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The magazine for Avesco Group plc           AUTUMN 2009


CT tees off in the Race to Dubai
Providing enhanced coverage
through CT’s innovative visuals

Presteigne Charter’s
winning formula for F1
Supplying completely integrated HD
flypack system for F1 Grand Prix

Apollo launches at
                                     CTDUBAI’S BUSIEST
Fountain Studios’                    FIRST QUARTER
                                     Busy times for CT’s
Audio console completes              Emirates office
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HD investment programme
                                     BROADCAST SOLUTIONS
at the studios in London             PERFECTLY SERVED
                                     Presteigne Charter cool
                                     in the kitchen
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                                     JVR’S SENSATIONAL CREATION
                                     AT WICKED WONDERLAND
                                     Providing a visual feast for
                                     thousands of dance fans
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                                     MCL AT THE BREWERY
                                     New partnership infused
                                     with iconic London venue
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                                     ACTION’S SENSITIVE
                                     SOLUTIONS FOR SAWA
                                     Creating the five senses
                                     at the International
                                     Advertising Festival
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          CT Tees off in the Race to Dubai
    The Race to Dubai, a US$10 million season-long competition which replaced The European Tour Order of Merit
    for 2009, offers the world’s leading players the chance to not only enhance their earning potential, but to have
    their actions followed in close detail through cutting-edge on-course closed circuit tournament coverage.
                                                 Every event leading up to the season-ending Dubai World Championship at Jumeirah
                                                 Golf Estates in Dubai will provide enhanced coverage through the innovative visuals
                                                 provided by Creative Technology.

                                                 With 23 years of experience working closely with sports federations, promoters and
                                                 production managers on major events such as Wimbledon, the Ryder Cup, the Tour de
                                                 France, Olympic Games, the Rugby World Cup and many sporting World Championships,
                                                 Creative Technology is ideally placed to facilitate that state-of-the-art visual experience.

                                                 For the past two decades Tournament Television has been an evolving service on The
                                                 European Tour, with an integrated scoring and information package relayed to video
                                                 screens and monitors installed in the hospitality facilities around the course, in the
                                                 clubhouse and on-course hotel televisions. For the enhanced Race to Dubai sponsored
                                                 package, European Tour Productions (ETP) - a joint venture between The European Tour
                                                 and IMG, the world’s premier sports, entertainment and media company - sought a
                                                 company with a track record of success, innovation and the proven ability to deliver with
                                                 100% reliability throughout what is a very demanding schedule. With these requirements
                                                 in mind, and after an extensive evaluation process, Creative Technology was selected as
                                                 the Tournament TV supplier.

                                                  Creative Technology developed a bespoke real-time production system that combines
                                                  live information from broadcasters, pre recorded material and highlights with real time
                                                  graphics and scores updated from the event results system. This signal is then
    distributed to a network of TV’s and large format video screens installed in key areas around the course. Where required the network
    can be expanded to include the clubhouse and/or on-course hotels.

    The content production system allows for real time recording of all four days of each golf tournament, with a dedicated playout server
    to store and schedule clips, commercials and highlights packages produced on a separate edit system. This content is combined
    with a locally generated graphic wrapper, providing a live scoring and results panel which is updated from the central scoring
    database. The wrapper also incorporates tour and local sponsor logos and a real time clock.

    The signal distribution system, perhaps the most challenging element of the package, is built around a ruggedised military
    specification fibre system allowing fast and reliable installation of a bi-directional IPTV Network. Multiple HD channels can be
    delivered to any suitable display device, including televisions, LED displays and projection equipment. Every display can be
    individually controlled and monitored from the head end and all critical components are UPS protected to ensure the network is
    maintained in the event of localised power failure.

    The displays themselves vary between each tournament on The Race to Dubai series, but typically include an 18m2 LED screen
    packaged in a purpose built and fully branded mobile trailer unit and up to 100 HD televisions deployed throughout the hospitality
    and tournament management facilities. All of this equipment is installed, operated and removed on a weekly basis for the duration of
    the European Tour.

    Dave Crump, Creative Technology’s Managing Director, commented: “CT are very pleased to have to have won this strategically
    important contract after a long relationship with The European Tour. The development of this system is a great example of how CT
    adapts technology developed for one application and uses it to enhance the delivery of visual imagery in an event environment. The
    potential to expand the functionality of this system is enormous and will create many exciting new opportunities within the golf world
    and the wider events industry.”

                                                                    Ciaran Bone, European Tour Productions Senior Account Manager,
                                                                    added: “European Tour Productions are delighted to have reached an
                                                                    agreement with a company such as Creative Technology for the
                                                                    provision of facilities for our Tournament Television service. We now feel
                                                                    we have a first class ‘High Definition’ service to offer The European Tour,
                                                                    promoters and sponsors alike. This is especially important given the
                                                                    significant level of investment made in launching The Race to Dubai.
                                                                    With CT’s help we will look to further enhance and improve the overall
                                                                    spectator experience delivered at each European Tour event. So far we
                                                                    have been extremely impressed with the level of commitment and
                                                                    service from CT and look forward to a long and successful relationship”.

Hailed as the best current touring performance, Take That’s The Circus Live – Summer 2009 tour exceeded
everyone’s expectations – even the band commented that “This is the biggest tour we’ve ever done, it’s the
most exciting Take That tour yet!“

CT Shines at Take That
With concerts throughout the UK and held in the largest stadiums, over 1,000,000 tickets were sold for the flamboyantly themed
extravaganzas, based on Take That’s latest album ‘The Circus’. With the stage set as the Big Top, a ringmaster welcomed the
audience to the show, which included jugglers, unicyclers, clowns and trapeze artists and incorporated dancers in feather
showgirl outfits, a high wire act and the ultimate showmanship of the boy band themselves.

New songs mixed with old as Take That treated their fans to a spectacular that answered the question ‘Could It Be Magic‘ with the
confirmation that for many it was the ‘Greatest Day’. However, ‘It Only Takes A Minute’ wasn’t a reference to all the pre-planning
and preparation that goes in to such a sensational and memorable show.

Creative Technology has been involved in all three tours since Take That reformed, which enables CT to provide the production
with experience and knowledge allowing for smooth transit and seamless rig and de rig for each of the stadium stints. Utilising a
Barco MiTrix screen for the back screen and OD10 screens for each side, CT once again worked alongside XL Video who provided
the central circular screen.

The MiTrix screen uses a total of 196 modules, delivers an overall screen size of over 350m2 and used CT’s newly developed cable
system to overcome the installation issues that MiTrix has been known for in the past. CT also built custom dollies allowing
equipment to be double stacked hugely reducing load in time and optimising truck pack.

In addition to the vast MiTrix screen, two towering IMAG displays flanked the stage. Each measuring almost 14 metres, it was
essential to utilise a module with sufficient structural integrity to withstand both the vertical loads and potential wind forces.
Nonetheless the top four rows of Mitsubishi modules selected had to be specially modified to withstand the potential loads. As
with the MiTrix, CT built custom dollies again reducing load in time and truck space.

The entire project was managed by CT’s Alex Leinster who temporarily returned from the company’s Asia Pacific office to look after
this project. Alex was supported locally by Rob Ricci and a touring crew of eight led by Richard Corns.

Production Manager Chris Vaughan who has worked with Take That since 1993, agreed that the scale of the show was extremely
impressive and that CT’s approach to the implementation and management of the screens was seamless: “With CT having been
involved in all three of Take That’s tours since the band reunited, their experience and understanding of how things need to go
together in such a short time period certainly makes for a smooth and cohesive working relationship.

“This is one of the largest deployments of Video Screen I have witnessed, five out of 35 Production trucks contain CT Video Screens
and the whole production ran very smoothly. The screens looked magnificent and combined with Take That’s spectacular
showmanship ensured that this tour will be one people talk about for years to come!”

    CTDubai’s busiest first quarter
    For Creative Technology Emirates, 2009 began at a sprint promising their busiest year yet. High profile
    events in Abu Dhabi and Qatar began with the PGA European Tour and were swiftly followed by five equally
    large and notable events; the Carnegie Mellon University opening, the Qatar Science and Technology Park
    launch, the Ras Laffan Gas Refinery Inauguration, the Senior Convocation Ceremony and the F1 Bahrain
    Grand Prix. All substantial projects that ensured the crew at CT Dubai were fully engaged throughout the first
    quarter of the year.

                                                                  PGA European Tour
                                                                  Two Lighthouse R7 LED Leader board screens, one 6x5 23m2 and
                                                                  one 7x6 32m2 screen were provided by CT Dubai for the PGA
                                                                  European Tour in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

                                                                  In addition, CT also provided the ground supporting structure that
                                                                  lent extra surface area for advertising banners, the fibre signal
                                                                  distribution to the screens and the fibre integration from TTV. For
                                                                  the Qatar tournament a 23m2 6x5 Lighthouse R7 LED leader board
                                                                  was also installed, together with the fibre distribution and
                                                                  interconnectivity as per Abu Dhabi.

    Mellon University Launch
    The ceremonial opening of the Carnegie Mellon University
    John Adkins Productions, via Qatar MICE Development
    Institute, commissioned CT Dubai to provide LED screens and
    camera systems for their event. CT installed three LED
    screens, of which the central and main screen was a large
    10x8 80m2 Lighthouse R7 with two 14x10 28m2 side screens of
    Barco D7.

    Furthermore, CT also provided a Grass Valley Serial Digital
    Kayak PPU mixer system with three Sony DXC D50 SDI
    camera channels, one of which was fitted with a long lens.
    Playback was from hard disk via Grass Valley Turbos. The
    event was also ISO recorded using three Sony Digital
    betacam format VTR’s.

                                                                  Qatar Science and Technology Park Launch
                                                                  For the launch and opening of the Qatar Science and Technology
                                                                  Park, CT was again commissioned by John Adkins Productions and
                                                                  QMDI to provide a full HD LED main screen. Additional LED columns
                                                                  of Lighthouse R16 were used to create a border either side.

                                                                  The main screen was a 15x11 130m2 Lighthouse R7 with a resolution
                                                                  of 1920x1080 pixels and attached on either side by a 3x11 33m2
                                                                  Lighthouse R16 column. The camera system used was CT’s
                                                                  state-of the-art Kahuna 2ME system. This high end HD vision
                                                                  switcher easily processed the multiple inputs / outputs required
                                                                  to cope with this type of event.

                                                                       The sources provided and managed by CT included three
    LDK6000 HD cameras with one on a long lens. Playback was from a couple of Pronto EVS hard disk servers with all material
    encoded at the highest level. To record the event CT used their latest tapeless format Sony PDW-F75 XDCam recorder, using
    recording media similar to Blu-ray disc.

Ras Laffan Gas Refinery Inauguration
WRG Creative commissioned CT Dubai to provide video
projection with Dataton Watchout, LED screens and camera
systems on their recent event for Qatargas, the Inauguration of
the Ras Laffan Gas Refinery.

WRG designed and had the main screen constructed that would
part in the middle during the main reveal. Each section was just
over 10m wide and had a pair of Barco HD18 projectors utilising
a total of four pairs of HD18 for each state; open and closed.
Hanging under each screen was a 10mx2m strip of G-LEC 30
that was used for creative and visual effects.

The main screen opened to reveal a 20m2 Lighthouse R7 LED
screen clad with a facia exposing a circle. Feeding the G-LEC
and Barco projectors, was a 12 channel racked Watchout
system that included full backup. The Watchout channels were fitted with HD/SDI capture cards to enable picture in picture both
from the cameras and various presentations. Fibre was used to distribute the Dataton Watchout signal to all the display
systems, thus avoiding any loss in signal integrity.

CT Dubai also provided their Kahuna 2ME system, a high end HD vision switcher used for the multiple inputs / outputs required
to cope with this type of event. To complement the Kahuna, three Thomson LDK6000 HD cameras were used to cover and
record the event, one of which was fitted with a long lens, and recording was on to three Sony HDW2000 Recorders. In
addition, a fourth RF Camera was positioned on the roof to cover the VIPs and guests making their way from the main building
to the Dome structure that housed the event.

                                                                   Senior Convocation Ceremony
                                                                   Students of six international universities in Qatar attended their
                                                                   graduation ceremony under the patronage of the Emir His
                                                                   Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani and Her
                                                                   Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al Missned, Chairperson
                                                                   of the Qatar Foundation. This was the second Senior
                                                                   Convocation organised by the Education City in Qatar.

                                                                   John Adkins Productions via QMDI commissioned CT to provide
                                                                   the LED screens and camera systems for this ceremony that
                                                                   also included a concert by the renowned Spanish singer-
                                                                   songwriter Enrique Iglesias.

                                                                CT Dubai installed a central LED 6x9 45m2 Lighthouse R7
                                                                screen constructed with two separate 5x6 20m2 Lighthouse
                                                                side screens to form an arch and the camera system
comprised CT Dubai’s Grass Valley Serial Digital Kayak PPU vision mixer with three Sony DXC D50 SDI camera channels, one of
which was fitted with a long lens. Playback was via the Grass Valley Turbo hard disk player and the event was also ISO
recorded using three Sony Digital Betacam VTR’s.

Bahrain F1 Grand Prix
Creative Technology has been providing screens for the
Bahrain Grand Prix since Formula One brought the GP to
Bahrain in 2004. In 2004 a partnership with long time
German associates Screen Visions has meant that CT now
work alongside our clients using a tried and tested formula,
delivering an efficient and painless event despite the
enormous logistical challenge of working in the desert.

Eight screens, varying between 20m2 and 50m2 make for an
impressive 300m2 of LED equipment supplied by CT, but in
addition to the screens, CT collectively with Screen Visions,
also provide ‘Fan TV’. ‘Fan TV’ broadcasts interviews, pre-
recorded pieces, highlights from previous years and statistics
to the race fans in between the qualifying races and the
Grand Prix itself. This programme is shown in multiple languages and features both Arabic and English speaking presenters
and provides racegoers with an all round experience of the event.

CT helps bring in the
Wow factor to E3
When the last attendee of Electronic Entertainment
Expo 2009 (E3) left the Los Angeles Convention
Center, Creative Technology Group (CT) were able to
take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of success.
After all, the company’s video and audio pros from
offices around the globe had spent the previous ten
days creating, programming and building some of
the dynamic and captivating press events and
booths for Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, MTV, Capcom
and Square Enix.
E3 has been the one-stop wow-shop for gamers,
programmers, manufacturers and journalists since 1995. The
Expo is where some of the most noteworthy gaming industry
innovations have been announced, from Sony’s PlayStation 3 to
Nintendo’s Wii, and some of the most popular games on the
planet have been introduced. Indeed, E3 could be considered
the launching pad for careers of thousands of designers,
programmers and engineers from around the world.

The heart of any E3 Expo is on the conference centre floor,
where the promise of a unique and enthralling experience
entices the masses into booths showcasing the next generation
of gaming. E3 2009 boasted 216 exhibitors trying to capture the
attention of more than 41,000 attendees from 78 countries.

CT has a long history at the E3 Expo, yet this year’s event
boasted one of the company’s largest presences with teams
from CT Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and London on
hand. “We provided the bulk of the technology used in many of
the big, impressive booths,” remarked John Van Diver, CT Los
Angeles Business Development Manager, “Because we own
the gear and keep it in top operating condition, we are able to
help our clients deliver one of a kind, flawless presentations.
Our clients don’t want to be experiments. They want to know
what’s going to happen and that we can get it done.”

While each of the booths on the convention floor where CT pros
and gears were present proved that point, perhaps it was
nowhere as obvious as the press events thrown this year. “Sony
press events tend to be a little more involved, because people
expect it and because the company is such a huge brand,” says
CT San Francisco Project Manager Gerry Platt. “They have to
have the biggest, baddest trade show booth and the ultimate
press event that’s over and above what anybody else had the
creative resources to do.”

This year’s Sony press event was held at the historic Shrine
Auditorium in Los Angeles and boasted a stunning stage
backdrop that included a 34’X70’ centre screen bracketed by 34’
tall outer towers that were curved so that the image felt as if it
was flowing over the audience and bowed out at the bottom.
“Our biggest challenge, given the complex surface, was creating
a seamless image,” Platt said. To accomplish that on the centre
screen, the CT team utilised a blend of four Barco FLMHD20
projectors placed side-by-side. Barco Encore 3/E HD-SDI
processors were used to smooth the blended area. The outer
towers were covered using two FLMHD18s per side.
                                                           Overcoming the side-by-side placement of the projectors took a
                                                           little technical know-how, but what also helped the crew was
                                                           the choice of the Pandora’s Box server technology because the
                                                           centre image was stitched together from four separate servers
                                                           going to eight projectors. “The programmers had to apply it as
                                                           one big canvas and were able to use the morphing software to
                                                           create areas where the horizontal and vertical planes could be
                                                           bent,” he said. In addition to the warping on the software end,
                                                           there was a bit of smoothing at the projection end.

                                                           There was also a 16’X24’ screen that flew in and out on a traveller
                                                           for demo elements and play back. “We did a lot of PIPing, where
                                                           we PIPed playback onto the large canvas of the set, to create this
                                                           huge projection surface for not only eye candy and wallpaper,” he
                                                           said, “but also for background elements and show elements.”
                                                           Platt tips his hat to CT’s projectionist team. “They did a great job
                                                           creating a really tight projection image across the whole canvas,
                                                           so in the design process our client at Stun Gun felt pretty confident
                                                           about landing a projection window in the sweet spot.”

                                                           Of course, for a presentation that promised to wow all the
                                                           senses, CT had to ensure that the audio system delivered as well.

That responsibility fell to Director of Audio Services
William Nealie, who had to manage 24 inputs from the
multiple video sources and the backups, 18 PlayStation
3 devices and 12 wireless microphones. Nealie utilised
the Digidesign Venue console to manage the 60 inputs
and had a pair of stage racks to handle up to 96 inputs.

Nealie utilised the Meyer Sound system that is installed
at the Shrine, which includes two arrays of 16 MICA
cabinets, a pair of centre arrays of 10 M1Ds each, eight
M1Ds at the stage edge for front fill and 18 more under
the balcony. Eight 700-HP subs are added for low end
and a pair of Galileos, Meyer’s Loudspeaker
Management System, controlled the speakers via Wi-Fi.
To ensure he had proper coverage, Nealie added six
M1D speakers for front fill.

 “I took some of the signal from the left and right
channels and placed it in the centre, because of the
width of the space and because part of the PA was

    covered by scenery,” Nealie explained. “I didn’t modify the hang        channel took the signal through a Folsom Image Pro HD signal
    of the system, except for moving the centre cluster 25 feet             processor to the plasma screen via Gefen fibre.
    downstage, because I didn’t want the speakers to be upstage
    of the presenters with microphones.”                                    Project Manager Kraig Aaronson, who was responsible for the
                                                                            Capcom booth, had to deal with both the tight timeframe and
    When it came to working on the convention floor, CT staffers            booth size. “There was a little box and all the equipment had to go
    put together some of the most talked about booths. Some of              in there,” he stated. “Then, if anything went wrong, it would have
    those were full of flash, but others like the Nintendo booth were       been like if something went wrong in the Space Shuttle.”
    interesting because of its simplicity and focus on ambiance
    over oomph.                                                             The unique feature of the Capcom booth was the doorway that
                                                                            visitors walked through. “It was an i6 wall, so it looked great,” he
     “Nintendo has done many things in the past,” reported CT San           said, “but when we were laying out the software and had to
    Francisco Project Manager Jolyon Beliz, “but this year it was all       segment the wall, we had to do a little juggling with the Barco
    about the atmosphere. There wasn’t a big stage. It wasn’t in your       software.” In fact, Aaronson’s team asked for a second piece of
    face. We placed a lot of LEDs over a large portion of the booth,        media that was better designed for the doorway feature.
    spaced them out and worked with a lot of fabric and signage.
    We set a mood for people to come in, enjoy and play the games,          The media was run off a Grass Valley Turbo R SD/HD recorder.
    rather than coming in and seeing a show.”                               On the audio side, four JBL VP7212 powered speakers were
                                                                            steeply angled to avoid transmitting sound into the aisles or
    The booth boasted 160 panels of Martin 40mm LED that were               neighbouring booths.
    hung vertically. The Martin panels were selected for two reasons.
    “They are a low resolution LED, so it’s a cost effective product, but   The Square Enix booth, said John Van Diver, was straight ahead
    they look quite nice,” he said. “Also, this was the solution that       in terms of the video technology — a large LED wall made of 200
    enabled us to rig vertically because the frame structure was            Barco NX-4 tiles and (22) 46” 1080p LCD monitors were
    strong enough to attach I-bolts to that we could clip right onto.”      everything that was provided.

    The work of assembling and testing the panels started before            It was the audio, he commented, that caused more of a
    the window of install opportunity opened. That proved to be             challenge, since the booth was a rectangle with the LED screen
    crucial, since the team only had two-and-a-half days to put the         right in the middle with ten conference rooms tucked behind it. The
    whole booth together. “We had to get it set up before anyone            client called for big sound in front of the screen and minimised
    else could start working the booth,” he said, “so we had to get         behind it as much as possible. To answer the challenge, Van Diver
    the panels up quickly. We had six walls to do the first day, which      used Meyer’s Galileo to manage the signals between the
    we managed to get done in about eight hours.”                           speakers and subwoofers.

    In addition to the LED, the booth featured a 103” 1920X1080 HD           “One of the things we wanted to avoid this year as the sound of
    plasma screen. The media was delivered via Concise Watchout             low end in the conference rooms,” Van Diver explained. “So, we
    computer running 1024X768 output. “We were able to work                 set the subwoofers in a cardioid pattern and then used the
    closely with Video Arts, the video editors and with producer            Galileo to put the speakers out of phase and delayed the signal.
    Ralph Miller, to create videos that were pixel mapped within the        By doing that, we found that the low frequency sound is cancelled
    1024X768 working space to fit all of our screens,” Beliz                out on the back side of the subs, so all the sound from the
    explained. “That was once again another advantage of the                subwoofers was focused into the audience space.”
    Martin panels, that we were able to physically address them
    before we ever put them in the walls and that saved us time.”           Van Diver worked with the video and audio systems to
                                                                            ensure that both worked with the lighting rig to dim and mute,
    Two channels from Watchout provided SMPTE to the lighting               respectively, at certain points within the graphics loop. “We
    company to synchronise the lights in the booth and another              took the SMPTE time code out from the computer and used

it to control the lighting console and the audio mixer. They didn’t       The booth was broken into meeting rooms and featured a
want a tech to do it,” he explained, “they wanted it                      simplified A/V set up. “There was a lot of stimulation in the room,
all automated.”                                                           but it wasn’t just from games,” Sanders reported. “The client
                                                                          wasn’t trying to hit the visitors hard with the message. This was
Perhaps one of the most talked about booths on the floor was the          all about creating a nice space for them to be in. This was very
MTV Theatre, where Harmonix debuted ‘The Beatles: Rock Band.’             relaxed and informal. It was a very European feel.”
“It was so exciting to be a part of this announcement. There was
a very large LED wall outside showing a reel of The Beatles as a          As far as the A/V system, Project Manager John Yesco worked
teaser, but nobody knew what was going on,” said National                 directly with the client’s London office to organise the project
Director of Sales Kristi Ventura. “As they were waiting in line the       while Sanders handled account management. Yesco worked
excitement built and built.”                                              with a number of pieces that Sony supplied as well as with a
                                                                          projection screen that displayed information about upcoming
Once the visitors got into the booth they walked into a recreated         game titles. The main projector was a Panasonic PTD DLP 10k
Abbey Road to see the demo of the new game shown on six                   Projector with a Sanyo XF45 LCD 10k projector on hand as a back
Panasonic 65” plasmas. The Harmonix staff then gave their pitch           up. A Barco Encore 3M/E HD/SDI was used for processing and
and ushered some of the visitors to a private area where they             Barco’s Encore small controller was used for management.
could play Rock Band. “It was a nice interactive experience,”
Ventura said.                                                             Sanders is quick to remind that technology was not the focus of
                                                                          this space, though. “We had to bear in mind that content was
Given that level of anticipation, CT had to deliver on both the audio     king in this situation,” he said. “We can hang our hat on the fact
and video side of things. “We had to make sure the sound was              that we were able to turn around a lot of content on very short
incredible,” Ventura said. “It had to give it’s all, because it was The   notice and choreography the space differently each day,
Beatles. It sounded crisp and thumping.” To meet that challenge,          because each territory has its own idiosyncrasies as far as how
Meyer M1D speakers were placed at strategic locations.                    it wants to deliver it’s message.”
Sixty-six Barco i6 Black Chip tiles delivered the visual impact. “The     Enabling clients to deliver a message, no matter the medium or
blacks are so rich and the colour saturation is nothing like any          ambiance, was the key to success at this year’s E3 Expo, said all
other product,” Ventura said. “It popped almost like it was 3-D.”         concerned. “It’s not about how many boxes or screens are in a
                                                                          booth,” Van Diver commented. “It’s about what it takes to deliver
Paul Sanders of the CT Group in London joined the U.S.-based
                                                                          what’s needed for the client. Often more is not better. That’s
staff for this year’s E3. “We’ve always had an involvement in one
                                                                          where our expertise as a company comes in, because we have
shape or form, but this is the first year we’ve comprehensively
                                                                          the technical experience and knowledge to provide the right
been there,” Sanders said. “It’s a great reflection on CT that UK
                                                                          solution every single time.”
clients can contact any CT office globally with the knowledge that
the delivery will be consistent, and the standard of this is
consistently higher than anyone else. We’re finding more and
more clients are keen on a true global offering, and we are the
only company that can confidently say we have that!”

Sanders oversaw the Sony Europe Meeting Space, which was
interesting and challenging at the same time because there
was a different country hosting the booth each day. “One day it
was Italy, the next France or Germany,” he said. “On their day
they would get all the press, buzz and locals coming through.
They would talk about upcoming titles and trends, pitching to
their locality.”

     CTGermany fly high at the Paris Air Show
     with Liebherr-Aerospace
     With its unique installation of moving, high-resolution LED rings at Paris Air Show 2009, once again Liebherr-
     Aerospace relied on the innovative media technology from Creative Technology Germany, international full
     service provider for rental and installation of professional media technology for exhibitions, conferences,
     events, shows and television.
                                                                                The three moving LED rings were the
                                                                                visual highlight of the exhibition stand,
                                                                                built with the brilliant high-resolution,
                                                                                modular Barco NX-4 modules.

                                                                                Besides the complete LED installation, CT
                                                                                was additionally responsible for the
                                                                                whole audio system, live broadcast
                                                                                technology, various display and IT
                                                                                solutions as well as the technical full
                                                                                service on the exhibition stand and at the
                                                                                chalet of Liebherr-Aerospace.

The Audi Cup 2009 held at the Allianz Arena in
July in Munich was the soccer highlight of the
Audi brand’s centennial anniversary.
The event, equipped and technically serviced with
professional video, audio and lighting technology by
Creative Technology Germany was a huge success
and culminated in a thrilling final which Audi boss
Rupert Stadler hailed as a “dream final for the fans”.

CTGermany’s sporting highlight with Audi
The two-day association football tournament was organised and promoted by car
manufacturer Audi AG to celebrate their 100th year of trading, and hosted by
2007–08 Fußball-Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.

The two-day tournament was witnessed live in Munich by a total of 130,000
spectators – by invitation of Audi the four top teams of FC Bayern Munich, AC
Milan, Manchester United and the Club Atlético Boca Juniors were invited by Audi
to play for the inaugural Audi Cup 2009 title.

Creative Technology
Germany’s full-service
covered the complex
technical equipment of this
premium event with video,
audio and lighting in various
areas of the Allianz Arena,
among the business club for
VIP guests, the sponsors
lounge and several
installations in the
entrance areas.

One of the technical highlights
was an entire HD broadcast
system with several cameras
for special live broadcasting
on numerous displays within
the exclusive guest areas.
Another part of the extensive
technical equipment was an
audio installation with excellent Meyer Sound equipment as well as professional
lighting systems used indoor and outdoor of the Munich Allianz Arena.

The CT technicians were on site before, during and after the matches and serviced
also the technical equipment on several stages, with special reports and show
acts for numerous guests of the Audi Cup 2009, ending with an impressive live
concert of Ronan Keating – and with the title for FC Bayern Munich.

     Serving up broadcast solutions for Hells Kitchen
     Having Marco Pierre White back    New presenter Claudia Winkleman hosted the live show nightly from the Hell’s Kitchen
     in the kitchen with a group of    restaurant in East London when it returned for its fourth series and having just one
     unsuspecting celebrities          kitchen shared between the competitors instead of two, the show certainly provided a
                                       few frazzled moments for the celebrity chefs. With only two weeks to learn how to
     determined to face the heat,      cook to Marco’s exacting culinary standards, TV presenter Anthea Turner; model
     2009’s series of Hells Kitchen    Danielle Bux; singer Ms Dynamite; actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson; former
     performed well for ITV1 with      Liverpool goalie Bruce Grobbelaar; entrepreneur Grant Bovey; actor Jody Latham and
     viewing figures reaching a high   actress Linda Evans all strived to win the coveted prize of becoming Hells Kitchen
     of 5.2m for the finale.           2009 winning chef.

                                       Presteigne Charter was brought in to facilitate all the transmission and reality set-ups
                                       required by ITV for the 14 day live broadcast, televised in April of this year.

                                       In addition to providing video routers, audio desks, cameras and VTRs, Presteigne
                                       Charter also provided custom built equipment for receiving radio microphones and
                                       radio cameras. Presteigne Charter’s Head of Audio, Paul Murray created a complete
                                       RF antenna system in order that the celebrities’ microphones could be received in both
                                       studios. Furthermore, the RF camera department also designed and built a system
                                       that included autocue being returned to the RF cameras and a portable RF monitor for
                                       host Claudia to view and comment on. With such a large audio requirement
                                       Presteigne Charter’s challenge was to keep the audio moving around the system
                                       without using miles of copper. However utilising Madi down fiber and channelling
                                       everything through the LAWO mainframe easily resolved this.

                                       With ex-Dynasty star Linda Evans winning Hells Kitchen 2009, the show was
                                       considered an overall success. As Roy Callow, Presteigne Charter’s Unit Manager
                                       commented: “Hells Kitchen changed both technically and as a show format this time
                                       around. The technology Presteigne Charter employed was chosen to push this type of
                                       reality television forward, whilst simultaneously trying to save time during the rig
                                       periods. Not forgetting keeping the project as cost effective for the client as possible.”

Presteigne Charter has been contracted by SIS LIVE, Europe’s largest OB and uplink provider, to supply a fly-
pack to facilitate eight of the Grand Prix races for the BBC’s F1 coverage. The races, consisting of Australia,
Malaysia, China, Bahrain, Singapore, Japan, Brazil and Abu Dhabi provide many broadcasting challenges
and with many of these races being back to back, provides a logistical challenge of its own, moving the
equipment from location to location within extremely tight timescales.

Presteigne Charter’s winning formula for F1 GP
Presteigne Charter are supplying a complete flypack solution to SIS LIVE consisting of a production gallery, audio area, master control
room and VT/EVS, to work with an existing RF and editing infrastructure. This equipment is based around a HD Flypack, comprising
an MVS8000, 128x128 Router, 40 LCD Monitors, ten Glass Monitors, a Yamaha M7CL Audio Mixer and 70 Distribution DA’s.

To enable a complete EVS and Final Cut Pro workflow, Presteigne Charter are also supplying three x EVS XT[2] with Jumbo Frame
Storage, four x Digibeta VTRS, two x IPD’s, an X-File[2], and an X-Hub[2] to integrate via XT-Access to three x Final Cut Pro Suites
running on an X-San Server. Presteigne Charter created this complete system to the clients specification to enable logging of
multiple incoming host feeds, ENG tape shot on three camcorders and edited material. This logging is done via IPD v4 to be
upgraded to v5 when it becomes available. A logging feed is also created in London providing a highlights edit, which is then
imported into the ‘onsite logs’.

Complete archives of the 2009 season and selected past seasons are now accessible as either on-line or near-line material as a
result of the system provided by Presteigne Charter. Operators and producers can now find material and incidents quickly and
concisely – a system never available in previous seasons.

Working in hot, humid and in the case of Malaysia and China torrential conditions, the equipment is being rigged, operated and
de-rigged on an extremely tight schedule. This is due to the constricted itinerary of the races being only weekends apart in totally
different countries. This can all pose technical challenges in terms of kit reliability and time constraints, but Presteigne Charter’s
Systems Manager Paul Sykes is pleased as to how well the equipment and team are working and performing so far.

“Presteigne Charter has supplied an completely integrated HD Flypack system designed and built in house, that is quick to rig,
easy to transport, and reliable. It has performed exceedingly well despite having to operate through excessive heat,
thunderstorms and such tight schedules.”

Sykes continues, “The system gives Production the pictures they want, when they want them and provides the full story of how
after only four races it already appears that it’s going to be a
very exciting season. We are delighted that the system has
worked so successfully to help bring F1 back onto the BBC.

Presteigne Charter's team and equipment return to Formula
One in September for the Singtel Singapore Grand Prix.

One of the world’s most innovative and respected broadcast dry
hire and systems rental specialists, with a branch network
covering the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Asia and Australia,
Presteigne Charter is a market-leading provider of broadcast
television equipment supplying its clients with cutting edge
technology. Live broadcast means no second chances and
Presteigne Charter use this philosophy to match the appropriate
personnel and technology to their clients’ needs.

     Fountain Studios’ First in Line for Apollo

     Calrec Audio has               “We are delighted that the first ever Apollo console will be installed at Fountain,” said Calrec’s
     announced the first sale      Business development Manager Henry Goodman. “Fountain is behind some of the biggest
                                   live entertainment programming in the UK, including “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The X Factor”
     of its new Apollo console     and we are proud to be associated with them as they continue to invest in their facility.”
     to London-based The
                                   Launched at NAB in April, Apollo relies on Bluefin2 processing which provides unrivalled resources
     Fountain Studios. The 72
                                   at multiple sample rates. At 48kHz, Bluefin2 gives Apollo up to 1020 channel processing paths, 128
     fader audio console was       program busses, 96 IFB/Track outputs and 48 auxiliaries. At 96kHz, Apollo affords 510 channel
     delivered in July and         processing paths, 64 program busses, 48 IFB/Track outputs and 24 auxiliaries.
     installed as the final part   Apollo is also equipped with a dedicated integrated router so that its I/O functions can be
     of a complete HD studio       performed by Calrec’s next-generation networking system, Hydra2. Hydra2 uses high capacity
     investment programme.         8192 x 8192 cross-point routers and makes available a variety of I/O. Console routers can also
                                   be connected together to form large networks.
                                   Mariana Spater, MD Fountain Studios said "After an extensive review of the options for 5.1 sound,
                                   we believe that the new Apollo console best fulfils our broadcast requirements for the future”
                                   The Fountain Studios is an independently owned television studio located in Wembley, north-
                                   west London. The company has constantly upgraded the facility since they purchased it in
                                   1993, which at 13,000 square feet is the largest single fully-equipped television studio in Britain,
                                   and now has full HD capability.

Sensational JVR

                                    Commencing in Amsterdam in 2000, Sensation has become one of the most
                                    spectacular dance and music phenomenons in the world. Celebrating its
                                    10th anniversary in July this year, with record number of tickets sold for the
                                    premier of Wicked Wonderland - its theme for 2009 - Sensation once again
                                    kicked off its world tour at the Amsterdam ArenA.

World-renowned DJs take to the Sensation decks during each
eight-hour spectacle of extraordinary stage shows, acrobats,
actors, state-of-the-art lightshows, lasers and fireworks.
Performers dance across the venue and abseil from the roof,
flames shoot from the stage and carnival floats part the
crowds. With white only as the dress code, the crowd becomes
one with the lights and music, delivering a sensational
experience for all concerned.

Providing a visual feast for the thousands of dance fans, the
show is completely based video use. JVR provided six banners,
measuring 15 metres in height and six metres in width beamed
using FLMHD20’s. Each banner had its own stack using two
FLMHD20’s with warping function. Butterfly wings were
projected with a triple stack using two FLMR22+ and one
FLMR20+ each stack. For technical reasons, the projectors had
to project Portrait images, which meant they had to stand on
their side. They were made to stand 100% off axis of the wings
proving perfect for the warping module.

In total eight Mitrix screens on the center stage were moving
throughout the show using Cyberhoists. Completing the visual
image, two keyholes were created with Barco Dlite7, whilst the
complete infrastructure was driven by ten Imagepro HD’s.

As Sensation’s reputation has grown, the music has evolved
and taken on it’s own style, playing the most cutting edge
music of today and tomorrow. Sensation also continually
champions the local heroes with local DJs always being hand-
picked to open or close Sensation in their own countries in front
of their home crowds.

Now expanded beyond Amsterdam, Sensation now tours in
countries across the world, including Germany, Belgium,
Russia, Poland, Australia, South America and the UK.

     Iconic venue announces relationship with MCL

     London venue, the         The appointment of MCL demonstrates a commitment from the Brewery to evolve continually its
     Brewery is delighted to   already award winning one stop offering and remain the scene to be seen for all of London’s
                               leading events.
     be welcoming MCL, part
     of the Avesco Group, as   MCL looks forward to working with the Brewery in taking a fresh look at the traditional venue AV
     its new in-house audio    package and setting new standards for the live event industry. Visitors to the Brewery will benefit
                               from cost effective and innovative solutions that offer the whole package from simple AV
     visual partner.
                               technology to the more sophisticated full service production.

                               General Manager, Maria Duddin comments “We are thrilled to be working with MCL. Their
                               exceptional commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has been inspiring and we are
                               delighted to be the first large venue in London to appoint MCL as the in-house production team.
                               This is a very exciting time for the Brewery and I can see this being a long successful partnership
                               that will have significant benefits for event organisers at the Brewery.”

                               MCL has a strong track record of providing cutting-edge visual presentations which is backed up
                               by both their valuable experience and their investment in high quality equipment and staff.

                               David Nicholson, Managing Director of MCL, commented “It is a tremendous honour for MCL that
                               such a prestigious venue as the Brewery should select us as their AVS partner. We intend to add
                               real value to the AVS offering at the Brewery and we are really excited about working with Maria
                               and her team.”

                           Ricoh Arena
                         partners with MCL
MCL, one of the UK’s     MCL, which has six offices across the UK and was established over 25 years ago, will be based
leading audio visual     at the £113 million venue to give advice and immediate support to organisers of conferences,
                         exhibitions, meetings and events. Dominic Fleming, head of sales at the Ricoh Arena, said MCL
and staging companies,   has a growing stature within the audio visual industry for providing a quality service and
has been appointed       bringing events to life.
as the preferred
                         “The Ricoh Arena is fast developing a reputation as a great place to hold a conference,
supplier of the Ricoh
                         exhibition, event or meeting since we have superb facilities under one roof with 2,000 parking
Arena in Coventry.       spaces practically on our doorstep,” he said.

                         “We pride ourselves on offering a first-class service from the moment we receive an enquiry to
                         the smooth running of the event day itself. Part of that process involves installing audio visual
                         equipment for annual conferences, sales meetings or boardroom presentations.

                         “Having MCL on board means we are able to offer our customers state-of-the-art technology,
                         specialist expertise and a personal service which on event day when it can be frantic is re-
                         assuring both for the Ricoh and our clients. We have had excellent feedback already from our
                         guests and we look forward to working with them.”

                                                             David Nicholson, Managing Director of MCL, said: “We are
                                                             delighted that a prestigious venue such as Ricoh Arena
                                                             should have chosen us as its partner. We can offer Ricoh
                                                             Arena’s customers an unbeatable and creative range of
                                                             audio visual solutions and we are really looking forward to
                                                             working with Dominic and the team.”

                                                             Pete Wells, Business Development Manager at MCL, added:
                                                             “MCL has also put a sales and technical manager and kit on
                                                             site at the Ricoh which will add to our one-stop-shop value
                                                             to the venue.”

     Action’s ‘sense’itive solutions for SAWA
                                  This year the seven-day festival, incorporating the awarding of the Lions awards, featured a
     The Cannes Lions             special experiment released by SAWA, the Screen Advertising World Association and Action,
     International Advertising    market leader on the Côte D'Azur specialising in the hire of professional video equipment, high
                                  brightness video projection systems, video walls, indoor and outdoor LED screens.
     Festival (IAF), a global
     festival for those working   Utilising the five senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, special seminars were used to
     in advertising and related   engage with the audience, showing them how to ‘feel’ each commercial.
     fields is held annually at   From the world of 3D to audience participation through interactive games, a sound experience
     the Palais de Festivals in   that only cinema can provide to unique applications such as the smell and taste of a product - all
     Cannes, France.              the senses were used, showcasing what is now possible in advertising in the Cinema industry.

Action’s Supercup experience
For its 35th year, the 2009 UEFA Super Cup was contested by this seasons UEFA Champions League
winners, Barcelona and UEFA Cup winners, Shakhtar Donetsk at the Stade Louis II in Monaco, following the
UEFA Champions League and Europa League draws at the Grimaldi Forum.

For this special event Action’s team provided all equipment to make the UEFA team as comfortable as possible to manage the
final switch on the Stade Louis 2 LED screens. Action also provided numerous control monitors for many of the TV and radio
stations covering the match.
Additionally, with just two days to go before the Super Cup Final, the UEFA managing team wished to display five of the latest
matches of the European Football Championship at a huge dinner organised around the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel swimming
pools. UEFA enlisted Action to provide more than ten full HD LCD monitors broadcasting each match in high definition positioned
for the pleasure of the guests.
Both Action and UEFA were delighted with the result of the event which revealed just how successfully the team can manage the
new video standards!

Le Grand Départ de Tour de France

                                                                  The 2009 Grand Départ of the Tour de France was
                                                                  held from Monaco this year and to provide the
                                                                  public with maximum opportunity to view the event,
                                                                  the Principality Government asked Action to provide
                                                                  two large LED screens to showcase the Tour de
                                                                  France start.
                                                                  More than 150,000 people was there to make this event a
                                                                  great success which took place on the Monaco Grand Prix
                                                                  circuit at the Place du Casino of Monte-Carlo.

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