Easy to Read Fonts in Newsletters by hkksew3563rd


									Font selection for different media can be different, as different media have different
trends like the newsletters font can 鈥檛 be employed for blogs, blogs font can 鈥檛
be used for book, so font selection must be according to the needs of the media like
newspapers, blogs, books as well as newsletters.
  This can be measured from this fact, that every newsletter has a title page, pages
dedicated for advertisements and a portion separated for the articles and columns. The
fonts on the title page shouldn 鈥檛 necessarily the easy to read fonts, they would be
giving an attractive impression and best appeal.
  Newsletter fonts can be varying 鈥?not the single font, as the newsletter has usually
different segments, thus to fully differentiate the different segments, you need to
specify fonts according to the need of the segment in the newsletter. Like on front
page a mix of Arial Black as well as Bodoni MT, with larger size like 16 to 18 size for
the body text, you may select Verdana and Calibri like 12 size 鈥?for the headings of
the text, the same font yet with a larger size.
  The fonts in internal pages are selected according to the approach, to make the text
easy to read. Thus during the selection of fonts, you also need check the document 鈥
檚 line spacing and line length, that will weigh heavily in your final choice of body
type for any project. These exercises will help you eliminate some of the most
obviously inappropriate choices.
  In the matter of newsletter, your priority must be on readability that is the key to
appropriate body type. Since body type is most often set at sizes less than 14 points a
simple test of any face is "can you read it at body copy sizes?"
  As the body of any newsletter usually consists of not only boxes, charts even it
renders the sentences and paragraphs, and long lines of type. Even faces that are
readable at body copy sizes can fail the readability test when set in long blocks. So the
second test would be, "is it tiring or difficult to read long passages set in this

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