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					Earn Money Fast Online - Earn money online fast and have more time to enjoy life
  When we talk about proactivity, what comes into mind?
  A person who spends 14 hours in front of the computer? Maybe... but everyone
knows that in order to be successful at Internet marketing, you must develop a take
action only mentality to earn money fast online. Don't just sit on your butt staring at
the computer screen all day.
  I will share with you some examples:
  A wannabe is someone who stares at his site stats all day hitting the reload button
over and over again to see if he or she gets any commission. A successful marketer is
one who gets up and gets traffic. And they don't just get traffic, they also focus ways
to optimize their site and get more sales.
  A wannabe is someone who pesters others to build their business for them. They beg
others to let them into their inner circle without any contribution whatsoever. Those
people, who are on the road to success, get started by building connections and
helping others. It could be something simple like editing typos for them, typing a
report for them, promoting their products on your blog and many others. The key at
the end of the day is to take action by building connections with others.
  What it really means by a take action mentality is to develop your skills in Internet
marketing and overcome the technical barrier by GETTING YOUR HANDS DIRTY.
Sit down, buy your domain name, host your site, create your landing page, find a
product and drive traffic, you have to GET INTO THE ACTION MODE before you
can truly progress and start earn money fast online.
  Only then will you be able to implement your ideas into your business - otherwise, it
is nothing but wishful thinking.
  You have to cross the bridge that only YOU can cross. Starting your own site is not
something you can outsource easily unless you fancy the idea of calling your 'web
designer' on a daily basis getting him to tweak every nook and cranny - it will drive
either you or him insane (even if you can afford to outsource a site).
  There are many times that we can be tempted to buy another E-book hoping that it
contains the magic formula to success, only to realize that most of the stuff out there
are only catered for people who are willing to think for themselves and people who
take action. It is pointless to read E-books all day without doing anything so once
again, to earn money fast online, get your hands dirty and develop a take action only
mentality or else you will spend 6 months in Internet marketing without achieving
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  Kheirolfeihzy Mury