deposited her paycheck into
                                     install     take out
her savings account.
Parents are responsible for
instilling moral values in their
He made a name for himself in the
police department by solving an
infamous cold case.
She contested his claims of being
the first man to walk across the     dispute     agree
Sahara Desert.
He attempted to combat pancreatic
cancer, but in the end, the cancer   battle      surrender
took his life.
He relinquished his rights as a
parent when he abandoned his         resign      keep
children at the hospital.
He voted in favor of proposition
His brother was ruining the family
business, so he decided to return
home and take it over.
She lived by her motto and made it
apply to every situation she
The child's attention deficit
disorder hampered his learning     hinder             encourage
I'm in charge of refreshments for
the recital on Friday.

There is great genetic diversity
in her family.
Her success in sports helped build
                                     improve          weaken
up the girl's confidence.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service
work to protect endangered
It was important for the man to
trace his lineage.
Because of her weakened immune
system, she is susceptible to many                    be immune to
It is hard to predict if a flu
shot will be effective because
there are so many strains of the
flu that circulate each year.
His celebrity status enabled him
to obtain back-stage passes.
The immunity to the disease was
passed from the parents to the       imperviousness   defenseless
There is a wide variety of plants
in the Amazon Rainforest.
Because of poaching, some species
were put in danger of complete
The watered-down version of the
story made the firefighter seem      weak             strong
less heroic than he actually was.
The infant was born with a
                                     defect           beauty
deformity on his left cheek.
The combination of salt and water
                                     rust             fortify
corroded parts of the machinery.
My grandmother was in poor health
until she learned how to manage    ill                healthy
her diabetes.
People with fair skin are prone to
                                   predisposed to     unlikely to
He battled the urge to smoke a
                                   combat             surrender to
Many endangered animals are bred
in captivity at zoos.

The Black Death ravaged Europe,
killing a quarter of the            bubonic plague
The temperature dropped by twenty
                                    lower by           increase by
degrees overnight.
Many women are obsessed with
                                    be infatuated by
losing weight and looking young.
One of the artist's hallmarks is
painting a tiny green frog in the symbol
corner of each painting.
Morbid thoughts flooded his mind
                                   dark                cheerful
after watching the horror movie.
To start out with, we should go
                                                       end up with
over the rules of the game.
There was a somber mood in the
room as the tribe mourned the loss depressing          happy
of their matriarch.
Black and white are the overriding
                                   major               insignificant
colors in the portrait.
The boy's painting style is
                                    nostalgic          forgetful
reminiscent of his father's.
Let's move onward to the final
                                    forward            backward
destination on our tour.
His wife had the most dominant
                                    predominant        inferior
personality in the room.

The question of life after death
is widely discussed.

What comes to mind when I mention
Ghandi's name?
The oil corporation was considered
a tall organization.
The privately owned boutique is a
flat structure.
Enough about my trip….let's get
back to the issue at hand.
The professor tried to make a
joke, but none of the students
There is a definite hierarchy in
Indian society.
The distortion of commands led to
dissension among the employees.
What are you trying to get at by
asking me so many personal         suggest
Am I supposed to fill out a
release form to join this aerobics ought to
Meaning can be lost in a
conversation between two people
who speak entirely different
The chef can prepare steak,
lobster, chicken, spaghetti,
pizza… name it….whatever
you want to eat, he'll make it for
The company was forced to downsize
                                   cut back           expand
due to the failing economy.
The supervisor had to lay off
workers who had been with the
company for ten years.
If you ask me, fall is the most
beautiful season of the year.

Environmental activists are
working hard to preserve the       safeguard          destroy
Dinosaurs went extinct millions of
                                   die out            be born
years ago.
Her friends gave her suggestions
about how she should break the
news to her parents about moving
to a foreign country, but she went
about doing it in a different way
The elementary students visited
the botanical garden on their

The scientists used off-site
management to encourage the
reproduction of endangered

On-site management is much more
difficult to perform than off-site
So, that's the first stage of
                                     Understand?      Confused?
grief. Clear so far?
Let's start off by introducing
                                     let's begin by   let's end with
Lions share the grasslands with
zebras and antelopes.
Zoos are used to protect species
from extinction.
Dating is one thing, but
marriage…that's a whole different
The child was unable to draw the                        remove
                                  set boundaries
lines between right and wrong.                          restrictions
We needed someone to the leak in
our roof. That's where Mike comes
She offered nothing in terms of a
workable solution.

Do you have a minute? I really
need to speak to you about the       Do you have some
grade I received on my last          spare time?
The waterway restoration project
was finally finished in downtown
Surgeons used cutting-edge
technology to remove the tumor
from the patient's brain.
Administrators are planning to
incorporate block scheduling in                         in the past
the coming years.
I saw a suspicious-looking
character lingering in the back
alley the other day.
It is crucial that she gets some
hands-on experience under the
supervision of a mentor prior to
attempting to make sales on her
Although I was reluctant to go
bungee-jumping, I decided to give
it a try.
The thing is, she's never
undergone a formal interview
Would you be willing to drive me
to the airport so that I don't
have to pay for parking?

The graduate student is going to
do an independent study project in
The understudy took the place of
the lead actress when she came       replace
down with the flu.
You have to attend ninety percent
of the classes in order to get
credit for the course.
It's neat that she gets to
participate in the national          fantastic       terrible
spelling bee.

He's having trouble completing his
assignments on time because he is
so busy with athletics.
It's really tiring me out to work
at the restaurant eighty hours a   it's exhausting
We still have ten weeks to go
before graduation.
The thing is, she's never
undergone a formal interview
She was forced to leave the
                                   finish            begin
country when her visa ran out.
Many students are fortunate enough
to have parents that can afford to
pay for tuition to prestigious
It's a lot of work to be a mother,
and with work on top of that, I'm
completely exhausted by the end of
the day.
I'm so busy with other things that
I don't have time to exercise.
That's what worries me. I really
need to exercise to stay healthy.
His grades are slipping because he
spends too much time playing video
Her husband was recently laid off,
so they are in a tight financial
situation at the moment.

The student's education is a top
priority in his life.
My parents are always concerned
about how I am doing now that I
                                     stop by         leave
live in another city, so they
randomly drop in to check on me.

Divorce can tear apart a family.     rend            put together
I see no point for laws granting
citizens the right to use semi-
automatic weapons.
The destruction of the village was
                                   devastation       improvement
caused by the severe earthquake.
That would be really tough to be
born without limbs.
The fishing village was devastated
                                     destroyed       improved
by the tsunami.
She had no intention of taking
sides in the argument between her
two best friends.
He left his job as the senior
partner in a reputable law firm in
order to volunteer in the peace
The vagrant's human dignity was
little to none.
The woman rigorously worked out in
order to lose the weight she
                                     diligently      lazily
gained during her second
He gave in to the temptation and
had another piece of chocolate                       stand up to
They were a very prosperous
family, but you couldn't tell by     flourishing     failing
the way they dressed.
She offered nothing in terms of a
workable solution.

The students used their critical
thinking skills to determine the
best solution to the problem.

They have such a close bond that
they refer to each other as          involve
The ballerina gave a remarkable
                                     noteworthy      ordinary
debut performance.
There is a considerable amount of
                                     substantial     small
work required for this project.
It is difficult for most people to
                                   discern           mix up
differentiate the identical twins.
There are many dimensions to her
He lacked mobility in his knee
                                     adjustability   rigidity
after the surgery.
The charitable foundation helps
struggling families meet their
needs for food and shelter.
In an agrarian society,
agriculture is the dominant        survival        death
pattern of subsistence.
In the division of labor, the men
were given more physically
demanding jobs than the women.
The explorers set out in search of
the Pacific Ocean.
While backpacking through Europe,
the man ran out of money and
                                   use up          get more
resorted to begging from
When it comes to computers, my
elderly parents are completely

The horticultural society depended
on the successful harvest of
fruits and vegetables.

The egalitarian society relied
equally upon hunting and gathering impartial       biased
for their survival.
The agrarian society developed in
the valley because the soil is
ideal for the planting and
harvesting of crops.
After gaining a tremendous amount
of weight, the man became          stationary      migratory
increasingly sedentary.

The meeting is tentatively
scheduled for Friday morning at    undecidedly     definitely
eleven o'clock.
It says in the program that she is
6' 5" tall, but she is actually
only 6' 3" tall.
Spanish 101 is a prerequisite to
                                     requirement   elective
Spanish 201.
The social worker gave her
replacement some background
knowledge about the teenagers'
behavior issues.
The orchestra starts off playing
the theme for the musical while
the lights dim and the curtains
I'm seriously interested in taking
a class on basket weaving.
Professional athletes and
celebrities advocated the charity
for disabled children.
Her advisor highly recommended
that she take an internship with
the fashion company.
Good for her. She finally took the
vacation that she's been dreaming
about for ten years.
If you see Cathy, tell her I said
He was employed on a trial basis
with the condition that he would
receive full benefits if the
company decided to hire him long-
The professor allowed her to audit
his class because she was so       survey
passionate about the subject.
You have to attend ninety percent
of the classes in order to get
credit for the course.
The person that found her wallet
agreed to drop it off at her       hand in   receive
office the following day.

She's not available right now, but
if you leave your name, phone
number, and a brief message, I'll
have her call you back as soon as
she can.
I saw a suspicious-looking
character lingering in the back
alley the other day.
Slow down, and tell me the reason
why you are calling the emergency            speed up
The way it works is like this: you
must first submit your resume and
undergo a formal interview. If you
pass the interview, you must teach
a demo class observed by the
supervisor. After that, they will
notify you if they wish to hire
you for the job.
For the purposes of tax issues, we
will need all employees to submit
their social security numbers to
the accounting department.
It was a bummer that she couldn't
                                     drag    pleasure
make it to awards ceremony.
You are better off looking for a
teaching position in another
state. Don't get me wrong. There
is a huge need for educators in
this state. It's just that the
salary here is a lot less.
The couple needed a maid, big
                                     desperately       sort of
She was not capable of lying to
her parents.
Although I was reluctant to go
bungee-jumping, I decided to give
it a try.
There was bound to be some drama
behind the scenes of the fashion
There was a cancellation at the
dentist's office, so a slot opened   appear            disappear
up for the woman.
It was tough to be the minority at
                                     it was hard       it was easy
a predominantly white school.
The counselor gave her permission
to stop by her office during fifth   drop by           leave
Don't forget to submit your
application for financial aid.

Although he came from humble
beginnings, he became one of the
                                     simple            luxurious
most successful reporters on
She acquired fabulous heirlooms
                                     spectacular       ordinary
from her deceased grandmother.
A man gets what he deserves at
this company. So if you
demonstrate a strong work ethic,
your efforts will be noticed and
appropriately rewarded.
Conversely, if a worker is lazy
and unproductive, his employment
                                     on the contrary
with this company will be
They were repaid for their efforts
in the form of cash.
His assistant laid out the
                                     set out           hide
itinerary for his business trip.
The governor was responsible to
the people of his state.
The heiress vowed to give a
portion of her inheritance to
those in need.
The philanthropist worked to
eradicate homelessness in his        eliminate    create
Government interference was
responsible for the deaths of        intrusion
several civilians.
The golf tournament was put on to
raise money for their                charity
The doctor hoped that his children
would follow his path and attend
college at his alma mater.
The doctor recommended that he
take four aspirin to alleviate the ease           increase
pain in his back.
The coach preached to his team
about winning the national         advise
When the players are at their
best, the team is undefeatable.

The professor posed an interesting
question to the students at the
start of the lecture.
She grappled with the idea of
enlisting in the military.
The boiling water evaporated,
                                     vanish       appear
causing the beans to burn.
The casserole contains zucchini,
                                     consist of   exclude
cheese, onions, and squash.
There was a deposit of volcanic
                                     build up
ash covering the car.

The principle investigated why the
                                   inspect        ignore
student was absent from school.
The detectives found evidence in
support of the defendant's claim.
It wasn't until my twenty-sixth
birthday when I got a cell phone
that I realized how much I had
been missing out on.
The solid evidence in support of
the prosecution could be used to
keep the criminal in prison for
the rest of his life.
You said that you don't trust my
opinion when it comes to
relationship advice. What did you
mean by that?
The pediatrician detected an
irregular heartbeat when examining identify        overlook
the infant.
When you combine hydrogen with
oxygen, water is formed.
Each element is represented by a
chemical formula.

Last week, we left off talking
about the health risks associated
with smoking.
She is on a quest to find the most
fascinating person in the world.

She was notorious for her
                                     abstract      concrete
metaphysical reasoning.
She receives no financial
assistance from her parents aside
                                   besides         including
from the money she gets for
cleaning their house.
The Objectivist View deals with
the metaphysical aspect of
reality. Are you all clear with
that? Does anyone need a further
Keep in mind that there will be a
pop quiz on this information
sometime next week.
There are three axioms that I live
                                   truth           absurdity
The rules of the game were set out
                                   lay out         hide
by the official referees.
Another way to put it is that
nearly half of all marriages end
in divorce.
Her actions are in direct
opposition to her parents command.
She chose to attend a small
community college instead of going rather than
to a large university.
One cannot deny the self-evident
truth that death is inevitable.
He is going to marry the woman
regardless of his parents'           in spite of   irregardless of
I'm really disappointed in your
behavior, but that's not to say
that I don't love you.
The principal gave a definite
response to the student's request    unmistakable   unclear
to leave campus.

As soon as she gained her
independence, she began to move
away from the beliefs and values
of her parents.
The woman claims that linguistic
relativity explains how her
thoughts are influenced by the
language she expresses them in.
In the end, the experiment proved
that our hypothesis was, in fact,    postulate      fact
The prisoners formulated an escape
                                     originate      destroy
The forefathers started with the
premise that all men are created     principle
Do you all get what I mean when I
say that the residents were
Little did she know that she would
spend the next three years
performing experiments in a
During their comparative language
study, the class looked at
Japanese and Korean.
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to      supply         hide
the history question.
The police dismissed his
accusation due to a lack of          reject         accept
I know that some people believe
that caucasians are the superior
race, but let me say, I am not one
of them.
The man's reaction to his team's
loss was the equivalent of that of   counterpart    difference
a five-year-old.
In English, the past tense can be
confusing for non-native speakers.
It was a sheer coincidence that I
ran into my mother at the
supermarket today.
I made her a chocolate cake, but
it turns out that she prefers
carrot cake.
They plan to have children farther
up the line rather than in the
near future.
Life is a cyclical process.                           linear

She was able to spare a moment to
speak with the student about her     have some time
They went over the test results
                                     examine          ignore
She wore a bright red dress to
stand out from the rest of the
The student's explanation of the
law seemed vague, so the professor ambiguous          clear
gave a clearer definition.
I get a sense that he really
doesn't want to go to work today.
The two vocabulary words are used
                                     similarly        differently
I know it may seem like I don't
understand the point you are                          misunderstand
making, but I do get it.
It is crucial that you provide
sufficient evidence to back up
your theory.
The company set a precedent by
requiring employees to lose weight paradigm
in order to maintain their jobs.
I would like the doctor to take a
second look at this lump on my
If given a second chance, he
promised that he won't make the
same mistakes.
Now that she has children of her
own, she is much more patient with because
babies that cry on airplanes.
I will allow you to rewrite your
paper, but you will only have two
days to do so. Does that sound
The open-book test was considered
by the students to be more than
The business students preferred to
meet in the student union building
to study for their exams.

He wasn't sure how to go about
proposing to his girlfriend.
The group selected a
representative to speak before       delegate
In order to reserve recreational
equipment, you must submit a
reservation form.
The class advisors will chaperone
the event, but everything else is
up to the group.
Ever since she was a child, she
has wanted to pursue a career in
I wasn't sure what you were
talking about at first, but now I
The itinerary for the orientation
should have come in your
organization packet.
We'll have to go to the Student
Activities Office to find out
about campus events that we can
participate in.
I know I was paying attention to
                                   I don't remember
the lecture last week, but none of
this is ringing a bell.
As members of the gym, we get
access to the basketball court,
swimming pool, weight room, and
aerobics classes.
We submitted our request to
receive funding for our group
activities last semester. Are we
still eligible for that?
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to      supply           hide
the history question.
That's all there is to it? I
always thought editing my videos
would be difficult, but that
sounds easy enough.
The review board meets every other
Thursday, but you have to submit
your applications on the Monday
prior to each meeting.

Geologists group volcanoes into
four types: lava domes, shield
volcanoes, composite volcanoes,
and cinder cones.
In order to avoid confusion,
please write your full name on
your name tag.
Some of the terminology presented
in this lecture may be new, so
listen carefully, and feel free to
stop me if you have any questions.

A gush of hot air burst out of the
                                   opening        closure
The volcanic eruption sent molten
                                   explosion      cave-in
rock spewing into the air.
For one thing, she is not coming
home for summer vacation because
she is going to Alaska to work in
a fish cannery.
The tourists traveled several
hours to see the crater only to be
                                   bowl           dome
turned away at the entrance to the
She has a very symmetrical face.     balanced     asymmetrical
The geyser gets its name from its
regular appearances, which people
can depend on to occur at the same
times every day.
The northern flank of the mountain
was still covered in snow while
                                   side           top
the snow on the southern side had
completely melted.
The marine biologists discovered a
rare type of shark living near the
ocean floor.
Although it hasn't erupted in a
few years, it is still considered                 inactive volcano
an active volcano.
The snow is beginning to pile up
                                   accumulate     disappear
He inextricably caught the
attention of the entire class when   inevitably       avoidably
he fell down the stairs.
He tried to legitimize his claims
about the Loch Ness Monster, but     validate         invalidate
his evidence was insufficient.
We'll go into further detail about
my teaching philosophies next
Every dog in the neighborhood
                                     simultaneously   alternately
began barking all at once.
The couple was involved in two
separate car accidents that
                                     occur at once    occur alternately
happened simultaneously on
opposite sides of the city.
The conservative community looks
                                     shun             worship
down upon liberals.
The simple man was considered to
be lowbrow by the wealthy            uncultivated     sophisticated
Her father is a prominent figure
in the community, but he is very
friendly and down-to-earth.
The way my daughter is attached to
my hip reminds me of a leach, so
to speak.
The young child is enamored with
                                     fascinated by    filled with hate
his new teacher.
Taking cues from his twin sister,
the toddler splattered paint all
over the living room walls.
The mass-produced paintings were
sold at unbelievable prices.
The country singer collaborated
with a very popular hip-hop artist
                                     cooperate with   separate from
to produce one of the top selling
singles of the year.

Do you all get the distinction
between leopards and jaguars?

He worked on an assembly line,
installing steering wheels in
automobiles, for twenty years.
The like-minded students
collaborated to give one of the
                                     compatible       incompatible
best presentations that their
teacher had ever seen.
You look confused about something.
What's on your mind?

I thought I gave you an A on your
last paper, but I've got you down
with a B+ in my grade book.
She is one of the most vocal
people I've ever known. It's
                                     outspoken          quiet
difficult to get a word in edge-
wise when she's around.
The student's lack of
participation in advanced biology    reduce             increase
is dragging down his grade.
From this conversation alone, I
get the impression that you
misunderstood my intentions.
I'm not really following your
ideas about how to save the
housing market.
What I'm getting at is that you
have to be a better listener in
order to improve communication
with your wife.
Ultimately, the decision to attend
                                     essentially        initially
college is up to you.
Make sure your input is relevant
to the discussion so that we don't
                                     appropriate for    inappropriate for
waste a lot of time on irrelevant
The professor appreciated her
attempts at keeping her comments     relevant           off-topic
While some students found your in-
class commentary about your
weekend adventure to be
entertaining, I found it extremely
disrespectful and disruptive to
the discussion.
The student's hiccups were
distracting for the majority of      disturbing         focusing
the class.
She promised to be more attentive
to the needs and feelings of her
little sister.
I'm trying really hard to
understand your point, but I still   don't understand   understand
don't get it.
You are trying very hard to
overcome your reputation. I can
see that.
Her coach was thrilled when the
gymnast nailed her routine on the    perfect       mess up
balance beam.

They made a reservation at their
favorite restaurant for seven o'
Am I supposed to fill out a
release form to join this aerobics ought to
I know I have your application
around here somewhere. Let me look
for it.

She just put her file on my desk,
but I don't see it here now.

I'm positive that she is the one
who anonymously donated ten          I'm sure.     I'm not sure.
thousand dollars to the charity.

We rarely have a day that the sun
is not shining on us.

It is important to keep track
of how much we spend every monitor                 ignore
She enrolled in a course on
cosmology during her sophomore
year at the university.
My parents drove all night to get
down here in time for my track       come here
meet this morning.
I hear you, but I don't agree with                 I don’t
                                   I understand.
what you are saying.                               understand.
The nurse pulled up the patient's
file to examine her health           bring up      put away
No way. I can't believe she said

Have you received a confirmation
sheet regarding the order you
placed online?

The bicycles were produced through
mass production.
Just to set the record straight,
I'll be attending Duke University
in the fall.
He worked on an assembly line,
installing steering wheels in
automobiles, for twenty years.

The care packages were going to be
sent out to the soldiers overseas,
so the community gathered to put
them all together.
The semblance of the automobile
did not match the interior.
It took several years to get his
invention patented.
The livestock were ushered into
the slaughterhouse where they        butchery      nursery
would meet their fate.
Their father provided for their
family by working as a butcher in    slaughter     protect
the local grocery store.
She received the inspiration for
the song while hiking through the    stimulation
Now that she has children of her
own, she is much more patient with because
babies that cry on airplanes.
The reporter checked the archives
in the local library to find
information about the mysterious
lights at the cemetery.
He attempted to refit the
replacement part on the combine.
My resolution for next year is to
                                     eradicate     welcome
eliminate junk food from my diet.
The article alluded to the fact
that the culprit responsible for
the vandalism of City Hall is the
mayor's adolescent son.
The supervisor asked the applicant
to elaborate on her strengths and    expand        simplify
One of the artist's hallmarks is
painting a tiny green frog in the    symbol
corner of each painting.
Don't be fooled by appearances.
Although he is currently homeless,
he has a degree from MIT.

The architect altered the
                                     conditions    vagueness
specifications on the blueprint.
The principal is notoriously late
for work.
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to      supply       hide
the history question.
She receives no financial
assistance from her parents aside
                                     besides      including
from the money she gets for
cleaning their house.
The girl wants to be a
pharmacologist when she grows up.
The woman was sure that her family
was gathered in her room, but it
turned out to be a lucid dream.
She brought up an interesting
                                     broach       fail to mention
point during the discussion.
How come it always seems to rain
on my birthday?
The truck driver frequents the
                                     routinely    irregularly
café on a regular basis.
The man made a resolution to stop
                                     settlement   question
The case study was designed as a
social experiment.

The wave swallowed up the surfer.                 spit out
Doctors induced the pregnant woman
                                   activate       halt
to begin contractions.
Am I supposed to fill out a
release form to join this aerobics ought to

Mimicry is the organism's means of

The predator patiently tracked his
                                   hunter         prey
prey throughout the night.
Some animals possess an
evolutionary defense mechanism
that allows them to change their
appearance to deter predators.
Chameleons use camouflage to blend
in with their surroundings.
The exotic food tasted icky to the
                                   disgusting     good
She repeatedly had nightmares
about being attacked by a          lethal         harmless
poisonous snake.
Rescue searchers passed over the
area because they thought there
                                     dismiss        heed
was no possibility of finding the
missing skiiers there.
She was interested in finding a
home for the stray dog.
Don't be fooled by appearances.
Although he is currently homeless,
he has a degree from MIT.
The travellers were busy figuring
out a way to get home for the        calculate      lose
He will receive an inheritance
from his grandfather when he         gift           earning
graduates from college.
It makes no sense at all why she
would want to drop out of high
The cheeseburger was unappetizing
                                     unsavory       delicious
to the vegetarian.
The burnt casserole is inedible,
so they are going to order pizza     sickening      edible
She wants to go skydiving even
though she is afraid of heights
and hates riding in airplanes.
Does that make sense?
Let me put it this way…recycling
products that are bad for the
environment is actually good for
the environment.
By the way, I'm going to the
store. Do you need me to pick up     incidentally
The elderly woman really doesn't
want to go through the hassle of     experience     avoid
moving to a new home.

They went over the test results
                                     examine        ignore
The geographic features of the
southwestern area of the United
States were unlike any other
region in the nation.
There were some obvious
differences between the celebrity
and the imposter.
The hikers encountered rough
terrain when climbing in the Rocky
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to      supply             hide
the history question.
The water was channeled through
the desert by a series of man-made   routed             obstructed
Because rain was sparce in the
arid region, farmers relied on       sprinkler system
irrigation to water their crops.
The swamp proved to be an
inhospitable habitat for the         unfavorable        hospitable
They fulfilled their needs for
food by hunting and gathering in
the nearby forest.
The community built reservoirs
along the rivers in preparation of
the predicted drought.
The farmer accidentally drove his
tractor into the canal.
She took advantage of her employee
discount and saved two hundred       use                waste
Off-topic comments were
discouraged by the facilitator of    irrelevant         relevant
the discussion.
During the spring, farmers
                                     prepare; tend to   destroy
cultivate their fields.
Some domesticated animals are
treated like human beings by their   pet                wild animal
The desert turned out to be
infertile, so the family continued   barren             fertile
to move westward.
The editor found a couple of
                                     a few              several
mistakes within the article.

It's just so nerve-racking for me
to speak in front of a large
Attendance at the community
service event is mandatory for all compulsory           optional
African Americans account for
fifteen percent of the population explain
in this state.
First off, I'd like to welcome our
special guests from Scandanavia to immediately          finally
the conference.
The car may look brand new, but I
assure you, it's not.
It was interesting to hear the
President's perspective on the     outlook
The students were unable to come
up with the correct response to    supply        hide
the history question.
To be honest, I have no experience
in the retail business.
The girl's reputation is being
dragged down by the company she     lessened     bolstered
The facilitator posed some thought-
provoking questions which sparked moderator
an interesting debate.
I have the feeling that you think
I don't like your company. It's
not that at all. It's just that I
have a lot of work to get done by
tomorrow morning.
The waitress handed out
complimentary glasses of lemonade
                                    pass out     keep
to the customers waiting to be
The secretary rattled off a bunch
of questions before allowing the    blurt        withhold
visitor to respond.
I can see where you're coming from
with that. I'll work on
enunciating my words better so
there is no more confusion between
She promised her parents to make
more of an effort to keep her room

Due to the recent outbreak of bird
flu, flights out of the area are
being cancelled.
The marine biologist traveled to
Australia to study organisms in
the Great Barrier Reef.
He is a solitary man who prefers
                                   singular      accompanied
the quiet of his mountain cabin.
The researcher made groundbreaking
discoveries in the name of
The remote island is surrounded by
                                   untarnished   dirty
pristine water.
The game warden set the trap with
bait in order to coax the grizzly enticement     repellent
bear into it.
It might sound insane, but I want
to spend a year working on a
commercial fishing boat.
Acrobats put themselves in
extraordinary danger by performing
so high above the ground without
safety nets.
She experienced firsthand the
excitement of attending a          directly     indirectly
professional football game.
Babies have extremely sensitive
The test is comprised of twenty
multiple-choice questions, twenty
                                   consist of   exclude
matching questions, and ten essay
She tried to be sensitive to her
mother's feelings, but she could
                                   keep back    join in
not hold back her laughter any
Since she was the first to arrive
at the dorm, she had first dibs on
which bed she wanted.
Tracking devices were used to
track the migration of wolves.
The fortune tellers reading was
                                     accurate   false
not authentic.
In one instance, soldiers
forcefully entered the house of
innocent civilians.
They saw the rotting carcass of an
elk on the side of the road.
She took advantage of her employee
discount and saved two hundred       use        waste
The football player intimidated
                                     bully      encourage
the members of the chess team.
While at the aquarium, visitors
witnessed a feeding frenzy among
the sharks.

The country continues to make vast
improvements in many arenas.
Think for a moment about the
possible consequences of your
The railroad gave them easy access
to larger cities.
In order to maintain their
partnerships with small
businesses, the company must
reduce their commission rates.
It is imperative that the
commanding officer receives this     crucial              unnecessary
The military knocked out the
enemy's secret tunnels and escape    wipe out             build
The empire proceeded to build a
monopoly which gave them
increasing power over the people.
The nation exhibited antagonistic
                                     hostile              friendly
behavior toward its rival.
I don't care for her music, but to
be fair, she is a very talented      to be unbiased       to be unfair
They were a very prosperous
family, but you couldn't tell by     flourishing          failing
the way they dressed.
The on-going conflict between
Israel and Palestine continues to
There are a lot of facets to her
By this time, his sister should
have been home from volleyball       by now               before; after
The search party shifted their
focus from Pierce County to Clark
The country aligned itself with
some of the most powerful nations
in the world.
Is everyone still following? I
know that was a lot of important
                                     Are you listening?
information to take in during one
During his fifties, the actor
                                     reach the top        hit the bottom
reached the apex of his carreer.
Although the war ended with a
peaceful agreement, the fighting
took a toll on both sides, leaving
thousands of soldiers wounded or
The teacher is getting tired of
writing progress reports.
The opposing sides decided to call
a truce when they realized neither
                                     make peace           start a war
side was going to win the
The smaller nation got a better
deal in the peace treaty because
they ended up with sole rights to
the oil supply.

I made an appointment to meet with
my advisor this afternoon at three
The financial aid counselor
discussed the various options the
student had for receiving
assistance with his education
He's having trouble completing his
assignments on time because he is
so busy with athletics.
My financial aid package includes
enough money to cover all of my
costs for books, room and board,
and tuition.
As far as I can tell, classes have
been cancelled for the rest of the
During the last decade, karaoke
                                   spring up         disappear
bars cropped up all over the city.

Some students are able to vacation
during the summer, but it doesn't
work that way for those of us who
have to pay for our own schooling.

The pay phones are for convenience
                                   for ease          for difficulty
and safety purposes only.
The entire computer system runs
                                     work from
off of the same server.
The couple decided that the
elaborate plans for their wedding    impossible      feasible
ceremony were unfeasible.
The tour guide has a partnership
with a travel agency across town.
That's awesome! I'm so excited
                                     That's great!   That's terrible!
that you got accepted to Yale.
In order to obtain a passport, you
must submit photo identification
                                   with              without
along with a copy of your birth
That sounds kind of complicated.
Could you explain once again the
importance of this procedure?
She was required to get a
replacement for the days that she get a substitute
would be absent from work.
The sick student's mother said she
would come to the school and pick
him up as soon as possible.

The counselor posed so many
important questions in regard to
the woman's feelings.
The contestants were standing side
by side in the center of the         beside          apart from
The brothers' opinions diverged on
                                     split           converge
the topic of religion.
Go ahead. Tell me what you thought
                                     carry on        stop
of my performance.
Pop art refers to an art movement
in the 1950s and 1960s in which
artists chose subject matter from
everyday items like comic strips
and billboards.
The little boy shocked his peers
when he stood up to the school       confront        give in to
It is important to acknowledge the
emphasis the author placed on
developing the individual
characters in the novel.
While travelling the world, the
philosopher reached a state of       awareness       confusion
In relation to her mental state,
the elderly woman is as alert as     concerning      disregarding
His take on the hostage situation
is that it will be over within a
few hours.
His self-interest is what helped
the lawyer become a very             opportunism     altruism
prosperous man.
She is not sure how to deal with
                                     cope            deny
the news of her mother's death.
An excellent sense of humor is one
thing the comedians have in          share
With that said, I am going to
retire to my room for the night.
They carried on the traditions
                                     maintain        discontinue
that their ancestors had begun.
According to the reading, Plato's
ethical ideas were more fleshed      develop
out than those of Socrates.

You have to go a little further
than that if you want to get to
the heart of the matter.

She caused an argument between her
                                     unintentionally    intentionally
parents without knowing it.
With that in mind, let's continue
to look further into the cause of
the Great Depression.
The information on the back cover
                                                        give a
gives a brief summary of the         summarize
                                                        dissertation on
book's contents.
Although I was reluctant to go
bungee-jumping, I decided to give
it a try.
As a result of his hard work, the
student was awarded several          consequently
academic scholarships.
Younger generations are fully
embracing the idea of                individuality      conformity
Her parents were surprised by the
                                     self-sufficiency   dependence
extent of her self-reliance.
Inventiveness is one of her
strongest traits.

Materialism is frowned upon by the
religious group.

They decided to meet in court and
let a judge settle the controversy argument             agreement
over the property line.
The debater turn his opponents
arguments on their back.
He would prefer to relocate to the
city where his girlfriend resides
rather than vice versa.
The woman is discontent with her
                                   unsatisfied with     satisfied with
His originality of style is
admired by people around the
                                   novelty              unoriginality
world, including other fashion
After hearing the woman's
explanation, the angry man changed
his tune and apologized for
yelling at her.
The way my daughter is attached to
my hip reminds me of a leach, so
to speak.
Pioneers moved out west in search
                                   relocate           stay put
of the American dream.
The politician flip-flopped on the
issue of taxes.
There is a noticeable degradation
of the coral reefs in coastal       deterioration     improvement
The plague indiscriminately
                                    randomly          specifically
infected adults and children.

Here you go. This is the manual
                                    here you are      give me that
you were asking about.
You did a great job presenting
                                    do an outstanding
your ideas for the advertisement                      do a terrible job
She was surprised that she did so
                                    do well           do terrible
poorly on the exam.
The student was unsuccessful in
the debate because he jumped from
                                    skip around       stay put
point to point without a clear
He had a solid idea for his
science experiment, but it was
                                    firm concept      weak concept
going to take a lot of time and
effort to complete.
Once a topic has been selected,
you must be able to back it up
                                    reinforce         weaken
with strong examples, evidence,
facts, and other statistics.
When you work on the final draft
of your paper, make sure to give
                                    develop           weaken
it more depth by including
important examples and details.
There are certain constraints
                                    hindrance         allowance
attached to academic writing.

For the next assignment, you must
compose an essay according to the
rules of academic writing.
She forgot to provide some
relevant information when filling
out her medical history.
The voters switched back and forth
between supporting the candidate   flip-flop          remain steadfast
and opposing him.
The police officer ordered the
driver to stay put in the vehicle
                                   don't move         move around
with his hands on the steering

The woman suffered from a mental
illness, so her family placed her   mental disorder   sanity
in a special institution.

It's crammed in the library today
because students are studying for it's too busy       it's empty
their finals.
You've done the right thing by
speaking directly to me about your
Note-taking does not factor into
your final grade, but it could be
beneficial to have good notes to
study from.
That's a relief. I was beginning
to think you had missed your

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